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end of the rainbow


Please do not read if you are under 18 years of age or
offended by depictions of graphic sex.

This story (c)2001 by Sara H


The End of the Rainbow

by Sara H

Categories: FF, College, First time


College life was something I had anticipated and dreaded
at the same time. It was like everything. It was like
meeting Amy.

Amy lived next door. Room 418. It is safe to say that she
had the most popular room on the floor. I think mostly it
was because she had the best pot and was generous with it,
but she was also audacious and slightly crazy.

By the time I got to know her, I was simply joining the
party of seven or eight that nightly got stoned, talking
and laughing into the early hours of the morning. She was
openly gay. I was in awe of her ability to just be who she
was, when even the other girls would give her shit about
it, at least in a friendly way.

You know, like when I would go to the bathroom, someone
would inevitably say, "Lock the door... you know Amy likes
to watch!" Of course, Amy didn't mind. If someone forgot,
she'd threaten it herself.

Like everyone else, I laughed about it. And, I locked the

As time went on, and the semester got more serious, the
parties grew less frequent. Eventually, I was the only
person going to her room at least twice a week. She didn't
seem to mind, though. We'd get high and laugh, talk about
school, and whatever came up.

One night, I saw she had a book of lesbian erotica sitting
out on her desk. Seeing it sitting there, opened with the
pages lying flat on the desk, my curiosity and lack of
inhibition from the reefer got the better of me.

"So what's it like?" I asked. "Being a lesbian?"

"You tell *me*," she answered, smiling.

"No, seriously."

"Well, imagine how you feel about men. Then apply it to
women. It's not like one day I said, 'Hmm, I think I'll be
attracted to women now.' It just is how it is for me. It's
very basic to how I think and act," said Amy, matter-of-

"I don't get it," I said. "I haven't met any men that
really 'do it' for me. Maybe I'm asexual or something. So
that doesn't help me understand."

"Do you masturbate?" she asked.

"What?!" I asked, giggling. I couldn't believe she would
ask something like that.

"You know, do you play slide the magic finger with your
pussy," she continued, smiling at me.

"Um... yes," I admitted. "I've been known to."

"Glad you didn't lie about it. I've heard you from over
here late at night. I don't think you're asexual, dear
heart. I think you've just never figured out what actually
turns you on.

"God," she said as she stretched. "Pot makes me so fucking

I ignored her words, although my own arousal was rearing
up, too.

"Maybe not. I mean, I think about romance, but it's not
like I actually put people in my fantasies, just feelings.
Who knows? Maybe I'm a closet dyke!" I joked, smiling

"Stranger things have been seen and known," said Amy.
Then, shifting herself a little, she added, "I'd be glad to
help you find out."

"Ummmm, not tonight," I said. I couldn't believe my words
or where my mind was suddenly going. I felt like I was
losing my senses. "Well, but could I... um... borrow that
book?" I asked, softly enough that I thought she might not

"No, but I have another one I can lend you, since you're
so... curious. It's one I got from my first lover... may
not even be in print, so I want it back."

"Okay," I said. Now that I had asked, I was in no position
to argue.

She went to her drawer and opened it, and pulled out a
large book. "The Joy of lesbian Sex". Great. Like I wanted
a manual. But I was nice about it.

"Thanks, Amy. I won't tear it up or anything."

"I trust you. Besides, there's nothing like a little
reading to expand your horizons," she offered, handing me
the book.

"Man, I have to pee. Be right back," I said, standing up
and laying the book on the bed.

"Can I watch?" she asked, grinning.

"Jesus, Amy, you're *such* a pervert!" I joked.

But I didn't lock the door.


I lay in my bed, reading the book. I'd started out feeling
pretty jaded, but when I read the part about coming out, I
just kept getting deeper and deeper into the emotion of it.
It was like it was talking about *me* and how I'd always
dreamed romance and sex would be. The softness, the
tenderness, the sense of being lifted away... my heart was
pounding its way up into my throat before I finished

And I was horny. My god, was I horny. My pussy felt like
liquid heat as I reached down to brush my nether lips with
my finger... and I thought perhaps I should stop, to savor
how it felt, but I just couldn't. I pressed in and found my
slit, teasing it to swollen slickness and burning jolts of
electric sex. It had never been so good. *Fucking good,* I
thought, surprised by the nastyy, wonderful turn my mind
was taking.

