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forplan all


Forward planning 1/4(fm,fmf,mfff,mF,1st,teen,inc,cons,oral) This work is
the intellectual property of the author davidb234 and he claims the
copyright. It may be posted or archived to any free site, but not to any
commercial or pay site or organisation, without the authors express
permission. Check out my archive

XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWARNINGxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This is a work of
adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of consent where you reside
delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort of
material where you reside delete this file immediately. Otherwise read and
enjoy! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Forward planning By davidb234

I guess now I'm well into my twenties I can say that it's not too bad
having a sister, or even two as I have.

The first ten years of my life with Jenny and Kelly were great fun. We
played with each other, shared all our toys, our friends and even our beds
when aunts and uncles came to stay.

When I got to eleven I was suddenly too ashamed to be seen playing with
GIRLS, I just didn't want my friends, by then all boys, to think I was a
sissy. At thirteen I felt the same, but also found I didn't like the way
other boys looked at and talked about my sisters, and became very
protective of them. So protective I got into a lot of fights, and no small
amount of trouble due to my self imposed role.

When I was fifteen I had my first real sexual experience when I got a
blow job from my date, and took home a pair of cum soaked panties after
giving her a hand job. That I was still a virgin didn't actually bother me
as I'd never seen the sense of pursuing girls just for the sake of getting
my cock inside them. I suppose it was some sort of innate respect for the
female of the species having three of them around me all my life. It was
this escapade that lead to my downfall, and changed my life beyond
recognition. I should perhaps mention that Jenny, Kelly and I all had one
year between us with me being the eldest. mom had brought us up for the
past six years on her own after our father walked out one day and never
returned, preferring to live with his new boyfriend. (Yes, BOYFRIEND).

All my life I'd had mom and the girls around, and although mom made sure
I was never waited on hand and foot, and had to learn to do my part in the
household, my constant looking out for my sisters had made them only too
happy to do little things for me that I might have forgotten to do myself.
That's why two days after my blow job date (a Saturday) Jenny came into my
bedroom whilst I was in the shower and picked up all my dirty clothes ready
for doing the laundry. Things might not have been so bad if I hadn't gone
to sleep with those trophy panties on my pillow, and had put them in one of
my drawers instead. Now Jenny was smart, and, having been doing the
laundry for some time recognised all of hers, Kelly's and Mom's underwear.
She therefore knew these were strange panties in the house, and knowing who
my date was the previous evening worked out who they belonged to.

After I came put of the shower I spent the rest of the day in a panic,
wondering when mom was going to pin me down to the origins of the unknown
underwear's owner. It wasn't until I was in bed, reading a fresh chapter
of my current favourite book that Jenny knocked on my door, coming in
before I had time to invite her. It was obvious she'd just come out of the
shower, because her hair was still damp, and she smelled of her favourite
lavender talc (mine too if I was to be truthful). Once more uninvited,
Jenny sat on the edge of my bed close to my hips, smiled and put her hand
in the pocket of her bathrobe. Slowly she pulled out my trophy, waved them
in front of my face and said wickedly "You really shouldn't leave things
like this about brother mine, it might be mom that finds them next time."
Blushing furiously I snatched them from her fingers and shoved them under
my pillow mumbling 'thank you' as I averted my eyes. I then realised that
something fundamental had changed in our lives.

The one thing that had never been of any import in our family was SEX.
When young I'd been bathed with the girls, and even been in the bath with
Mom when water was short. We had all grown up to respect each others
privacy and on those moments when one of us had been caught with our 'pants
down' so to speak it was never a big deal, we just said 'sorry' and went
about our business. I had in fact seen both my sisters almost naked a
number of times, but had never actually realised they were growing up the
same as the girls I was dating, or trying to date. They were just sort of
'there' if you know what I mean. Suddenly, having Jenny sitting on my bed,
handling a pair of panties I'd removed from another girl made me realise
just how grown up she really was. In fact thinking hard, and really
looking at her she was absolutely gorgeous. Not just her beautiful face,
or her obviously well formed figure that I could see part of through the
partly opened front of her robe, but the way she was sitting there smiling
understandingly at me.

As if she could read my mind Jenny grinned and said softly "Was it fun
taking Sandi's panties off, or did she do it for you?" I guess I wasn't
thinking straight, because I looked up at her and said "How do you know
who's they are Sis?" Jenny giggled in the way of all girls, then said "Well
brother mine, I suppose I thought you only had one date that night, and
that it was Sandi that left home wearing them. I hope her mom didn't check
on her state of dress when she got home. You still didn't tell me, was it
fun?" I grinned shyly, then spent the next ten minutes telling Jenny all
about my date with Sandi. Just after I finished telling Jenny how I made
Sandi cum through her panty crotch, and then took them off her to bring
home with me, Jenny gave a strained smile, leaned over to kiss me on the
cheek and said "OK, that's enough of your sex life, I have to get to bed.
Sleep tight brother mine, and sweet dreams" What Jenny didn't realise (?)
was that as she leaned over to kiss me goodnight the front of her bathrobe
fell open and I got a wonderfully detailed and long look at her wonderful
firm conical breasts. As this was the first time I'd ever seen them in
this context it took me by surprise, and I gasped as I realised I'd
suddenly got a massive boner. I was just glad it was covered by the bed
clothes and Jenny was unable to see what was happening to me. That was the
first time, but certainly not the last time, that I had visions of my
sister as I masturbated myself to sleep.

From then on my life changed beyond all recognition. The following
morning I listened out as usual for when the bathroom was free, and I could
go and get a shower without being disturbed. As the bathroom door was
slightly ajar I knew there was no chance of walking in on anyone so
blithely walked in, closing it behind me, just as Jenny stepped out of the
shower, naked but for a towel wrapped round her head after shampooing her
hair. "Oh, shit. I'm sorry Sis" I gasped as I stood there frozen to the
spot. For some reason I was unable to move as I stood staring at her, my
eyes moving from her breasts, with their firm contours and hard pointed
nipples, to her crotch which I saw was covered in wisps of soft golden
down. The fact that she also stood there not moving confused me slightly,
I'd have expected her to scream blue murder and tell me to get my perverted
ass out of there. "If you've seen quite enough David, could you pass me my
bathrobe from the door behind you" said Jenny softly. I shook my head and
suddenly felt as if my face was on fire as I turned my back on her, reached
up, took the robe off the hook and reached behind me with it so I didn't
get caught staring at her again. A moment or two after I felt Jenny take
the robe from my hand my heart almost stopped as her arms slip round me
from the rear, and I felt her body pressed against mine as she hugged me
tight. "I hope that did more for you than what Sandi did the other night"
said Jenny as she laid her head on my shoulder. She knew what an effect it
was having on me because her hand slipped down the front of my Pyjamas and
rested on the bulge that had appeared when I first looked at her.

Wondering what the heck was going on I took a deep breath and said "I'm
sorry Sis I didn't mean to stare I just didn't know you were still in here
I thought you'd finished and gone you won't tell mom will you?" the words
came out in a rush as I realised the shit load of trouble I was in. I then
felt a soft warm pair of lips pressing against the side of my neck as Jenny
kissed me. She them pulled at my shoulders, turning me round to face her
and looked me in the eyes. "I won't tell Mom, if you don't and if you kiss
me properly before I go and get dressed." The next thing I knew I was in a
tight clinch, my lips covered with hers and her tongue pressing it's way to
find mine. How long we stayed like that I don't remember, I do remember
the result of the kiss though, and still blush when I think about it.
Whether by design, or by accident, Jenny's robe fell open as we kissed. As
I had a massive boner that seemed to get harder as each second passed it
ended up pressing against Jenny's pussy, and the only thing between us was
the cotton of my Pyjamas. It was also the only thing between her pussy and
my semen as I gave a loud grunt against her lips, and my whole body
shuddered as I shot my load

Not realising for a moment what was happening Jenny ended our kiss and
loosened her grip on me as I stood still trembling in front of her. That's
when she looked down to see what it was that was poking into her lower
abdomen. "Oh, jeez David, did I make that happen?" she gasped, as she saw
the wetness spreading across the front of my Pyjamas. I just stood there
and nodded, then gave a moan of pleasure as I felt her hand slip in through
the opening and grasp my slowly softening penis. I was still standing,
mesmerised as Jenny slowly released my cock from my Pyjamas, and stood
there cupping it in the palm of her hand, watching as the final drops of
semen slowly oozed out over her fingers. Her eyes opened wide in amazement
as she saw what was going on, then she pulled her hand back, dropping my
now flaccid cock and grinned as she brought her hand up to her mouth and
put out her soft moist pink tongue. As she pressed the flat of her tongue
to her fingers I watched in disbelief, and also felt my cock beginning to
stiffen once more. A moment later I was stood there, my hard throbbing
cock sticking out from the front of my cum soaked Pyjamas, my eldest sister standing in front of me licking my semen off her hands, and her body on
display to me through the open front of her bathrobe.

When she had finished cleaning her hand up Jenny smiled at me and said
"WOW, now I know why Sandi wanted to give you a blow job the other night, I
don't suppose you'd let me do the same would you bro?" suddenly my brain
kicked into life and I said softly "Only if I get to do the same for you
Sis." Jenny smiled at me, nodded and said "Deal, I'll let you know when.
Right now though, give me those Pyjamas so I can wash them before mom finds
them and asks what happened." The next thing I knew she was on her knees
pulling my pants down and smiling as she watched my cock throbbing inches
from her face. With a quick glance up at me Jenny took my cock between her
fingers and thumb, held it still for a second then touched the tip with her
pursed lips, then poked her tongue out to get a taste of my cum again.
Jenny stood up, kissed me on the lips and whispered "Go and get your shower
before things get out of hand, I'll see you at breakfast." Somehow I got my
shower, then dressed and began walking down to the kitchen, all without
snapping off my hard rigid cock at the base. I was also able to hide the
bulge in my pants from my mom by quickly slipping on to my chair while her
back was turned. Jenny saw it though and smiled as she raised her
eyebrows, making me blush slightly. What neither of us noticed was the
fact that our youngest sister Kelly saw what passed between us and began to
get curious. By the time breakfast was over my erection had almost
disappeared, or at least wasn't quite so prominent, so I was able to get up
and leave the table then help Kelly do the dishes while Jenny cleared the
kitchen up.

