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eXstasy 10


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: 8 Jan 1997 10:26:29 -0800
From: Wiley06 <>
Subject: eXstasy_1.0 (mmf nc/ee teen) (1/1)

Author's Note:

This story contains many typos and other technical problems which I never
bothered to fix, but it works pretty good as a sex story.

Also, I recently came across the following:

The biggest part of my kick is making them _come_, the prey, making them
buck like they never knew they could, flopping franticly like a fish out
of water, shaking and twitching like they might never have another orgasm
in their insignificant little lives, as they gyrate, my fat dick buried
deep in their loins. The power, of making some punky little brat writhe
in ecstasy while they twist on the spit of their own pride and drown in
humiliation, making them KNOW in the pit of their groin and the base of
their brain that pain = pleasure = pain, and I'm their fucking GOD,
because I control it all, man, there's no bigger rush.

--Mark E. Dassad

Just thought it was very well written.




Her lithe, 16 year old body arced under the surge of electicity
coursing through her, leaving only her head and heels touching the wide
examining table. Her body glistened with sweat and gurgling sounds came
from her lips as the bonds holding her wrists and feet down kept her from
thrashing her way onto the floor. Her spine felt like it was going to
snap as fire coursed through her body.
Suddenly it was over, and she collapsed heavily onto her back.
As she lay there panting, her body slipping into a bizarre, detatched,
lassitude, she heard two male voices and saw, fuzzily, the face of the
man who had brought her here.
It began on a typical Friday evening. She had spent over an hour
getting ready to go to her favorite club, the Hot Spot. She sighed to
herself as she remembered that it meant another blowjob for the doorman,
but her mood improved as she looked at herself in the mirror.
At five seven she was tall for her age, but her body was trim,
with a nice, rounded ass and small, pert, round breasts. She had wet
down her shoulder length blonde hair to give herself that "wet and wild"
look, and it complimented her broad, handsome face, large, striking blue
eyes, and full, pouty lips.
She was, as usual, dressed to kill. She wore a black bustier
under a black jacket with shoulder pads. A black leather mini stretched
tight down to mid-thigh leaving a bare expanse of gleaming white flesh
exposed to just above the knee, where black patterned bobby socks ran
down to ankle boots with a one inch heel.
A couple of hours later she was dancing to the deafening din of
industrial techno and the strobe effect of hundreds of swirling lights
amid a packed house. She danced with a couple of guys but kept her eyes
out for someone who could score her some eX--then she'd be flying high.
She hadn't brought much money, but she knew that wouldn't matter. With
the way she looked and moved there'd be only one form of payment they'd
want anyway--her stepfather, may his corpse rot in hell she thought, had
taught her that over and over again. In self defense, she'd learn how to
suck cock, and she did it, she thought with a touch of pride, very, very
A likely prospect brushed against her--mid thirties with rugged
good looks and something in his eyes which said he knew what she was
looking for. She flashed a dazzling smile at him and put her arms around
him, still gyrating to the music; she wouldn't mind this one so much--it
was the fat fiftyish slobs which sickened her.
"You ready to take me to paradise, daddy," she yelled into his
ear over the music.
"Into the eternal realms of Ecstasy," he returned and then kissed
her hard on the mouth. She returned his passion with her own, tasting the
warm wetness of his mouth, the hardness of his body. He broke the kiss
and motioned her to follow him.
A few minutes later they spilled out into the quiet of the
parking lot and he was leading her to his car, a large grey mercedes. He
opened the rear door for her and followed her in, drawing her to him in
the spaciousness of fine German engineering. He pressed his lips against
hers, forcing their softness hard against him, exploring her mouth with
his tongue. He felt her shoulders shrug and her jacket come off, and
then his hands were feeling the cool white flesh of her lower back while
her hands ran under his shirt across his chest and back. He slipped his
lips from her mouth and onto the smooth expanse of her kneck, gently
sucking and kneeding the flesh there with his mouth. His hand slipped to
her thigh and began massaging the inner part.
