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forever loved


This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit or posted on any
other archive without the written permission of the author. The author may
be contacted at or via ICQ #51761475. More stories can be found at

Copyright 2000, Robert B. Morton, II, all rights reserved.


For those individuals not of legal age to read this where they live,
shame on you! For those folks who may be offended by this writing, all I
can say is caveat lector--you have been warned. The following is a work of
fiction and the usual statements about bearing any resemblance to people or
places, living or dead, being coincidental, etc., apply here.

Forever Loved, by Rob Morton (m/f/F, teen, inc)


"Tell me that you love me."

Joel Masterson had to shift the position of his head to look at the face
of the young woman, her own head resting on his bare shoulder. A smile
spread across his face.

"Of course I love you, Brenda," Joel replied easily. "We wouldn't be
here like this if I didn't."

Brenda smiled, readjusting her head on Joel's shoulder. "I know. So
tell me that we did the right thing by doing this."

Even though he had expected this, Joel sighed softly, using his free
hand to gently stroke Brenda's face.

"Yes, we did the right thing," Joel confirmed, marveling at the warm,
soft skin under his fingertips. "I love you, Brenda; how could this not be
the right thing to do? Don't you love me?"

"More than anything in the world," Brenda said, snuggling closer to
Joel. "It's just that, well, this seems so wonderfully unreal!"

"I know what you mean," Joel agreed, his smile widening. "It's like I
knew that we would make love, but I didn't think it would be like this!"

"Meaning what?" Brenda asked, raising her head a little.

"Oh, don't get upset," Joel chided gently. "All I meant was that I
would have never guessed in a million years that making love with you would
be so exciting and satisfying."

"Oh!" Brenda exclaimed, feeling her skin flush at her lover's unexpected
praise. Inwardly, she had been just a little concerned that he wouldn't be
disappointed with her. She kissed the bare skin of his chest and snuggled
even closer, reaching down with her hand and letting it close gently around
his now-flaccid member.

"Careful, sweetie," Joel said with mock caution, feeling the blood once
again begin to fill his cock. "You keep doing that and something might
come up!"

"I'm counting on it," Brenda said, letting her head slide down his chest
and across his abdomen. As her mouth covered his flaccid member, she felt
Joel's body relax...

Doing this for him again was not as intimidating as it had been an hour
ago. Back then, Joel had been fully erect, a physical reflection of the
excitement he'd experienced after his oral exploration of her body. But
now, taking him fully into her mouth was so much easier... well, it
wouldn't be easy for much longer!

Brenda sighed as she tasted their combined juices on his hardening
flesh, letting her tongue run along the silky skin of his shaft and
marveling at the soft, spongy texture of his cock. She began to suck
harder, as if drawing blood from other parts of his body, wanting him to be
just as hard as he had been.

"Easy..." Joel whispered, letting his hands rest gently on Brenda's
head. His blood sang and ran hotly through his body, filling his prick
slowly but surely.

Brenda nodded at his request, mentally biting down the excitement she
felt, an excitement that had her own sex hot, wet and wanting. God, he
felt so good in her mouth! Even though Joel was now only semi-erect,
Brenda continued to take him deep into her throat, his rapidly expanding
size making such a feat more difficult with each passing second. But,
knowing her own determination, she knew that it would only be a matter of
time before she'd be taking him very deep every time, even at full mast...

Feeling a little left out, Joel tugged at Brenda's hips, trying to urge
her to fill his face once again with her cunt. He could sense her
hesitation - but wasn't quite sure if it was because she was preoccupied
with his cock or if she was still a little tender from the last time he ate

Joel smiled, remembering Brenda's reaction as she had her pussy mouthed
for the very first time in her life. There was the usual moment of
tenseness as his tongue gently probed her folds and, for the moment, Joel
had been content to sample the delightful tastes and scents found between
her legs.

That is, until Brenda had grabbed two hands-full of his hair and shoved
his face hard into her triangle, wrapping her long legs around his head,
humping her suddenly drenched cunt into his face and screaming something he
doubted he would have understood even if he had been able to hear.

"C'mon, Brenda," Joel said urgently. "I'm hungry for you... I need to
taste your cunt again!

With her mouth now full of hot, hard, cock, Brenda's only answer to
Joel's pleas was to move her body, taking care not to lose the turgid prize
pulsing in her mouth...

Joel inhaled deeply, taking in the hot, spicy scent of Brenda's snatch which reeked of the remnants of his sperm and Brenda's own brand of love
juices. As Brenda lowered herself onto his mouth, Joel flicked his tongue
out and let it brush against her still-distended labia.

"Mmmm!" Brenda moaned as Joel's tongue began to probe deeper into her
moist folds. Encouraged, Brenda stepped up her movements, her bobbing head
picking up speed as she sought to match Joel's pace.

As it had an hour earlier, the room quickly filled with the obscene,
tantalizing sounds of two people enjoying each other's flesh; even the bed
upon which they lay creaked and groaned in time with their movements,
creating a cacophony of lust-induced sounds.

Brenda shivered as a tongue-inspired orgasm rippled along her nerves,
applying its soothing balm to the primal heat being forged in her loins.
It didn't take long for her to become totally distracted from her oral
inspection of Joel, his tongue probing further into her flesh, his lips
locking onto the still-shivering bud of her clitoris. "Oh, damn," Brenda
hissed, abandoning Joel's cock and sitting up. "Oh, God, that feels so
good! Make me do it again, make me feel the fire just one more time!"

Joel let his disappointment at having his cock ignored slip into the
back of his mind, concentrating his efforts on the musky taste and smell of
Brenda's pink flesh, which turned a deeper shade of red with each swipe of
his long, raspy tongue.

"Shit! Shit! Oh, FUCK!" Brenda cried as the flames consumed her once
more, burning her right to her very soul. "I gotta do it now... gotta
ride the lightning!"

A gust of cool air washed across Joel's face as Brenda removed the
source of the heat which had surrounded his head. drawing in a deep
breath, he tried to focus his eyes in the dimness of the room as Brenda
straddled him, using one hand on his chest to balance herself as she used
the other to guide him to her hole.

