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chapter4 reunion




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The Sacred Within
Chapter 4: Reunion

Author: Amaranta Fiore

Gwen bursts into a fresh bout of crying as Mallia pulls Gwen into a chaste
embrace, rocking and stroking Gwen’s hair. From the shadows of the cave tunnel,
a figure emerges. Startled, both women look up, and Gwen gasps to see her
husband standing next to her with a puzzled grin on his face.

“Michael?” Gwen whispers.

“What’s happening here?” he asks, as he glances at the reveling worshippers at
the distant altar and then back to the undressed state of his wife being
comforted by a strangely-dressed woman.

“Michael!” Gwen cries out in surprise. She rushes forward and clutches him in a
tight hug. “I got lost,” she whimpers into his shoulder.

“I know- I came looking for you. But I didn’t expect to find this! What is
going on here?” he asks, gently extricating himself from Gwen’s hold.

“I don’t know how to explain, but I’ll try: I left the camp, I was upset, and I
got lost. I eventually came toward this cave because I heard noises and saw
lights. The noise was what drew me here, I think, more than the lights. So I
interrupted their ceremony.”

“Ceremony! Is that what you’d call what is going on over there?” Michael
scoffs, gesturing toward the altar where the bevy of priestesses and Arcas, the
only male acolyte, are cavorting.

“Michael, something amazing happened!”

“Looking at you like this, I’m sure you’re right,” grumbles Michael, taking a
glance at Gwen’s naked body.

“You’re not listening. I touched that statue over there and collapsed. When I
woke up, I could speak Greek!”

“What are you talking about? Did you hit your head? You must be hallucinating.
Did they give you any drugs? Did you drink any water? It could have been
drugged,” Michael says anxiously.

“I’m not drugged. It was something miraculous. If you don’t believe me, talk
to Mallia; she saw it happen,” says Gwen, gesturing toward the priestess.

“Mallia- is that your name? What happened to her? What did you do to her?”
Michael asks in English.

Mallia shakes her head and asks Gwen in Greek, “What did he say?”

Gwen starts to translate, but then Michael interrupts in halting Greek,
repeating what he had said.

Mallia looks to Gwen and says “Tell him what happened. Speak Greek for him. He
will not believe unless you prove what happened. She has blessed you. Now show
him the gift.”

Gwen turns to Michael and repeats her story in detail in fluent Greek. Michael
must stop her occasionally to clarify her choice of words, as she speaks more of
the language than he knows.

“How?” he asks, turning to Mallia, “What happened?”

“It is as Gwen has described. She fell to the ground, and when she awoke, she
spoke. It is a gift from the Great Goddess. We asked Gwen to participate in
our services to give thanks for the gift the Goddess has bestowed on her. She
did not wish to, at first, but she knew this was a miraculous occurrence and she
did not wish to displease the Lady who could give such a gift. Gwen has not yet
finished her role in the ceremony. In fact, we were just discussing her
reluctance to continue participating when you arrived,” the priestess says,
looking up at Michael with a very commanding air about her.

“What Goddess do you worship here?” Michael asks, his professional curiosity

“The Goddess of all Goddesses. The Lady. Rhea or Potnija; she has so many

“I am an archeologist. Would you be willing to talk with me about your worship
practices? I would love to learn more,” Michael gushes.

“Will you allow Gwen to finish her part in the ceremony? I think it would be
appropriate if you participated as well. Besides, it would give you first hand
knowledge of our rituals,” Mallia says laughingly.

“All right. What do I need to do?”

Gwen is stunned. “Michael? Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Of course -- A first hand chance to see what is left of the ancient Goddess
worship -- I wouldn’t miss it.”

“But they want you to participate!” Gwen murmured.

“So okay, I stand to the side and observe while the others participate, I can
just blend into the background.”

“But they want YOU to participate!” Gwen emphasizes. “Why do you think I’m not
wearing any clothes? Because I was participating! When Mallia says
participate, she means it, and I’m not sure this is such a good idea.”

“I can’t miss this opportunity,” Michael hisses under his breath, thinking of
the papers he could write about this. He is going to be famous! He could base
his career on this one area of study alone.

“Well, I warned you. I’m not responsible if this turns out to be different from
what you’re expecting,” Gwen whispers.

“Very well. Shall we proceed?” says Mallia, gesturing to the altar, empty after
the group dispersed to do Mallia’s bidding during Gwen and Michael’s discussion.

Michael strides toward the altar quickly. He takes in the workmanship and
whistles. “This is worth a fortune. It has to be ancient!” He is going to be
so famous for bringing this find to light. He is totally engrossed in the
artwork and does not see the group of priestesses surrounding him, until they
take hold of his arms. He gestures toward the altar, smiles, and asks, “So
where did this piece come from? How old is it?”