Despite her promise Jenny was unable to get me alone once during the
rest of that week, and we knew evenings would be out of the question as
Kelly and mom almost never went out. That's why on Friday I was even more
horny than usual when I went out to meet Sandi for another date. As usual
I walked round to her home which was just a block away, and knocked on her
door expecting her mom or Dad to answer as usual. This time it was Sandi
that opened the door, and she stood to one side as she invited me in. As I
stood there in the hall waiting for her to put her coat on she stood at the
door to their living room and said "Well, come on in and sit down, I don't
want to go out tonight, it's going to rain." As I'd watched the weather
forecast and had heard nothing like this I frowned, but followed her
anyway, closing the door behind me. I sat down on the edge of the sofa,
feeling pretty tense, as I really wanted to get Sandi out into the dark,
and somewhere where we could be alone again. Sandi must have read my mind
because she giggled and said "Oh, don't worry David, my parents are away
for the weekend, so we have the house to ourselves." With that she came and
sat on my lap, put her arms round me and pushed me back against the
cushions as she pressed her lips to mine in a soft warm sensuous kiss. A
few seconds later and she was wriggling her butt on my thighs as she sought
to press the sudden bulge that had appeared, between her own. "Oh, WOW!"
she gasped "That was sure quick, what have you been doing since I saw you
last?" I tried not to blush, failed, and just grinned enigmatically as I
shook my head. "Nothing I wouldn't like to do with you again" I said "Only
this time I'd like to see what I'm doing instead of fumbling about in the
dark." Sandi looked at me, grinned and said "Me too" before sliding off my
lap, laying full length on the sofa behind me and gently pushing me off to
kneel on the floor beside where she was laying. As I knelt there, my
elbows resting on the edge of the sofa seat I looked down into her
beautiful deep brown eyes before lowering my lips to hers in a long soft
tender loving kiss. Soft and sweet though it was the kiss took a lot out
of both of us, and we both ended up gasping for breath as we slowly parted.
"Oh, WOW! Why didn't we do that a long time ago?" Sandi gasped softly, I
grinned at her "I never had the opportunity before, and I didn't know if
you'd want me to kiss you like that, especially when it did what it has to
me." Sandi smiled as a soft pink flush suffused her face and neck, and I
felt her hand slip between the sofa and me, until she could place her
fingers on the massive bulge in my pants. "Jeez, is that just from kissing
me?" she gasped. I nodded, then lowered my head so I could kiss her again,
smiling inwardly as she gasped when she felt the jerk my cock gave when my
lips touched hers. As our lips stayed in touch, and her hand remained
resting on the bulge in my pants I lifted one hand and began to undo the
buttons of her blouse. Just to be quite sure she wasn't going to object I
took it slow, until I felt her using her free hand to tug the hem of her
garment out of the waistband of her skirt.

Even with her help I managed to take a nice long time removing, or at
least opening, her blouse, and it was what I found when I searched for the
shoulder straps of her bra that confirmed Sandi was ready to have some fun,
because I couldn't find one. Slightly puzzled, because I didn't suspect
she might be wearing a strapless bra, (actually I didn't know about them
I'd lived such a sheltered life?), I broke off our kiss and lifted my head
to look for what I could feel. OH WOW! My second pair of naked breasts in
a week, and oh boy did they look wonderful. Just as firm as Jenny's, and
with hard pointed nipples the same as my sisters, this time I was going to
be able to actually feel them, I hoped. After a seemingly never ending
look at Sandi's naked breasts I shook my head to clear my thoughts, looked
at her and said softly "Can I touch them?" Sandi grinned up at me and said
in a husky voice "If you don't you're out of here buster, I didn't go to
all this trouble just so you could look at them." Tentatively I reached out
with my hand and touched my fingertips to her soft smooth skin at the base
of and between her mounds. I didn't see Sandi close her eyes as she felt
my touch, but I heard her soft sigh of pleasure, without knowing it for
what it was. When I moved my fingers to one breast and tenderly stroked it
up and round her suddenly hot flushed flesh she groaned with pleasure, and
I looked at her face to see her eyes screwed tight and her lips parted as
she sucked air in between her tight clenched teeth. Hoping it wasn't
causing her any pain I continued to move my fingers up her titty, only
stopping as I reached the tip. Here I stroked a circle around her dark
pink, softly knobbly aureole and turned my head to watch her face as she
moaned louder the more I touched her. It was then I realised she was
enjoying what I was doing, and knew the more I touched her, the better it
was for her.

With this in mind I placed two fingers each side of her hard nipple and
pressing slightly rubbed them back and forth over the tip of her breast.
That's when I realised just how sensitive a girls breasts could be, and got
the first indication that a woman's nipples are directly connected to her
vagina by nerves. Considering I still hadn't done more that stroke her
breast and nipple Sandi was as surprised as I was when she suddenly
screamed out in ecstasy as her orgasm took her by surprise. I also
screamed, but in pain as I felt Sandi's hand holding my rigid cock through
my pants suddenly clench into a fist, crushing my cock, and making me jerk
back to get away from the source of the agony. Somehow I still managed to
keep my fingers in touch with the centre of Sandi's pleasure, and almost
instinctively pressed my fingertips together, trapping her nipple between
them. Even though I realised what was happening to her, I was still
slightly bemused by the fact I hadn't touched her pussy to make her cum, I
guess I still had a lot to learn. As it was I just sat there on my heels,
my hand cupped gently over her hot flushed pulsating breast, and my eyes
firmly fixed on her eyes as I waited of them to open. When this happened
it shocked me to see the same look in them as I had seen in Jenny's some
days earlier when she had looked up at me whist pulling my Pyjamas down in
the bathroom. "What happened there Sandi?" I asked, just before lowering
my lips to hers in a soft tender kiss. Sandi looked up at me, grinned and
whispered "You made me cum like I never did before in my life, that's what
happened" "But I only touched your breast" I said softly, "I didn't know
you could have an orgasm without someone touching your..." I paused for a
minute, never having discussed sex with a girl before. "Without you
touching my pussy, you mean" Sandi said smiling. I nodded, "Well, neither
did I, so that makes two of us that were surprised. I wonder what would
happen if you got your hands on both at the same time?" A moment later and
Sandi was sitting up, and stripping her blouse off before laying back down
again, naked to the waist and her hand tugging at my wrists as she pulled
them up to lay covering both breasts at the same time. Not wanting to
spoil things for her, but feeling that I'd like to take another step in the
right direction I removed my left hand from her right breast and before she
could remonstrate lowered my head and covered her nipple with my pursed

Her loud moan, and tiny squeal of pleasure as I sucked hard on her
breast told me I was doing something right, and I started to work on her
left breast with my fingers as I suckled hard and noisily on her right. My
imagination was running riot as I sucked and stroked Sandi's wonderful firm
rounded titties. It was quite accidental when I discovered she like to
have her nipples pinched, and after doing it to her left titty with my
fingertips, and hearing her moan, and feeling her push her chest out, I
tried nibbling her other nipple between my teeth. This brought about
another orgasm, this time not so loud, or so long, but still sent tremors
through her soft young body, and made me stop what I was doing to watch her
cum again. As I waited for her to regain some control of her emotions I
spent the time gently caressing and stroking her chest, breasts and upper
abdomen, as far down as the waistband of her skirt. The one thing this
second orgasm did, was to make Sandi raise her knees, thus making her short
skirt fall down her thighs and bunch up round her hips. This gave me the
best look I'd ever had at her beautiful legs, legs I'd always thought would
be as good as any I'd ever seen on models in magazines. And Oh boy, were
they! Sleek, smooth and a wonderful shape, Sandi's thighs looked good
enough to eat, and though I didn't realise it just at that moment, that's
what I would be doing before long. As I knelt there with Sandi breathing
deeply, her eyes closed and a soft mile on her lips I turned my head and
looked down at her legs, this time leaning over to see what had been hidden by her skirt. I was helped by the fact that besides her knees being bent,
her right leg had flopped down against the seat of the sofa, and her left
was leaning against the back. This meant I was able to look directly at
her panty covered pussy as it lay open before me.

To be honest it looked much better than I'd ever imagined. OK, I'd
already seen Jenny's, and naked too, but she had been standing up, and all
I'd seen was the swell of her pubic mound covered as it was by those sexy
wisps of golden fur that matched her hair. Here Sandi's pussy was laying
wide open, albeit covered by the crotch of her panties, and even they
didn't hide much seeing as they were almost transparent due to being so
wet. As I sat there looking hard to make out every curve, swelling and
indentation of a girls sex organ for the first time I felt a gentle touch
on my still hard cock. I turned, blushing again at being caught staring,
to see Sandi grinning at me. "Well David darling, like what you see?" I
nodded then said "I would if I could see anything, there seems to be
something in the way." Sandi giggled, "Want to take them off for me?" she
asked quietly. I nodded silently and she smiled back at me, closed her
knees and lifted her legs into the air. "Right then, go ahead" she said,
and I shuffled across the floor until I was below her hips. Slipping my
fingertips under the elasticated waistband of her panties I began to draw
them up her thighs, and over her knees. That's when I got probably the
best view I'd ever had or would ever have, of her pussy. With her thighs
together, and being bent at the hips I got a perfect look at her tight
puckered rosehole, and above that I saw her swollen pussy lips, glistening
with her juices, as they protruded from between the backs of her thighs.
This was so erotic I almost came on the spot, and anyway gasped in
amazement at what I was looking at. Giving myself a mental shake I
finished what I was doing, taking Sandi's panties off, and allowed her to
lower her feet to the sofa once more. What I didn't expect was for her to
lay her legs down in the same position as they had been a few seconds
earlier. Again this gave me a wonderful view of her wide open pussy, and
this time I was in a position where I could look directly at it.

