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cindi's revelation.wps


This is a story about a very special babysitter, she is a beautiful woman
standing 5’4” with fair skin, a lovely smile, she weighs 100 pounds, and
has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Her name is Cindi-Mariah,
and she has a secret. It was a secret hidden so deep inside of her that
she didn’t even know she had it until the fateful day that it finally

Part1..Cindi’s revelation It all started a little while ago when she was
babysitting a set of twins. It was late on a Saturday night and she would
be watching them all weekend. There wasn’t anything different about that
night, Cindi was wearing a pair of Winnie the pooh house shorts and a tee
shirt, she had sat for them before, and so she thought nothing of them
being in their undies that night. The twins were wearing Disney
underpants(one was wearing tigger and the other had on piglet) they had
been playing all night and they were eating captain crunch cereal on the
floor watching TV. Cindi had noticed for the first time that the boys had
began to develop a rather nice physique. They looked rather innocent with
their little hairless chests, their soft curvy thighs being partially
hidden by the elastic of their little Disney underwear, and Cindi had
noticed that some of the chocolate milk had started to run down one of the
twins’ chest, when one of them suggested that they play truth or dare after
seeing Madonna on hbo. At first Cindi was inclined to say no, but after a
bit of persuasion she changed her mind. At first the dares were simple
(put your clothes on backwards and walk around the house ) but then
something happened when one of them suggested that the other put his legs
behind his head. At that moment Cindi looked at his round shapely ass and
then her gaze moved toward his crotch. Cindi couldn’t believe what she
felt. Her heart started racing, she started to feel tingly all over as she
noticed how his little 8yr old cock begin to become erect in his piglet
underwear. Then the game had gotten a little more serious as she was dared
to kiss him. She thought it was cute so she agreed. When he got closer ,
she noticed the scent of his breath. It was sweet, and cool from the
cereal and chocolate milk. The aroma made her feel warm all over, and she
just closed her eyes and started to kiss his cheek; However, the dare was
to kiss her lips and he did so. As her lips touched his she noticed that
she could taste the sweet chocolate on his lips and it started to make her
pussy tingle.

Unconsciously she stuck her tongue in his mouth and began to taste his
sweet, cereal scented mouth. Shocked by her actions, she pulled away and
said for them to go to bed. After a little bit of arguing they reluctantly
agreed. She went with them to their bedroom to tuck them in and they
somehow persuaded her to play a little more. Then the dares became more of
an obvious attempt to get Cindi to go to sleep in the bed with them. Cindi
wasn’t about to get suckered by a couple of 8yr olds. So she walked out
and turned off the lights. Heading to the basement, she realized that she
had some of their underwear in her laundry from last time they were over
and she became curious about how their briefs would look on her. But a
sudden noise upstairs interrupted her. She went up to the boy’s room to
discover they were wrestling. At first she just looked she couldn’t help
herself. The rolling around on the floor and their underwear had ridden up
and his as cheeks were exposed. They were red and appeared to have a small
hand print on them. She finally composed herself and interrupted them.
The boys were fighting because they disagreed on how she would look in a
pair of their underwear. They asked her again to try them on. She looked
into those deep blue eyes of theirs and saw the pure innocent curiosity in
them. She finally agreed. They handed her a pair out of the dresser and
to her surprise it was Winnie the pooh. She said she would be right back
and proceeded to the bathroom to take her shorts off. She looks at them
and tries them on. At first they wouldn’t go on past her thighs, but then
they just slipped right on. They were so tight that they were cutting off
her circulation. She could hear the fabric beginning to stretch itself
over her very shapely ass. She could feel them squeezing her waist, and
pussy so tight that her pussylips were beginning to tingle. The Disney
characters that were so vivid and colorful were now stretched like a
funhouse mirror and appeared faded as they try to adjust themselves to fit
around her sexy teen hips. She bends down to pick up her shorts and she’s
startled by the feel of those tight little boy briefs as they spread her
soft ass and rest themselves in the crack of her ass. She could feel the
seams of them begin to tare a little at the colorful edges. As she stood
up, she noticed that she wasn’t alone. The boys were standing there
staring in awe as their babysitter stood there in a cut off tee and a pair
of their undies. She turned around and noticed that their underwear were a
little tighter in the front, and as they turned around to pretend not to
look she saw the front of them sticking strait out. She was so aroused by
the feel of those pooh undies that the sight of those hard little preteen
cocks was making her wet. She went into their room to look at herself in
the full body mirror (for some reason aside from a bit of giggling, nobody
had spoken a word) she could almost feel the material beginning to come
apart with her every movement. She looked at her ass and noticed that the
material had become almost completely transparent. All of a sudden she had
to sit down. As she sat the twins had sat on her sides, and she noticed
the cereal on their breath. This was making her crazy, and the twins could
tell. She laid down on their bed and pulled one of them close to her with
his back to her., and started grinding into him with her sensitive pussy lips. The other one started rubbing his hard 8yr old cock on her nice
shapely ass, and they started to grind against her ass and her pussy themselves really hard. The feel of that course cotton on her pussy lips
and the feel of that nice soft preteen ass rubbing against her wet pussy was making her feel light headed. She almost passed out from the
sensation. Then one in the front turned around to face her and the scent of
his breath was all she could take. She kissed him pushing her tongue
inside of his warm mouth, and to her surprise he kissed her back the same
way, her whole body was tingling and warm al over , and in that instant her
entire body took on a life of its own as she bucked uncontrollably on the
horny preteens as she growled the words, “OH MY FUCKING GOD I’M CUMMING!!!!
It was then that she realized that she loved the feel of those little boy briefs squeezing her so snugly, and she loved the feeling of those little
boys rubbing on her young teen body, Cindi discovered that she loved
preteen boys and wearing boys briefs………….

X-rated dreams…. Elder Firechild


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