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chapter3 discovery




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The Sacred Within
Chapter 3: Discovery

Author: Amaranta Fiore

"Do we dare to upset her?" Hera asked the group gathered around her.

"I do not know if we can risk meddling in the old One's matters. She
may be very displeased," said Artemis. "Besides, she is still one of us; we
sprang from her; how can we oppose her will? She is likely to be very
displeased, and even Zeus, her son, does not often go against her, especially
when it comes to humans."

"I do respect her interests. She has oftentimes lent me her strength in favor of
my plans," said Hera, "but she cannot be allowed to meddle in this human's
life." "We have not changed the course of human events in thousands of years,
and why should even the oldest of us be allowed to do so now? If Rhea or
Potnija-- whatever the humans call her now-- expects to reach out to this human
so blatantly, we must interfere."

"I don't think she really did anything blatant, Hera," murmured Aphrodite.
"Besides, I think the vision Potnija gave the woman was lovely, with that
beautiful man..." she sighed. "I think that's where I get my style from. You
know, she is my grandmother."

Hera scowled. "Well.. I don't think that it was inappropriate," mumbled
Aphrodite, a bit cowed by Hera's grim face.

"Alright. Thank you, Aphrodite; that was very helpful," Hera sneered.
"But what about the gift of language? Hmm.. what do you think we should
do about that?" "That can't be appropriate!?" Hera scoffed, becoming more

"I hate to be the voice of reason here, but if mother Rhea wishes to give such a
gift to a human in this time period, maybe we ought to do the only sensible
thing and send this human where all of Rhea's worshippers truly belong: in the
past," said Athena.

"She has been getting far too much attention in recent years," hissed
Hera jealously. "All this mother Goddess resurgence and all."

"I could ask Ariadne to talk to Rhea, since she is also from Crete. Or my
brother Apollo, since I'm sure he may be upset if we interfere with Gwen, since
she is one of his physicians," stated Artemis, interrupting one of Hera's
favorite complaints.

"I say that we continue to monitor this situation and see what becomes of the
woman. The gift may go away. If it doesn't, we can discuss what to do,"
offered Aphrodite. "I like Gwen, and I think mother Potnija may allow her to go
her separate way, in which case we have no problem leaving Gwen alone. Right?"

"I agree," said Artemis.
"As do I," stated Athena, peering down at Hera, daring her to try to
bully the others into changing their minds.

“Alright, but just for now. I will keep an eye on this,” Hera hissed as she
turned on her heel and swept from the room.

"Sometimes I'm glad we don't have to deal with her regarding humans as much as
we used to," whispered Aphrodite to Athena and Artemis. "She can be so bull-

"Agreed!" laughed Artemis and Athena in unison.


"What happened?" asked Gwen.
"You touched the statue and then pulled back as if it had burnt you.
Then you fell to the floor in a seizure. You called out in a foreign language,
screaming and thrashing your body about. I was quite frightened for you. And
then you went limp on the floor. Finally, you awoke. I was surprised when you
spoke, because when you were speaking before you touched the statue, I could not
understand you."

"I was speaking English," Gwen responded.

"You were? You speak Greek as well," the priestess said.

"But I don't speak Greek!" said Gwen, her concern showing very plainly on her

"Oh, I see. It is a gift from the Goddess. It must be. You have been given
this gift, so you must be a favorite of Hers."

"I don't know anything of the sort,“ Gwen said. “What do you mean? I just
stumbled in here by accident.” She had a great deal of difficulty holding back
tears. “You must be mistaken."

"The Goddess knows us all, and she has brought you here to discover something."

"But what could that be?" Gwen sniffled.

"I do not know my dear, but I will help you if you wish," stated the
priestess. "I am Mallia, the priestess of this small group of
worshippers of Potnija." "Potnija is known by many names, such as Rhea,
Posidaija, Asarta, Isis-Wadjyt, Inanna, and many more.”

"She is also known to the historians as "The Snake Goddess” or “The Lady of the
Mountains. They see her image in the art of our ancient culture
here," interrupted a young priestess who had returned with more
water. She blushed shyly as she realized she had interrupted Mallia, and sat
down at Gwen's feet, offering her the cup. Gwen drank again as Mallia continued.