She let out a low moan when his lips met her neck, but his hand
on her thigh decided her that it was time to finish this. She moved her
hands down to his waist and unbuttoned his jeans, feeling him lift his
buttucks up so she could slide his pants down below his knees. She
squirmed slightly when she felt his hand cup her vagina, but moaned and
hurried with his jockies, revealing his manhood standing rigidly erect.
She broke his grip on her neck and moved her head down his body, nuzzling
against his chest, his stomach, and finally his penis.
She gently kissed his cock and brought her hands around, one to rub
his thighs while the other caught his cock at its base and held it for
her lips. She wet them and pouted them before pressing them along the
side of his prick, running her lips up and down and around its length.
She gazed up at him from under a tangle of blonde hair and saw him
looking intently down at her.
God she was good, he thought, and hot too. Obviously didn't want
to fuck, though, which was too bad, but she obviously knew how to use her
mouth. Well, he'd get a shot at her all right, whether she liked it or
not. He moaned aloud as she slid her mouth over his cock and gently
massaged his balls.
She liked the strong, musky odor of his cock; she even liked the
slightly salty taste of his skin. She ran one hand down to his inner
thigh and began massaging it, feeling the muscular strength of this man
she was servicing, while her other hand gripped the base of his penis and
guided it toward her lips. She pressed her lips gently against his cock
head, then harder, letting her soft, full lips massage the head before
opening her mouth slightly, taking just the head in, all the while
squeezing the shaft of his cock with her hand--squeeze, release, squeeze,
She heard him moan and pleasure flowed through her. She was good
at this and she knew it; she also knew the best way to keep him from
trying to get up her dress was to suck him dry. Her tongue flicked out
and tickled the vein just below his piss-slit while slowly working the
tip of his cock over her lips. Her hand moved from his thigh to the
gently cup his testicles and roll them in her hand. With her other hand
she stopped squeezing his cock and smoothed his pubic hair away from his
shaft, holding it there with the flat of her hand. Her tongue stopped
teasing him and stiffened and became broad as she slowly lowered her head
down, sliding his shaft past her lips, sucking in her cheeks so that the
side of her mouth massaged the sides of his prick while her tongue rubbed
along its bottom. She stopped when she felt his cock reach her gag
reflex, and inhaled deeply through her nostrils, feeling the sweet air
rush down her throat.
"Oh God," he moaned as she took him in, his hands reaching to
grasp her head, wanting oh so bad to just jam her head down until his
cock was buried up the the hilt in her throat. He restrained himself,
instead looking down at the hot little slut in her mini and her stockings
and her bodice with her thin waist and firm ass and oh so creamy skin.
Oh god it felt good, he thought, running his hand down her neck onto her
back, feeling her firm young skin beneath his hand. He wanted to come
inside her so bad he could feel it. He moaned again as she began sliding
her mouth up and down his cock.
She kept it slow for a few minutes, her mouth a warm tunnel
caressing the top third of his cock up and down, up and down, always
keeping his head in her mouth. Her hands squeezed in unison, one gently
on his testicles, the other harder around the base of his penis. Then,
on the peak of an upstroke, she paused for just an instant before sliding
all the way down on his cock, feeling it stretch her throat as she buried
her nose in his pubic hair. Feeling him jerk, his hands suddenly gripping
the back of her neck and head, she froze completely, not even breathing.
Not yet, she thought, not yet. She didn't want him to come yet; it was
too soon.
He jerked in surprise as he felt his cock slip into the satiny
smoothness of her throat, warmth now engulfing his entire member. His
hands gripped her head and neck as he fought for control: he wanted to
enjoy the whole nine yards--he didn't want to lose it now. Slowly he
relaxed, and felt her relax under him, her breath warm against his pubic
mound. His penis felt huge, but there was no threat of him ending this
incredible blow job too soon now. He sighed and reached down and began
playing with the strings on her bodice as she began working again.
Good, she thought, good, undulating her tongue in her mouth,
knowing she was sending shivers up and down his spine. Easy now, she
thought, pulling up slowly until only the head was still in her throat,
her cheeks still concave against his cock. And down, her nose against
his pubic hair again, her breath whooshing from her nostrils to tickle
and warm his flesh. Both her hands were on his thighs now, sliding
toward his testicles to cup and massage them, sliding under them to press
against his urethra, then onto the insides of his ass cheeks.
