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This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author. The author may be contacted at Copyright 1999, Robert B. Morton II, all rights


For those individual not of legal age to read this where they live,
shame on you! For those folks who may be offended by this writing, all I
can say is caveat lector - you have been warned. The following is a work
of fiction and the usual statements about bearing any resemblance to people
or places, living or dead, being coincidental, etc., apply here.

Author's Note

Usually when I write about incest, I try to take the sharp edges off of
it and avoid the darker side of the greatest taboo known to mankind. While
those of us in the know will agree that incest can be a very joyful and
enlightening experience, we also have to acknowledge that, from time to
time, shit just doesn't work out as planned and that not ever incestuous
encounter leaves everyone happy and satisfied.

Some time ago, I let a little of that dark side slip out when I wrote
"Fatal Error," and was a little surprised at the great responses I got from
the story. So, come again with me into the darkness... and I hope you
find it enjoyable!

Rob Morton

Dark Thoughts (M/f/f/f, inc)


Is this thing on? Oh, okay. Let's see, where do I start? For openers,
my name is Derrick Henderson and, damn, this is harder than I thought...

Where was I? Oh, yeah. I'm Derrick and I have a confession to make.
Over the last several years, I've lived in turmoil and confusion, suffered
through bouts of depression and have even thought about ending my life.
You might be listening to this and wondering when I'm going to get to the
point, but you've gotta bear with me because I have a lot to say and some
of it ain't gonna be easy to say or hear. So, here goes and I hope God
will have some mercy on my pitiful soul.

I have a wonderful family. My wife, Glenda, has been with me ever since
high school and is about the most wonderful woman a man could ever be
married to. We have four daughters born almost two years apart--Melissa,
Catherine, and the twins, Desiree and Angelique. All of my little girls are beautiful, smart, and have really grown up to be fine parents in their
own rights.

Just bear with me a little while longer--I'll be getting to the point
soon. It's just that I'm feeling a little sad right now, sitting in this
big-assed house alone with this tape recorder. God, what was I thinking
about when I decided to start fucking them?

There, I've said it! I realize now that by giving into this crazy lust
I have, I robbed them of their innocence, destroyed their faith in me, and
have probably lost their love forever. Well, to be honest, none of them
have actually told me that they don't love me anymore--but I can tell by
the way they act whenever the whole family gets together, believe me.

It all started with Melissa, our oldest child, back when she was, oh, I
guess, six years old. I was keeping an eye on her while Glenda went
shopping. We were out in the backyard, playing "tea party" when Melissa
decided that our tea would be much better if we had some cakes to go with
our tea. Minutes later, we were busy making mud pies and getting pretty
cruddy, especially after Mel fell into the mud puddle we'd created.

"Look at you! You're a mess!" I remember saying. I also remember
trying to do my best not to laugh at Mel's predicament. "You're going to
need a bath, young lady."

I remember the look on her face very well, a mixture of embarrassment
and disgust. Even coated in mud from head to toe, she was such a lovely
person. I had tried to clean as much of the mud from her as I could, but
finally gave up in favor of carrying her into the house and getting her
bath started, the two of us laughing and giggling as the usual bath routine
got underway.

While I ran water in the tub, Melissa peeled off her clothes, which were
now caked with patches of drying mud. She asked me if I could give her a
hand getting her T-shirt off and when I turned around to help her, I guess
something snapped in my mind.

Obviously, I've seen Melissa naked from day one, having spent my share
of time changing her diapers and giving her baths in the evening. During
all that time, I never had any odd thoughts running through my mind. But
as I carefully pulled her shirt over her head to avoid getting mud in her
eyes, I realized in that moment how truly beautiful she is.

With perfectly smooth skin and a body that was just beginning to
blossom, I felt a great deal of love for Melissa as I inspected her brown
hair for clumps of dirt. My eyes checked out every square inch of her
body, coming to rest on her hairless pudenda before traveling down her long
legs. I helped my naked baby into the tub, catching a glimpse of her slit
and absently noticing how plump they were beginning to look.

I spent the next several minutes in some sort of a fog as I went about
the task of help her wash her hair and the other parts of her body. I
realized that I was spending an unusual amount of time washing her lower
half, letting the washcloth linger longer than I should have in her crotch.
For some reason, I looked up at Melissa and found her looking back at me
with the most curious look on her face - it was like she didn't know what I
was doing and wasn't sure if she liked it or not. After snapping out of my
momentary haze, I helped her from the tub, wrapping her in a large fluffy
towel before escorting her to her room.