"As Maia reminds me," she stated, gesturing to the young priestess, "Potnija is
also the progentor of all the goddesses, such as Demeter, Hera, Aphrodite,
Athena, Isis, and so many others. You see her signs in all of the other
goddesses who came after her, and they are aspects of her. You see, the bull,
the bees, the lion, the serpent, and the owl or hawk- these are the animals that
represent Her. The double-sided axe is the sign of Her power and represents the
phases of the moon. So many symbols represent Her different aspects, yet they
are all Her."

"Do you see?" the priestess asked. Gwen nodded in reply, not wanting to offend
her kind hosts.

"Well, I will not overtire you now, unless..." the priestess sighed as her eyes
drifted from Gwen's eyes to her exposed breast.

Gwen's eyes widen as the priestess allows her hand, which had rested gently on
Gwen's shoulder, to drift slowly lower, tracing small circles down her arm. The
young priestess, Maia, follows Mallia's lead and lightly begins to stoke Gwen's

“You need not fear us, my dear; we only wish to worship at the altar She has
created. Do you wish to go, or will you join us in celebrating Her gift to

“I do not wish to be disrespectful, but I don’t know what I should do,” Gwen

“I will show you the way,” whispers Mallia with a smile, as she gestures to

Maia eagerly moves forward, sliding her hands up Gwen’s leg until she brushes
the downy fur of Gwen’s mound. Smiling, she squeezes Gwen’s thigh as she leans
forward, bringing her body to lie beside Gwen’s. Maia reaches up and pulls off
Gwen’s shirt. The priestess, Mallia, cupping her hand, clears Gwen’s hair away
from her face, caressing her cheek.

Leaning in, Mallia eagerly kisses Gwen, her tongue parting Gwen’s lips, as her
full, pendulous breasts brush against Gwen’s arm. Maia sighs as she raises her
hands to Gwen’s full bosom. Gwen urgently returns Mallia’s kiss, as Maia’s
hands flit over her erect nipples.

Maia’s hands slowly wander down to the gentle rise of Gwen’s belly and over to
the second mound, this one decorated with dark hair. Mallia pulls back from the
kiss. Mallia shifts to sit behind Gwen, drawing her down so that Gwen’s head is
cradled in her lap. Mallia’s hands knead the flesh of Gwen’s shoulders and
arms, releasing tension as Maia parts Gwen’s legs to accommodate her torso.

Gently spreading the labia, Maia dips her tongue into the nectar, running the
tip of her tongue from the opening of Gwen’s vagina to her clitoris, flicking
gently-- too gently—- over the swollen pink nub. Gwen rolls her hips toward
Maia, begging for more pressure. Maia’s tongue pushes harder in response-- no
longer just the tip caressing, but the whole. Gwen’s hips thrust toward her
again, begging for more. She takes Gwen’s clitoris into her mouth, rolling it
between her hard palate and tongue. Rhythmically sucking, she extends her hand
to Gwen’s breast. She finds the nipple and begins to rub it firmly in time with
her tongue. She stops for a moment, teasing Gwen. Gwen groans for her to
continue. Mallia cups Gwen’s other breast in her hand, plucking at the nipple.
Maia slides up Gwen’s body, kissing her full on the lips. The wetness of Gwen’s
arousal on her face heightens the sweetness of the kiss, her tongue probing
Gwen’s mouth as it had Gwen’s pussy just seconds before. "You taste delicious."

Gwen lays back and allows herself to be engulfed by the pleasure. The effect
these women are having on her body is like nothing she has experienced before.
She wants to experience this forever. Gwen’s eyes close as Maia’s mouth moves
to suckle at her breast and someone’s hand burrows its way between her legs to
her throbbing mound. The hand begins a series of lazy circles around her
clitoris, and she rocks up to meet it. Her insistent movements drive the hand
to faster and faster revolutions, pushing Gwen to the point of frenzy. She
hears the rustling of cloth around her, but the pleasure is all-encompassing.
She does not open her eyes.

Mallia motions the other women forward. She then claps three times, sending a
young priestess gliding off to a small table to the side of the dais. The
priestess hurries back, and kneeling at Mallia’s side, presents her with a
smooth stone phallus. It is very ornate and very old.