Back and forth she slid her hands and up and down she worked her
mouth, knowing from the feel of his hands on her head and back and the
tensing of his legs and buttocks that he was getting close. Now was the
time, she thought, to really finish it.
His orgasm had been building for minutes now, slowly, agonizingly,
ecstatically being teased out of him by the mouth and hands of this
teenaged whore. Just a little more he thought when he felt his cock slip
out of her throat and then out of her mouth, her hands away from his
testicles. He looked down at that beautiful face, those big beautiful
blue eyes, that wild blond hair, those luscious, full red lips, wondering
why she had stopped. Then she brought her index finger of her left hand
up to her mouth and sucked it in, following it with her middle finger.
She put on a show for him, running her fingers in and out of her mouth as
she looked up at him, his cock just inches from her face. She turned
away and took his cock back into her mouth, back down her throat, and he
moaned, but it wasn't the same--she had stopped, and he had lost
something of the feeling he had had.
Her hands were stroking his thighs and ass again, and he settled
back down, his testicles aching from the pressure of unreleased lust.
She was moving slowly, delicately up and down on his rod, torturing him,
while her hands continued to massage his ass. He jerked a little when he
felt her fingers at his anus, and again when two slid in, making his
whole lower body feel full, on the point of exploding.
When she found his prostrate, she began rubbing it energetically,
one hand working his balls while she began to slide her throat quickly
and evenly up and down his length. He was moaning now, his whole body
tense with his coming orgasm, his hands tight against the top of her skull.
All the whore's teasing was swallowed up in the incredible
sensations coming from the pit of his body. It felt as if his whole
pelvic area was going to explode or burn up it was so intense. He
grunted repeatedly as he felt his come rush up through his cock to geyser
into her throat and mouth.
As she felt the first of his come slide down her throat she
stopped moving, only letting his cock slide gently from her throat so she
could take the rest of his come into her mouth. She would keep a little
in her mouth so she could slip it onto her lips--they all loved to see
her lick it off. His cock spasmed again and again and she kept
swallowing, keeping pressure against his prostrate, knowing it was
driving him crazy. Slowly his spasms stopped and his body slumped in the
seat. Still she kept his cock in her mouth and fingers up his ass until
he began to soften, and only removed herself from him when he was
completely limp.
One of the best blow jobs of his life, he kept thinking as she
finally released him and sat up next to him. He saw some of his come was
still on her lips--she thought of everything he thought--and, glancing
down coyishly, flicked her tongue out to clean it off. She looked up at
him and smiled seductively, reaching up and stroking the side of his face
with the back of her hand.
"Uh, yea," and you know it too, bitch.
"Well, just relax. I can wait."
Relax, he thought. Yes, he really wanted to relax. That post
orgasmic sensation was about to put him out, but he didn't want to lose
this one. He really didn't want to lose this one.
"No no," he said, "a deal's a deal and I've got your X right
here." He leaned over into the front seat, pulling up his pants, then
grabbed a something from the glove compartment that looked like a small box
covered with a velvet cloth.
She watched as he got the goods; maybe he would give her more
than a night's worth--she had outdone herself. She flicked her hair
away from her face as he brought it before her, at the level of her
stomach. She reached out when his hands flashed toward her and she
caught a glimpse of a rectangular black box with two metal tips before it
punched into her stomach.
"Hey!" she began to yell out when she lost all control of her
muscles, collapsing limp in the seat. The strangest sensation was that
she no longer cared: one instant she was aware of danger, the next she
was floating detatched in her own body. The threat didn't even register
when he brought a cloth to cover her nose and mouth, moving all her
senses into the black.

To be continued.

It took him only a minute to lay his prize down in the back seat
and climb over into the driver's seat. He was spent, he thought as he
started up the car and drove toward his "office", as he liked to think of
it. Of course, with a piece of ass like the one in the back, he knew he
wouldn't have any trouble getting it back up again.