Once there I unwrapped the towel to once again expose her flawless body,
using the towel to dab at the rivulets of water that continued to run down
her tummy and inside her thighs. I blinked and the next thing I know,
Melissa's lying on the bed, her legs are in the air, and I'm lapping her
cunt like a starving man.

I can hear Mel asking me what I'm doing to her, even as my tongue
continues to probe her smooth, hairless pubes. And, for some reason, I
can't stop what I'm doing to answer her--and couldn't begin to explain it
even if I had stopped. Instead, I send my tongue flicking across her tiny
clitoris, causing her to stop talking and, oh, God, thrusting her tiny hips
upward against my face.

Long, unremembered moments later, I feel her little body tense, her
breathing fast and hard. In the dark reaches of my mind, I knew she was
experiencing something similar to orgasm and I was thrilled to have been
the one to give it to her. I could feel her fists weakly pounding me on my
shoulders as I jammed my tongue into her virgin groove while delighting in
the fresh, clean scent of her sex.

I stood up and, without thinking or hesitating one second, pulled out
the erection that had been ripping a hole in my underwear and guided the
swollen head of my cock to her opening. I looked down at Melissa and saw
that her whole body was flushed red with her recent experience and her
mouth was open as she tried to catch her breath. Her eyes were glazed and
unfocused until the head of my cock wedged itself into her cunt, her
developing muscles instinctively closing around me and holding the bulbous
monstrosity just inside her vagina. Her eyes suddenly focused on me and I
clearly remember the utterly bewildered look on her face as my balls began
to empty themselves into her, spurt after hot spurt of man-seed overfilling
her tiny cavity in an instant.

Even as I perversely cleaned my spilled semen from her reddened snatch with my tongue, Melissa never said a word, never cried out, never protested
my taking of a part of her innocence. A surge of sick guilt flowed through
me when Mel suddenly sat up and asked me what I had done and why? Without
thinking about it, I told her that I was just showing her how much I loved
her and that when two people love each other, this is how they show it the
best, knowing that her young mind wouldn't be able to fathom the concept of
incest and molestation. Of course, I told her that it would be "our

Mel seemed satisfied with my answer--I knew she would be--and told me
that she liked the way I showed how much I love her. She even told me that
I could show her any time I wanted to and that she'd never tell anyone. It
couldn't get any more perfect than that, could it?

Later that night, Glenda and I made love; for the first time in our life
together, the sex was dull and lackluster for me. Even as Glenda slept, I
found myself wide awake and fully aroused thinking about Melissa.


As luck would have it, Glenda conceived that night. During the whole
time she carried Desiree and Angelique, I was the most happiest man in the
world; not only was my wife giving me two more another daughters to love,
but things between me and Melissa were really starting to heat up.

With Glenda off at the doctor's for her routine prenatal checkup, me and
Melissa sat naked together in her room as she explained to me that she now
knew that I was having sex with her. For a few moments, I was afraid that
my now seven-year-old daughter would realize that I wasn't supposed to be
having sex with her. But, my fears were put to rest when I watched her
small mouth envelope the head of my tool as she sucked my dick for the very
first time.

What heavenly bliss that moment was! Here was my little girl, doing her
best to show me how much she loved me, her untalented mouth and lack of
experience at such things giving me thrills that Glenda never did. I even
remember the look of disappointment on her face as I removed her mouth from
me before sending a fountain of sperm into the space between us. She was
angry with me because she wanted to know what it tasted like. Just hearing
her say this had me back to full erection in no time flat and Melissa was
right back at my tender meat, sucking and licking with unbridled delight
until I filled her mouth with my seed.

Of course, I paid homage to her pussy, which was now covered with a fine
coating of light brown hair. I took such great delight in licking,
sucking, and tonguing her until she squealed in sheer pleasure each time I
shoved her over the edge. Then came the moment we had both been waiting

I looked into her dark brown eyes as I positioned myself between her
legs and all I could see was her love for me as she reached up to wrap her
arms around me. With the head of my dick securely lodged just inside her
opening, I asked her if she was ready to become a woman and, when she said
yes, I thrust my turgid prick fully into my darling Melissa, shredding her
hymen like it was tissue paper. Even though I could see the pain of my
entry on her face, I didn't stop until I was dick-deep inside my little

I felt a mixture of tenderness and utter revulsion as I wiped the tears
from her eyes and asked if she was okay. She nodded that she was and
despite knowing that she wasn't, I proceeded to fuck little Melissa's cunt gently but with a gusto I hadn't felt in years. It didn't take long before
the pain I had caused her faded into the background to be replaced by
budding pleasure. It made me feel so damned good to hear her calling out
to me each time I filled her with my cock. At one point, we both looked
down between us, getting a good look at the sight of my thick rod covered
with blood-tinged juices vanishing into her belly.

