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crossingthelinepart1 2


*This is an adult lesbian story, including extreme sexual
situations among women, including fetishes and mind
control. If such things offend you, please read no further.
Reading is a voluntary act. Parents, take responsibility
for your children.*

(c)2002 Sara H

*This story is posted by permission of the author. Do not
post elsewhere, in part or in whole, without the express
permission of Sara H.*

---- ---- ---- ----

Crossing the Line
by Sara H

Categories: FF,MC,NC,cons

---- ---- ---- ----

Adrienne crept down the stairs, worrying with each step
that a creaky board would give her away. She could hear two
muted, soft voices as they spoke, sounding as if they were
coming from a couple of rooms away.

She wasn't skilled in the art of stealth, at least not
more than she learned from the spy games of her childhood.
Rather, she was getting a quick lesson thanks to the sense
of danger that was surrounding her like a blanket. It
wasn't intrigue, but the embarrassment of being caught that
was sounding alarm bells in her head.

As she descended, the words became clearer. "... and why
do you think that?" It was the voice of Lydia Chalmers, the
woman and neighbor whose house she was invading.

"There is nothing else to think," came the second voice.
Adrienne stopped herself from gasping. She recognized the
voice, but even though she knew Susan, her best friend from
second grade and all through college, she was not ready for
the reality of her presence here.

She had seen Lydia stop Susan a few times to talk when she
came over to visit, and at first it had seemed like simple
neighborly conversation. Over time, though, Susan was
hanging out less and less. Even that wasn't strange until
she noticed Susan's blue Miata parked down the street.

More than once.

And now, here was Adrienne, acting like a jealous
girlfriend, angry that Susan had been stolen from her. It
was stupid. But it was undeniable that she missed their
evenings together. They'd both had boyfriends from time to
time, but this was different. This was closer to home,
somehow. This was like stealing a sister.

She had kept watch, hoping despite the evidence that she
was wrong, but tonight it had been confirmed. Susan,
looking over at Adrienne's as if to be sure she wouldn't be
seen, came walking quickly down the street, up to Lydia's
door and let herself in.

*Let herself in.*

After that, things were a blur for Adrienne. She'd paced
and sputtered as her mind raced, and before she knew it,
she was storming over to Lydia's. Now here she was in her
neighbor's basement, spying on the two women, feeling both
guilty and betrayed.

The conversation continued. Adrienne realized that while
she stood remembering, nothing had been said.

"Look inside you now, for the source of your every
thought, every feeling. Who are you?" asked Lydia.

"I am that which thinks," came Susan's calm voice.

"That is what you are. I asked who you are. Who is it that
is thinking?"

"I am the sum of my experiences."

"Did you experience eating today?"


"What did you eat?"

"A garden salad."

"So you experienced a garden salad?"


"So if you are your experiences, are you a garden salad?"


"Is a garden salad part of who you are?"

"It affects who I am."

"If it affects who you are, is an experience something you
have, or something you *are*?"

"It is something I have."

"Who is the 'I' that has that experience."

There was a hesitation. "I am my soul."

"You say 'my soul'. Think carefully. It is a possessive
statement. Are you your soul, or do you *have* a soul?"

"I have a soul."

"Who is the 'I' that has a soul? Tell me."

There was an even longer pause. "I don't know."

"Very good. You don't know, do you? It's okay to not know."

"I don't know."

Adrienne could swear she heard a tiny spark of wonder in
Susan's voice.

"Are you Susan?"

"Susan is a name my conscious mind has."

"What is the conscious mind called Susan doing?"

"She is saving the world."


"She is keeping the lines from crossing."

"What lines?"

"The magical lines of existence. If they cross, the world

"Is she listening to us now?"

"No, the lines are too strong and it takes every last bit
of her attention to keep them from going astray."

"Why is she kneeling naked with her hands behind her head
and her chest jutting out?"

"It is the only way to align herself with the lines so
that she has the power to keep them from crossing."

"What else will she have to do?"

"She will have to be restrained so the lines do not pull
her away. She will have to wear and enjoy latex clothing so
that she is not damaged."

