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grand finale


Don't read this if you're under 18 years of age. Don't
copy it without permission. (c)2002 by Sara H.

This is my last story to the EMCSA for the foreseeable
future. I may submit again, I may not, I may next month, or
next year, or whenever.

If you like it, great. If not, remember that reading is


---- ---- ----

Grand Finale

by Sara H

Categories: FF, F-dom, MC, Humor

---- ---- ---- ----

My cunt was *exploding*. No, not literally -- I mean I was
cumming again, my fingers plunging in and out, fingertips
wrinkled as I gushed juices. I was thinking of bodies, lips
to lips, losing track of which pair of lips was touching
which at any given time.

Why would I tell you about my vaginal bliss? Because that
is when I was inspired and dreamed up the Vulvaphone.
Vibrators be damned, I wanted something that would attach
to my clit and labia and melt my fucking *mind*.

So not to be too technical about it, I mixed a biofeedback
unit with an ultrasonic micro-voltage integrator,
transforming the electrical impulses from my clit into
alpha, beta and delta wave patterns, and then used a forced
induction spread to send it all through my brain, down my
spine and back to my clit from the opposite direction.

The first tests were awful. I felt like an asshole when I
used it. Then I tried reversing the polarity and *voila*, I
felt like my body was one big vagina, and my torso was a
giant clitoris that stretched from my crotch to the base of
my neck.

I was addicted immediately. I began missing work, stopped
eating... within a few days I was on the verge of going

I was no longer touching myself. Every touch to my clit
was repeated through the circuitry but kept individual,
creating the sensation of a finger moving up my belly and
sending me into convulsive delight. Very soon I had a
thousand fingers and a few hundred vibrators keeping me
beyond any though at all.

I was a lost cause.

Thank God for Jessi.

She was my girlfriend, although we didn't live together.
We sometimes went days without seeing each other. That's
how it is after years in a relationship, you know.

Anyway, she stopped by and found me, twitching and
drooling on the bed. She was scared, as anyone would be.
She wondered what the little pads connected to my temples
were, but she figured they were up to no good. I beg to
differ. It was *gooooood*.

Don't ask me why we do certain things, but this was one of
those times that bad judgment meets fate and they fuck and
create babies that change the world forever.

She carried me to my bed, bless her heart. And you know
how it is when someone *else* does the touching. I really
don't know how she made it without breaking her back; I was
bucking and twisting like an eel in heat.

In the process, the temple pads came loose. It made no
difference. I had enough residual sexual energy going that
my body had long since found better routes than wires and
relays. Rivulets of clitoral bliss were streaming over my
skin, through my internal organs, turning me into some kind
of sexual battery that kept going, and going, and going....

The pads, Jessi decided, had nothing to do with what was
wrong. She picked them up and felt a tingle. Just to see
what they were, she placed them on her own temples.
Everything that was working through me like a circuit
suddenly had a new ground, a new route to play with.

Almost like a conscious entity, my sexual bliss streamed
into Jessi with the force of a galactic fireball. I
gradually came down from the heavens and saw her there,
sitting on the bed, eyes unseeing and dilated. She was
trembling and her mouth hung open with a tiny bit of drool
hanging down. I watched as it slowly swung forward and back
as she rocked, until it planted itself on her chest.

I could feel what was happening, and it was far from over.
More and more of what had taken me over for days rushed
into her. Her head began to flail side to side, and her
body began to follow suit. Jumping up, though weak, I
pushed her down onto the bed so she wouldn't fall. When I
did, the pads came loose on her, too.

I don't know for certain what happened next, but I have a
theory. With all these new channels tapped directly into
her, and her body now believing itself to be nothing but
one big sopping cunt, it was *Fuckus Interruptus*. She had
to have something to fill the void.

Her eyes met mine. They had gone completely black and
shiny. I guess the electrical current had burned out the
color. I knew without thinking that mine had to be the
same. I shivered as my body began building up its sexual
charge again. I removed the rest of the unit, but it was no
use. My physiology was trained to obey the hunger in my

And Jessi? She had a look of ravenous insanity. My next
laughing words were to be the words that would seal our
fates together for eternity.

"Jessi, you are such a slut."

"I am such a slut," she agreed. It was not impassive or
robotic, like all the Mind Control "experts" would have
you believe. It was full of certainty, full of joy, like
she had found the answer to life's great mystery.

"How does it feel to be a giant pussy, Jessi-babes?. Good,
huh?" I said.

"Giant pussy Jessi-babes," she intoned. "Good,

I guffawed. Her "huh" was more like a moan than a word.

My charge was building up again, and I didn't know what to
do. If I didn't get rid of it, discharge it, we'd be *two*
cunt-brains, lying on the bed, unable to do anything but
cum until we died from lack of food and water.

I grabbed her head in my hands... it was all I could think
to do.

I felt it. The charge bled into her. She was literally
glowing now, overcome by my sexual pleasure squirming
around inside her, taking her to new and untold heights. It
wasn't just her pleasure. She was feeling what I felt, and
it was alien and unstoppable. It was bypassing every
trained inhibition in her soft, cooked mind. How do I know
this? Because while I was touching her, I could *feel* it.

I could feel my heat and lust pour into her more freely
than it had just a few short minutes before. Her lips fell
into an obscene forward thrust, and howls began to scream
from her throat... bestial howls of fear mixed with
insatiable pleasure and need.