My breath started to quicken as little mewls escaped me.
I'd never been much of a screamer... it had always
distracted me. But now, my mewls were growing into open
groans that were turning me on.

Then, I thought of Amy, listening, possibly playing with
her own horny cunt, and I came, harder than I ever had,
words babbling out of me and screams punctuating my
jerking, spasming body. Ecstasy? No, this was beyond, and
the images in the book spurred me into a second... not
after, but on tops of my orgasm... and again... like layers
of infinite lust, driving me onward.

It was like time stopped and there was only this glorious,
sun-soaked pleasure, eternal, like voices of angels...
calling my name... as I called... God help me, I couldn't
stop it... "Amy... Amyyyyyyyy..."

From that moment on, I devoured everything in that book.
It was as if I'd found soulmates in the authors. The most
dry description had me playing and coming and dreaming of
love and sex and life among women... and it hit me.

I was a lesbian. It wasn't new. I had just never known
what to call it.

I also didn't know what to do with it.

Watching Amy, she seemed so secure about it, but I had
friends I would lose. I had a family who would disown me. I
had a life that would be undone. But I couldn't stop.

Imagine finding out that you liked the taste of ice cream.
You can't just turn it off. You might deny yourself any ice
cream, but the truth of what's inside you is still the
same. And you still want it. All the time.

On with my story.

We didn't talk about it for a few weeks. In fact, I
stopped going to Amy's room for a bit. It wasn't until a
few weeks later that I heard several voices there, and I
felt brave enough to knock and go in.

There were three other people there, all giggling and
laughing, and I decided that it was safe to sit and have a
toke or two with them.

Turned out to be a marathon session though, with joints, a
bong and a little stone pipe... and within thirty minutes,
I was past the point of going anywhere. Then, one by one,
everyone said goodnight and staggered back to their rooms.
Everyone, that is, but me.

Amy closed the door, and came back to her chair. "So, what
did you think of the book?" she asked, all innocent eyed.
She started loading another bowl into the stone pipe.

"It was... interesting, really," I said, trying to deflect
the scary look in her eyes.

"It sounded like it, girl," she laughed.

I must have turned beet red, because she grinned and got
busy with the pipe again, lighting it and taking a huge
toke. Letting it out, she took another and waved me over.
Holding the pipe backwards in her mouth she leaned out to
me and blew a shotgun.

I took it in my nose like a good little pothead and felt
my thoughts get wavy. Suddenly, I felt an electric charge
run up my body and straight to the roof of my mouth. Her
fingers traced the inseam of my jeans as I shivered and
nearly fell over, my legs turning to so much pudding.

She pulled away slightly, smiling at me with her head
cocked slightly to the side... and then she went on as if
nothing had happened. "So you liked the book," she said. It
wasn't a question. "I had a feeling about you, Sara."

I sat back on the bed, not knowing quite what to do. She
stood and walked over and sat down beside me. "Another
shotgun?" she asked.

"Sure," I answered. I was dumbstruck and just couldn't
think of anything else to say.

Again, she took a deep hit, but instead of putting the
pipe into her mouth, she leaned over and blew a stream from
her lips... it was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. I took
it in my own lips... and as it finished, and I held it in,
she leaned further and kissed me...

The pot was hitting hard and my mind reeled from the
gentle softness of her lips. Don't get me wrong... I'd been
kissed before, but I'd never seen what the big deal was. It
just didn't do anything to me or for me.

It all changed in that one, magical instant. It was like
her kiss moved through my entire being... her gently
probing tongue sending me into a new place that was hot and
electric... and irresistible. Warmth spread to my breasts and to my pussy, making me twitch and jerk my pelvis for
just a second.

