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confessions of a 14 year old nymphomaniac


this story was written as an author's challenge, to write a "good"
story of a naive 14 year old nymphomaniac. I cheated a little, as my
character isn't really very naive. enjoy it, and then tell me what you


The rest of my stories are at;
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Confessions of a 14 year old Nymphomaniac; by Ace, 2000 [5,300 words]

When I was fourteen I was a nymphomaniac. I suppose you think that
means I was a little idiot bimbo who thought of nothing but sex.

Well, I thought of ALMOST nothing but sex, but it wasn't because I was
an idiot. Had I been an idiot, I wouldn't have gotten away with it for
as long as I did.

Since my tits started growing at twelve, I've had an obsession with
the opposite sex. My girlfriends always said that I was constantly the
one who wanted to talk about boys. They did too, but it was all I had
much interest in.

At fourteen, I lost my cherry to my boyfriend, Aaron.

It wasn't very good, I'm sorry to tell you. We did it in the back of
his dad's car, inside his garage.

I'd wanted too for a while, and I'd decided that he was going to get
it if he ever tried. Well, he finally did, and we pulled down our
trousers after a short petting session and did it.

It was pretty uncomfortable in there, and we were both pretty scared,
of lots of things. He shot his load after a minute, and we got dressed
and went in for dinner.

Even though it was pretty awful, I wanted more. Immediately. I went
home and tried to go to sleep, but I was kept up late fantasizing of
boys and men, holding me, kissing me, sticking their dicks in and
fucking me.

If it was just my clit that needed stimulating, it would have been all
right. A finger or two would have kept me satisfied. But that wasn't
it, it wasn't that simple.

I needed bodily contact, with male bodies. I wanted their hands on me,
their strange smells and their stronger muscles overwhelming my

I hadn't even come, I hadn't had an orgasm in my life. I had heard of
them, of course, but Aaron hadn't got me there.

I wanted to get him alone as soon as possible, and try it again. What
a poor little girl I was, I even thought I loved him.

My older brother, Chris, caught me at lunch in school the next day.

"Not now, Chris! I'm looking for Aaron."

"He's out behind the auditorium telling everyone how he did it with
you last night."

I was devastated.

"Is it true?" asked one of my friends. "You did it? What was it like?
I can't believe you really did it! My God."

By the end of lunch period, the whole school knew. I had only done it
once, with my boyfriend, and I was a slut.

I wanted sex, I was obsessed. But not with Aaron. He was finished for
me. He knew what it was like at our school, no one respected a girl who had put out. Yet he had told everyone, unable to resist bragging.

I tried to concentrate on my work, but it was tough. I felt a
continuous indistinct longing, I wanted to go out and hunt; find a
male and mate.

Saturday came at last, and I took my bicycle for a long ride, hoping
it would make me feel better.

I stopped to rest on a park bench after an hour or so. A man approached me. He smiled.

It took me a moment to realize he was flirting. I had already returned
the smile, and he asked if it would be ok if he sat down.

"It's a public bench." I replied.

He was a good looker. The type who knows it and flaunts it. I can't
remember what he used as a starting line, but soon he had me talking.
He seemed unaware of my age; he seemed to think I was an adult. That
turned me on, and I played the part. I told him I went to the state

"Listen, maybe we could get together for a drink sometime. Can I call
you?" he said.

"Ok, sure." I said, and gave him my cell number.

"Or what about right now?" he asked me, putting his little phone back
in his pocket.

"I am really thirsty." I told him.

We went to a bar. I was amazed that I wasn't carted. I didn't have a
lock with me, and we brought my bike in with us. It was early
afternoon, and there were no other customers. It was dark in there
after the bright sunlight outside.

I was wearing this spandex biking outfit, and I realized that without
any other signals, it was hard to tell my age. I was an early bloomer,
and I was pretty tall and my breasts were quite large. Especially in
that gear.

His name was Julian, and he started to feel me up under the table as I
drank my ginger ale.

