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"Come for Me."

Straining against her chains, with the warm, wet mouth of a fellow slave
feeding at her crotch, she did as her master commanded.

"Mm," he grunted non-committally. "Good enough. But easy — too easy."
With a snap of his fingers he dismissed the other slave and looked
appraisingly at the naked form quivering before him. He gave a decisive
nod and turned away, returning with a black braided leather whip that
glistened with oil. He held up its phallus-shaped handle in front of her
face. "Kiss this now, and worship it. It is a god, that will bring you to
ecstasy." As she touched her lips to the head, he thrust it into her mouth.
"Taste," he said. "Feel." He withdrew it, lubricated it with a few thrusts
up her dripping cunt, then moved around behind her.

"Now," he said, parting her buttocks and pushing the black phallus up
her asshole, smiling gently at her moans. Every time she was sure she
could take in no more of its length, something would give way inside her,
like a gate bursting open. "Now," he repeated, and rammed it all the way
in. "Come for me."

As a fire of pain and ecstasy exploded in her belly, she did as her
master commanded.

"Better," he said. "But you must do still better." He slipped the
phallus out of her, leaving both cunt and ass muscles clenching in hunger.
He moved to the wall in front of her, and turned a full-length mirror to
face her. "You are not to close your eyes," he ordered. "I want you to
see, to know when the blacksnake will strike." She trembled with fear and
excitement as he moved behind her, and she heard the long leather whisper
eagerly over the stone floor.

"Now!" he cried, and the whip whistled through the air and snapped
across her ass. "Hear that long snake moan! Feel the snake god rise
inside you! Dance for it, dance with it!" She writhed and howled, seeing
him throw his whole body into the stroke, seeing the blacksnake leap
forward from his hand, glad to give its kiss.

"Come for me!" *Crack!* "Again!" *Crack!* "Again, harder!"

With hot, red welts rising on her back and legs and ass, the tip of the
whip curling around to snap at the front of her, she did as her master

"Very good," he murmured. "You learn quickly. Would you like a

"If my master wishes it," she whispered.

"Would you like your master’s cock?" he teased, peeling off his black
leather pants and letting his erection spring free.

"If my master wishes it," she repeated.

He stood before her, shining with the sweat of his exertions, touching
her only with his gaze. "Then you must do one thing more," he said.

"Come for me."

And with no hand at all, nor mouth, nor whip touching her, but only her
shackles and the tantalizing trickle of her own sweat, staring all the
while at the throbbing cock that would soon reward her, she did as her
master commanded.

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