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DISCLAIMERS -------------------------

This story contains scenes of an erotic and/or controversial nature, and
is not intended for the perusal of minors. Further if perusal of such
material is considered illegal in your area or immoral by your religion or
personal beliefs, you should likewise bypass this story. This material is
strictly for fantasy and is an original work of fiction, which involves sex
between adults.

This story remains the property of the author. Permission is granted to
download, photocopy, copy, archive and repost so long as any such action
contains these disclaimers, and no attempt is made to profit from this

Author's note:

Unfortunately no part of this story is true and to the best of my
knowledge no place like this exists in St. Barts or any other Country.
This is strictly a fantasy. This story was going to be a short story but I
was having too much fun with it so it was converted to be a longer one. I
know some area's do not meet the single party rules (I, me, she etc.) but
it could not be helped. Enjoy it.

Craig's Scuba Dive in St. Barts (M/F Cons, Anal,) Part 1 of 1 by Sammie
My name is Craig, I am married to the best woman on earth, and we
decided to go to St. Barts for our 10-year Wedding Anniversary
Celebration. During our trip, I took a scuba diving adventure on my own and
this is the story about what happened to me during that dive trip. First,
a little about myself, I am 31 years old, 6 ft, weigh about 150 lbs., with
short blonde hair and I try to keep myself in shape. I do enjoy eating but
then again who doesn't.

Craig and his wife stayed at a beautiful but expensive hotel for 7 days
in Gustavia on the Island of Saint Barthelemy. Craig's wife does not scuba
dive so she told Craig that since the hotel's scuba program is very
expensive, that he should go into town to use an off property dive shop.
Craig told his wife goodbye and told her that he would be back in time to
join her for dinner. Craig's wife told him to have a great time diving.
So Craig rented a bicycle from the hotel to head into town. Craig searched
all over town for a dive shop but couldn't locate one, so he decided to
stop into a small store to ask someone for help. The woman behind the
counter, as St. Barts is French, barely spoke English, but Craig pointed
to his dive equipment and all the woman could do was point to an alley then
said see Francine.

Craig got back on the bicycle to go down the alley, where he finally saw
a small sign with a dive flag logo and the name Francine's under it. He
went into the store and behind the counter was the most stunning French
woman with the most beautiful features that he has ever seen. She was
about 23 years old, 5 ft 8 ", weight guess at 90 to 95 lbs., with small
breasts, he would guess 34B's in size but her nipples were a little long.
They were poking out of her white tube top bikini she was wearing with a
white matching thong bathing suit bottom. Her jet-black hair was shoulder
length and he was silently praying this was Francine.

She introduced herself as Francine and asked what she could do for me?
Craig asked her about going scuba diving today and Francine told him that
she had a group cancel their dive, so she could take him out this morning
for scuba diving. Francine then asked Craig, if he was a certified diver
and Craig presented his C-Card to Francine. Francine noticed that Craig
had a high dive rating with a cave dive classification on it. Craig asked
her how much and Francine said that it would be 250 francs or $ 50.00 US
for a standard dive or because of his cave classification she could take
him to an underwater cave for 525 francs or $ 110. US.

When Craig paid Francine the $110. she told him that the dive spot is
off St. Martin and it should take them about 1.5 hours to get there on her
cabin cruiser. Craig told Francine that he had all the time in the world.
Craig was thinking that his wife may be the best woman in the world but in
front of him is the finest looking woman in the world. Craig was looking
forward to spending 3 hours plus the dive time with Francine on her cabin
cruiser. Francine told Craig that all the equipment was on board the boat.

Before they left the store, right in front of Craig, Francine reached
for her tube top, then quickly removed it, and then she reached over for a
tank top located on the counter that had a pretty dive scene with the name
of Francine's Dive shop printed on it. Craig got a very nice peek at
Francine's breasts and her longer then average nipples. Francine told
Craig that she always wears the dive shirt outside the store for
advertising. Craig could not believe how casual Francine was about
changing in front of him but then again St. Barts was French, so he was
looking forward to any other surprises this beauty had in mind for him
during the dive. They walked a few blocks to the dock where Francine's
dive boat was located.