The moment I'll always remember is when she felt my cock growing inside
of her just before I filled her with sperm. Her eyes went really wide, her
mouth opened and she said, "Oh, Daddy," as I pumped my jizz into her
formerly virgin orifice. For me, it was like I'd never stop coming as jolt
after jolt of pleasure ripped through my body. As I cleaned her up,
Melissa looked at me and smiled, telling me how much she loved me.

Hold on for a moment; I have to turn the tape over.


I was already eating Catherine's pussy and rubbing my cock along her
pussy by the time she was four years old. Melissa was understandably
jealous, until I explained to her that I loved little Cathy as much as I
loved her. That soothed her for a while and things got back to being
normal between us. It had gotten to the point where I didn't care if
Glenda was in the house or not; any chance I got to fuck Melissa or to eat
Catherine was taken. However, I soon learned that things were about to get
a little more involved than I could have guessed.

I was sitting in the living room reading the paper a couple of days
after Cathy's fifth birthday while Glenda chatted on the phone with her
sister about this and that. Melissa and Catherine had been in the dining
room playing. When I noticed that things had gotten a little quiet, I went
to investigate, only to find the girls had somehow gotten out of the dining
room with being seen. It didn't take me long to find them, though. With
Glenda happily gabbing away with her sister, I went upstairs to the room
they shared.

When I got there, I put my ear to the door and listened for any sounds
coming from inside the room. I suppose I expected to hear them playing
with their dolls or something but, when I didn't hear anything, my
curiosity got the best of me and I opened the door just a crack and peeked
in. What I saw made me stop breathing. There on the bed was Melissa and
Catherine, both naked and with Melissa sucking on her sister's pussy for
all she was worth. Above her, Catherine was giggling and smiling as
Melissa continued to lap at her sister's bald pussy, making obscene
slurping and sucking sounds.

I watched with my mouth hanging open (and my dick hardening) as
Catherine suddenly stopped smiling, a far away look clouding her eyes--but
it was only for a moment before the look vanished from her face and soon
Catherine was right back to giggling again. Melissa never broke stride,
even when her sister looked at me and said, "Hi Daddy! Melissa's showing
me how much she loves me!"

I guess I expected Mel to jump up and look horribly embarrassed at being
caught with her head between her younger sister's legs. Instead, she
looked up with me and said, "If you can show her how much you love her, so
can I." And went right back to eating pussy as if she hadn't said a word to

Stunned, I went to the main bathroom, pulled out my aching cock, and
jerked myself off to the images burned into my brain, shooting sperm all
over the sink and mirror. Just as I had finished cleaning up my mess, I
heard the door open; I turned to find Melissa standing in the doorway
absently wiping her mouth with a wild look in her eyes. For about a
minute, we stood there looking at each other without saying anything when
it occurred to me that I should be the first to speak.

"Did you have fun?" I asked her.

"Yes," she had said. "Cathy tastes good." Then she turned on her heel
and went back in the direction she came from. That was the end of the
conversation--short and to the point. I went back downstairs knowing that
I was both afraid and curious to find out what was going on in that room.
Glenda, still talking on the phone, never seemed to notice I had been gone.

Later, as we were all eating dinner, I couldn't help but notice how
Melissa and Catherine were looking at each other and giggling more than
usual. Every now and then, they look at me and giggle even louder, enough
for their mother to give them a stern look. As soon as they finished
eating, both girls asked to be excused from the table and after receiving
Glenda's permission to leave, immediately went upstairs to their room. I
remember feeling my heart pounding in my chest as I heard the bedroom door
close, knowing that I would have given anything to be in there with them.

Much later that evening, buoyed with the knowledge that two more
children were on the way and that Melissa and Catherine were now loving
each other in that special way, I sat in the near darkness of the living
room wondering what kind of monster I had created. As I pondered this
question, I heard movement coming from upstairs and broke my concentration
long enough to see Melissa gliding down the carpeted staircase clad only in
a full-length nightgown. She looked like some sort of spirit as she
crossed the distance between us to sit beside me, causing my dick to harden

Melissa had noticed it as well. Our eyes locked for a brief moment
before she removed her nightgown and reached for my belt buckle. I sat
there unable to move or say anything as Mel freed my erection, massaging it
lovingly with her hands before moving to sit on my lap. I watched in near
helplessness as Melissa positioned my knob at her entrance; with a look of
pure concentration, she impaled herself on my cock with a movement so hard
and fast it made her budding breasts shake.