It was enough. Amy pulled back, and as I let go of the
pungent, powerful smoke, she said quietly, as if it were
the most natural thing in the world, "Sara... do you want
me to fuck you?"

Before I even had time to think about it, my head was
nodding yes. I'll never forget the look that crossed her
face. I would have expected some kind of gloating smile or
smug victory at her conquest. Instead it was one of gentle,
tender compassion. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever

She stood and went to her desk. After lighting a small
votive candle, she turned out all the lights.

I watched her, unable to move as she undressed in front of
me. Unhurried, but just pulling off her sweatshirt and
unbuttoning her pants, she was a picture of grace and
simplicity. Down to her panties and bra, I saw the
slightest evidence of wetness... and then as she removed
them, I gasped as I saw her erect nipples.

I don't know if I can explain this... but I was... well,
honored. Her nipples were stiff, like little pencil
erasers... and it was for *me.* Me! I was turning this
gorgeous, sexy brunette woman... this *lesbian*... on. I
moaned softly at the emotion of it.

It felt... it felt *holy*.

Her skin was like satin in the candlelight. Her face
looked so soft... her turned up nose and short, auburn hair
glowing as she walked over to me, the sway of her body
betraying her lust and desire. It was something I could
have touched, if I could have moved my hand. I was frozen
by the elegance of it all.

Her heavy lids closed halfway over her brown eyes, and her
soft, full lips seemed even fuller as she came close. She
didn't kiss me then... but as she whispered soft
encouragement, telling me how beautiful I was, I could feel
her warm puffs of breath touching my face, drawing me ever
deeper into my own desire.

I was crying. There was nothing else I could do.

She reached up and began to unbutton my sweater. She
looked into my searching eyes and smiled as I trembled
uncontrollably. "Just relax," she said. "I am here for you
and you alone tonight, and I promise... you're safe."

One by one my pieces of clothing disappeared. I lifted my
butt to help her remove my jeans and panties with one
smooth, incredibly slow motion. There was no trace of
hurriedness, no hint of desperation... just Amy, honoring
my willingness, my desire, my fear... and my lust. Making
it safe. Making it perfect.

She stood and pulled me to my feet. I was floating in some
other world... naked with another woman in a way I had
never been before. And as she pulled me close and kissed
me, tongue dancing with mine, our bodies touched, nipple to
nipple, belly to belly, skin against hot skin... I felt
something inside of me melt away forever.

Some would call it innocence lost. I called it saying
goodbye to the empty place in my soul.

She gently had me sit down on the edge of the bed, and
then lay me back as I felt her hand cup my mons, her
fingers moving to my folds. I moaned and opened wider for
her. There was no hesitation now, no question, no fear.
There was only Amy and her lips, the taste and touch and
smell of her against me.

The jolt of pleasure moved through me as I moaned into her
kiss, and she responded... kissing me more deeply without
making it more forceful, somehow... it was her response in
the dance that she was teaching me.

My hips began to move with her hand, her finger entering
me as her thumb played across my clit, finding what felt
best, improvising, adjusting... *communicating* in a way
I'd never dreamed possible.

She broke the kiss and moved to my breast, licking around
the aureole and then pulling it into her mouth, gently at
first, and then with growing intensity. It felt like a
strange tickle/itch, and grew until my chest was heaving in
passion, sending sparks down a hot wire straight to my
clit. I couldn't stop my undulating hips and chest, and
she, my ravager, only kept on and on, knowing somehow that
I had never felt anything do intense... so intense that it
didn't even feel like the playing I had so come to love
over the last few weeks.

So much better. So much deeper. It was almost too much to

As if she could sense my overload, she stopped and came
back up to kiss me. "Are you all right?" she whispered.

All I could do was croak. "God."

"Mmmmmm, good," she whispered again as she smiled. Kissing
me gently and briefly with lips of silk, she stood again. I
wasn't worried. There was no loss. I was completely in her
hands, without worry or fear of any kind.

"Close your eyes, Sara," she said, softly. "I want to take
you to heaven."