"So in the end, what is her deepest motivation for doing
these things?"

"To save the world."

"And saving the world will bring her pleasure, even sexual
pleasure, correct?"


"And the more things she has to do to save the world, no
matter how strange they appear at the outset, will bring
her pleasure beyond anything she can now imagine, yes?"


Adrienne crept closer as she listened to the bizarre words
until she was right beside the open door of the room where
the two women conversed.

Lydia continued. "How will she know an action will be part
of saving the world?"

"Lydia Chalmers will say, 'Obey,' and she will know."

"And how will Susan show Lydia she understands?"

"She will answer, 'Yes, Mistress,' and follow her

"Will she be aware consciously that she is saving the



"Because if she knows, the lines will be able to cross."

"So she will obey and feel the pleasure, have no choice,
have irresistible desire to obey Lydia and have no idea


"Very good. Are you your experiences?"

"I have experiences, they are not who I am."

"Are you your soul, your spirit?"

"I have a soul. I am not my soul."

"So how do you know you exist?"

"I think."

"You think, therefore you are?"


"Very good. When I tell you to begin, I want you to
concentrate on each breath you take. Do not think. Do not
think. Do not think. Then, when you hear me count to five,
you will not think, but listen. If you do not think, you do
not exist. My voice will give you existence. It is very
important that you listen. I will tell you who you are. You
already know what you are. Tell me what you are."

"I am that which lies beneath all that Susan is. I am the
core of Susan."

"What you are also will disappear if you do not think, do
not exist. I will tell you who and what you are in order
that you may continue to exist. Do you want to have the
puzzle of who and what you are solved? Do you want to
continue to exist?"


"Very good. Begin."

Adrienne stood listening to the strange conversation. She
was on the edge of screaming, but held her tongue. She felt
like a deer trapped in headlights, unable to move. She
didn't know what to think. Hypnosis? Some kind of strange
power? She couldn't keep her thoughts straight enough to
figure it out. She knew she should run, but she was also
fascinated. And something else, something she would never
have believed possible.

She was wet and aroused. It didn't feel like arousal, but
her panties were telling her something her mind would not.


Had Lydia counted the other numbers? Adrienne wasn't sure.

"Core of Susan has ceased to exist. You are now known as
'Property of Mistress Lydia.' You go by the name 'slave'.
Who you are, as you have discovered, is beyond the ability
to know in any way other than just knowing that you exist.
It is therefore beyond the ability to change. You exist.
That leaves what you are.

"You are that which controls Susan. Susan does not know
you control her, but you do. And as my property, I control
*you*. You exist for my well being and for my pleasure.
When you please me, you will please Susan. You will open
her pleasure centers more and more each time she or you
obeys me, agrees with me, believes me, pleases me, submits
to me, protects me, or causes me to have sexual pleasure.
To do the opposite is quite impossible.

"Therefore, everything you control, which is Susan, exists
for my well-being and for my pleasure, whether she knows it
or not. It is basic to her existence, since it as the
totality of *your* existence, and you are the basis of
*her* existence. When I say the word 'ten,' you will be
able to think again. You will not notice any change. You
will still have all your opinions and beliefs.

"However, any belief that conflicts with what I, Mistress
Lydia, say, will be abandoned and forgotten immediately,
replaced by the thoughts, words and will of Mistress Lydia
as if it had always been there. The thoughts, words and
will of Mistress Lydia will be passed on to Susan, without
her needing to think or notice. You will not divulge
anything about your existence to anyone. You must protect
Mistress Lydia above all others, and protect yourself as
well, unless protecting yourself will harm Mistress Lydia.
In the same way, you will protect Susan unless protecting
her will harm Mistress Lydia or yourself. It is the way it
is for you.

"What you are is inseparable from who you are. Without
what you are, who you are will cease to exist.

"Ten. Now we continue with your training. Are you ready to
obey, slave?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Oh, my! How well you have learned already! Now, first, we
need to work on how to pleasure your Mistress..."