I remember trying to say something to her as she rode my cock--but she
just put her finger against my lips and ground her pelvis into me even
harder until I was coating her insides with my spunk. My chest heaved with
the exertion of trying to breath and the room spun a little as Mel, dear
sweet Mel, continued to pound her bottom onto my softening spear until it
was completely soft - but still trapped - inside of her. I could feel the
wetness of my own tears rolling down my face as I tried to focus my blurry
eyes onto my daughter's face. I really couldn't see much, but I could see
her smiling as she lifted herself off me. Kissing me on the cheek, she
told me that she loved me and Cathy very much; without another word, she
was in her nightgown and floating back up the stairs.


I remember the day Cathy lost her virginity to me and it was just as
special a moment then as it had been when I deflowered her sister years
earlier. Even though I was only to fit about a third of my cock into her
six year old cunt, it was enough to break her. I recall Melissa cheering
me on during the whole thing, even as Cathy demonstrated her newly acquired
cunt eating skills. Truly, a day to be remembered for one and all.

As the twins grew older, they were both treated to our special kind of
love, their young pussies knowing the feel of our kisses even before they
were a year old. By the time they were both five years old, things were
really getting interesting. We moved into a bigger house so that each pair
of girls would have their own room and it wasn't unusually for them to swap
roommates. Glenda thought it was a great way for sisters to get along with
each other - but I knew differently.

Of course, it goes without saying that both Melissa and Catherine got
more of their share of the attention from me and, in those moments when it
just wasn't possible, they took great delight in pleasuring each other. At
the ripe old ages of nine and seven respectively, both girls had turn into
connoisseurs of cunt lapping.

What surprises me is that, even after all this time, Glenda never
suspected at thing, never thought that perhaps I was paying too much
attention to the girls. It never dawned on her that I was volunteering to
stay home and watch the girls so she could go shopping or do things with
her friends and family.

One of the nice things about being the father of four pre-menstrual
girls is that you can cream their little cunts from now until the cows come
home without having to worry about them getting pregnant. Melissa and
Catherine had long since introduced Desiree and Angelique into the sorority
of Sappho and it was nice to know that whenever the four of them would get
together and play, it would eventually turn into a pussy eating contest.

The day finally came when the twins turned six, the day when I would no
longer just stick the head of my dick inside them and come, the day I would
rob them of their virginity as I had done with Melissa and Catherine. The
day started when Glenda left to visit with her parents, who were both ill
from the flu. I can still remember the rush of adrenaline that flowed
through me as my wife apologized for sticking me with the children. As
soon as I heard the car pull out of the driveway, I rushed to join my girls in the master bedroom.

All of them knew how somber and important an occasion this was for all
of us. Still, it didn't stop the two older sisters from preparing the two
younger ones for their initiation into womanhood. As I entered the
bedroom, my prick grew harder than it already was as I took in the sight of
the girls locked into torrid sixty-nines with the twins. Even though I was
anxious to lay pipe to the twins, this was a moment worth watching without

Soon the twins were ready for me, their young, tender pussies slick with
girl-juices and saliva. First to pass into womanhood was Desiree, who was
older than Angelique by three minutes. Oh, the love in her eyes for all of
us really showed as she stoically endured the pain of my cock's passing
into her. As the last inch of my womb-killer disappeared into Desiree, I
could hear Angelique begging me to hurry up and make her a woman as well.
Although I didn't want to keep her waiting, I did make her wait as I
relished the unbelievably tight confines of Desiree's broken snatch, loving
the unholy way her violated vagina gripped at my invading member. I
spilled a load of jizz into her as she smiled at me and I took such great
delight in watching it flow out of her again.

Without losing my erection, I repeated my steps with Angel, deflowering
her easier than I had either of her sisters. Her cunt was very tight
around me, almost to the point of being unbearably painful - which isn't to
say that Angelique didn't have her own bit of pain to focus on. But we
both recovered quickly and I set to the task of filling my precious Angel's
cooze with cock, relishing the sight of my maleness jammed tightly into her
little body. Next to me on the bed, the other three sisters had formed a
three-sided chain and indulged themselves with eating pussy. The sight
thrilled me so much that I could no longer contain myself and I erupted
inside of Angelique. I still remember her joyful cry of, "I can feel it
shooting inside me! I can feel it!"

