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preg., control, cuckold

family CONTROLLED by B.P.

My family is one of opposites my father has had to struggle for every
thing and his brother( Uncle Jim ) has a midis touch which he passed to his
son Jack. Uncle Jim was so wrapped up in business he didn't pay much
attention to the rest of the family except that he did provide jobs for us.
My father and mother wound up working for him as did my wife and I.

My cousin Jack is very domineering, something he learned from his father and had taken to new heights. He is ten years older than me and has taken
over running Uncle Jim's business (Uncle Jim retired ).

Jack's hobby is sex. He loves to see pregnant women. I didn't realize
just how involved my family is in his hobby until I got sucked in. This
story is about our involvement.

When I was in high school I thought it was strange that mom started
having babies again. I was fifteen when she got pregnant. I didn't give a
lot of thought to the fact that Jack suddenly became a regular visitor and
that mom often went with him while dad stayed home.

Dad never said anything to me about it but I could tell he wasn't happy
about it. It seemed that it was something he accepted like paying taxes.

I was usually asleep by the time mom got home so I didn't give it much
thought. As I started dating I began to to put the pieces together. It
dawned on me that Jack was fucking mom!

My suspicions were confirmed one night when I had just gotten home from
a date. I had just been in the house for a few minutes and walked out of
my bathroom to come face to face with mom. She had just closed the back
door and was nude with her clothes in her hand. Her nipples were dark red and wet looking like they had just been sucked and her crotch was covered
with sperm and pussy juice. mom blushed when she saw me. We stood looking
at each other when I said " You were out with Jack again." It wasn't a
question and mom softly said "yes".

I knew that she had just started going out after delivering her last
baby. I had overheard parts of a discussion between mom and dad about
babies and him saying isn't this enough and mom saying I'll talk to him.

I couldn't help staring at her pussy ( this was the first time I had
seen her nude ) as I asked Are you going to have another baby? mom looked
me straight in the eyes as she said yes but this will probably be the last
as I getting to old to have babies. She was starting to get a little
fidgety as she said your father is waiting for me I promise I'll talk to
you tomorrow. I stepped aside and she kissed me on the cheek as she went
to dad.

I suppose I should have been shocked and embarrassed at seeing my mother like that but my cock didn't have any conscience and was sticking up hard
as rock. I went to bed and listened to the sounds coming from my parents bed room. Instead of dad being mad and making a fuss I heard the sounds of

I found myself drawn into the hall so I could hear better. I heard mom giving dad a detailed description of Jack fucking her and she finished with
her tale by saying " Harold he got me again ". At that I heard dad grunt
then he said are you sure. mom said yes it was just like the other times.

When I heard that my cock exploded in my hand. I slipped back in bed
and tried to sleep.

Since it was summer break from school I stayed in bed until after dad
left for work. mom was in the living room nursing the two youngest babies
when I came in. She smiled at me and cheerfully said good morning as if
nothing had happened. She told me to get some breakfast and then she would
be in to talk with me.

Usually mom wore a house coat or robe but she came in wearing only her
panties. She said I hope you don't think bad of your father and I. Its a
long story and judging from your reaction last night you are a lot like
your father.

I stuttered a bit as I assured her that I still loved them. Then mom smiled as she said I know you were listening to us and I saw the spot on
the hall carpet. We talked for hours as she told me about her seduction
and how dad got trapped into going along with Jack.

mom noticed I was getting turned on by all of this and she looked
straight at me as she said I don't believe in incest but Jack has made me
such a slut I don't mind if you listen or even watch me but the rest you'll
have to work out on your own. I did try to keep this affair from you until
you were old enough to understand. Jack loves to embarrass me. He planned
last night. We were in the back yard waiting for you to get home. In fact
he just filled me with sperm when you turned on the bathroom light and he
waited to send me in until he knew you would see me.

By now my cock had made a huge wet spot in my shorts and I wasn't sure
what to do. mom gave me a tender look of concern as she suggested that we
could go in my room and I could look at her nude as I stroked my cock. I
didn't say anything but she saw the look in my eyes and took my hand
leading me to my room. She closed the door and took off her panties showing herself to me as I stroked my ready to explode cock. mom tossed me
a towel as I came. She kissed me and asked if I enjoyed that.

