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hazels electric debut


WARNING: This story contains strong themes of coercion and forced sexual behavior. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the writer does not in any way suggest or condone similar behavior. REPOST freely keeping this disclaimer & By SmCyber Please let me know if you like it / want more / have any ideas.

If you enjoy this work, take a moment to e-mail the author. Your comments are his only payment. Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author SmCyber unless explicitly indicated.

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Hazels Electric Debut by SmCyber

Hazel Thomlinson and little Domino Fox-Robinson were arrested
on the same day as our poor Lisa. The young girls were taken
from their homes early in the afternoon and transported to the
infamous Felicity training camp. Throughout routine processing,
strip search, medical examination and interrogation it became
obvious to the case officer that simple verbal threats would
fail to loosen their arrogant tongues. Not wanting to lose the
initiative and wanting to capitalise on the girls basic good
health and minimal fears and discomfort the case officer decided
that they would be used as demonstration subjects, electro
tortured and filmed that very day. Electrical shocks to the
private parts of innocent young ladies was often used at
Felicity camp not only to force confessions and to implicate
others but also as a means of entertainment. This particular
form of torture reached its pinnacle of popularity in the early
years of the twenty first century in the United Kingdom. Under
the recently elected right wing backlash dictatorial regime. Led
by Premier Peeve tens of thousands of families were routinely
subject to intimidation and abuse. The five year old policy of
breaking the young daughters and wives arrested under the guise
of political and national security to split the governments
opposition had become endemic. So wide spread were those
abuses, that training camps had to be set up where military and
police personnel could be instructed in the "safe" but "painful"
use of electrical torture on female prisoners bodies. This
became most evident in the year 2011, when the government made
available to the public for the first time video disks and taped
evidence of interrogations and rapes. These movies some became
eagerly sort after. The profits from their sale made a
significant dent in the national debt. Catalogues were produced
weekly detailing each prisoners name, address and the forms of
torture used on her. These by law were made available for sale
or rent at video stores and over the internet. Into this
horrific world Hazel Thomlinson is transported. Unaware of her
impending performance she is carried struggling into the main
auditorium. Still fully clothed in her street kit Hazel is
slumped in the doorway. An elderly guard pushed her painfully in
the small of her back until she walked unsteadily into the
brightly lit theatre. Struggling to control her emotions she
stared wide eyed at the men and women, mostly in grey military
uniforms, sitting in tiered semi circle seating, almost like a
university lecture hall whilst her two escorts lead her to
centre stage. Feeling bright spot lights warming her face she
squinted her eyes to look into the crowd. Then feeling the grip
on her upper arms tighten she cowered as the case officer she
met earlier stepped forward. Taking a moment to savour his
victim the officer walked slowly around Hazel. Pausing behind
her he lifted her hair off her neck, leaning forward he could
smell the mixture of expensive musk perfume mixed with the
unmistakable odour of fear. Laying her hair gently down he
positioned a chair to her side. " Stand on the chair please
Hazel " he firmly instructed. Hesitantly Hazel steadied herself
holding the chair back and stepped up onto the chair. " Good "
remarked the officer before moving to the side of the stage.
Left standing alone on the chair under the bright lights under
the enthralled gaze of the military audience Hazel struggled to
keep her balance. Hazel waited for what seemed like an eternity
before her case officer next spoke ....... " TAKE OFF YOUR
CLOTHES !" the fatherly voice of the officer requested calmly
and clearly. Terror stricken Hazel steadied herself against the
chair back as her legs collapsed beneath her. "No please not
here not now NO please" begged Hazel as she watched the audience
excitedly stir. "Take off your clothes NOW ! or I'll bring your
mother and sister in !" demanded the officer in a sterner voice.