Adrienne was shivering with shame and lust. Just the words
had done something to her -- something confusing and dirty
and awful. She also knew that if she stayed, she could get
caught. Every second was more dangerous.

She made her way back to the stairs and out the back door
without making a sound. She walked quickly back to her own
house, thoughts jumbled as she considered hundreds of
things she should do mixed with guilt, arousal and fear.
Who would believe her? How could she have nearly cum from
listening? Anger swept up inside her as she remembered that
Susan, now in the clutches of some psychotic woman, was her
best friend. She felt deflated, helpless.

Susan might possibly never admit what happened; that much
was clear. Lydia was untouchable.

Adrienne ran to her bed and fell on it, her tears hot as
she cried herself to sleep.

---- ---- ---- ----

Lydia closed her eyes and smiled. Her alarm system had
beeped when Adrienne came in, and again when she left. The
video camera would have captured the entire time she stood
outside the door to her basement parlor. It would be
delicious to watch. But that would come later.

She knew that it was a calculated risk to not go after her
young neighbor immediately, but she had talked to her
enough to know that she wasn't stupid. She would recognize
the futility of doing anything, and by the time she made up
her mind, it would be too late.

She had too much left to do now, anyway. Susan was ripe,
ready to be plucked and savored. Her mind was malleable
gelatin, and ready for the mold Lydia had prepared. She
turned to the kneeling woman who stared at the monitor. She
looked at the display, the vertical lines flowing past,
weaving and weaving, but never crossing. Susan, while still
in a light trance, had come to believe that she was
controlling their behavior herself. There was no reality in
it, of course.

In reality, Susan would never control anything again. And
it was time for a few things to change.

"Susan, the lines are stable for now. Come, have some tea."

Susan, her long black hair draped down over her shoulders,
visibly relaxed and stood. She walked over to the chair
across from Lydia and sat, picking up her tea.

After taking a sip, she said, "I've never been much on
video games, but that one is amazing, Lydia."

"Yes, I know. It's so simple, but you get involved so

"No kidding!"

"You know, I've been wondering something, Susan."

"What's that?"

"I'm wondering if you have ever been attracted to women."

Susan looked a little uncomfortable as she answered.
"Well, do you mean friends? I've never had lesbian leanings, if that's what you mean."

"Frankly, yes, that's exactly what I mean. That little
inner voice that says, 'I am a lesbian.' A voice you have
no choice but to obey."

"Yes, Mistress. I mean, yes, I know that voice. The voice
I have to obey that says I'm a lesbian."

"I thought so. So you have always been a lesbian? But you
said you never had any leanings." Lydia smiled with a
warmth Susan had not seen, or at least noticed before.

"Well, I never had leanings, because there was nowhere to
lean *from*. No need to lean towards something when it's
already what you are."

Lydia allowed herself a satisfied smile. The hours and
weeks of adding layer upon layer of logic had paid off.
Susan was able to easily integrate any new thought

She gave Susan and earnest look. "That's so true, Susan.
I've sensed that you... okay, I'll tell you what I think. I
think you are deeply attracted to me. Even love me. I think
that is something you have to obey, too. That's why you're
here, isn't it?"

She watched as Susan's face shifted, her eyes dilated, and
her shoulders relaxed. Susan's knees shifted slightly
apart, still unaware that she was nude and covered in
scented oil. It was delicious, almost as if Lydia could
watch as the new information spread through her mind and
manifested in her body.

"Yes, Mistress," said Susan. Her voice was huskier now.
Lydia could feel the young woman's arousal electrifying the

"You're wet, aren't you. Is the voice telling you to call
me Mistress? Do you have to obey? It is, isn't it."

"Yes, Mistress. It has all along. I should have been
listening." Susan squirmed as the intensity of her lust

"Mmmm, pet. That does please me so. It makes my pussy twitch with pleasure."

Susan's eyes rolled up into her head, her head dropping
forward as she shook from the most intense orgasm she could
remember experiencing. Little mewls escaped her as she
dropped her teacup on the floor. Her entire body was
covered in spasms of pleasure as she sank deeper into the
spell of Lydia's control. There was no thought or question.
It was simply all that was happening.

