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Hi there everyone...just a little foreword for this story. I wanted to thank you
all for the nice response I received on my last couple of stories, especially
the rather twisted tale of Dr. Specten in ĎDisembodied Vengeanceí. I was
remarking to a friend the other day how ironic it is that the darker, more
gruesome stories receive the most attention. *shrugs* Anyway, I had only
intended to make Specten a one-shot deal, but since you guys like the evil
mad scientist bit so much, you can rest assured he will pop up now and
again. For now, enjoy this tale, a somewhat lighter, more subtle yet no less
diabolical story. Itís written from the point of a person reading his email.
Story: "Correspondence"

Subject: Jack is a total creep!!!
Date: Wed, 18 Oct, 2000 18:22:07 -1000
From: cynthia_p@guessnet.com
To: j_darksong@bellsouth.net

Dear James,
I canít believe you talked me into going out on a date with this total loser!
What a joke! I know he is a good friend of yours from college and all, but I
mean REALLY! What did I ever do to you to deserve being saddled up with
such a "Gomer"? He took me out on a date, not to a fancy restaurant, not even
out to a local steak house, but to McDonaldís of all places! He even ordered
for me, like I was some kind of kid that didnít even know what I wanted.
Donít get me wrong, James. I an not a snob, you know that about me. I
mean, yeah, I dress pretty well, I keep my long strawberry hair well styled, and
my face modestly decorated in the lightest of makeup. Iím the first to admit Iím
no beauty queen, but we both know I have the looks of a model. Your friend
Chris, however, was more like a reject from a freak convention! Just try and
picture us on this so-called date: me, standing there in my red satin blouse,
the revealing one that accentuates my 38DDís in that way you always liked, my
short crimson skirt, showing just enough of my shapely thighs to tickle your
imagination to what lies beneath, leading down my flesh-toned, nylon-covered
legs, to my feet, encased in those killer three-inch red stiletto heels, or the
"fuck-me" pumps, as you always called them. A real hot picture, huh?
Then imagine how I feel when Christopher picks me up dressed in a pair of
blue jeans, a faded black Metallica T-shirt, and wearing a White Sox hat
backwards on his head. James, I like the grunge look now and again, hell
Iíve DONE the grunge look before once or twice, but NOT when trying to
impress my date for the first time! Well, I was too shocked at his appearance
to even turn him down and walk away, and I ended up climbing into his little
Hyundai Miata without even realizing it. *sigh* To make things even worse,
we had absolutely nothing in common, from his taste in music, to his thoughts
on good literature, to even basic foods choices. I wanted to talk to him about
his thoughts on the newest Dean Koontz novel, but the last book he could
recall reading was The cat In The Hat, back in the sixth grade! Ugh. Total
loser. When we finally returned home he tried to kiss me goodnight. Hah!
As if! I told him to close his eyes and pucker up, waiting until he did to slam
the door in his face! For all I know heís still standing outside kissing the
wooden framework.
James, I consider you a friend, and a close one. Iíve known you since back
before you became a famous writer, back when you were just a regular guy
posting stories on the Internet. I like you, really. But right now, I am considering
killing you. REALLY considering killing you. You set me up with the worst
blind date in history. If you werenít such a good friend, Iíd tell you to kiss off,
but considering that youíre famous, and you send me copies of your new novels
for free, I guess I can let it slide. Just this once. Oh well, talk to you later.


Subject: Why did I let you talk me into this again?
Date: Sat, 21 Oct, 2000 02:31:07 -1000
From: cynthia_p@guessnet.com
To: j_darksong@bellsouth.net