Twenty minutes later he was driving into a large warehouse, empty
except for one corner, about 60 feet square, covered with gym mats. A
large, wide, doctor's table was there, as well as three large beanbags,
a low couch, a stereo, a large screen television, a portable generator,
and a display cabinet filled with various dildos, clamps, canes, ropes, and
leather accessories. On the walls in the corner hung various whips and
lashes. Along the four corners of the mat were four video cameras
standing on tripods about fifteen feet in the air, angled downward so no
second of the action on the mat would escape recording.
He pulled up close and cut the engine, motioning over his friend
as he stepped out of the car. He glanced idly at the t.v. screen and
saw their last "patient" on screen. She was a redhead who couldn't have
been more than fourteen years old, but she had been good. She was
hanging by her wrists from one of the four large hooks which swung
overhead, her petite, shapely body glistening with a sheen of sweat. His
friend stood behind her, his knees forcing her legs apart as he thrust
brutally up into her ass, his fingers reaching around her to maul at her
cunt. His grunts and her cries mingled with the sound of a thin cane
hitting flesh as he struck her small, shapely breasts again and again.
He flicked the scene off as he walked toward the car.
"Got a good one for us tonight?"
"Don't I always?"
"Well there was that college bitch.... She was a pig."
"You just like your pussy fresh from the womb. Now come on and
help me with this one."
Together they slid her out of the car, his friend whistling
softly in appreciation of his catch.
"Jesus she's fine. Where do you want to start?"
"Let's start with the juice to take a little of the starch out of
her. I don't want any trouble like with the last one."
"Ya, but she was fun."
"And a hell of a lot of work."
"Eh, no pain, no gain."
"Come on, over to the table."
A couple minutes later she was stripped, her clothes, except her
underwear, set in a neat pile near the table, and bound to the table.
Conducting gel had been rubbed on her skin before the electrodes had been
attatched. Then they both stripped and prepared to awaken their prize.
She awoke to a horrid smell assaulting her, and hazily saw a hand
move away from her face before her body was jerked from under her by a
strong jolt of current.
The two men stood back and watched their captive's lithe young
body twist and buck under the goad of the electricity coursing through
her, her curves writhing and jerking on the table. They watched for
almost two minutes, adjusting the current to make her contortions more
satisfying, until, at the end, they increased it to the max and held it
there for fifteen seconds, then cut the juice.
Now, still in a langorous sweat, her muscles exhausted, she watched,
detatched and lazy, as he and another man approached either side of the
table. She wanted to say something, to ask him what? why? how? but she
couldn't seem to get up the will to speak. Even the hands on her wrists
and ankles, undoing the restraints, and on her body, removing the
electrodes, didn't awaken her from her lethargy to speak.
She felt her body-it felt like someone elses body--being turned
sideways on the table so only her torso and hips remained supported. Her
head hung down backwards and she found she was staring upside down into
the man's face to whom she had just so recently given such a wonderful
blowjob. She felt someone picking up her legs, spreading them and
raising them up and forward, bending her at the waist. She realized
numbly that the other man had just put her legs over his shoulders, and
she wanted to look up, see just what he was doing, but just couldn't--it
was too relaxing just to lay there, her sweat feeling like a shell
covering her skin.
She opened her mouth and gasped as she felt a man's penis enter
her, sliding easily into her vagina until his hips ground against her
ass. Hands reached down and leaned against her breasts, grasping them
firmly as he began stroking in and out of her pussy.
She was still lost in a lethargy, but now she was confused and
upset. What were they doing to her? What right did they have? She
struggled with her will and braced her hands against the table, trying to
lift her head up, when a gently hand touched her cheek, bringing the
stare of her bright blue eyes upon the man who had abducted her.
"Why?" she managed to croak out from full, moist lips.
"Shhh..." he whispered, moving close to her, "relax. He just
needs to take the edge off, and I made him use some lube."
He kept stroking her cheek, and it calmed her into a lazy, almost
drugged acceptance of what was happening to her. It was, she thought,
actually pleasant, relaxing, to have this man's penis driving in
toward her belly, warming her insides with its hard length. Even the
hands against her breasts were less than cruel, almost pleasurable in
their warmth and gentle squeezing. The only other men to be inside her
like that had been her stepfather and some of his friends, and she
remembered crying and fighting and then that awful tearing sensation as
they entered her. She shuddered away the memories and gave herself up to
the luxureous feelings sweeping her body.