My hands jerked away from her and realization poured
through me. She was living my fantasies, a captive of my
pleasure, a toy of my libido. She was a slave. I must have
been whispering these things to her as I thought, because
the words came out of her, straining her thoughts and words
through the meat-grinder of my lust that had taken up
residence in her mind.

"i liiive your fannntasssssies... I am a cap cap captive
of yourrrr pleasssurrrre... a toyyyyyyessoyyy of yourrrr
libidoooooo... i am a slavvvvvvve...."

My sexual voltage jumped off the scale. I barely made it
to her in time to discharge into her. It was survival, you
know. I didn't even have the first thought about what this
was doing to her, or how permanent it would be.

Words I had never thought or dreamed consciously poured
out of me, and I was too blissed to hear or understand
them. I was riding the pleasure beyond human knowledge. My
slick hips rode her thigh... I was as much a slut as she,
unable to stop, unable to escape, only craving more and

I got more.

I moved beyond heaven and into the realm of power and
light. I was dance-fucking with Jessi's soul. I was having
the Orgasm of God.

I passed out.

When I woke up, I felt almost normal again. Other than
being very, very hungry and a little weak, I felt better
than I had... well, ever. I looked over to my left, and
woke up even more.

There was Jessi, naked and kneeling at the side of the
bed, her jet black eyes watching me, half closed in mute
adoration. Black eyes are kind of hard to read, but I knew
her mind. My words to her were coming back to me, flooding
in... and this time I understood them.

Really, I felt kind of timid about the whole thing. And I
wasn't sure that what I thought had happened had happened
the way I thought, although *something* had. Whatever.

I decided to test it.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Jessi-babes" she answered. The words sounded like honey
laced with a siren song.

"Hmm. What exactly are you doing?"

"Kneeling, Mistress, worshipping from lowliness as You
have commanded."

It would have been funny, but she was *serious.* There
wasn't a hint of amusement in her voice. Only sex and lust
and adoration. It was seductive as hell.

I cringed. What had I done? Looking at her eyes, it seemed
reasonable to assume this change would be permanent. Burned
into her, so to speak. Indelible marker for the soul.

I jumped from the bed and began pacing back and forth. I
was worried. What of her family, her sister, and friends?
What about *mine*? I'd always fantasized about this kind of
thing, but the reality included a huge set of problems.

I looked over at her with a furrowed brow. A huge set of
problems. A huge set of titties. A wave of pleasure swept
through me. My worries melted into tickling desire.

*Oh, my God.*

I wasn't over it either, you see. Indelible marker for the
soul for me, too.

"Come here, slave. Comfort your fucking horny Mistress."
The words were out before I could even think. They were
like silk over fragrant skin. I could hear how they tingled
on the eardrums. Seductive. Inescapable.

The Vulvaphone had changed *everything*.

Internally, I shrugged. I mean, I'd created this super-sex
slut out of my girlfriend. Who was I to abandon her now
that she needed me to feel the least bit happy? After all,
there were worse fates. I was only being the loving slut, I
mean woman, that any partner would be.

"Lick my asshole, baby," I crooned, spreading my legs and
crouching down, "and finger me like there's no fucking
tomorrow." I shrieked in joy as she complied. With my new
clit-skin, it was like being melted into pure gold. Her
tongue wiggled and dipped and twisted in ways I'd never
dreamed possible, and I knew I was lost. I would be her
Mistress forever.

I fell over and still she kept on, my breathing too ragged
to tell her to stop... but I managed, before I commanded
her to lick my pussy and ride my face until she passed out.
We climbed Mt. Everest and jumped for the moon through
moans and licks and groans and screams of joy as fire
consumed us and our souls burned more and more together,
fused into one desire.

And then, we came together... losing track of everything
but the fire of fucking pouring onto us like liquid
friction, rubbing and rubbing, thrashing out of control,
and as I screamed and screamed in pain and pleasure,
wondering why I ever had second thoughts, knowing it would
never get better...

But it did.

Ohhhhh, it did.

I don't even go by Dina except in rare circumstances now.
slave and I are so bonded that I doubt I could live without
her, or she without me. Thanks to the Vulvaphone, our sex
is a symphony of lust and abandon, and she lives to obey My
every thought. It's perfect.

The only thing odd we've discovered is that we need more
instruments. Our sex doesn't drain our "batteries" anymore.
And we need that in order to eat, to survive, so that we
can fuck. Oh, and we *live* to fuck.

So today, we're celebrating. The symphony calls us. Leads
us. And I am the Conductor. The Composer. The Mistress.

We're going to fuck until our brains are running out our
ears. Build up everything and charge up the Vulvaphone for
a new purpose. Tomorrow we go to the malls and museums, the
homes and hangouts.

Tomorrow we recruit the players, the slaves, tongues,
cunts and lust of as many women as we can... until no more
can be found.

Tomorrow we write and play the Final Movement... the Grand

Tomorrow, the world belongs to My pussy.

My cunt is *exploding*.

---- ---- ----

*I'd like to take a moment to say that it's been a fun and
wonderful run, writing these stories. I've gotten more out
of it than I've given, and made friends that I will never
forget. I hope to return to it soon, but it doesn't seem

*For those with whom I've made friends, and even those I
haven't, I hope that when you think of me, you think of me
with kindness, as I think of you.*

*- Sara*

*Please send any comments to: Thanks
for reading!*


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