When I asked if she would do that again she told me she would see and
that I should get a girl friend of my own but I should be very careful
about getting her pregnant or catching anything.

After that I frequently saw mom come in from one of her "dates" and
would often listen to her and dad having sloppy seconds. I tried to get my
steady girl friend Cathy in bed but she would only let me play with her
boobs. She said I would have to wait until we got married. Surprisingly
after we were engaged she did agree to suck me off.

We waited to get married until we both had finished jr. college. After
graduation Jack offered us jobs. Forgetting about Jack's desire to control
people and his insatiable appetite for sex we accepted the jobs.

It didn't take Jack long to seduce Cathy. I saw it coming and like my
father I did nothing to stop them. I guess in a way I wanted it to happen,
I wanted my wife to be like my mother.

The first time Jack had Cathy it was at work. At quitting time I went
to her office and the other girls told me she had been called to Jack's
office. I knew by the way they told me that they knew about Jack and why
Cathy was in his office. I got the same feeling I had gotten when mom came
home from one of her "dates" with Jack. I knew when I got to his office
she would have a pussy full of his sperm. My only salvation was she was on
the pill.

Jack's secretary smiled at me and said go right in he's expecting you.
As I walked past her I wondered if Jack had his cock in her too. I opened
the door to find Cathy just getting up from the couch. Her nipples were
red and her pussy hair was coated with their sex juices.

Cathy gave me a sheepish look as she said you warned me but he still got
his way. I went to her and hugged and kissed her. Telling her it was ok
and for her not to worry. I had noticed the taste of sperm on her lips and
wondered if he had tried her ass too. As I helped her get dressed she told
me Jack was taking a shower as he had meeting to go to.

We were just about to leave when Jack came out tucking his shirt in his
pants. He said She's almost as good as your mother. I hope she makes
babies as good. Speaking of which do you have anything planned for
tonight. I looked at Cathy and answered "no". Jack grinned and said that's
good because your mother and I are going out to dinner then I thought we
would come and visit you.

I didn't say anything as we left as I felt we didn't have a choice.
What I really wanted to do is something I had wanted to do to mom and I had
seen dad do. That was suck Jack's sperm out of her pussy and then fuck

Cathy was quite on the way home but she did cuddle up to me. As soon as
we got in the house I took her in my arms and kissed her with my tongue
searching for more of Jack's sperm. When we broke our kiss Cathy softly
said I swallowed it but my panties are soaked and I sure there is still a
lot in my pussy he came three times in me.

Without a word I helped her out of her clothes leaving her panties on as
we headed to the bedroom. I laid her on our bed and asked her to tell me
all about it then I dove for her swampy pussy licking her wet panties then
tugging them down her sexy legs with my teeth. Now that I had full access
to her pussy I used my tongue to scoop out Jack's sperm. At first Cathy
was a bit hesitant but my pussy licking inspired her.

After giving her a strong orgasm she told me that Jack told her he
wanted her to stop taking the pill, my cock exploded. I ate her to another
climax before I asked her what her answer was. She said I told him I would
have to talk to you first.

Cathy noticed that I came in my pants when I stood up to remove them.
She said judging by your pants I'd be pregnant now. I giggled sheepishly
as I looked at my still hard cock. She held out her arms to me and as I
lowered myself in to her she said I'm not your mother but I guess I'm close

I kissed her wildly about the face then as I cradled her head in my
hands I told her that I really love her for herself and not that she
reminds me of mom. I was slowly stroking my cock in her as we talked. I
said that because of mom I had been programmed to let Jack take control of
her the same way he took control of mom and that my sexual fantasies
revolve around someone fucking my wife and even knocking her up.

Cathy asked if I wanted to give her a baby. By then I was getting close
to coming so I didn't answer. As I laid on Cathy catching my breath I
thought about my answer. I asked do you want me to? She kissed me and
said If he lets us. I replied me too.

We hopped in the shower and Cathy slipped on a sexy negligee before
fixing us some dinner. During dinner Cathy said Jack told me about your
mother and that I was going to be taking her place. When I asked how many
others he had in his harem Jack laughed and said I would get to meet them
in time.

We had just started to speculate why Jack was bringing mom over when we
heard a car pull in the driveway. I started to go and greet them but I
remembered to first time I had seen mom after a date and decided to wait
and see what Jack had planned.