As I looked up at Sandi's face, I saw her grin, then before I could say
anything she nodded and I saw from the corner of my eye that she was
thrusting her hips upwards inviting me to tale what was being offered.
This time I didn't wait and placed the fingers of my right hand on the
inside of her left thigh and slowly stroked them up and down as I watched
what was happening between her legs. I was amazed at the amount of fluid
that was coming from between Sandi's pussy lips, and even more amazed at
how wonderful the aroma was this close. In fact I decided I wanted to get
even closer so slowly lowered my head between her thighs until my nose was
just inches away from the source of the wonderful musky aroma. Remembering
what her panties had smelt like a week ago, and also the way they tasted
when I touched my tongue to the wet crotch as I lay in bed, I decided it
would be an idea to see what it tasted like warm and fresh. Nectar is the
answer, so sweet, and warm, musky and so aromatic, I couldn't get enough so
I pushed out my tongue and pressed it between the firm swollen lips in
front of me. This brought another scream of pleasure from Sandi, and this
time I felt a pair of strong firm female thighs wrap themselves round my
head as I licked at her cum oozing pussy. It had to be an accident, but as
I was licking at her pussy lips Sandi got so aroused she lifted her knees
up to her chest as far as she could, pulling my head up as she did. What
this did was to move my tongue up her slit until it was flicking at and
around her sensitive clitoris. That she enjoyed it was shown by the loud
scream of ecstasy she gave out, and the fact that she reached another
crashing climax, this time almost crushing my head as her body jerked and
writhed about under me. Eventually I managed to press her thighs apart
enough to remove myself, and I flopped back on my heels and watched her
shake and tremble as her orgasm rippled up and down her young frame. In
the end she fell still, so still I thought she'd collapsed, but then
detected a movement of her chest as she took a deep sobbing breath, and
opened her eyes to look up into mine. "That looked pretty impressive, was
it something I did?" I said with a grin as I looked into Sandi's eyes. She
nodded, then closed her eyes as she felt me taking advantage of her lack of
control by caressing her sopping wet pussy lips. Sandi lay there for some
few minutes enjoying my caresses, even sighing as she felt my long middle
finger slip between her pussy lips and enter her vagina for the first time.
Of course I had to spoil it by making her jump when I touched something
inside, something that stopped me going any further, and what I suddenly
realised was her hymen. Sandi was still a virgin! Why that surprised me
was the way she seemed to be so skilful at this whole sex thing. I
naturally thought she'd had lots of experience with other guys.

"Sorry Sandi, I didn't hurt you did I?" I asked in a worried voice.
Sandi lifted herself up, swung her legs over my head, and sat on the edge
of the sofa smiling at me as I got up to join her. "Not yet you didn't"
she said "But there's plenty of time for that later" and she spent the next
five minutes removing all my clothes and pressing me back to lay full
length on the sofa as she had been a few minutes before. "Now it's my
turn" she whispered, and pressed her lips to mine as she began to run her
soft warm hands all over my upper body. As she played with my suddenly
hard sensitive nipples Sandi looked at me and grinned "How's that feel?"
she asked softly "Great" I gasped, unable to say more as she silenced me
with her lips once again. As Sandi kissed me I felt her slip one hand
under my neck, and then experienced the touch of naked female breasts and
hard nipples, pressing into my flesh as a soft warm hand moved slowly down
my abdomen to rest momentarily with the fingertip buried in my coarse curly
pubic hair. I think Sandi was taken as much by surprise as I was when I
suddenly gasped out "I'm cumming.." Sandi quickly lifted her head and
turned to look down at where her hand was clasped round the base of my
shaft. I don't know if she intended to do what she did next, but she
leaned over my abdomen as she pulled back with her hand. This meant my
cockhead was suddenly pointing, not at the ceiling, but up my body, and at
Sandi's face. As I gave out a long loud moan of pleasure Sandi felt the
pulse of semen forcing it's way up the length of my penis, realising what
it was a second too late as the first hard spurt of cum splashed into the
centre of her beautiful face. She was so surprised she jerked her head
back, and found the next wad of cum was landing on her chest, followed by a
third splashing between her breasts. After that there was no more cum wasted, because Sandi got herself organised and engulfed my cockhead in her
soft warm mouth and sucked me dry before she released me once more. After
releasing my softened cock Sandi turned to me and smiled "How was that
David darling, if it was half as good as it felt to me it had to be great?"
she then looked down at my cock that she was still holding in her hand as
she felt it swelling once more. "WOW, what brought that on again so
quickly" she asked, "You haven't seen the state of your face" I replied
with a grin. Having looked down between her titties and wiped the remains
of my cum off herself Sandi looked down at me and told me to stay where I
was, then left the room returning a moment later with a warm wet washcloth
and a towel. Between us we cleaned each other up, and were soon sitting on
the sofa, dressed once more, and me with another pair of panties in my

As I lay back against the cushions on the sofa, Sandi twisted round,
placed her head on my lap and her ankles over the arm and looked up into my
face. "David, you don't think I'm a slut doing things like this with you,
do you?" I bent over, touched my lips to hers and whispered "How many other
guys have you done this with?" "NONE" she shouted, and began to struggle to
get up as she was suddenly pissed at me for suggesting such a thing. I
held her down, kissed her again, this time against her will for the first
time then said quietly "In that case Sandi darling, how can you be a slut?"
before I could say anything else Sandi threw her arms round my neck, pulled
me down and kissed me hard long and passionately before whispering in my
ear "I'm sorry David darling, I shouldn't have shouted at you like that, I
didn't think about what you were actually saying. I'm serious though
darling, I haven't done anything like this before, not with anyone." As I
now had my hand between her thighs and resting on her still hot and wet
pussy lips she smiled as I said "What, not even this?" Sandi shook her head
and arched her back, pressing her pussy harder against my cupping palm.
"No darling, not even this, just make sure you don't stop too soon I think
I might be able to have another orgasm if you keep this up." Sure enough
she did, this time not so loud or so hard, but enough to wet my hand and
make her thrash and writhe about under my hand for a moment or two. We
stayed like this for some time, being torn from our reverie by the scream
of the telephone. Sandi rolled off my lap and dashed out to the hallway to
answer it, coming back a few minutes later saying it was a wrong number. I
thought nothing of it, despite how long it had taken her to end the call,
but having looked at the time realised I was going to be late home and
liable to get told off for being out too late. As we stood in each others
arms by the door Sandi pushed me back and asked for the panties she had
given me earlier. When she had them she grinned at me, lifted the front of
her skirt and used them to wipe her wet pussy lips. "There" she said with
a giggle "Something to remember tonight by" I took them and said "At this
rate you'll run out of red panties, do you have many pairs?" Sandi grinned
and said "No, only one pair, and you have those in your hand." By now the
door was open and I was about to step on to the porch. I paused for a
second, then said "You did have two pairs though, because I have another
pair at home from last week." Sandi shook her head "I've told you, I only
have one pair of red panties, and you have them" "But what about the
others....." Sandi giggled and said softly "I think you better speak to
Jenny when you get home" and I was suddenly left facing a closed door
wondering what was going on.

I don't remember walking home or opening the door to let myself in. I
do remember mom giving me a telling off and grounding me for a week. I
also remember the look she gave me as I walked past her to go to bed. It
was that look that made me take a shower before getting into bed, and I was
just drying off when I heard mom close her bedroom door behind her. By the
time I was in bed the rest of the house was silent, and I lay back, my new
panties on the pillow beside me, trying to recall all the had happened. I
didn't hear my bedroom door open, as I lay there with my eyes, and ears
close. I did feel it when Jenny sat on the bed beside me and placed her
hand on my bare shoulder to shake me awake. As her fingers touched my
flesh it was if I'd received an electric shock, and my eyes flew open to
see Jenny by my side. "Shhh.." she said softly, and pressed a finger to my
lips to silence me as I woke up fully. "Well, how was it?" she asked
quietly, "How was what?" I asked surprised at her question. "Your evening
of passion of course. Was it as good as last week?" As I sat there too
stunned to reply Jenny grinned and slipped her hand beneath my pillow,
pulling out Sandi's panties and holding them to her nose. "WOW, I guess it
must have been really great, I wish I'd thought to give you some of my
panties smelling like this last week.." it was then that I remembered what
Sandi had said as she closed the door on me, "Jenny, what did Sandi mean
when she said I should ask you how many pairs of red panties she has. Why
should you know that?" Jenny smiled, "How many did she say she had?" Jenny
asked "One," I replied "But I have these, and the ones from last week, so
that makes at least two" Jenny shook her head slowly and I got out of bed,
went to my chest and opened a drawer. After a quick and frantic search I
looked at Jenny and said "They're gone, Sandi's panties are gone, God, I
hope mom didn't find them" Jenny grinned and held up the ones in her hand
"Here they are bro, she told you she only has one pair of red ones." I
climbed back into bed, snatched the panties from Jenny's hand and said "OK,
Sis, what's going on here. How come Sandi got her panties back, and how
come you know all about it?"

"God, I didn't know I had such a dumb brother" sighed Jenny, "Can't you
work something that simple out for yourself, or do I have to explain it
all?" she said. It suddenly dawned on me, but I still wanted her to say
it, "Yes, tell me what's going on between the two of you, before I go
crazy" I replied, and lay back on my pillows with my hands behind my head.
Jenny shuffled round so she was sitting on the bed facing me, and giving me
a nice view between her thighs at her panty covered pussy, when she saw she
had my attention she smiled and said "Well, when I found out they were
Sandi's panties and knew what you two had been doing, I was jealous because
you couldn't do the same thing with me last week. I took the panties to
school with me and found an excuse to corner Sandi as we finished. When I
told her what I knew she panicked a bit and we ended up in her bedroom
while I calmed her down and told her I wasn't going to anything about it.
At least I wasn't going to tell anyone what you were up to. In the end we
had a really good chat about what it would be like having you make us cum over and over again, and Sandi promised to tell me all about it next time
you made out." Jenny paused and grinned, "That's why I didn't do anything
with you last week bro, I wanted to let Sandi have a really good evening
with you so she could tell me how good you were, and what you liked doing,
before I had my turn." The thoughts racing through my head just then almost
made me dizzy, and I sat up slowly, getting a nice long look inside Jenny's
robe as she flashed her wonderful firm breasts at me. "And I've been and
screwed it all up by getting grounded. Just great" I said with a wry
smile. Jenny shook her head "Not necessarily brother mine, I happen to know
something you don't, and I'm not going to tell you until after breakfast,
so don't bother asking" with that she leaned over, pressed her soft warm
lips to mine and whispered "Good night brother mine, sweet dreams" and a
moment later she was gone.

