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cat spider


Tired of the normal "fuck-suck" stories I read, I decided to write
some my own way. They are much longer than most, and have (I feel)
more character development than most other adult stories.

This story is intended only to be enjoyed by consenting adults. It
is based on both real life experiences and fantasy. Any
similarities to anybody, living or dead, is intentional. Only the
names have been changed to protect the involved parties.

If you are interested in more like these, my E-Mail address is All of my stories and more are now available
at my web site, "Adventures In Erotica". This is a free site, and
the address is

I welcome any input, or comments, or your own stories. Since I
distribute it for free, please do not place it in any "pay for
access" sites. Other than that, as long as nothing is cut out
(including these comments) distribution is unlimited.

Thank you, and enjoy.

The cat and the Spider
Foreward: This story takes place immediately after the second part of
another story called "Batman And Robin", by Steve. In case you have
not read it, this story is available on my web site.

After Tim (The replacement Robin after Dick Greyson left for his own
comicbook) and Batgirl became lovers, Batman and Robin captured Catwoman.
Bruce attempts to turn her back to her good side, but obviously, that
is not meant to be.

It is a compilation of her, and my favorite comic hero, the Fantastic
Spiderman. It occurs before his marriage to Mary Jane Watson, during
one of his innumerable times of loneliness. After all, being a super-
hero can be a lonely job...

Finally! After a week of Bruce's attention, Selina was starting
to go stir-crazy. Sure, she was realizing that she was in love with
the eccentric millionaire, but there was another part of her damaged
mind that screamed that she should let no man possess her.

Taking advantage of a lapse of caution during one of her
lovemaking sessions with Bruce, she slipped into the bathroom to "clean
herself up. She knew that she cared for him (love??? HAH!). She
appreciated what he had done for her, even though she could not stay
here. After all, cats are known for going crazy in confinement, even
if the cage is make of silk and gold instead of iron.

Slipping into a black spandex outfit she had Bruce get her, she
clipped through the tiny window of the bathroom, and into the night.

She quietly crept over to the garage, and grabbed the first
vehicle that caught her eye. Bruce was a true collector, having over
80 vehicles of all kinds, sorted by type. Jeeps, cars, pickups,
motorcycles, and others were lined up in the garage, sorted by type and
class. And they were not necessarily very valuable. A classic 19641/2
Ford Mustang convertible sat next to a 1968 Toyota Corolla. Although
the pony car was by far more valuable, he still seemed to treasure the
classic family car next to it, as it was in just as fine a shape.

After spending 10 minutes creeping through the vehicles, she
selected something she found in the back. The back of the garage was a
workshop, with at least 8 vehicles in various states of restoration.
In the back, was an obvious new arrival.

A black cover was removed to reveal a motorcycle. Black paint
and chrome, with a fairing, large plastic saddlebags, and trunk. She
looked at the cylinder heads, and saw a Honda logo. Then looking at
the gas tank, the words "GoldWing" jumped out at her. She quickly
walked through the workshop, liberating a few tools, and placed them
into the storage areas. She checked the bike over, grabbed a helmet,
and quietly pushed it out the door. "Shit this is heavy!" she thought,
but was able to push it until it started the long downhill roll to the
main gate.

She easily deactivated the alarm system, and opened the gate.
Gunning the large 1,000cc engine to life, she made quick time to her
apartment. Grabbing a spare outfit and tool kit, her cash stash, and
some other sundry items, she tossed them into the trunk and saddlebags
of the bike.

Feeling a slight twinge, she went back upstairs, and wrote out a
quick note:

Dear Bruce,

I am sorry, but I just can not be what you want, at least
not now. Do not worry, your secret will always be safe
with me. If you could see it in yourself to sign the
motorcycle over to me, I will pay you back when I get the
chance. Just name your price, and it will be yours when I
am ready.


PS: Can you please take care of my cats? I know you would
care for them until my return. No matter what else, a
fellow cat lover can not be all bad.

She made a quick call to Wayne Industries, leaving a cryptic
message with her address. She knew Bruce (or Batman) would be over
quickly, and find her gone, and the note. She passed off the concern
for what she thought of Bruce as a way to have her cats taken care of.
Although she knew it was a lie, she had to try.

Back at the bike, she got on, and roared out into the night,
leaving Gotham City behind.

* * *

Peter was having another rough night. He had another nightmare
about Gwen. Ever since Mary Jane had told him to get lost, he had been
having nightmares about his dead girlfriend. Although he knew he could
have done nothing, he still blamed himself.

He decided to go for a walk, and soon found himself here.
Although it was over a mile long, it was relaxing to walk along the
span of the Brooklyn Bridge. Although, most people do not walk it like
he did.

Lifting his head, he looked down into the waters below him. He
chuckled as he continued to walk, upside-down, his feet on the
underside of the bridge. After making the Brooklyn side again, he
crawled out from underneath, and cast a web, going into "Webslinger

Ahhhhhhh, the fresh NY air! The friendly banter of the cabbies!
The mugging of an old lady! What?

There she was, cowering as a young asian kid held a broomstick in
his hands, obviously threatening her with it. She handed over her
purse, and the kid turned to run, and smacked into a wall of webs.
"Yeach!" he yelled, then turned to see a man, dark red and black,
suspended in a squatting position, upside down just a foot away.

"I am sorry, but that just does not match your shoes."

Pulling back from the webs, Sonny Ho readied his stick, and
assumed a fighting stance. With only the slightest pause, he let out a
"Kia", then attacked, swinging the staff at the head of the man who
mocked him. But he was no longer there!

"Want to try again, Hong Kong Fooey?"

He saw the figure flip right-side up on his feet, then stand just
a few feet away. Sonny made a series of quick attacks, ones that would
have made his Master proud if it had been a competition. But the man
was not there! He did not strike a single time, and watched as the
figure agilely slipped just out of range each time he was about to

"Hmmmmm, let's try this. I call it 'Sweet and Sour Jailbird'."

Before Sonny knew what happened, he was hanging upside down from
a street sign, his arms and legs webbed together behind the staff. He
saw Spiderman help the old lady return to her feet, handed her the
purse, and slipped into the night as the police arrived. He was not
sure which was worse, returning to jail, or having the cops laugh at
him as he hung there, in such an undignified manner.

* * *

Selina drove all night, finally deciding on heading towards the
Big Apple. New York was like a second home to her, having gone to
College there. She was feeling tired, having not slept after the
wonderful fucking from Bruce. She settled into a room at a cheap
motel, and slept until just after sunset. It was only another 4 hours
to New York, and the town she knew so well.

It almost seemed strange, returning to almost a different life.
As the quiet and shy Selina, she rarely noticed what happened around
her. However, as Catwoman, she saw all. Pimps, hooker, drug dealers,
punks, and Wise guys were all around. "Hmmmmmmmmm, I think I can make
it here. After all, if I can make it here, I can make it anywhere."
She purred quietly, amused at her little joke.

Grabbing a paper, she found a secluded little diner to grab a
bite to eat, and scan the apartment listings. Almost immediately, a
place in Soho caught her eye. Price was more than she was used to in
Gotham, but fairly reasonable for NY. Having found 8 or 9 other
possibilities, she paid and headed back to the bike.

She got there just as 2 punks were opening the trunk. "Meow!"
she screamed, instantly going into her cat mode. The punks looked at
her, and one walked towards her, a prybar in his hands as the other
removed her bag from the trunk.

"Come on little chickie, we can have some fun... just the three
of us. You do not have to get hurt, and might actually enjoy it." He
gave her a disgusting leer, and lowered the bar, grabbing his crotch
with his other hand.

"Hey, I got the stuff Joey, let's just split" his partner yelled.

"Not just yet, I think she likes me!" he called back, licking his

Selina was suddenly furious. Visions of her younger self flooded
back, always scared of scum like these. Of multiple muggings, and one
attempted rape by such a punk. Only the intervention of 2 other
students nearby had saved her from that. All sanity left her as she
hissed, and scratched out at the punk.

She had her gloves on, and howled as 4 deep scratches appeared on
the punk's cheek.

"Holy son of a fucking bitch! The bitch scratched me! Sister,
your ass is MINE!" he screamed, lunging out with the pry bar. Selina
moved quickly to the side, as the bar missed her. "I'm gonna fuck that
ass of yours hard, to make up for this!"

"Oh well, will you now?" She quietly purred, knowing that any of
the 2 groups that watched the line called "law" in Gotham City would
recognize her voice. Both the criminals and police knew how dangerous
a mad cat was. And a mad Catwoman was even worse.

"Yea, cunt!" he yelled back, obviously not catching on to the
danger he was in.

"Joey, come on! I only agreed to help ya boost this stuff, not
this! Ya said nobody'd get hurt!"

"Shuddup! This bitch scratched me, she's gonna pay!"

Selina noticed that nobody seemed to notice the noise. She saw
people walking the street behind her, a couple entering the diner.
Nobody seemed to notice the fight in the corner of the parking lot.
"Typical New York" she thought to herself, then decided it was time to
stop playing with her prey.

