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<HTML><FONT SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>"The Mayor's Cheerleader" (Mf, mf, cons, teen,
voy, oral, anal)<BR> <BR> WARNING: This is a complete work of fiction which
contains graphic sexual descriptions and language. Any resemblance between
this and a real event is coincidental. If you are a minor you should leave
this newsgroup immediately. And if you are offended by this kind of
material then.....why the hell are you here?<BR> <BR> I wrote this story.
You may save a copy of it if you like. Please don't change it or sell it
or pass it off as your own work. Nice comments are welcome. Thank you and
enjoy.<BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>

"The Mayor's Cheerleader"<BR> <BR>

Copyright 1999 by Velvet Rose<BR> <BR> It was the night of the big
game between the New Brenton High Hawks (the home team) and Brookridge High
Warriors (from the next town over). It was the last game of the season and
was such a huge event that even the mayor was in attendance. <BR> <BR>
Mayor William C. Freemont had a son, James, who was a fullback for the
Hawks, but he rarely attended such sporting events. When he did come to
the games he usually kept his eye on the cheerleaders down below. He was
discreet about it, of course, but a bunch of girls bouncing around held his
attention more than a group of sweaty boys running around a field.<BR> <BR>
The Mayor enjoyed watching the cheerleaders very much. The short skirts
and tight shirts, the bouncing cleavage, the firm and shapely bottoms. The
cartwheels and splits would get him so excited that he had to keep his coat
over his lap. Bill wished he could just run down the bleachers, rip off
the uniform of one of the young women and fuck her right there in front off
all these people. But he couldn't do that. He was the mayor and had an
image to uphold. <BR> <BR> The fact that he has a wife never mattered
much. Bill had a couple of flings with women he worked with during his
marriage. Okay, more than a couple. But they never amounted to more than
a quick screw in a motel room just outside town. He wanted something more.
Mrs. Cathy Freemont was not at the game with her husband. She had flown
back home to Nebraska the day before to care for an ailing relative. With
his wife out of town that something would happen tonight.<BR> <BR> As the
game continued, Mayor Freemont noticed Debbie Mitchelson. Before he was
elected to his first term of mayor, his family had lived next door to the
Mitchelsons. He remember the little blond haired and green eyed girl. She
would always be playing the front yard and wave at him when he'd arrive
home. She had grown into a very attractive woman. She had large, firm
tits and a gorgeous figure. <BR> <BR> James had dated her for a brief time
last year. One night Bill had heard noises coming from his son's bedroom
downstairs. He quietly opened the door a crack and found young James
wildly fucking Debbie. They were completely naked on top of the bed. Her
long, slender legs were wrapped tightly around him as he slammed his hard
dick in and out of her pussy. Her eyes were shut, obviously trying to keep
herself quiet. <BR> <BR> While he watched, Bill thought about bursting in
on them and breaking this up. But what would that accomplish? All of them
would be very embarrassed and the girl would be in a whole lot of trouble
with her parents. They were only 17 and he wasn't much older himself when
he started having sex. And Bill didn't like the idea of telling is wife or
the Mitchelsons. It would be better to just let this happen and worry
later. And besides, after the initial shock wore off he started to enjoy
it. Debbie had such a hot body and she looked so good getting screwed.
His hand wandered down to the growing erection in his pajama bottoms and
gently rubbed it.<BR> <BR> Within a few minutes James was moaning the he
was about to cum. She whispered something to him that Bill couldn't hear.
James sat up and pulled his cock out. He held it in his hand and gave it a
few tugs. Three shots of his sperm came out and landed on Debbie's large
tits. Bill couldn't stand it anymore. He quietly made his way upstairs to
his bedroom. He woke his wife and gave her the hottest fuck they'd had in
years.<BR> <BR> The mayor remembered all of this as he watched Debbie and
the other cheerleaders root for the team. He wanted her. He wanted to
fuck her young cunt and cover her tits with his cream. Bill quickly
thought of a plan. His assistant, Dave, would take care of most of the
details. He'd done this sort of thing before. He would get the motel room
and find a way to get Debbie there. She would probably be going to some
post-game get together anyway and wouldn't be expected home till late.