I didn't want to get up next day, but having Jenny stroking at my hard
throbbing cock as I opened my eyes told me I had to, and soon. "Come on
you" she said "Time for breakfast, and mom wants to see you before she
goes." "Goes where?" I asked as I sat up so Jenny had to let go of my cock
before I shot my load all over the bed. "You'll find out when you get
downstairs, now have a shower and hurry." Ten minutes later I was sitting
at the kitchen table having breakfast with mom and the girls, "OK, what's
going on I don't know about" I mumbled through a mouth full of cereals.
"You and Jenny will be on your own until tomorrow evening David" mom said,
"And I want you to remember you're grounded and don't try to sneak out.
Jenny has promised to keep an eye on you to make sure you don't do anything
you shouldn't, understand?" I sat there aghast, and was about to say
something when Jenny said "It's OK Mom, I'm sure he won't be naughty, by
the way, can I have a friend over to sleep tonight, I don't want to be
stuck with David all weekend, that won't be any fun at all." "Not a boy friend I hope" said mom with a smile, "Oh, come on Mom, you know I wouldn't
do that. It's Sandi, her parents are away this weekend as well and she has
to stay in too." Half an hour later mom and Kelly were driving away on
their trip to see my grandparents, leaving Jenny and I waving them goodbye
until they were out of sight. The moment the car disappeared Jenny turned
and dashed indoors, picked up the phone and almost shouted down it "OK,
they've gone and mom said yes." Slowly I closed the door behind me and
stood there looking at Jenny as she stood looking at me with a strange
glint in her eye. "OK Sis, what's going on here" I asked although I knew
full well what was happening. "It's your lucky day brother mine" she said
with a grin, "Mine too if I have my way, and I mean to get it if I can."
Jenny stepped up close to me, put her arms round my waist and pulled me
close to her body "In case you hadn't caught on David, I've fixed it for
Sandi to stay the weekend while mom and Kelly are away, and the three of us
are going to have the best fun a boy and girl can possible have without it
costing a load of money. In other words brother, we are all going to get
well and truly laid." Before I could respond there was a knock at the door
and a moment later Sandi was standing where Jenny had been a moment ago,
her arms wrapped round my waist, her hips pressed against me and her lips
locked on mine in a deep sensuous kiss.

"OK, you two, knock it off we don't have all day you know" said Jenny as
she stood on the bottom stair. Sandi turned to her and said "Oh, sorry
Jenny, I thought we did have, in fact I thought we had almost two days."
Jenny laughed, "Yes, well you know what I mean. Let's get upstairs for
gods sake, I want to get naked with my brother." The thought of that
happening made it suddenly very difficult for me to walk, and both the
girls walked up stairs in front of me giggling as I struggled to shift my
hard cock to one side so I didn't hurt myself as I followed them. In the
end I walked into my own bedroom, where I found the girls sitting on my bed
chatting away like the old friends they actually were. I'd hardly stopped
by the bed before Jenny was on her feet and starting to strip my shirt off.
Sandi dropped to her knees and had my pants and shorts off me almost before
Jenny had got me naked to the waist, and I was suddenly standing there
naked, with a throbbing erection standing out in front of me with both of
them holding it gently in their hands. "OK, who's first" I asked, and
Sandi stood up, edged Jenny to one side and said "Me please David darling."
It didn't take long to get Sandi's clothes off, it was me succumbing to the
temptation to touch, then kiss her firm breasts, and her hot swollen pussy,
that took the time. In the end Jenny almost pulled Sandi out of the way as
she stood gasping with frustration beside us. "Come on Sandi, this isn't
fair, I want him to undress me now" she said and turned me away from Sandi
to face her. I could see from the way Jenny's face was flushed and her
breathing was pretty ragged, that she was getting worked up, so I held her
by the shoulders and placed a tender loving kiss on her lips as I said
"Don't worry Sis, I haven't forgotten you, I'm saving the best bit to
last." This made her smile, and as I touched the buttons on her shirt she
closed her eyes and turned her face up to the ceiling, offering her throat
and upper chest for me to kiss.

It didn't take me long to strip Jenny, seeing as all she had on was a
shirt and her skirt, her underwear having been left off when she dressed
that morning. It struck me just then that this was the first time I'd been
naked with two girls since I was about nine, and I hadn't seen then what I
was seeing right now. As I looked from one naked girl to the other I
grinned at my wonderfully good fortune and stepped forward so I could slip
my arms round both of them and pull them close to me. The feeling of
having two pairs of firm young breasts, each topped by hard rigid nipples,
pressed against my chest was more than my body could stand and I suddenly
found myself blushing as I shot a stream of hot sticky cum all over the
girls abdomens. It was Sandi who realised first what was happening, and in
an instant her hand was between our bodies and holding my cock as she began
to move it up and down my shaft trying to extend my orgasm for me. As soon
as Jenny knew what was going on her hand joined Sandi's and I found I was
being jerked off by both of them, and very successfully too, I might add,
because I just kept on shooting wad after wad of semen all over them. By
the time I was done, all I could do was collapsed on my back on my bed. As
I lay there I heard Jenny complaining about selfish brothers and lack of
control, until Sandi said something that stopped her moaning, and made her
bend over me and kiss me on the lips. Seconds later and the two of them
were licking my cock clean, before shoving me to one side so they could lay
side by side and clean each other up with their tongues. That when I got
the first indication Jenny and Sandi were willing to play with each other
if I wasn't available. As it was the girls didn't do more than lick each
other clean of the gobs of my cum that had landed on them. By the time
they were done I'd recovered my breath and was able to sit in the middle of
my bed, lean on the headboard and ask them to join me.

I have to admit it felt really wonderful sitting there, a naked girl under each arm and my hands resting on firm, hard nippled breasts. The
fact they both had a hand on my cock didn't hurt either, and it wasn't long
before I had another raging hard on, much to the delight of my sister. As
we lay there I was kissing them turn and turn about, until Sandi stopped me
and whispered "David darling, do you remember what you did for me on the
sofa last night?" she giggled as the jerk of my cock answered her, "Well,
how would you feel about doing the same for Jenny?" again my cock jerked,
and again Sandi giggled, "I thought that would be your answer, and now I
can see what you did to me, and find out why it felt so good." With that
Sandi rolled off the bed, stood beside us and said "Come on David, you have
to be kneeling on the floor to do it right, and Jenny, you have to lay out
flat with your knees up." A minutes later and I was leaning over my
beautiful sister kissing her tenderly on the lips as I gently caressed her
naked breasts. That Jenny was enjoying what I was doing was made evident
by the noises she made each time my lips or fingers touched a different
part of her breasts, especially when I was sucking one nipple and tweaking
the other between finger and thumb. As had happened with Sandi the
previous evening Jenny also had an orgasm, one made special because it was
her first with a male being involved, and having me as that male made it
even more special. As I knelt there, my hand on Jenny's breast, and my
lips on hers I felt Sandi press her naked breasts against my back and
whisper in my ear "Christ David, did I cum like that last night?" I lifted
my head and nodded silently, then returned to kissed Jenny. By now Jenny's
eyes were opening and she looked into mine as I kissed her, saying, as soon
as she could "God, David, do that again will you, it's so much better than
doing it myself, of having Kelly do it for me."

The instant she said it Jenny blushed bright red, and gasped "Please
don't tell anyone I said that David, I promised I'd never tell anyone about
what we do, please darling, promise me you won't tell.." I pressed my lips
to hers and whispered "OK Sis, but only if you let me make you cum again
like I did Sandi last night." Slowly Jenny's blush drained away and she
smiled at me nodding as she "Oh, yes please darling, I'd like that." With a
final kiss on her lips I began to move down her body, over her breasts,
kissing each nipple as I passed them, then over her firm tummy tracing a
line of kisses as I followed the gentle swell of her softly rounded figure.
When I reached her navel I paused to twiddle my tongue in and around it,
making her giggle as it tickled her. While she was till reacting to this I
quickly moved my head down and covered her firm swollen mons with my lips
as I sucked on the golden wisps of down that covered her pussy.
"Agghhh...YES.. YES.. YES.." she cried as she felt my tongue slipping
beneath the protective hood covering her hard pulsating clitty, and
flicking at her sensitive bud. Suddenly Jenny went silent, and I looked up
in alarm expecting to see her passed out or something. Not a chance, all
it was, was Sandi covering Jenny's mouth in a hot passionate kiss as I
covered her lower lips doing the same thing. This double assault on her
senses took Jenny over the top and seconds after I replaced my lips to her
pussy she was screaming as the strongest orgasm she ever experienced
exploded inside her. This time when I looked up to see what had silenced
her she had passed out, and was laying their limp and silent. "Oh, shit,
why didn't that happen to me?" gasped Sandi as she sat back on her heels
next to me, leaning her head on my shoulder as I slipped my arm round her
naked waist. "Maybe because it wasn't the first time you'd had an orgasm
that strong Sandi darling" I said softly, "Besides, I think Jenny had been
waiting a long time for me to do something like this for her, she's
certainly surprised me during the past couple of weeks."

Sandi chuckled as she cuddled up close to me, "You don't have to tell me
that David darling, she's talked about nothing else since she found my
panties in your bedroom, all she wanted to do was have you pop her cherry,
and seeing as I want the same thing we decided to team up and see if we
could get you to do it for us together." I won't say this confession surprised me, but if someone had hit me in the face with a sock full of
horse shit, I'd have though it almost a normal occurrence. I just sat back
on my heels, forgetting all about getting my hands on Jenny's naked pussy,
or having a naked and hot Sandi snuggled up close to my side. By the time
it had sunk into my numb brain Jenny had opened her eyes and Sandi was
informing her that she'd told me what their cunning plan for the day was.
Jenny grinned at Sandi, then looked at me, "OK David, what are you waiting
for brother mine, come and get it" and she lay back on the bed, opened her
legs as far as she could and brought her knees up to her chest. I looked
down at her wide spread pussy lips, grinned and lowered my face until I
could slip my tongue into her slick glistening love tunnel. After a couple
of minutes I looked up at her and said "Do you really want me to do it that
way Sis, I'd have thought it would be better if you were on top?" Jenny
grinned and nodded, "Even better, come and get in position, we have a lot
of time to catch up on, and we have to make time for Sandi too." I turned
to look at Sandi as she knelt beside me still, "You OK with this Sandi
darling?" she nodded, "Yes lover, we tossed, I lost, Jenny goes first,
providing I get to watch and maybe help out if needed" the grin on her face
told me she was happy enough so I climbed on to the bed, lay in the middle
and watched as Jenny straddle my thighs and leaned forward to kiss me on
the lips. "Are you really OK with doing this with me David darling. If
you really don't like the idea of making love to your sister I'll
understand. I won't like it darling, but I will understand." I took her
face between my hands, kissed her passionately and said softly "Jenny
darling, I've been fantasising about doing something like this for a long
time. No way am I going to refuse now I know you want it too."