There was nothing to do but do as she asked. I felt her
hands press my knees apart. *Oh my God... she's going
to...!* and then... she did.

I felt her tongue swipe up the length of my wet slit,
making my legs jerk strongly and outside of my control. She
laughed just a little, tenderly, and said, "God, I love
that. I love making you feel this."

I couldn't speak. I only moaned more loudly and pulled my
legs back, holding my knees, widening myself as much as I
could to Amy's probing, wonderful tongue. She pressed
inward, causing a tremble to move through my body, and then
upward as she found my engorged pleasure button, sucking it
in, circling and flicking with her insidious tongue, like a
fire dancing pleasure into me with every movement.

"NNNG! NNNNGAH! OH! OH! OH!" I began to chant in rhythm
with her flicking wonder-tongue, my hips grinding into her
face as my legs wrapped around her, pressing her to me.

Her hand reached up as she licked, pinching my nipple
roughly, and the pain made me scream... but it was a scream
of delight as the pinch echoed strongly in my clit.
Alternating pinches and flicks, I felt my mind going, my
thoughts only of *lust bodies skin pleasure fuck juice god

I screamed loudly as my orgasm washed over me, her tongue
glued to my pulsing, cumming pussy, my body losing all
elegance and jerking spasmodically as my hips flew up and
down off the bed, pummeling my new lover with my crotch,
toes opening and curling uncontrollably in ecstasy as my
tongue licked my lips and my teeth bit down...

As I came down, I felt like my insides were spinning and
wakes of aftershocks moved through me, my coos of delight
charging the electric air between us.

Amy slid up my body as my legs relaxed, her lips finding
mine, covered with my first taste of womanly juices and the
tang of passion mixed with the sweetness of her own
swollen, fleshy, lightly bruised lips.

I was ravenous... throwing my arms around her in a kiss
that marked my true awakening.

She broke the kiss and whispered in my ear, "You okay,

I whispered back, awkward and clumsy in the wake of what
had just happened, "The book... was so wrong. This is
better... I... I..." Tears formed and I cried from joy,
from loss, for all the years of having been so alone, and
so blind.

We lay there fondling and kissing for a long, long time. I
let the emotions wash through me... of joy, love, sadness,
sisterhood... and the beginnings of love and adoration for
this woman who had given me so much. It was beyond words.

It was my homecoming.

"What time do you have class tomorrow?" she asked, softly.

"Eight-thirty," I said, quietly. It felt like my voice was
booming in the quiet room.

"You'd better get to bed then, lover... it's two-thirty,
now." *Lover.* The word sent a delicious thrill through me.

"But..." I squeaked.

"No, tonight was your night. A gift," she said, as if
reading my thoughts. "We have lots more nights to share."

She kissed me again, and I savored the moment, a moment I
knew would never come again. *There is only one first time.
Remember everything,* I told myself. *Every little,
wonderful, glorious thing...*

I put on my bra and panties and walked reluctantly to the
door. As I reached for the handle, she walked up behind and
reached around, cupping my breasts and nuzzling my neck. I
melted back into her for a moment. She whispered, "How do
you feel? Okay?"

"Mmmmm," I whispered back. "Giddy. And I'm thinking of
everyone hearing us tonight."

"It worries you?" she asked, in between light kisses on my

"No," I answered. "I'm... proud. I want everyone to know.
I can't see how joy like this could be wrong. I had no

"Yes you did, Sara. You just gave me the honor of showing
you what you already wanted."

I turned around, and saw something I'll never, ever
forget. Her eyes were filled with newborn tears. "Sleep
well, Sara-love. And come back to me, soon."

I kissed her and walked back to my room, slowly, full of
the grace of joyous bliss, and full of the rapture and
serenity of finally, perfectly, finding the center of
myself... and the end of my rainbow.