Dear James,

Why do I listen to you? What could have possibly possessed me to listen to
your crazy advice yet again? After your long heartfelt reply, I felt obliged to give
Jack a second chance. I do have to admit, grudgingly, that he is not the total creep
I first thought him to be...but he is pretty close. He explained about the little mix-up
with the clothing before, when we talked over the phone, and promised that this time
heíd dress more appropriately. He also explained that he had been a little short of
cash that week, thus the cheap meal at McDonaldís. So naturally I was expecting
a better date this time. I thought to myself, maybe James is right about this guy,
maybe he is alright after all. Maybe I just have to give him a chance. This in mind,
I dressed up again, dazzlingly, in my powder blue dress with matching heels, only
to be picked up by Mr. Grunge Rock himself, this time sporting the old "Miami
Vice" look, with a gray flannel jacket over a navy blue T-shirt, and khakis, even
down to the deck shoes with no socks. If that was his idea of dressing up, I would
hate to see him when he decides to "slum it".
Again, I was about to tell him off and go back inside, but he talked to me
a while...a long while, I think. Iím not quite sure, it was all a bit fuzzy. But anyway,
he convinced me to go out on the date anyway, since we were already there and
the reservations had been made. So we went to the local steak house, where he
AGAIN ordered for me. I remember being somewhat upset at the time, but we
talked it over a bit, and I realized he was just being a gentleman. I let it go
without making a big fuss, although I made it clear I liked to order for myself.
Dinner was surprisingly good, considering the price, and the small talk between
us this time was much better. He was still boring, so boring that I actually nodded
off while he was talking in the dessert. *giggle* Still, he wasnít too bad a guy. I
thought I might grow to actually like him, in time. Just as a friend, of course. He
was cute but not my type. On the trip back home, he again tried to kiss me, and
again I slammed the door on him. The guy was hopeless. Why did I let you talk
me into dating him again? Heís an okay guy I guess, but donít you have any HOT
friends you could introduce me to? I am looking for my Prince Charming, not the
stable boy.
Well, James, itís late. Even though it was tedious, the date lasted longer than
I had expected. Iím getting up early tomorrow to go shopping for some new
clothes, so I need some sleep. Iíve recently had a taste for something a little
more daring in my wardrobe. Donít worry, Iíll send you some pics of myself in
my new clothes, I know youíll flip for them. Later, old friend.


Subject: Thanks for the compliment!!
Date: Thur, 26 Oct, 2000 19:09:22 -1000
From: cynthia_p@guessnet.com
To: j_darksong@bellsouth.net

Dear James,

Tee hee! Thanks for your lovely gushing words of praise! It made me feel so
tingly all over reading your replies to the pictures I sent. Sorry it took so long to
write you back, but its been a really busy week! Jack and I---hey I guess I should
back up a bit. A lot has changed since my last email. Jack and I are an "item" now!
Isnít that just so weird? *giggle* Now I know I said before about him being a nice
guy and all but not what I was looking for, that he was "best friend material". boy
was I ever wrong! The day after I made up my mind to just be friends with him,
he gave me a call, saying he wanted to meet me and talk a bit, face to face. I
donít know why I did it, to be honest, Ďcause I like totally wasnít into him back
then. Maybe I felt guilty about leaving him high and dry, and he was just sooooo
persuasive on the phone, it was like I couldnít say NO, ya know? Anyway we
met and talked face to face...I donít even remember what we talked about, but
one thing led to another and out of nowhere he kissed me. Whoa! I donít think
I can fully describe to you the sensation. It was kinda like being shocked with
that electric stuff, only in a good way, yanno? It made me feel all tingly inside.
When he finally broke the kiss, it was like I was under his spell yanno? I was so
hot and horny from that one kiss that I just pulled him to me, so hard we fell off
the couch onto the floor! Which is where we stayed for the next hour or two,
if you catch my meaning, LOL.
Anyway, ever since then weíve been going out and stuff, pretty regularly. The
more time I spend with him, the more I realize he is such a totally hotty! Its hard
to believe I never noticed it before. I mean, when I look up into that cute face,
those smoldering gray eyes of his, that wild mousy brown hair, and when he
smiles at me with that crooked grin of his...oh I just melt! And his taste in clothes
is improving too! Yesterday he had on the coolest acid-washed ACDC shirt, and
a gnarly pair of stylishly ripped jeans that was soo trendy I went out and bought
a matching pair myself! You know me, James, never one to be outdone in the
fashion scene. Still, my so-called friends and co-workers are like so behind the
times, they just donít seem to be able to grasp my style. Bunch of losers. If I
didnít need this stinking job to like, make money and stuff, Iíd tell them all to
just kiss my ass. Oh well, treating my guy to McDonaldís every day takes cash,
so I have to just put up with it.
Weíre going out to the movies in a little bit, catching a late Swartzenegger movie at the dollar theater. End of...um...something. I dunno, Iím really not into action and
fighting movies and stuff, but Jack loves it, and he tells me its good. He should know,
heís seen it about twenty-one times so far, LOL Well you know what they say,
boys will be boys. Oh well, Iím like signing off now. I need to run to the store
and pick up some more blue eyeshadow, the case I bought last week is all
used up! And I canít go outside dressed only in my white see-through silken
blouse, my ultra-short mini-skirt, fishnet stockings, and red satin 5 inch heels!
What would people think? I mean, a girl just isnít ready without a generous
helping of sexy war paint to drive her man wild! Tee hee! Iíll see ya later,
James. Ta ta!