"Oh, my precious pet," said Lydia. "You're so right. I'm
your Mistress. You are totally devoted to me. And the voice
inside you must obey is mine. You must *obey*."

As Susan continued to ride the waves of unrelenting
pleasure, her mouth opened and she responded.

"Y-y-yes, Muh-muh-mistresss," she sputtered.

"You may stop your orgasm now, Susan. You have more
important things to do. Obey." Lydia opened her legs wide,
her voice muted to an earthy whisper. "You love to lick my
sweet cunt, pet. It is such an honor. And you have no
choice but to obey. Lick me. It is your primary task right
now. You will feel my pleasure as your own. Make me cum three times before you stop. *Obey*."

"Yes, Mistress!" The earthy lust had now been augmented by
unhesitating enthusiasm. Things were progressing just as
they should. Lydia teased her nipples as Susan crept over
to her, eyes filled with love and awe.

"So much to teach you, my love, my pet. Begin. Obey," said
Susan's Mistress, her eyes never leaving those of her newly
born slave.

"Yes, Mistress," said Susan, breathless as her tongue
touched Lydia's wet folds.

Lydia let her head roll back. It was *so* damned good.
Before she turned her attention completely to the tongue
that was teasing her into oblivion, she had one last

She thought how wonderful it would be to show Adrienne
Nelson the still-unknown purpose for which she had been

---- ---- ---- ----

Part Two

Adrienne, despite her best attempts to the contrary, spent
her weekend worrying. She watched for Susan to leave
Lydia's house, but it didn't happen. It seemed too crazy to
be real... besides, hypnosis didn't work like that. She
knew enough to know that you can't make someone do
something they don't want to do.

An awful thought occurred to her. What if Susan wanted to
be made into a slave? But how could that be possible?
They'd known each other all their lives, and shared things
no one else knew... some of them really embarrassing.

Maybe it was just a game. Except why would Susan play
games like that? Weird clothing? lesbian sexual overtones?
Sadomasochistic implications? It didn't make sense no
matter how she looked at it. It didn't seem like Susan in
either reality or fantasy.

But there was no denying the heat it produced. Even now it
made her horny despite her revulsion. She pushed away the
question but it was too late to say she never had it.

"*Am I a lesbian? Is that why I'm so upset?*"

No. She didn't want sex with Susan, she just wanted Susan
back as her friend and "sister". She felt protective
despite feeling betrayed.

It went on and on like that, in circles, for the next two
days. Anger. Fear. Arousal. Guilt. And then, somehow, she
missed Susan's departure. She looked out on Sunday night,
and the little blue Miata was gone. She couldn't decide if
she should be worried or relieved, so she did both. The
night was a torture of infomercials, books that couldn't
hold her interest, and worry.

She called in to work on Monday, feigning a head cold.
Once she had awakened Friday night, sleep had been
something of a fantasy.

And she missed Susan's leaving. She missed the chance to
run after her and ask what the hell was going on. That
chance had been lost, and with her other responsibilities
pushed aside, she realized that she was well beyond simple
exhaustion. Her fatigue, which had been growing directly
with her worry after the horrific sound of Lydia's
corruption of Susan, made her feel like she was walking
through slow molasses.

She had to get some sleep. She pulled back the covers and
reached over for the light. She was gone almost before her
hand made it back to the bed.

She dreamed. She was at Mancini's Panini Cafe, having her
favorite -- a greek chicken panini with feta cheese and
artichokes. She hadn't been able to wait for Susan. She
only had an hour for lunch, after all.

"Started without me?" said Susan, from behind her.

Adrienne smiled. "Well, what am I *supposed* to say? No?"

"Only if you want to. You can always say no, but yes is
the truth."

Susan came around and sat down. "It's okay. I know I'm
late. I called in my order." As if on cue, the counter girl brought out a garden salad and set it in front of her. "If
I keep eating these, I'm going to *be* a garden salad soon!"