Positioning himself alongside Hazel the case officer pushed her
slightly forward right up to the front edge of the chair. Hazel
stood shaking as the blinding spotlights shone brightly on her
defenceless body. Lowering her head slightly she used her hands
to shade her eyes from the painful lights. "Get your kit off
Hazel or I'll fetch in your family and I'll have them stripped
as well !" the officer added dryly. Hazel was in a classic catch
22 situation strip or be stripped along with and in front of
those who she most dearly loved. Slowly very slowly she lowered
her hands to the neck band of her dress, carefully she unclipped
the simple hook and eye and slipped the neck band away. Horror
upon horror as she slowly drew down the bodice until it hung
loosely by its belt. Crying loudly she stood for a moment with
her arms drawn across her bra as she stepped out of her red high
heeled shoes. Slowly she drew her hands away from her breasts and reaching under dress she found and slipped down her lace
panties. Frantic with fear she stumbled over her feet as she
stepped out. Regaining her balance and straightening her back
she bit her lip closed her eyes and quickly reached behind her
back to her bra clasp. Hesitating for a moment she fumbled the
clasp open and feeling her breasts heaving she slipped both
shoulder straps forward and off letting the dainty garment
drop silently to the floor along side the chair. Her only
covering now was her red dress, looking vainly at the officer
she begged "No more please. " Without speaking the officer
smiled and motioned with his hands for Hazel to drop her only
covering. Hazel threw back her head and wailed loudly as she
lifted the dress over her head. Gathering the dress in both her
hands Hazel clutched the red cloth to hide her hairy mound and
her exposed breasts. Stepping forward a guard stretched out his
hand and tugged the dress free from its owner before collecting
the remaining garments from around Hazels feet. Hazel crouched
low under the blinding lights vainly trying to protect herself
from the audiences gaze. Standing alongside the naked girl the
instructor casually pointed out to the audience that being
compelled to remove her own clothing had more of an effect on a
women than being stripped. The now naked Hazel was then forced
to stand upright and made to turn slowly around before her
audience. Satisfied that Hazel had provided the audience with
glimpses of her white body she was invited to climb down from
her chair. Two guard stepped forward and Hazel was taken
quickly across the stage to a wooden Saint Andrews cross.
Struggling weakly her arms and legs were first drawn away from
her body before being strapped onto the heavy wooden framework.
I noticed that the framework was bolted to the floor,
obviously to prevent it collapsing as a captive females body
convulsed with the shocks. Strolling behind the frame work the
case officer picked up and put on a thick pair of black rubber
gloves Taking a chrome bar approximately eight inches long from
behind the frame, the case officer slowly attached a stiff wire
to its base and presented it to the audience. " This electrode
is shaped like a penis" he explained " There are three phallic
electrodes and six spring loaded clips in a set " he added
producing each part in turn. The copper wire from the penis was
wrapped tightly around a red contact on the generating box. "The
basic electric torture circuit requires both a positive and a
negative connection to the prisoners body." he explained.
Taking another similar sized chrome penis from behind the
framework and again connecting a wire directly to the
generating devise he drew together the two stiff steel blunt
probes. When the two penis shaped electrodes neared each other a
blinding blue arc flash jumped between them. Hazel stared in
horror as the arc crackled between the chrome penises. " Oh God
no please don't do this to me no please let me down ..... for
Christ's sake please don't NOOOOOOOOOOOO !! " she wailed. The
officer ignored her pleas and told the audience that he would
demonstrate. Stepping forward to Hazel he lifted an electrode
and slowly presented it to Hazels left nipple. Hazel tried to
pull away as the electrode approached her defenceless breast as
the electrode made contact Hazel screamed and urinated a golden
arc of piss which splattered the stage. Opening her eyes her
body shaking like never before she saw the electrode being
stroked firmly around her nipple. Confused ! she felt no pain,
she watched in silence as the last drops of her urine dripped
below her splayed legs. "As I explained ladies and gentlemen for
the electro torture techniques to work you must make a circuit"
pausing for a moment he added " This simple demonstration has
shown that without the negative connection in place the prisoner
feels no pain, BUT ! now I think you will agree we have our
victims full and undivided attention her body is going to be
REALLY sensitive to the real thing !" smiling at Hazel he asked
" you know that to don't you ?" Hazel was to terrified to speak,
and tried to pull her arms and legs free from their bindings.
Taking a thick black cable from the generator with his gloved
hand the officer wrapped the bare copper conductor around Hazels
big right toe. Standing to one side with a chrome phallic
electrode in his free hand the officer continued, " OK the
victim is now part of the circuit, I will now proceed with a
simple introductory tour ! " he remarked. Lifting the penis
shaped electrode he demonstrated by making short contacts on
various parts of Hazels body, starting at her head. First her
ear lobes, her nostrils, lips. He pulled Hazels lower lip and
touched the probe to her gums. The instructor slowly worked the
probe down her neck under her armpits to her breasts. Allowing
Hazel plenty of time to recover between jolts the officer
enjoyed watching her face as the electrode approached each
sensitive part of her body in turn, 'especially' her nipples.
