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chapter5 obeisance




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The Sacred Within
Chapter 5: Obesiance

Author: Amaranta Fiore
On the dias, Michael’s wife Gwen is lying spread-eagled on the large
altar-table. A well-muscled young man kneels between Gwen’s outspread
thighs, his face buried in her pussy. Mallia holds the stone phallus
as Gwen’s tongue flicks and slides along the glistening shaft. For a
moment, Michael is too stunned to do anything, but it comes to him
suddenly that a man is touching his wife- a strange man. What does she
think she is doing? He must put a stop to this!

He starts forward in a rage, but the young priestess clings to him and
the others surround him and hold him back. He watches as his wife
cries out, her hips thrusting toward the man’s glistening face. Mallia
turns toward him and beckons. The bevy of nubile flesh surrounding him
floats him forward toward his wife. The young male devotee, his task
finished, smiles at Michael, who is being led to stand at the edge of
the altar.

Michael looks down at Gwen, her pussy absolutely dripping. He is
excited and appalled at the same time. His confusion is interrupted as
Mallia speaks: “She is ready now to give a gift to the Goddess in
return. She refused before, because she would not have a man other
than her husband. Now that you have agreed to assist us, we can all
give thanks to Her. Do you still agree to this?” Gwen, watching
Michael’s face, knows he does not understand, so she breaks in and
translates Mallia’s words into English for him.

“So you refused to have sex with this guy?” Michael queries, gesturing
to the young man.

“Yes, of course I did!”

“What is expected of us here in this ‘gift’ ceremony?”

“I don’t know, exactly. But you agreed to it. I tried to warn you
that this might get out of hand. We can go now, I think, if we ask to,
but I’m not sure I want to offend Mallia, or the Goddess. I told you
before that I think something extraordinary happened to me, so I’m not
sure what would happen if we were to leave now.”

“All right, but this man is not fucking you. And I have to get a
closer look at that before we leave,” Michael says, nodding towards the
phallus in Mallia’s hand.

“Michael, you decide. I will risk offending the Goddess if you want to
go, but I think we must do as Mallia says if we stay. We agreed to go
on with this, even if it means fucking him. What to you want to do?”

It takes Michael just a heartbeat to decide. He simply must get his
hands on that phallus. It appears to be genuine, and he needs Mallia’s
cooperation to understand their customs and rituals. For this chance,
he would be willing to risk the possibility that his wife might be
asked to have sex with anyone in the room, including that young Adonis.
“All right, let’s go for it.”

“Ne (Yes),” Michael says, dipping his head in a bow to Mallia.

“Poly kala,” Mallia beams.

“Very well,” says Gwen, echoing Mallia’s response.
With Mallia’s pronouncement and a wave of her hand, the priestesses
surrounding Michael all smile and begin to whisper amongst themselves.
They must be deciding where to begin, for as soon as their soft murmurs
die away, they move as one entity. Michael is taken aback by their
coordination. He moves forward toward the altar with his beauties
towing him along. The priestesses draw him to the altar and Gwen.

Michael looks down to see his wife lying on the altar. She has brought
her knees together, unsure of herself. Mallia stands beside the altar,
bending over, whispering into Gwen’s ear. Gwen’s eyes meet his and he
feels a sudden surge of lust for her, a feeling he hasn’t felt in a
long time. She seems to be embarrassed by what Mallia is whispering to
her. Or is it excitement? Her eyes are shining so brightly.

Mallia stops talking with Gwen and her tongue snakes out, flicking
along Gwen’s earlobe. Gwen gasps suddenly in response. Mallia smiles
and slowly licks and kisses her way from Gwen’s ear to her mouth.
Mallia’s mouth firmly covers Gwen’s in a long, steamy kiss. As they
finally pull apart, Michael sees Gwen’s tongue flick out for a last,
longing taste. Mallia stands and beckons two of the young priestesses
to proceed to either side of the altar. They arrive and gently devour
Gwen’s erect nipples, attacking in tandem.

Michael’s erection is slowly returning as he watches his wife being
ravished. Mallia clucks her tongue and one priestess drops to her
knees in front of him and begins to lick his cock. Her hot tongue
slides up and down the sides of his cock, straying occasionally to kiss
along his testicles. He squirms a bit-- her attentions are more
ticklish than he likes. She understands his reactions and takes his
balls firmly in the cup of her palm and lightly, rhythmically squeezes
them as her mouth opens to accept his cock. It isn’t fully erect yet,
so she is able to take it all in her mouth, her hand meeting her lips,
suffusing his entire genital area with warmth. She draws back,
beginning to suck the head against the roof of her mouth. Exquisite!
Michael closes his eyes, savoring the sensations.