With the fluid grace of a cat, she quickly disarmed the punk, and
beat him senseless. "Hmmmmph, less than 10 seconds. Hardly enough
time to work up a sweat." She said, as she turned to the other punk.

He dropped to his knees, holding out her bag. "Oh please,
please! I told him not to hurt ya, ya heard me! I only wanted to get
yer stuff, not hurt you! Ya gotta believe me!"

Selina looked at the begging youth, and pointed at her bike. He
quickly scrambled to put the bag back in the trunk. She walked back to
Joey, and turned his face, giving him a deep slash on the other side of
his face.

Walking back to the bike, she heard the still conscious punk
whisper "Christ! What the fuck are you."

She started the bike, and whispered loud enough to be heard over
the low rumble of the engine, replied "I am Catwoman", then rolled out
of sight.

* * *

Another night finished, Spiderman paused to watch the sunrise
over the ocean, then headed for home. Dropping into a secluded spot in
a park, he changed back into his street clothes. Peter Parker took a
nice walk to the corner store to get a quart of milk and some bread,
then walked home. Since it was Saturday, he had no classes, so could
sleep for most of the day. Just as he was arriving to the front of his
flat, he saw a slim form pull up on the sidewalk in front of his
apartment on a large motorcycle. Killing the engine, the rider got
off, removing the helmet to allow long, flowing hair to fall to her

He walked up the stairs, and was just arriving at the door when
her soft voice called out "Excuse me, can you tell me where I can find
Mrs. White?"

"Sure," replied Peter. "She is up on the second floor. I can
take you there."

"Thank you" she said, smiling at him. He held the door open for
her, then walked her up the stairs to the second floor. He immediately
noticed his spider sense tingling, not in danger, but in low alarm.
This gal was one to watch out for! He knocked on his landladies door,
and when she opened it a crack, said "It's me Mrs. White. This lady
was asking about for you."

The door closed again, then they heard the chain being removed.
"Oh, you must be Selina" Mrs. White said, her voice thickly accented
with New York accent.

"Yes, I am. Could I see the apartment please?"

"OK, lemme get my cane, and I will take ya up to it."

Peter felt a little bad, having almost made it to her in time. 6
months ago, he woke up with his spider sense screaming. He quickly
tossed on his jeans, and made it down stairs just in time to see a punk
hitting her in the hip with a baseball bat. He quickly pounded the
punk, furious that he had hit his kindly landlady. He beat the kid
bad, breaking his nose and one arm before others arrive outside,
hearing her screams. Nobody else in the neighborhood responded, but 3
others from the building did, recognizing her screams.

After a quick questioning by "New York's Finest", he was
released, explaining the damage as adrenaline, and pressed no charges
on him. He still felt a little guilty, but was still pleased he was
able to save her from more damage.

"Mrs. White, why don't you stay here? I can toss these in my
room, and show her the room myself. No need for you to walk up all
those stairs."

"Oh thank you Peter, you are so kind to me" Mrs. White replied,
then handed him the keys. "It is 403, the room across the hall from

Peter showed her up, and they introduced each other on the walk
up. "Sorry, but the elevator here broke down like 20 years ago I'm
told. Mrs. White was able to have it fixed enough to go to the second
floor, but could not afford to fix the damage done on the higher ones.
The doors are all messed up, and won't open."

"That's OK" Selina replied, watching his tight ass walking up the
stairs in front of her. A little young for her, but he seemed nice,
and was in good shape, if not a little geeky looking. Sort of reminded
her of herself, at that age.

He opened the door to 403, then quickly opened his door, put the
bag he had in the fridge, then met her in the room.

"It is a little small. 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and no AC. Most
of us have window units. The couple that lived her before you took
theirs with them. But the shelf is still there, so would be a snap to
put another one in. The furnishings are not great, but the mattress on
the bed is new, and the furniture has been cleaned."

"Hmmmm, looks perfect" Selina said, giving him a little smile.
"What about the neighborhood? Is it a safe one?"

"For the most part, it is." Peter then explained about the
attack on Mrs. White, explaining the broken hip, and downplaying his
role in her rescue. He saw a dazzling smile appear on her face, and
she lightly touched his arm as he finished.

"That was brave of you. I was almost mugged last night, and
nobody came to help me. It is good to see that some people around here
still care about the helpless."

Peter took a quick glance, glancing at her large, firm breasts.
He could swear he almost saw her nipples through her top. "Ahhh, it
was nothing. Mrs. White is an old friend of my Aunt May, and I just
had to take care of her. I don't know what came over me, but I could
not stand to see her hurt."

Selina noticed the glance, but ignored it, looking into his eyes
instead. "Then I think I'll take it, if Mrs. White will have me. Such
neighbors are rare in a big city, and makes me feel better already."

Peter's spider sense gave another twinge at that, but still was
not a danger signal, just one of warning. He told himself that he
would have to be careful around her. Maybe she was a reporter, or a
very curious person. He told himself as he walked her back down to the
managers, that if it was the latter, she should be careful. He
chuckled to himself, thinking that "after all, curiosity killed the

* * *

Selina quickly settled in, getting the utilities in her name,
going to the store for a few necessities, and the like. On her third
day there, she was just pulling up in a taxi when she saw Peter walking
out the front. He smiled and greeted her, and she asked if he could
help her carry a TV, a few other things upstairs.

She watched him pick up the TV, and carry it up the 4 flights of
stairs. It was not a large set, but was a little bulky. He looked
like he was straining as he got it to her place. However, she noticed
that it was an act. "Hmmmm, strange," she thought. "He was moving
like that was no weight at all, even though he acted like it was.
Nobody other than maybe Bruce or Myself would have noticed that."

They made small talk as he unpacked the TV, and set it up for
her. Looking around, he liked the changes she had made to the place.
Some nice poster style pictures hung on the walls, most of them cats.
The classic "Hang In There Baby" was even among them, with a cute
little Tabby hanging from the bottom of a rope. He looked closer, and
chuckled out loud.

When Selina asked what it was, he pointed over to it. "Oh, yea.
Hehehe. I have had those before, but that version I had never seen
before. Obviously a newer one, back in style because of all this
'Retro 70's' going on right now."

"Oh yea, that is a new one" Peter said. "In fact, it just hit
the streets a few weeks ago. That picture was taken about 2 months

"Oh really? And how would you know that?"

"Well, quite simple really. I took the picture."

Selina looked at him, surprise on her face. "His name is
'Shadow', because no matter where I go, he follows behind me. Here,
let me show you."

Peter walked to his place, opened the door, and clicked his
tongue a few times. A little orange striped furball came bounding out
the door, and rubbed against his leg. As he walked back to her
apartment, the kitten followed him, cautious at first, then more bold.
Peter sat on the couch, and Shadow jumped into his lap, then curled up.

Selina made a soft purring noise, then walked over. Sitting next
to Peter, she extended her hand out to the little kitten. He looked at
her, sniffed her finger. Looking into her eyes briefly, she dismissed
her in the way that only a cat can do. She started to gently pet his
head, looking at Peter.

"Well, I am a freelance photographer, in addition to my studies.
I was paid to do this one day gig, and spent about 3 hours taking shots
of Shadow here in various poses. Playing with a feather, hanging from
a board, and that one on your wall.

"At the end of the day, I overheard the agent saying he was
taking him back to the pound. Trust me, if I had known that their
intention was that, I would not have agreed to the shoot in the first
place. Rescuing a kitten, just to take some pictures and return it are
so cruel. So I said that I would take him, and here he is."

She looked at him in a different light with that. He reminded
her so much of her old self. Quiet and shy. Spending most of his time
alone, or reading. Looking so helpless, but then when danger
threatened somebody he cared about, snapping into instant action. And
seeing the sleeping kitten on his lap was a strong plus also. After
all, no cat lover can be totally bad.

She talked him into staying for dinner, and he left for a moment,
returning Shadow home, and returning with a large photo album.

"Sorry, but I have an agreement with Mrs. White. No pets are the
rule, but as long as Shadow stays in my place, she will let him stay.
Here are some other shots I have taken with him.

After looking through several of them, she saw somebody she
recognized. A flaming red-haired beauty, with deep green eyes. She
was lying on her back on a bed, the kitten sleeping happily, his front
half resting on her large breasts. There were about 20 other shots of
her, in different clothes and hairstyles. Some with the kitten, some

"Hey, this is Mary Jane Watson! She is one of the hottest up and
coming models in New York City. How did you get a gig with her?"

Selina suddenly got a funny feeling in her stomach, watching a
pained look cross his face. "Well, ahhh, she was my girlfriend when
those shots were taken." The hurt look on his face as he looked down
onto them told it all. Total heartbreak, combined with love.

"Oh, I am so sorry. Do you want to talk about it?"

He looked up into her eyes, a smile returning to his mouth. "No,
but thank you anyways. We just kind of drifted apart. I have
commitments here, that keep me busy at nights. She has her new career,
that involves a lot of travel, and day work. I am over it now."