Part Two

I went to what was commonly known as a "suitcase" school.
That meant that on the weekends, everyone generally went
home. But I liked the space and the seclusion of the
weekends. I was usually the only one around on my floor. In
fact, there were usually maybe five people in the entire

I lay in my bed on Saturday morning, thinking about what
had happened two nights before. I read somewhere that doing
something once is a fluke, but when you do it twice, it is
your own, and part of you forever. It wasn't like that for
me. It was part of me before I ever gave myself to Amy. I
knew that, now.

Amy had merely pulled back the curtain of my self-
ignorance. And she had taken me into something beautiful
beyond what I could have possibly imagined.

And now, laying in the quiet of the beginning of the
weekend, I was pulling down the waistband of my panties.

I jumped at the light knock at my door. "Just a sec!" I
yelled, and threw on a sweatshirt.

I opened the door, and there she was. My eyes must have
been bugging out of my head from my surprise, because she
said, "Geez, Sara, I didn't shower yet, but do I look
*that* bad?"

"No, no... umm... come on in, Amy," I stammered. You would
think that after what we had done that I would have been
ecstatic, and I was, but I was also scared. It wasn't the
sex... I had no qualms about that... but I was infatuated
and knew it, and what I didn't know, at least for sure, was
how she felt about *me.*

"I just came to collect my property," she said, smiling.

I gulped. Hard. My hands started shaking at her words.

"You know, my book?" she prompted, raising her eyebrows.

"Oh! Right..."

I walked over to my desk and placed my hands around it.
Looking down, I said, "Um... Amy... about the other
night... I... um... well it meant maybe more to me than..."
I stammered until I got the nerve to turn back around.

I did, though. Right into her arms. "Does this answer your
question?" she whispered, pulling me into a passionate,
searing kiss. Her hands grabbed my ass and squeezed,
pressing me to her, arms trapped down, making me moan into
her wet, dancing mouth and tongue. She took my tongue
briefly and suckled it... pulling it into her as my knees
went weak... just like they did every time I thought of her.

Then she stepped back and took the book out of my hands
while I stood there, swaying stupidly, waiting for my mind
to clear. "Don't move," she said, throwing the book onto
the bed. She grabbed my wrists and pressed them over my
head, pushing me back against the wall, her body leaning
against mine.

"I want my *other* property, too," she said, smiling

I was taken aback, even as I trembled. There was a little
voice in my head telling me that I should be worried. But
there was also a delicious shiver that ran from my center
outward, making my breath come in quick little gasps.

I was excited beyond belief.

*Property.* God. She was as obsessed with me as I was with

As she held me, her soft, satin lips brushed across mine,
over and over, pulling back, not allowing the kiss as I
stretched my neck forward... creating more and more need in
me as the sensation melted my emotions into quivering lust.

I could only get lost in the feeling of it, the unhurried
wonder of allowing every sensation to course through me,
romantic and hot. The emotional savoring, the holding back,
the loving for loving's sake, was destroying my most
careful inhibitions, laughing at them, showing them for the
adolescent folly that they were.

I was gasping so hard that I could barely breath as her
lips met mine again and took my spirit somewhere new. Our
tongues danced, reaching out from the warm caverns of our
mouths, pressing us into the joy of ethereal, hot
sensuality, and I was falling more deeply in love.

"Would you like to take a shower, Sara?" she whispered.

"I usually do," I answered, missing her invitation

"No," she said. "I mean..."

"Oh!" I felt totally foolish as what she'd meant came to
me. "Do you... think it's safe?"

"Sara. I wouldn't ask if it weren't. The only thing I had
to be sure of was that it wasn't the pot that inspired you
before," she said softly, the vulnerability hitting a
string in me that vibrated my entire body as she held me
there, panting with desire for her.

"Inspired, maybe," I whispered, almost silently. "But it
was all me that said yes. It was me that wanted you. Wants

It was Amy's turn to shiver. "Ohhhh, God," she whispered
as her lips and tongue fell to my neck.

It was a little while before we made it to the shower.


I had a sudden deja vu of summer camps and gym class. I
felt completely awkward, and fell into my regular washing
routine. But Amy had other ideas.