Subject: Jack IS a total creep after all!!!
Date: Sat, 28 Oct, 2000 12:03:45 -1000
From: cynthia_p@guessnet.com
To: j_darksong@bellsouth.net
Oh God what have I done!
James, I think Iíve made a terrible mistake! In a moment of clarity, I have realized
just how fast things have been going between Jack and I. I mean, what is up with me
anyway? Itís like Iím a freaking lunatic all of s sudden, like being near him transforms
me into some kind of sexually charged bimbo or something! I dunno why I am freaking
out and all, its just that I asked Jack to move in with me yesterday, which of course he
did, making himself totally at home. But then the sweet sexy man I have come to know
and love changed on me! He wanted me to become---get this!---his sex slave!
I donít know why it took me so long to recognize him for what he is, a manipulative
controlling bastard! Heís somehow remade me into his perfect image of a woman, and
Iíd all but embraced it! I woke up alone this morning, feeling kind of strange, and went
to the bathroom to wash up, when I saw myself in the mirror. I mean REALLY saw
myself. It was like looking into the mirror for the first time. I didnít even recognize
myself under all the layers of makeup and eyeshadow, with all the little body piercings
in my nipples and my privates! I mean, well I remember doing all that, getting them
done, and putting on the makeup, but its like I wasnít me! I donít know how to
explain. Itís like he cast a spell on me or something, to get close to me, and I only
now have awoken from it. I guess I am just lucky I came to my senses when I did
or else I might have agreed to the sex slave thing! Rotten bastard. Iíll give him a
piece of my mind when he gets back here later this afternoon. Sex slave, indeed! I
outta toss his sorry but right out of here!
Oh shit! I hear his car pulling into the driveway now! As soon as he comes in
here we are going to have it out once and for all. I am tired of all this bullshi

Subject: I really must apologize.
Date: Sat, 28 Oct, 2000 12:59:57 -1000
From: cynthia_p@guessnet.com
To: j_darksong@bellsouth.net

Dearest James,

I am sorry for the last post I sent you. I accidentally pushed the SEND button
in the middle of typing. Had I been in a clearer state of mind, I never would have,
yanno, sent it at all. Boy, you must really think me a big goofball. Iím sorry to have
sounded so crazy, I was just overreacting. Jack came in right before I sent the email
to you, and at first I got all ornery with him and started cursing him out. Silly me.
But my Jack was a perfect angel, listing to me rant and rave and all, then he just
calmly sat me down and explained to me what was really going on, how things were
gonna be. Damn, but I love it when my man is forceful with me! It makes my pussy tingle just thinking about him commanding me to do something! Oh, sorry Iím a
little bit distracted as I write but Iíll try and keep it together till I tell ya the news.
Jack was a real sweetheart, explaining about the slave girl thingie. When he
told me so clearly and calmly what it was all about, it was like all my fears just
evapor...evaop...like they just went away, yanno? Tee hee! The more he like
talked, the better the idea sounded. I mean, why should I fight it anyway, I have
been like his total sex kitten from that first kiss so long ago...when was that anyway?
It seems like it was years ago...oh never mind. Distracted again. Its kinda hard
to write when my loving masterful Jack is playing with my clitty while I type. Hard
to think a little when he does that but he helps me with the words and stuff. Mmmm.
Okay. Jack...Oops, I mean Master says I need to wrap this up and head
into the bedroom now. I just wanted to apologize for going off the deep end in that
last letter, and to tell you that Master Jack and I have totally patched things up
again. Iíve never been a...hmmm? okay Master...I have never been a cock-sucking
little pussy whore before...so I only hope I can please my sweetheart and make him
feel glad he chose me for this honor. Iíll keep in touch with you as much as I can,
Master says my free time is going to decre...um...decr...um go away and stuff. But
since you are my close friend and junk Iíll still talk to ya and let you know whatís
going on. Tee hee! Thanks for listening.


Subject: You will NOT believe it!!!
Date: Mon, 30 Oct, 2000 20:05:39 -1000
From: cynthia_p@guessnet.com
To: j_darksong@bellsouth.net

Greetings, Master James!

