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Sexual Material, story meant for people over 18. Hey Kids, go away! Oh,
did you think I meant it in a mocking manner and was talking to you? Well
if you're under 18 then you are absolutley right. Go away.

Conventions of Magic by Alexi92

It was the low point of the convention. It was the low point every
year. But they just couldn't have a convention without speeches. Well they
could, but then, as Zola had once pointed out, they'd just be a club. And
once in a while someone actually came up with something that was
informative. This wasn't one of those years.

Fortunatley the speakers always kept it brief. The five would talk
about new advances in techno-magic or the current state of affairs in the
demon world. It wasn't until after the speeches that the real information
was spread.

So after the ambasador from the demon plane finished his speech,
followed by a polite applause, the crowd began to mingle.

At table 23 Velios, the wizard for the Thicean kingdom, told Malestro,
the Necromancer of the Skull dungeons, about the true fate of the Thicean
queen. The Necromancer found the story incredibly humorous, especially the
parts about rape.

At table 86 sorcerers exchanged tips about how to keep adventurers away
from their pet dragons.

At table 49 a group of assistants complained to each other about how
much shit their mentors put them through.

At table 6 Zola, a wizard with a long grey beard, was gossiping with
Bollasa, a witch with bobbed, blonde hair and a buiness suit that made her
look more like a buisness executive than a powerful magic weilder.

*So who else is dead?*

Bollasa considerd the question, going through her mental index of
magicers who had died in the past year. "Toma commited suicide in

*How'd he do it?*

"Nuked himself. I understand he took most of the forrest with him. The
locals are calling it the bad lands of death, because anyone who goes there
dies a slow death."

*Residual radiation?*

"You know it."

*Shit, that guy never knew how to proportion that stuff. What about
Eric, I haven't seen him around.*

"You didn't hear?"

Zola frowned. *No, what?*

"Eric's stuck in a time loop. Some woman knight in training was
assigned to take him down and free some townspeople from his reign of
terror. She caught him in the middle of a temporal spell, he turned and
stopped her. Ended up raping her when, boom, the spell goes off and he's
stuck in the middle of a time loop. From what I hear he's been continualy
raping the girl since then."

*Poor kid.*

Bollasa's eyes widend. "What?"

*Poor kid. No one should have to go through that forever.*

"Zola, you're scaring me. Since when did you show pity?"

*It just kind of happened one day,* Zola sighed. *I woke up and began
to make happy endings.*

"Welcome to the club," Bollasa said with a devlish smile.

*Thanks,* Zola muttered bitterly.

Bollasa took a sip of her drink, some fruity thing with an umbrella in
it. "So where's Mala?"

*I gave her a to a baker and his wife. She's their sex slave, last I

Bollasa choked on her drink. "That's your idea of a happy ending?"

*Happy for the baker and his wife. Mala deserves everything she gets,
which I understand is a few times a day.*

"Still Zola," Bollasa sighed. "Good or evil."

*What about you?* Zola protested. *Still have your husband under that

"Only until he learns his lesson. Besides, he was never my assistant,
only my lackey."

*So who do you send out to do your bidding now?*

"I freelance. Which reminds me, have you seen Marlos around?"

*No. Why?*

"I promised the guy I hire I'd knee Marlos in the balls."

At table 135 a young wizard and a powerful sorceress were having a
drinking contest.


Meanwhile, in a small room adjacent to the annual magic convention,
another convention was taking place. It consisted of cronies, lackies, and
servants. Assistants were one thing, they could use magic, but these guys were muscle, resources to accomplish tasks beneath the power of a great
mafic user.

The room wasn't very full, in fact it consisted of less than a hundred
people, those whose masters couldn't do without or were afraid to leave
alone. Only four were women. They sat issolated at a table while the men got drunk.

Clara couldn't help but think that since she had agreed to become
Marlos' servant her life had become a lot more interesting. Which was
impressive since until she met Marlos she had been cursed to live as a wolf
except for when she was fucking. Looking at her it would have seemed
strange that no one would want to fuck her, she was a beautiful blonde woman comparable to story book princess, but to get that way someone had to
fuck her wolf form. She had found a man willing to do that and she had
loved him. But then Marlos offered her a cure and she became his servant,
leaving her lover behind.

Nowadays she met a variety of interesting people, when she wasn't
sucking or fucking Marlos or one of his guests. And this group was no
different. Ann was a life-sized, magicly animated, rag doll without the
ability to speak. Lyscha was a mix between an android and golem, although
she looked like a thirteen year-old teenager with huge tits. And Shar.
Shar was good looking, in a "glance at me and I'll cut off your face" kind
of way. Except for her head, Shar's entire body was encased in tight
leather: leather pants, leather shirt, leather vest, leather gloves,
leather boots. It was on so tight Clara wasn't sure how Shar could move,
but Shar could move, quickly and gracefuly. One of the drunk male
servants, a thief from the looks of him, tried to grab Shar's ass earlier
and Shar had punched him so far that he actually seemed to be flying for a
while. Since then the men had left the four women alone.

Now the four were immersed in a conversation about their duties. Well
almost, Ann, who of course couldn't talk, only nodded or shook her head and
Shar just seemed to be listening because ther was nothing else to do.

"Sometimes he makes me lay my head in his lap while he watches
television," Lyscha said in a cute little girl voice that really made Clara
wonder about the android's master. "That would not be so bad but of course
I end up sucking his cock."

Ann and Clara nodded. They had both been there before. Neither's
master had a television, Clara was too far in the hills to get reception
and Ann was in an area that hadn't reached the level of technology to
produce television, but the cock sucking was the same.

"So why don't you just leave?" Shar asked half-heartedly.

Lyscha looked at her in shock. "I can not, he is my master."

Ann nodded furiously in agreement. Clara understood their situations,
they had been magicly created to serve their masters, it was what they
existed for. Clara wondered under what circumstance she would leave her
own mast... Marlos. They had a deal, she served him, he would make her
cure permanent when it was possible. Technicly, if she didn't mind living
the rest of her life as wolf unless someone shoved a cock in her, she was
free to leave at any time. But for her nothing was more important than
being human. Nothing.

The thought shook her, so to forget it she asked Shar "What about you?"

"First off, I've got a mistress, not a master. I don't want to leave,
she tells me what to do, I do it. I get to kill things. I'm also on

Lyscha let out a whistle.

"Right, so I'm obligated to do what she says for the next four years, at
least. But she doesn't make me do any of that sick shit you guys have to
do, she doesn't swing that way."

Ann began tapping the table with her fist. There seemed to be some sort
of pattern to it, but Clara couldn't figure it out. But Lyscha could.