The dive boat was a 32-ft cabin cruiser with the name "Another Dive by
Francine". They both boarded the boat and took off to St. Martin. In the
loose tank top her tits kept popping around within his view so Craig was
having trouble keeping his penis from expanding the Speedo bathing suit he
was wearing. After they got outside the break wall Francine took the tank
top off and told Craig that since he is on board as a customer, she no
longer needs to advertise. Craig wanted to say, with the nice set of tits that you have, you don't need a shirt to advertise, and instead he just
said that he agreed with her. Here Craig was, on a 32-ft cabin cruiser
with a beautiful french girl now just wearing her thong bathing suit
bottom, what could be better then this? His question was answered when
Francine asked him to rub some sun lotion on her back. Francine told Craig
where the sun lotion was located and told Craig to bring back on deck 2
bottles of water along with the lotion.

Craig brought the water up and then started rubbing in the sun lotion.
The sun was warm and the water was calm. Craig was real careful rubbing
the lotion on Francine's back; he didn't want Francine to think he was some
American sex pervert. Francine then answered Craig's question by telling
him to start on her front, making sure that he covers her breasts. Since
Francine had to wear a scuba tank on her back, she told Craig that she
couldn't afford having the top half of her body sun burnt. So he started
rubbing the front of her body making sure to massage the lotion into her
breasts and then using his thumb and finger Craig played with her long
nipple, first on the left breast then the right breast. Craig's Speedo was
getting in his way of his now raising 9-inch penis. Francine let out a
small moan. Nothing much more happened on the boat for the rest of the
trip to St. Martin.

During the boat ride, Francine told Craig that the dive business was a
graduation gift from her parents. Since she was raised on St. Barts, her
parents wanted Francine to stay on St. Barts so they gave her the dive
business. She was happy that her family let her run the business, because
she could do anything she wanted and she got to meet a lot of great people.
Her parents owned some major hotels on St. Barts and other Islands in the
Caribbean, so they were quit wealthy. Her business was very successful
because her parents were able to control the number of dive shops that
opened on the Island.

They got to the area of the dive site and Francine told Craig the name
of the place they were going to dive to was the Mystical Mud caves and the
depth would be 75 ft. Francine continued that Craig will soon learn where
the name came from. Francine helped Craig with his dive gear, as she was
placing the crotch strap buckle on him, she made sure to touch his penis.
Craig then helped Francine with her dive gear and he repeated the process
but instead he moved her thong over to slip a finger in and out of her
pussy. She was wet and Craig knew that this was going to be the best dive
ever. Francine told Craig that they have to get going and that the water
should cool him down.

They both jumped off the boat with Francine and Craig meeting at the
20-foot level to check each other over, all was ok. The water was warm and
the visibility very was approx.100 ft in either direction. The fish were
beautiful but Craig kept looking at Francine's nipples, which were getting
more pointed as the water was getting cooler on the way down to 75 ft.
Francine saw the opening to the cave and led Craig in. They got into the
cave and Francine gave the signal to raise, Craig looked at her funny
because normally in a cave, there is a rock wall above your head. Francine
repeated the signal and started rising herself, so Craig followed. They
came up into a huge opening in the cave with rocks located on both sides of
it. Francine lifted herself onto some rock and then helped Craig up on to
the rock. Francine helped Craig off with his scuba equipment, again making
sure to brush his penis and Craig helped Francine off with her equipment
rubbing her pussy in the process. The dive gear was left on the rocks.

As Francine was telling Craig to remove his Speedo bathing suit and then
to follow her into the cave, she started removing her thong. Craig could
not believe that she wanted him to remove his bathing suit but what the
heck, this should be fun, so even though he had an erection he removed his
Speedo. Craig followed Francine's nice ass cheeks over but before she
turned around, he noticed that her pussy was shaved. Craig wished his wife would shave her pussy but she was old fashioned when it came to that, she
was good in the sack and all but sometimes he wondered about her doing
things that pleased him. Francine was walking with Craig following her,
when all of a sudden she took a giant leap into what looked like mud.
Francine came up all covered in mud and told Craig that it is ok for him to
jump in with her. Craig jumped in and went over to where Francine was in
the mud pool. Craig grasped Francine and gave her a big kiss, then
Francine's mouth opened to allow Craig's tongue to meet hers. Craig then
took the mud and started rubbing Francine's tits. Just like he did with
the sun lotion, but this time he was using the mud, to start massaging her

For some reason Craig was attracted to Francine's longer then average
nipples, so he immediately started sucking on her left nipple, then her
right nipple making sure to suck her nipple into his mouth. With his arms
wrapped around Francine, he continued to lick and suck her nipples.