I was incredibly excited. I was trying to stay cool, though. Julian
was a tall guy, with dark hair perfectly groomed. He was dressed
expensively but casually, and had on some kind of perfume, which of
course we call cologne when it's on a man.

He was running one hand up and down my thinly clad thigh, and he
clamped my shoulder with the other. I felt my nipples hardening, but I
stuck to the soft drink.

He kept talking, and asking me about myself. I kept the answers as
short as possible, not wanting him to catch on that it was all lies.

The hand on my shoulder moved to my neck, and the fingertips stroked
me there.

Even as we started to kiss, I had no idea that I was going to go all
the way with him. He was at least ten years older than me, I was
thinking this was just a little fun, a tease. He would figure out I
was under age, or I would tell him.

But the fire was lit in me. I loved the feeling of his strong
confident adult hands on my body. I loved his suave looks.

He didn't go for my crotch, although he could have. I was actually
hoping he would. No, he held me by my hip and the back of my neck.

He took me home. His home. He waited for me as I had a shower. He didn
't want me all sweaty as I was.

I came out of the bathroom in his bathrobe to find him still dressed.
He removed the robe from me, and took charge of me as though it was
his right to do so. I loved it.

He laid me out on the bed, and kissed and stroked me everywhere before
embracing me with his whole naked body.

I was overwhelmed by his manliness. He had a lovely penis, and the
feel of it in my hand was driving me nuts.

He spread my willing legs apart, and fitted himself into the space
between them. He pulled my wet pussy lips apart, and slowly pushed his
manhood into my silly little twat.

It was Nirvana. I was where I needed to be, in the arms of a man, his
hairy muscular chest against my breasts, his hands behind my shoulder
blades, as his hard dick violated my deepest secrets.

I was a wild woman, no longer the innocent schoolgirl. I bucked
upwards with my hips, meeting his strokes halfway, I squeezed his
upper body to mine with all my strength.

This was the primal need that I wanted fulfilled. I knew everything
now. This was it, the source of my discontent, my longing.

And then I came.

I don't know what it's like for other people, but I don't think
everyone gets the same effect I do. If they did, we'd all still be
living in the trees, hanging out for our next fuck.

The world as I know it ceased to exist. I was driven to another plane,
to a place of sheer joy. There was only the man ramming into me
somewhere, the rest of reality had slipped away.

Slowly, reluctantly, I returned to planet earth. Julian was stopping
his hammering at my groin, because he was on the edge himself.

He pulled out at the last moment, and shot it all over me.

Aaron had come inside me, and I had never seen come before. I ran my
finger through a glob of it. I was completely spaced out from my first

"What's this white stuff?" I asked stupidly.

Julian looked at me with a strange mixture of shock, confusion, and
alarm on his face. "What do you mean?" he said, even more stupidly.

I realized I had used my "gee whiz" fourteen year old voice, and not
the semi-adult collage girl one I had made up to talk to him with.

"I think I need another shower." I said, after an awkward minute.

It was a strange minute, too. Suddenly there seemed no reason to be
lying around stark naked with a man I didn't know from Adam. I wasn't
sorry about it. A world had been opened for me that Id never known was
waiting for me. But I needed to get out of there.

I needed to talk, I needed it bad. I went to my brother, Chris. I told
him everything.

"Jesus, Caroline, that's pretty intense. He didn't use a condom or

"No. I guess that's why he pulled out at the last second."

"Shit. What was. I mean. did he have a nice one?"

"You mean cock?"


My poor brother was secretly gay. No one knew but me at that time, not
even our parents. It was great for me, it was like having a sister and
a brother in one. I had always told Chris everything, like the first
time I'd been kissed and so on. He loved the way I described boys to

"Well, I guess it was about this long, and this big around."

"Did you. you know."


"Um. taste it."


He was a bit disappointed. He had never tasted one either.

There was no time for more experimentation. It was school finals, and
I had to buckle down. It was the greatest effort I've ever made in my
life, but I more or less did it, and I was confident that I'd made a
decent average. It had been so hard because I just had sex on the
brain. I kept hoping that Julian would phone me, he could pick me up
with his car and drive me to his place, then use his dick drive me to
where I wanted to be.