The officer prodded and poked each of Hazels breasts in turn,
sometimes applying shocks to their undersides but mostly
concentrating on her erect nipples. Delighting as Hazel
squirmed under the short shocks he warned the audience to
remember to lower the voltage settings on the generator when
working around the heart. Taking hold of Hazels right hand
with his gloved hand the officer spread wide Hazels tightly
clenched fingers. Maintaining the distension the officer rested
momentarily the electrode on the tip of each finger below the
fingernail explaining that just like her nipples here there are
numerous nerve ends, a very good place to cause maximum pain.
The brief shocks were repeated over and over, Hazel wished for
unconsciousness but remained conscious the entire time. Hazel
had screamed herself raw, her bladder had emptied, her skin was
wet with perspiration " As the session continues the
conductivity of the prisoner skin increases and the pain is more
intense !" the officer advised. "Now I'll demonstrate the
numerous ways of applying electro tortures to the victims vagina and anus" the techniques are somewhat different from those
demonstrated before " he explained. Returning his attention to
the generator the officer turned off the power on the main
switch. The meters indicating the output voltages dropped to
zero. Kneeling before Hazel the case officer first removed his
black rubber gloves then the copper wire he had earlier wound
around her big toe. After attaching the wire to a spring loaded
clip he lay it alongside the two penis shaped chrome electrodes.
" Now ladies and gentlemen the number of permutations are
endless, with positive and negative electrodes in the victims
anus and vagina and positive and negative connections to each
her nipples the subject can be played like a violin !" He
explained over the bellowing screams. Returning his attention
to Hazel and ignoring her screams the officer picked up both
of the wires terminated with spring clips. Teasing her pink
nipples into erection with his one hand he briskly closed the
spring loaded clip onto each morsel in turn. Stepping back the
audience could clearly make out the thick red and black cables
connecting the left and right nipples to the generator. Next
collecting the remaining clip electrode and the phallic
electrodes the officer returned to a knelling position between
Hazels widely spread legs. Advising the audience that without
restraint the victim would easily and quickly squeeze the
electrode from her body. Spreading her lips with the fingers of
his left hand he slowly but firmly pressed the electrode deep
inside her front passage. Retaining the distension in her lips
he lightly rubbed her clitoris into erection before clipping it
firmly with a red electrode clip. Maintaining his grip of the
vagina electrode and clitoris clip with his right hand he
removed from his pocket a roll of gaffer tape. Tearing off a
short length he bound both the cables to her upper left leg.
Repositioning himself behind Hazels splayed buttocks he
presented the rounded end of the second chrome electrode to her
rosebud. Again pressing slowly but this time more firmly to
overcome her muscles he pushed home her anus electrode.
Repeating the process again he bound the electrodes cable this
time to her upper right thigh. " Now ladies and gentlemen our
little lady here can buck and twist in the convulses of the
electricity which will shortly flow through her body without the
slightest possibility of dislodging either of her five
electrodes !" Returning to the generator the case officer
explained the various possibilities which were now open to him.
Explaining that the particular generator had voltage setting
from one to ten he advised the audience he would start the
demonstration at level three. " The prisoner may be tortured in
various ways, for example using the anus electrode as the
earth we may apply current to any combination of her nipple,
clitoris or vagina electrodes." he explained. Turning his
attention to the generator he expertly set the polarities of the
various connections and flicked each nipple, clitoris and vagina electrode on and off in turn. Hazel body racked with pain as
each new current convulsed her body differently. Between jolts
Hazel screamed and begged for release. " Now making our little
heroines clitoris the earth connection we should see a different
set of responses !" he continued as again he reset the various
polarities of the electrodes. " No more NO MORE gurgled and
moaned Hazel as she watched in horror as the officers
experienced hands reset a number of switches. " This time level
4 !" he added as again he switched on each electrode in turn.
