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<HTML><FONT SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>"Girlfriends" (ff, cons, teen, oral)<BR> <BR>
WARNING: This is a complete work of fiction which contains graphic sexual
descriptions and language. Any resemblance between this and a real event
is coincidental. If you are a minor you should leave this newsgroup
immediately. And if you are offended by this kind of material then.....why
the hell are you here?<BR> <BR> I wrote this story. You may save a copy of
it if you like. Please don't change it or sell it or pass it off as your
own work. Nice comments are welcome. Thank you and enjoy.<BR> <BR> NOTE:
This is the third part of a continuing series starting with "The
Baby-sitter's Bonus" and then "Class Work". It isn't necessary to read the
previous stories, but you might like to. Look for additional stories in
the future.<BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>



Copyright 1999 by Velvet Rose<BR> <BR> The day after my encounter with
Mark I decided to call my friend Sarah Perkins. I wanted to call her as
soon as I got home, but she was a cheerleader and there was a game that
night. When I got a hold of her she said her parents would be gone most of
the morning and told me to slip on a bathing suit and come right over.
<BR> <BR> I had known Sarah since the beginning of high school. She had
long brown hair and dark eyes. She spent a lot of time outdoors and had
the tan skin to prove it. After a while I started to wonder why she didn't
date much. She was very attractive and a cheerleader after all. Whenever
I brought up the subject she'd laugh it off.<BR> <BR> It wasn't until a
short time later that she told me that she was bisexual. She liked dating
guys, and even had sex with a guy a couple times, but she also like being
with girls too. She had even made out with a girl when her squad went to
an away game. She didn't want to tell me this before because she didn't
know how I would react. I was more than a little surprised by this, but I
was glad that she did tell me. And I was more than a little curious about
girl/girl sex.<BR> <BR> We became very close after that. Pretty soon
whenever we were alone we'd talk about sex. Who we'd been with, who we'd
like to be with, what we like to do, etc. Eventually all our talk led to
us making out with each other, and then having sex. I won't go into
details about it, but it was one of the high points of my sex life. <BR>
<BR> Sarah and I didn't see each other exclusively after that. We went on
dating like we always had, and felt each other up on the side (and
sometimes do more). After I started giving Mark Simmons blowjobs, I'd go
home every afternoon and tell Sarah about it. We'd get so worked up about
it that we'd end up fingering each other's cunts.<BR> <BR> Anyway, I walked
the few blocks between mine and Sarah's house. Before I left home I
slipped on my navy blue bikini and smeared some sun screen on my face. I
went around to the backyard and found my friend sitting at the edge of the
pool and sunning herself in her green two-piece.<BR> <BR> "Hey!" I cried
out to her.<BR> <BR> She turned around a shouted back, "Hi Anna! Come on
over."<BR> <BR> I removed my street clothes and left them on a lounge
chair. I sat down next Sarah and dipped my feet into the pool. It was
surprisingly warm.<BR> <BR> "So what happened yesterday?"<BR> <BR> I
proceeded to tell her the whole story about Mark and I in his classroom.
About how I sneaked in during the assembly and sucked his dick. And how he
slapped my bottom with a ruler and fucked me doggy-style on his desk. She
was noticeably excited by my story. I notice that she was squeezing her
legs together and I could see her nipples poking at her suit. I felt my
own juices flowing as I recalled what happened. I was a little out of
breath by the time I finished. Sarah had a big grin on her face.<BR> <BR>
"Whew! I think we need to take a dip after that story!" she laughed.<BR>
<BR> I stood up and jumped into the pool. I swam over to the other end.
Sarah drove in from where she sat. She swam over to me and gave me a
little kiss. We held each other as we stood shoulder deep in water. I ran
my hand over her ass and gently squeezed it. In return she rubbed my pussy through my bathing suit. I could feel it getting wet, and not just from
the pool water. I suggested that we go upstairs and take a shower to wash
off the chlorine. We jumped out of the pool and I grabbed my things.
Sarah took my hand and we practically ran the whole way there.<BR> <BR>
When we got to her room I dropped my stuff on the floor. Sarah has her own
private bathroom and shower. It was a little small but we didn't mind. We
peeled off our wet suites and hopped in. We kissed as the hot water
sprayed over us. Our tongues exploring each others mouths. Sarah pulled
away from me and picked up a bar of soap. She began rubbing it over my
shoulders in slow circles, and then over tits and belly. She then rubbed
the soap against my bare cunt lips (most of the time I keep it bald), and
then she spread them open so she could rub my clit with it. Shivers went
up and down my spine! She put down the soap and grabbed the shower wand to
rinse me off. She squatted on the shower floor so she could thoroughly
wash out my pussy. The pressure of the water was about to send me over the
edge! <BR> <BR> Now it was Sarah's turn. She stood facing the wall and
started washing her front. I pressed my body up against her back, pressing
my smooth pussy against her ass. I took the soap and worked up a lather
with my hands. I rubbed the bar over her breasts and stomach with one hand
and with the other I inserted two soapy fingers into her snatch. All this
attention was making her moan loudly. After about a minute or two she told
me to stop and showered off.<BR> <BR> "Maybe.... maybe we should move this
to the bed," she suggested.<BR> <BR> We dried each other off and made our
way to her bed. We laid next to each other kissing and rubbing our bodies
together. I moved my head down and took one of her erect nipples into my
mouth. I sucked on it gently for a moment before moving on to the other.
Sarah begged me to lick her pussy. I was only too happy to obey. I slid
down the bed and between her legs. pussy juice was already leaking out of
her hole. I spread her legs wide open and immediately started to suck on
her clit. It didn't take long before she was moaning and writhing all over
the bed. Her pubic hair tickled my nose. Like me she shaved her pussy but
she always leaves small patch of hair. <BR> <BR> My own pussy was on fire
and I suggested that we get in the 69 position, she happily agreed. I
moved on top with my knees straddling her sides. I went back to sucking her clit and inserted two fingers into her flooded cunt. Sarah held onto
my thighs as she lapped at my pussy. Then she rubbed my swollen clit with
her thumb and slid two fingers inside of me. Soon we were both cumming and
trembling. We stayed locked in this position until our orgasms subsided. I
rolled off of her and laid beside her at the foot of the bed. <BR> <BR>
"Oh God, that was wonderful," she sighed.<BR> <BR> "Mmnnn, yes it was.
Getting fucked twice in two days is my idea of fun." Sarah smiled and gave
me a playful shove. I stared at the ceiling and smiled.<BR> <BR> "What's
so funny?"<BR> <BR> "I just realized that I've been telling you all about
Mark and me and I've never said a work about you and I to him."<BR> <BR>
"Do you want to? I don't mind. I doubt he'd tell anyone."<BR> <BR> "True.
Maybe I will tell him."<BR> <BR> Sarah looked at her clock and announce
that her parents would be home soon. We cleaned ourselves off with damp
washcloths and got dressed. Sarah sat at the edge of her bed while I
searched for my other shoe.<BR> <BR> "You really like him, don't you?" she
asked.<BR> <BR> "Mark?" I thought about it for second. "Yeah, I guess I
do. We've had some good times together."<BR> <BR> "Better than with me?"
she said in mock sadness.<BR> <BR> I pulled her up to me and said, "I've
never had a better time then with you."<BR> <BR> Just then we heard her
parents car drive up. She went to go greet them and I made a discreet exit
out the back way. As I walked home I thought about how I would tell Mark
about this. What would he think about this? I decided that he'd like me
telling him about how lick my girlfriend's pussy while she strokes my clit.
I'd bet he'd really like that!<BR> <BR> THE END.<BR> <BR> </HTML>

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