<BR> <BR> "Dave," he whispered to the man sitting next to him, "see the
blond down there?" Bill gestured to where Debbie was standing. Dave
nodded. "I would like to see her tonight. Get hold of her after the
game."<BR> <BR> That night the Hawks won, 18 to 10. After the game Mayor
Feemont waited for <BR> James outside the team locker room. He heartily
congratulated his son and gave him permission to stay out till 12:30. This
was on the condition that he didn't come home drunk, wouldn't get in to a
fight or do any damage. With a laugh young James headed off with a group
of friends.<BR> <BR> The mayor headed for his car. He noticed that Dave
was talking to Debbie. Whatever he was saying it seemed to agree with her.
Bill drove out of the parking lot and headed for the motel outside town.
The owner had a special arrangement with the mayor and had a room reserved
just for him at all times. The door to it was somewhat hidden from plain
view and furthest away from the open road. Bill went inside his private
room and waited.<BR> <BR> About 15 minutes later there was a knock on the
door. Bill open the door and let Debbie in, locking it behind her. Her
hair was a little must and she was still wearing her uniform. She carried
a blue duffle bag with her and dropped it onto a chair.<BR> <BR> "Hello Mr.
Freemont," she purred.<BR> <BR> "Hi. Please call me Bill."<BR> <BR> Bill
could tell immediately that she knew why she was here. Debbie had a bit of
a reputation for sleeping around. And he had heard that she'd slept with
several older men, some were even married. So this wasn't a problem for
her. And she didn't need to be told what to do.<BR> <BR> Debbie removed
her blue shorts, underwear and shoes and came closer. Bill wrapped his
arms around her waist and kissed her hard on the mouth. She kissed back.
His hands slid under her blue and white pleated skirt and squeezed her firm
ass cheeks. He moved his fingers between her legs and found her to be
already wet. He moved back a little and helped Debbie remove her shirt and
sports bra. He grabbed her firm jugs and bent down to suck on her cherry
red nipples. <BR> <BR> Bill dropped down to his knees. He took Debbie's
left leg and draped it over his shoulder. He lifted up her skirt and put
his head underneath it. The scent of her sex was intoxicating. He felt
her tremble a little as he licked her twat. She held on to his head and
chanted "Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop". After sucking the young woman's clit for a minute or two Bill felt her stiffen and cum rush out of
her pussy.<BR> <BR> The Mayor got up and removed all of his clothing. His
penis stood partially erect. He laid back on the bed and stroked it with
one hand. Taking the cue, the cheerleader kneeled down next to him and
took his prick in her mouth. She licked it, she sucked it, she deep
throated it. Bill had never gotten a blow job like this before. If her
cunt was half as good as her mouth he'd be in trouble.<BR> <BR> "Oh God,
Debbie, that feels so good."<BR> <BR> She looked over at him and grinned.
"Talk dirty to me."<BR> <BR> "I love your hot mouth on my cock. And you
love it too, don't you? I bet you get a lot of practice you little slut.
Guys must line up to get a blowjob from you. And I bet you love having a
big, hard cock in your hole, too."<BR> <BR> Debbie sucked harder on Bill's
cock. She was very turned on by all this. He moved her over so he could
play with her pussy. He was just as horny. Before he knew it cum was
shooting out of his cock and washing the back of the young girl's throat.
Debbie eagerly swallowed all of it. Bill was a little disappointed. He
wanted to fuck her first before he came. <BR> <BR> Bill was about to get
up when Debbie got on top of him and straddled his hips. "I'm not going to
let you get away that easily." She held up the hem of her skirt as she
guided herself on to his semi-hard prick. It slid inside her easily. Her
velvety pussy felt good wrapped around Bill's shaft. She wasted no time.
She was bouncing up and down before he had a chance to savor the feeling.
She squeezed her large breasts and somehow managed to nod her head down and
suck on her own nipples. This girl was unbelievable!<BR> <BR> She
increased her speed and started moaning louder. Bill put his hands under
Debbie's skirt so he squeeze and fondle he shapely ass. "Oh yes, you dirty
slut. I'm gonna fuck you hard tonight. You're gonna forget all those high
school boys! You'll be begging for my dick in your pussy!"<BR> <BR> Debbie
tilted her head back and moaned out loud, "Fuck yeah, ooooh! Yes, yes,
yes, YESSSS!"<BR> <BR> The cheerleader screamed out load as her orgasm hit.