Giving me a wide grin Jenny sat upright, shuffled up a bit until she
felt the tip of my cock touching her pussy lips them reached down between
her thigh to grasp my cock in her fingers. That's when she found Sandi was
about to help out, when she felt her friends hand already wrapped round my
cockshaft and guiding it to her wet swollen pussy lips and the tight
entrance to her virgin passage. I lay there mesmerised as I watched Sandi
guiding my hard throbbing cock to the entrance of my sisters cuntal
opening, and then feeling my cockhead being pressed between a pair of tight
virgin pussy lips until it slipped inside with a soft 'plop'. "Ohhh...jeez
that feels great.." gasped Jenny as she felt me enter her body for the
first time, and gasped again as she slowly lowered herself far enough down
to feel the tip of my penis touch her virgin barrier. Up to now Jenny had
her eyes closed, but as soon as she felt my cock touching her maidenhead
she opened them and looked down at me. "Do it for me please David darling,
pop my cherry like I always dreamed you would, make me a woman, do it
darling, please do it now.." as she was pleading with me to take the next
step I reached up, grasped her hips and held her tight at the same time as
I gave a hard upward thrust of my hips, making her cry out as she felt my
cockhead tear through her hymen, destroying it for all time. One single
cry of pain is all we heard from Jenny, but I could see she was clenching
her teeth to stop more sounds escaping her lips, and I saw how she grasped
her own thighs with her hands to stop her moving away from the hard
throbbing male member now buried deep inside her, until at last she visibly
relaxed and almost sagged against my chest. "Oh, damn that smarted" she
said softly "Don't tell Sandi will you David darling, she might change her
mind if she knew how much it hurt me." "Don't you believe it Jenny" Sandi
whispered as she lay her head on my chest "I don't care how much it hurts I
still want it today, so hurry up and get finished so I can get my chance."

Jenny smiled as she pushed on her hands and sat upright. This made her
gasp with pleasure as she felt my still rigid cock press deep into her
virgin cuntal passage and the tip touch against the mouth of her cervix as
she began to move her hips to and fro rubbing her mons and clitty against
my pubic mound. All the time she was doing this Jenny was moaning with
pleasure, right up to the moment that she threw her head back and cried out
in ecstasy as she climaxed once more, and for the first time with a hard
throbbing piece of manhood inside her. This orgasm was so strong Jenny sat
there with her body shaking and trembling for some minutes before she
finally collapsed in a limp heap into my waiting arms as I guided her
gently on to the bed beside me. "Oh, damn David do the same for me please
darling" gasped Sandi as she knelt by my hips watching Jenny as tremors
still rippled up and down her soft young body. "OK" I said "But I have to
get cleaned up first, I wouldn't like to make you sit on my blood and cum stained penis straight after popping Jenny's cherry." Sandi was so
desperate she climbed over my hips and almost growled "You let me worry
about things like that David darling, it's not going to hurt me, and it
feels pretty sexy to have you pop my cherry so soon after Jenny's" and
without another sound Sandi was holding my cock still as she moved her hips
about searching for her hot wet pussy lips. "Can I help" said a soft
almost weak voice from beside me, and Sandi looked down and nodded "Would
you Jenny darling, please" and released her hold on my cock as Jenny took
over. A moment later and Sandi was impaled on my cock, her body slowly
being lowered towards my hips. This time there was no pause as Sandi felt
my cock touch her maidenhead, she was so worked up she just closed her
eyes, gritted her teeth and slammed down hard giving a loud cry as first my
cock ripped through her virginity, then hit her cervix making both of us
cry out, me in pain and her in surprise at having me so deep inside her.

By the time Sandi was recovered from popping her own cherry on my cock I
had almost forgotten I'd had it squashed against something firm and
unyielding and was all prepared to go to work on Sandi as I had with Jenny.
This wasn't necessary though as Sandi began to work herself against my cock
and pubes, leaning over so I could at least get my hands on her firm
pointed breasts and twiddle her nipples between my fingers and thumbs. All
this stimulation was more than sufficient, and in minutes Sandi was
screaming out as her climax hit her harder than anything she'd ever felt
before, and she also ended up collapsed on the bed beside me, shaking and
twitching as echoes of her orgasm rippled through her. After laying there
for a few minutes I realised I wasn't going to get a lot of help cleaning
up, so I shuffled down to the bottom of the bed and made my way quietly to
the bathroom where I had a quick shower. When I returned to the bedroom it
was with a bowl of warm water, a washcloth and towel. I then proceeded to
wash both girls groins clean of any signs of dried blood stained cum,
drying them off and giving them a light dusting of lavender talc to finish
off with. By the time I'd taken the bowl etc. back to the bathroom and
returned to my bed both girls were awake and sitting up, and ready to make
room for me between them in my three-quarter sized bed. For the next
twenty minutes I lay on my back being constantly kissed and thanked for
what I'd just done, and then being berated for not cumming inside one or
both of them. "Sorry girls, but I didn't try too hard because I didn't
think it would be a good idea, after all we don't want one of you getting
pregnant just yet, do we." Jenny smiled at me, then gave me a soft sweet
kiss, "That was sweet of you David darling, thinking of our welfare before
your own pleasure, but you don't have to worry about such things, mom took
care of that problem almost a year ago." I looked at her, then said "What
do you mean Sis, mom took care of that problem, what problem?"

"Well, it seems that one day when I was asking mom for a larger sized
bra because my boobs were growing so fast she looked up as you come out of
the bathroom after having a shower. I looked up too and saw her staring at
you, and the erection pushing your Pyjamas out like a tent. I blushed like
crazy, mom smiled at me and said 'I guess we better do something about THAT
little problem too, don't you Jenny?' that's when she sat me down and
warned me all about teenage boys, and how they'll all try to take advantage
of me as my body changes shape." Jenny giggled as she lay against my chest,
then continued "'It's not that I don't trust you to behave Jenny darling,'
Mom said, 'but I guess the time may come when you can't resist any longer,
or you get forced into doing something you don't want to. I think we
better go and see about getting you on the pill, don't you?'. That was
almost a year ago, and I've been taking them ever since waiting for you to
take advantage of me." This confession made Sandi giggle along with Jenny,
and she said softly "My mom said something similar, but made me promise not
to let boys get 'too familiar' with me, and also promise that I'd try to be
careful if I couldn't be good. Was I good David darling, I certainly
wasn't trying to be too careful." This brought another bout of giggling
from the pair of them, and despite it still being mid afternoon we all
drifted off to sleep wrapped in each others arms as we were. By the time
we awoke it was almost lunch time and, despite them wanting to walk around
naked while we prepared the meal between us I insisted they at least put on
a T-shirt and skirt, even if they had nothing on underneath. Having
prepared a simple tv dinner for us all, we were sitting down tucking in to
it when my insistence at the girls dressing paid off.

There was a knocking at the front door, and I found two of my buddies
from school wanting me to go out with them. I was about to say I couldn't,
when Jenny stepped into the hall, saw who it was and said "Hi guys, I hope
you're not trying to tempt David to go out with you, because he's been
grounded for a week, and I'm here to make sure he stays in, OK?" before I
could say anything my mates looked at me, raised their eyes to the ceiling
and said softly "Jeez Dave, what a bummer, guess we'll see you in school on
Monday." I nodded, shrugged my shoulders and let them out. As soon as I'd
closed the door there was a burst of laughter from the kitchen and the
girls both put their heads round the door and said "It's a good job they
didn't ask what you were going to be doing all weekend with you sister in
the house with you, I don't think you could have lied yourself out of that
one, do you?" As might be expected the rest of the weekend was spent with
my hard cock buried deep inside one or other of the girls with me filling
both of them with my hot creamy semen at least three times each. This took
a lot out of me, and by the time Sandi had gone home, on her own so her
neighbours had nothing to talk about, all I was fit for was going to bed.
I'd just come out of the shower I shared with Jenny for the second time
that weekend, when we heard Mom's car pull up in the driveway. By the time
Mom and Kelly had brought their luggage into the house Jenny was walking
down the stairs obviously just out of the shower and went up to give mom a
hug and a kiss. A while later, after I'd gone to bed, and shortly after
Kelly did the same mom went and sat with Jenny in the kitchen and said
"Well Jenny darling, did David try to sneak out, or did he stay in all
weekend like he was supposed to?" Jenny told me she didn't know how she
didn't blush bright red when mom asked her this, but she didn't, she just
said "No Mom, I can promise you David stayed in virtually all the time, and
only went out when I said it was OK." mom smiled then said "And what about
having Sandi over, did he behave himself?" Jenny nodded, "Yes Mom, he was a
perfect gentleman all the time."

I suppose it was about three weeks later when mom told us she was going
to have to go and stay with our grandparents again. Before our eyes could
brighten Jenny and I had our hopes dashed when mom said "I guess this time
I can leave Kelly with you. She didn't really enjoy her last visit, did
you Kelly darling?" "No I didn't Mom, there was nothing to do and everyone
was so old they only wanted everything to be quiet." Jenny and I chuckled,
and I said "Well OK Sis, I guess we'll let you have some music on this
weekend, just so long as you don't disturb the neighbours." What made
things better was mom deciding to leave on Friday evening, and then only
after calling Sandi's mom and saying it would be OK if Sandi wanted to come
for a sleepover. As her parents had been invited to a party on Saturday
they said that would be OK, and agreed Sandi could come that evening and
stay until Sunday evening. It seemed that having me in the house wasn't an
issue for Sandi's parents, as they considered my being outnumbered three to
one was enough protection for the girls. It was, of course. There was no
way I would do Jenny or Sandi any harm, depending upon what one means by
'harm'. As far as we were concerned it meant doing them physical damage,
and that wasn't an issue because any physical damage had already been done,
and with their considered consent. The one thing that was bothering the
three of us was the presence of Kelly. So far nothing had been said to
her, even by Jenny during their nightly lifestyle discussions, not that
that made any difference it seemed, because as soon as we were sitting in
the kitchen each of us with a soda in our hands she looked at Jenny and
said "Right Sis, when does the fun start?"

