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This is a Romance Flash, written for the 2002 ASSTR Summer
Solstice Romance Festival.

(c)2002 by Sara H. All rights reserved.

This story is for adults only.
---- ---- ---- ----


by Sara H

Categories: FF, Rom, no sex

---- ---- ---- ----
Dear and Mysterious Martha,

You asked a question I don't know how to answer. Not in
words, at least. My mind is whirling with pictures that
come to me every time I close my eyes.

I see a girl, her eyes full of wonder and light as the
true beauty of a sunset hits her for the first time. I see
a shaded two-lane highway that always leads back to your

I am standing on a cliff, with words telling me that I can
walk on air if I only believe.

If I close my eyes a second time, and let myself drift
away, I see your lips, your face so close that it's blurred
as if covered in soft gauze. The taste of you, the feeling
as you taste me... it's still with me, even after the weeks
since I fell into your arms.

I've told myself that I was just lonely. But I was lying.
There's more to it than that, and it's coming more and more
plain to me with each passing day.

Peter still doesn't know, and doesn't suspect. That's
Peter's sweetness and also his weakness -- his cross to
bear. He trusts, but his trust has no heat, no passion. And
for me, it couldn't.

Once I was dead too, lost in that emotionless desert. I
really thought, as trite as it sounds, that passion and
love of the kind I feel for you was what writers made up so
we could somehow hope for more than our everyday lives.

Somehow, you've freed me.

My soul basks in your gaze, my spirit soars to your touch,
to the sound and smell and taste of you. Every word is new
life, every thought a precious treasure. Laughter and tears
with you are -- again, words fail me.

Take me. Make love to me. Use me. Let me use you. Feel it
as my tongue explores every inch of trembling flesh,
finding its way over nipples and belly and neck, ears,
thighs, and to your most treasured place... where all the
motion comes together in heat and lust and mixes with love
and takes us both to new vistas of pleasure and unity.

Can you feel as you read this how my heart pounds in
longing for you?

I want to feel your skin against mine in the heat of
unbridled passion, your screams piercing the night as mine
echo, building between as this love, unasked for, consumes
us and melds us together. I want you inside me, as I die
inside you and we are reborn.

God, I can taste you on my tongue, even now.

Martha, I know don't if this makes sense to you,
especially after I've avoided you ever since that first
night we shared. But I had to know. I had to know that I
was yours beyond a moment of impulsive curiosity.

All I can tell you is that I am. Yours. If you still want

Love always,

---- ---- ---- ----

I hope you enjoyed this little flash... please feel free
to contact me at:


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