"You sure you wanna do it like this?" Joel asked, grimacing slightly as
Brenda's coarse pubic hair scraped across his glans.

"Oh, hell, yeah," Brenda said. She screwed her face up, concentrating
on finding the mark; her expression changed quickly as the knob of Joel's
member found its way inside of her, followed quickly by several more inches
of hard, silky maleness. "Oooh, yeah! That's the spot!"

"Work the pussy on me, Brenda," Joel said softly, relishing in the feel
of his cock being swallowed by her cunt. "Fuck me, Brenda. Fuck my cock

"Doin' my best," Brenda gasped, her eyes going wide and her mouth
forming an "O" as Joel's prick slid fully into her. She waiting for a
moment, silently counting to ten before beginning to work her pelvis in a
manner she hoped Joel would find pleasing.

"Ah, yeah," Joel sighed as Brenda picked up her pace, literally bouncing
up and down, her whole being centered on the thick rod of hard flesh that
spread her wide with each hard down stroke. He reached up, filling both of
his hands with Brenda's pert breasts, using his thumbs to stimulate her
erect nipples.

"Shoot it inside me again, baby," Brenda said breathlessly, the new
sensation sending jolts of pleasure through her. "Let me feel you cumming
inside of me! Give it to me... GIVE!"

Brenda's urging had the desired effect; almost if by command, Joel's
cock began to swell, growing longer and thicker. Joel could feel the
crescendo building deep inside his body as Brenda sat down hard on his
twitching rod, burying it deep inside of her.

"Here it comes!" Joel gasped as his seed spurted, sending a flow of
pearly-white lava into Brenda's womb. "Take it! Take it!"

Brenda said nothing as she ground her hips in delicious pleasure as Joel
continued to pump his spunk into her cooze; the hot tide of juice had been
just the thing to trigger her own release, adding her own liquids to the

"Jesus, you really know how to make a girl feel good!" Brenda exclaimed,
collapsing onto Joel's sweaty chest as his shrinking cock continued to ooze

"Hey, you did all the work," Joel said, trying to focus his eyes as he
recovered from his ejaculatory bliss.

"I've never done it like that before and, well, it seemed to be a good
time to go for it," Brenda said, kissing Joel's cheek. "Next time, I want
you to fuck me doggy-style, okay?"

"Whatever makes you happy, Sis," Joel said, closing his eyes and basking
in the heat left behind by their love.

"You make me happy, dearest brother," Brenda said, closing her eyes as

Scant seconds later, both young lovers were snoring gently...


"Well! You two look like something the cat dragged it! Late night?"
Anne Masterson asked Joel and Brenda as they staggered to the breakfast

"Coffee," Joel mumbled, reaching for the mug being offered by his

"Hmph! Good morning to you, too," Anne said with mock annoyance. "You
want coffee, Brenda?"

"Please," Brenda replied, trying to hide a smile as Joel peeked at her
over the rim of his mug, his own eyes smiling.

"I thought you two were going to sleep the day away," Anne said, pouring
herself a cup and taking a seat at the table. "Were you both up late?"

"Yeah," Joel said, glancing at his sister. "We were hanging out
together for quite a while last night."

"Really?" Anne asked, please to see that her teenaged children still
enjoyed spending time with each other. "What were you doing?"

"Nothing, really," Brenda said, her pussy twitching involuntarily as she
remembered the night just spend in Joel's loving embrace. "Just kinda
fooled around for a while, you know, picking on each other."

"Oh, the usual brother and sister stuff," Anne said, reaching for a
slice of toast and smearing a gob of jelly on it.

"Something like that," Joel said, giving his sister a light kick under
the table.

"So what do you two plan on doing today?"

"I dunno," Brenda said. "Hey, Joel, would you mind taking me up to the
lake? I feel like doing some swimming today."

"The lake?" Joel asked. "That's a 30 minute drive one way!"

"You got something important to do today?" Anne asked, giving her son
her best "mother" look. "It's not going to hurt you to give your sister a
ride. In fact, you should probably hang around and keep an eye on her;
Lord knows why you kids insist on swimming up there! She could hit her
head on a rock and drown!"

"Mom!" Joel said,, trying his best to look put-upon. "I was going to
hang out with the guys for a little while!" "Not today," Anne said with
finality. "As soon as she's ready, you'll drive her up to the lake and
keep an eye on her."

"Aw, okay," Joel said, hoping for all the world that he sounded whipped
into submission.

"Look, honey, I'd feel better knowing that you were with her. Anything
could happen to her! Look at what happen to Charlotte Pierce last summer!
What a damned shame, her getting raped by all those men! If her brother Randy had been there, she would have been safe, the poor thing! Winded up
having an abortion!"

"Okay, Mom, you've made your point," Joel said, hoping the huge smile
inside of him wasn't reaching his face. "Whenever you're ready, Sis."

"I'll be ready in twenty minutes," Brenda said, barely containing her
own inner joy at the prospect of having Joel all to herself at the always
near-deserted lake. As they left the kitchen together, Brenda exchanged a
knowing look at her older sibling.

"Looks like you were right, Sis," Joel said, planting a quick kiss on
Brenda's lips. "Mom fell for it just like you said!"

"I feel kinda bad fooling mom like that, but, I'd do anything to have
you inside me again. And again!"


An hour later, Brenda was completely naked, her legs spread wide and
high, the heat of the sun combining with the hotter heat of her lust as
Joel munched on her mound.

The second they'd arrived at this secluded spot in the woods surrounding
the lake, their clothes were flying in every direction; Joel barely had a
chance to spread the large blanket on the ground before Brenda tackled him,
taking full advantage of the situation and covering his prick with the
liquid warmth of her mouth.

"Shit!" Joel cursed aloud as his cock began to swell rapidly, filling
his sister's mouth. "That's cheating!" Brenda looked up at him, her eyes
smiling playfully and her mouth full of cock.

"Uh-huh," she managed to say around the swollen head of his glans before
returning to her loving task.

"Um, Sis?" Joel said a few minutes later, feeling his passion peaking.