Chris was my rock, he kept me sane and working.

"Just a few more days, Carrie. You can do it, you're my girl."

He'll make some lucky man an excellent wife some day.

There were several more school days between the final exams and summer
vacation, but no one paid much attention to those anyway.

My mother had a new boyfriend, and was leaving us alone most evenings.
Sometimes the whole weekend. I could blame the next stage of my
ignominy on a complete lack of parental guidance. But even if I'd had
a dozen parents in residence, I'd have found a way.

It was a Friday and mom wouldn't be back until Monday evening;

"Caroline! What are you doing in mom's suit?"

"Trying to look older. What were you doing in her dress last month?"

"Give me a break. One little bit of experimentation and I can never
live it down. Shit, I think it works. You look great."

Chris got into it, and helped me find the right accessories and do my
make up. I donned a pair of mom's tights, and a pair of her shoes with
mild heels. You have to learn to walk before you can run, and that
goes double with heels.

I had a pair of glasses from a costume shop. They were clever ones,
non prescription, but with convex lenses so you couldn't tell. They
made me look a little geekish, but much less recognizable.

"Do you really think you can pull this off?" Chris asked me.

"God, Chris, I don't know what else to do. I'm not going back to
school boys, I can tell you that."

"I wish I had your guts, Carrie."

"I have to go, Chris. Will you drive me to the Lincoln mall?"

It was six PM, and I sat at the food court in the mall, nursing a
salad [very adult].

A couple of guys were eyeing me, but I didn't respond. I was nervous
as hell, and very excited. I knew that the chances were better than
even that I would get what I needed this evening.

I choose a good looking fellow in a suit. Something about suits makes
me feel safe.

He was waiting for his order and I caught his eye. I gave him a little
smile, not too much. I had to keep in character. I was a 22 year old married woman looking to fool around.

"May I join you?" smile.

"Of course." Smile back.

Like before, I kept my side of the conversation minimal. Basically, I
was playing the persona of my mother. I knew her well enough to be
likely to pull it off.

His name was Jake, he was a salesman, he was here to sell to a couple
of the stores in the mall. Blah blah who cares.

He asked me if I'd join him for a drink. We went to the nearby bar and
I had orange juice. I told him I don't smoke or take alcohol.

"Really? What do you do then?" he asked with a twinkle in his eye.

"Well, I'm not all virtue. I'm in town staying at my mother's place
for a few days, but she had a date tonight so I'm alone."

The lie closest to the truth is the best.

"Why don't we have dinner?" he suggested.

I didn't want to wait anymore. I certainly didn't want to sit through
a whole dinner and listen to this guy's rap. I wanted sex.

I leaned close to him and put one hand over his. "Why don't we go to
my place?"

Our house is a couple of miles outside town, in a fairly rural area.
The place couldn't be seen from the road, so it was reasonably safe to
let him take me home. Of course, there was always the remote
possibility that mom would come home unexpectedly, but I felt safer on
my own territory. And Chris would be lurking around somewhere, just
for good measure.

It was wonderfully wicked to take him to my own room. I told him that
my mother had kept it as I'd left it five years before. Luckily he
never noticed that some of my posters were of more recent celebrities.

We stripped off and jumped in bed. I was like a starving person
finding food, I needed it so bad.

We grappled and kissed, and I drank in the feel of his big powerful
naked body against me. His cock and balls were the objects of my
greatest desire, I had to keep toying with them throughout our
somewhat short foreplay period.

He went down on me, the first time a tongue had touched me there. It
was great, but not what I needed.

He repositioned himself, to give it to me like I wanted; missionary
position, on top of me, covering me, holding me so I couldn't get away
even if I'd wanted to.

His cock slid into me like a man's cock should; easily and with style.

Once more, I experienced that feeling that I was in the state that I
needed to be in; coupled with a man, his potent dick sliding in and
out, and his strong male musculature dominating me as he took his

It was still full daylight, and close up like this, in the sunlight
coming through my bedroom window, I saw his face well for the first
time. He was older than I had realized, perhaps thirty. That seemed
really depraved to me, he would have been fucking by the time I was
born. That, and the fact that I didn't even know his age, or anything
about him. He was a complete stranger, in fact.