She knew he was lying, but did not let it show. She gently
placed her hand on his arm in a reassuring gesture. Peter smiled, then
she remembered the dinner. Arriving just in time to save the soup from
a serious scorching, he set the table with disposable silverware and
cups, as she put the soup into two bowls.

They shared a nice dinner, her eyes rarely leaving his. Neither
one remembered much of the conversation, but enjoyed it none the less.
Soon, it was over, and they went back to the living room to watch some

One of the movie channels was just starting "The Truth About Cats
And Dogs", and they settled in to watch it. She sat in the recliner at
first, and watched Peter sit on the sofa. She mentally kicked herself,
for passing up a chance to sit next to him. After about 20 minutes, he
asked if she would like some popcorn. She agreed, and he went back to
his apartment to make some.

When he got back, Shadow was following close behind. Selina got
some refreshments as well, a bottle of wine and 2 cups on the coffee
table. They settled in again, this time both of them on the couch.

Shadow settled on her lap, and started to purr away. Almost
cautiously, Peter extended his hand to pet the kitten. Seline smiled,
getting more into the movie, and enjoying the light pressure of his arm
on her upper thigh as he petted Shadow.

A short while later, after 2 glasses of wine for each, Shadow
jumped off, sitting on the table to bathe himself. Peter started to
remove his hand, so Selina quickly grabbed it, pressing it against her
leg. He looked surprised at her, then shyly smiled, and left it there.

They both watched silently as the scene with the guy and girl
having phone sex. Peter moved one leg, hoping she would not notice his
erection, and take it the wrong way. Selina felt her labia swell a
little in excitation, and her nipples grow hard. She hoped Peter did
not notice it, and take it the wrong way.

By the time the movie ended, neither of them noticed that she was
leaning against him, her head on his shoulder. They somehow had just
ended up that way. And between the bottle of wine both had shared,
they were feeling quite good. They talked during the credits, Neither
of them moving, nor wanting to move.

The next movie started, and being late night, was much more
graphic. It was a dubbed French movie, showing a lot of skin, and
simulated sex. Peter has gently squeezing her thigh, and her hand was
on top of his now, squeezing his hand as he squeezed her.

Just over half way through the movie, she turned to look at him.
"He has a nice profile" she thought. A little boyish looking, but
cute. Maybe 3 years younger than she was. Smooth chest, with enough
muscle to look good, but not bulky. After seeing several of her
"Pretty boy" henchmen fall after one punch, she learned to appreciate a
leaner, but still strong looking man. Bruce was like that. He did not
look big normally, his suits hiding his true bulk. But in Batman or
nude, his real torso was revealed. Wide chested, crossed with several

Peter felt eyes on him, and turned to look at Selina. Slowly,
the two of them silently moved together, their lips touching in a
gentle kiss. They pulled back, and shyly looked at each other.

"I can not believe this" Selina thought. "I have not had
butterflies like this since I was in school myself. But somehow, this
shy man attracts me. That Mary Jane bitch must be a fool to loose a
nice guy like this."

They bent forward, kissing again. This one lasting longer. Her
hands moving to wrap around his neck, holding him tight. They just
held each other for almost a half hour, kissing and hugging. There we
no tongues, just gentle but passionate kisses.

Peter was astounded that he was being kissed by this pretty lady.
It had been almost 3 months since he had done this, having finally
gotten over loosing Mary Jane. He felt her arms around his neck, and
rested his hands on her waist. Just holding her, he did not want to do
anything to screw this up.

Finally, the two of them came up for air. Peter could feel his
erection throbbing, almost painfully. Selina could feel her nipples,
hard and distended. Her pussy had gotten damp, her labia full of
blood, and almost painful when she shifted, and felt it press against
her jeans.

They were soon kissing again, and Selina lowered herself onto her
back, pulling Peter on top of her. Ohhh, it felt so good! Her hands
moving up and down his back, his weight pressing her down into the

Peter could feel her full breasts pressing against his chest, and
ached to feel them. At the same time, their tongues moved out, seeking
each other. They met wetly, dueling silently as they felt the passions
grow. His arms were under her shoulders now, running through her hair
as they kissed.

Peter moved his face slightly, and shivered as he heard her give
an erotic purr as he started to kiss her neck. She started to lightly
claw his back as he moved to that spot behind her neck, gently kissing

Selina was almost overcome with desire. This man knew just where
to turn her on. Neither of them knew, nor cared that it was his spider
sense at work, silently guiding him to what she most wanted at the

Almost arching her back, she pressed up against him, even as her
hands pulled him down tighter. "Oh yessssssssssssss" she moaned,
giving another of those cat like hiss-purr sounds.

Suddenly, Peter realized what they were doing, and where this
would lead if he continued. He moved back to her mouth, kissing her
deeply, then trailing off the kisses until they parted again.

Selina took his head, and pulled it to her chest, sighing
contentedly as he turned it, resting against her chest. She was sure
he could feel her heart racing from passion.

"Selina, we should stop. It is not that I do not want to,

"Shhhh, it's OK. I understand. We can take our time. Just hold

Indeed she understood. She was starting to have the same
thoughts herself. Oh, how she wanted to feel him do more. She wanted
his hands and mouth on her breasts. She wanted his cock thrusting in
and out of her wet pussy. She could feel her panties, how soaked they
were from his intense kissing.

They kissed some more. Not the hungry kisses from earlier, but
more tender kisses as they eased each other down. Finally he gathered
up the kitten and headed to the door. They made another date for the
next night, and gently kissed goodnight. Shadow looked up at him, then
jumped into her arms.

"Oh, you little rascal!" she giggled, holding the purring kitten.
Peter tried to get him, but he dug his claws into her blouse, refusing
to let go. "I think he wants to stay" Selina said.

"Well, I think I may be out voted. If it is no problem, I can
get him tomorrow."

"OK, tomorrow will be fine. Been a while since I slept with a
furry thing in my bed."

"Me too" Peter thought, then suppressed himself before he said
it. Kissing goodnight one last time, he left, and went back to his

* * *

After a quick shower, he decided the best way to get his mind off
of things was to go for a swing. Changing into his costume, he checked
his spare webbing, camera, and spider tracers. Sure that all was
ready, he slipped out of the skylight, and disappeared into the night.

* * *

After a quick shower, she checked on the kitten curled up in her
bed. She pulled out her leather suit, and slipped it on. It felt good
to be back in costume she thought, slipping the cowl over her head.
Tossing a light rope over the beam for the skylight, she agilely
climbed it, and slipped out into the night.

* * *

"Ahhhh, this night air feels SO good!" Spiderman thought,
swinging through the skyscrapers of downtown New York. He moved into
the suburbs, passing silently through the boroughs. He was in a fringe
of an industrial park when he saw 2 punks trying to break into a car.

Before they could say "Hey, it's Spiderman!", he was on them.
Both quickly pinned to the ground, wrapped in webbing.

"Well well guys, are you from the Department of Automobile Radio
Replacement?" he chuckled, looking at the bag that had spilled open,
revealing several radios, CD players, and CB radios.

"Oh christ!" one of them said. Peter looked at the scar faced
youth, saying "Well bubba, this is not your night."

"Not my week you mean! First Catwoman, now you."

"Catwoman? Why would she be here? This is a long ways away from
Gotham City."

"Well, Tony here and I were boosting some things from this chick,
and she turned out to be Catwoman. She's the one that gave Tony there
his beauty marks."

Spiderman looked closer at the scratches. 4 straight, even marks
on each cheek. Just like the ones an over sized cat would leave. If
she was here, that would mean nothing but trouble. He had never faced
her before, keeping to his territory, and leaving Batman to his.

He had met The Batman once before. They were actually similar in
may ways. Both vigilantes, both taking the names of creatures of fear
and legend. However, The Batman had made the transition from fear to
respect of the citizens and police.

However, he was still mostly treated as a criminal himself.
Around 50-75% of the people considered him a criminal. That mental
case J. Jonah Jameson helped keep that reputation. Perverting his
deeds in his newspaper, that false myth just grew and grew.

"Well, I have to run boys. Hope you understand if I do not stick

With that, he jumped on the trunks of several cars, until he was
greeted with the wail of a car alarm. Now satisfied that somebody
would come to investigate, he slipped into the darkness again.

* * *

Catwoman was really feeling alive.

She had almost forgotten how exhilarating it was to creep around
in the darkness. She talked to a few of the cats nearby, almost
feeling like she knew what they were saying. After covering several
blocks, she was in a commercial district. She looked down at the
galleries and stores, and noticed the sign in the window of one of

"Coming next week, Dr. Francine Kelly. Author of the mystery
'The curse of the Golden Cat'. Also, the Golden cat from Egypt, source
of her inspiration. 5 days only"

What was this? She remembered raptly reading that book a few
weeks ago. About a gold cat from ancient Egypt. The real thing had
been excavated from a majestic tomb, filled with mummified cats from
the great temple to Bast. She had heard that the two of them were on
tour together, getting publicity for both her book, and the cat tomb
excavated in Egypt.