"Ann wants to know if your mistress ever gives you to her guests as a
gift," the android said.

"No," said Shar. "My ability to succesfully do her bidding depends on
my mental state, and I can't be expected to kill things indiscrimanantly if
I've undergone something traumatic."

Lyscha whistled again. "Lucky bitch."

Shar smiled for the first time that night.


Table 135, round 180. The anti-inebriation spells had disipated around
round thirty. Tellix, young wizard and only inhabitant of the dark
mountains, looked over the top of his shot glass at Natalia, the sorceress
feared throughout the country of Henris. She looked pretty out of it,
although he probably didn't look too good himself.

He let the sour taste fall down and burn his throat. When he opened his
eyes Natalia had feinted. Tellix smiled and joined her.


The next morning things were sorted out. Tellix remembered making the
original wager for 5 gold pieces. Natalia had goaded him into it, teasing
his youth and inexpierience.

But as it turned out, as they got drunker and drunker they began to up
the ante. At first they added magical items, and then moved to rare
magical artifacts. From there it went to libraries, to their houses, to
their firstborn. Before they had passed out they had changed the final
wager to a lifetime of slavery to the other, starting that morning.

When Zola showed them the contract they had signed Natalia had almost
killed herself. But when she had finished reading the contract in full she
had calmed down.

Yes, she owed Tellix a lifetime of slavery, but it was never specified
what lifetime, and who the slave would be.


When Shar woke up she had to remind herself who she was. It was a daily
ritual and for some reason it helped clear the cobwebs in her mind in a
matter of moments. She was Shar, chief mercenary for Natalia of Henris.
She had four more years of a ten year contract to complete before she
became a freelancer again. She was at a magic users convention in the
servants room. The android/golem Lyscha had stood guard over both Shar and
Clara as they slept to prevent their rape at the hands of the drunken men in the room. Today she would travel back to Henris with her mistress.

In seconds Shar was completley up, ready to hurt anyone that got in her
way or to obey her mistress' orders.

A floating apparition of Natalia's head appeared in front of Shar's

"Shar, you are to spend the lifetime of a Bolarian Dragon, roughly over
a year, with the wizard Tellix, during which time you are to be his slave,
obeying his every command."

"But..." Shar protested.

Natalia interupted. "According to the contract you signed you must obey
my every order. EVERY order. And now I order you to obey all of Tellix's

The floating head disapeared.

"Wow, rough," said Lyscha.

"Can't yo just refuse?" asked Clara.

"No," Shar said weakly. "I signed a magical contract so now I'm magicly
compelled to follow her every order or at least die in the attempt to."

Ann rapped her knuckles against the table again in her rythmic form of

Shar and Clara turned to Lyscha for a translation.

"Ann says, 'Looks like you will be sucking cock after all.'"


When everyone else had left Shar finally got up to go. She finished the
last of her beer. She was slightly inebriated, not enough to cause any
problems, but enough so she could face what was going to happen.

The situation was just... just... just wrong. She was supposed to
kill things for hire, maybe rough someone up, simple intimidation at the
very least. What she wasn't supposed to be doing was playing personal
semen receptacle to some wizard.

But now she had to go live with this guy and play with his dick for a
year. It wasn't fair. She had gotten into killing things to avoid this
kind of thing.

Shar threw her glass against a wall and walked into the main convention
room. He was probably going to be there waiting for her.

Surprise, surprise. There was one guy left. At least he looked okay.
Not handsome or anything but okay. He looked naive and innocent and shit.
Wizards always did. Unless they looked like those old mountain men. They
were all devious bastards.

He looked up at her.

"Um, are you Shar?"

"Yeah, you this guy I'm s'posed to fuck?"

"I'm Tellix. I don't know about the sex part. I'm supposed to take you
in as my slave for a year."

"Yeah. That sounds 'bout right."

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"You seem a little unsteady."

Now that he mentioned it she didn't feel too stable. In fact everything
was sort of slipping by.


Shar woke up with a headache in an incredibly comfortable bed.

"You're name is Shar," she mummbled. "You are chief mercenary for
Natalia of Henris. You have four more years of a ten year contract left.
Your employer has given you to some wizard as a slave for a year. You are
in a strange bedroom wearing..."

Shar checked beneath the sheets.

"...clothes, pajamas, different than the ones you passed out in. More
than likely you have been fucked while you have slept and may be pregnant
if that is what the wizard you now belong to wants. Your life is now

And feeling like shit, Shar reflected, while in the middle of a hangover
was not a good feeling. But her hangover was disipating so soon she would
just feel like shit.

Life just kept getting better and better.

The door opened, and for the first time Shar got a good, lucid, look at
her new master. And he was looking more than a little concerned.

"Are you okay?" Tellix asked meekly.

"I'm fine."

"And you understand the terms for which you are here."

"Too well."

"Do you think you're feeling well enough to get started?"

Already? This guy must have really been lonley, first while she was
passed out and now, right when she had just awoken. This kind of frequency
didn't bode well for the upcoming year. The guy was nice enough, probably
one of those people who couldn't socialze if their life depended on it.
Which meant now that he had someone who lived to do his bidding he was
going to let loose the floodgates of his perversions, all on her.

"Yeah, I guess," Shar said, a little hostility in her voice.

"Okay, um just to warn you, I'm usually alone up here. And I don't get
out much, so I'm planning to have you do some things I wouldn't normally
get a chance to."

Resigned to her fate Shar took her pajama bottoms off. She did it
beneath the covers, trying to keep some dignities for as long as she could.
Of course he hadn't bothered to put any underwear on her when he had
redressed so she was naked quicker than she would have liked.

"I kind of figured that," said Shar. "My contract with Natalia compels
me to be your slave and do what you command."

"Oh okay." Tellix smiled, a little uncomfortably.

He probably has a problem with slavery, Shar mused darkly. But that
doesn't keep him from taking one when the oppurtunity arises.

Shar tossed the sheets off her body and turned her body at him, lying
perpendicular with the bed, her bare bottom half emphasized by her
position. She spread her legs wide, almost doing the splits, exposing her
open cunt to him. She thrust her hips toward him.

Tellix nearly jumped back in shock. "What are you doing?"

"This is what you wanted right? Some free pussy unable to deny you. A
living sex toy at your beck and call, ready to blow you, fuck you, or be
fondled by you twentyfour-seven."

He watched her, entranced by her nakedness, a scared expression on his
face. At first she thought she had intimidated him but it wasn't that type
of fear. It was something entirely different and she realized that what
she had been describing was the furthest thing from his mind.