Craig was getting hornier then anything and couldn't understand why he
was so excited. While his hands went down to Francine's pussy, Francine
hands went down to his 9-inch penis. Francine started masturbating Craig's
penis with the mud, the feeling was great but Craig was wondering why he
couldn't come. Francine's pussy was wet, but it was hard for Craig to
stick his finger in her pussy hole. Craig then tried her asshole, and his
finger slipped in easier there. Craig's one hand was at her asshole while
his other hand with mid on it was massaging her breasts. Meanwhile
Francine started gently and slowly kissing and licking Craig's ear and mud
covered neck. Craig noticed that the mud had no smell and did not taste
bad. He asked Francine about the mud and Francine told him it was magic.
Francine explained that the Mystical Mud cave mud allows you to hold off
from an orgasm and makes you hornier then you could imagine.

Craig decided that he 9-inch penis needed a home, so he tried and was
now successful in getting his penis into Francine's mud encased pussy.
While standing in the mud with Francine, Craig pumped away into Francine's
pussy but couldn't come. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't come.
Craig noticed that Francine was getting very excited and was also trying
with out success to have an orgasm. Craig wished he could take this mud
home with him, he would ask Francine about it later. Francine then placed
a mud- encased finger into Craig's asshole and start reaming his ass with
her finger. Craig decided to follow Francine's performance on him so he
placed his mud-encased finger into her asshole. Then he started reaming
her asshole, meanwhile his other hand was rubbing away at her tits and he
liked playing with her longer then average nipples.

Francine was also getting very horny and noticed that Craig needed to
come as much as she did. Francine told Craig that they have to get out of
the mud in order to have an orgasm, so Craig carried Francine out of the
mud and onto the rock. Mud was everywhere on their bodies with every inch
of their body covered with mud on it. To rinse off all the mud, Francine
then ran to the water and jumped in with Craig following her. As soon as
the two of them rinsed the mud off their bodies, Craig had Francine lay
down on the rock, then brought his head to her pussy. Craig's tongue went
to work quickly on Francine's clitoral hood until he located her clit.
While he was given Francine's clit a tongue bath, she started moving over
to Craig's penis to start her own sucking action. They were both side by
side in a "69" position locked in an oral lovemaking session.

Craig felt that Francine and he were close to coming, so he quickly
mounted her still wet pussy. Like two dogs in heat Francine and Craig went
at it. As Craig was plowing into Francine's pussy, he noticed that
Francine's breasts were getting a little inflamed and her nipple's were
getting harder, he knew she was close to an orgasm. Francine and Craig
started French kissing, tongues were touching tongues when Craig started
squirting his liquid come into Francine's pussy. Francine started shaking
her body and then tightened her pussy around Craig's 9-inch penis almost
sucking him in to his balls. They both came in unison, screaming and
yelling out. The moans and groans of their shouts were echoing through out
the caves.

Craig could not believe how hard he came, he never had an orgasm like
this in his entire life with a female, let alone having sex with one as
beautiful as Francine. Francine jumped off Craig and went for a quick swim
with Craig joining her in the water. They splashed and played in the water
like they were long lost lovers. Craig told Francine he was horny again
and wanted her body again. Francine got out of the water and laid back
down on the rock. Craig started licking at her hairless pussy, he loved
the feeling of screwing and licking a hairless pussy. As he was licking
her outer pussy lips, he made sure that one of his fingers of one hand were
rubbing her clit, while his fingers on his other hand were in and out of
her asshole.

Craig could tell that Francine was getting excited again, so he turned
her over to start licking and lubing her asshole, meanwhile he moved his
fingers to take over going in and out of her pussy. Francine was going
wild, moving all over the rock, she loved having Craig's fingers in her
pussy and his tongue in her asshole. Craig thought that Francine was
excited enough for him to now mount her asshole. Very slowly he pushed his
9-inch penis to his balls entering into Francine's asshole that was opening
up to accept his penetration, her sphincter muscles must have been very
relaxed because all 9-inches of his penis went into her rectum. First
Craig came spewing his semen into Francine's bowel then Francine started
coming, moving her hips to meet Craig's penis. Craig looked at Francine to
notice that his semen was now coming out of both her holes. They both
collapsed onto the rock where they rested a few minutes before getting
ready for the dive back. As Craig was putting his Speedo back on and
Francine was putting on her thong, she told Craig that the reason she had
him leave his Speedo off, was that the mud didn't come off clothes very
easy and how would he explain it to his wife. Craig gave Francine a weird
look but didn't say anything, Craig didn't wear a wedding ring and he never
mentioned that he was married. He figured that Francine must have assumed
that he was married.