I came at that thought, once more experiencing those indescribable

He was good; he kept fucking me as I dissolved into a quivering wreck
below him. I almost surfaced, and then I came again. And again.

I felt a strange tickling as he finally shot his load into me. We lay
there silently in the gathering darkness as his cock slowly shrank
inside of me.

I should have been satisfied. But had there been more available, I'd
have had it. I felt great, don't get me wrong. I felt a certain bliss
that I'd only had once before.

"I need to eat." He said after a while.

We showered and I made him something to eat. I really enjoyed that,
serving him food. It made me feel like I was whom I was pretending to

He was a bit freaked when Chris came in, but I told him Chris was my
kid brother, and he was cool.

I kissed Chris goodnight, and took Jake back to bed. This time, I took
his dick in my mouth, a first for me. It was so wonderful and sexy! I
love the way that feels, the consistency of a penis on the palette. I
know that it's supposed to be an acquired skill, cocksucking. I don't
know how I would have rated, my first time at it. But I can say that I
really enjoyed doing it, and I did it to him for quite a while. He got
us into a sixty-nine, until I had to have him in my cunt again, and he
did it to me good before we slept.

I wanted him to fuck me again in the morning, but he wanted to get
going. He said he had appointments.

"I'm really flattered, Caroline, but I'm only mortal. Three times in
twelve hours is about all I can do." He told me.

"Ah. Three? I only count two." I chided him.

"Three. Before dinner, after dinner, and then you woke me up with that
blow job around four AM."

"Oh. Right."

I thought I had done it in my sleep at first. But then I saw Chris's
wistful expression as my lover drove off.

"Chris! Did you."

Chris has shoulder length blond hair like me.

He blushed and grinned.

"My God, Chris! What if he had realized it was you?"

"I didn't mean to. I mean, I didn't plan it. I looked in to check on
you, and he was there naked. I just had to touch it, and then, well,
he woke up. He thought I was you, I realized, and. well. I just did

Things got better, or worse, after that, depending on your point of
view. On the weekend I got laid five times by three different men. Two
called me during the week, and I met them at hotels. I was completely
hooked. I knew that I was suffering from an obsessive-compulsive
disorder, but I didn't care.

Chris had to drive me each time, and was getting both pissed off at
it, and worried about me. The only way I kept him working for me was
by giving him graphic descriptions of the men's equipment, and what I
had done to them. Particularly orally.

Finally. I got him to dress up in drag, and I introduced him as my
sister. He loved giving my lovers blow jobs, but of course was getting
more and more frustrated because he had to take care of himself

One guy grabbed at Chris's false tits, and found us out. We got out of
there without further trouble, but we decided to end that game. We
were lucky that the guy didn't freak out and get violent.

I did it with the guys at a fire station. Everyone who was on duty
that day, I think. One after another. I suppose that sounds
disgusting, and perhaps it is. But it sure felt good at the time.

I didn't plan it that way; I was just walking around in one of my mom'
s nice dresses, flirting with any guys I came across. I had a hot date
for later in the day, anyway.

It was a bright, sunny afternoon. The crew were sitting on chairs
outside the firehouse, taking some sun. What a bunch of Macho hunks! I
had to stop to talk with them the moment one of them gave me an excuse
["beautiful day, ain't it, ma'am?"].

I talked with them all flirtatiously for a while. There were five men on duty, three of which I was ready to fall on my back for. There was
also an old guy and a Negro. I'm no racist, but I was never turned on
by colored men. They scare me.

Someone asked me if I'd like to see the station. The way my nipples
were showing and the way I felt so flushed, there was no doubt what he
really wanted to show me. The other guys were each a little pissed off
that it hadn't been them asking me first, I thought.

Eric was the smooth confident type. The type that I went for. They
were always the ones who seemed to know how to get me to go with them.

