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A poem for my daughter
Fuck me daddy fuck me please,
My sweet darling daughter asked me with ease.
She was so fine I was hard as a rock ,
as she slid her sweet pussy upon my cock.
It happened one night, I'd just got off work ,
it had been a rough day, my boss is a jerk.
I'd just downed a beer and I was going for more,
When I heard a noise, like a thump on a floor.

My daughter was home, that I could tell ,
It wasn't by sight but rather by smell.
The scent of her perfume hung in the air ,
Her sweet heavenly scent told me she was there.
Time for a shower and then on to bed ,
I walked down the hall but was startled instead.
Again cane the thump that I'd heard once before,
It was coming from somewhere, from where I'm not sure.

I walked down the hall, and again heard the sound,
So I checked and checked and looked all around.
Then I heard a loud squeal that came from her room,
She's being attacked, so I grabbed a broom!
My hands how they shook as I pushed on the door,
And then I saw her there, that dirty little whore.
She was rubbing her pussy her finger was quick,
Her lips how they glistened, her pussy was slick!

I started to yell but I watched her instead,
As she played with her pussy upon her bed.
Her finger moved in to her sweet pussy hole,
My dick was once soft, but was now a hard pole.
She moaned and she groaned as she fingered her clit,
I wanted to talk but was afraid she would quit.
Then I heard her say these words I swear,
As she lay on the bed with her hips in the air.

"Fuck me daddy," she massaged her own tit,
"I want you inside me," she played with her clit.
I tugged on my shorts and my hard cock sprang forth,
My back faced the south, my cock faced the north.
She moaned and she groaned and then opened her eyes,
To see me stand there was quite a surprise.
I started to turn but she begged "Daddy please wait,
Cum to bed with me and enter my gate."

She spread her legs wide and then raised them high,
She ran her long fingers down the length of her thigh.
The smile on her face told me she knew I was had ,
I wanted my daughter, I wanted her bad!
I stripped off my shirt and moved to the bed,
She moved her wet finger she lifted her head.
Her lips were like velvet as they covered my dick,
I knew it was wrong, I knew it was sick.

To have my sweet daughter giving me head,
But I stood there and let her suck me instead.
I was ready to blow it wouldn't take long,
She could tell so she took her lips from my dong.
"Fuck me daddy, fuck me please",
she begged as she moved to her hands and her knees.
Her puss in the air and her face on the bed,
She wiggled her ass my face turned so red.

Not from anger or shame but from blood pressure rise,
I moved in behind her my hand touched her thighs.
They were so soft and tender her ass was so firm,
I want to fill my daughter with my steaming hot sperm.
Her hand reached around and took hold of my prick,
And aimed it at her pussy so hot and so slick.
I moaned and I trembled as my cock touched the lips,
of her sweet precious pussy my hands grabbed her hips.

I pushed in her hard she let out a moan,
I went deep inside her, she let out a groan.
Her cunt fit my cock like a hand and a glove,
I was filled with desire I was filled with such love.
To think she wanted to give me such pleasure,
my heart then was filled with love without measure.
My lust turned to love as I drove in once more,
she was my little girl not some dirty old whore.

Much gentler now and much slower too,
as I heard her whisper "Dad I love you!"
Her movement was with me as I stoked inside,
of my little girl's pussy I stretched her so wide.
"Please daddy harder," she said with a shout,
as I moved deep in her and then I moved out.
She needn't ask twice and I pushed it in hard,
I was sure her moans could be heard from the yard.

Then the feel of my cum built up in my nuts,
I needed release I squeezed her sweet butt.
I shook and I trembled and knew it was then,
that my time was near my sperm I would send.
Deep in her womb and I would send my seed,
my mind again took over and bypassed my need.
To impregnate my baby, I then pulled it out,
she felt me take it out and cried with a shout.

"Cum on me daddy, cum on me please!",
she cried as she stood on her hands and her knees.
My first shot was hard, it went into the air,
It went across her back and into her hair.
"Oh god yes daddy," she groaned and she said,
as she wiggled her ass at me in the bed.
A couple more squirts and then I was done,
my cum dribbled on her, I said "Thank you hun."

Then without a word she turned on her side,
she pulled me tightly, her lips opened wide.
Her tongue like a snake moved between my lips,
her lips were like honey, She pressed against my hips.
I felt my old cock as it started to raise,
my daughter looked surprised, she looked amazed.
As I once again moved between her legs so wide,
and once again I moved inside.

That was the first time, it wouldn't be the last,
we fucked her sweet pussy, we fucked her sweet ass.
I know that most think it's a crime,
to think of fucking my daughter and put into rhyme.
This story's just fantasy, I swear it's the truth,
I wouldn't take advantage of innocent youth.
To the people out there who haven't a clue,
if you don't like my story then I say "fuck you!"


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