Glenda was gone three days taking care of her parents. I spent each and
every glorious day filling each of my loving daughters with cock, either by
mouth or by cunt. Hell, the day Glenda called to check on us, Desiree was
happily nibbling on the head of my cock as I talked to Glenda! The cat almost got out of the bag, though; as I talked to my wife, Desiree had
finally succeeded in opening the flood gates within me as ounces of sperm
quickly filled her young, hot mouth to the point where she was starting to
choke on it! Acting quickly, I pulled the little girl up and turned her
upside down, draining the sperm from her lungs. Red-faced and coughing a
little - but otherwise okay - what a relief! I picked up the phone in time
to hear a frantic Glenda on the other end asking me what had happened.

It took me a while to get Glen to calm down after explaining that
Desiree had inhaled something she had been drinking but, after a few
minutes, Glenda realized that I had the whole situation under control. I
breathed a sigh of relief as I hung up the phone, very glad that Glenda
wouldn't be coming home to interrupt the fun the girls and I were having. I
could tell that Desiree was none worse for the experience - she was busy
eating Melissa. Catherine was just as busy eating out Angelique, who was
taking her turn at licking and sucking me hard once again.

By the time the girls had gone to bed for the night, I had been sucked off four times and had emptied load after load of incestuous seed into four
eager pussies. I rolled into my own bed - after making sure it was empty,
that is - for a well-deserved rest. As I drifted off to sleep, I realized
that a father couldn't ask for more, could he?

I'll start again after I get another blank tape, okay?


The next few years went by quickly. The girls, now full-fledged teens,
had blossomed into exquisitely stunning beauties, the kind of women my
mother would have called "heart breakers." Somewhere along the line, they
had "learned" that having sex would give a girl bigger tits and I spent a
lot of my time donating sperm for them to test the theory. I figured there
must have been something to it because they all had big, firm tits for me
to suckle and enjoy.

I would sit and watch them from time to time during dinner or while
riding in the car somewhere; each time it occurred to me that my fun time
with them would soon come to an end when they discovered boys their own
ages. I knew they were completely devoted to me and love me with all their
heart but I had to accept the fact that soon, some pimply-face individual
with a squeaky voice would win their affections.

It didn't take long, either. Melissa met some guy named Brad and
instantly fell in love with him, crushing my heart into paste. They dated
all through high school and despite my protests, married the year after
they graduated because Melissa was pregnant. Brad's parents weren't
pleased with this any more than Glenda and I were, but we pooled our
resources and hooked them up with everything they would need to raise their

Catherine was the next to fall in love and, again, hearts were crushed
because our second child fell in love with another girl. That Catherine
had decided to openly lesbian didn't bother us in the least bit. Just the
same, I can still remember the pain and sorrow we all felt the day we
learned that Catherine and Regina had run away to be with each other.
Along with Regina's parents, we eventually gave up looking for them after a
year had gone by. It wasn't that we feared them dead or something - we
knew they weren't because every now and then, we'd get a call from one of
them. They would tell us to let everyone know they were okay - but
wouldn't tell us where they were calling from and attempts to trace the
phone calls would fail time after time. With both of them being eighteen,
there wasn't much more the police could do in the matter - they were both
legal adults and thus pretty much had the right to do as they wished.

What about the twins, you might ask? Well, they had decided between
them that they didn't want anything to do with babies and husbands and
running away from home. Instead, they opted to stay at home with us, even
after high school. All the while, they did their best to cheer me up from
having "lost" Melissa and Catherine by fucking my brains out every chance
they got.

And, it worked, too! Whenever Glenda wasn't around, they would offer
themselves to me in any way I wanted them. As you might expect, at the
ages they were now, a lot of care had to be taken to avoid pregnancy.
Sure, they were both on the pill and all that, but even when they were
having their periods, it did leave each with a perfectly fuckable hole to
plunge into. I spent an enjoyable afternoon butt-fucking the twins, their
back holes feeling as wonderfully tight as their pussies once felt. While
I fucked one, the other would get her pussy eaten and have the favor
returned when it was time to switch.