Once again, one of the beautiful priestesses kneels behind him and her
tongue wastes no time in exploring his tight opening. A finger soon
replaces her tongue, causing Michael to moan aloud. He squirms, trying
to encourage her to remove her intruding digit. Michael’s movements
force his cock-sucking beauty to relinquish her hold on his member. In
response to being freed from her grasp, his cock stands defiantly tall,
nearly parallel to his body, his arousal very apparent. Mallia quickly
takes hold of his rock-hard cock, her long fingernails pinching at the
foreskin. She propels him forward, placing his cock at the entrance of
his wife’s glistening pussy.

Michael needs no urging. He plunges into her, burying himself to the
hilt. Gwen moans in response to his entrance to her body, raising her
hips to meet him. Michael feels an incredibly strong urge from deep
inside to grind his whole body into her opening, filling her hot,
enveloping pussy completely. Finally drawing back from her, he begins
plunging in and out repeatedly, each stroke more forceful.

Michael feels the priestess behind him insert a second finger into his
anus. He can’t help it- this drives him wild. Each stroke into Gwen
bringing the fingers to the rim of his opening and each withdrawl
forcing the beauty’s fingers deep into his ass. The stimulus is

Michael feels the rising desire to plow into Gwen for a last time and
fill her with his cum. His balls are getting tighter and heavier and
he’s reaching that point of no return. He is going to give it to her
full force. Michael draws back, so his cock-head nearly slips out of
her opening. Swinging his hips forward to impale Gwen, Mallia grips
the back of his neck and gathers his balls into her palm. She tenses
her grip on his neck, forcing Michael to hold back on the stroke. She
gently pinches at the base of his cock, just above the scrotum.
Michael squeaks a mild protest, but the sensation of the stimulation to
his prostate pushes him over the edge. He feels the sensations of
orgasm wash over him, his knees growing weak, but there is no semen;
Mallia’s deft yet gentle grip on his balls interrupted the flow.

Even after a few minutes’ recovery from orgasm, Michael’s cock is still
hard. Mallia releases her grip from his neck and his balls and moves
to Gwen’s side. His ass-loving beauty slides her fingers from his
body. Mallia presents her dildo to Gwen to be devoured again. Gwen’s
mouth opens obligingly, coating the stone phallus with her saliva.
Mallia gingerly removes it. A thin spider-web of Gwen’s saliva trails
from the phallus.

Michael’s lust for his wife is reawakened after his brief orgasm. He
plunges into her anew. A few strokes later, Mallia grips his hips with
her firm grasp, halting the fucking motion of his body. Several hands
gently press his shoulders down toward Gwen’s reclining body. In
response, Gwen draws her knees up, extending her legs until they hook
over his shoulders. In this position his is buried deeply within his
wife, leaving his bottom sticking out behind him. The small hands
travel from his shoulders to his ass and separate the cheeks. As it
dawns on Michael what is about to happen, he attempts to draw back from
the embrace of Gwen’s pussy. His motion backward brings the puckered
opening of his ass in contact with the phallus. With this contact,
Mallia presses it forward and up into his ass. It burns a little,
making his ass feel hot, yet the cold smoothness of the stone is
arousing and stimulating at the same time. The deep thickness of the
phallus’ penetration presses against his prostate. Michael retreats
from the intrusion, burying himself once more in Gwen’s warm pussy. He
feels Mallia’s breasts brushing his back and her fist propelling the
dildo between his buttocks.

One of the priestesses standing beside the altar hops up to straddle
Gwen. Michael watches as she lowers her pussy over Gwen’s face.
Gwen’s tongue tentatively flicks out to lap at the beauty’s clitoris.
Seeing this, Michael forgets about the phallus and draws back to plunge
into Gwen again. His lust rising, he begins to fuck his wife with
earnest, which allows Mallia to intensely fuck his ass with each stroke
he gives to his wife. His gaze is concentrating on the lovely
priestess’ pussy receiving attention from his wife’s mouth. He feels
the priestess stroke his cheek. He looks up from her pussy to her eyes
and she leans into kiss him, her lips parting invitingly. He lunges to
lock lips with her, burying himself deep inside Gwen.

Gwen moans and her vaginal muscles contact around his cock, the milking
motions of her orgasm driving Michael to new heights of lust. He is so
lost in the sensations that he does not notice Mallia has removed the
phallus from his ass. He first notices something has changed when he
feels something larger and warmer pressing against the opening. He
moves back toward the intruder as he strokes in and out of Gwen’s
still-convulsing pussy. The intruder is so large, but it finally pops
into the opening. This phallus feels incredible. The beauty breaks
her kiss with him to watch behind him. He turns his head to follow her
gaze and comes face-to-face with Mallia, who is guiding the cock of her
young Adonis into his rectum.

The young man’s eyes meet Michael’s and he smiles. His hands come up
to rest on Michael’s shoulders as he impales Michael with the last few
inches of his cock. Michael is aghast at what is happening to him.
The pleasure is apparent, but he has never desired a man before and
what should he do now? The lovely priestess decides for him. She
caresses his cheek again, bringing his attention back to her. She is
now standing on the altar, her feet planted on either side of Gwen’s
waist, her pussy right in front of Michael’s face. She reaches down to
her pussy, drawing the labia apart, revealing her engorged clit.