Mallia takes it in her hand and caresses the smooth gray marble between her
palms in an attempt to warm it a bit. With another gesture from Mallia, two
more young devotees kneel on either side of Gwen’s legs, helping to draw them
gently apart. Maia’s hand continues to stroke Gwen’s clitoris, working her to a
feverish pitch and then slowing back to a teasing pace. Gwen arches her back,
pressing her mound into Maia’s hand at each slowdown. As Maia slows her tempo,
Mallia places the ancient dildo at the opening of Gwen’s pussy. Gwen
instinctively arches her back, pressing her mound toward Maia’s pleasuring
motions, but this time the phallus is there. The cool stone slips into her
pussy, surprising Gwen. Her eyes flutter open, and she gasps in response. As
her eyes focus on Mallia’s, the high priestess plunges the cold stone deep into

Maia’s hand begins to speed up, driving Gwen closer to a climax. Mallia, seeing
Gwen’s need for release, rapidly pumps the stone dildo in and out of Gwen’s
vagina. Gwen cries out in half-pleasure, half-protest at the cold intrusion.
Mallia nods her head, and two more priestesses drop to their knees and each
quickly takes a nipple into their mouths. Gwen moans in response as her
clitoris, vagina and breasts burn with intense pleasure. She feels the fire
building to a climax like she has never known before. She feels herself losing
control as Mallia’s phallus drives into her so deeply, she feels its coolness
brushing against the entrance to her womb, making her shriek. Seconds before
climax, the hand on her clitoris stops and is replaced by Maia’s moist, probing
tongue. The combination of the cool dildo and the warm tongues drives Gwen into
a frenzy. She arches her back and screams with orgasm! The fire of her
pleasure radiates throughout her body and excites each of the women surrounding

With a final thrust, Mallia buries the stone phallus deep into Gwen’s body,
providing her with one final orgasmic shudder. Gwen’s tired body goes limp.
Michael called out, “Gwen, where are you? Gwen?” How stupid and jealous he had
been. Naturally, all of the men at camp, both his colleagues and the hired
labor, had been oggling Gwen ever since her arrival. She didn’t seem to notice
that their attention was more than just a little too friendly, and he had
jealously jumped to conclusions about her stories regarding her friend Steve.
Michael just lost his temper… he loved her so much, and now she was out here in
the dark without any supplies and had probably lost her way. Michael was
getting frantic now. He had no idea where Gwen had gone.

Growing anxious, he stopped. “You have to go about this methodically or you’ll
get lost too. Where could she have gone?” he thought to himself. “She probably
went to higher ground if she got lost, so that she would be able to see the
camp,” he figured. “She’s a smart girl, that’s probably what she did.”

Michael started to climb, thanking his foresight that he had brought a
flashlight, a canteen and a lantern. The climb was steep and the trail hard to
see in the moonlight. Farther up the hill, he made out a sliver of light
escaping from a cave opening. Maybe Gwen had found a cave and made a fire when
she got lost? At least he hoped so, as he was really worried about her.

Gwen’s husband slowly made his way toward the cave. As he grew closer, he heard
a faint sound, like a deep kettle drum mixed with a buzzing sort of sound. The
sound pulsed, growing at times faint, nearly inaudible, and then becoming much
louder. Thrummm, thrummm, thrummm. Michael followed the sound. It seemed to
be coming from the small, faintly lit cave opening far up the hill. “God, I do
hope Gwen is OK,” he thought as he inched up the path.

Gwen lay exhausted from her powerful orgasm. She opens her eyes, finding the
women still surrounding her. At a nod from the high priestess, the women lift
Gwen’s sated body and carry her to the large stone altar. They lay her back
onto the altar, her hips at the edge, leaving her legs supported only by their
hands. The priestesses then gently lift Gwen’s past her shoulders, doubling her
over, exposing her quite vulnerably. The priestesses continue to supported and
stroke her legs, caressing them. Gwen begins to protest, but the powerful
sensations her body had so recently experienced leave her wanting to feel them
again. She guiltily gives in to her desire and does not try to remove herself
from the women’s gentle grasp.