I almost choked on the swig of coke I was about to swallow, Sandi did
the same and Jenny just went pale. "What do you mean?" asked Jenny softly,
glancing over to where I sat panicking inwardly. Kelly giggled "Oh, come
on Jenny, I know what the three of you have been doing, for gods sake our
bedroom reeked of sex when I got home last time. How mom didn't smell it I
don't know, but I bet she got a good look at your underwear, and David's."
Sandi was the first to speak, "What did you say to your mom Kelly?" she
asked in a quiet voice, Kelly grinned at her as she shook her head, "Don't
be silly Sandi, if I'd said anything to Mom, do you think your parents would have let you come and sleep over this weekend. Of course I didn't
say anything, but that's not to say I won't." "And what's it going to cost
us to get you out of the house for most of this weekend Kelly?" I asked,
hating the thought of having to bribe her, but seeing no other way out of
our current predicament. Kelly shook her head, making her long golden hair
fly about as she grinned broadly. "Oh, it isn't going to cost you a penny
David darling, because I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying in until mom gets home on Sunday evening." "Aw, come on Sis, you know that'll screw up
our plans, be a good sister, and co-operate with us, I'll make it worth
your while." Again Kelly shook her head, "Sorry bro, it's no go. I tell
you what I will do though. If you do something for me, I promise not to
spoil your weekend, and never to tell anyone what goes on between you. How
does that sound?" I looked at Jenny and Sandi, both of whom nodded their
heads in agreement, then I turned back to Kelly and said "OK Sis, if I can
do it for you, I will. Just so long as you're not asking me to rob a bank
or something stupid like that." Kelly smiled at me, this time much more
softly, she then came and sat on my lap, snuggled up close to me, and I
heard Jenny say softly "Oh, no, not that!"

Before I could think what Jenny was referring to Kelly slipped her arms
round my neck, kissed me tenderly on the cheek and said "OK my darling
brother, what I want is for you to pop my cherry tonight so I can join in
with you for the rest of the weekend." "Damn, I knew that was coming" said
Jenny forcefully, "Come on Sis, you can't be serious about this. You know
what would happen to David if he got caught having sex with you, he'd be in
a youth facility before you could say 'young pussy'. Think what that would
do to Mom." "I don't need to Sis" said Kelly softly "I'm sure she knows
what's going on, you see when we got home last time she told me before I
went to bed that she was taking me to the doctors the following day for a
check up, remember that Sis?" Jenny nodded, and suddenly her eyes opened
wide and she gasped "She didn't?" Kelly nodded, smiled and said "Oh, but
she did, and she made me promise I'd take them every day without fail, or I
might fall sick," Kelly smiled at this, "That's all rubbish of course,
unless pregnancy is now a sickness. The thing is I have been taking them
as I should and I'm now as safe as you, and Sandi, I hope." Most of this
went over my head, although I did understand Sandi was on the pill as was
Jenny, and now Kelly as well. I still didn't understand what mom had to do
with anything, until Jenny saw my bemused expression and said softly "What
Kelly's saying David, is that mom knows what we're getting up to,
understood that Kelly would soon want to join in, and made sure that she
was safely on the pill before we were left alone again. Understand?" the
fact I went so pale Jenny thought I was about to pass out told it's own
story, and it was almost an hour later before I was fit to be spoken to by
any of the girls.

As I came out of my shock, which the girls treated by giving me some hot
sweet tea and a lot of hugs and kisses, Kelly came and sat on the edge of
the sofa beside me, leaned over and placed a soft sweet kiss on my lips
then said "Sorry to scare you like that David, I didn't think it would
affect you quite that badly. Are you OK now?" I nodded then said "Yes I'm
OK Sis, I just don't know what the hell I'm going to do now, I guess I
better get packed and find somewhere to get away to before mom gets back."
"HUH, typical male, runs out leaving us girls to face the music, when it's
him that's been playing most of the tunes. What are you going to be
running from brother mine?" asked Jenny sarcastically. "Mom, coming home
and killing me of course, what else?" I replied, wondering just how stupid
girls could be sometimes. Sandi came over to the sofa, indicated for Kelly
to get out of the way, sat beside me and bent over my still recumbent body
and kissed me deep hot and passionately. "Now, why would she do that if
she already knew what was going on, and made sure her daughters were
protected from pregnancy. Don't you think she might actually approve of
what is going on, working on the basis that you'd be less likely to hurt your sisters that some jock from school in the back of a car parked
somewhere in the woods?" I took a deep breath, looked from one beautiful
face to another, then said "Do you think.."

Before I could finish Jenny was kneeling beside me, "Yes my darling
brother, frequently. Now let me tell you something, and Kelly will bear me
out on this one. Ever since we started our periods, and our bodies started
to change shape, yes I mean when we started to get boobs, well mom has been
having the occasional chat with us about boys, sex and responsibility. She
has never asked us if we're still virgins, all she says is to tell her if
we have any problems we don't know how to deal with. The day she saw you
with an erection made her realise just what might happen having a horny
teenage boy, and two horny teenage girls in the same house. All she ever
told me, was to be careful, and think hard before I did something I
couldn't undo, get my meaning bro?" Not being completely dumb I nodded,
"Well, I did think hard before I did something I couldn't undo, or at least
before I got you to do something I couldn't undo, and believe me darling, I
don't regret a single second we've spent together since then." "And" said
Kelly leaning over the back of the sofa, "I want you to do something I
can't undo, understand brother mine?" before I could answer Sandi leaned
her face close to mine and said softly "It seems you're outnumbered David,
not just by us, but by your mother who, it seems, approves of everything
that's happening. Therefore lover, I think it's time we went to bed, your
sister needs your urgent attention." It was therefore not long before I was
laying on my bed, naked as the day I was born, with three similarly dressed
teenage girls sitting round me. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised
when Kelly took my cockshaft in her hand, stroked it up and down for a
moment or two then said "God, I didn't know it was this big Sis, how will
it fit inside me without ripping me apart?" "Don't worry Kelly" replied
Jenny as she leaned over to place her head closer to Kelly's, "David, isn't
all that large, as he'll tell you himself. Just don't worry about it
fitting, believe me, you'll make room for it when you get started, all you
have to remember is, don't rush things and if it hurts say so, then David
can ease off a bit. OK?" Kelly nodded, looked down at me and said "What do
I do now bro, remember it's my first time?"

As I looked at Jenny and Sandi, I realised they weren't going to help
just now, so I struggled up on to my knees, told Kelly to lay down on the
bed and leaned over her face, looking deep into her eyes as I said "I need
to make sure that you're nice and lubed up Sis, that way it won't hurt quite so much, OK?" Kelly nodded and closed her eyes as I lowered my lips
to hers in a long soft sweet loving kiss that had her panting when I pulled
away. Giving her no chance to think what was going to happen next I moved
down until I could place my mouth over one of her firm young breasts. This
made her cry out with pleasure, and she repeated it when she felt my
fingers take her other nipple and begin to twirl it round and round. All
the time I was doing this I was sucking and nibbling at her other breast and nipple, only stopping when I heard her cry out in ecstasy as her first
ever male induced climax exploded inside her. As she lay trembling and
twitching as ripples of pleasure passed up and down her young frame I let
go of her titties and moved my head down to her naked pussy, using my hands
to press gently on the inside of her thighs as I made her open her legs and
allow me access to her crotch. Despite being so swollen, and having her
juices oozing from between her lips Kelly's vagina was so tight I almost
couldn't press my tongue inside her. In the end I managed to get the tip
between her lips close to her virgin entrance, then move it slowly up her
slit until I was touching her hard throbbing clitoris. The instant she
felt me touch her sensitive swollen bud Kelly screamed again, and slammed
her thighs together round my head as she experienced another orgasm. With
some difficulty I managed to free myself, and when I lifted my head I saw
Jenny and Sandi sitting smiling as they held Kelly's ankles apart to allow
me to escape. "I think she's well and truly lubed up now, don't you David
darling?" said Jenny softly as I sat back on my heels. I grinned as I
nodded "I reckon so Sis, will you help her get on me, I don't think she had
too much control just now?" Jenny smiled and nodded, then she and Sandi
helped Kelly to her knees as I lay down once more, my hard throbbing cock
waving about lewdly in time with my beating heart.

As the girls coaxed Kelly to shuffle up my legs and straddle my thighs
she looked down at my cock and gasped. For a second I thought she was
going to chicken out, but Jenny whispered something in Kelly's ear, and she
grinned and continued moving up my body. When Kelly was finally positioned
over my cock she looked down at me, smiled and said softly "David, please
don't stop, even if I'm screaming, I really need you to do this now, or
I'll never find the courage to try again, OK darling?" I took her hands in
mine, pulled her forward slightly so I could kiss each palm then said "You
know it's going to hurt a bit, don't you Sis, well, I'll try to make it as
easy as I can, all right?" with a simple nod Kelly smiled down at me again
then lowered her body until she felt the tip of my cock touch her wet
swollen pussy lips. That's when I felt a soft warm hand take my shaft and
looked down to see Jenny guiding my cockhead to Kelly's pussy lips. I also
saw Sandi holding Kelly's lips open with her fingers which were glistening
with Kelly's cum from her two recent orgasms. "OK Sis, drop down now" said
Jenny firmly, and I grunted as I felt my cockhead force it's way between
Kelly's virgin lips, and lodge inside as Kelly sat with her weight on
Jenny's hand. I reached forward and placed my hands on Kelly's hips,
looked into her eyes and said "Would you like me to do this Kelly darling,
or do you want to try first?" "You please David" she gasped breathlessly,
and before she could know what was going to happen I pressed down on her
hips and gave a huge upward jerk of my own. My cock had destroyed Kelly's
maiden barrier seconds before she realised what had happened, and her
scream of pain was almost too late. As she cried out I felt my cock lodge
deep inside her virgin passage, and her hot wet swollen pussy lips press
hard on my own pubic mound.

Before Kelly stopped screaming I'd pulled her down my her hands and had
her laying on my chest as I gently caressed her and kissed her, telling her
how sorry I was to hurt her like that. It took a few minutes for Kelly to
stop crying, and when she finally sat up, it was to realise she had my hard
throbbing penis buried deep inside her, and her swollen clitoral bud
rubbing against my coarse pubic hair. As she rubbed her pussy round and
round on my cock Kelly looked down at me and said "Damn it David, that
really hurt, I'm glad it only happens once in a girls life, I couldn't
stand doing that again." She paused for a moment then looked down at me,
smiled and said "Mind you darling, the way it feels right now more than
makes up for the pain." She then began to move her body up and down the
length of my rigid manhood, her eyes closed as she savoured the feeling of
my cockhead rubbing against the walls of her tight cuntal passage. I too
closed my eyes as Kelly moved up and down my cock, savouring the same
feeling as she, until I felt a soft warm female form lay on my chest, and a
pair of moist lips connect with mine. I opened my eyes to see Sandi was
kissing me, and also stroking her hand over my abdomen, and around the base
of my cock. As she came up for air I caught a glimpse of Kelly as she
continued to move up and down, but this time she had a pair of hands
attached to her firm conical breasts. This double stimulation of Kelly and
myself was all it took to bring us both to orgasm. First of all I began to
shoot a truly massive amount of semen deep into Kelly's virgin pussy, and
saw her eyes open wide as she felt the first wads of cum spatter against
the mouth of her cervix. Then Kelly gave a loud cry of ecstasy as she too
exploded in the first fuck orgasm of her life. Suddenly Kelly went silent
and Sandi looked up from where she lay on my chest and rolled out of the
way as Jenny allowed our young sister to slowly fall down on to my chest in
a dead faint. I began to panic when I couldn't feel Kelly breathing, but
Jenny and Sandi lay beside me and told my not to worry. It was a few
minutes later when Kelly finally gave a loud sobbing sigh and opened her
eyes then ask what happened.