"You keep that up and I'm gonna unload in your mouth!" Joel exclaimed,
the nerve-wracking feeling of his pending explosion working its way through
his body, his balls tightening to near painful levels.

"Hmm!" was the only reply. Oh, that and a moment of increased activity
as Brenda attacked the meaty spear in her mouth with everything she had,
enjoying the tremors that were running along the full length of her
brother's meat.

"GOD DAMN IT!" Joel's explosive curse echoed in the emptiness as he shot
wad after steamy wad of sperm into Brenda's waiting mouth. Jagged bolts of
pseudo-lightning exploded brilliantly behind his tightly clenched eyes as
his hot sister sucked him dry.

The first spurt of Joel's seed splashed into her mouth and Brenda
quickly sampled the warm fluid, which sorta tasted like oatmeal to her.
She didn't have much time to ponder the thick, creamy stuff any further as
more of it began to flow into her mouth; she found herself struggling to
keep up with Joel's copious flow until she just simply let him spurt into
her mouth, holding the precious fluid just long enough to let it slide
deliciously down her throat.

"Damn, Brenda!" Joel gasped as his cock came free of his sister's mouth.
"You could have warned me!"

"Why?" Brenda asked wickedly, using her tongue to wipe away the gobbets
of man-cream on her lips. "Shit, that ain't no fun!"

"Really? Let's see how you like this..." Without warning, Joel pounced
at his sister, forcing her onto her back and diving head first into the
dark triangle of hair surrounding her quim.

Brenda experienced yet another mind-numbing orgasm, her fourth in the
last ten minutes and it was such a weird feeling! As her pussy oozed
rivers of girl-cum, it was like frying and freezing all at the same time,
leaving her feeling pleasantly numb and very spent.

"And you say I cheat?" Brenda said, opening her arm and welcoming her
loving brother into her embrace.

"I never said I played fair," Joel said, shoving his cock hard into
Brenda's still-quivering snatch, driving deep until the bulbous knob of his
cock rammed into his sister's cervix.

"Oh, fuck," Brenda gasped loudly and experienced yet another of those
freezing/frying sensations as Joel loved her pussy with great gusto,
pounding his prick into her with long, hard strokes that shook and jarred
her body.

"That's right," Joel hissed. "Gonna fuck your pussy good! Turn over
and get on your knees!"

Brenda complied, propping herself up on her forearms and lifting her ass
high. She took a deep breath, relaxing herself in preparation of her
lover's rear attack.

"You are so tight," Joel breathed as he slid into Brenda's cunt,
spreading her ass and giving himself a grand view of his cock sliding in to
the hilt.

"Mmmm, you loosen me up pretty good, though," Brenda said, pushing her
ass back against Joel's advance. "Feels like you're in my stomach!"

The hard ground poked at Joel's knees despite the somewhat protective
cover provided by the blanket; small stones gouged the places where his
knees contacted the ground - but none of this seemed to matter to him as he
continued to fuck his cock into his sister's quim.

Joel wasn't beyond a bit of sexual mischief himself, wetting his thumb
and inserting it into Brenda's very exposed asshole, shoving the nubby
member in until the base of his hand was firmly against the crack of her

"Jesus!" Brenda exclaimed as an unexpected orgasm ripped through her
body. "That's cheating!"

"You expected me to play fair?" Joel answered, screwing his thumb into
her bottom even tighter, enjoying the feeling of her rectal muscles trying
to eject him. One day, something much bigger would find its way into her
bowels... "Are you getting close?" Brenda asked, squirming her bottom
delicious in time with Joel's faster thrusts. "Are you getting ready to
cream me?"

"Getting there," Joel grunted, pulling his thumb free of his sister's
ass (much to her disappointment). "You in a hurry to feel it or

"Hell, yes," Brenda said, reaching under her body and fingering her clit
furiously. "I like the way it feels when you shoot inside of me!"

"Then you should really like this," Joel said, his breath shortening -
and his balls tightening. "FUCK!"

Brenda sighed as the first blast of goo coated her insides, her
brother's massive cock pulsing and jerking within the tight grip of her
cunt. "More... give me more!"

Joel's body was doing its level best to comply, giving the young man the
impression that he was shooting gallons of jizz into his sister's greedy
snatch. He knew better, of course, but, damn, it sure felt good no matter
how much seed he was planting...


Brenda and Joel lay on the blanket together, basking in the warmth of
the afternoon sun, each lost in their own private thoughts.

"That was so wonderful," Brenda said, trailing her fingers along Joel's
stomach, feeling the muscles there ripple. "You make me feel so alive!"

"I'm glad," Joel said, trying not to laugh at his sister's tickling
fingers. "I love you very much and I'd hate to think that I was doing
something that didn't agree with you."

"How could loving you not agree with me?" Brenda asked. "Are you having
second thoughts?"

"Not hardly," Joel replied, patting her hand. "What we've been doing,
well, most people would find it disgusting."

"I suppose," Brenda said soberly. She really didn't like being reminded
of how illicit their love was but also knew that it was something they both
had to keep in mind, lest they become careless and expose themselves.
"Does that mean you want to end all of this?"

"Girl, the heat must be making you crazy!" Joel exclaimed. "The only
way this is going to end is if you want it to!"

"Why would I?"

"I don't know! Maybe one day you'll meet someone and fall in love with

"Maybe," Brenda agreed, running her hands along the flat expanse of her
stomach. "But until that day arrives, will you remain forever mine?"

"Yes, I will," Joel promised, turning over and fastening his lips on
hers, slipping his tongue deep into her mouth. He reached down, cupping
her mons with his hand and slid a finger into her slightly messy slit.

"Hold it," Brenda said, covering his hand with hers.

"I want you again," Joel breathed, kissing Brenda's neck and ear.

"And you'll have me - but not now."

"Why not?" Joel asked, trying to hide his disappointment better than he
was hiding his renewed erection, which poked Brenda in the side.

"We have to be heading back," Brenda reminded him. "When mom leaves,
you can fuck me until one of us passes out!"

"Sounds like a plan to me!" Joel agreed. Still, the promise of loving
her later didn't stop him from quickly sucking his sister's nipples.