Mallia comes over to the edge of the table where Gwen’s pussy and anus are now
in full view. She gestures, and a large, very fit man strides over to the high
priestess’ side. He has been standing by watching the action after having paid
homage to the Goddess by coupling with the priestess. He saw all that the women
had done with Gwen, and he knows that to be asked by the high priestess to honor
the Goddess again was itself a gift. It is even rarer a gift to be given the
honor of coupling with this special woman who had personally received a blessing
from the Goddess. He was awestruck that Mallia called him forward.

He sees in Mallia’s hand the glistening phallus of stone still slick with Gwen’s
creamy lubricant. His own cock rises to match the dildo’s size, then surpasses
it. Mallia reaches out and strokes his cock until it becomes as hard as the
stone, yet much warmer and also larger. Gwen realizes what she was sure the
high priestess would ask this delicious young man to do, clasps her legs shut,
and shakes her head. “No. I can’t. I have been faithful to my husband, and I
intend to stay that way,” she says defiantly.

“Are you quite sure you do not wish to continue?” asks Mallia. “You have been
blessed by the Goddess for a reason. Do you not think it appropriate to give
something in return?”

“I just can’t. I made a promise that I am unwilling to break, even to show my
gratitude for such a gift,” Gwen says.

“Very well,” says the priestess. With that, two of the young priestesses help
Gwen to sit up and slide from the stone table. A young priestess eagerly takes
Gwen’s place on the altar and smiles expectantly at the man. With a wave of her
hand, Mallia gestures for the throbbing man to mount the new offering. He moves
forward, but glances longingly over his shoulder at Gwen. Gwen feels a shiver
run down her spine as his eyes feed on the mere sight of her body. She returns
his gaze and feels her arousal returning. Strangely unsure of her decision, yet
not wanting to break her promise to Michael she looks down at her feet, tearing
her yearning eyes away from the young man’s gaze.

She looks up again to find Mallia standing next to her. “He wants you so much,”
she says with a smile.

“I know. I felt it. It’s all in his eyes. It looks like he is burning with
lust as he looks at me.”

“The Goddess is with him. She loves for her children to take pleasure and give
it in Her name. Arcas is a most gifted young man. He has come to assist us in
worship here many times.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t go through with it. I feel I have to explain,” Gwen says.
Mallia takes Gwen’s hand in her own and leads her away from the worshippers
toward the tunnel opening of the cave. Near the entrance is a smooth, flat
stone and they sit down together side by side. Mallia squeezes Gwen’s hand,
encouraging her to continue. “I was at the archaeologists’ camp this evening,
and I had a terrible argument with my husband. I got really upset and ran
away,” Gwen says timidly.

“Michael, my husband, accused me of flirting with his colleagues. Since we have
been apart for a while now, I was in medical training in the US and he was here
a third of each year. I have a really good friend, Steve-- he and I became
friends as we helped each another study. I must have talked about Steve a lot,
and Michael must have suspected that Steve and I were romantically involved.
But I tell you we never were; we were simply colleagues and good friends.
Michael accused me of being unfaithful, and I was so hurt by his accusations,”
Gwen says as a fresh tear drifts down her cheek.

“I missed Michael so much when we were apart that I would never have been
unfaithful. Steve listened to me talk about how much I missed my husband. I
just can’t imagine that something would have happened between us. I just don’t
know what to do, and I couldn’t go through with what you intended for me to do
as reciprocation for the gift. Do you see why I can’t?” Gwen sniffles.

“Of course, my child. You will see… the Goddess will provide for you. I’m sure
your husband is nearby and coming for you. Don’t fear. The crooked will be
made straight,” Mallia whispers.

Gwen bursts into a fresh bout of tears. Mallia pulls her into a chaste embrace,
rocking and stroking Gwen’s hair as a shadow emerges from the opening in the
cave. Startled, both women look up and Gwen gasps to see her husband standing
next to her with a puzzled grin on his face.

“Michael!” Gwen whispers.

“What’s happening here?” he asks, taking in the reveling worshippers at the
distant altar and the undressed state of his wife being comforted by a
strangely-dressed woman.

s from the opening in the
cave. Startled, both women look up and Gwen gasps to see her husband standing
next to her with a puzzled grin on his face.

“Michael!” Gwen whispers.

“What’s happening here?” he asks, taking in the reveling worshippers at the
distant altar and the undressed state of his wife being comforted by a
strangely-dressed woman.



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