He was in his mid-twenties I guess, tall, lean, and handsome. I was
going all wobbly kneed as he led me upstairs.

There were two bedrooms, each with four single beds [of course there
were other rooms for eating, cooking and so on, but who cares?].

We went into one and he closed the door. I sat on a bed, feeling that
now familiar excitement as my latest conquest approached me.

Despite the way I had come up here with him after a half hour flirting
session, like the complete slut that I have to admit that I'd become,
he treated me very kindly. He sat with me and touched me gently on my
shoulders and neck before beginning to kiss me gently.

Even in those, my most depraved days, I enjoyed foreplay. Not as much
as I enjoyed what follows, but I'd already discovered that it makes it
better to get pre-wound.

I sucked his cock for a little bit. I really love having a cock in my
mouth, it's such a turn on. Then he put on a condom and screwed me
fairly well, I think I came twice.

The nice thing about condoms is that it's much less messy. Only my own
fluids are left in me.

He kissed me, and stood to clean himself up and dress.

"Hey, lover! What's the rush?" I asked him. I like to have a nice
cuddle afterwards, and maybe try to get them up again after a while.

"Sorry, sweetheart, but I'm on duty. What if there's a fire?"

"I'm sure the others would be willing." I said.

I meant to answer any alarms. I don't know what he took my meaning to
be, maybe he was being dishonest pretending to think I meant willing
to screw me. Maybe he really thought that's what I'd meant.

"I'm sure you're right about that! I'll send someone in. don't you
move now."

And he went out. And within one long nervous, naked, excited minute,
another one of the guys entered.

This is really embarrassing, but I hadn't caught this one's name. He
sure was a cutie though.

He might have been as old as thirty. He had short, neat, blond hair,
and a mustache. Even his pubic hair was blond, I find that so

He kissed me and finger fucked me, and then went down on me. He was
very gentle. He screwed me for a good while. By the time he was
through with me, I was so high, you could have stuck me with needles,
and I wouldn't have noticed.

I was in a nearly euphoric state, and I was only partly aware of him
going out, and the old guy coming in.

I didn't really want to make it with him, he must have been at least
fifty. But I didn't want to insult him or ruin this wonderful thing I
had going.

He sat on the edge of the hard little bed, and looked down at me. I
had a blanket up over my hips, but other than that, I was naked.

He was so sweet. He ran his fingers through my hair and looked really

"Is this what you want to do, darling?" he asked me quietly.

"Yes. If you do." I answered him, thinking he wouldn't, and he would
send in the guy who I really wanted to fuck me, Billy.

"How old are you?" he asked me, his eyebrows furrowing together.

"Twenty." I lied, like a pro.

He ran one finger across my face, down to my chin. He put his thumb in
my mouth, and I sucked it without thinking about it. He leaned down to
kiss me, and I knew that it was going to go all the way. I decided
that it was ok.

These fire-fighting men are required to stay in good physical
condition, and Henry was as strong as an old oak tree. Even his pubes
were white, though.

I sucked his old cock, and I realized that I was as turned on as
usual. Why shouldn't I be? He was as fit as the young men, and his
cock was just as proud and erect.

I somehow felt it was more special with him. I bet the other guys were
doing half the women in town, but with Harry, I had the feeling that
this was extraordinary for him. He lasted a good long time, too.

"That was really something for me, honey." He told me when he was
done, as we cuddled together with my head on his shoulder.

"For me too." I told him, feeling truthful.

"You know there are two more men outside who would like to do what I'
ve just done." He said gently.

"I know." I didn't want to disappoint him. I knew he wanted me to stop
now. But I had to have those other guys. Well, I wasn't sure about the
Negro, Simon.

"Do you want them?" he asked, neutrally.

"Yes." I said.

I was scared by all this, it was much farther than I'd gone before.
But at the same time, I'd never felt so good. I wanted to see how far
I could push the envelope.

Simon was young, much younger than I had realized. He wasn't as
confident as the others, he reminded me more of Aaron.