"Joel, don't..." Brenda pleaded weakly. "Mom's expecting us home soon!"

"I can't help it," Joel said, wiping his tongue along Brenda's stomach,
making his way down to the dark triangle of hair between her legs.

"You'd better stop," Brenda said, spreading her legs and admitting her
brother's advancing tongue. "Don't make me cream your face!" "Whatever..."
Joel said, fastening his mouth onto her mons and thrusting his tongue into
her slit.

"Oh, Joel..." Brenda said as his tongue flicked across her clit, fanning
the flames within her. "Eat me..."

Joel complied, delivering the most personal of kisses repeatedly until
Brenda exploded in sweet ecstasy...


"She looks pissed," Brenda said, seeing their mother standing in the
open doorway as they got out of the car.

"Does my saying be home by three sound like be home by three-thirty?"
Anne asked sternly.

"It's my fault, Mom," Joel said. "We would have been back before three,
but I couldn't find my watch. And, when I found it..." He held up the
partially destroyed timepiece for his mother to see.

"What happened to it?" Anne asked, taking the watch from Joel's hand.

"He stepped on it," Brenda said. The truth was that their frenetic
lovemaking had caused the watch's demise - but their mother didn't need to
know that.

"Christ, Joel," Anne said. "That's the third one in the last six
months! If you want another one, you're gonna have to pay for it!"

"I know," Joel said, giving his mother his best solemn look. "I'll get
another next week." He took the broken watch from his mother, putting it in
his pocket as he entered the house. As he made his way up the stairs, he
didn't see his mother hold up her hand to stop his sister.

"Just a moment, Brenda," Anne said, watching her son go upstairs. "I
want to talk to you about something."

"What?" Brenda asked, feeling her stomach suddenly turn to jelly.

"Come with me," Anne replied, leading her daughter through the living
room and into the kitchen. Once there, she took a seat, indicating that
Brenda should do the same.

"What's up, Mom?" Brenda asked, making herself as comfortable as she
could under this unusual situation.

"I'll get right to the point. Is there something going on that I should
know about?"

"Something like what?" Brenda asked, her guts churning.

"I don't know - you tell me," Anne replied, reaching across the table
and wiping a fleck of dried sperm from Brenda's cheek. "Is this what I
think it is?" Brenda could only sit and watch in silent horror as her
mother sucked the crusty residue into her mouth.

"Hmm. Just what I thought," Anne said thoughtfully. "You wanna tell me
why you've got sperm on your face? Oh, and you can add in the name of the
boy who put it there, while you're at it."

"Mom, I..." Brenda stammered, feeling her whole body go numb. "It's not
what you think!"

"Is that so?" Anne said, her eyes locked onto her daughter's.
"Especially since you don't know what I'm thinking? Do you think I was
born yesterday... or that I don't know what a man's sperm tastes like?"

Now that she mentioned it, Brenda was wondering how her mother knew...
but it wasn't the most foremost thing on her mind right now. She fought
back another wave of nausea, desperately thinking about how to answer her
mother without revealing everything.

"You know, I might be old, but I'm not completely stupid, Brenda," Anne
said, her face now reflecting the sadness she felt. "When you left here
with Joel, your face was nice and clean; you come back several hours later
with... with this on your face. Doesn't take much to figure out how it
got there - or who put it there."

Brenda remained silent, the sick feeling in her stomach quadrupling, the
words, "She knows" echoing in her mind and soul.

"Nothing to say, huh?" Anne said quietly. "So, I suppose you don't want
to tell me about your brother sticking his dick in you?" "I'd rather not,
no," Brenda finally said, finding her voice.

"Oh, damn," Anne said. "Honey, did it occur to you that I'd find the
evidence no matter how careful you were to hide it? Did it?"

"No," Brenda admitted, realizing that with her words, she was sealing
her fate as well as Joel's.

"I knew you loved your brother, but I was hoping that I wasn't right
when I realized how much you two were loving each other," Anne said sadly.
"Still, I should have realized something like this would happen eventually.
But, you know what the good thing is?"

"What?" Brenda asked, not seeing any good in having their secret
wrenched from them.

"It's not too late for whatever you two have been doing to stop," Anne
said, feeling confident that she had the situation well under control.

"Why would we do that?"

Both women turned at the sound of Joel's voice coming from the kitchen's

"Joel, I'm sorry, but..." Brenda began, only to be waved off by her
partner in crime.

"Don't be, Brenda - I'm not," Joel said, crossing the room in two giant
strides and taking a seat at the table with his mother and sister. "So,
our little secret is out, huh?"

"Appears so," Anne said, containing her anger. She knew that in order
to nip this in the bud, she had to remain calm and in control.

"What reason would we have to stop loving each other, Mom?" Joel asked

"It's wrong for you to love each other like this," Anne said as Joel's
eyes bored into hers.

"That so?" Joel asked in return, cocking his head to one side as he
continued to look into his mother's eyes. "We don't think so; in fact, we
both think it's the best thing that ever happened to either of us."

"You just don't understand what you're doing," Anne said, her confidence
faltering in the face of Joel's firm stance.

"Oh, I wouldn't say that," Joel said. "In fact, I think you'd be very
surprised at what we understand about this, wouldn't she, Brenda?"

"Very," Brenda agreed, drawing strength and courage from her brother.

"And just what do you understand?" Anne queried, feeling things starting
to slip a little.

"We understand that even though it might be wrong, it's the right thing
for us," Brenda said, looking from Joel to her mother as she spoke. "Don't
get me wrong, Mom, but it did occur to us that we might get in a lot of
trouble if we did this."

"But you did it anyway?" Anne asked incredulously. "Despite knowing
that I'd eventually find out?"

"Yes," Joel confirmed, his gaze unwavering. "Even knowing that. What
you have to realize is that we feel that we made the best decision for us."

"Say what?" Anne exploded. "And what about me?" Joel and Brenda both
looked momentarily confused at this last question.

"What about you, Mom?" Brenda asked. "What does our being lovers have
to do with you?"

