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This is a story about sexual acts between a man, a woman and a chopstick.
This story is copyrighted by me, Shon Richards. Feedback is always
appreciated, yet oddly enough, almost never recieved. Break the cycle by
e-mailing me at

"Chopstick" By Shon Richards

We were wide-awake in bed together. The conversation had kept us awake,
and then the sex had recharged us. A quick run to the kitchen satisfied
the last of our cravings except the need to still be together. It was
after a brief discussion about the erotic value of earlobes that I first
realized that her hair was still in her bun.

"Is that a chopstick in your hair?" I asked, noticing it in the

"Yes," Nina answered. "I couldn't find the other one, but it only took
one to wind my hair up."

"Sit up, I want to try something," asked her.

Nina sat up in the bed, the sheets falling from her breasts. Her bare
back was distracting, but I kept to my original purpose. I pulled the
chopstick out, and watched the long black hair cascade down her shoulders.

"Just as I thought," I said.

"What?" Nina asked, turning her head and looking at me impishly.

"There was a chorus of angels when your hair came free," I said.

There was silence, followed by a laugh that couldn't be restrained any
more. "You can be so lame sometimes," she laughed.

"That's true," I admitted. "But I can also be creative. I wish I had
noticed this chopstick sooner. Chopsticks are one of the most neglected
sex toys there are."

"Impossible," she laughed. "Look at it. It's too slender to get a
woman off. It's thinner than my finger, how can it be a sex toy?"

"I bet I could use it to bring you another climax," I dared.

Nina's laugh was husky and challenging. "After what we just did? You
would lose that bet, lover."

"Then we're on," I said. "Using only a chopstick, I will bring you to

Nina looked at me in the darkness her eyes wide open despite the hour.
"Go for it," she dared.

"Go for it," I scoffed. I rose to one arm, and wielded the chopstick
with my free hand. "One does not 'go for it' with a chopstick."

"How does one use a chopstick?" Nina innocently asked. I didn't buy it,
but I accepted the invitation.

"Very gently," I said. I brought the tip of the chopstick to her lips,
and traced the full contours of her mouth. Her mouth opened and her tongue
flickered out but my chopstick avoided that temptation. Slowly, I kept
circling her lips until she relaxed.

"The chopstick should be an extension of a lover's interest," I
lectured. I dragged the tip of the chopstick down her chin. Nina tilted
her head back and exposed her neck. Happily I dragged the chopstick down
that slender neck, lingering in my favorite kissing places.

"The chopstick also has multiple uses as far as nipples are concerned,"
I said, moving the chopstick directly to her left nipple. Despite her
protests of exhaustion, Nina's nipple was a hard bud of arousal.

"Multiple uses?" Nina asked in a hushed tone. She didn't want me to
hear the desire in her throat.

"Oh yes," I said. I circled her aureole with the chopstick tip. Her
chest was rising and falling but my hand was steady and followed her

"Like what?" Nina finally asked in a gasp.

"Oh, it depends on your likes," I said. "I know you like it soft, but
you also like it hard and sharp."

"Yes," Nina hissed in agreement.

Holding the chopstick over her nipple, I pulled back on the tip as far
as the wood would allow. Nina closed her eyes, not wanting to see it
coming. I counted to three silently and then released the chopstick.

WHACK! The sound was sharp in the quiet night as the chopstick nailed
Nina's nipple. Nina cried out and then bit her lip as her body shook. The
chopstick left a small red stripe that bisected her aureole. I wanted to
suck on the new heat, but I restrained myself.

Instead, I moved the chopstick to her other nipple. I teased her hard
nipple with the tip as Nina moaned slightly. Instead of another sharp
snap, I flicked the chopstick lengthwise over her nipple, like a windshield
wiper. Back and forth I swished the chopstick, flicking her nipple with
quicker and harder swings. Nina's breasts were moving as she squirmed,
only causing more of the sensitive skin to be teased.