She slowed to a stop. Thinking quickly Bill rolled the two of them over
onto Debbie's back, his cock still inside her. He held both her arms down
over her head and pinned Debbie underneath him. She wrapped her legs
tightly around his waist. Bill fucked her hard and fast. His cock pumped
in and out of at lightning speed. She screamed loudly the whole time. He
doubted any of the guys she had been with held out this long. <BR> <BR>
"You fucking bitch," Bill growled, "you love getting fucked like this."<BR>
<BR> The girl could only moan and grunt in appreciation. Debbie cummed
again. Her juices were soaking his balls and the sheets beneath them. He
released Debbie's arms and withdrew from her cunt. He told Debbie to get
on her hands and knees and face the front of the bed. She did as told.
<BR> <BR> Her skirt was still on and it covered her rear as she moved on
the bed. Bill kneeled behind her and lifted up her skirt. He ran the tip
of his cock along her slit to tease her a little. He was about to slide
into her when he noticed how good her asshole looked to him. He scooped
some of Debbie's lubricant with his fingers and rubbed it into her crack.
She gasped and turned to look behind her.<BR> <BR> "Just relax and brace
yourself. I promise to be gently and go slow."<BR> <BR> Debbie nodded.
Bill held his cock and pointed it at her hole. He pushed himself in
slowly. Debbie started squealing and buried her face in the bed spread.
Soon his cock was completely inside her ass. Bill marveled at how hot and
tight she was. He slowly moved his hips back and forth, letting the
teenager get used to the feeling of his large dick inside her tight
asshole. He moved a little faster, a little harder, with his balls slapping
up against her. She pushing her hips back when he'd push forward. Debbie
was definitely enjoying this. Bill smiled and slapped her ass cheeks a few
times.<BR> <BR> They kept this up for about a minute or so. Bill was about
to cum. He wanted to shoot is load inside her ass but he wanted his cum on
her heavy breasts even more. He pulled out his cock and told Debbie to lay
on her back beneath him. He straddled her sides and pointed his cock at
her tits. She held and kneaded them in her hands. Bill's cock erupted
with his jizz and soaked her tits and got some on her face. She eagerly
licked the cum off her lips.<BR> <BR> When he had finished the mayor laid
down next to her, totally spent. It was almost 11:00. Debbie got up and
asked to use the shower. Bill said she could if he could watch her.
Debbie smiled and removed her skirt (at last). She grabbed her duffle bag
and headed for the bathroom. Bill took a chair and sat by the bathroom
door. Debbie grabbed some bottles and a bar of soap from inside her bag.
She turned on the water and stepped into the shower stall, leaving the door
open. <BR> <BR> Bill watched her shampoo her hair and wash herself clean
of his cum. He was still naked and played with his prick. He couldn't
possibly get it hard again that night but did it anyway. Once Debbie had
rinsed herself off she offered to clean him up too. Bill eagerly stepped
into the shower.<BR> <BR> When they were done they dried each other off and
got dressed (Debbie had an extra set of clothes with her). Debbie said she
wanted to do this again. Bill asked her if she wanted to do this
regularly, she said yes. He said that she'd have to stop having sex with
other guys and just be with him. At least for a while. He'd find a way to
call her and she'd meet him at the motel. In return Debbie would not only
get fucked like this over and over again, but she would also get "help"
with her grades, get some slack with her teachers, and anything else she
needed. He could even get "gifts" for her. Her eyes lit up. She hugged
and kissed him and told him yes. Bill said Dave would be waiting outside
to drop her off. She said goodnight and headed for the door.<BR> <BR> "And
Debbie," he called after her, "when you come back, bring your uniform." She
smiled and walked to where the car was parked. She swung her hips a little
as she moved.<BR> <BR> Bill thought to himself, "It's good to be the
mayor." <BR> <BR> THE END.<BR> <BR> </HTML>

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