"Goddamn! You sure this cunt's not a virgin," he grunted.
"No, but any chick who gives head like she does probably isn't."
She listened to them, slowly coming out of her lethargy. She
realized fully for the first time that these men had abducted her and one
was busy raping her. She also realized that they weren't going to stop
there. But they weren't hurting her, and the rape was not unpleasant,
was certainly better than her previous experiences. It was almost like
he was giving her a deep body massage. She was almost disappointed when
she felt him stiffen and come.
She remained silent as they helped her to her feet, covering
herself as best she could with her hands while staring at her two captors
with wide blue eyes peaking behind her disheveled blonde hair.
"Well, go on, put on your clothes," said the man who had picked
her up, his penis at half mast.
She didn't move. "Wha...what do you want?" she stammered out.
He smiled, baring white, gleaming teeth. "Well, you and I made a
deal. A little X for your services. I decided to expand the deal. I've
got a twenty day supply of X for you, and all you have to do is do
everything we tell you to. Yes?"
"And if I don't want to?"
"Does it look like you have much choice?"
She swallowed and shook her head, and bent down to pick up her
clothes. The man's come was already starting to leak out of her cunt and
it felt clammy and sticky on her thighs. She looked up.
"That's right. No underwear. Now hurry up."
She had gotten herself into a mess this time, she thought as she
picked up her mini. With luck they would use her body for a couple of
hours and she'd get out of there with what was, to her, a years supply of
X. Without luck, well, she didn't want to think about that.
First she slid the mini on, then the bustier was laced up,
followed by the jacket and the bobby socks. He shook his head at the
shoes. She watched silently as he walked over to the stereo, his friend
eyeing her hungrily. Suddenly the warehouse was filled with the muted
sound of techno. Both men sat down on the couch and one said, "Now dance
for us, just like you did at the club."
Slowly, awkwardly, she began to dance, her gaze still fixed on
the hungry stares of her captors. It was strange, to dance like this,
but she would do it, do anything to make them let her go. She closed her
eyes, trying to imagine herself in the Hot Spot, with the music so loud
you couldn't think. The music began to swell in her mind, and her
awkwardness left her. She began gyrating, twisting, tossing her hair
about, lost in the physical exertion of dancing. She was no longer
trapped in a dingy warehouse with two perverts; she was in the club
dancing among hundreds. She opened her eyes, almost expecting to be back
in the club, and stumbled when she saw the men standing, staring lewdly
at her. She stood there, a little dazed, breathing hard, and watched as
the friend of her abductor arranged himself in a beanbag while he slowly
approached her.
Approaching her, he smiled inwardly: she was so sexy, so
gorgeous standing there, so confused, breathing hard from exertion, her
feet turned in slightly and her hand moving unconscously to flip her hair
away from her eyes. He ran his hand over the slick skin of her stomach,
feeling her shudder beneath his touch. He let his hand linger on her
flesh as he stepped behind her, watching her as she began to tremble.
"Down," he said, "get down on your hands and knees." He waited
and watched as she obeyed him, not even turning around to look at him.
He gazed at the curves of her body in that position: the strong muscles
of her calves, the soft pillars of her thighs, the gently curving of her
hips and round fullness of her buttocks, the narrowness of her waist
filling out into the curves of her busom, and the oh so vulnerable ridge
of her backbone, enticing him with its undulations under her bodice.
"Now crawl, slowly, over to my friend and service him with your
mouth. And put on a show."
The faster they were done, she thought, the faster they would let
her go. So she arched her back and then stretched like a cat, letting
her breasts brush the ground, throwing her head back and letting her lips
part slightly, moistening them with her tongue. Slowly she brought one
knee forward, swinging it wide and sliding it along the ground. She
twisted toward that knee, keeping her arms straight and in front of her.
Her eyes slits, her mouth pouting and mewling, she slinked her way across
the floor until she was between his legs, her prick jutting obscenely
before her.