Shar snapped her legs closed and pulled the bed sheets over her body,
hugging them to her chest, both embarassed and a little scared. She had
just given him a hell of a lot of ideas.

Tellix pulled out of his frightened trance and, with a shaky hand,
pulled out a sheet of paper from the depths of his robes. He handed it to
her and she took it from him quickly.

"I-I wanted y-you to get some sup-plies from the town," he stammered.
"Y-you're clothes are in the closet."

He left the room in a hurry, not stopping to look back.

Shar stared at the list and swore.

"Shit!" ***

One year passed


Zola looked over the program. Marcus was speaking, good, he was always
entertaining. And Ralph was going to be lecturing on the possibilities of
mixing chaos and weather spells. That could be useful. The rest of it
seemed to follow the normal guidelines for the convention. The only big
surprise was that his nephew was going to be speaking on alchemy
breakthroughs. Usually Tellix was afraid of public speaking, and his
alchemy experiments always went so slowly. Something really must have
changed recently for something like this to happen. Maybe his neighboring
village had adapted to motor engines. It would be interesting to see how
things turned out.

"Is someone sitting here?"


Marlos plopped down next to Zola, sighing. "These damn conventions get
more tiring every year."

*What happened to your head?*

Marlos sighed again. It looked funny coming from a giant parakeet.
Zola corrected himself, a giant parakeet head. The rest of Marlos' body
was still human.

"After the last convention I had a run in with Bollasa. She cursed me."

*What did you do to her?*

"I don't know. If I did I could start to work on removing this damn

*What are the terms?*

"I've got to figure out what I did to offend her and apologize."

*Seems fair enough.*

"I've never even met her before," Marlos protested. "How could I have
pissed her off? No, this was just abuse."

*Pity.* Zola chuckled to himself.

"If it weren't for the rules I'd find her right now and blast her."

*That is not a good idea,* said Zola in a most harsh tone of voice.

Marlos froze. "I've got to go," he said quickly and left. It wasn't a
good idea to make enemies of Zola's friends.


Once again the crony room was dominated by the male presence. Still,
Clara thought a little proudly, there were more women than last year. Ann
and Lyscha were back at the table as were some new faces. Heather claimed
to be an immortal from before recorded time. Unfortunatley she had never
really learned any useful skills during her long life, finding it easier to
befriend or sleep with those that could help her. For an immortal she
didn't seem very deep. The other newcomer was the displaced tyrant of an
island called Feening, which Heather insisted on calling England. After
she had been kicked out the tyrant, who never offered her name, only
survived because Zola took her in as his servant. Apparantley Zola was a
great and powerful wizard, the name impressed the others. It meant nothing
to Clara. But Marlos didn't speak much about other magic users, especially
after one of them had turned his head into that of a parakeet.

Whoever that was Clara wanted a word with him. It was really hard to
keep a straight face when you were sucking the dick of a guy with a
parakeet head. When she told the girls this they tried to sympathize but
even Ann had fallen into a fit of silent giggles.

Even with the new additions to the group nothing had changed. Their
primary task on behalf of their masters was sucking and fucking their
respective master's cock. The motivations were a little more varied now.
Heather was enduring her master's kinky games, and they were kinky, because
she was planning to kill him and steal his power. The tyrant was doing it
to stay alive, fully aware she was only a step away from execution if not
for Zola's intervention.

It would have been a nice group if Heather would have shut up about all
the sick stuff she had to do. It even made Ann queasy, and she didn't have
a stomach.

"He thinks it's funny to turn me into a human toilet. He'll actually
rewire my brain so that I enjoy licking his shit from his ass."

Lyscha stared at her in horror. "And you are planning to kill him?"

"Well yeah, I figure I'll do it while he sleeps. I still have a gun."

"Good luck," said the tyrant, a cruel smile forming on her lips.

"Good luck?" Lyscha countered. "She will be lucky if she's only

The tyrant shrugged. "No skin off my back."

Lyscha snorted. It sounded funny in the android's sweet voice.

Clara knew what Lyscha was talking about. Next year Heather was
probably going to be on all fours trying to suck the semen out of a
diseased horses cock. That or a mindless sex toy for her master's
amusement, maybe both. As for Carla herself...

Ann began knocking on the table furiously.

"Ann wants to know what you're thinking about?" Lyscha explained.

"I was just thinking about next year. My curse will be gone and I will
be free."


"It's part of my deal. I attend to Marlos for as long as it takes for
him to cure me, which, according to him will be in another six months, at

"Free." Lyscha seemed amazed at the concept. "What will you do?"

Clara shrugged. "I don't know. I knew a man before I joined Marlos.
Maybe I'll try and find him."

The tyrant skoffed. "You think he's still going to want you? After
you've been a whore for this Marlos guy? If he's anything like Zola you've
been going at it like a dog in heat."

Clara winced at the analogy. But everything the tyrant said was true.
Off the top of her head Clara could even recall the taste of Marlos' cock,
remember how it felt probing the inside of her mouth and slipping down her
throat. It wasn't a pleasent memory.

Ann knocked on the table furiously again. Clara sighed.

"What does she want to know now? If I ever took him in the ass? Yes I

"No, look" Lyscha said, pointing at the figure coming toward them.

It was a woman, definatley a woman. Her curves were impressive, not
mind bogglingly outrageous, but well proportioned at the very least. Her
clothing was a strange combination of a leather vest and a sun dress.
There was also a strap around one of her shoulders which held a small
assortment of throwing knives. And most unusual of all she looked happy.

"Holy shit," Clara whispered. "It's Shar."

"Who the hell is Shar?" demanded the tyrant.


Tellix's speech was incredibly good. His speaking skills were a little
stilted but he knew what he was talking about. Zola noticed quite a few of
his colleagues taking notes. Tellix was finishing up his explanation of
how to bottle fire when Bollasa sat down next to Zola. Not exactly sat,
crashed would have been more appropriate.

"Hello," she said giddily.

*You're drunk," Zola said.

"Yup. Want to fuck?"

*In general, yes. But I doubt it would be appropriate at this time.*

"Oh come on," Bollasa said lustily. She unbuttoned her blouse a little,
showing off her ample cleavage. She looked like a buisnesswoman in heat.
It was not unerotic. The witch licked her finger and ran it down her neck
onto the top of her breast.

Her other hand rested on Zola's lap, inching its way to his crotch. His
cock hardened and she grabbed onto it with a tight grip. Bollasa smiled at

*What the hell.*


"Marriage?" Clara coughed, choking on her drink.

"Maybe," Shar cautioned. "We're only talking about it. But I think it
might happen eventually."

