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colored toys




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When I Bring to You Coloured Toys Author: Amaranta Fiore

When I bring you coloured toys, my child, I understand why there is such
a play of colours on clouds, on water, and why flowers are painted in
tints- when I give coloured toys to you, my child.

When I sing to make you dance, I truly know why there is music in
leaves, and why waves send their chorus of voices to the heart of the
listening earth- when I sing to make you dance.

When I bring sweet things to your greedy hands, I know why there is
honey in the cup of the flower, and why fruits are secretly filled with
sweet juice- when I bring sweet things to your greedy hands.

When I kiss your face to make you smile, my darling, I surely understand
what pleasure streams from the sky in morning light, and what delight the
summer breeze brings to my body- when I kiss you to make you smile.

-- Rabindranath Tagore

I thought of this song the day you brought to me a new colored toy.
Already, my birthday had been a wonderful day. When we arrived home from a
lovely evening and you had one more gift for me waiting in a
beautifully-wrapped box on the bed, I was surprised. I was even more
surprised when I opened it to discover a beautiful purple and white dildo a
full 2 inches in diameter. I looked up into your eyes and you blushed.

You leaned forward kissing me very passionately on the lips. You kissed
your way over to nuzzle my ear and then whispered to me... "I thought we
could share this." I gasped in surprise and delight, and you nuzzled my
neck, burying your face against me, embarrassed.

I was astonished, but not that surprised. I love it when you fuck my
bottom, so why shouldn't you want to try it for yourself? "Of course we
can share," I murmured to you and nuzzled you back. You hugged me so tight
to you, that I thought I'd die of love for you. I was excited by the
thought of using the new toy with you. I promptly began to tug your shirt out of your pants, grasping at the buttons. You gathered up my ample
breasts in your hands, rolling the nipples between your fingers, nuzzling
your face into the cleavage. I longed for my breasts to be free of the
clothing I wore. I was desperate to feel your hard, naked maleness
mingling with my soft round femininity.

We broke apart just long enough to strip the clothes from our bodies.
Standing by the side of the bed, I embraced you, melting into a blissful
exploration of your body. My arms firm around your strong broad shoulders,
my hands strayed down your back till I found the firm fullness of your
bottom. It felt so good to grasp it in my hands. You were doing the same
to me, stroking and squeezing the fullness of my hips.

I felt so greedy for you, I wanted more of you. I slid down the length
of your body, coming to rest, sitting on the edge of the bed. I grasped
your cock.. it was hard and thick. I teasingly flicked my tongue along
the head as it peeked out from beneath your foreskin. I began swirling my
tongue, sliding it between the foreskin and the head. You groaned,
entangling your fingers in my hair and nudging me to take all of you. I
teased for a moment more and then buried your cock in my mouth. You let
out a sigh as your pubic hair tickled the tip of my nose. I brought my
lips out to the tip of your cock and buried the whole thing in my mouth
again. Repeatedly thrusting my mouth along the shaft, I caressed your
bottom, kneading the firm flesh.

I grasped your balls with one hand and fondled them for a moment. On an
upstroke, I inserted my index finger into my mouth, wetting it and then
returned my mouth to your waiting cock. Sliding that hand around your
waist, I began to stroke the small pucker of your bottom, gently nudging my
finger into your anus. You thrust into my mouth in response and on the
return thrust, my finger pushed its way in, until I was sliding it in and
out of you in time with the motions of my mouth.

You dragged me up and away from your cock and stooped to kiss me, with
my finger still inside you. Your tongue feverishly danced on my lips. You
pushed me back onto the bed and I lay there, your body pressing full
against me. You wriggled your way down my body, my finger sliding from
within you. I spread my legs, inviting you to devour me. You pressed the
palms of your hands against the backs of my thighs, rolling me back,
exposing me. Your tongue dove into the cleft of my ass. I didn't expect
that! It licked a wide swath from the pucker of my anus to the tip of my
yearning clitoris. I cried out, brimming over with desire. You ravished
my clitoris, until I could take no more and the surrender of orgasm swept
over me.

