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fast food


Author: Sara H
Title: Fast Food
Summary: A young telepath decides to seduce a woman at a
restaurant, without realizing the consequences that await
Keywords: mc, MF, Mdom, Fdom, nc, cons

This is an adult story, including extreme sexual
situations among women and men, including fetishes and mind
control. If such things offend you, please read no further.
Reading is a voluntary act. Parents, take responsibility
for your children.

(c)2002 Sara H

This story is posted by permission of the author. Do not
post elsewhere, in part or in whole, without the express
permission of Sara H.

This is another bit of slightly off humor. I hope you
enjoy it.

---- ---- ---- ----

Fast Food
by Sara H

---- ---- ---- ----

Roger Englemann looked over again and stared at his next
conquest, two tables away. She could have been anyone. Who
she was didn't matter in the least. The daughter of the
President or a corner whore, she would beg him to take her.
She had been prepared. All he needed to do was show up.

It still gave him a thrill to go after any woman, to watch
her turn, but this one was special. She had a kind of
innocence he couldn't resist corrupting. That was what made
the sex so good.

He stood, wolfed down his remaining two bites of burger,
and gave a small belch. No time like the present to get

"Excuse me, everyone," he said, addressing people at
Freiberger's Burgers and Fries. He walked over to the table
where his prey was seated. "I'm going to be fucking this
pretty young thing, and have her doing all kinds of nasty
things in order to please me. You may watch if you like, or
not. There's nothing wrong with it... it's just as it
should be, so just go on enjoying your meal, or serving up
burgers, watch, or do whatever you have been doing. When
it's done, you'll forget it happened, of course. Any

The heads which were turned his way to listen turned back
to what they were doing before, except for a few who
preferred to see the show that was about to begin.
Satisfied that he had lowered the telepathic "will-fog"
properly, he turned to face his conquest.

"Nice speech. How appropriate."

He looked over to the girl's right and toward the sound of
the unexpected voice. It was her mother, from the looks of
it, and she was angry. Roger wasn't concerned. Sometimes
the parents took a little extra nudging to see things his

He looked straight into the older woman's eyes. "You don't
mind if I have her suck my cock, do you? In fact, you're a
big fan of the idea. Isn't that true?"

The woman's head began to tremble. There was a lot of
fight in this one. "N-no. She's o-only s-seventeen..."

"I know what you're about to say. That's the perfect age
for her to give herself to me completely. Right?"

The woman still hung onto her will. "N-no it's d-
dangerousssssss... D-darla..."

Roger was almost touched by Mom's protective instincts,
but not quite. Silly woman, trying to warn her daughter.
The girl was already gaping at his crotch, nearly drooling
with desire. His telepathic will had been focused on her
for over twenty minutes before he walked over, rewiring her
subconscious will to react to him with the combined lust of
twenty women in full rut.

Darla was well in hand. Looking directly into the nubile
young girl's eyes, he said, "Tell your mother."

Her young head turned slowly as if on ball bearings to
face her mother. "Mom," she said, "I want to suck his cock,
to let him do whatever he wants to me. He is my dream, my
life, my only desire."

Darla's mother looked stricken, but then her face fell
flat. The information had distracted her enough that
Roger's will had broken through.

He felt her resistance snap like a twig and smiled as his
cock grew to raging hardness. "Tell me you want me to fuck
your daughter. Tell me because it is true. Tell me how
*horny* it makes you."

The mother turned to him, eyes smoldering with something
new, now. "Yes... fuck her, take her. Use her. I've never
wanted anything more in my life. It turns me fucking on to
even *think* about. Do it! Fuck her! Make her suck your
beautiful cock! Use her mouth, her ass, every god-damned
hole she has! Make her your fuck-slave, your..."

"Enough!" said Roger, holding up his hand and laughing. "I
think you're properly enthusiastic now."

Darla's mother quieted, but her eyes were still smoldering
with heat.

He turned to Darla, and admired her long, black hair and
full lips. Her doe-like eyes, dilated and wide, showed him
that she was ready. He'd never seen such a picture of
innocent beauty... at least since the day before.

He unzipped his pants and let his cock spring out. A
single drop of precum dripped from the tip. Darla licked
her lips.

"This is a special cock, Darla. It will feel so good, that
as you search the rest of your days, fucking everything on
two legs, the pleasure of this cock is what you will be
trying to regain. Do you understand? Just looking at it
makes even your eyes feel like they're cumming."

Darla shivered. "Yessssssss," she answered. She knew the
restaurant was full of people, but it didn't matter. She
was so hungry for this cock, from this man. Her eyelids
twitched in pleasure as sinful anticipation coursed through
her veins.