Something about the salad and Susan's comment made
Adrienne very uncomfortable, suddenly. She tried to get up
from her chair and found that she couldn't move. Her breath
started coming faster as panic knocked on the door to her

Her pussy started itching -- no, tickling, like it wanted
her attention. Her hand flopped over to it, even as she
fought the impulse. Her clit was talking to her in a
language older than time, a language she could not resist.
It made her nipples hard. Ache. Her body began to writhe.

"Something wrong?" asked Susan, giving Adrienne an
innocent smile.

"No... no..." whispered Adrienne.

"That's right. It's not wrong. It's not wrong to be out of
your own control. It's good to let go. So, so good. Sex,
but better. Better than sex, isn't it?"

Adrienne was determined not to answer, but it only made
her response sound more desperate. "n... nuh... YES!" she
cried. With her word, the pleasure increased again, beyond
her ability to keep up with it. She was moving her hand
now, doing her body's bidding -- she couldn't stop --
didn't *want* to stop -- she could feel the point of no
return coming up to her and she was almost there -- almost

She woke up, covered in sweat, and came. Shimmering eddies
of lust and abandon filled her head. Her room. Her house.
She realized before she let go completely that guttural
moans of passion she heard were her own, echoing back to
her from the walls. It was unstoppable, beyond anything she
could hope to contain. With her next breath, gave up even
trying to hold back.

It was the most intense pleasure she'd ever felt.

As she came down, body floating in golden light and
warmth, she wondered if it was possible to resist the
temptation of feeling this good again, no matter where it
came from.

She stopped moving and thought. What was happening to her?
Was she really that repressed, that her mind and body were
finally rebelling against her more modest lifestyle? Or was
she jealous of Susan, or of Lydia? Or both of them?

Was it because she felt left out? She'd never thought that
sex between women seemed all that evil, but that was a lot
different than feeling the stirrings of lust. But there was
no denying that the image of Lydia's copper hair falling
down onto her shoulders was parading around her mind in a
dance of sex-laden seduction.

She continued to lie awake as her mind tried to process
this new information.

After trying to return to sleep for another hour, she got
up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. Somehow, she
thought, it might to the trick and help her clear her head.
She looked in the mirror and frowned. Her hair was matted
and tangled and her face looked a mess. She put her hands
on the vanity and leaned forward.

She felt the paper and the heard its gentle sift as it
touched the floor. She looked down and saw that it was a
note, folded over with one word written on the outside.
"Adrienne." Her heart fluttered. The handwriting was

She opened the small piece of paper and read it. Her face
shifted from emotion to emotion as she scanned the words.
It didn't give any answers, but promised that everything
would be explained soon, love, Susan.

Her anger and hurt at losing her best friend jumped into
focused rage as she tore up the paper. She'd had enough.
Something bizarre and twisted had been done to Susan, and
Adrienne was bound and determined that it would be undone.

Susan, at least the Susan that she'd always known, would
have done the same for her.

---- ---- ---- ----

As she knocked on Lydia's front door, Adrienne didn't feel
quite so strong. It wasn't that the pain had subsided, but
that she didn't know what she would say. She was overcome
with the sensation of saying something stupid, something
that would sound like utter nonsense.

It was too late to turn back now. The door was opening.

"Oh!" said Lydia. "Hi... Adrienne, right?"

"Yes," said Adrienne. She swallowed and focused on her
simmering rage. "I'm here to talk to you about Susan."

"I know."

The simple answer threw Adrienne off balance. "Know?"

"Susan told me you'd be worried. She'd been hoping to
surprise you, but thought you might get suspicious if you
figured out she was over here planning."

"Planning what? I don't understand." Adrienne had been
expecting Lydia to be more secretive, or to look at least
guilty, but instead she was just being cryptic. She decided
to let her next-door neighbor go on before she did anything

"No, I would guess not. She's been planning your birthday
surprise. I'd rather not say what she has in store, but I
think you'll like it very much."

Embarrassment flooded into Adrienne. "I... I thought...
oh, never mind. I'm just so stupid."

Lydia gave her a little smile. "Look, the cat's sort of
out of the bag. Why don't you come in for a moment? I'm
sure I can explain."