I sat on his lap and kissed him. I felt conflicted about kissing a
black man, it seemed somehow dirty to me. But then the very feeling of
decadence started to turn me on, as it was starting to look as though
most things known to man would.

His penis was big and hard, the way a penis should be. It was horribly
black, though. I was attracted and repelled simultaneously. And his
balls, also so black. They felt the same as white man's balls, but
looked so different. I became fascinated.

I started to suck his black dick, and he came in my mouth.

That hadn't happened to me before, I had always been so impatient to
get fucked, that perhaps I'd never sucked a guy for long enough. I was
grossed out, but somehow relieved that he wouldn't fuck me now. I wasn
't sure if I wanted to let a black man all over me and in me, holding
my body down with his, our legs intertwined.

There was a sink, and I spat his come out, rinsed my mouth, and washed
it down the drain. He looked a little sorry.

"That was.. Really great. Thanks." He mumbled, and he started to
dress, looking embarrassed. Somehow, I would have never imagined a guy
like that being so vulnerable.

"Wait." I said.

I was afraid I had hurt him somehow, spitting his come down the sink.
I didn't want him to think it was a race thing.

"Come give me a kiss." I said. He sat next to me on the little bed and
kissed me. He had really strong shoulders, I noticed as I ran my hands
over them. My hand went to his crotch, and I was surprised to find his
penis stiffening again.

One thing led to another, and soon I was on my back, and his big black
dick was doing its thing to me.

He was very strong, he had the best build of the firemen. Yet he was
incredibly gentle, somehow. Even while his potent black dick pounded
me, he held my head so tenderly between his hands, and he held nearly
all his weight on his elbows and knees. It seemed so chivalrous.

He didn't have the slick perfect grooming of Eric, nor the movie star
face of Billy. Yet as the shock of finding myself having sex with a
Negro subsided, I noticed that he had the loveliest, kindest eyes.

Once the orgasms started, they didn't stop for a while. Simon just
kept going, and I kept coming. I submerged once more into that strange
place that I inhabited when I was high on sex. The only earthly things
remaining in my consciousness was Simon's sweet smile, his wonderful
firm muscles, and the incessant percussion at my groin that was
keeping me aloft.

I don't know how long he kept me there, but I've longed for him ever
since. However, he's told me that he has a girl, and I know that I'm
just white trash to him, a slut better to stay clear of. If only we'd
met under better circumstances.

When he finally left me, Billy came in and screwed me, but it was
nothing special.

I couldn't wait to tell Chris about it. But when I did, his reaction
wasn't at all what I'd expected.

"Caroline. this is dangerous."

"Oh come on, Chris! Firemen are very safety conscious. They all wore

"It's not just that. Caroline, this isn't normal."

"Hah! You should talk."

"Ok, I'm not mainstream, either. A century ago, I would've been sent
for treatment to "cure" me. We now know that five or ten percent of
the population is gay. But you, Carrie. you're obsessed with sex. You
don't talk about anything else. Do you think of anything else?"

"If I stub my toe, then I'll think of that instead for a few minutes."

"Carrie, I want to get you some professional help. We have to get you
through this before school starts. Or before you or both of us get in
some real trouble."

Damn Chris. He's such a sensible guy. I was happy before that, and I
haven't truly been so since. But I knew he was right. You see, I may
be a nympho, but I'm not an idiot.

I was displaying the core components of addiction; mood modifying
effects, build up of tolerance, total preoccupation with the activity,
loss of control, neglect of everything else in my life.

I've been mostly keeping the numbers reasonable since I started
working with doctor Lewis. I've had a couple of binges, but mostly I'
ve limited myself to one or two boys not much older than myself. I'm
thinking though, that after I graduate, perhaps it would be ok to
visit that firehouse just once again.

Ace 2000

Note; despite my character, "Chris", accepting the popular line, there
is no current scientific evidence that five or ten percent of the
population is gay. It is of course, extremely hard to study, but the
best estimates are somewhat less than one percent, and fairly
homogeneous throughout the population.

I do love to hear from readers; it's all I get for my efforts.

The rest of my stories are at;
and; [in plain text]


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