That cat was worth over two million dollars. And it also being
one of a kind, would be perfect for her collection. She had over five
million dollars in the bank, so did not truly need the money. It was
the thrill of getting it, and the prize she treasured.

Quickly searching the building, she checked out the alarm system,
the roof, and all exits. It looked tough. However, nothing was
impossible for the world's greatest cat burglar.

* * *

Peter awoke the next morning, and decided to make breakfast. He
tossed on a robe, and went to the kitchen to gather the things

After starting the coffee, he got out bacon, eggs, milk, butter,
and bread. French Toast sounded good. He was just about to start,
when there was a knock on the door. He quickly tossed his Spiderman
outfit that he left on the floor into his room, closing the door behind
him. He opened the door, seeing Selina and Shadow there.

"Sorry to wake you, but he seems hungry, and I think he needs to,
well, you know."

Laughing, he invited her in. Shadow jumped down, and headed
straight to his covered litter box. They both laughed, and then shyly
looked at each other.

Selina was also wearing a robe, with a blue silk gown underneath.
Siamese cat slippers seemed natural on her feet.

Unsure what to do, he placed his hand on her arm, and thanked her
for returning Shadow, then invited her to stay for breakfast.

"Oh Peter, I do not want to be a bother."

"Hey, it's no bother at all. As you can see, I was about to make
it anyways. Making it for one more person is nothing at all. French
Toast, eggs, and bacon OK?"

"Sure, sounds great to me" Selina said, her eyes sparkling.
Before he could say anything, she moved forward to quickly kiss him,
just a gentle press of her lips on his. Peter flushed slightly, and
headed off to make their breakfast.

Selina looked around as he cooked, admiring the posters on the
wall. One of them was the same one she had, Shadow dangling from the
rope. There were others, Mary Jane Watson, and another of Spiderman.
It was an action shot, of him hanging from a web by one arm, and
slugging The Punisher.

"That one almost got me a Pulitzer Prize" Peter said proudly.
Then his name finally clicked into her head. "Oh, I feel so stupid!
You're the news photographer! I should have realized it last night!"

"Well, not really. You see, J. Jonah Jameson still will not put
me on the payroll, paying me per picture published, instead of a
regular salary. I tell you, that is one tight fisted son of a bitch."

She laughed at that. She told Peter that she was a secretary by
trade. But she had come into a small fortune when an Aunt died. It
was not a lot of money, but ensured that work was not a requirement for
her. She mostly hung out at art galleries, libraries, and the like.

They chatted about their past, school, loves, and the like. She
said that her last lover was the billionaire Bruce Wayne.

Peter was impressed by that. He had part of his college paid for
by a Wayne Corp. scholarship. He even hoped to work for either Wayne
or Tony Stark after he finished school. Both gentlemen were brilliant,
in addition to being dedicated to science and society.

She was impressed by his work as a photographer. He showed her
several portfolios of his work. News, models, still life, abstract.
He was good at all. But his photos of Spiderman attracted the most
attention. For some reason, he almost had a magnet attached to the web
slinger. Much the same way as Lois Lane had a magnet attached to
Superman. Wherever one was, the other would follow.

"What is he like? I assume you have met the mysterious web
slinging vigilante."

"Yes, I have met him many times. He is real quiet, but with a
sharp wit. And he really is hurt by the negative publicity given to
him. He tries hard to do good, but is often persecuted as a villain.
I think if he could get some good publicity, he could change his name
around like Batman has."

The mention of that name brought a little shiver to Selina.
Peter asked if she was OK.

"Yea, I am fine. I saw him and The Penguin battle it out a few
years ago."

She then went into a modified version of the battle she
witnessed. Modifying her part into that of a kidnap victim instead of
Catwoman. At the end of the story, Peter asked what Batman was like.

"He sounds a lot like your Spiderman. Quiet, almost shy. He is
muscular, but with no super powers to speak of. Just very fit, agile,
and smart."

"Yea, I have heard that also. I had some pics of him and
Spiderman working together a few years ago, but never got to meet him."

Breakfast finished, he refilled their coffee cups, and moved over
to the couch together. Sitting next to each other, they made small
talk and looked through some more of his pictures. One of them showed
him with his arm around a stunningly beautiful platinum blonde girl.
When he saw that, the same sad look appeared on his face.

"Is something wrong Peter? Another old girlfriend I assume?"

"Yes. She is Gwen Stacy. She died a couple of years ago. It
was a fight with the Green Goblin and Spiderman. During the fight, she
fell to her death. A lot of people blamed Spiderman, but he told me
that he has never forgiven himself for her accidental death."

"Oh Peter, I am so sorry." She wrapped her arms around him, and
he held her tight, muffling a few sobs into her shoulder. "You have
had a rough life. I wish I could help you."

He held her tight for another 10 minutes, then pulled back,
brushing her shoulder where a few tears stained her robe. "I am sorry.
It has just been so rough lately. I want to go get something, I will
be right back."

Peter went into his bedroom, and quickly hid his costume in the
secret compartment in his closet. He then grabbed his camera, and
peeked around the corner. He was treated with the sight of Selina
gently petting a very happy Shadow. Her robe had fallen open slightly,
revealing the top half of one breast. Peter lined it up, and took a
perfect shot.

Selina almost jumped when she heard the shutter click. She
quickly glanced, to see Peter giving her a little kid "I'm sorry" kind
of grin. Seeing that, she could not help but grin back.

"I saw that, and just had to keep it forever. You really do have
a way with cats."

"Yes, I suppose I do" Selina replied, a little Mona Lisa smile on
her face.

He put the camera on the table, and kneeled by her feet. She
gently placed Shadow on the couch next to her, as they wrapped their
arms around each other. They ignored the meowing kitten as they kissed
again, holding each other tight. Peter slid his arms under her arms
and shoulders, reaching up to stroke her hair as the kissed. The
sleeves of his robe slid up to his elbows, and he felt the terry cloth
fabric of hers against his arms.

It seemed like an eternity that they kissed like this, simply
holding and kissing. And without any signals, it grew even more
intense. Her hands moved over, and started to caress his chest. First
through his robe, then parting it to caress his bare chest. Nice, she
thought. Enough hair to look manly, but not so much as to look and
feel like a rug.

Peter decided that two could play at that game. He slipped his
hands under her robe, and cupped her breasts through her nightie.
Selina moaned in approval as he gently cupped and caressed her breasts.
He could feel her hard nipples poking into his palms. They were
kissing with much more passion now, both moaning as they ran their
hands over each other.

Selina started to lightly pinch and tease Peter's nipples, and
squeezes his torso with her legs. Peter in response moved his hands
down, cupping the underside of her breasts, teasing her nipples with
his thumbs. Both were taking turns now, kissing and lightly biting
each other's necks, and gasping for breath.

She could not remember feeling so hot or alive for a long time.
Her breasts felt like they were on fire, and only Peter could calm that
down. She felt her groin grow wet, and the fluid start to slowly flow
out of her pussy, running down the crack of her ass.

Peter shared these sensations, his cock as hard as a rock. It
had been over 4 months since he had sex. Mary Jane and he were having
some serious problems the last month they were together, and never
managed to do more than kiss a few times. He had masturbated of
course, but it had been over a week since he had even done that.
Spending most of his nights as Spiderman, working off his frustrations
that way.

Peter removed his hands from her breasts, causing her to moan in
disappointment, and reach behind him to pull close. But Peter was far
from stopping. He pulled her arms to her side, and untied the knot
holding her robe closed. He then slipped her robe off, leaving it
under and behind her back. Selina moaned louder as she felt his hands
run up from her belly, to grasp her large breasts again.

She was proud of her figure, and had every right to be. Her 36C
breasts were wonders, standing firm with little need for support. The
only reason she normally wore a bra was for "work", and to keep her
sensitive nipples from brushing the fabric, and being visible from
under her blouse. One of the first things she did after scoring her
first million dollars in theft was to have plastic surgery done.

This was not for vanity, but practicality. Her larger D cup was
reduced to the present C, and her reconfigured breasts were lifted a
little, getting rid of the little sag they had. Still beautiful, the
surgery mad it easier to hide her most prominent feature, and easier to

Peter knew none of this, of course. All he knew is that she
looked, felt, smelled, sounded, and tasted fabulous. He moved his
hands to the small buttons on the front, and slowly unfastened them.
As he did this, Selina untied his robe, and slipped it down over his
shoulders. As he opened the last button, he dropped his hands to the
side for a moment, letting the robe fall around his knees. Now he only
had his briefs on, his cock bulging outwards from his groin.

Her front open, he slipped his hands inside, caressing her bare
breasts. Selina moaned, his hands both rough and smooth on her
breasts. It was almost like her breasts were sticking to his hands.
When he started to pinch her nipples, she went crazy. She pulled the
top half of her gown off, leaving herself bare from the waist up.
Peter continued to kiss her neck, but slowly started to work his way

She leaned back a little, keeping him against her. She leaned
her head back, looking down as he gazed at her breast, and slid out his
tongue to lick her nipple. Selina closed her eyes and moaned in
passion, purring as he licked circles around her aureole, caressing the
sides of her hard nipples. Her hands pulled through his hair, and her
legs continued to squeeze his sides.