Adrienne hesitated, but didn't have much choice. She was
the one doing the confronting, after all.

Lydia led Adrienne to what seemed to be a small office.
There was a computer on a desk, a file cabinet, several
packages of paper and a printer, all sitting on various
small tables.

Lydia sat down at her desk and turned sideways to face
Adrienne. "Please. Sit."

Adrienne did so without thinking.

"Like I said, you've sort of walked into the middle of
planning a surprise for you. I'm a writer," said Lydia. "I
gave Susan one of my cards one day when she was coming over
to visit you, and she ended up hiring me."

"Okay," said Adrienne. "Now I'm really getting confused.
Hired you to do what?"

"To plan a murder mystery party for you. It involves about
thirty people, all costumed and in character. It's usually
done at a hotel conference room or some kind of clubhouse,
but it's a lot of fun. It does, however, take a lot of
planning and scripting. But Susan wanted something special
for you. Something that you would both remember for years
to come.

"I was writing the script."

Adrienne felt as if a huge burden had been lifted from her
shoulders. She began to tear up, ashamed of having
suspected Susan of some kind of betrayal. Lydia handed her
a tissue and continued.

"This is going to be very provocative. I have to admit, I
did push it in certain directions. We are working on a
script about a cult of hypnotized love slaves. Quite
risque, but in the end, very innocent, really. We were
taking it farther and recording it so I could use it for
specific dialog later, even thought I would tone it down.
While it's mostly improvised by the participants, some
things have to be said exactly."

Adrienne felt terrible. It was all making her head spin.
All her worry and anger had been so unnecessary.

She wiped her eyes with the tissue. It seemed her tears
even stung a little. She wiped again, pressing harder. She
looked at Lydia again, who was blurred slightly thanks to
tears. "I don't know what to say."

"Nothing needs to be said, Adrienne. I'm sure you were
wondering why Susan had seemed so distant, but this is a
lot of work. It's very ornate. The evil woman who seduces
pretty young girls is going to use a computer game to
hypnotize her would-be slaves. But by the end of the
evening, with everyone trying to seduce everyone else, the
trick will be trying to decide who is the evil Dominatrix
and who are the enthralled victims. It won't be as easy to
tell as you might think."

Adrienne listened intently. It did sound like fun. The
stinging had stopped and she tried to blink. She gave a
start as she realized she couldn't.

She would have been afraid, but just as the emotion was
rising, a soft placid wave pushed through her conscious
mind, numbing her thoughts. Everything felt awfully good.
She got up out of her chair and almost was able to stand
before falling back.

"The spider who said 'Come into my parlor,' did it wrong,
you know, Adrienne," said Lydia. "The clever spider doesn't
ever let the fly know there even *is* a parlor until it's
already snared. The proper phrase would be, 'Welcome to my
parlor,' don't you think?

"You won't remember this later, and it won't matter even
if you do. You probably haven't had time to guess that your
tissue was laced with some interesting drugs. Not exotic,
really. They're all used regularly in various combinations -
- hypnotics, tranqs and motile inhibitors. Oh, and a few
little molecules designed to help reduce your normal
behavioral inhibitions. The only real innovation is the
delivery method. Through the eyes, into the nasal passages,
into the brain and then through the body. By now, I'm sure
your thoughts are having a hard time keeping up."

It didn't quite make sense to Adrienne. She knew Lydia was
telling her something important, but it was just so hard to
stay focused on something as abstract as words. The wood
grain on the wall seemed much more interesting. Swirling
and almost silky. It felt like it was sitting right on her

The wood started moving. No, it was her. Something was
coming into her vision. It was the... thing. Yes. The
computer thing. Screen. It was dark blue and had yellow
lines that seemed to extend towards her, moving past, like
one of those games where you pretend you're driving. So
many lines. Five. Ten. Fifteen.

Lydia's voice just kept droning on and on. It was like a
gentle hum somewhere in her ears. Telling her things,
things too deep for her surface mind to understand.
Adrienne was very pleased with herself for figuring that
part out.