“That isn’t important,” one of the young beauties says. “Come along; Mallia is

Michael allows the girls to lead him back to Mallia and Gwen, who are standing
at the foot of a huge Goddess statue. “Oh my! I didn’t even see this one,”
Michael exclaims, marveling at the statue.

“She is among us,” intones Mallia in a deep, chanting drone. The other
priestesses pick up the phrase and chant it in unison. Two of the beauties
guiding Michael turn to him and begin to unbutton his clothes. He starts to
protest, but his words are stopped by one of the priestesses who presses her
soft mouth to his. Her kiss is electric. Almost immediately, his cock begins
to rise in response. The priestesses soon have him down to his underwear, his
pants around his ankles. As the kissing priestess draws back, Michael
embarrassingly glances to where Gwen is standing beside Mallia.

Gwen meets his gaze, and then her eyes travel down to see his cock spring forth
from his shorts as a priestess gently removes his underwear. Michael’s face
turns scarlet. He looks away from Gwen, but all around him are beautiful naked
women. He glances back to Gwen’s face questioningly and finds her smiling.

The beautiful guides take his hands and lead him up the few steps of the dais to
stand in front of Mallia and Gwen. Mallia steps forward, taking his cock
abruptly in her hand. She strokes it, cupping his testicles with her other
hand. The feeling is deliciously guilty, and Michael can’t help but blush in
response. Gwen smiles and moves toward Mallia and Michael. Mallia, with a
final caress, removes her hand from Michael’s testicles and puts her arm around
Gwen’s shoulder, drawing her closer. Taking a cue from Mallia’s gentle,
downward pressure against her shoulders, Gwen drops to her knees in front of

Gwen tentatively flicks out her tongue, lapping at the head of Michael’s cock.
Michael moans as her soft, warm mouth envelopes him, taking the head of his cock
into her mouth. Mallia’s hands begin to move slowly over his chest. A teasing
pinch to his nipples makes him stop watching Gwen’s attentions to his cock and
focus on Mallia.

Her eyes are large and deep brown in color. His gaze slips down from her face
to the full curve of her breast, then to the dark triangle of her pubis, barely
hidden by the beautiful garment she is wearing: a long skirt of a deep, blood-
red color, made from long strings. The strings sway as she begins to undulate
her hips in a suggestive motion, revealing that she is wearing nothing
underneath. Michael had read about such garments being depicted in ancient art,
and had never understood the utility of such a piece of clothing, but now its
purpose was becoming very apparent. Mallia’s body sways back and forth, the
strings of the skirt brushing against his legs as she slowly begins to circle
behind him. Mallia’s exotic motions have excited Gwen as well, whose mouth is
accomodating the full length of Michael’s penis. He caresses Gwen’s cheek, then
runs his hands through her shoulder-length auburn hair, moaning softly. She had
never given him such pleasure before, or perhaps he had just been too busy to
pay attention before. Oh God, she is amazing!

“Doesn’t she look beautiful?” Mallia coos into his ear, her breasts pressed
against his back. “Oh, yes!” was all Michael could say in response. Mallia
massages his shoulders and back, moving slowly up and down. Her hands finally
come to rest at his hips, her firm caress kneading his buttocks. A beautiful
doe-eyed priestess moves forward to kneel by Gwen, her tongue darting forward to
lick Michael’s testicles. After a few gentle, ticklish licks, her tongue begins
to move its way up his shaft, with Gwen’s mouth still hovering around the head.
“This is too much!” gasps Michael. He looks down to see Gwen and the priestess
kissing over his cock. Two more priestesses come forward and help Gwen to her
feet. The little priestess resumes where Gwen had left off. Michael’s cock is
throbbing now, and he doesn’t know how much more he can take of this delicious

Gwen and the young women stand before Michael. Mallia’s hand slides up his back
from his hips, nudging him to bend over. He bends slightly at the waist, now
face to face with the ample breasts of his wife and the pert breasts of the
priestesses. A young priestess named Maya cups Gwen’s breast in her hand and
offers it to Michael to suckle. He flicks his tongue out, teasing the nipple.
The nipple soon stands out firmly, and Gwen moans as Michael takes it into his
mouth. Michael suckles his wife’s breast in time with the priestess’
ministrations to his cock. Out of the corner of his eye, he can see Gwen’s
other young priestess move away from her side. Mallia ceases her penetrating
massage. Michael then realizes that his bottom is being gently spread apart.
Suddenly a soft warmth probes between his buttocks, startling him. It must be
the priestess or Mallia, he thinks. It is a tongue probing him, and it is so
soft, so warm. It is making him even more aroused. Then, out of the corner of
his eye he sees Mallia.