I lay panting for what seemed like forever, as your tongue lazily
circled my clitoris. Then I felt the cool smoothness of my birthday
present begin to nudge its way into my pussy. Slowly, but fervently you
began to impale me with the new toy. It felt so good, the firm insistence
of the dildo combined with the softness of your tongue. You pushed until I
had taken it all inside me, and I felt it brush my cervix, causing me to
moan. You then pulled it out quickly and just as quickly thrust it in
again. As the pace of your thrusting picked up, so did the movements of
your tongue. I thrust my hips up to meet the tender touch of your tongue
and the firm thrust of the dildo. I begged you to fuck me hard and you
complied, but the touch that sent me over the edge was the way you sucked the whole of my clitoris into your mouth and rubbed it between your tongue
and the roof of your mouth. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. My
hips thrust at you in time with my jagged cries. You didn't stop- my
clitoris and my pussy were completely ravaged and I collapsed, limp,
muttering monosyllabic praise to your skills.

Once I had regained my strength, I tugged at your head, begging you to
come up and kiss me. Your mouth felt so good on mine, warm and wet from my
pussy. We kissed slowly for quite a while as I recovered. I love you, I
wanted you. You lay down beside me and I snuggled into the warm strength
of your embrace, burrowing my face into your shoulder. I lay there for a
few minutes, savoring the feel of you against me.

You began to urge me, with the gentle pressure of your hand on my
shoulder, to descend, to lavish attention on your neglected cock. I eased
my way down and lovingly nestled it into my hand, stroking it, sucking the
head into my mouth. I stopped and smiled at you. I told you to turn over
onto your back and you smiled back at me with love in your eyes.

I grabbed your ass in my hands and massaged the flesh, running my hands
along the curve of your cleft. I continued to rub your back as I reached
over and slid open the drawer of the bedside table and extracted a bottle
of lubricant. You huskily murmured your desire to share my toy, but first
I had to have a taste. I spread the cleft, and my tongue delved between,
fluttering and dancing in circles around your puckered opening.

I dabbed a glob of lubricant onto my finger and gently pressed my way
inside your ass. I worked it around, adding more lubricant as I probed.
When I finally had two fingers buried in you, I told you I thought I was
prepared to share now. You rose to your knees as I prepared my new toy for

I slowly worked that lovely big dildo into your well muscled ass,
stopping my slow probing periodically to nuzzle your leg or to caress your
back. Gently rocking the dildo back and forth, it finally slid all the way
into you. You groaned in excitement at the violation. I slowly slid it in
and out, varying the rhythm.

I moved from sitting to kneeling behind you, one hand on the dildo and
one resting on your hip. I placed the flared, flat end of the dildo
against my belly and began to undulate my body, driving the dildo in and
out of your body. I ran my free hand over you, caressing you until I
finally reached underneath. I grasped your cock in my hand, and the strain
of reaching for it drove the dildo deep inside you. Your cock was
incredibly hard! I moved my body back and forth, fucking you, the movement
of my body simultaneously driving the dildo in and out and stroking your
cock. You groaned and repeated "I love you, I love you, I love you..." I
had been fucking you gently, not wanting to hurt you. But you urged me to
fuck you harder and faster, and when I did, your body tensed and your
breathing quickened, and overcome with the sensation, you were no longer
able to speak.

I felt so savage and dominant at that moment, yet the feel of my
pendulous breasts brushing against your back with each thrust made me feel
very womanly and soft. Your cries were growing more insistent, so I
slowed. I moved around to the side of your body, my hand still slowly
sliding the dildo in and out. I crawled underneath you, my mouth yearning
to suckle your cock. I swallowed as much of you as I could with each
stroke. As I suckled hungrily at you, your moans increased as the tempo of
my sucking mouth and the dildo in my hand synchronized.

After a few moments, you begged me to stop, telling me you wanted to
fuck me. You lay down on your back, the dildo still buried deep inside
you, as I straddled your incredibly hard cock. I rode you with furious
abandon, plunging up and down your length, the fullness of you deep inside
me. I was beyond myself, transported to a place, a feeling, where all I
felt was the urge to fuck myself on your prominent cock. I had to have you
filling me, abusing the muscled folds of my vagina. I ravaged you, until I
couldn't hold back, the muscles gripping you. You thrust deep into me- one
last impaling thrust. A rumbling cry rose from both our throats, as your
essence flowed into me.

My vaginal muscles continued to dance along your length. I shuddered as
my orgasm seemed to go on forever. The more I clenched in pompoir, the
more I continued to come, coaxing several small thrusts from you in
response. Finally, I collapsed into you, my breasts full against your
chest. I nuzzled your neck, kissing my way up to your mouth. You pulled
my head toward you, your tongue and mine intertwining, softly to make me

I guess what they say about in giving, that we receive more in return,
is true. Or, as you like to say, "Do until others as you wish them to do
unto you."


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