"Did you two stop to think about how much it would hurt me? How much
shame it would bring on the family? Well? Did you?"

"Well, if you hadn't stumbled onto our little secret, you wouldn't have
known about it - and what you don't know can't hurt you. That's what you
always told us," Joel answered. He blinked... and didn't see the hand
streaking towards his face.

"Joel!" Brenda cried out, unable to stop the hard slap from connecting
with her love's face.


The sound echoed in the small area of the kitchen, rocking Joel's head
sideways. His eyes immediately watered in self-defense and his face was
turning very red, highlighting the almost perfect imprint left behind by
his mother's hand.

"You insolent bastard!" Anne cried, drawing her hand back once more, her
own tears stinging her eyes as they streamed down her cheeks. "You
goddamned pervert!"

"Mom, don't," Joel said calmly, turning his head to look once more at
his mother. His face stung like hell - but he knew he couldn't give her
the satisfaction of knowing just how much the slap had hurt. "Slapping me
and Brenda around isn't going to change anything. If anything, all it's
going to do is bring us closer together! Surely you realize this?"

Anne Masterson let her hand fall to the table, using it instead to cover
her face, sobbing softly. For a long moment, all Joel and Brenda could do
was sit there helpless and watch their mother cry... but they wouldn't let
her tears keep them from the love and happiness they'd found in each other.

"I don't understand where I went wrong," Anne said, finding her voice.

"And who says you went wrong?" Brenda asked, reaching out and taking her
mother's hand. "Mom, teaching us to love each other wasn't the wrong thing
for you to do and, well, it was just a matter of time before we took it

"You could get pregnant," Anne said, fishing for an excuse - and excuse
- to stop this.

"I'm counting on it," Brenda said. "In fact, I think I am!"

"For the love of God, why?" Anne wailed.

"I want to have his baby," Brenda said, looking at Joel with nothing but
love in her eyes. "Every time he shoots a load in me, I pray it's the one
that'll get me pregnant!"

"You are sick!" Anne cried.

"Maybe," Brenda said, squeezing her mother's hand. "But it's not that
much different than you wanting to have Daddy's children - I mean, us."

"Your father isn't my brother," Anne countered. "What you two are doing
isn't the same!"

"Whatever," Brenda said, ruthlessly. "The end result is the same, isn't
it? You two loved each other, he fucked you and knocked you up and here we

"Brenda, that was uncalled for," Joel admonished, watching their mother dissolve into another mass of tears. "You didn't have to be so crude in
making your point."

"What? Why should I tell her how much I love having your cock in me?
Or how much I love having your mouth on me? Or how badly I want to have
your baby? Shit, Joel, she knows everything else, so she might as well
know that, too!"

"Still, it was a cruel way to put it," Joel said, taking Anne's other
hand in his. "Mom, I'm sorry."

"I'm not," Brenda said, leaning across the table. "You know, it's a
shame Dad's not around anymore; I'd love to find out if Joel inherited his
big, fat dick from him!"

Joel could only shake his head in dismay as Brenda gave their poor
mother a blow-by-blow description of their time spent at the lake.

"Mom, he filled my mouth with so much yummy come, no wonder it got all
over my face! Fuck, if you weren't such a prude, you'd check out Joel's
stick for yourself!" Emotionally drained, Brenda relaxed, her face suddenly
turning a light, ashy color as her words to her mother finally sunk in.


"Jesus, Mom, I'm sorry," Brenda said, the heat of her sudden shame
burning her. "I don't know why I did that..."

"Thanks, Sis," Joel said sarcastically, letting his sister know how he
felt about her outburst. "You've really screwed this up for us!" "I said
I'm sorry," Brenda said defensively, staring down at the tabletop.

"Yeah, well, you should be," came Joel's caustic reply. "Mom, listen to
me for a moment. I know what we've been doing is wrong, but it's really
the right thing for us to do."

"How can you say that?" Anne asked, her own stomach doing cartwheels.

"Mom, we love each other," Joel explained.

"There are other people out there for you to fall in love with!" Anne
countered, regaining her composure. "Why does it have to be your sister?"

"Why not?" Joel countered. "Who knows or understands me better than
Brenda? Besides, she's a lot better looking and smarter than most of the
girls around here."

"Still..." Anne began, only to be brought up short by her son's upraised

"And, let's not mention that I've known her longer than I've known
anyone... outside of you, of course. Mom, you made sure that we were
always together, always taking care of each other; surely you had to see
that this would happen?"

Anne opened her mouth to speak; as she did, the truth Joel's words sunk
into her slightly fuzzy brain. When they were both younger, she always
insisted that they spent time together, wanting the bond between them to
grow and strengthen - but not so they could fuck each other! And, in a
perverted sort of way, Joel's logic was impeccable and had few holes in it.

"I suppose that you two are going to continue with this no matter what I
say," Anne finally said, more statement than question.

"That's what we've decided," Brenda said, finally able to calm herself
enough to keep a civil tongue in her mouth.

"I could send one of you to live with my sister," Anne said.

"You'd send one of us to live with Aunt Callie?" Joel asked, unfazed by
his mother's words - he had expected as much. "What difference would that
make, Mom? See, the problem with that is you or Aunt Callie wouldn't be
able to stop us from seeing each other, seeing that she lives on the other
side of town. Admit it, neither of you could watch us 24 hours a day."

"And, Aunt Callie is a hot number," Brenda added. "I'm sure neither of
us would have much of a problem getting her to see things our way."

"I'll have you both put away!" Anne said desperately, playing her last -
and final - card.

"You could," Joel replied somberly. "The bad part in this is that
you'll get blamed for what we did; I can see you now explaining to a judge
why you couldn't keep your children from having sex with each other; he'd
see us as victims of your bad parenting."

"They'd lock you up and send us both to live with your sister," Brenda
said, putting the last nail in their mother's metaphorical coffin. "You
know how the state hates breaking up siblings..."

"C'mon, Brenda," Joel said, standing and stretching his long, lanky
frame. mom has a lot to think about and we should leave her alone right

"I guess you two are going to go fuck," Anne said, the bitter taste of
defeat in her mouth.