She came in low, her head turned sideways along the ground, until
her lips caressed the underside of his balls. Slowly she moved them,
barely touching him, around his balls and up the shaft of his cock. Then
down again, this time the tip of her tongue sliding along the side of his
shaft, the flat of her tongue finding the underside of his balls, pushing
them up as she licked softly up the other side of his cock.
She felt hands on her calves, running lightly along them, then
softly pushing her knees apart. They caressed her back of her knees as
softly as her mouth was caressing the penis before her, and she shivered
with some unknown feeling. She brought her hands up to help, leaning her
forearms on his inner thighs, her hands guiding his shaft and massaging
underneath his testicles. The hands behind her moved up along the back
of her thighs, then down, then up, every time pushing her mini further up
her naked ass until finally the hands ran fully over her twin globes and
her mini bunched just above her waist.
She opened her mouth as wide as it would go, lowering it over his
cockhead, not letting it touch her, just letting the warmth of her mouth
bleed across the air to caress it. Around she ran her tongue, letting it
touch him inside her mouth, let it tease him. She jerked momentarily and
lost concentration when she felt warm breath against her ass cheeks,
against her thighs, reaching to the crevice between her legs. She let
the hands behind her spread her legs farther apart as she closed her
mouth over the cock, feeling hands grip her head as she held it there, in
her mouth, unmoving.
She tightened her lips together, then loosened them, stifling a
gasp as she felt something wet and slimy along her vagina, probing it,
searching it, caressing it, sending cold shivers along her back.
Tightening, loosening, she felt her vagina mimic the actions of her lips,
tightening, loosening. Tight, then down slowly on the cock, hollowing
her cheeks for more friction, slowly taking it down her throat until she
could lick his balls with her tongue.
A quick flick of her tongue and them back up, out of her throat
for a little normal head, her hands working of the rest of his shaft and
his balls. She did it without thinking, knowing the warming up and the
finishing is the most important, and that the maintaining only needed to
be prolonged. Her mind was elsewhere, down at the little animal which
was probing her recently abused slit. Fingers pulling her open so that
it could enter her, sending sharp thrills through her body--not pleasant,
but not unpleasant, just strangely thrilling.
Then it moved away, though the hands remained, and was quickly
replaced by a smooth, cool phallus which quickly and painlessly entered
her, making her gasp at the suddenness of it, making the cock jerk in her
mouth. The turned her attention back to it as the cock in her pussy
began sliding slowly around, thighs rubbing against the back of her
thighs, hips pushing the round mounds of her buttocks flat. She didn't
want him to come yet, and brought him back under control with her mouth.
Soon, though, she though, soon, as she unconscously pressed herself
harder against the cock impaling her from behind.
The slut was warming up, her could tell. And her pussy, teenage
pussy, was, despite the ease at which it slid in--thanks to her growing
excitement as well as copious lube--incredibly gripping. And the way she
was rolling her hips, and the way she was bent over, taking him from
behind while she sucked another man's cock, and her almost translucent
skin, shining with sweat, and the supple firmness of her flesh, and her
youth, all fed the lust growing in him. He gripped her hips firmly in
his hands and began sliding slowly in and out, each time driving as far
in as he could and grinding there--he wanted this to last.
Each inward thrust of the cock in her pussy caused her stomach to
flutter uncontrollably, a small gasp escaping her throat to die against
the cock in her mouth. She took him down her throat, a growing sense of
urgency upon her, a mixture of dread and anticipation. She was feeling
sensations she had never felt before, and she didn't understand what was
happening, only wishing it would stop and praying that it wouldn't.
She worked feverishly at his cock, feeling his orgasm
approaching, sensing the increased pace of the cock working her cunt.
The flutterings in her stomach were constant now, and reached down to her
groin, warming her, then suddenly the flutterings increased in pitch, and
she squeezed his testicles hard, feeling his slimy sperm slide down her
throat, his hands gripping her skull hard. A wave of pleasure dizzied
her, and she felt a weight slam into her from behind. Another wave of
pleasure knocked her arms from under her so that she was leaning hard
against her face, her face buried in the man's crotch, his musky smell
overpowering as she gasped in great gusts of air, his cock still
twitching in her throat as she whimpered around it, a warm lassitude
overcoming her as she felt the cock in her pussy finish jerking its load
into her belly.