Ann rattled off an impressive number of taps onto the table.

"Ann says she wants to marry her master." Lyscha turned to the rag doll.
"Oh yeah, like that is going to happen. I look more human than you do and
I haven't got a chance in hell of landing a husband. You can not even
communicate properly."

Ann's entire body drooped. Clara thought Lyscha was being a little
harsh. After all anything was possible. clara had been stuck in the body
of a wolf and she had found love. She almost said so but the memories
became to painful and she tried to block them out by bringing up another

"What the hell happened? You were supposed to be his slave."

"Yeah, I'm curious about that too," said the tyrant. "Wasn't it
supposed to be fuck, fuck, suck his dick, dress up like a schoolgirl and
play with your sugar daddy? How the hell did marriage enter into the

"That's the weird part, he didn't want to fuck," explained Clara. "He
just made me un errands he didn't have time for. I did some cleaning, some
killings, but nothing sexual."

"Shit," spat out Heather. "My master makes me do nude jumping jacks
while I get semen enema, how did you get so lucky?"

Everyone stared at her until Clara finally broke the silence. "How did
errands lead to marriage?"

"Well he didn't over work me, always made sure I was okay. I finally
began noticing he kept looking at me when he thought I wasn't watching. So
of course I figured I'd be naked and impaled on his cock in no time flat.
It never happened. Instead he just began to lessen my workload more and
more. I didn't ask him about it, or about fucking, I didn't want to press
my luck. Soon enough I wasn't doing anything and he was trying to make my
life more comfortable."

"He had a crush on you," the tyrant said astonished.

"I figured that out after the third month. I got afraid that I was
getting soft so I asked him for some job. The guy couldn't come up with
anything and tried to change the subject. We both got pissed off and I
ended up confronting him about the crush."

"And that's when he made you get on all fours and take him in the ass,"
interjected Heather.

"No, he just got all embarrassed and locked himself in his room."

"This isn't making any sense," Lyscha said perplexed. "When does the
happily ever after stuff start?"

"A month after that," Shar explained. "I was cleaning up his lab and I
dropped some chemicals. I enhaled them and all of a sudden I wanted him.
The bastard had made a love spell-aphrodisiac mix. I ended up running to
his room, ripping my clothes off along the way. I broke down his door and
threw him onto his bed. He was startled but I didn't give a chance to get
up. I tore open his robes and began to suck his cock. It took him a while
to get over his surprise and fear but I got it hard.

"I let it pop out of my mouth and I climbed up his body. He tried to
ask me what was going on but I shoved my tongue in his mouth. Based on his
reaction I don't think he had ever kissed a girl. I pulled away from him
and told him to suck on my tit. He did it, eagerly. After he had nibbled
on my nipple for a while I pushed him back down and dropped myself on his
cock. It felt good. You know how you're always hearing about that
fulfiling expierience, where the guy isn't just in you physicly but on some
weird level you're both connected. I got that. Plus he filled me pretty
well too.

"I fucked him, ground my hips into his, sliding his cock in me again and
again. I pulled his hands to my breasts and he played with them as though
they were everything."


Zola played with Bollasa's breasts. They were very fine, but of course
Zola had seen better. He had done a lot of things with better breasts before. But here and now Bollasa's breasts were very good.

She moaned from his skillful hands. Zola smiled, he hadn't lost his
touch. Neither had she. Bollasa's fingertips toyed with Zola's hard cock,
sending little pinpricks of sensation over the long shaft. It was like
tickling, only more so. Both of them were more expierienced than most
whores. They had lifetimes to perfect their techniques on a multitude of
individuals. Some had been willing, some had not.

Together they could last hours before the actual intercourse started.


"When it was over he held me in his arms and we went to sleep. By the
time I woke up the effects of the chemicals had worn off. His cock had
hardened again because of that whole morning wood thing. It was still
burried in my cunt and I could feel it in me. I tried to pull away but it
turns out Tellix is surprisingly strong and I couldn't get free. So I lay
there until he woke up with his stiff cock inside of me. I tried strugling
a little but that caused his cock to slide in my body, the sensation was
too much so I just kept still.

"But I kept getting this feeling every time one of us moved and his
shaft moved around inside me. It felt good. Before I knew what I was
doing I was humping him as he slept, using his cock like a masturbatorial
aid. Soon enough I had cum and he shot his load inside of me. After it
was over I felt bad. When he woke up and realized what had happened the
night before he apologized and holed up in his room again.

"But the next morning I crept into his room while he was still asleep.
He had morning wood again and I pleasured myself on it again, leaving after
I had cum. I did it again the next day, and the day after that, and the
day after that. On the sixth day he woke up in the middle of a down
stroke. We were both surprised, I was scared witless. He was about to
shout so I kissed him. I don't know what he had been practicing on but he
had gotten better. We ended up lip locked for a while as I kept grinding
myself on his cock. After we had both come he held me again, and refused
to let go until I explained everything.

"We spent the next week in bed. After that he went back to his lab work
and I went back to cleaning his fortress of solitude. But anytime one of
us got in the mood we'd find the other and we would fuck for hours. That's
why I started wearing dresses, easier access.

"About a month ago I asked him why I didn't get pregnant. From there we
got to talking about things and eventually marriage."

The other women at the table listened to her finish, completley absorbed
by her story. It was Lyscha who was first to speak.

"So do you love him?"

"I don't know. I think so."


Tellix couldn't understand where Zola was. His uncle had agreed to help
him talk with Natalia. He planned, he hoped, that he could get the
sorceress to extend Shar's period of servitude to him extended, or buy out
Shar's contract.

But Zola was nowhere to be seen.

There was no time to wait. He found Natalia winning a poker game with a
wizard named Eric. The loser handed her a list of names of people who
could be sacrificed for youth. When the surrounding crowd had lost
interest and disipated he sat down next to her and described his proposal.

To her credit Natalia listened to Tellix's deal, but in the end she
refused. She needed her chief mercenary to go and find the names on the
list. Tellix offered her a alchemistic alternative for youth, but she
refused. She much more prefered to inflict pain and suffering on others.
In light of that Tellix did not think it wise to mention he had fallen in
love with Shar.

Had Zola been there he would have pointed out that the terms for Shar's
slavery to Tellix was for the term of a Bolarian Dragon and that there are
some rare Bolarian Dragons that surpass the normal one year life span for
their race, living up to two hundred years. But Zola was not there and
Tellix proved unable to convince her to release Shar into his custody.


The convention was over and almost everyone else had left. Shar
cautiously made her way into the main convention hall, which was empty save
for some straglers.