"That would be nice," Brenda said, standing next to her brother. "He's
really good at it. But, no, I think we can behave ourselves just this
once, right Joel?"

"Right," Joel agreed. "Mom, look, I know this is very difficult for you
to understand, and I know we've really hurt you with all of this. But,
Brenda and I have gone too far with this to just stop. Maybe one day down
the road all of this may come to an end, but for now..."

"Leave me alone," Anne said, fighting back another barrage of tears.
"Just get the hell out of here!"

"Let's go," Joel said, taking his sister by the hand and leading her out
of the kitchen. Once out of their mother's sight and hearing, he turned to
Brenda, spinning her around to face him. "What?" Brenda asked, seeing the
fury in her brother's eyes.

"Nice going, Motor Mouth," Joel said with a shake of his head. "You
just had to do it the hard way, didn't you?"

"What was I supposed to do?" Brenda countered, jerking her arm out of
Joel's grasp. "I didn't know I had sperm on my face and I sure as hell
didn't think she'd see it!"

Joel's momentary anger subsided a little, knowing that neither of them
could have foreseen this little faux pas. "Still, you didn't have to beat
her over the head with it! Jesus, there's no telling what she's going to

"I just lost my head," Brenda said, looking contrite. "Once I started

"You just couldn't stop," Joel said, smiling. "And you want to know why
I call you Motor Mouth?"

"I thought it was because I can suck your cock like a machine milking a
cow?" Brenda replied with mock innocence.

"That, too!"

"What do you think she's going to do?" Brenda asked, her voice growing
serious. "Shit, I really fucked this up, didn't I?"

"Maybe," Joel replied thoughtfully, trying to put himself in his
mother's frame of mind - and failing miserably. "Besides, it's not
entirely your fault; the jizz didn't get there by magic, you know."

"Shit, what can I say? It tastes good!" Brenda said, pouting. "As a
matter of fact, I could use some right about now, if you catch my drift."

"Maybe that's not a good idea right now," Joel said, looking toward the

"Why not?" Brenda asked, removing her T-shirt and revealing her perky
breasts. "The cat's out of the bag now and there's no reason for us to
hide it any longer."

Joel could only stand there with his mouth open as his sister stepped
out of her shorts, giving him the opportunity to feast his eyes upon her
naked beauty.

"Don't tell me you've suddenly lost your nerve," Brenda mumbled,
dropping to her knees and reaching over to undo Joel's pants, letting them
drop to the floor in a puddle of cloth around his ankles. "Looking at this
guy, I'd say you have plenty of nerve..."

Joel gasped as Brenda closed her mouth on his semi-erect phallus, the
contact sending a rush of blood to his lower regions to complete the
transformation and leaving him feeling slightly lightheaded. If he'd had
any further protests, they quickly fell by the wayside...


Anne sat at the kitchen table, her thoughts divided between the stunning
(what an understatement) development she'd discovered and the faint sounds
of her offspring having some sort of argument. She mentally kicked herself
repeatedly, only now realizing that she should have seen this coming,
should have realized that by demanding that they be so close to each other,
something like this would have been inevitable.

"Damn it, I should have seen this!" Anne cursed herself, a terrible
feeling of despair washing over her. Despite the sick feeling rumbling
around inside of her, there was a part of her that understood what was
taking place under her roof. After all, it hadn't really been all that
long ago when something like this had happened to her.

Anne shuddered, even though the kitchen was quite warm as the memory of
what her uncle had done to her so many summers ago. Her flesh prickled
with goose-bumps as the unbidden memory of her uncle's fat cock flooded
into her mind, the feel of the monstrously thick penis buried deep inside
her body sending a tingle through her.

"That was different," she said to the empty table. "He forced me to
fuck him!" Even as she said it, Anne knew she was only lying to herself;
Uncle Tim had no more forced himself on her than he could have moved the

She could now clearly remember that summer day, up at the same lake
where her own children had spent so much time... fucking, no doubt. It
had been hot that day, hot enough to warrant a trip to the lake for some
swimming; since swimming was the order of the day, Anne's mother saw no
reason why the whole family couldn't make the trip for some good old summer

Considered to be the maverick of the family, no one thought it unusual
that Anne had gone off to swim alone; those who knew her well just took it
for granted that she'd gone off to swim, oh, my, in the nude.

Anne had just been coming out of the refreshing waters of the lake when
she noticed her Uncle Tim standing on the shore, looking at her.

"What are you doing here?" Anne had asked, trying to cover her nudity
with her discarded suit.

"Looking for you," Uncle Tim had replied, his eyes glued to whatever
flesh Anne hadn't managed to cover. "Your mother says it's time to eat."

"Um, could you hand me my towel?" Anne asked, nodding her head in the
direction of the fluffy, pink towel lying across a downed tree trunk.

"Sure," Tim had replied, scooping up the towel and offering it to her.

As Anne took the towel, she couldn't help but notice the large bulge in
the front of her uncle's shorts. It was a little obvious that Tim was a
handsome man but, until that moment, Anne hadn't known that her mother's
brother had other, ah, interesting assets.

Their eyes met for just the briefest of moments and, the next thing Anne
knew, she was flat on her back on the ground, her legs flailing in the
air... and her uncle's huge cock burrowing itself into her.

Anne shook her head, bringing herself back to the present; it wasn't as
if she had really objected to her uncle literally fucking her brains out
that day; indeed, he had shown her quite a few ways men and women could
enjoy each other. A knot formed in Anne's throat as she also remembered
that not soon after that day at the lake, Uncle Tim had died in a tragic
car accident.

At the funeral, she mourned him, as did the other members of the
family... but only she knew the depths of her own grief, having lost the
joy she found one hot summer day.

Anne suddenly sat upright at the table, only now realizing that there
were no sounds coming from the other room. Her past memories once again
safely tucked away, she went to investigate the 'sudden' silence, wondering
if the children had gone out or something. With that thought in her mind,
she wasn't prepared for the sight that greeted her upon entering the living

There was Brenda, kneeling before her brother, just as naked as the day
she was born while Joel stood in front of her, his pants down around his
ankles - and Brenda was sucking her brother with a gusto she didn't know
her daughter had.