Hazel fell silent as each shock hit her body, after each of her
nipples were hit in rapid succession the screaming became an
inhuman wail. When current was applied to the anus electrode
Hazel thought her eyes were about to pop out of her head. When
the shock finished Hazel involuntarily tried to shit the
electrode from her body but the officer had made a good job with
the binding tape and it remained firmly fixed. At this stage
Hazel passed out not surprisingly. Before bringing her around the
officer asked the audience if they would like the demonstration
to continue or if the victim should be restrained in a different
position. Clearly from a show of hands the audience had learned
enough from this section and were eager to see the female form
tortured in different ways. Accepting the audiences decision the
case officer opened a vial of strong smelling salts beneath
Hazels arrogant little nose. Coughing and choking Hazel quickly
regained consciousness and looking first at the wires leading
from her body then at the spellbound audience she howled in
disbelief that this was truly happening to her. Unexpectedly she
found herself being released from the cross then as if in a
dream her unresisting body was suspended between two parallel
bars about five feet off the stage. One bar supported her
behind her knees, the other securing her wrists, leaving Hazels
buttocks and private openings, hanging lower than the rest of
her. Her legs were spread obscenely wide. The case officer
placed a black rubber bit into her mouth, turning to the
audience the officer explained that the voltage would be
increased while torturing the girls vagina and anus, and the
bit would prevent Hazel from biting down and breaking her teeth.
With thumb and forefinger, the officer further spread apart
Hazel's already lewdly spread labia lips, and began to poke the
probe at the exposed pink skin. Resting the probe on the
sensitive clitoris caused immediate convulsions and garble
screams as Hazels body jerked involuntarily against the bars.
He continued this until Hazel lost consciousness for the second
time. Reviving her quickly the thought of further torture drove
her nearly insane. At this point the officer again addressed
the audience, " Ladies and gentlemen please note how our little
prisoners head has dropped down, this allows extra blood to
flow to her brain and will keep her conscious. He slapped both
Hazels cheeks firmly further reviving her. " Now we have her
full undivided attention don't you think ?" he joked to the
audience. Reaching down between Hazels thighs the case officer
gently stroked first the labia and later when her nature
betrayed her, he stroked sensually her clitoris. The officer
explained that the torturer should always find time to fondle
and stimulate the victims genitalia until she became aroused and
very wet with nipples and clitoris in full erection. It was
beneficial that women should aroused in front of members of her
family or friends. Failing this he suggested bringing in other
officers or guards to witness, take part, mock, and humiliate
the woman. "You may find it helpful to bring in a trained dog and allow her to experience the forced sexual arousal by the
manipulations of an animal!" he explained. " Remember
psychological humiliation and should always be exploited ! ".
Turning to face the audience he addressed the male members
directly " A number of the men will have been issued with
enhancers and at this stage of an interrogation it would be a
very good idea to put them to use ! anal rape and gang rape all
can be used at this time." he pointed out. Returning his
attention to Hazel whose eyes were now rolling under the expert
manipulation of his gentle fingers, he pointed out that the
more sexually aroused the victims genitals were the more
sensitive the organs would be to the torturers probes. Hazel
watched in horror, her body swimming with sexual frustration
following the careful masturbation of her clitoris, labia and
nipples by her case officer. Leaving his victim momentarily the
officer prepared the electrodes for one final demonstration
before lunch. After putting back on the black rubber gloves he
picked from the floor a phallic electrode and placed the tip of
the probe under the flap of membrane no longer protecting
Hazels excited clitoris. " AHHHHHHHHHHHH " screamed Hazel
momentarily until her jaws locked under the convulsing jolt. He
stroked the probe over and around the poor girls clitoris,
tracing the inside of her labia. Subtly using different voltage
settings and respites to send the girl insane with pain. Hazel
between shocks screamed, begged, howled and pleaded her hellish
cries echoed around the auditorium . He continued this intense
intimate torture for ten full minutes until Hazel passed out.
Smiling to himself the case officer was happy that he had played
his victim for so long. Laying down his tool of torture and
removing his rubber gloves he turned to address his audience, "
OK I'll continue with this demonstration after lunch. If any of
you would like to make use of this prisoners body after she wakes
I'll be leaving her bound on the framework ? " he concluded "
Take your time, she only arrived at Felicity camp today and
she's only just learning what it means to be one of our guests
!" he smiled as several of the men made their way down from
their seats and onto the stage. " Can I borrow your smelling
salts ? " asked an athletic looking police officer, "sure, by
the way don't let her bondage get in the way! " he added " if
you want to use the cross or the pillory or chase her around a
bit first feel free, OK ?" he said as fifteen or so of the
audience formed around Hazels naked restrained body. Leaving the
auditorium the case officer could hear Hazel screaming as the
first of many horny studs positioned himself between her splayed
legs. Turning to watch he saw a number of women drawing up seats
alongside eager to witness the rapes.

Hazels Electric Debut
By SmCyber


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