On the dive trip back up to the surface, the two came up from 75 ft very
slowly, the last thing they wanted was to get sick or have any problems
from coming up to fast. So at the 50 ft safety stop, Craig removed his
regulator from his mouth and started sucking her long nipples again.
Francine leaned her back, allowing Craig greater access to her nipples. At
the 25 ft safety stop, Francine removed her regulator then moved Craig's
scuba straps to allow her access to start sucking on his penis, she knew
Craig was close to coming but stopped and left him hard. Craig was going
crazy, he needed to shoot another load but Francine stopped sucking on his
penis, soon he found out why. Francine moved her scuba equipment straps,
to access her thong, then to expose her pussy she moved the piece of
material over and then mounted Craig's erect penis.

At 25 ft the two were floating like and with the fishes each mounted at
the other's groin area. They were screwing in a totally suspended state.
To suck in as much air as possible, Craig & Francine were both sucking on
their own regulator's mouthpiece so hard that they were getting a
screeching noise from the regulator. This noise is a warning sign from the
equipment that the diver is breathing too heavy. They disregarded the
warning and both divers came to orgasm releasing their mouthpieces to start
yelling into the water. A quick kiss was exchanged and the mouthpieces
were quickly replaced. When Francine and Craig separated from their
lovemaking session, Francine noticed that Craig's semen was floating from
her pussy up to the surface.

Francine then looked at the air pressure gauges on the tanks and noticed
that their air was down to 400 psi, it was time for them to start heading
up to the surface. They both broke the surface and started to remove their
scuba equipment for placement on the swim platform of the cabin cruiser.
Craig told Francine this was the best scuba dive he had ever completed and
Francine told Craig she was glad to be of service. The scuba equipment was
stowed and to lift the anchor off the bottom, Francine used the automatic
anchor winch. It was about 4:30 p.m., so the boat was started and the two
scuba divers headed back to the dock.

On the way back, Craig asked Francine about her shaved pussy and if it
hurt her to shave it. Francine told Craig that it doesn't take long to
shave her pussy, and if you are careful not to cut your sensitive parts
then it doesn't hurt. Francine then asked him, if he would like to see his
wife's pussy shaved? Again, Craig looked at her funny, thinking why does
she keep bringing his wife up, but Craig just said yes, it would be nice to
have sex with my wife with her pussy shaved like yours is. Craig then
asked about the mud and if people have brought the mud up to the surface?
Francine told Craig that yes, divers have brought the mud up to the
surface, but for some reason when it gets exposed to the air, all of the
mystical powers are lost. The rest of the trip was uneventful, Francine
piloted the boat back to the dock and Craig helped her dock the boat.

Prior to departing from the boat, Francine and Craig exchanged a long
kiss, with Craig giving Francine's long nipple's a quick tweaking and then
to walk back to her dive shop Francine placed her tank top back on. They
left the dock holding hands. In the dive shop Francine took her tank top
off to put the tube top back on and then handed the tank top to Craig.
Francine told Craig that this was his souvenir to remind him of today's
dive with Francine's Dive shop. Craig thanked Francine for the tank top
and the great day. She told him that he was welcome, but it was just part
of the service. With that last comment, Craig looked at Francine funny but
since he was starving, Craig decided to leave. He rode the bicycle back to
the hotel to meet his wife for dinner.

As Craig drove into the hotel, he was hoping that his wife would be
ready to go out for dinner. When Craig entered their room, his wife yelled
out from the bathroom to him, how was the scuba dive trip? Did anything
exciting happen? Craig yelled back to his wife that the trip was great,
that he got to see a lot of fish and stuff. Otherwise nothing excited
happened. Craig told his wife that he was starved and asked her if she was
getting ready for dinner. As his wife was coming out of the bathroom, she
said, Craig, I think you may want to skip dinner, we can eat each other
honey and with that she came out of the bathroom with a very sexy sheer
white teddy outfit, that highlighted her breasts and pussy. Craig's eyes
couldn't believe the sight of his wife in the teddy and he went over to
give her a big hug and kiss. Craig asked his wife if he could take a
closer look at her in the teddy, so his wife turned around a couple of
times for Craig to look at her body.

Craig noticed that through the share material of the teddy that her
pussy was shaved, so he asked her about it. His wife responded that
Francine called her after their dive and told her how much Craig enjoyed
screwing Francine's hairless pussy, so while you were bicycling home, I was
shaving my pussy. Craig gave his wife of 10-years a strange look and asked
her, how Francine got their phone number. His wife yelled out, I

The end.

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