She stood transfixed in the portal between the living room and kitchen
as Brenda used her hand to pump Joel's cock furiously, an evil glint in her

"Fuck me," Anne heard Brenda say lustily, moving to the sofa and
propping her backside just on the edge of the cushions, bending her knees.

"With pleasure," Joel replied, making his way toward the semi-prone
Brenda. "But first..."

Anne's heart thumped wildly in her chest as she watched her son kneel
before his sister's nookie, burying his face between the young woman's
legs, much to Brenda's obvious delight.

"Lick it," Brenda hissed, clawing at Joel's head. "Suck my pussy, baby!
Make it hotter and wetter!"

Which pretty much described Anne's current physical condition: with her
trip down memory lane still rather fresh in her mind, the scene before her
only added to the fires stoked by that long-ago memory. As Joel happily
slurped at his sister's cunt, Anne could feel her own pussy becoming hotter
and wetter than it had been in a very long time, not since her husband,
Don, died.

"Jesus, he's good," Anne murmured to herself, resisting the urge to
cover her own mound with her hand and seek out the bud of her clitoris.
She glanced down a little and watched her son's erection bobbing between
his legs, impatiently waiting for its turn to pleasure Brenda.

"Just like Don," Anne whispered, taking a step or two closer to the
young lovers. In the end, Don hadn't had much going for him - but one of
the things he had was a huge cock and the skills to use it.


"Oh, yeah," Joel whispered, feeling the knob of his tool pass into his
sister's buttery quim. "This is some really good pussy!"

"Show me how good you think it is," Brenda purred, smiling back at her
brother. "Fill my hole full of your cream! I need to feel it in me so

"Patience, sister of mine," Joel said, enjoying the velvety grip of
Brenda's pussy around his cock. "You'll have all your pussy can handle!"

"Hurry the fuck up, you bastard," Brenda hissed, her whole body shaking
with each savage thrust inside of her. "I need your hose to cool me down!"

Joel doubled his efforts, fucking his sister with short, quick strokes
until he felt that familiar pressure building inside of him. His cock
swelled and he grunted loudly as his seed spilled from him and into
Brenda's waiting orifice.

"Take it, you horny bitch!" Joel growled, his usual mild manner being
displaced by the mind-numbing, toe-curling sensation of his ejaculation.

"I'm doing it! I'm doing it!" Brenda cried out, adding her own special
juices to the mix, her whole body quaking as the orgasmic surge pounded
her, crashing upon the shore of her soul.

The entire illicit scene didn't pass without having some effect on Anne;
call it sympathetic vibrations or whatever you like, but she could feel her
daughter's pleasure even across the room, her own pussy spritzing
girl-juice as a miniature orgasmic tornado ripped through her body.

"Damn that was good!" Joel said hoarsely, his breath a little ragged.
"God, I love fucking you!"

"How long before you get it up again?" Brenda asked, her face radiant
with the afterglow of sex.

"You're ready for more?" Joel asked incredulously, trying to marshall
his energy for another go-round.

"Eventually," Brenda said, her eyes twinkling mischievously. "But,
right now, I think you've got another problem on your hands."

"What...?" Joel said, turning his head to follow Brenda's eyes, which
were now focused just somewhere over his right shoulder. His heart seemed
to stop beating in his chest as he took in the sight of their mother walking slowly towards them, removing her clothing as she did so.

"Oh, shit," Joel said quietly, scrambling to his feet just as Anne
reached his side. "Mom, I..."

"Shut up," Anne said, looking at both of them in turn. "How dare you?"

"Um, we, ah..." Brenda stammered, frozen in place on the sofa, caught in
her mother's intense gaze like a deer in a car's headlights.

"Shut up, slut," Anne hissed.

"Mom, what are you doing?" Joel asked as his mother sat next to his
sister, clearly not liking the look in the older woman's eyes.

"Don't you think I have needs, too?" Anne asked, eyeing her son's
shrinking erection and licking her lips.

"Well, ah..." Joel began, suddenly understanding - and not believing any
of it.

"I haven't had a man since your father died," Anne went on saying, as if
Joel hadn't spoken. "Haven't felt the fire for a long time now."

"Mom..." Brenda said, experiencing a chill that had nothing to do with
her recent sexual release.

"I told you to shut up, didn't I?" Anne snapped, whipping her head
around to take in her daughter's flushed and naked flesh. "Selfish little
bitch! Did you really think that you were going to talk shit to me and
fucking Joel... and expect to keep him all to yourself?"

"Oh, no..." Joel breathed. "Mom, I don't think..."

"SHUT UP, DAMN YOU!" Anne yelled. "That's better. Now, as I was
saying, I have needs, too - and someone had better see to them, if you
don't want to be sorry."

"Let me get this straight," Brenda said, looking from her mother to
Joel. "You want a piece of the action? After giving us a bunch of shit
about what we're doing?"

"I have needs," Anne repeated, her eyes remaining locked on her son's
penis, absently noting how beautiful it looked even in its resting state.
"If this is good enough for the two of you, why shouldn't it be good enough
for me?"

"Or, can't you handle it?" Anne added, flicking her eyes to her
daughter's full breasts, her nipples still erect from her recent release.
Just the sight of those pendulous globes brought back another dusty

"Mom, are you feeling okay?" Joel asked, suddenly not liking the way his
mother was staring at them, nor did the vacant look in her eyes make him
feel any better.

"I will be in a moment," Anne answered, shuddering as her mind and body
remembered Callie's sweet and special touch upon her flesh all those years
ago. "It seems to me that since I've taken care of the both of you over
all these years, the least you can do is to, for once, take care of me!"

"But, why?" Brenda asked, not completely getting it. "A few minutes
ago, you were condemning our souls to Hell; now you want to play with us?"

"I have needs," Anne said, lowering her head suddenly and capturing one
of Brenda's nipples in her mouth.

"What the...!" Brenda gasped as her mother's tongue whipped around the
turgid nub of flesh, enticing it into further hardness.