Peter was going slightly mad, unable to believe how hot both of
them had become in such a short amount of time. He had often looked
at her, admiring her tight ass and full breasts. One night, he even
looking in her skylight, seeing her reclining on the couch, wearing the
same nightie she had on now. He left quickly, feeling guilty for using
his powers for his own pleasure.

But this had nothing to do with his powers. Just two people with
a common lust for each other. This was not love, but a mutual
attraction and liking for each other. Also, the fact that each was
incredibly aroused the other.

Peter opened his mouth, now circling almost half of her breast in
his mouth, and started a gentle sucking on it. He continued to lick
her nipple as he did so, maddening her with the combination.

Selina was going mad with lust. She lowered her hands, now
caressing the tight ass she had been watching for several days now.
She moaned loudly, kissing the top of his head as she grasped the waist
of his briefs, pulling them over his hips. Peter moaned as he felt
them coming down, catching his cock for a moment before it bobbed free,
aiming at a 90 degree angle from his body.

He caressed her other breast for a moment, then switched, giving
the same erotic treatment to it. His hands then lowered, caressing her
hips then legs. After several more minutes of teasing, he lowered them
almost to her ankles, then lifted the hem of her gown. Selina moaned
in approval as she felt the thin fabric ride up, and his hands on her
naked calves, then thighs.

Suddenly pulling back, she heard her breast pull from his mouth
with a soft "pop". They looked into each other's eyes, and Peter
stood. She watched his briefs slide down his legs, and he stepped out
of them. His cock, while not huge, was of a very nice size. Around 7
inches in length, and a little thicker than a quarter. She knew that
this man would give her great pleasure, without pain.

Peter stood, and held his hand out to her. "Do you want to come
with me?" he asked, an almost pleading look on his face. Selina
smiled, and placed her hand in his, slightly surprised at the strength
he showed as he helped her to her feet. They were slightly wobbly, and
he reached out to help pull her gown down, watching it pool around her
ankles. Together, the couple held hands as they walked to his bedroom.

Caught off guard, Peter found himself tossed onto the bed, with
Selina pouncing on him with almost feline grace. Her lips covered his,
as her fabulous body covered his. He caressed her back, hands moving
up and down from her shoulders to her fine, tight ass. All thoughts
left his mind except for one: burying his cock in her lovely body.

Selina wasted little time. Kissing her way down, she paused to
lick his nipples before continuing her path to what she most wanted.
She felt his erection lying between her breasts as she kissed his upper
abdomen, and reached down to push them inwards, surrounding his hot,
throbbing flesh with her boobs.

Peter moaned as he felt her tits surround his cock. He could
feel a small amount of fluid leave the head, and smear itself along her
breasts, and his shaft. He looked down, and their eyes locked. She
licked her lips slowly, then released the grip, moving down slowly.

"You can take me there later, and I want you to. But for now, I
want to taste some of your special cream."

He watched as she started to lick his cock, long slow licks from
the base to the tip. Moving slowly, she moved to the side, then
extended her tongue to lick the underside, pressing against his
abdomen. She did not use her hands, only her mouth to caress him.

His eyes glazed with lust, she continued to look up into them,
not blinking as she licked his wonderful cock. Then moving up, she
bent her head down, and took him inside. Her mind screamed with the
pleasure she knew she was giving as she moved her head back, taking the
crown of his manhood into her mouth.

She slowly moved down, bobbing her head slowly, taking more of
him into her with every stroke. It took almost a minute to get him
fully into her mouth. She could just feel the head pressing against
the back of her throat.

Long enough to suck fully into her mouth, yet not so long as to
be uncomfortable. Selina was soon bobbing her head up and down, giving
him the best blow job he had ever received. Not even Mary Jane had
sucked him off with this much enthusiasm. Even though they had made
love fairly often before their break-up, it had never been with this
much eagerness.

She surprised him by moving back up again, kissing his belly
teasingly, while her breasts moved back and forth against his hard
cock. He moved his hands down to caress them, and was rewarded with a
soft purring sound. "Yes, press them together" Selina moaned, then
continued to kiss his hard belly.

Peter pressed them together, feeling his cock now surrounded by
her large tits. She moved her body back and forth, fucking him with
her tits. It felt deliciously nasty to be doing that, and he pressed
harder. His fingers moved slowly down, caressing her hard nipples as
she moved faster, trying to bring him off.

Peter moved one let between hers, and pressed it up against her
groin. He felt her hot wetness press against him, and moved it so as
she rocked back and forth, she pressed herself against his leg. Soon
she was sliding back and forth on a layer of wetness, and was obviously
going to bring herself off as well as him.

They continued to look into each other's eyes, passion burning in
them as they both got closer and closer. He saw Selina shiver, and
bite her lower lip. He himself fought to hold himself back, wanting to
cum at the same time she did.

"Oh Peter, I am close... so close. cum for me babe, please.

He pinched her nipples, and moaned, "Get ready, I am going to
cum, almost there..."

She was looking into his half closed eyes as she felt the first
spurt shooting up, hitting her under her chin. She moaned, bucking her
hips faster, and her breasts also, feeling his hot sperm covering them,
and his belly. Their eyes never left each other, and just as his jets
finally stopped, she bucked one more time, then came on his leg, wet
juices covering it.

The couple finally rested, she licking the sperm from his belly,
then caressing that on her chest into her skin. Then they curled up
together, holding tight and giving each other gentle caresses.

They spent the next hour like that, just cuddling, kissing, and
talking. By an unspoken mutual decision, they chose not to take it any
further at this time. Finally, hunger made them get dressed, and have
a late lunch.

Felling better, the two of them decided a relaxing walk would be
nice. So hand in hand, they walked through the stores and galleries of
Soho. They entered the bookstore she had cased the night before.
Selina expertly cased it, noticing the placement of the infrared alarm
detectors, tested the sensitivity, and spotted the alarm box in the far
back corner of the store. Excusing herself with the excuse of needing
the bathroom, she spotted the control panel for the alarm system, and
quickly formulated a plan.

Peter asked if it was possible for him to photograph the cat and
author when they came to town next week. He thought that he would
approach J.J.J. with it for a human interest piece. After all, he did
not want to be known only as an action and crime photographer.

They had a light dinner and coffee in a little alley café before
returning home. Once there, they went to Selina's place to watch tv
for a few hours, then kissed goodnight, each of them saying that they
needed to get some sleep. However, each had other night time
activities in mind.

* * *
Peter was still puzzled about the way his Spider Sense was
behaving. Many times, he got little "warning buzzes" around Selina.
No danger, not even malicious hints. Just low danger feelings. And
tonight was no exception. At the gallery, he got them a few times, but
saw nothing suspicious in her actions. A quick leap to the ceiling,
and he started to open the skylight. Suddenly, his sense screamed for
him to stop.

"Hmmmm, somebody must be on the roof" Peter thought. Waiting 2
minutes, the feeling left, and he made his usual exit. Unknown to him,
Catwoman had been making her exit at that time, and headed south as
Spiderman headed north.

"Ahhhh, this is what I needed tonight" he thought, feeling the
wind through his face as he swung along, and then headed towards the
skyline. Tonight, downtown Manhattan called him. Tall skyscrapers is
what he needed tonight.

* * *

Catwoman once again was checking out the small store, this time
sitting on the roof, watching and listening to the neighborhood. She
had noticed the bank across the street with the temperature and time
displayed, so did not bring a watch. After several hours, she had down
the routine of the police in the area, as well as the neighbors. The
last thing she needed was to get caught by a bystander on their evening

At around 4am, she was about to call it quits for the night, when
she noticed a figure trying to sneak into the back door of a small
house behind the store. She knew from watching earlier that this house
was owned by a retired couple, and nobody should have been sneaking
like that.

As curious as a cat, she decided to investigate. Silently
dropping to the ground level, she stalked her prey, and heard the quiet
splintering of wood as the back door was forced open. Her adrenaline
pumping now, she found herself torn.

As a criminal, the last thing she needed to get involved in was a
burglary right behind her expected target. However, another part of
her remembered the old man greeting her and Peter earlier in the
evening. He had been pruning the flowers in front of his house as they
walked by, and even handed her a pink rose. He had pruned it before
she got there, and quickly clipped the thorns and stem off in time to
hand it to her, with a large grin and a twinkle in his eye.

Her humanity won, and she could not allow them to come to
possible harm. She quietly entered the back door, and silently slipped
behind the figure entering the living room ahead of her.

* * *

Sonny Ho was now up to his neck in debt. Luckily, his fence had
paid his bail, but he now owed her $5,000. Katy was not known as "Cut-
throat Katy" for nothing. She expected the money to be repaid quickly.
So just out of jail, Sonny was again trying to score some bread.
Knowing that many older people had a lot of expensive things, he fell
back on burglary.