She threw back her head, standing backwards under her own
shower, letting the water run down her body. I watched as
she savored the feeling of the rivulets running over her
shoulders, between her breasts, over her belly, and down to
her delta... while I became entranced by the vision she
presented. God, she was sexy without thinking about it.

Slowly she opened her soft, brown eyes and looked at me,
smiling gently. "You should just enjoy the water. Take your
time. Feel it pour over you. Let it seduce you."

"I - I don't - I've never -" I stammered, feeling clumsy
and foolish with my washrag in my hand.

"Here, I'll help," she said, walking over to me.

"Just lean back into me," she offered, standing behind me
under the running water, her arms encircling my belly.

I leaned back as her hands found my stiffening nipples,
writing little circles around them. Little ripples of
sensitive pleasure moved through me, causing my mouth to
fall open, the water falling from one lip to the other. My
eyes closed as I surrendered my mind and body to the
feeling, a long, whispered moan pushing out from my
innermost self.

I could feel her cradling me, responding to me, becoming
one with my emotion; one with my craving and impulsive,
irresistible lust.

There was a cold moment as she disappeared... and then it
was gone, and she was back. I felt her hands slide slickly
up my belly and over my now screaming, tight nipples.

I smelled the soap in her hands and began to writhe
obscenely against her, wanting to seduce her as she was
seducing me, changing me, awakening the woman inside of me
in a way that could never be denied again.

My clit was aching as I put my hands over hers, pressing
them down to my hot little button, taking control of the
motion, leading the dance as our bodies slid together in a
dance of Sapphic ecstasy.

And then I exploded, nearly falling to the floor gasping
as she laughed and held me... but it was a laugh of joy, of
abandon, of shared bliss.

I stood as best I could, and fell against her, kissing her
deeply, my own passion finally unbound and restless, my
hunger let loose into the world in a whirlwind of light and


We went out to the Canteen for breakfast. She asked what I
was going to have and nearly fell over laughing when I
mentioned something about "the usual nasty." Runny eggs,
undercooked bacon... but you'd have thought we were having
a candlelight dinner in the finest restaurant, feeding each
other, laughing, gazing into the light of each others' eyes.

And then I saw it. The thing that changed me, and us,

Amy was blushing.

"What?" I asked, leaning my head in and smiling to her
across the table.

"Sara... I... there's something I have to tell you."

My heart stopped. I was ready for the worst. She had a
girlfriend. I wasn't being what she wanted me to be. I was
not the dream for her that she was for me. Fear gripped me
like a vise and clamped down on my heart. "Yes?" I asked,
hesitating, preparing for the worst.

"I know you think I'm all experienced and um... that I'm
like... well, in control and all... or something... I don't

I kept my head forward but looking straight into her deep
brown eyes. "Go on," I said. "It's okay." I said it, but I
wasn't sure I felt it.

"It's just that you seem to be so... attached so quickly
and I don't want to hurt or scare you..."

I felt my tears, hot and painful, beginning to well up in
my eyes, just under the surface.

"But... it's never been like this for me either... and I'm
hoping I'm right about the way you feel... because I feel
it, too. I've felt it for a long time."

I let out a choked sob, in that exquisite place between
expected pain and surprised joy, and before I could stop my
lips from speaking, I whispered, "I love you, Amy."

She stopped and stared... and then smiled and got the most
wonderful coy look, like a child who didn't know what to do
with all the joy of Christmas morning.

"God... I... I do love you, Sara. I really do." I could
hear the tremble in her voice as she realized along with
me, the depth of what we were saying. "I can't believe
this," she said, her words cracked with emotion. "But...
feeling is believing," she said, finally sounding more like

We finished and walked back to the dorm, aching to hold
hands like anyone else in love, but we held back, not
wanting to risk anything that would damage the fragile
flower we had grown.

When we got to her room, she turned to me and kissed me
lightly, and then again with pure love and passion.

"Thank you for finding me," I whispered, when the words
would come.

"Thank you for being lost," she answered, smiling.

We went into our rooms, smiling and slightly dazed, to do
the things we had to do before we could spend the rest of
the weekend together.