They fooled me and came right in. mom was blushing so I knew something
was up. Jack gave her a nudge and said tell them. She blushed more as she
said Jack brought me here tonight because I'm fertile and he wanted to show
Cathy how he makes babies in HIS women.

I piped up with I thought you said you were finished making babies? mom looked at the floor and said I did but Jack sent me to the doctor and had
me checked out and the doc said I was all right for another.

Does dad know? mom shook her head no then she said he thinks I'm on the
pill but Jack never let me. I've been using a diaphragm until now. With
that mom spread her legs and lifted her skirt as she fished around in her
pussy and pulled out her diaphragm handing it to me.

Jack said when you take her home you are to hand that to your father and
tell him another is on the way. Judging from how wet the diaphragm was I
knew mom was turned on.

Jack told mom to strip. mom still looked damn sexy even after making
all of those babies for Jack. Looking at mom and thinking about what was
going to happen was making my cock tent out the towel I had wrapped around

As soon as mom was nude Jack had her undress him. I saw one reason
women like him, his cock soft was as big as mine hard. Jack put his hand
on her shoulder and guided her mouth to his cock. mom sucked it in until
her mouth was against his pubic hair as it got harder she had to back off
but it was still amazing how much she was able to get in.

Jack was enjoying himself as he fucked mom's face. He said tonight we
are going to show your son just how much of a slut you are. I'm going to
make you beg me to fuck you and give you another baby. You are going to
tell Cathy how I have thought you to humiliate your wimp of a husband.

It was clear that this was really getting mom hot. She raised her ass
up and was waving it at us so we could see the juices starting to drip from
her pussy. mom took his cock out of her mouth and Jack told her to worship
his balls the balls that are going to put another baby in her belly.

I looked at Cathy and she was rubbing her pussy and licking her lips. I
moved behind her cupping her boobs and pressing my cock in the crack of her
ass. She tilted her head and moaned in my ear then she said when he
finishes with mom it's my turn. Cathy never took her eyes off Jack.

Jack's cock was now hard as a rock and a good nine or ten inches long.
He made her tell us how much she loved his cock and made her beg for him to
knock her up to humiliate Harold one more time.

As she was doing this I kept getting flashbacks to the first night I saw
mom. Finally Jack pulled her to her feet and took her in our bedroom and
laid her on my bed stuffing my pillow under her ass.

Cathy and I were right there neither one of us wanting to miss anything.
By now we were totally nude and Cathy was using her ass to work on my cock.
As Jack's large cock sank into mom's pussy mom went wild begging him to
fuck her, to give her another baby. mom went on to say OH GOD I LOVE YOUR
COCK. I can feel it hitting my baby maker getting it ready. Your cock is
the ONLY one for my pussy.

`Cathy moved over to kneel at the edge of the bed to get a better view.
I knelt behind her with my cock poking her pussy. When I shoved it in she
didn't say anything but after a few strokes she made me take it out telling
me that was for Jack only but I could use her ass. Happily I slid my cock
up her ass and fucked her in time with Jack. I tried to time my come with
his but I wasn't even close.

Jack fucked mom to several climaxes before he shot his sperm deep in her
waiting belly. mom responded with a big climax of her own then the two of
them laid there as mom kissed Jack and told him how wonderful he was and
how much she was going to miss having her belly full of his babies.

I pulled my limp cock out of Cathy's ass and she got up and went in the
bathroom returning a few minutes later with all of her birth control pills
throwing them in the garbage. She then walked over to Jack and stood with
her legs spread and her pussy pushed toward Jack as she said It's yours to
use as much as you want. From now on your sperm is the only sperm I want
to make babies in me. She looked at me and said if you are good I will
continue to give you blow jobs.

mom whispered something to Jack then kissed him saying thank you. mom looked to me and said I know you have wanted to suck my pussy here's your
chance. I started to get between her legs but mom told me to turn around
so she could play with me. She guided me to a 69 as I fastened my mouth to
her swampy pussy. mom had no problem with my little cock and sucked it
into her throat.

I was in heaven and had no idea of what was going on around me until I
felt something slippery being rubbed into my ass hole as mom held onto me.
I knew it was useless to fight it as I instinctively knew what was coming.
I felt the bed shake then I felt Jack's cock pushing into my ass. It hurt some so I tried to pull away but mom's mouth was in the way and she just
sucked harder taking my mind off what was happening to my ass. It felt
like he was shoving a telephone up me but soon the pain eased and he began
fucking my ass.