He had staked this house out weeks earlier, but for some reason,
did not hit it. But now he was desperate, and decided to go for it.
Seeing the silver mugs along the fireplace mantel, he saw that he made
the right choice. Opening his bag, he quickly slipped them in, careful
not to make any noise.

He heard a creak behind him, and turned to see a dark figure
behind him. Startled, he dropped the bag on the floor, and pulled out
his gun. He hated the things, but knew that burglary could be more
dangerous than mugging, and brought it along anyways.

The bag made a large crash, and he pointed the gun and fired, the
large bang and flash of fire from the muzzle blinding and deafening
him. However, he caught a glimpse of a dark figure almost gliding to
the side, moving out of the way of the bullet. 2 more blasts ripped
through the house, and 2 more times, the dark figure slipped aside.

"Oh no, not again!" his mind screamed, knowing that somehow,
Spiderman had followed him inside. "I'm going to get you this time,
Webslinger!" he screamed. However, that thought was dispelled as he
felt a sharp pain along his right arm, and felt tearing pain from his
shoulder down to his wrist. Dropping the gun, he could feel blood
flowing from the gashes.

Screams from upstairs told him it was time to leave. He bent
over and ran towards the door, hoping that any webs would miss him.
But even as he did this, his mind was trying to figure out how
Spiderman ripped his arm open. This just did not add up.

He hit the ground, leaping over the steps, and ran through the
back gate. Running through back alleys and yards, he ran through 2
blocks, hoping that he lost whoever was back there. Finally pausing
for breath, he tore off his shirt, and attempted to bandage his wound.
He felt a deadly chill as he heard a soft hissing, and then a feminine

* * *

Catwoman quickly and silently followed the punk that shot at her.
Easily anticipating the location of the shots, she moved to the side,
knowing that he would not see her very well. And shifting her gaze at
the time of the shot, she kept her night vision, even as Sonny lost

The blood made it even easier to follow him. She felt a warm
rush as she did so, wondering if this is what Batman felt as he chased
her down, and other criminals.

"You know," she thought to herself. "This is actually a good
feeling. As exhilarating as a burglary, but good. Maybe there is
something to being a super-hero after all. I am going to have to think
about this, and maybe change my profession."

She was running, also feeling proud for helping the nice old
couple. She heard the sirens heading to the house, and knew that
pursuit would follow soon. She needed to get that thug soon.

Then she saw him, a thin Oriental kid, wrapping up his torn arm.
She walked towards him, hissing as him, then chuckling as she
remembered his mistakenly thinking she was Spiderman.

She saw his eyes grow wide, as she narrowed hers. "Well, you
gave me a merry little chase there, but now, I have cornered my mouse."

But the kid moved into a martial arts stance, and she knew she
would have a battle on her hands. But she also knew that wounded, she
would win.

"Who the fuck are you?" the kid said, watching her warily.

"I am known as Catwoman" was her only reply, as she crouched low,
almost going to her hands and knees. The kid moved backwards, trying
to stay away from her. Suddenly he broke and ran, fleeing towards the
opening at the other end of the alley.

Catwoman was caught off guard, and ran after him. She reached
out and gave him a punishing slash to the back, ripping him open again
from lower neck to mid-back. But luck was with Sunny, and he stumbled
and fell into the street, collapsing into the center.

The approaching NYPD patrol car had to make a quick stop, and the
2 officers came out with guns drawn, seeing the kid with the bloody arm
and torn up back in front of them. One of them covered him and called
for an ambulance and backup as the other moved to check out the alley
the kid had come from. But he saw nothing there.

After questioning the kid, and blood evidence and fingerprints on
the gun, Sonny was re-arrested. However, none of the cops doubted his
claim that Catwoman was in town. One of the Detectives the day before
remembered questioning a scar faced car burglar that claimed to have
been attacked by her the week before.

This left them with 2 big questions. What was Catwoman doing in
New York instead of Gotham City. And most importantly, why was she
trying to stop crimes, instead of doing them?

* * *

Spiderman had a slow night, but as he headed home, he felt that
tingle, and followed it to where it lead him. He found himself outside
of a warehouse, and heard what had to be a battle inside. Cautiously,
he watched as red light moved around inside, then heard a loud
crunching noise. Then a section of the wall was blown out, and he saw
Morbuis come out!

Spiderman was about to swing into action. The vampire was one of
his deadliest foes, but had to be stopped. Just as he was vaulting the
roof, he saw The Thing following him outside, followed by Mr. Fantastic
and The Flame. "The Fantastic Five!" he said to himself, and returned
to the roof. If anybody could handle Morbius, they could.

He remembered his past dealings with them, including attempts to
capture him, then his trying to join them on several occasions. They
held an uneasy truce, until the "Secret Wars", where they became
allies, then friends of a sort.

Before he realized it, he pulled out his camera, and started to
take pictures. The battle continued for almost 5 minutes, before Ben
Grimm finally caught him off guard, and knocked him to the ground.
Invisible girl placed a forcefield around him, and Mr. Fantastic
slipped adamantium handcuffs on him, then a matching hood over his
face, to prevent his biting anybody. Then Morbius was lead into their
hover car, and they left for their headquarters tower.

2 rolls of priceless shots, and he knew he would not starve for
the next month. As he swung back towards home, he knew this would help
him with J.J.J. And besides, having pictures of heroes other than
Spiderman would help his career.

He also considered Dr. Morbuis. Hopefully, he would find a cure
this time. Richard Reed was another fine scientist, and might help him
out. If nothing else, hopefully he might help him regain his sanity.
Then he might be able to help in his recovery.

* * *

"Peter my boy, these are fantastic!" J.J.J. boomed out, "Just
what I want from you! Now THESE are heroes, not that lousy, no account
Spiderman you are always bringing me!"

Robby beamed in the corner, pleased that his star photographer
was getting such praise from the publisher of the Daily Bugle. Peter
had arrived with the pictures just in time to make it for the Late
Morning release of the paper. These shots would almost double the
circulation of the paper today.

J.J.J. knew that many people that bought early edition papers
would pay again for the late edition, just to see these shots.
However, he also wanted to get a good price for them.

"Tell you what, I will give you $100 for each, and a $200 bonus
for each one we publish."

Peter almost fainted. This was more than he had ever offered
before. He almost agreed, before he saw Robby shake his head slightly,
an obvious "no" gesture.

He thought to himself "Hmmmm, Robby says no. Must be for a good
reason. I will play along, and see what happens."

"Errrr, I don't think so Mr. Jameson. That is not what I had in

"WHAT!" J. Jonah Jameson exploded. "Why you! What do you want

"Well, ask Robbie. We have talked about it, and he can tell
you." This was a bluff, but hopefully Robbie would bail him out.

"Yea, Parker and I talked about it, and I told him that this
time, he should hold out for a permanent position Jonah. He is our
best photographer, freelance or staff. It is time we grab him, before
another paper does. You have to admit, if he took these to any other
paper, they would jump at a permanent offer. Why not have him for

Peter was impressed. They HAD talked about making him a
permanent staff member, but he had not realized that this could do it.
And he had to agree. These pictures WOULD get him on staff with any of
the other papers.

"Hmmmmm, perhaps you're right. OK Parker, you are hired full-
time, effective now. I will have your badge and credentials printed
up, and give you your bonus for equipment."

Realizing he had him by the balls, he decided to press his luck
one more time. "OK Mr. Jameson, full time, plus the $100 per shot, and
$200 for each published."

The explosion was expected, but finally, they agreed on $100 per
shot, and $100 bonus for each published. He knew that this would be
the last time he would get such a bonus, since he was salaried now.
But along with that, came the assurance that he would not starve

He collected his check for $5,300 a few hours later, for the 24
pictures on the 2 rolls, and the 5 pictures that were published. He
told Robby about the idea for photographing the exhibit in Soho, and he
agreed, saying that he could also write the article to go with them. A
by line would add to his credentials, and enhance his career.

Robby smiled as Peter Parker made his exit. Finally, that kid
was getting what he deserved.

* * *

Selina did her typical workout at the gym. After a shower, she
rode through Central Park, feeling the wind in her face. Now she
understood why Batgirl always rode a motorcycle. She had forgotten how
much fun they were. She also considered the events of the night

Chasing down that criminal HAD felt good. She watched it
reported on the news after she got up, then read about it in the paper.
So now it was in the open, she was in the Big Apple. She thought about
what Bruce might do when he heard. Would he follow her here? Would he
come after her?

She also read about the Fantastic Four. She beamed when she saw
Peter's name under the pictures. She would HAVE to pump him for
information when she saw him tonight.

Parking the bike, she walked around the lake in the center of the
park. Seeing that reminded her that there was more potential here for
capture than back in Gotham City. Back home, there was only Batman to
worry about. Here, there was Spiderman, Fantastic Four, and sometimes
even Iron Man, X Factor, Thor, Namor, and Captain America to worry
about. Not to mention that The Hulk was rumored to be in the area.