"If you can't remember Sis, I guess we all just wasted a couple of hours
getting David to pop your cherry, and we thought you actually enjoyed some
parts of it" chuckled Jenny. Kelly looked round, pushed herself up on her
hands and looked down at me, grinned and said "Oh, yes, I remember now, you
just poked a telephone pole up me and ripped my insides out. How come I
seem to have enjoyed it so much, and why do I think that pole's still
there?" I grinned up at her and said "Don't know what you're talking about
Sis, I just lay here and let you sit on my lap for a bit, did something get
in the way?" By now Kelly was sitting up and wriggling her bottom about,
smiling sweetly as she felt my now semi hard cock moving about inside her,
and slowly getting harder. Suddenly Kelly stopped moving, and allowed my
cock to assume it's normal erect proportions as it swelled up inside her.
"Oh, jeez David, I can't tell you how wonderful that feels. I guess Jenny
was right, I have stretched enough for you to fit inside me perfectly, is
this as big as you ever get darling?" I just grinned and nodded as Kelly
began to once more move up and down the length of my cock, this time
without any assistance from Jenny who had left the bedroom with Sandi.
This time it was me that helped Kelly cum, by cupping my hands over her
firm young breasts, squeezing and caressing them as well as pinching and
rolling her nipple between fingers and thumbs. Timing things just
perfectly Kelly exploded in orgasm just as Jenny and Sandi came back into
the bedroom, standing by the door watching the spectacle of a virgin having
an orgasm all by herself. This time I was ready when Kelly slumped forward
on to my chest, and soon found her rolling off me as Jenny pulled on her
arms. "WOW, look at that lot" gasped Sandi as Kelly rolled off my chest
and my cock was pulled from the tight sheath of her vaginal passage. I
looked down and watched as a river of our mixed orgasmic juices gushed from
Kelly's tight pussy, covering my balls, pubes and thigh as she was rolled
on to her back. Jenny and Sandi spent the next ten minutes washing, drying
and powdering Kelly and me, then when they'd returned the towels etc to the
bathroom they came and climbed into bed with me. It was a tight fit, but
with Sandi and Jenny laying each side of my, and Kelly laying on my
abdomen, her head on my chest, we managed to fit, and that's how we slept
for the rest of the night.

I woke up next morning alone in bed, a massive erection, and a bursting
bladder. With a good deal of urgency I rolled off the bed and dashed to
the bathroom where I lifted the toilet seat, hunched over the bowl and let
go a huge stream of urine. To be honest I almost missed with most of it,
mainly due to the giggling I heard as soon as I'd started to piss. I
turned my head and saw all three of the girls, Jenny and Sandi standing in
front of the shower, and Kelly just stepping out, still soaking wet, all
three staring at what I was doing, and enjoying my discomfort. At the same
time I thought I saw something else in Sandi's face as she stared at my
cock, and I almost died when she stepped over and covered my hand with hers
as I stood there aiming at the bowl. When I was done I looked up into
Sandi's face and said softly "I'm sorry about that darling, I just couldn't
wait to go, and I didn't know you were all in here together." Sandi leaned
over and kissed me on the cheek, "Oh, don't apologise David darling, I've
always wanted to watch a guy do that, I just never got the chance before."
She then leaned over, tore off a wad of tissue and dabbed the end of my
cock dry, discarding the wad into the bowl before flushing it away. As I
stood there I suddenly realised all three of the girls were still naked,
and my cock began to react to the situation by beginning to swell. Kelly
looked at what was happening, gasped and said "Jeez David, doesn't that
thing ever rest" then stepped up close to me, raised herself on her toes
and pressed her soft warm lips to mine, "David darling, I want to thank you
for what you did for me last night, it was simply the most wonderful thing
I ever experienced in my life, and I want to do it again and again, all
right?" I hugged her tight, kissed her and said "Well, I don't mind Kelly
darling, but I think Jenny and Sandi might have something to say about it,
by the way, how's that wonderful tight pussy of yours this morning?" Kelly
grinned up at me, "A bit sore to be honest darling, but Jenny tells me
it'll soon get better and I'll be fit for more action by tonight." A couple
of minutes later and I was dragged into the shower by Jenny and Sandi, was
washed from head to toe, twice, as neither one wanted to forgo the pleasure
of washing my hard cock, then finally dried off by Kelly who had sat
watching the whole operation from the side of the bathtub.

When we were all dressed we went down to the kitchen where the girls insisted I sit down while they served me breakfast. They didn't allow me
to help with the dishes either, Jenny telling me I had to conserve my
strength so I could do justice to all three of them during the day. I
needed it too, not just because I made each of them cum numerous times, but
also because they insisted I cum in them at least once each. I guess it
was only the fact I was a horny teenager that allowed me to do this, but by
the time we were once more in bed, this time with my sisters each side of
me, and Sandi laying more or less on top of me, I was so completely spent I
was asleep long before any of the girls. I learned a couple of days later
that they just lay there, wrapped in my arms, and snuggled up close to me,
and talked for hours about all the different ways they'd heard of making
love, screwing and just simply getting fucked. They eventually went to
sleep promising to help each other do all the things they'd talked about
whenever the opportunity presented itself. "Jesus Christ, this room smells
like a Mexican Whorehouse, someone open a window" I heard a voice say
loudly as I slowly woke up next morning. "Why don't you do it then Sis" I
mumbled, "Do what bro" said Jenny "Open a window like you just said" I
replied. "But I didn't say that, I thought it was Sandi" responded Jenny,
"Not me Jenny, I thought it was you" "Then who....." I started to say, then
opened my eyes, "MOM!" I yelled, and tried to sit up, and hide my head
under the covers at the same time. "Mom!" cried out Jenny and Kelly, Sandi
just lay down and covered herself with the bedclothes, not wanting to show
her face. "Quiet, and listen" said mom firmly, "I want all four of you
showered, dressed and sitting at the kitchen table by the time I get
unpacked, understand?" we all nodded silently, and I gave a loud sigh as
she turned and left the room. By now Jenny and Kelly were really worried,
and Kelly had started to cry, I slipped my arms round her shoulders, hugged
her close and lifted her face up so I could kiss her tenderly "Look Sis,
don't worry about it, I'll make sure every thing's OK, trust me please
darling, I won't let mom hurt you I promise." Kelly looked up at me, smiled
wanly and whispered "OK David darling, just don't try to take all the
blame, will you, we wanted things to happen too you know." I gave her a pat
on her naked bottom, smiled at her and told her to go get a shower. When
Kelly was gone I turned to Jenny and Sandi, both of whom looked really
worried, especially Sandi who also had tears in her eyes. "What if she
tells my parents David, they'll kill me, I just know it" I hugged her
close, kissed her tenderly and said softly "I'll make sure mom doesn't do
anything like that darling, no matter what it takes, I won't let her hurt you like that. Now, how about we have one last shower together, after all
we may never get another chance after today." As I hugged Sandi I put my
free arm out and brought Jenny into my embrace, "What will mom do David?"
she asked quietly, "I don't know Sis, but I do know I won't let her take it
out on any of you. All I ask is that you let me do the talking when we go
downstairs, OK?" the girls nodded, and we then made our way to the bathroom
and took what was likely to be our last shower together.

When we were dressed, I led the way to the kitchen and we sat round the
table waiting for mom to join us. When she finally came and sat at the
opposite end of the table to where I was sitting I stood up, looked round
at the girls faces then at mom and said "Mom, what happened here was all my
fault. I coerced all three of them to get into bed with me, and forced
them to do a lot of things they didn't want to. You can't blame them, and
you can't tell Sandi's parents anything happened otherwise I'll admit to
raping her and end up in prison, all right!" I sat down, my face completely
drained of blood and looking very much as if I'd soon be fainting. I saw
Mom about to say something when Jenny said calmly but firmly "No he didn't
Mom. Whatever happened between me and him was because I wanted it to
happen, I'm glad it happened, and I want it to happen again and again." "Me
too" shouted Kelly, "It was the best thing that ever happened to me and I
want David to make love to me over and over and over again, so there." I
thought I saw the hint of a smile starting on Mom's face, but it
disappeared when she looked at Sandi and said softly "And what about you
young lady?" Sandi looked mom in the eyes, sat silent for a moment then
said softly "To be honest I don't care if you do tell my parents. David
has never hurt me, has never forced me to do anything, and has shown me
that not all boys are animals when it comes to making love. He was the
first boy I had sex with, because he was the first one to treat me with
some respect and not try to force me to do anything when we were out
together. Yes, I gave him my virginity, and I'm glad I did. I'm certainly
not ashamed of what we've done, but I know my parents wouldn't agree with
me. In fact I'm quite sure they'd try to get David arrested and charged
with rape, if they knew what had happened."