It had been incredible, he thought, as he leaned against her ass
and his arms, his cock still imbedded deep inside her. First the
incredible tightness, then the muscles working like the inside of her
mouth, but with a thousand tongues, all stronger and working to draw an
orgasm from him. Then, as he was close, striving to dump his load in the
hottest piece of ass he'd had in a long while, to feel her clamp about
him like a vice, every muscle in her cunt grinding his penis as if to
destroy it, was unbelievable. He came instantly and uncontrollably,
darkness clouding his vision from the pleasure, only to have that
pleasure repeated as her grip loosened only to clamp down again, drawing
what seemed a second orgasm from him. It was almost too much. And from
the way his friend looked, she hadn't stinted him the skill of her mouth
Well, they'd take a while to recover from this, but he had the
perfect entertainment to pass the time until then.

to be continued in eXstacy 1.2
The two men laid there for over five minutes, exhausted and spent
by the beautiful girl laying between them. She had rolled over onto her
back and laid there, staring dazedly at the ceiling far above.
"You were right. She gives head better than anyone I've ever had."
"And her cunt's incredible too."
"She was getting into it hardcore, I could tell."
"I told you she was a slut. She came so hard she nearly snapped
my prick off."
"Well, what now?"
"I was thinking pain position one."
A slow smile spread across his friends face, and they slowly
stood up to put their plan in action.
She was lost in a post orgasmic lethargy, only dully hearing what
the men around her were saying. She even moved obligingly when they
began to strip her, taking off her jacket and bodice and skirt, and
rolling her socks from around her ankles all the way off. She put her
hands over her head and stretched luxureously. It had been her first
orgasm, and she was reveling in it. How or why these men had affected
her this way she didn't know, and didn't care. The pleasure had been
almost too much to bear, and now the warmth flooding her body felt so
contentful. For the first time in her life she felt truly sensuous, and,
arms over her head, she stretched and writhed naked on the mats, knowing
their eyes were watching her.
"What are you doing now?" she asked, half smiling up at the two
men as one fitted wide cuffs around her wrists. She glanced back as the
man took the cuffs around her wrists and chained them together with a
short length of chain.
"Oh," started the man she had first met, "we need some time to
recover before we have another go at that hot body of yours, so we're
going to provide ourselves with a little entertainment. Don't worry, it
won't hurt too much."
Consternation and fear began to return to her as he walked over
to one of the thin metal walls of the warehouse. She was, after all,
completely at the mercy of these men. The other man helped her to her
feet and she stood awkwardly and self conscously naked in the center of
the mats. The sound of a motor made her look up and she saw a large hook
descending from the ceiling, to stop a mere foot directly above her head.
She let him take her bound wrists and place them over the hook,
hearing the motor start up again. Higher she was pulled until she had to
stand on the balls of her feet to prevent herself from hanging too hard
against her bonds, her supple curves flattened and tightened by the
strain on her young body.
She was truly afraid now as she saw him hand his friend a small
whip, keeping a thin white cane for himself.
"Please don't hurt me," she begged, "I'll do anything you want. Please."
"Shhhh, little girl, shhhh. We won't hurt you much or for long,
and you may even enjoy it. Others have."
She began trembling as they approached her and, standing to
either side of her body, began slowly circling her. She jerked as she
felt the rough handle of her whip slowly caress between her shoulder
blades, and watched in horrible fascination as the cane ran gently across
her flattened breasts. Slowly they circled her, sending their weapons
touching every part of her body, making her shiver uncontrollably in fear
and longing. Then they stepped back, watching her body twist on the
hook, the muscles trembling from strain and desire, her skin glowing in
the persperation of fear.
He brought the cane swiftly against her stomach and watched as
her eyes widened, her body jerked, and a startled yelp came from her
lips. His friend used the whip on her ass, earning a pained "AHHHHH!"
from her and jerking her hips forward so he could land another blow on
the front of her thighs. Then they began circling her again.