I stopped what I was doing and pulled back on the tip again. WHACK!
Nina nearly sat up as the chopstick bit down on her enflamed nipple.
Gently, I poked her full breast with the chopstick and pushed her back down
to the bed. A nervous smile broke on her lips.

"And that's just what it can do for nipples," I said. I dragged the
chopstick over her skin down her belly. My Nina parted her legs for me,
eager for more sensation.

I moved to between her legs, lying down so my arms were draped over her
thighs and my face was by her sex. I took a deep breath of her musk and
knew I shouldn't tease her much longer. It didn't mean I wouldn't.

I grazed the soft hairs of her sex with the chopstick. Lightly,
sensually, I hovered over her sex. Touching only the fine hairs, I let her
know how close she was to sex.

"Please," Nina asked very shortly.

The chopstick tip dropped and touched the middle of her lips. I pushed
slightly until the tip was accepted by her sex. Nina shuddered and her
hips tried to move but my arms on her thighs stopped her. She had to lie
there as the 'too-small' chopstick end penetrated her sex and teased her

Up I dragged the chopstick through her lips, ploughing a tiny grove
through her sex. When I reached the top, I lowered the tip back down
through her lips till I reach the bottom end of her lovely pussy. I
repeated my path, lazily stroking the inside of her sex. Her thighs kept
trying to open and accept more of the chopstick. I couldn't allow that
just yet.

I withdrew the chopstick and Nina sighed in frustration. The end of the
chopstick was slick with her juices. I brought the wet chopstick over her
sex and simply waited. Nina's breathing was loud, oddly getting louder as
I waited. Finally, a single drop of her arousal fell from the chopstick
and landed on her sex.

"Please," Nina whimpered.

"It looks like you believe in the power of the chopstick," I commented.

"Yes," Nina agreed.

I didn't answer her. I just lowered the chopstick to her sex again.
This time I slid the chopstick's length down her lips. Her lips enfolded
the lacquer, and Nina's hips tried to push forward again.

With the top and bottom of the chopstick outside of her sex, I began a
simple sawing motion. Up and down, through the lips of her sex, the
chopstick fucked her in its own special way. I felt the bed shift as Nina
grabbed the headboard desperately. Nina moaned loudly as the chopstick
brought her long awaited pleasure.

"I am so close," Nina hissed.

"But not close enough, are you?" I teased, slowing the chopstick.

"No," Nina agreed with a defeated moan.

"The chopstick has one last trick up its non-existent sleeve," I said.

I withdrew the soaked chopstick from her lips and placed the tip right
on her clit. Nina's hips nearly threw me off with the violence of her
excitement. I pressed down with my arms, trapping her hips so that I could
have a steady canvas. When her clit was still again, I stroked the little
bud of her womanhood.

Nina moaned something incoherent which told me my pace was correct.
Flicking the clit back and forth caused Nina's hips to twitch in the
opposite direction. Circling the clit with the chopstick caused her hips
to swivel lewdly. Moving the chopstick up and down over her clit caused
her to buck her hips in a fucking motion. All of these motions only caused
my own arousal to return and I knew that MY patience was at an end as well.

My fingers ached as I hurried the pace of the chopstick. Back and
forth, around and round and up and down, I overwhelmed Nina with
sensations. Her hips strained as she tried to get more, more of anything
that will help her climax. I tightened my pressure on her thighs, knowing
the lack of movement would send her over.

I was right.

"There, there, there!" Nina stuttered, instructing, requesting and
climaxing at the same time. Her body lifted in a beautiful arch as she
gave herself over to pleasure. I decided to cheat and allow two of my
fingers to slip into her to join her orgasm. Being penetrated fully after
so much teasing gave her another orgasm that clenched at my fingers.

A minute later, as she lay in my arms, she asked me a question.

"Have you ever seen the erotic power of two chopsticks?"

"Why yes, yes I have," I laughed.

"But have you ever experienced it?" Nina asked with mischief in her
eyes. She produced two more chopsticks from her nightstand.

"Payback will be heaven," she smiled.

The end. Let me know what you thought at


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