"Good girl. Now kneel before your Master and taste his

"Yes, Master," she whispered. She knelt and leaned
forward, almost as if savoring the moment. Her tongue
stretched out and she gave a tentative lick. She shivered
involuntarily and then placed her mouth around the pulsing

Her mother was still watching. Sweat had formed on her
upper lip, her face twitching as she struggled to hold
herself back from trying to take Roger for herself. She
whispered, "Yes, girl, take him, do him, milk that fucking
beautiful dick with your full lips. Make him scream with

The words were not necessary. Already Darla was bobbing up
and down Roger's cock of steel, running her tongue
underneath. He grunted. So much for innocence. This girl was either well-experienced or she was born to it. Tingles
raced up his spine as she continued, sending his own mind
further and further inward.

Odd visions began springing into his mind, as if he were
racing down a highway at insane speed. He felt her hands
grab his ass and then, before he even had time to react, a
finger was pressed into his asshole. He wanted to tell her
to stop but it was soooo good... just a few minutes of
letting her play this way wouldn't hurt.

The mother was still egging her daughter on, but he was
having trouble understanding. It was almost like a chant,
circling around him. His hips began to thrust in time,
pushing his cock into Darla's incredible hot velvet mouth,
and then pushing back to drive her finger deeper inside of

His eyes closed. The wind was whipping around him now
inside his mind. Everything was the pleasure pouring from
his cock and back into it. The tingles from his asshole
were intensifying until the waves of pleasure were a river
pouring directly into his brain.

A mouth closed on his and a strange scent filled his
nostrils. His eyes popped open to see the mother, her face
close and radiating heat as her fingers squeezed his
nipples. His knees felt like they were losing form. Nothing
had ever felt like this and he was quickly losing any
ability or thought to fight it. "Good... good... god...
dess.... goddess..." his mind began to chant, drowning out
all other thoughts.

His whole body was undulating now, as if he was made
completely made of rubber. The lust and desire were his
world, the lights were spinning and his head was strangely
buzzing. And then he reached it -- the point of no return.

His cock grew until it felt like it was bigger than the
rest of him, like it was everything. His balls, huge and
loaded, pulled tight up against him as his muscles
stiffened him for release. Darla's tongue and finger were
relentless, mashing his mind into nothing but lust and
boiling desire to cum... cum... cum...

He exploded, gushing cum, along with everything that he
was, out of his dick -- he felt his legs, his lungs, his
chest, his neck, his head, every thought being pulled into
the base of his cock, shooting out the other end and into
Darla, sent away forever. His bliss overtook him and there
was no more thought, only longing for Darla, for lips,
mouth, pussy, Mother, Goddess, purpose creaming cumming for
all eternity...

Darla pulled the vibrating dildo out of her mouth and her
finger from the base, after turning it off.

She looked over at her mother and smiled, and grabbed a
napkin to wipe her mouth. "Thanks, Mom!"

Her mother leaned over and gave her daughter a searing
kiss. "Now, now, I'm only 'Mother' while on the hunt."

"I know. Anyway, thanks, really. You know how much I love
telepaths. This one was strong, too. How long will it be
before my new dildo-boy is out of energy?"

"Oh, he'll last a month, maybe. Maybe six weeks. The best
toys are made from pure mortals. And mortal women will last
several hundred years, and give you much more pleasure,
both subtle and profound. When you add purity and innocence
that has been boiled away by slow seduction with a dash of
sweet surrender, and covered in vulva sauce... my, my, my!

"But this will do for the first of your collection."

Darla frowned as she put the little rubber cock in her
shopping bag. "But did I do okay? For my first hunt in the

"I was hoping for something you could relish a bit more,
but yes, you did. You'll learn to take your time. Then, you
can savor them... change them and seduce them a little at a
time. That's how you build a toy that will last, and that
you will use for years to come, and remember for even
longer. Within a few years, this one will only be
remembered as your first, and not for the flavor. Something
quick can sate your hunger, but it's gone almost before
you're done eating."

"Speaking of, can I have dessert?" said Darla, eyeing a
pretty server behind the counter.

"Well, all right. Maybe we should get it to go and enjoy
it at home. Sound good?"

"Sure!" Darla said, and walked up to the counter.

"Mother" Vanessa watched as the young server's eyes went
wide and her innocence began to heat, wafting through the
air, undetected by the other patrons. They were busy with
their burgers, fries and kids.

Darla came back over. "She's coming over after her shift."

"Very good. Maybe I can show you how to make living bra.
They feel sooooo good if they're done just right," said
Vanessa. "You know, when I was a young succubus, we didn't
do things like make toys. We just drank souls that we'd
spent weeks, months... sometimes years preparing. Now
*that* was a feast that could last for *years*.

"Sometimes I think changing times have spoiled our kind.
There was an elegance and grace you youngsters will never

"Yes," answered Darla, "but I don't see you slaving away
these days, either."

"Even so, I miss it," huffed Vanessa. "*And it was so much
better than fast food,*" she added, in a voice that only
she could hear.


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