mom looked round the table at all our faces, looked back at me, smiled
then looked at Sandi saying "In that case Sandi my dear I think it only
sensible that we make sure your parents don't find out you've been sleeping
with my son each time you come for a sleepover with Jenny, don't you?"
Sandi just nodded dumbly, and the girls and I sat open mouthed as we saw
Mom beginning to laugh. "Christ, the look on your faces when you lay there
in a heap in David's bed, I just wish I'd had a camera with me, it was
priceless. As for who should be taking the blame for you lot having sex
together, I suppose most of the fault has to be mine, after all I left you
and Jenny alone that first time knowing full well you were going to be
having Sandi over and that Jenny wanted to lose her cherry. Why do you
think I subjected Kelly to a weekend with a load of old ladies. I wanted
to make sure she wasn't in your way." "But how.." I started to say, mom grinned "Oh, come on David, you don't think I didn't know when you started
to get interested in girls. I can recognise the smell of sex you know.
And I do know what state a girls panties get into when she has an orgasm. I
must say Sandi, it did surprise me to find your panties under his pillow, I
never had the nerve to do that when I was your age." Sandi blushed then
giggled, then covered my hand with hers as she said "Well, I just wanted
him to have something to let him know I wanted to go a lot further the next
time we went out. Besides it felt really sexy walking home with no panties on, and knowing they were in David's pocket. I'm just glad mom never found
out." "Mom" said Jenny, "Are you saying you don't mind that we've been
having sex, committing incest in fact, with David?" mom turned to Jenny and
said "Jenny darling, the first time David entered your body was it a good
or a bad experience for you?" Jenny blushed, glanced at me then said "Mom,
it was the best thing I ever experienced. OK, it hurt when he popped my
cherry, but afterwards.. I just can't explain how good it felt, especially
when he had his orgasm, it felt like I was being filled up with hot cream.
After, when I just lay in his arms, with his penis still inside me, I
didn't want to move.." suddenly Jenny blushed bright red, and mom chuckled
"I take all that as a 'yes' then, do I?" she asked, and Jenny nodded
quickly as she smiled. "And what about you baby" mom said as she turned to
Kelly. Kelly also blushed, then said in a quiet voice "Well Mom, I just
don't want to stop doing it with David, it really was the most wonderful
thing I ever felt, even if it did hurt more than I expected. I guess I was
a bit tighter than Jenny or Sandi when they did it" suddenly Mom, Jenny and
Sandi were giggling as they sat listening to Kelly discussing her first
sexual experience with her mother, and telling her that she had a tight
pussy. Realising what she had just said Kelly blushed, the said loudly
"Well, you did ask Mom, and it's true."

That's when mom turned to me, looked me in the eye and said "Would you
really have done what you said David, assuming I was going to make trouble
for the girls?" I nodded "Sorry Mom, but I just didn't want them to get
into trouble because I got horny enough to take advantage of them." This
brought howls of protest from the girls, and mom held up her hand for
silence, then continued "Well son, I'm glad to see you have a sense of
chivalry, and are prepared to protect your sisters. All I ask of you now
is to continue to be as discrete as you have been so no one else finds out
about the orgies that you all indulge in when I'm away. In fact I think it
best if you only hold them when I'm here, then no one will suspect
anything." I glance round at the girls before saying "Mom, are you telling
us it's OK if we make love while you're in the house, and that you won't
mind?" mom grinned, "Oh, I'll mind David, in fact I'll be green with envy.
I just won't make a big thing about it, just try to make as little noise as
possible, that's all I ask." With that mom told us all to go and sit in the
living room while she made breakfast, and I got up, followed by Sandi and
Kelly. I was soon sat on the sofa with Sandi and Kelly sitting on my lap,
one each side, kissing and caressing them as they snuggled up close to me.
Jenny came in and asked Sandi to go with her as she had something to talk
to her about. They returned a few minutes later, and Jenny then called
Kelly away while Sandi came and sat on my lap again, this time lifting her
shirt hem up so I could get my hand on her naked breasts. We were enjoying
this little interlude when mom came and called us for breakfast, smiling as
she saw me quickly remove my hand from under Sandi's clothing. "Come on
you horny young devil" she said with a grin "You'll have plenty of time for
that later." She was right too, because I spent the rest of the day making
out with all three of the girls, often with mom watching, something I found
a bit disconcerting to start with. By the time I walked Sandi home it
seemed almost normal to caress my sisters and my girlfriend with my mother in the room, and I wondered why the girls never objected. I kissed Sandi
goodnight at her front door, made my way home as quickly as I could in the
hope I'd be able to have Jenny or Kelly in bed with me. I was disappointed
though, because when it was time for bed the girls went up together, called
goodnight through their bedroom door, and I wished mom the same as she gave
me a tender kiss goodnight.

I hadn't been in bed for long and was wondering what I'd have to do to
get to sleep when my bedroom door opened and Jenny slipped in, closing it
silently behind her. In a flash she was in my bed, and I felt her naked
body pressed up close to mine as we kissed passionately while she rubbed
her crotch against my erection. As I wriggled my hips about, trying to get
the tip of my cock against her pussy lips Jenny giggled and said "No
tonight David darling, I have something to ask you. First of all I have
asked Sandi and Kelly if they agree with what I'm going to ask you to do,
and they both said yes, so you don't have to worry that any of us will
mind, because we won't." "OK Sis, what are you talking about, you have me
completely lost now." Jenny took a deep breath then said slowly "Well David
darling, we want you to make love to Mom" "WHAT!" "Shhh.. she'll hear you"
said Jenny quietly "I said we all want you to go and make love to Mom.
She's really desperate for sex, and we could see how bad she was when Kelly
was telling her about her first time with you. Let's face it darling, how
many times has she been out since Dad left?" It took Jenny almost an hour
to convince me I should do this, and then only when she agreed to help me
out by being there. In the end I got up, slipped on my bathrobe and waited
for Jenny to get hers from her bedroom before going up to mom bedroom door
and softly opening it. By the light of the moon that filtered in through
the windows we could see mom was sleeping on her back with a single sheet
pulled up to her chin. We went to different sides of the bed and gently
pulled the sheet down Mom's body, both of us gasping softly as we saw she
was naked under it. We also saw that mom was laying with her legs wide
apart and I got a good look at her pussy which I saw was shaved completely

That I was affected by this Jenny saw, and she giggled softly as she saw
my cock rising from the front of my robe. A pull at the tie, and a shrug
of my shoulders and my robe fell behind me as I climbed slowly on to the
bed and began to crawl up between Mom's legs. When my face got level with
Mom's pussy I bent down and almost fainted at the wonderful aroma. As it
was I took a deep breath then lowered my lips to her crotch, pressed my
tongue between her pussy lips and moved it up her suddenly sopping wet slit
until I reached her clit. "Oh, yes harder David harder.." I almost died of
heart failure as mom began to moan, then I realised she was still asleep,
and dreaming of someone called David. Not wanting to wake her up too soon
I removed my tongue from her pussy lips and moved my body up hers until I
could feel the tip of my cock touching her wet swollen sex. That's when
Jenny took me by surprise, by taking hold of my hard throbbing penis and
guiding the head to the entrance to Mom's vaginal passage. Jenny then
placed a hand on my butt and pressed firmly, forcing my cock to slide
slowly but firmly deep into Mom's cunt. The instant my coarse pubic hair
touched her naked mons is when mom finally woke up and realised all this
wasn't a dream. It was also when she started to fight me, in an effort to
get me off her. That's when Jenny sat beside Mom, took one hand in hers
and bent down to place a soft loving kiss on Mom's lips. "Shut up for a
minute Mom, and let me explain" said Jenny "No, we can't do this, it's
wrong, we have to stop now" cried mom as she still wriggled about beneath
me. "Mom, listen, we all talked this over between us, and we know how bad
it must be for you not having had sex for so long. That's why we girls agreed we'd get David to come and make love to you tonight. Look Mom,
please let's do this, even if it's the only time it happens, at least we'll
know you won't feel jealous when you hear us screaming in ecstasy when we
have massive orgasms."

All the time Jenny had been reasoning with mom I had been slowly moving
my cock in and out of Mom's hot swollen pussy, and I suddenly realised she
was beginning to respond to my movements. As I felt her relax I moved my
hands to hold hers, covering her arms with mine and effectively trapping
her against the mattress as her hips began to move in sync with mine. As
Jenny bent down to kiss mom on the lips I whispered in her ear something
that made her grin. She them slipped a hand between her thighs and rubbed
her fingers between her own hot wet pussy lips, then brought them up to my
mouth where I wiped my lips and tongue round them before sucking them
clean. I then lowered my lips to kiss Mom, pressing my tongue between her
lips and wiped it against her tongue as she began to suck hard. Suddenly
Mom stopped, opened her eyes and glanced at Jenny who sat demurely beside
us, and angelic smile on her lips which she was sensuously licking. This
made mom smile, and she turned her head and locked her lips on mine once
more as I continued to pump my hard throbbing cock in and out of her hot
wet swollen pussy. I don't know if it was the taste of Jenny, the fact she
was being watched by her daughter, being fucked by her son, or that mom was
just damned horny, but it wasn't long before she came to a screaming
crashing climax. In fact mom screamed so loud it woke Kelly who came
rushing into the bedroom to see who was being murdered, just as I finished
shooting a huge load of hot sticky semen deep into Mom's body, and she
writhed and shook as her own orgasm exploded over and over again inside

Spent as I was, I could feel mom struggling for breath beneath me, so I
rolled off her to lay on the bed beside her. "Holy shit.." gasped Kelly as
she watched me pull out of Mom's pussy, and she dashed to the bathroom to
get a washcloth and towel so she could mop up the pool of our mixed
orgasmic juices that was forming between Mom's thighs. A few minutes later
we were cleaned, dried and powdered. I was laying with Mom's head on my
chest and my hands cupped over her breasts, waiting for her to recover
enough to speak. In the end she looked up at me, smiled and said "Thank
you David darling, I really needed that, it's been so long since I came
like that I'd almost forgotten what it was like." I grinned as I lowered my
lips to hers in a tender loving kiss, "Don't thank me Mom, it was Jenny
Sandi and Kelly that worked this out, and Jenny that spent an hour
convincing me I should actually do it. I'm glad I agreed to it now, it was
wonderful making you cum like that." I looked at Jenny, smiled and said "I
don't suppose you and Sandi would let me do this on a regular basis would
you Sis?" Kelly laughed, and when I asked what was funny said "I told Jenny
that if you did this once you'd want to do it again and again. All I hope
is that you'll have some energy left to fuck me at least once a week
brother mine, otherwise I'm likely to get so horny I'll be looking
elsewhere." Jenny laughed at what Kelly said, "Don't worry Sis, I'm sure we
can work out some sort of schedule for him so he's not too tired at the end
of the week when Sandi comes over. All it will take is a little bit of
planning, what do you say Mom, want to join us girls and have some really
great sex?" I felt a tiny tremor ripple through Mom's body as she said
softly "Well darlings, this wasn't quite what I had in mind, but I have to
admit it would make a fitting climax to all the forward planning I put in
to get you girls learning about sex. Yes my dears, I would like to join
you, with the greatest of pleasure...... . THE END Check out my archive at I can be found in the authors section as davidb, and
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