I could barely concentrate on my papers and schoolwork all
day long. I went through it as fast as I could, the desire
to be with the newly found love of my life driving me on
with maniacal speed. I had no idea I could type so quickly.

When I finally knocked on her door that evening, Amy
yelled, "Just a second!" to the accompaniment of drawers
closing and general commotion. Puzzled, I waited for a few
moments until I head the sound of the lock clicking open.

She opened the door, standing behind it out of view, and
asked me in. The smell of sandalwood incense filled my
nostrils as I stepped into the glowing, warm room. Several
small candles were lit, basking the room in golden light,
transforming it from a utilitarian dorm room into a lover's

The bed covers were turned back, and I looked on, amazed
at what she had done for us... for me. My heart was
fluttering as I stepped further in and she closed the door
behind me.

I turned around to see her, now expecting her to be naked,
but she was dressed in a sheer, see-through, peach evening
gown with spaghetti straps... and no bra. At any other time
it would have been silly, and certainly not in keeping with
her boyish sense of playfulness, but I was captivated,
transported to a new world of romance and tenderness.

She looked embarrassed.

"Do you like it?" she said, nearly whispering the words.
My mind reeled at her tender vulnerability. She had no idea
that in my world, she could do no wrong. "I mean, I can

I stopped her words with my own forceful, relentless kiss,
pressing her back to the wall, consciously feeding the
energy of my lust into her, showing her the animal passion
she had let loose inside me. My pointed tongue writhed
against her own, her taste threatening to make me lose all
sense of where I was. I thought I had been hot for her

Now, I was the blazing surface of the sun.

I curled one leg around hers... feeling the new and
unknown sensation of nakedness held apart by the most
delicate of fences, the heat of her body pouring from her
and adding to mine. I had no idea where I was going... I
only knew that I was going there fast, and taking her with
me. My lips kissed across the soft line of her jaw, my face
taking in... *breathing* in... her hair.

This was me as I'd never known I existed... free and hot,
the years of pent-up insecurity and passion flowing out of
me and moving my body and mind in ways that I had heard,
but never believed, could be.

Finally it was too much and I stepped back, breathing
heavily. "I think you've created a monster," I said,
smiling hopefully at her, hoping my display was not
ridiculous. What a roller-coaster I was on.

"No, not a monster, my love," she said, taking my hand and
pulling me to the bed. "An angel."

We fell to the bed, laughing and kissing, surrendering to
the shared passion that only seemed to get larger and more
powerful with every moment. Suddenly she stopped, and
reached over to the chest beside the bed. "I've been saving
something for tonight," she said, and pulled out a little
piece of foil. "Unless you mind, of course," she went on,
unwrapping the foil from around what looked like a little
square, like a bullion cube, only dark green.

I looked at her with a question on my face. "Hash," she

She broke off a little piece and put it in a small pipe,
and lit it. The aroma was pungent, but sweet... not like
pot at all. She kissed me and blew the smoke into me... in
a suddenly very familiar ritual. But there was something
special, something shared that was more than the green
square, and the silkiness of the high it was beginning to
give me.

Instead of it making me horny, it was making what I
already felt more tactile and alive. I know I sound like a
pure dopehead, but it wasn't like that. I was about Amy. It
was about me. Us.

After finishing about half of the little cube, she
whispered, "Sara, I'm going to fuck you all night long..."

I moaned and fell backward onto the bed. She straddled me,
and then slid one leg under me, her body leaned away from
mine, her legs at my shoulders. I felt an electric jolt as
her wetness touched mine... and she began to slide and rock
against me.

I'd seen this in the book she'd given. It was one thing I
didn't understand... but feeling her body, and knowing her
love, I began to respond with movements of my own.

The feelings came slowly, in little twitches and moments
of sparking that teased at my pussy, gradually warming me
and moving upward through my body. My nipples began to
ache, and the pleasure of what she was doing began to shape
my thoughts and actions... and I realized that we were not
just giving pleasure, but building to something...
something new and wonderful.

