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I posted this last year with three other short
stories, the overall title being "Kinks." I've dusted the
stories off, put some new paint on a couple of them, and
decided to post them separately. Please don't hesitate to
let me know what works and what doesn't. Feedback is my
only payment, and can be directed to:
<femNOSPACEecrivain at netdot dot com> or you can use the
handy form on my website at

Please note, also, that this work is copyright by me, and
as such, don't steal it and claim it as your own, or try to
make money from it.

by Souvie
copyright 2000-2001
Joanna blew a bubble with the hot pink gum and then sucked it back in before it could pop. She kept that up, blowing
and sucking, until Paula noticed her. "Hey! I told you
about chewing gum during a session, Jo."

"But I'm bo-red." She drew the word out to stress her
state of mind. "Holding these stupid positions day after
day is... well, monotonous." She blew her bangs out of her

"They are poses, Jo, not positions. If you're going to
model for me, please learn the terminology." She checked
the lighting again, and then adjusted the focus on the

Taking advantage of the lull, Joanna stretched her legs
out. "Who would have thought seven years ago that scrawny
little Paula Louise Rodgers would aspire to be the next
Annie Liebowitz?"

"I pulled your pigtails in high school, I can do it
again," Paula threatened with a smile. "Besides, I could
only hope to be as good as that woman is."

"I'd like to see just how good you are," Joanna mumbled
under her breath.


"Nothing," she said breezily. She would have waved a hand
but she was lying on her stomach, wearing nothing more than
a pair of black lace thong panties, heels and a long string
of pearls around her neck. She was propped up on her
forearms, just enough to tantalize with a shadowy hint of
bare breasts. Her feet were encased in four-inch black
stilettos and were bent up in the air and crossed at the

"If I recall, pulling my pigtails in high school was about
the only tame thing you did. Even if you were a spoiled
rich kid, you sure got into your share of mischief." Joanna
snuck a look at Paula and blew another bubble.

Paula walked over and bent down, her hand held out. Making
a face, Joanna spit the gum into her palm and Paula tossed
it into the trash.

Walking back to her large camera bag, she snorted as she
changed film and fiddled with the aperture. "Since we're
tripping down memory lane, need I remind you of the time
you and Bobby Mason got it on in the back of his daddy's

"You *had* to remind me, didn't you?" Joanna groaned.

"Kinky slut," Paula threw back. "Okay, I'm ready to start
shooting again." She held the camera in front of her face
and looked at Joanna through it. "Toss your hair over one
shoulder. Your right shoulder. No, don't take it down from
the ponytail, leave it up. The black is a good contrast
against the stark white of the pearls, honey."

She was getting into it now; using endearments like she
did it all the time. The truth was, they'd been friends
since junior high, and even though both were gay, their
relationship had always been platonic. Oh the sexual
undertones had always been there, but neither one had felt
comfortable acting upon them. Paula was well aware that
Jo's body was on the plump side; some would even call her
fat. It didn't matter to Paula; there was just something
about her that made her the sexiest woman she'd ever known.
When time came to choose a model, there'd been no doubt in
her mind who she'd ask.

"Okay, now, cross your arms over your breasts and roll
over onto your back."

Joanna gave her one of her patented "What the fuck are you
talking about?" looks.

"Come on, sugar. You'll be covered and I'll get some great
shots from above. You can let your hair down and fan it out
around you, too." She knew she was proud of her long,
straight black hair, a genetic hand-me-down from her
Cherokee grandmother.

"Okay, just for you, Paula." Joanna tugged her hair out of
the ponytail and shook her head causing it to shimmer and
settle around her shoulders, spilling over on her breasts.
Before she could roll over onto her back, Paula yelled.

"Wait! Don't move an inch." She switched lenses and toned
down the lighting. "That's so goddamn sexy it's unreal."

Paula moved in close and personal, clicking away, totally
lost in her work. "Okay, now, roll over on your back. Now,
don't think, just do it, Jo."

The brunette rolled as requested and crossed her arms over
her generous bosom, her hands clasping her shoulders, hair
tousled as if fresh from a bout of lovemaking.

"Perfect, Jo, just fucking-a perfect." Snap, click, whirr.

Unable to resist, Joanna stretched her neck up and nipped
at Paula's breast hanging so close to her face. Paula drew
back quickly, lowering the camera in an instant.

So absorbed in her work, she'd failed to notice the heady
scent wafting around her - an intriguing mix of spicy
perfume, sweat and sex. Oh yes, now she couldn't miss the
smell of lust permeating the air. She looked down into
Joanna's flushed face. She could see now that the lust in
her eyes wasn't faked for the camera; it was real and Paula
was the cause of it.

"Jo?" she said, a bit breathlessly.

Joanna flashed her "I know something you don't know
smile." That woman had more smiles than a fifty cent whore
had clients.

"Want to see my hidden talent, Paula?" she said, rolling
back over onto her stomach, Paula moving back on her knees
out of the way. Joanna bent her leg back and twisted her
foot until her heel had hooked under the crotch of her
panties. She lifted her foot up, pulling the black lace
taut, and spread her legs. From Paula's elevated height,
she could see the effect this had on Joanna's nether
regions. The skimpy panty was bisecting Joanna's outer
lips, making them spill over the edges and smother the
material between. Paula could feel herself tingling below,
just thinking about the amount of pressure that would exert
on Joanna's clit, and the sensations it must be producing.

Confident that she'd accomplished what she'd set out to
do, Joanna put her legs together again, the panties still
hooked around her heel. With a bit of wiggling and tugging,
she pulled the thong down her long legs and kicked them
aside, all without using her hands or moving off of her

"Oh." Paula's mouth was dry and she felt as if the room
was suddenly several degrees warmer. "Very...impressive."

Joanna smiled and reached out a hand to topple Paula off-
balance. She landed on her back, Joanna astride her before
she'd known what was happening. "I used to take dance
classes remember? Tap, jazz and ballet, not to mention
karate. Plus my hips are double-jointed. I don't think I
ever mentioned that before. She was unbuttoning the front
of Paula's blouse as she spoke.

"No, you certainly didn't ever mention that." The camera lay forgotten in her hand.

"I'm very flexible," Joanna purred. She parted Paula's
blouse and bent over her. Paula's athletic body, short,
curly red hair and pale, freckled skin provided another
contrast to Joanna's plump, dark looks. Joanna watched in
fascination as the strands of her long hair touched and
then blended with Paula's copper locks. "Why didn't we do
this sooner?" she asked.

"I thought we didn't want to complicate our friendship."

"Are we so sure this won't enhance it, instead? Create a
deeper, more meaningful bond?"

"No." Paula set the camera aside and clasped Joanna's bare
hips in her long, slender hands.

"I'm willing to find out. How about you?"

Paula looked up into Joanna's dark eyes and found a
reflection of all the warmth, passion and desire she was
feeling inside. "I say, what the hell." A smile hot enough
to make the devil sigh, spread across her face. Her hands
kneaded Joanna's dimpled ass.

Joanna slipped the dangling end of the strand of pearls
over Paula's head, trapping them both, and lowered her head
slowly. Her tongue snaked out to lick Paula's lips; long,
full licks that had Paula moaning low in her throat and
feeling love slick between her thighs. "Wait till you see
what other talents I have," Joanna whispered into her

Lost in her new lover's embrace, Joanna never noticed that
Paula had set the camera to self-timer, repeating every two
minutes. After the first flash, Paula forgot about it


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