Not that the green monster was a hero, but he was unpredictable.
You never knew where he would show up, or what he would do. So this
made it something she had to consider. She was still pondering this as
she returned back to the bike, and rode home, arriving just before

* * *

She had just taken off her jacket when she heard a knock at the
door. Peter was there, and they greeted each other with a long, but
gentle kiss. Then she dragged him in, and insisted he tell her about
how he got the shots the night before.

Peter told her a modified version, on how Spiderman had called
him, then a meeting between them on a rooftop where he had heard a
burglary was going to take place. Then the fight between Morbius and
the FF just happened to break out. He mentioned how Spiderman had been
waiting to help if needed, but he was not.

Selina listened closely, fascinated in the telling of the story.
Then Peter mentioned on how Catwoman was also in the area. She
listened as he told her of his "conversation with Spiderman" about that
vileness'. Peter said that while Spiderman was worried, he was just as
puzzled as the rest of NY as to her behavior.

"I mean, this is not like her. She is one of Batman's most
deadly enemies. But here she is, stopping crimes. It just does not
add up."

"Well," Selina said, "maybe she is trying to change. Surely, she
had made a lot of money by now, and no longer need to steal. Maybe she
is trying to 'recover her soul', and clean herself up."

Even as she said this, it occurred to her that she may be telling
the truth. Maybe she should do just that.

"If she does, she will have to tell Spiderman the secret. He has
been trying to clean up his image for years. But no matter how much
good he does, either somebody takes it wrong, or he makes one mistake
that blows it."

Peter then offered to take her to dinner, and Selina accepted.
She got the helmets for her bike, but he told her that they would take
his car.

"But Peter, you don't have a car."

"Ahhh, I do now" he said, a gleam in his eye. "I bought it with
the bonus I got from my boss today. I am now a full-time staff
photographer for the Daily Bugle, and got a bonus for over five
thousand smackers for the shots I took last night."

So the two of them left, hitting a nice restaurant, then a night
club for some more celebrating. By the time they returned home, both
were tired, and just a little tipsy.

Retiring to Selina's place, she poured them each some more wine
to celebrate, then sat on the couch, listening to the stereo playing in
the background. Within minutes, they were kissing and caressing each
other, each knowing what the other wanted.

Within minutes, her blouse had been pulled over her head, and
Peter's hands were all over her soft breasts. Selena's hands were
inside his underwear, caressing his tight ass and pulling him tighter
against her.

She was surprised as he stood up with her in his arms, and
carried her to her bedroom. He did so as if she weighed nothing. "Wow
tiger, what did you have for breakfast, Wheaties?"

Peter almost dropped her when she said that. "What is it, what
did I say wrong?"

Peter gently laid her on the bed, then collapsed on the floor and
sobbed. She moved down and held him as he said that that was Mary
Jane'' pet name for him. Selina fought back guilty tears as she held
him, as Peter drunkenly cried. Rarely had she seen a guy so
vulnerable, but strong at the same time. She was sure that if not for
the alcohol, he would not be doing this. But the fact that he could
keep this inside, showed how strong he was also.

Finally, he stopped. He apologized, and she covered his lips
with her finger, then had him stand up. Silently, she lit a candle,
then undressed him. She then undressed herself, then led him to the
bed. Gently kissing a few times, she said she wanted to sleep with
him, but did not expect anything. She simply wanted his company, and
his arms around her as she drifted off. Peter happily complied, and
they kissed a few more times before drifting off.

* * *

Hmmmm, so good.

Yes, there. Like that, hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Uhhhhh, yes, tight. So hot, ahhhhhhhh.

Selina slowly came awake, and wrapped her legs around the body on
top and inside of her. Hmmmmm, just like she had imagined. Through
the alcohol and sleep fog, she realized that Peter and her were finally
making love. He felt so good, above and inside of her.

It was just like she imagined, big enough to give her a full
feeling, but not large enough to hurt.

Peter came awake just before she did, feeling her hand around his
cock, sliding him inside of her. He faintly remembered feeling each
caress the other, as if in a dream. Almost-memories of caressing
breasts, belly, and wet pussy were replaced with sharper visions of
sliding in and out of her tight body.

She felt so good under him, and they kissed passionately. Her
legs crossed over the back of his thighs, and her pelvis arched up to
meet his. Hands squeezing his ass, pulling him tighter with each slow
thrust in.

Ohhh, he is so good. Sliding almost all the way out, then in,
pressing tight as he penetrated her fully, the base of his cock
pressing hard against her clit. Arms under her shoulders, palms
holding her shoulders, preventing her from moving to far up on his
thrusts in, pressing his chest down enough to feel good, but not enough
to crush.

Neither could remember who had started it. They shared dream-
like memories of kissing, fondling, caressing, then sliding together.
Both were unsure if she pulled him on top, or he covered her on his
own. But both were happy with the results.

Peter fought back his reflex to move faster, just slowly moving
in and out, loving the sensation of being inside of this lovely woman.
Selina was so sexy, and he could still not believe he was making love
to her. Especially considering how short of a time they knew each

Selina moaned, gently biting his neck, and digging her nails into
his back. She knew he would have scratches in the morning, but could
not help herself. He just felt so good inside her, filling and
emptying her pussy the way she loved it. She felt him against her clit
again, then again, then again. She knew she was about to cum, and it
would be big.

Peter felt her nails, but ignored the pain. He felt her pussy
squeeze him, and her vulva pulsing against him as he paused before he
slid back out of her. He started to thrust a little harder and faster,
hearing her moan and suck on his neck.

Unable to hold back, Selina gave in, feeling her orgasm overpower
her. Hips bucking, breasts tight against his chest, legs squeezing
hard. Her clit exploded, sending hot needles to her brain, causing her
to buck and moan. Body stiff, one of the largest orgasms of her life
came over her, and at it's peak, she felt the flood inside her that
said that Peter had reached his also.

He was unable to hold off. The last 2 minutes, he had held off.
But when Selina bucked, and her vagina squeezed him hard, he pushed all
the way in, and let it come. He shot his sperm deep into her body,
feeling her teeth dig lightly into his neck, her body tight against
him, legs squeezing him tight.

Spent, he collapsed on top of her, the couple now gently kissing,
her hands caressing his sweaty back, he holding her tight. They
whispered gentle words to each other, as they both savored the emotions
going through each.

Selina held him tight, loving the feeling as he softened inside
of her, slowly sliding out. After almost 10 minutes, his cock finally
slid out, and she felt a small glob of their combined fluids follow,
but she did not care. Peter rolled onto his back, and she curled up
next to him, one leg over his, her head and one arm on his chest.

Suddenly feeling a little worry, Peter asked "Eh, Selina. Are,
are, are you taking anything?"

Puzzled for a moment, then realizing what he was talking about.
"No, but it's OK. I got Norplant a few months ago. So there is no
reason to worry about pregnancy, even thought it would be to late to
worry about that now." She giggled slightly, and Peter joined in,
agreeing with her.

They talked for a while more, until they both drifted off to
sleep again, this time to sleep through the night.

* * *

Tuesday night, Peter had his weekly dinner with his Aunt May.
She listened to his story about the photos of the Fantastic Four, and
was delighted to hear about his full-time job at the Bugle. They were
drinking tea after dinner when a knock came to the door. May answered
it, pretending surprise, even though she knew who it was.

Peter came to his feet, and tried to keep his cool as Mary Jane
came into the room. She was returning some fabric patterns she had
borrowed, and Aunt May, of course, invited her to stay. Sitting in the
only chair, she knew that Mary would have no choice but to stand, or
sit next to Peter.

They made some small talk, as may got up, and went to the kitchen
to start some more tea. Mary looked as good as ever, and Peter told
her his news, about the job and the bonus. And his finally having a
car. But he was surprised at the almost cold replies she gave him.

Mary Jane had been thrilled when she heard about the photos
earlier in the day. Just about everybody was talking about them. And
seeing Peter here was a pleasant surprise. She was finally admitting
to herself that it was a mistake to break up with him. The last 3
months, she had not been able to go on any dates, turning everybody
down. When somebody would ask, she would think about Peter, and just
did not have the heart.

She sat next to him, then felt a cold chill as she caught a
glimpse of the side of his neck. He was wearing a turtleneck sweater,
even thought it was a little warm for one. Then she saw the dark red
mark just inching above the collar.

A hickey! Here she was, unable to bring herself to see anybody
else, and here was Peter, with what had to be a huge hickey! Well,
obviously their break-up was not bothering him! She felt cold inside,
and tried to imagine who "she" was.

They chatted for a while, but she could give little more than one
or two word replies. When Aunt May returned, she finished the tea,
then made a quick exit, saying that she had to get ready for a shoot in
the morning.

However, Mary Jane only drove for a block, before she pulled over
to the side of the road and cried. Mentally kicking herself for giving
him up, then obviously loosing him. "Well, at least one of us is
getting some" she thought, realizing that for her, it would be another
lonely night of masturbation before she could fall asleep.