You've got to be wondering if Glenda ever caught on to what had been
happening all these years. I used to wonder if she had noticed that on
some nights, I just couldn't get it up for her, often passing it off as
being tired. Well, it was partially true - you ever fuck two women at the
same time? Just the same, Glenda was pretty understanding about it and
never really complained. Don't get me wrong - it wasn't like that every
night and I spent my share of time pounding Glenda's sweet pussy into a
creamy mess. From a man's point of view, things just couldn't get any

And you have to know that they didn't.

I came home from work one day and found Glenda and the twins sitting at
the dining room table. When I walked into the room, my greeting to Glenda
was met with an icy glare that sent chills up and down my spine. A feeling
of dread washed over me as I left the room to hang up my coat and wondered
what the hell had happened.

Gathering my courage, I went looking for Glenda and found her sitting at
the table alone. Cautiously, I asked what the problem was and, when Glenda
looked up, I saw that she had been crying. A lump of cold fear appeared in
my chest - had I been discovered after all these years?

Glenda took a moment to look at me before wiping her nose and eyes with
a tissue. Without preamble, she began to tell me about what had upset her
so much. It seems that Melissa had been arrested earlier in the day,
having gotten caught sucking her son's cock by her husband. A fight broke
out between them and Brad had been killed in the process, his heart cleaved
neatly in two by the knife Mel had used on him.

My own heart stopped beating in my chest as Glenda retold the story of
how she got the call from the police telling her what happened and asking
her if she could come down to the station to get little Kevin. Glenda also
told me that the cops let her talk to Melissa while they got some papers
for her to sign before they released Kevin into her custody.

I cringed as Glenda told me why Melissa had killed her husband and told
me what had started the fight in the first place. I could hear the hate
dripping from her voice as Glenda told me that Melissa had told her that
she was only doing to Kevin what I had done to her and her sisters.

After Glenda had gotten home with Kevin, she must have called the twins
down to get confirmation of the horrid tale told by Melissa - that was the
conversation I had walked in on. Even as I tried to absorb what had just
been said, I was distracted by the sounds of the twins coming down the
steps and I turned to see them both with suitcases in their hands and my
grandson in tow. Before I could ask where they were going, Glenda reached
under the table and pulled out her own suitcase and it became clear to me
that my dark secret was finally out and that I was about to pay a heavy
price for my indiscretion.

Before she left with the twins and Kevin, Glenda told me that she
thought about calling the police but realized that I would be better
punished with the knowledge that my perversion had gotten a man killed and
my oldest child was sitting in a jail cell, charged with murder. It only
added salt to the freshly open wound that she was leaving me and taking the
twins and Kevin with her, never to return.


So, there - now you know everything. It's been, what? Two years since
that fateful night. Melissa was found guilty of murder and sentenced to
life in prison. Taking a chance, I went to visit her and really expected
to be told that she didn't want any visitors. However, when the guards
escorted her into the visitation area, I saw that my darling Mel was happy
to see me. We spent a few minutes crying on each other's shoulders before
settling down to talk. I told Melissa that her mother had left me, but she
knew that already, having had a visit from Glenda a couple of months ago.
Melissa sobbed as she told me that even though she had told her mother the
what's and why's of that horrible night, she never told anyone else why she
had killed her husband. During her trial, which I wasn't allowed to
attend, the prosecutors tried every trick in the book to get Melissa to
tell them why she had killed Brad - to no avail.

As I sat there and listened to Melissa's unemotional account of how she
dispatched her husband, I realized that had it not been for me stealing her
innocence way back then, none of this shit would have happened. I felt
even sicker when Melissa told me why Catherine had run away with Regina all
those years ago. Seems like dear little Cathy hadn't liked having my cock
in her as much as she let on, which eventually resulted in her hating
anything that even remotely looked male and thrusting her firmly into the
arms of lesbianism. It hurt me to my soul to learn that Cathy hadn't run
away because of the pressure everyone else was putting on her - she had ran
away to get away from me and my ever-present hard cock. Melissa told me
that after every one of our little sessions, Catherine would be violently
ill and would complain for hours on end about how she hated dicks and how
she hated feeling my sperm coating her violated insides. Not just every
now and then, but every damned time I fucked her.

I eventually left the prison and came straight home to record these
tapes. I can now easily see that instead of me being the loving, caring
father I thought I was, all I really turned out to be was a child molester
of the first order, destroying the lives of my four lovely daughters, my
ex-wife, a dead son-in-law and a semi-orphaned grandchild. And for what,
just so I could get my rocks off?

So, whoever finds this tape will understand what I have to do next...



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