He wasn't anywhere to be seen. That wasn't an indication of a wizard's
absence though, Tellix had told Shar about a small group of witch nuns that
lived their lives invisible to the human eye in order to not indulge in
vanity. He had told her that and then saw the result of her own vanity, a
small purple teddy stretching over the curves of her body. They had fucked
in his study, her back pushing against the hard desk even as his hard rod
pushed into her cunt.

Shar allowed herself a smile at the memory.

"What the hell is so amusing?" asked Natalia.

Shar spun, she instinctivly went into her attack position.

Natalia smiled. "Glad to see you haven't lost any of your skills
working for that namby pamby wizard boy."

Shar felt the anger rise in her and for a moment entertained the foolish
thought of attacking the sorceress. Instead she calmly asked where Tellix

"The boy? He left. He actually tried to convince me to sell him your
contract. But I have need of you. Here." Natalia handed Shar a list of
names. "I need you to capture these people and bring them to my lair for

Shar, who's main trait had always been survival glanced at the list.
Nine names, none of them familiar. "Yes mistress."


Shar was able to sucesfully capture the first eight names on the list.
When her job didn't require her absolute one hundred percent attention her
mind would drift to memories of Tellix. She considered going back to him
when her contract expired. Some times she thought that she had best move
on with her life.

During her sixth capture, when she had to drag a wife out of her bed
while the husband remained silent from Shar's fist hitting his head a few
dozen times, she felt a tinge of regret before it vanished as quickly as it
came. She didn't realize it but it was the beginning of the end.


The ninth name on the list was Vissel Sussins. He turned out to be an
occult dealer in Thice. He also turned out to be very easy to track down.
Vissel had a prominent shop in Thice. He worked in the shop alone and his
only customers came after dawn. Which meant he was vulnerable until


Vissel Sussins looked up as an atractive woman almost covered in skin
tight leather opened the door. He had heard of her from other occult
dealers at the last convention. She was supposed to be the girlfriend of
some alchemist wizard up by the dark mountains. So it really surprised him
when she reached over the counter and dragged him over it.

"What do you want?"

"My mistress demands your presence," she hissed, wasting only a minimun
of energy on cartoonish minion villany.


Vissel and the woman turned to look at the most adorable six year old girl in the world. Even her dress was frilly and pink, accentuating her
large, innocent, blue eyes.

"Princess, go play in the back."

"What are you doing to daddy?"

Shar's face suddenly turned cheery as she smiled at the girl. A lie
uttered from her lips dripping with sugar. "I'm just taking him to see a
friend. He'll be back soon enough."



The innocent eyes suddenly became very cross. It made the child look
denomic. It made Vissel groan. It made Shar suddenly afraid for her life.
If she could have she would have used the recall button on her belt to
teleport back to Natalia's fortress.

"I think you're telling me a lie," the girl said softly. "A dirty,
dirty lie."

Shar felt her fingers, against her own violition, suddenly slacken from
Vissel's collar. He fell to the floor and scurried away from her, keeping
his eyes on his daughter, afraid.

"Daddy says that to lie is a sin. Daddy said sinners have to be
punished. You're a bad woman."

That's when Shar passed out from the pain.

Vissel sighed. This was always happening. His daughter respected him,
but she was too powerful for him to discipline. Sooner or later she would
have to learn about boundaries and responsibility. As for the woman, he
would have to call her boyfriend to pick her up. That meant he had to call
his brother to find out the phone number. He hated his brother.


Shar woke up to a lazy sense of nostalgia. Everything seemed familiar.
She considered doing her daily ritual but her internal body clock told her
she hadn't been out that long.

"Are you okay?"

Shar shot up and turned to see Tellix watching over her. He was tense
with worry and concern. She couldn't help but think it was sweet.

"What happened?"

"You upset Eisa Sussins. From what I hear she's a very powerful
psychic. You're lucky to still be alive."

"Well, I've got to go back there." Shar tried to get up and found that
her body ached all over. She hardly resisted when Tellix gently pushed her
back onto the bed. Her skin tingled with his touch, although if it was
from pain or more sentimental feelings she couldn't be sure.

"That wouldn't be such a good idea. Eisa doesn't like you."

"I have a mission."

"Eisa imploded the last woman she didn't like."

That made Shar pause.

"Would it be so bad to stay here a while?"

"No. But I've got to go."

"Do you want to get married?"


Time froze. Not literaly, but Shar felt as if it had. Conflicting
emotions and loyalties churned in her stomach. She still had two and half
years left on her contract. If they got married now then Natalia would
have power over Tellix. But that was only if they got married now.



"When would we get married?"

"I.. When do you want?"

"Two and a half years."

"So is that a yes?"


Whether Tellix fell into Shar's arms or if Shar leapt into Tellix's
isn't the point. The point is that they fell into each other's arms and
that's when the image of Natalia's disembodied head appeared in the middle
of the room.

"What the hell is going on here?"

It was Tellix who spoke up. "I was contacted about Shar being hurt. I
patched her up."

"I see. And did she finish her task."

"No. She faced Eisa Sussins."

"The implosives girl?"


"I see. Well, I thank you Tellix for attending to my minion. I expect
her safe arrival within the week. As for you Shar, I shall deal with
Sussins. Just return for your next assignment."

The head disapeared. Shar, who remained uncharacteristicly silent, let
out a deep breath. She got up off the bed and started for the closet to
pick up her clothes.

"I better start back. It'll take me a week to get back to Natalia's

Tellix grabbed her arm. "I could teleport you."

They looked at each other, their eyes doing the closest thing possible
to resemble twinkling.

"But what would we do for the next week?"

Tellix smiled as Shar pushed away his robes and took him in her mouth.


Shar's breathing was irrgular. She knew it. But that wasn't the real
problem. Her plan to take the goat man's heart had proved foolish.
Everything had been going perfectly until the clay monstrosity had caught
the sniper's spear she had aimed at it's head. The damn thing had gone
insane, destroying everything in the cave in an attempt to find its

It had. It took everything Shar had to out run the thing. The goat man chased her into the nearby woods, where she had been able to lose it
amongst the dense groupings of trees and bushes. Making sure it was
nowhere around she climbed into the relative safety of the treetops. Shar
could hear it's angry rampage as it continued to look for her.

Natalia had warned her about the plan. The sorceress had said it to be
too cautious, so much that it would fail. But Shar had her reasons for
such an undemanding plan. She wanted to live long enough to see the end of
her contract. She wanted to marry Tellix.

Even now, in danger of being torn apart by a creature with the head and
legs of a goat, Shar felt giddy thinking about it. In two years she would
be married.