It hit me that I had not only given him my wife and mother but now my
body belonged to him as another sex toy! My father had set good example of
a submissive and I was following in his foot steps.

Jack shot my ass full of sperm then mom and I climaxed. Finally Jack
pulled out of my ass and let me go to the bathroom. My ass felt like you
could have driven a truck in there as I sat on the toilet letting Jack's
sperm drip out.

When I returned Cathy and Jack were nursing on mom's nipples. She was
lovingly stroking her fingers through their hair as she said I will miss
this too. I could see that Jack had trained mom well and was proud that he
wanted my wife and was going to train her like mom.

Cathy and I watched Jack fuck mom again then he told me to take mom home. He handed me a bag with mom's clothes and said she won't need those.
Forcing mom to go home nude. Luckily it was late and there wasn't much
traffic. As we were driving mom reached out for my hand and guided it to
her pussy. I could feel the puddle of sperm growing on the seat as it
leaked out of her. She held my hand there the rest of the way to her

As I pulled in the driveway mom said wait in the hall until he comes its
his only pleasure. I kissed her and licked my fingers.

I stood in the hall just out side mom's bedroom and listened as in the
past as she told dad ALL about her "date" and that Cathy was now under
Jack's control as well. Then I hear her tell dad that he couldn't fuck
her. She told him that Jack was breeding her again and didn't want any
other sperm to get in the way.

mom then called me in. Dad looked up at me and said I'm sorry son but
it was bound to happen you might as well go along.

When mom told him I had been sucking her pussy dad said that's ok I'm
used to sharing her.

Things kind of settled down to a routine after that until we got a call
from Cindy, Cathy's sister begging us to let her come and stay with us.
She said her father threw her out of the house.

I said yes and asked her if she need help getting her things. Cathy had
gone off for the weekend with Jack so I had plenty of time.

Cindy's mom was glad to see me and she took me aside and told me that
Cindy's dad caught her in bed with a boy friend for the second time so he
told her to leave. She said she was glad I was letting her stay with us as
she didn't want her baby to get hurt. I promised to look after her and
went to load Cindy's stuff in my pickup.

It was a hot day and we quickly worked up a sweat. We had the truck
loaded and were heading to my house when I looked over at Cindy her tee
shirt was soaking wet showing off her braless boobs and the a/c was blowing
right on her making her nipples stand at attention. I said is it too cold
for you. Nervously Cindy looked at her nipples then she smiled at me
saying no it's fine. I kept stealing peeks at her boobs but nothing more
was said.

By the time we got everything in the house we were dripping wet so I
suggested going for a swim in the pool. Cindy looked out at the pool and
seeing the tall fence around it peeled her tee shirt off saying there
you've been trying to get a good look at them enjoy. I was embarrassed but
followed her out to the pool where she stopped and peeled her shorts off
and dove in.

I jumped in with my shorts still on hoping they would hide my hard - on.
I came up for air and didn't see Cindy then I felt my shorts being yanked
off. She came up laughing as she tossed my shorts out of the pool saying
there that evens things a bit.

I said now I know why your father kicked you out. You were too hot for
him to handle. Cindy laughed and said how about you? I swam over to her
and said we need to talk. Things around here are not what you are used to.
When I'm finished explaining you my want to leave.

Cindy giggled and said Cathy had told me all about her and Jack that's
what gave me the idea to move in with you. She liked the idea also because
she felt guilty about leaving you alone so much. I was getting tired of my
boy friend anyway so when dad threw his fit I figured it was time to move
in here.

I knew this sounded too good to be true so I asked ok what's the catch?
Cindy gave me a devilish grin and said you are going to be my sex toy!

I was speechless. Here I was nude in my pool with my wife's very sexy
sister and she was telling me that I was her new sex toy.

She looked me straight in the eyes and said there is one thing I'm not
and that's a tease what you see is what you get.