Wow. You are not going to believe what just happened to me! This humble slave
came home from work like she normally does, ready to strip and serve her most
adored Master, when she was given a surprise. Master Jack agreed to marry me!
Oh, you could have knocked this little cunt slave over with a feather! Tears poured
down my face as this girl dropped to her knees, kissing his feet and weeping in thanks.
And He didnít even kick me away or discipline me for being so emotional, He
let me have my moment. Finally, when this girl was all cried out with joy, He
picked her up and commanded me to kiss him deeply, which this little slave
girl did with much pleasure! Master Jack then celebrated by fucking the ever
loving shit out of His new bride-to-be. Tee hee! This girl still glows from the
pleasure. Master allowed me to email You and tell You the good news, as You,
dear Master James, were the One that brought us together in the first place,
and You are my closest and dearest friend.
Oh God, my slave heart still beats with amazement. This slut is soooo unworthy of
such an honor, yet Master made it clear that He desires me, that He feels love for
the worthless little cunt that i am! How could this girl not say yes? Even if she was
foolish and stupid enough to say No, her Master could just command her to say
Yes anyway. Tee hee! This slave LOVES the way Master Jack leaves her no
choices in anything, and she creams herself every time He honors her with a rare
trip to McDonaldís and orders for her. Oh, Heís sooo sexy when He takes command
of me. That is why this little cock-sucker so looks forward to marrying Him. In the
public eye, we will be man and wife, but in our own private life we will be Master
and slave, now and forever! If she had a choice, this slave would not have it any
other way. *grins*
This girl does have a few minor concerns, however, and it shames her that she has
such unworthy thoughts about her Lord and Master. Master has informed His slave
that she is His first and most beloved, but that some day He may become bored, and
take another girl as His slave as well. And that any other girls He takes will have to
share Him with me...and even to share themselves with *me* as well. Master would
make me into a lesbian slut as well! Only being taught that jealousy is unbecoming
to a little sex slut like me kept me from voicing my unworthy opinion. As much of
a slave as this girl is, sometimes she still has strange thoughts, thoughts of resisting
her loving Master, of trying to flee and escape. She knows this is silly, that it is only
nerves, but such thoughts are unsettling. This little slut wishes they would go away,
and let her think only of pleasing Master Jack. Perhaps she should tell Him, and
see if He can make those bad thoughts go away.
Oh, she sees that Master is stirring from His bed now. Itís time for His little
pussy slut to pleasure Him again. Tee hee! This unworthy tramp wanted You
to hear the news, Master James, and hopes that You might be able to make it
down here for the wedding. It will be the week before Thanksgiving, which will
be terribly busy for most people, but still this slut begs that You at least consider
being here for her happiest day. This slave wishes You well, Master James.


Subject: Dude, thanks from the bottom of my heart!
Date: Tue, 31 Oct, 2000 17:11:01 -1000
From: jack_thehack@new-wave.com
To: j_darksong@bellsouth.net

Yo, James, dude!!

Like, total thanks for setting me up with this Cynthia chick, and thanks for the
advice on how to keep her! I must admit, I was totally blown away when I first
laid eyes on her, and she was so totally babe-a-licious! Still, she didnít seem to
go with my, like, whole rocker rebel look, yanno? After that first date, I thought
sheíd never talk to me again. If you hadnít shared with me the secret of how to
open her up, Iíd still be a SWM, yanno? Single White Male, Hahahaha. Whoa,
that was like cool yanno?
Anyways, I just wanted to thank you. I wasnít sure why you thought it so
important that I wake her up out of the spell that Saturday morning before I left,
it seems kinda cruel and heartless to give her back her own mind, yet keep
control over her. Still, it seemed to do the trick, yanno, letting her get all her
anger and rage out in one big burst. It like totally took all the fight outta her when
I finally turned her back ON again. After that, she didnít fight the control as much.
Dude, you are the MAN! I guess Iím glad you gave her to me, yanno, even though
Iíd think a girl like this you would want to hold onto. But I guess you are right about
only needing one woman for yourself, and having your hands full as it is. Glad you
helped a brother-man out though.
Iím kinda bummed that you and yer slave Shelley wonít be able to make it
here for the wedding. It would have been so kewl to meet the original Master
in person, yanno? But I think weíll both enjoy the wedding gifts you sent us. I
opened the one marked NOW as soon as it arrived, and I think Iíll take your
advice and get the collar engraved now, before the ceremony. And Iím sure all
the other bondage stuff will come in handy on the honeymoon, hehehe. Thanks
again for your help, dude; letting me know her feelings and stuff through her
messages to you really helped. Well, she should be getting home from work
any time now, and its about dinner time. Iím kinda tired of McDonaldís so
for a change weíre going to Taco Bell. See ya later dude. Keep in touch.

Your amigo for life!

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