The cane had been a line of fire, but nothing compared to the
sharp stinging bite of the whip. The pain still lingered as they gave
her a respite, caressing her again with their weapons. This time the
whip landed against her hip, making her cry out. The cane followed
against the back of her thighs, and then the whip again against the
underside of her left breast, and the cane against her ass.
She jerked uncontrollably on the hook, her body flaring in pain.
She had babbled through the four strokes, "Aaahhgg, no, arrgh, please, uh
uh stop please," and still twisted in remembered pain as they began again
to caress her tender body.
It was always beautiful to see them jerk like this, he thought as
he brought his cane against her breasts, making sure to hit her nipples.
To hear them cry and beg and twist, their supple young bodies squirming
uncontrollably under the blows. Another across her loins matched by one
on her back, and then back to her stomach and breasts as two more whip
strokes landed on her ass. It was wonderful to see the white flesh
slowly accumulate thin lines of red where the cane struck, or small angry
welts telling of the kiss of the whip. And then to watch the heaving
body slowly relax, tense still with the dull afterache of the blows and
the expectation of more, but free of the sharp pains of the blows, breath
heaving into the lungs, forcing the breasts up and out, body quivering
like a wire pulled to the breaking, pleas now coming fast to let her
down, stop hurting her, don't do this, she'll do anything, only to
devolve into more cries as the beating started again.
They continued, each time raining more blows against her helpless
body, each time caressing her less and harder, until her skin felt like
it was burning. She was screaming continuously now, heaving in great
gasps of air in between blows, her body twisting madly on the hook like a
butterfly in a strong wind. Suddenly it all stopped, and she broke down,
sobbing in the agony of her inflamed body. She felt a hand grip her sex
and a body press against her front. Her legs went out from under her and
she heard the motor run, lowering her to her knees, her arms still above
her head. Her legs were pulled apart, and she gasped at the tenderness
of her skin. She could feel every inch of the man pressed against her
front, feel every touch of his against her skin as if it were a burning coal.
A man grabbed her hips from behind, his phallus pressing
insistently against her anus, while the man in front of her continued to
use his cupped hand to massage her vagina, his mouth finding hers for a
long, deep kiss. She gasped into his mouth as she felt a cock surge up
her ass, surprised at the absense of pain--there was just this incredible
stretched, full feeling. Hands reached around her to cup her whipped
breasts, gripping them strongly, sending jolts of sensation through her body.
The cock started to thrust in and out of her ass while two
fingers slipped into her cunt, a thumb pressing insistently against her
clitorus. The hands on her breasts became mauling, biting animals, and
she threw back her head, now the lips against her throat. Sparks flashed
across her sight as she was overwhelmed with sensation, with the brutal
handling these two men were giving her.
She began grunting in time with the thrusts up her ass as a pit
of fiery pleasure twisted and churned deep in her bowels, striving for
release. Vaguely she felt and heard the man behind her come, and she
groaned in unfulfilled lust, still needing, still wanting, more. The
men switched position and she gasped in pure pleasure as another cock
found itself up her ass, and a hand began working her vagina and
clitorus. A hand grabbed her hair and pulled her head back against a
shoulder, arching her body against him. Her mouth hung open as a greedy
mouth sucked almost painfully against her neck.
"OHHHH GOD!" she cried out as her body tensed and began
trembling, before jerking once, twice, three times under the pleasure of
powerful orgasms. The man in her ass felt her muscles clamp down and
spasm, sending him into his own ecstatic moment. Darkness passed before
her eyes as she strained against the two men in her orgasm, and then, as
it ended, she collapsed, almost passing out.
She didn't remember much more of the evening, except that they
dressed her and put her back in the car, where she slept. When she awoke
she was back in the parking lot of the Hot Spot, where the man gave her a
bag of X and let her go with the comment, "If you want any more, I'm here
every weekend. I'll be looking for you."
She shuddered in the morning air and made her way to her car.
Driving home, she saw the false dawn and wondered about what had happened
to her. Now she was sore and tired, but for two moments there, she had
felt as she had never felt before in all her young life, and although she
was scared of those men--she didn't even know their names--she wanted
more of what they had to offer.

The End


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