Our moans and mewls began to combine and drive us faster,
finding a rhythm that was both alien and irresistible. I
felt my climax building and heard Amy's gasping breath
followed by a loud scream as she leapt off the edge of the

Suddenly my mind was a tornado, my body on fire and the
lust and love and passion and fire combined in my soul, and
I was with her... one body, one heart, one mass of perfect,
blended bliss...

I opened my eyes. *My God, I passed out!* I thought,
quivering still as tremendous waves of pleasure passed
through me again and again.

Amy slid up my body, and she kissed me... I could feel her
heart beating in her chest, and it was exactly in time with
mine... and I knew that all the words of becoming one, of
joining, of union, were not just words, but some spiritual
place of incredible reality.

And then, as I trembled against her in love and awe, she
was straddling me again, this time across my belly.
Carefully walking up my body on her knees, she stopped,
kneeling, my breasts pushed up by her crotch and her knees
in my armpits. As she looked down, shadows covered her
eyes, giving her an exotic look that sent an even stronger
shiver through me.

"Your turn," she said, quietly. There was no question. It
was not a request. My mind reeled as I realized that this,
for me, was the point of no return.

I placed my hands behind her butt, pulling, and she smiled
so tenderly that it almost made me cry.

She fell forward to her hands, carefully lifting first
one, and then the other knee over my shoulders. I cooed
softly as the scent of her filled my nostrils, and her
folds became my world.

She lowered as I stretched my tongue upwards for my first
true taste of... of my *love*... her knees moving wider and
wider apart. I could feel the heat of her on my face, and
relished the moment, and then gently touched her swollen
slit with the tip of my tongue.

An electric thrill moved through me as I tasted the
slightly tangy taste of the woman for whom I had fallen so
deeply. Nervous shivers ran up and down my spine, wanting
to be perfect, to be everything she wanted me to be, in
that moment of incredible giving.

I pressed in, and felt the satin essence of her embrace my
tongue, and licked upward, finding her swollen, distended
clit. It seemed so *huge*... like a slick blister... and as
I heard her gently mewl, I knew that I had reached my goal.

I circled around it, teasing, and then glided gently
across, over and over, making my glory's legs twitch with
each flick of my pointed tongue. I remembered her words
from our first moments, and realized how true they were. I
moaned into her and pressed down on her clit, letting it
pop out, and she let loose an unearthly grunt/howl...

I began to torture her, savoring each movement and taste,
and the taste that was changing as she began to grind her
hips forward and back. My own hips began to move as I heard
her begin to chant, "Sara... Sara... oh.... Sara... god...

I moved more forcefully, crazily, my head glued to her
increasingly wild gyrations... my own lips swelling from
the beautiful sliding of her womansex across my mouth. I
was obsessed, uncaring... the brief thought of someone
walking in and catching us only making me hope that they
would... I was in glory, in heaven, and giving my heaven to

Her legs squeezed in on the side of my ears and she came,
hard. I could hear her laughing scream through the near
deafness she was forcing onto my ears, and it only made me
more driven, more consumed in giving her pleasure and lust
and release from the bonds of the mortal world.

She slowly came to a stop... her breathing hard and deep,
raising from me and twitching as I gently rubbed my lips
against her nether companions...

She lowered to me, laying on top of me, her dress wrinkled
and half pulled off, and we kissed, even more deeply, as if
nothing was impossible, as if the depth of our love could
only go deeper, and the breadth of our passion could only

I lay as if under the influence of a heavy narcotic, sweet
and clear and pure. Amy whispered into my ear, as if for
the first time, "Sara... sweet, sweet Sara... I love you
for true..."

"As I love you, Amy. I'll love you forever."

Truer words were never spoken.

Amy was, and is, my first and truest love. Our years
together remained unspoiled, and our time apart has only
deepened what we feel. We gave each other a perfect gift...
the permission to be who we were and are, in everything.

And she showed me the miracle that has remained a miracle
to this day: At the end of every rainbow, there is no pot
of gold... there is only the next rainbow to cross, and
then the next, and the next... and always, together.


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