She moves very ceremonially towards them. She has an object in her hands, but
he can’t quite tell what it is. He releases his kiss on Gwen’s nipple and turns
his head to look. Mallia strides purposefully towards him with her arm

Michael is stunned as he recognizes it as a phallus, apparently made of stone.
It is beautiful. It must be ancient. It has a long and thick, but smooth,
phallus-like body, with a handle carved to look like a woman’s body. He nearly
forgets about the beauties sucking his cock and licking his anus in his
excitement over this archeological find.

Mallia presents the phallus to Gwen and the young priestess at her side.
Michael cranes his head up to watch, still bending over at the waist. The young
priestess Maya takes the phallus in her mouth until her lips reach Mallia’s hand
around the handle. Her mouth withdraws, leaving the shaft glistening with
moisture. Mallia then places the dildo at Gwen’s mouth, and Gwen does the same,
Michael’s eyes widening at the sight.

Mallia looks down at Michael and smiles as she combs her fingers through his
hair, her long fingernails massaging his scalp. As her hand reaches the nape of
his neck, she presses gently downward, suggesting that he should resume his
attention to his wife’s breasts. As he moves to comply, he can see Mallia
withdrawing the wet dildo from Gwen’s mouth. His tongue ventures towards Gwen’s
nipple as Mallia takes Gwen's arm and leads her away. The young priestess steps
into Gwen’s place, presenting a pert breast for Michael’s attention. He draws
the nipple into his mouth, as the priestess sucking his cock takes a brief

“Uhhhh?,” he moans in disappointment. Then the little priestess tonguing his
bottom stops as well. Michael groans again in frustration, stops his attentions
to the priestess’ breast, and looks at his companions. They are all gazing away
from him to the other size of the cave. As he stands up straight, his eyes
travel to where the others are looking.

On the dias, his wife is lying spread-eagled on the large altar-table. A well-
muscled young man is kneeling between Gwen’s outspread thighs, his face buried
in her pussy. Mallia is holding the phallus as Gwen’s tongue flicks and slides
along the glistening shaft. For a moment, Michael is too stunned to do
anything, but it comes to him suddenly that there is a man touching his wife. A
strange man. What does she think she is doing? He must put a stop to this.

He starts forward in a rage, but the young priestess clings to him and the
others surround him and hold him back. He watches as his wife cries out, her
hips thrusting toward the man’s glistening face. Mallia turns toward him and
beckons. The bevy of nubile flesh surrounding him floats him forward toward his
wife. The young male devotee, his task finished, smiles at Michael, who is
being led to stand at the edge of the altar.

Michael looks down at Gwen, her pussy absolutely dripping. He is excited and
appalled at the same time. His confusion is interrupted as Mallia speaks. “She
is ready now to give a gift in return to the Goddess. She refused before,
because she would not have a man other than her husband. Now that you have
agreed to assist us, we can all give thanks to Her. Do you still agree to
this?” Gwen, watching Michael’s face, knows he does not understand, so she
breaks in and translates Mallia’s words into English.

“So you refused to have sex with this guy?” Michael queries, gesturing to the
young man.

“Yes, of course I did!”

“What is expected of us here in this “gift” ceremony?”

“I don’t know, exactly. But you agreed to it. I tried to warn you that this
might get out of hand. We can go now, I think, if we ask to, but I’m not sure I
want to offend Mallia, or this Goddess. I told you before I think that
something extraordinary happened to me, so I’m not sure what would happen if we
left now.”

“All right, but this man is not fucking you. And I have to get a closer look at
that before we leave,” Michael says, nodding towards the phallus in Mallia’s

“Michael, you decide. I will risk offending this Goddess if you want to go, but
I think we must do as Mallia says if we stay. We agreed to go on with this,
even if it means fucking him. What to you want to do?”

It takes Michael just a heartbeat to decide. He simple must get his hands on
that phallus. It appears to be genuine, and he needs Mallia’s cooperation to
understand their customs and rituals. For this chance, he would be willing to
risk the possibility that his wife might be asked to have sex with anyone in the
room, including that young Adonis. “All right, let’s go for it.”

“Ne, Yes,” Michael says, dipping his head in a bow to Mallia.

“Poly kala,” Mallia beams.

“Very well,” says Gwen, echoing Mallia’s response.
be willing to
risk the possibility that his wife might be asked to have sex with anyone in the
room, including that young Adonis. “All right, let’s go for it.”

“Ne, Yes,” Michael says, dipping his head in a bow to Mallia.

“Poly kala,” Mallia beams.

“Very well,” says Gwen, echoing Mallia’s response.


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