Michael resigns himself to the situation and dives face first into the
divine pussy, his cock still buried in Gwen and slowly pumping in and
out of her, and thus allowing the young man’s penis to fuck him too.
Michael ravishes the succulent pussy in front of him until the
priestess begins to shake with orgasm. Michael reaches up, cupping her
full ass, supporting her as she trembles and her knees become weak from
release. She gives a final shudder, and her weight shifts until she is
no longer dependent on Michael’s support to remain upright. Michael
eager continues to bring her off, but she steps away with a final
caress to his cheek.

Michael, suddenly more aware of his surroundings, hears the young
Adonis at his rear grunt. He looks behind him again to see Mallia now
fucking her Adonis with the dildo. The beautiful young man wraps his
arms around Michael, kissing him on the cheek as he starts to thrust
more forcefully. The sensation of his cock in Michael’s ass is
powerful- the deep, tingling pressure against his prostate is
absolutely incredible! With every thrust, it feels as if the greatest
orgasm Michael can imagine is about to occur. Only the sensation of
Gwen’s pussy throbbing around his rock-hard cock is making this any
more overwhelming.

Mallia’s thrusting into the Adonis’ ass must be intensifying, as
Michael senses the young man’s orgasm is nearing. Michael, truly
caught up in the intensity, looks around and his eyes lock with Gwen’s.
He blushes as the Adonis moans with pleasure. Gwen is practically
glowing, her body covered in sweat, the light making her look radiant.
Her hair is wild in tendrils, haloing her lustful visage. Michael
grasps her full hips roughly. Dragging her slightly closer to him, he
throws her legs up over his shoulders and penetrates her as deeply as
he can. He sinks deep into her hot, undulating canal and then pulls
back until the head of his cock is just at her opening, impaling
himself on the young man’s member, savoring the fullness.

Plunging into Gwen again and again, he hears the man’s breath begin to
get more ragged. Mallia drives the dildo into the man deeply, this
time not removing it and slapping his ass repeatedly. The Adonis jerks
his head around to protest, but catches Mallia’s mouth in a fierce,
probing kiss. She lingers, biting at his lips, her lust burning
brighter. He moans, fighting to control his desire to come. Mallia
senses his need, slaps his ass a final time and he proceeds to plow
into Michael’s ass, thrusting furiously.

Gwen’s pussy erupts in a wave of intense contractions, causing her to
cry out as Michael plunges into her. She is so transcendent in the
throes of orgasm that her lubricant copiously runs down her pussy,
trickling toward her anus. Michael roars in response to her writhing
canal and thrusts furiously. Her pussy milks his cock of all his
essence, tensing every muscle in his pleasured body. His ass tightens
in response, and the opening is violated one last time as the Adonis
thrusts into him and then withdraws.

The man turns toward Mallia now standing beside him, spilling his cum
onto Mallia’s full belly and open hands. She caresses his ass,
slipping her finger inside, causing him to burst forth with even more.
He cries out as the final spray comes. Adonis collapses to his knees,
burying his face in Mallia’s mound.

Michael too collapses forward onto Gwen’s belly, his head cradled
against her breasts, his ass warm and burning a little. She absent-
mindedly caresses his hair, murmuring sweet nothings.


“I told you all mother Rhea would go too far,” grumbles Hera. “She has
them worshipping in the old way. With ritual copulation and such…
well, you saw what happened. She simply cannot be allowed to do this.
She is out of control! She must be trying to revive her worship, which
simply cannot be allowed to continue.”

“I have to disagree Hera, but maybe old Rhea is not meddling here but
rather it is the discovery of her worship in old times that is bringing
it back to the humans. That is to say, maybe it is not her doing, but
just a natural evolution in their culture,” reasons Athena.

“Well, what about the gifts she is giving this woman Gwen? Those can’t
be just an evolution of human culture. Rhea is meddling there, no
doubt about it,” huffs Hera jealously. "Besides, she has been getting
far too much attention in recent years… all this mother Goddess
resurgence and all. Not to mention-"

"I have asked Ariadne to talk to Rhea, since she is also from Crete,”
responds Artemis, interrupting one of Hera's favorite complaints. “But
so far, Rhea is silent. She just smiles when asked about it.”

"Well I say we continue to monitor this situation and see what becomes
of the woman. The gift may go away on its own. If it doesn't, we can
discuss what to do," suggests Aphrodite.

“I disagree,” says Hera restlessly. “She allows this sort of worship
in her name. We must put a stop to this.”

“I suppose there is nothing left to do but to take some sort of
action,” sighs Athena. “I wish there were another way, but here is
what I propose we do.”


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