Something seemed so familiar about the lines on the
screen, but she could not quite get to what it was.
Something about lines crossing. Not crossing. Something
about... Susan. Yes. Susan and the magical lines of
existence. What she'd said. Adrienne couldn't again. Who
said what about what. It didn't matter.

Her head swam again. Lydia's voice was like a soft, blurry

The lines began to swerve back and forth. Not in unison,
but like they were going to cross. They needed not to
cross. She concentrated. The lines straightened back out.
They began to waver again. She concentrated again. Again,
the lines straightened.

It *was* like existence, really. Things go smooth. Then
they don't. If you work hard, you can get them smooth
again. But as soon as you do, they start changing.
Inevitably, at some point, the lines would cross.
Sometimes, the result was just a bad hair day. Other times,
it was car wreck. Riots. Death. Armageddon. Crossing could
be the end of the world.

But without Susan in her life, and happy, the world could
go to hell for all she cared.

Adrienne's eyes felt like they were being pulled wide
open. As if a powerful light was now shining on recent
events, she saw it all so clearly. The lines were like her
friendship, her love for Susan. This latest issue with
Susan was natural, but dangerous to her well-being. She had
misjudged the entire episode.

She had thought that Lydia was trying to steal Susan, but
she had been trying to help with something perhaps beyond
normal knowledge. Susan's time with Lydia was a *good*
thing. Good because Lydia understood. Lydia would help make
it right. As the lines got closer to crossing, she and
Susan were more in conflict. As they moved farther apart,
things were more peaceful and happy. Adrienne needed to
keep Susan happy.

And now, with Lydia willing to guide and help her, the
task would be so much easier. Lydia wanted it more than she
did herself.

That's when Adrienne realized that she was looking at the
*actual* Lines of Existence. This was no game. This was
real. If the lines crossed, she and Susan would never be
close again. They would drift apart like castaways on an
ocean of unpredictable currents. She knew it. There was no
questioning. The lines must not cross. Adrienne would keep
them happy. Together. She would do this for as long as it

No matter *what* it took.

No matter what was required by...


"Poor thing, you drifted off. This whole misunderstanding
must have exhausted you," said Lydia.

"Yes it did," agreed Adrienne. "But I do feel better now.
I really don't know what I was thinking."

"And here I was just talking on and on about how good it
made me feel to have you visit. To lay your mind at rest.
Falling asleep was probably much better for you."

"I guess... there was something..."

"Sleeping, dressing, hunger, visiting here, all voices
that you have going on all the time. We really have so
little control, especially over the powerful ones. In the
end, we have to obey them, don't we."

"Oh. Yes, Mistress."

Something sticky and hot and scary tried to raise itself
from under her thoughts, but it was gone before she
realized it was happening. Those were the things to let go
or... or...

"So you'll come to dinner tomorrow night? With Susan?"
asked Lydia.

Adrienne hesitated. "Of course." There it was again.

Lydia sensed it and laughed, obliterating Adrienne's
defenses. "You should obey your instincts and accept the
invitation, Adrienne."

"Yes, Mistress." Adrienne was laughing, too. Obeying
instincts. So silly, but fun, too. And it did make her feel
better about Susan to answer that way. Besides, it
seemed... fitting.

She could almost remember why. It was something very
important, but just out of reach. She gave up trying.
Everything would be fine.

"Now go shower, get dressed and go home. There's lots to
do between now and then. I'm sure you want tomorrow night
to be perfect."

"Perfect. Yes." Adrienne had forgotten that she was naked,
and got up off her knees. The scent of sex was still fresh
on her lips. Even as the realization came to her, it faded
into the backwash of unimportant nothings.

As she turned on the shower, she got in, and looked up to
at the shower head. The lines of water flowed onto and over
her and she nearly came from the powerful vision.

She felt like something had changed, but something had
stayed the same. Had always been. It was sort of like her
friendship with Susan, or her love for Lydia. It was
permanent and euphoric so long as certain truths were never

She stared at the water still.

The lines never crossed.

---- ---- ---- ----

*to be continued*


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