If she could survive goat man.

With a loud roar the goat man hit the tree she was lounging on and she
fell. The goat man clamped onto her, holding the mercenary in a tight grip
designed to crush her. Straining against the pain Shar was barley able to
maneuver her hand to her belt to press the recall button.


After being treated for her injuries, Shar had been summoned to stand
before her mistress in the dining room. The sorceress was dressed in a
long black robe that draped over her entire body. Handsome servants,
slaves from the neighboring town, took away the large dining table and the
remains of the day's breakfast. Once all the furniture except the chair
Natalia sat upon were removed from the room, Shar entered and stood in

"I am not pleased," declared Natalia. "This is the second mission you
have failed. I may have forgiven the first because it was of no fault of
your own, but this new failure. I advised you against the plan of action
and yet you took it. Your entire demeanor has changed. I excused it until
now because you were able to get results but no longer. I want to know why
you have dropped in your abilities."

"I've had a lot on my mind," mumbled Shar.

"Such as what?"

"I'm getting married."

Natalia's body stiffined and flames of anger arose in her eyes. "When,"
she hissed.

"After my contract expires."

"To that wizard."

"Yes," Shar said quietly.

A long awkward silence followed.

"That is your right," admitted Natalia. "I can not dictate your action
after your contract with me expires. But until then you must follow my
commands as if they were the words of your god. And since you can no
longer serve me as a mercenary I must find other uses for you."

Natalia let the robe fall from her body to reveal her naked form. As a
sorceress that had been regularly using youth magic her body was not unlike
that of a fit ninteen year-old's. She used her fingers to spread her pussy and expose the pinkness of her inner self.

"Come here and tongue my cunt until I cum. Then we'll see what other
sexual games we can play. And then we'll see if your innocent little
wizard wants you after you've become an overused sextoy that's been the
receptical of more liquid shooting from the cocks of strange men than a


The magic mirror in Tellix's room was ringing. Tellix answered it and
Natalia's image appeared where his own reflection once was.

"Hello Tellix, darling. How are things going?"

"What is it Natalia. I'm busy."

"Oh I just called concerning the little matter of your fiance."

"Shar?! Is she all right?!"

"Oh she's fine darling. It just seems that the poor little thing is
having some problems readjusting."

"What kind of problems?"

Natalia must have moved her own mirror because the image in Tellix's
mirror panned over to Shar, completley naked, bouncing on some fat man's
cock. As if that weren't enough she was screaming in ecstasy.

"Oh god yes! Yes! Come in me! Come in me!"

"You see," said Natalia's voice. "The poor child just can't seem to get
enough cock in her."

"You're sick," said Tellix through gritted teeth.

"I'm sick? young man, I'm not the one who just sucked all the cum from
the horses in the village."

"I'll kill you."

"Such harsh words from such a silly young boy. By the way, Shar has
something she wants to tell you."

Shar climbed off of the torso she was riding and brought her face next
to the fat man's cock. The mirror zoomed in as she used her hand to
furiously stroke the long rod. The fat man groaned and white jism spat
from the head of his cock onto Shar's face. String after string of cum flew through the air onto the mercenary's face, coating it in splattered
white gobs of semen. The gooey mess almost hid her features.

Shar opened her mouth, and like stallagtites and stallagmites stands of
cun connected her lips together. She licked away the cum on her lips and

"Shar, tell Tellix what we discussed."

Shar slurped the cum dripping off her nose. She stopped for only a
second to say ",I don't love you Tellix. I've only been playing with you."


Natalia discontinued the spell on her own magic mirror. The image of an
enraged Tellix disapeared and Natalia focused on the cum covered mercenary.

"Thank you Natalia. That was everything I dreamed it would be."

"My pleasure Senator. I assume that when I decide to conquer Henris
that your country will be unable to help them because of a deadlock in the

"Absolutley," said the fat man, already putting his pants back on. He
left soon thereafter, whistling to himself and remembering Shar's face
covered in his sticky seed.

"Alright Shar," Natalia said wickedly. "Your next cstomer is a general
that has a thing for young girls so go put on the schoolgirl uniform,
without the panties, and get back here in ten minutes."

"I hate you," Shar said in a weak, pained voice.

"Yes, yes, yes, just put on the uniform and get ready to spread your


For the rest of the year Tellix worked at his alchemey, using his
frustration and longing to fuel his drive. He was able to accomplish more
in the field than anyone ever would again.


"Hello General," Shar said sweetly. Her pussy poked out from beneath
the short plaid skirt she wore. Her finger slowly traced a line from her
lips to the edge of her skirt, where she lightly touched the lips of her


Shar cried like an infant as a Vicar from Thice changed her diaper.


Shar, dressed like a cowgirl, was ravished by the Duke of Longsctav, who
was dressed like an Indian.


And it went on.


"No, what I'm saying is that you're retarded," the tyrant said darkly.

"I'm not retarded," Clara repeated. "He said the cure would only take
six months."

"That's what you said last time!"

"So?! He said it would only take year when I started! I've still got
six moths to go."

Ann and Lyscha gave each other a nod. They knew what was going on.
Wizards were notoriously untrustworthy, and they had magic to back them up.

The tyrant was getting pissed. She used her fingers to illustrate her
point. "There are twelve months in a year. Last year you said there were
six moths left. Since then twelve months have gone by. Twelve is more
than six, so why are you still with him."

"Because the cure takes a year to complete!"

"It's been more than a year!"

"No it hasn't!"

"Then how long have you been with him?"

"Six months?"

"And how many conventions have you gone to with him?"

"This is the third."

"Then if the conventions take place every year how could you only have
been with him for six months?!"

Clara did the math in her head. Finally she said ",Three years."

She looked at Ann and Lyscha for confirmation and they nodded.

"Three years."

Clara burried her face in her hands and mummbled to herself. "Three
years. Two years over. Magic. Wolf. Peter. Marlos. Six months. Curse
over in six months. Three conventions."

The tyrant sighed. "So now what do we do?"

That's when Shar was thrown into the room. She was naked and had a
collar chained to her neck. A voice called out ",Here you go boys! Do
what ever you want with her, just make sure she's alive tomorrow! And
watch out, her mouth's like a black hole, it sucks everything into it!"