I was very confused. Cindy sensed my confusion and asked if I had the
phone number where Cathy was. I got out of the pool and dialed Jack's
number. A woman answered and I explained who I was and she said hi I'm
Jack's wife Diane I guess you want to talk to your wife, just a minute. I
started to tell her not to disturb her but I didn't get a chance. As I
listened I realized I wasn't on hold. I heard moaning and other sex noises
then I heard Diane say it's Bruce. I was afraid Jack might be mad at me
for interrupting but he took the phone and cheerfully said hi, Cathy is in
the middle of an orgasm but if you will wait a minute she can talk to you.

I said sure I'll wait, shocked by his response. Jack started giving me
a detailed description of what Cathy was doing and even held the phone
close to her pussy as she rode his cock then I heard her coming.
Breathlessly she answered the phone asking what was up. I told her that I
would let her talk to Cindy as she could tell her better than I.

They talked for a few minutes as I went to take a leak. When I returned
Cindy handed me the phone. Cathy said she's in charge I told her she can
do what ever she wants with you. Oh Diane wants to talk to you, by.

Diane came on the phone and invited Cindy and I over for dinner. I hung
up and was a total loss as to what to say.

Cindy was rubbing her boobs against me and said well now what? I told
her that we had been invited to dinner at Jack's. She said that's cool now
what are you waiting for, I'm horny and my pussy has an itch that only you
can scratch.

I asked Cindy why she had such a crush on me. She kissed me and said
it's simple all my life boys have been falling all over themselves trying
to get in my pants and control me. I like being in control so when Cathy
told me that you are a wimp and let Jack take her from you I figured it
would be fun to control you. That is why she told you I was in charge.
Enough talking Cathy tells me you are an expert pussy licker come show me.
She grabbed my cock and led me into her room falling on the bed pulling me
with her. Some how I landed with my face right in her pussy.

Cindy said It isn't full of Jack's sperm but if you pull that string you
will find it's plenty juicy.

For the first time I looked at her pussy, it was clean shaven except for
a little V pointing to her pussy and a ring in her clit! Looking further
down I saw a white string with some red staining on it and I knew that had
to be to a tampon. I was to eat her while she was on the rag!

I looked up at her and asked if I could get a towel so we didn't mess up
the bed. Cindy told me to hurry. I returned and went to pull the tampon
out but Cindy told me to use my teeth. I did as she asked and put the
tampon in the trash. I was about to put my mouth on her when she took hold
of my head and pulled me on top of her guiding my cock into her red pussy.
She kissed me and said my, my you are well trained I didn't think you would
do it.

I kissed her and said I have been trained to be a sluts husband and to
serve her and her master now I will serve you as well.

Cindy's pussy was sucking and grabbing my cock as she said let me see
how well you can fuck me if you don't do a good job I might not let you do
it again. I fucked her the best I had ever done holding back my come until
I felt her start to climax then I flooded her pussy. When Cindy caught her
breath she told me I wasn't bad especially for a wimp but it would have
been better if I had a larger cock.

Cindy looked at the clock and said lets take a shower before we head
over to Jack's. When we got in the shower Cindy had me lick her pussy before turning on the water. As I was licking things got real wet then I
realized she was pissing. I just kept on licking trying to please her.
When she finished peeing she handed me the soap and I washed her up. When
I finished with her she washed me making sure my cock was spotless.

After drying us off she instructed me on how to insert a tampon and told
me it was my job to make sure they were changed regularly so that there
would be no leaks and I was also to keep her well shaved.

I had never been to Jack's but Diane had given me good directions. I
was impressed we had to stop at a gate with a tv camera and wait to be let

Diane met us at the door nude! As she welcomed us in she said this is
why the fancy gate indicating her state of dress. Everyone is out by the
pool as she led us through the house. My eyes were glued to her sexy ass
although I did notice some faint stretch marks telling me the she too had
at least one baby.

Diane stopped at the door to a bed room and said you will want to leave
your clothes in here. Jack insists on no clothes unless you just arrived
or are leaving. She walked in the room with us talking to us as we got

I couldn't take my eyes off Diane. Her boobs were at least a D cup and
her nipples were huge and looked liked they had just been sucked on. She
noticed the direction of my gaze and blushed then she lifted one towards

She said These are the result of being a milk cow for over twelve years
and the Doc says he has never seen a woman spit out babies like me. I
always get pregnant the same time every two years and I don't use any birth
control. Jack says when its my time I would get pregnant even if he didn't
fuck me. the rest of the time he lets anyone fuck me.


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