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gullivers new adventure


Gulliver's New Adventure (M,F+, fantasy)

(c)2002 - Satin

This is a work of adult fiction and should be read only by adults. If
you are not permitted to read sexually explicit erotica due to your age or
location, then please do not continue reading.

It is also original fiction written by me. Please do not repost this on
another site without my permission.

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Gulliver set sail in wonderful weather. His plan was to have an
adventure unlike any that his fellow sailors had experienced. They always
returned from their sailing expeditions with tales of meeting lovely ladies
in port and enjoying the pleasures of at the various inns they visited.
Gulliver wanted more. He wanted to experience days of endless lovemaking
with an entire harem of women. He needed to come back from this sailing
trip with a story to top all those he knew his friends had invented.

As the days went by, Gulliver hadn't even passed another ship, let alone
an island port. He began to feel sorry for himself - thinking that he'd
never have an adventure worthy of bragging about when he returned home. On
his 18th day at sea, he spotted a small island off in the distance.
Knowing he needed to replenish his water and look for fresh fruit, he
turned his boat toward the island and opened the sails.

In no time at all, he was within sight of palm and fruit trees growing
in abundance. He knew he'd made a wise decision in heading toward this
island. He could smell the fragrance of the fruit blossoms. It was a
heady sweetness and he felt overpowered by the desire to lie down on the
deck. In the back of his mind, he knew he should find a protected cove in
which to anchor his ship, but all he could do was lie down and close his

Some time later, Gulliver began to wake up. He could barely open his
eyes, but he felt featherlight touches all over his body. He could sense
that there was nothing to fear, as the touching was not at all painful, but
quite pleasant. It felt like there were a hundred tiny tongues and hands
touching and licking his skin. Fingers pulling at his nipples, entire
bodies rubbing against his erect and throbbing penis. He knew he felt
nipples rubbing against his penis - tiny rock-hard nipples rubbing up and
down the length. As he concentrated, he could detect nibbling on his
balls. Little hands rubbing and twirling in the hairs and lips nibbling at
the skin. He was delirious. All these sensations at once! How could this
be? And why couldn't he open his eyes?

He felt soft, slick-wet skin sliding across one nipple. The nipple,
itself, would slide up into the wetness and back out again. He opened his
mouth slightly, to better breathe and felt something wet slide across it.
The taste was heavenly and he let his tongue stay just past his lips in
hopes of tasting more. His action was rewarded with more of the sweet

Gulliver tried to concentrate even more. He could detect what sounded
like tiny voices moaning in pleasure. He had never heard such sweet voices
but he knew they were enjoying their erotic task. He could tell that their
sole purpose was to arouse and satisfy his every erotic need. He lay still
for what seemed like days as the tiny figures crawled over him and explored
and tasted his body. He lost count of the number of times they brought him
to orgasm. All he could remember was the flurry of activity and the
sensation of hundreds of tongues all over his chest and stomach. It seemed
that these tiny figures thrived on his nectar just as he was thriving on
theirs. He had an endless supply of sweet wet bodies sliding over his
tongue. Whenever he felt thirsty they were quick to supply him with as
much of their nectar as he required to satisfy his thirst.

Eventually, he was able to open his eyes and feast upon the view of what
was happening to his aroused body. There were hundreds of tiny women
crawling over his body and constantly touching or licking or rubbing
against him. This was keeping his penis in an ever ready erection. He
loved the feelings. There were nipples rubbing up and down the length of
his penis, slick-wet pussies sliding across his hard nipples and riding his
tongue until he drank their orgasmic nectar. Whenever his penis exploded
in orgasm, they scurried to lick up his juices and clean his body. They
rubbed themselves in it and licked each other to orgasmic frenzies, as
well. It was a joy to watch and Gulliver hoped he would never have to

He no longer cared if he would have a story to tell his fellow sailors.
This was one story and one small island he wanted to keep to himself.


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