"Oh, fuck me!" Joel yelped as his mother's hand closed around his
flaccid member and began pumping it wildly.

"Spoiled, selfish brats," Anne mumbled around a mouthful of Brenda's tit
flesh, feeling her own flesh burning hot with a desire she'd not known for
a very long time.

For Anne, it just wasn't a question of going without ever since Don
died. No, it was a matter of her no longer denying her own pervert,
lust-filled past.

She licked and slurped her way down Brenda's trembling stomach, eager to
once again know the flesh of a woman, as Callie and, indeed, her own mother had taught her so long ago.

"Oh, shit, Joel," Brenda gasped as Anne's fingers expertly peeled back
her outer labia to expose the pink nugget of her clit. "She's gonna eat
me! My mother's going to eat my pussy!"

And eat it she did! At the first touch of her mouth upon her daughter's
sex, years of perversion came flooding back into her: Years of sucking the
cocks of all the males in the house - her father and three brothers. Night
after night sleeping in the same room with her lesbian sister, Callie, who
took Anne to heights of pleasure she'd never known with any man.

Then there was Uncle Tim, he of the incredibly huge penis and
exceptional pussy-licking skills. As Anne nibbled away at Brenda's heated
flesh, she thought it a damned shame he had to die before she got another
chance to fuck him.

"Stick it in me," Anne commanded, taking a break from her oral
exploration of Brenda's cunt and tugging at Joel's now very erect penis.
She moaned delightfully as the hard, fleshy torpedo plowed its way into her
long-neglected body.

"I don't fucking believe this..." Joel muttered, watching inch after
inch of his tool vanishing into his mother's box.


"I'm cumming! Oh, shit, I'm cumming!" Brenda screeched, her legs
flailing at empty air as Anne ravaged the younger woman's pussy. She
groaned as her mother's experienced tongue backhanded her from one orgasm
to another, never giving the last one a chance to fade into the background
before another took its place.

Anne had never felt so comfortable before - well, not in quite a while,
anyway. Her mouth was full of hot pussy and her own was cooze equally
filled with hard, burrowing cock, wreaking havoc with the knobby end of her
cervix. Yes, so very much like his father, this one...

Brenda's body shuddered slightly before launching into orgasmic
convulsions, her senses overloading and threatening to bring down the
curtain on her. Not only was her own mother - damn - reaming her pussy out
like it had never been eaten before, but she had also managed to wedge two
fingers in her steamy cunt... and a thumb up her ass!

Anne's pent-up lust was being driven by Joel, who pistoned his cock into
his mother's pussy like a madman. He rammed hard into her three times
before backing off and using only the glans just inside her entrance...
before plunging fully into her again. Yes, the boy was just like his
big-dicked father and, if so...

Anne concentrated hard, focusing her attention on her cunt muscles.
Taking a deep breath - and inhaling Brenda's sweet musk - she clamped down
on Joel's cock, trapping it deep within her body.

"OH, SHIT!" Joel cried, the blood flowing out of his head so fast he
nearly fainted. One moment he was in the groove, fucking his mother's
experienced quim and the next he was exploding inside of her, showering her
vaginal walls with thick, gooey spunk.

"Hmm," Anne moaned, clamping her lips down on Brenda's clit and sucking as hard as she could. As Brenda's convulsions began anew, Anne smiled to
herself, having confirmed that Joel was a sucker for the same trick his
late father always fell for.

Brenda's body heaved one final time, her lanky frame as taut as a guitar
string as the tsunami of pleasure crashed over her, short-circuiting her
young senses. As Brenda lapsed into unconsciousness, Anne felt a peace she
had forgotten over the years - the satisfaction of severely fucking
someone's brains out.

Behind her, Joel shuddered and shook through his own orgasmic ordeal,
his cock continuing to jerk and twitch despite having been drained of all
available sperm. Again, she smiled to herself as the young man tried to
free his cock from her embrace. It was a little difficult, but Anne knew
she could hold him like this for quite some time before releasing him and,
by the time she did, he would have filled her with his cream once again.

Joel felt as if his dick had been placed in a vise; despite being soft
enough to do so, he couldn't seem to pull free of his mother's cunt. And,
to make matters 'worse', he was hardening again, the blood once more
rushing to his loins.

"Mom... I can't..." Joel whimpered as his mother began to work her
spermy pussy against his renewed phallus.

"You can... and you will," Anne said, reveling in that indescribable
feeling of having a hard cock inside her. "You gave me no choice but to
accept your relationship with your sister - and I'm not giving you any
choices in this matter. Now, hold still..."

Joel cried out in pain/pleasure as the vice returned, ripping his seed
from his body before he was free of the hungry cunt that held him. He
opened his eyes and the room spun crazily as he collapsed onto the floor in
a senseless, spent heap.

"Yes, my children," Anne said to the now-snoring youth around her. "I
have needs - and you are going to see to them!" Rising from the floor, she
headed toward the stairs, picking up her discarded clothing along the way.

Once inside her bedroom, Anne tossed her clothes to one side and crossed
to her bed, picking up the phone. She punched in a number and listened to
the phone ringing on the other end, using the time to tease her nipples
into hardness.

"Hello? Hi, it's me. Yeah, you were right - they were fucking and have
been for a while, from what they tell me. Huh? Shit, what do you think?
Uh huh, you know I did!"

Anne sat and listened for a moment, a wide smile spreading across her

"They're downstairs in the living room... yeah, out cold. Huh? Oh, I
think that can be arranged and, who knows? You might be just as impressed
as I am!"

Anne listened for a few more seconds, using that time to rub her clit

"Okay, well, now that we know what the deal is with them, it's on,
right? You know, Callie, you're the best sister a girl ever had! See you

Anne hung up the phone even as her sister was saying goodbye. Yes, she
hadn't wanted to believe Callie when she told her that Joel and Brenda were
fucking. But, as usual, Callie had been right. And, yes, she had been
hoping not to cave in to her long-hidden lusts... and probably would have
succeeded had she not walked in on their pleasure.

Now that she had and, at the same time, torn down the walls of denial
she had built, it was time to renew her family's tradition, one that would
leave them all forever loved.



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