There was a loud cheer from the hundred or so men in the room as they
began to swarm onto Shar, who had fallen limply to the ground. Hands
groped every inch of her bare skin. It was only moments before they began
to spread her legs or got her draped over a chair so that her rear was

The women acted. They fought their way through the heaving mass of
testosterone and circled Shar. Ann began pummeling men away from Shar's
body using the agility only a person without bones could have. Lyscha
suddenly had an energy gun in her hand and was firing wildly into the
crowd, scaring back those who weren't intimidated by Ann's offensive
abilities. The tyrant was stabbing people with a fork. Clara tried to
talk to Shar but was unable to get a response. The four of them watched
uneasily as the men slowly went back to what they were doing, shooting them
dirty glances, waiting for their defenses to drop.


When Tellix finally entered the main convention room he looked like
crap. His eyes were bloodshot, his body was drooped over, and his hair was
a mess. He scanned the room, looking for Natalia.

Zola appeared out of nowhere.

*What happended to you, boy? You look horrible.*

"Leave me alone Zola. I'm looking for Natalia."

*Yes, look I'm sorry about last year, I was busy with something.*

"Go away."

*I just wanted to apologize.*

"Go away."

*I'll help you this year, if you still want to get your girlfriend

Tellix looked at his uncle with a sharp stare that would have cut
through steel. It was able to convey disapointment and anger, spite and
shame, and other things that Zola had never thought to see from Tellix,

"I can handle it."

*Are you sure?*

"Yes, I'm going to make that bitch pay."

Zola grabbed his nephew's arm. *Now hold on, you're not going to attack
her. It would be against the rules.*

"I don't care."

*I think you would! You'll get your powers stripped.*

"I don't care."

Zola sighed. *She's over by the bar, she's wearing the green evening

Tellix stormed to the bar, along the way pulling out a vial of clear
liquid. When Natalia saw him she laughed.

"Hello young man, want to gamble for the right to fuck your fiance?!"

To Zola's surprise Tellix didn't attack her at that moment. Instead he
uncorked the vial he was holding and held it up.

"Do you know what this is Natalia?"


"It's alchemey. A simple liquid which has magical properties but which
was made with science, not magic. I am very good at alchemey."

Natalia mad a false snoring sound. "You are boring me boy."

"Very well, let me finish then. I am very good at alchemey. So good
that I barley ever use my powers anymore. So I am not afraid to have them
stripped. And because of that I am not afraid to do this."

With a swift motion Tellix grabbed Natalia's throat with one hand and
slammed her head onto the bar. He poured the vial into her sputtering
mouth and threw the container away. His hand now free he pinched her nose,
causing her to swallow the liquid before she could breathe again.

It took only seconds, but it was plenty of time before any of the other
shocked convention goers reacted. They pulled Tellix off of Natalia and
held him. One of the senior wizards placed his hand on the young man's

There was a flash and Tellix screamed as the ability to perform magic
was taken from him. He fainted from the pain. As the wizard and witch
doctor holding him dragged him away others tended to Natalia.

"Are you okay," a woman asked.

"Fine," Natalia coughed. She had a bad taste in her mouth, bitter, very
bitter. She coughed again and her chest suddenly ached, as if someone had
piched her breasts with a pair of forklifts. Another cough and the sharp
pain returned. She coughed. There was a pinching pain again, but it
wasn't the same, her nipples had stiffened. She looked down and gasped.
Her breasts had grown at least three sizes and her nipples were rock hard.
The material of her dress was stretched to it's limits and the small bumps
of her nipples protruded obscenley. It had to have been Tellix's alchemey.

Suddenly she went into a coughing fit.


The scream was heard even in the cronies' room. Most of the men looked
up, wondering what had happened since attacks weren't allowed at the
convention. The women stood absolutley still, unwilling to waver from
their guard an instant.

Shar stirred. "Tellix?"

Clara almost jumped. "Shar? Are you okay?"

"That was Tellix," Shar said weakly. She tried to get up but Clara
wouldn't let her.

"Stay down. I don't think you've been well and I don't think you should
agrivate the situation."

"But he might be in trouble."

"It's okay, he's a wizard."

Shar whined but she stayed down. Which is why when Tellix was rather
forcibly thrown into the room she was unable to get out of the way and he
landed on top of her. She took one look at her fiance's face and clamped
her arms around his unconcious body.

"That's Tellix?" the tyrant asked.

"I guess," Lyscha said. "Although I don't know why he's here."

Shar was quiet as she held the body on top of her, burrying her face in
a shoulder.

Tellix groaned and rolled over. His mind was suddenly flashing through
cobwebs of pain and confusion. He wasn't a wizard anymore, only an
alchemist. He had gotten his revenge against Natalia and now he had only
to find Shar.

He found her laying on top of his body, naked.


"I know that's you Tellix," Shar whispered into his ear. "Natalia
thought she could trick me with fake people but I knew it wasn't you.
Don't make me go back with her Tellix, you've got to stop her."

"It's all right, she won't be a problem anymore."

The tension from Shar's body disapeared. She still held onto Tellix,
just not in a vice-like grip.

"Are we leaving together?"



"Yes. But we still have to do something."

"Please, no. I love you, but I can't do it anymore. It sickens me
after everything Natalia made me do."

"Not that. Here, get up."

With Clara's help Shar got off of her fiance and stood up. She was a
little wobbly but otherwise stable. Tellix picked himself up. He took off
his robe and placed it around Shar's shoulders to cover her nakedness. It
seemed that he had come prepared for such an occasion, underneath he wore a
clean shirt and pressed pair of pants. From one of the pockets he produced
two green vials. He uncorked them both and handed one to Shar.

"Drink this."

She did as he told her and vanished.

Lyscha grabbed his lapels. "Where'd she go?"

"Same place I am. Three years in the future. When she appears tell her
what happened."

And with that he downed his own vial and was gone.


Three Years Later


Ann was alone. She wasn't entirely alone, the tyrant was with her, but
the tyrant was a horrible conversationalist. Lyscha had left the service
of her master, Clara was married or a mistress or something, and Ann hadn't
seen Shar since she had vanished three years ago. So Ann sat alone, across
the table from the tyrant, who didn't count, in a room filled with the male
cronies at the magic users convention. And she was completely bored out of
her mind.

Until Shar suddenly appeared out of nowhere looking exactly as she had
when she vanished three years earlier.


"Well, well, well. Look who finally showed up," the tyrant said in her
normally acidic manner.

"Where's Tellix."

"Don't know, he vanished after you did."

"After I what? What's going one."

"You drank one of his potions and got sent three years in the future,"
Ann said.

Shar stared at the rag doll. Ann couldn't help but smile.

"Ann, you can talk."

"A lot has happened in the past three years."

"But where's Tellix."

And then he was there, appearing just as Shar did, only a few steps to
the right.


"Oh god, Tellix."

The couple embraced in an impassioned hug. They smelled each other,
touched each other, then they kissed and tasted each other.

