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Do You Trust Me?
by Kelly Adams (

Our love life had been a bit stale as of late. Not too
surprising--when you've known a girl for eight years and lived with
her for four, you're bound to hit a few dry spells now and then.

The night before, as I turned out the lamp on the nightstand and
slipped into the sheets, Gretchen told me that she had something
planned that would get us out of our dulldrums. She refused to tell
me what it was, saying only that I'd have to wait until the next

Needless to say, I had a hard time concentrating throughout the next
day. Gretchen can be one hell of a tease, and even after eight years
she still manages to surprise me. I counted down the hours, waiting
for my lover to come home.

After we had dinner, Gretchen told me to go take a shower and clean
up while she cleaned up the kitchen. I went back into the bedroom
and stripped out of my work clothes, then into the bathroom where I
turned on the shower and got in. My body was nearly shaking with
anticipation, wondering what Gretchen had planned for me.

When I finished and got out, Gretchen was there waiting for me. She
toweled off my body, sensuously but not too slow. With a brush she
combed through my hair, leaving it straight and still wet. Finally,
she produced an emerald green satin robe and slipped it on me from
the back. It was a robe I hadn't seen before, and it was so short
that it barely reached mid-thigh.

"Where'd this come from?" I asked.

"It's a gift," was all she said as she reached around my front to
tie the sash around my waist. "Do you like it?"

I turned my neck around to look at her. "I love it. It feel so
smooth on my skin."

I moved my mouth towards hers for a kiss, but she pulled her head
back, denying me the taste of her luscious lips. I arched my
eyebrows questioningly. "Not yet," was all the explanation that she
offered. "Go into the bedroom and wait for me."

Gretchen closed the bathroom door behind me as I exited. I heard the
shower turn on, but with the door closed I could only imagine her
getting cleaned up for me. With nothing to do but wait, I looked
around. The bed had been stripped of nearly all the bedding, leaving
just the bottom sheet and the two pillows. I also noticed that
Gretchen had placed a candle and a pack of matches on the dresser. I
picked the candle up and brought it close to my face, inhaling the
fragrance: vanilla, one of my favorites. Striking a match, I lit the
candle, watching the flame as it began to burn and fill the room
with the warm, sweet odor. The window was open and a light breeze
lofted through, causing the flame to dance with the wind.

I was so mesmerized by the tiny fire that I hadn't noticed that
Gretchen had finished. In the mirror over the dresser I saw her come
out of the bathroom behind me, wearing a robe identical to the one
she had given to me a few minutes before. I expected her to approach
me, but instead she walked over to the window.

"I see you found the candle," she said as she turned the rod on the
blinds. She didn't close them all the way, leaving enough of a gap
to let the setting sunlight come partially through, causing the room
to be bathed in a warm orangish-yellow glow.

Silently, Gretchen came over and took me by the hand, leading me
over next to the bed. We were facing each other, standing so close
that our breasts were nearly touching. She had a very serious look
on her face and looked straight into my eyes, her deep blue eyes
peering to the very bottom of my soul.

"Do you trust me?" she asked.

The question hung there for a minute. My first impulse was to blurt
out: 'of course I do!', but I could tell that she wanted me to
seriously consider her words. Did I trust her?

"Yes," I replied, that one simple word saying volumes. I would trust
my life, my very soul to this woman.

Gretchen nodded her head. "Good," she replied. She reached into the
pocket on the front of the robe and pulled out a black fabric
blindfold. I wasn't all that surprised, as just the evening before
we had read a story involving a blindfold and Gretchen had had a
wicked little grin on her face. So I was somewhat expecting this
part. What I didn't know was what she had planned after she put the
blindfold on me.

She smiled slightly as she lifted the blindfold up over my eyes. I
couldn't see a thing; it was pitch black. I could only feel her
forearms on the side of my head as she tied the blindfold in place.

Next I felt her hands run over the smooth silk of my robe down to
the sash, which she slowly untied. She pulled the robe back off my
shoulders and let it fall to the floor in a pile at my feet.

Completely naked, I now stood before my lover. Gently, she ran her
fingers over my body, gently tracing circles around my breasts. "You
are so beautiful," she told me, speaking barely above a whisper.
"You are so very special to me." She kissed my lips, briefly and
only once.

"Lay down on the bed," Gretchen instructed me. With her arms she
guided me down on my backside. The cool cotton of the sheet
contrasted with the low heat that was beginning to build inside of
me. "Lift your arms above your head," Gretchen said, even as she was
folding my arms above me herself.

I felt Gretchen get up and move away. "Stay just like that," she
said. "Don't move." I heard her walk over to the dresser and open a
drawer, then she came back over to me. The next thing I knew I felt
a silk scarf being wrapped around my wrists. That surprised me. On
rare occasions we'd played around with restraints in the past, but
never blindfolded. I started to say something, but then remembered
Gretchen's question, hearing it within my head: 'Do you trust me?'

"I trust you," I said aloud. "That's good, my sweet," Gretchen
replied, tying the scarf. It wasn't tight, and I could have easily
broken free if I'd wanted to. I couldn't see what Gretchen did next,
but I soon figured out that she had tied the other end of the scarf
to one of the bedposts. There was plenty of slack, but not enough to
allow me to bring my arms back down from over my head.

With my hands now secure, Gretchen once again began to run her
fingers over my body, as well as placing light kisses across my bare
flesh. I was naked and exposed before my lover. She would do with me
what she pleased.

Without saying a word, Gretchen ceased her attentions to my body and
I heard her walk out of the bedroom. I have no idea how much time
passed while I was alone. I could only smell the warm scent of the
candle burning, hear the wind rustle the blinds, and feel my naked
body against the sheets.