* * *

The remainder of the week passed in a blur for Peter. Working
for the Bugle was a welcome change. Going out for shoots of accidents,
political events, fires, and whatever Robby assigned him to. And
instead of crawling and swinging through the city, his nights were full
of making love to Selina.

On Saturday morning, the two of them left to walk to the gallery.
Dr. Francine Kelly was very nice, and gave Peter a great interview.
She even posed for several photos, including one holding the priceless
Golden Cat. There was even one with Selina holding the cat.

By this time, she was loosing confidence in the decision to steal
it. Peter noticed something wrong during the shoot. He continuously
got warning signals, growing stronger as the shoot and interview
progressed. Dr. Kelly mentioned that the cat would be moving the next
day, because there were several people that would want it in their

"You see, just as in my story, there are some that believe it
possesses special and magical powers. Some cultists have been trying
to buy it, but the Egyptian government does not want to sell it. And
at least 2 attempts to steal it have been stopped. I only hope that
nothing happens, or there will be hell to pay, diplomatically."

Peter decided to make it an early night, and stick around after
the gallery closed. After all, it was no secret that the Catwoman was
well known for stealing things associated with cats. What better prize
for her than this. And the "Good Samaritan" role may be just an act to
throw people off-guard, before she makes her big heist.

* * *

During the interview, Selina lost all desire to steal the cat.
It was lovely, but she realized that the heart had gone out of wanting
to possess it solely for herself. After all, something that lovely
should be shared by all.

Her resolve crumbled when Dr. Kelly let her hold it for several
pictures by Peter. "That is enough" she decided. "After all, these
pictures will be forever. I will just keep that."

However, Peter complained of a migraine headache, and left for
bed in his apartment shortly after they got home. After sitting bored
at home for a few hours, she got dressed, and left for a little night

Without realizing it, she headed towards the gallery. She sat on
top of the bank, looking in where she and Peter had spent most of the
day. A warm smile crossed her face. But suddenly, a figure flew in
from the darkness. What appeared to be a robot landed in the middle of
the street, raised his hands, and blasted the front of the gallery!

Without quite realizing what she was doing, she dropped to the
ground, and headed in that direction.

* * *

Peter changed into his costume, then headed towards the gallery.
He took up a spot on the roof, and settled into what could be a long
night. Stake-outs were normally not his thing, but he made an
exception this time.

After a little over an hour, his spider sense went crazy.
Something was about to happen!

He got a sick feeling as a dark figure in a cape landed, then
blasted the front of the gallery in. Dark body armor, with a cape, and
slits for mouth and eyes. This was one person he had hoped never to
have to fight again, especially alone.

"Thulsa Doom! What are you doing?" he yelled, swinging down to
the street. He crouched between the mad monarch and the gallery,
crouched so as to leap at any moment.

"Ahhh, Spiderman. Be advised, not to interfere with Doom. I
must have that cat, it possesses a power that I must have. Step aside,
or I will destroy you."

Then a barrage of blasts forced Spiderman to scramble for his
life. Blast after blast kept him moving, allowing no time to make a
return shot himself.

"Oh boy, and I thought this would be a dull night!" Spiderman
thought. "Where are the FF, Superman, or the United States Marine
Corps when you need them!"

Suddenly, the barrage stopped, and he saw Doom sprawled on the
ground, a black shape behind him. His blood turned cold when he
realized that the figure was Catwoman! Oh great, now I have 2 villains
to fight!

* * *

Catwoman had heard of Doom, and knew that she was no match for
him. But the sudden appearance of Spiderman made her rethink. From
what Peter said, maybe she could work with him, and save the statue.

The Webslinger was on the defensive, as she slammed into the back
of the unsuspecting Doom. Spiderman gave her a double glance, and she
yelled out "Relax, I'm on you're side. Just help me protect the cat."

Spiderman shot a large stream of webs at Doom's face, knowing
that obscuring his face was about the only way to slow him down. That
armor was strong enough to rip through his webs as easily as he could
rip through a real spider's web.

For 10 minutes, the battle raged like that, a stalemate.
Spiderman and Catwoman would dodge in, take a slash or blow, then fade
into the darkness. Doom would try to hit one, but would be hit from
the side or behind by the other. Clearly, they were not winning. But
both were hoping for reinforcements.

Finally, they arrived. Another armored figure dropped into the
center of the street, and blasted Doom, knocking him into the wall of
the bank. This red and yellow armor was definitely friendly however.
It was Iron Man.

But Doom did not move. Iron man walked over towards the fallen
foe, as Spiderman and Catwoman did the same. They saw Doom's head on
the sidewalk, and sparks coming from his neck.

"It's a robot" Iron man said. "I should have known. I heard
about the battle on the Police Radio, and came as fast as I could. If
I did not see it with my own eyes, I would not have imagined this. The
world's most famous cat burglar and Spiderman taking on Doom. But what
you two lack in brains you make up for in courage. If not for you
wearing him down, I could not have caught him off-guard like that."

Both Spiderman and Catwoman thanked him, then Iron man suggested
they leave quickly. "I know what happened, and what you did. Rest
assured, the authorities will know what you two both did here. But you
are both wanted as criminals, and should not be here when they arrive.
Now go, quickly."

Spiderman wrapped his arm around Catwoman's waist, and cast a
web, lifting her up and away, leaving the battleground behind them, and
heading towards a local warehouse he knew of.

* * *

Catwoman was amazed that she was still alive! Not only had she
helped defeat the infamous Doom (well, a robot of doom, but close
enough), she had also met Iron Man, and was now swinging through the
night with Spiderman!

She felt real good also, the best she had in a long time. "I
actually feel better than if I had stolen the cat" she thought, as
Spiderman set her on the roof of a warehouse, then stood next to her.

"OK, talk. What were you doing there? I find it hard to believe
it was a coincidence."

"I have to admit, it was not. I had seen the cat earlier, and
had a feeling something would happen to it. I have retired as a
criminal, and wanted to see the cat would continue to be seen by the
public. It is to beautiful to be kept in a private collection. It
should be shared by all."

Spiderman knew she was telling the truth. He was sensing no
deception, and no danger from this woman. He leaned back against the
wall, and said "Is that why you have been acting the way you have been
lately? Stopping the burglary and the like?"

"Well, yes and no. To be honest, I did intend to steal the cat
at first. But then I changed my mind, and decided that it is best I
help protect it instead of stealing it."

"And what about the criminals you slashed? I admit, it does get
your point across, but that can do more harm than good. Scaring is
more like something The Punisher would do, and you do not want the rep
that psycho has."

"Well, the first time was when they were stealing from me. As
for the other night, I saw that punk breaking into the house, and just
had to do something. When he tried to shoot me, I had to slash him to
protect myself."

"OK, OK. I see your point. But why New York? What was wrong
with Gotham City? Why come here?"

"Well, let's just say it was a relationship problem, and leave it
at that. But I think I need to go back. This town is pretty well
covered with heroes, and I do not think I am needed. However, I may
just pop back from time to time."

Catwoman reached out, and placed one hand on his arm. Spiderman
felt a tingle as she did so, realizing for the first time that she
looked good under that black leather costume.

"We made a good team, you and I. With practice, we could be
devastating. If you ever want to think about teaming up, give me a
call. Or if you need help. I think it is time I grew up, faced my
responsibility, and stopped running."

Spiderman was surprised when she gave him a phone number. "It is
my private voice-mail. Secret, and anonymous. Feel free to call, for
any reason. Especially if you ever make it to Gotham. We might go and
see some of the night life."

With that, she slipped into the darkness. Spiderman let her go,
then spent 30 minutes wandering around to unwind, before heading home.

* * *

When she arrived home, she took a quick shower, then packed the
saddlebags. She wrote out several checks, for the gas, electricity,
phone, cable, and rent. More than enough was written to cover the
bills for at least a year.

Selina wiped a tear from her eye as she wrote a short note to
Peter. She hated to do it, but as she had said, it was time to grow
up, and face what she had been running from.

Dear Peter,

Please do not take this wrong, but I need to leave and go
back to Gotham. I have been running away, and it is time
I faced what I am running from. You are a great guy, and
this has nothing to do with you. I will always treasure
our time together.

Take care of Shadow, and I am sure you will see me again.
I am still renting the apartment, so keep an eye on it for
me please. You never know when I might pop by again.


P.S. Give that Mary Jane girl a call. I can tell you miss
her, and you should give her another chance. You never
know, she might miss you just as much, but is afraid to
show it.

After taping a key to the note, she slipped it under his door,
then walked down to the street. Latching down the saddlebags, she
started the bike, warmed it up, and rode off into the night again.

As she left town, she thought. Spiderman, Batman, Bruce, Peter.
2 Heroes, 2 men, and 2 towns. And all were amazingly like her in many
ways. But she knew that Bruce and Batman were one and the same.

"Wouldn't it be funny if Peter and Spiderman were the same? That
would be the largest ironic joke in the world."


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