After they had held each other long enough to once again be enraptured
with each others presence they let go. Their eyes never left one another,
and their hands were locked together, in part because of fear that they'd
be seperated somehow, but their bodies were no longer pressed against each

"Teleport us home," Shar said.

Tellix paused. "I can't."

"Why not?" asked Shar, a little worried.

"I don't have any more magical powers. I was stripped of them."

Shar felt her body growing numb. "Did something happen? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. I just can't do magic. I'll be okay though, I can still do
alchemey. And I've got you again. That's all I need."

"That's sweet."

"Excuse me," Ann said. "Did I hear that you've no longer got magic

"Yes. Why?"

"Then you might not want to leave until all the wizards and whatnots
have gone. They get kind of sore if a non-magic is at the convention. And
I don't know if it's a great idea to stay here with the cronies."

"Where should we go then?"

The tyrant pointed to a door on the far side of the room. "Try lodging
with the sex toy."

Shar made a disgusted look. "Don't say that, it brings up too many bad

"Of what?" Tellix asked, concerned.

"Being a sex toy."

Tellix's grip on her hand grew stronger. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, but it's not a pleasent thing to remember."

"As I was saying," interupted the tyrant. "You can hide in the closet.
Zola brought home this completley insane and horny woman from a convention
once. She was almost catatonic until she was exposed to a cock or a pussy,
and then she went at it like she couldn't live without fucking. We can't
leave her at Zola's place or she starts humping the animals until they die
from exhaustion. So Zola just shoves her into the closet every year and
tells everyone that if they look in there he'll kill them. So just don't
take off your pants and get out before Zola picks her up and you should be

"I don't think Zola will mind," said Tellix. "He owes me."

"Whatever," said the tyrant. But Tellix and Shar had already disapeared
into the closet.

The sextoy turned out to be Natalia. The sorceress' breasts were
bigger, her lips fuller, her cunt was dripping, and her hair had turned
platinum blonde but her face was still the same. Shar almost jumped out of
her skin when she saw her mistress but Tellix calmed her down.

"My god, what happened to her? She looks like a plastic surgeon got
horny and decided to use her as his blow up doll."

Tellix raised an eyebrow and said ",Alchemey."

Shar turned to her fiance. "You did this?"

"Yes. She can't think anymore except to recieve and give sexual
pleasure. Her body has reconfigured so that it is extremley sensitive,
especially in her erogenous zones. And, as you put it, to look like a
plastic surgeon got horny and made her look like a human fuck toy."

Shar stared sadly into Tellix's eyes so that she could see if he was
still sane. "You don't plan to do something like that to me do you?"

Tellix seemed repulsed at the idea. "God no. I love you. This was an
act of vengance, for what she did to us."

Shar looked at her once mighty mistress huddled in a corner
masturbating. Tellix had done it for them, for her. It was an incredible
concept. And it stirred in Shar something she thought was gone, a need for
physical pleasure driven by emotional want. She slammed Tellix against the
wall and kissed him, probing her tongue into his mouth.

"I want you, magic or no magic. I want you now."

"But I thought you said the thought of sex made you sick."

"That's sex with anyone but you. Now get your pants off, I want you in

Tellix rushed to get undressed. However once his pants came off Natalia
went hysterical. She pushed Shar out of the way and massaged Tellix's cock
with her hands, licking the sides of the shaft tenderly.

Shar hit Natalia from behind, flooring the sextoy. The mercenary jumped
into her fiance's arms and lifted the hem of the robe she was wearing to
expose her naked sex. Tellix lowered her onto his cock, allowing the hard
tool to slide into her already moist cunt. She groaned in satisfaction as
the two lovers thrust their hips in a rythym both had once feared lost.



Shar and Tellix eventually made their way back to Tellix's fortress in
the dark mountains. On the way there they made love many more times, which
is why a normal week long journey took them a month. Along the way they
were married in one of the more technologically advanced cities.

Once they made it home they found that Zola had left them a wedding
present, Natalia. They locked her up in a special room where her pent up
sexual energy could be released only when they wanted, often when they had
a guest over or had a desire to participate in a three-way.

No longer a wizard, most of Tellix's time was spent on alchemey. Since
he was very skilled at it the couple found all their needs provided by his
chemicals, and the chemicals provided by mail and Zola's occasional gifts.
When Tellix wasn't playing with chemicals he was helping his wife try to
overcome her ordeals at the hands of Natalia. (The process often involved
beating Natalia in some fashion and then exorcising Shar's pain by
re-enacting the scenario with Tellix as one of Natalia's male patrons.
Somehow the pain of being forced to pretend to be a ballerina that did
ellaborate dance routines involving anal impalement wasn't so bad when the
cock reaming her ass was Tellix's.)

Shar no longer lived the life of a mercenary, content to be a housewife.
True, she was a housewife that enjoyed an abnormal amount of sex in the
process of cleaning her home, but that was her life and she reveled in it.
(And truth be told, Natalia was forced to do most of the cleaning anyway.)



Done, done, done. I've finally finished it. This is the second to last
erotic story I have planned for this strange world of technology and magic
(which I have dubbed the Broken World). Just one more about what finally
happens to Clara and Peter and then I'm done. I was going to do another
story about how the Queen of Thice is turned into a whore, and for a while
it seemed possible that I would collaborate, but things fell through and I
grew tired with the story. (If anyone else would like to write it I could
send you my notes and you could go from there. Just e-mail me.)

After I do the last Wolf story and then finish up the IYA series I'm
done writing erotic fiction. Oh sure, I might jot down some notes, but
unless I really have to, and I mean have to, I doubt I'll ever write on
again. (The IYA series won't get done for at least a couple years, so
don't worry about my retirement yet. But considering it takes me three
months to write a story that means I'll probably be retiring after three or
four more stories. Actually, I have no clue why anyone would notice that
I've retired unless they read this. Stupid ego.)

As for my normal author's notes: If you've read my other stories then
you've no doubt noticed a lot of characters from the Wolf series. What
they talk about seems to be a sequel of sorts to the Magician's Wolf.
Well, kind of. When the next wolf story comes out it will take place
concurrently with this one. So events that are only touched on in this
story will be explained in the next wolf story, which I haven't titled yet.
But you know it's going to have "wolf" somewhere in it. Maybe "Wolf's
Bane" or "The Witch and the Wolf". Okay, yes, I will go out on a limb and
declare that it will be one of those two.

Also, this story isn't proofread like most of my other stuff. I'll get
around to it, before I repost it next. I promise.

feedback is appreciated. Send comments to...

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