After what seemed like forever, Gretchen returned, setting several
things down on the nightstand. She sat down on the bed near my head.
I wondered what she had brought in with her. It wasn't long before I
found out.

I shuddered involuntarily as I felt a cold ice cube touch against
the top of my chest, one of those crescent shaped ice slivers that
our ice maker in the freezer creates. Slowly, gently, Gretchen moved
the shard of ice up one collarbone and then the other. I leaned my
head back as she ran it up my neck, exposing my entire throat to
her. She moved it up over my jaw to my lips, inviting me to suck on
the frozen water.

After the first shard had melted away in my mouth, Gretchen produced
another one. This time she began at my breasts, circling the ice
around in a spiral ending at my hard nipple, one breast and then the
other. Once that sliver had melted away she used a third, first
rubbing it across my abdomen, then down between my legs to my slit.
By this time my pussy was rather warm, and my body thrashed as the
cool, smooth ice caressed my shaved lips.

"Relax, sweetie," Gretchen said, using her free arms to press my
thighs back down flat against the bed. She continued to rub the ice
around my crotch, and I shivered hard when she pressed the tip
against my clit.

After the ice had melted away, Gretchen brought something else up to
my lips: a strawberry, dipped in cool whip. I bit into the sweet
fruit held in her fingertips, savoring the sweet flavor in my mouth.
The she brought another strawberry to my mouth, but this time dipped
in chocolate syrup. She alternated between berries dipped in cool
whip and in chocolate, sometimes letting the syrup drip onto my
face, shoulders or breasts, which she then would lick clean. When
she came down to the last berry, she climbed up on top of me,
straddling my stomach. Then, holding the berry in her teeth, she
leaned over me, offering the berry to my mouth. We both bit into it
at the same time, then she kissed me, a sweet strawberry kiss from
my lover.

For several minutes we kissed with Gretchen on top of me, only her
smooth robe separating our bodies. Instinctively I tried to move my
arms down to wrap around her, but the scarf stopped me from doing
so. I was still at my lover's mercy. I could not see her or touch
her myself, I could only feel her body and her lips pressing against
my own.

When finally she got up off of me, I wanted to reach my arms out,
grab her and force her to stay, but of course I couldn't. I
struggled to hear what she might be up to next, but all I could tell
was that she hadn't left the room.

Finally Gretchen came back over to me, leaning her mouth down to
whisper in my ear. I could tell from her nipples pressing into my
arm that she had discarded her robe. "Are you ready for a surprise?"
she asked me. I nodded my head 'yes', though I couldn't imagine what
she had in store next.

Gretchen moved down to the foot of the bed. She grabbed my legs by
the knees and lifted them up and back, completely exposing my wet
pussy. I expected her to lean down and lick me, but instead I felt
something rub against my slit. For a brief second I though it was a
dildo, but then I realized that couldn't be, as she was still
holding my legs back with both of her hands. As it began to press
into me, I realized that my lover was wearing a strap-on, and she
intended to fuck me with it!

In the eight years we'd been having sex, we'd never used a strap-on
before. In fact we rarely used toys at all, only on those occasions
when we were both in the proper mood. But here she was, thrusting
slowly inside of me. "Oh Gaawwwdd!" I moaned as she began to slowly
fuck me. She let go of my legs and I wrapped them around her hips.
My thrusts matched hers as we banged our pelvises together.

Gretchen reached her hands to my face and moved the blindfold up
from my eyes onto my forehead. "I want you to see how beautiful we
look," she told me. I gasped at the beauty of the sight, my
golden-tressed lover thrusting her faux-cock between my thighs. She
sat back up straight, her large breasts bouncing as she pounded
inside of me.

"Do you like me fucking you?" she asked me in a husky voice. "Do you
like me fucking your pussy?"

"Ohhhh Yes Baby Yes!" I cried out. My entire body tensed as I
finally came, my legs squeezing around her and then going limp.

"Oh baby, you look so beautiful being fucked like that," Gretchen
told me as she pulled back out of me. She replaced the flesh-colored
shaft with two of her fingers, pushing them up inside of me. "Oh,
you're sooo wet," she said, removing her fingers and then licking my
juices off.

Gretchen grabbed me around my thighs. "Roll over," she told me, as
her arms helped me to twist over on my belly. She pushed my knees
up under my hips, causing my ass to rise up into the air. I tried to
twist my head to look at her, but with my arms still above my head I
couldn't twist my shoulders enough. I could only feel as she once
again guided the strap-on into me, this time taking me from behind.
I cried and moaned with pleasure as she fucked me through two more

I was totally exhausted, my body covered in sweat when Gretchen
finally finished with me. She rolled me back over onto my back, and
I watched as she took off the new toy that had given me so much
pleasure. I noticed that the harness had an attachment that had been
up inside her own pussy, meaning that she too had been pleasured
while she had fucked me.

I opened my mouth to speak, but found that I couldn't--I didn't have
the strength. Gretchen took a pair of scissors and cut through the
length of scarf that had been attaching my hands to the bed. She
then untied my hand and took me into her arms, cradling me, kissing
me, and wiping away the hairs that were sticking to the sweat on my
brow. I felt safe in her arms. 'Do you trust me?' she had asked.
Yes, I would always trust her, my lover and my best friend. "Close
your eyes, my sweet," she told me, rocking me gently in her arms
until I fell asleep.


The Fine Print: This story is copyright 1999 Kelly Adams. Permission
is granted to distribute as long as my name and this notice are
attached, and no financial gains are made.

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