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A Helping Hand 1 of 8 (MF,Mf,Inc,Cons,Oral,Mast)
By Davidb234

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

A Helping Hand 1 of 8
By Davidb234

Chapter 1
Jenny and I had been friends for years, ever since we had both
got married, to other people. My wife, June and I had moved into
the house next door to Jenny and John a few days after we
returned from our honeymoon. Junes parents had seen to all the
legal stuff, and dealt with the real estate people as well as the
moving crew so that we had a place to live on our return to
reality. Our friendship lasted for almost sixteen years, dealing
with mutual problems like each of us having a single child, both
girls. These girls grew up together, went to nursery,
kindergarten and grade school as a pair, and remained inseparable
into high school. That is why it came as a rather large shock to
me when I returned home after one of my infrequent business trips
out of town, to find my home in darkness when there should have
been a bright light and a loving wife welcoming me back into the
bosom of my family. The fact that I sat in my car wondering what
was going on made it easy for Jenny to come and invite me in for
a up of coffee before I went into my own house. As we sat in the
kitchen I could see she had something on her mind, so said "Has
June been called away or something Jenny, it's just that she
didn't mention anything when I spoke to her last night?" Jenny
looked at me and I could see a tear forming in the corner of her
eye, she took a deep breath, lifted her head to look me full in
the face and said "John ran off with June late last night, I
suppose just after she spoke to you. He just got up from our sofa
at about nine o'clock, put his coat on and said he was just going
out for a few minutes. That's the last I saw of him. I got a
letter in the post this morning saying he was leaving me and
making a new life for himself with June, and that she'd be
writing to you telling you the same." I could see Jenny was
having trouble keeping control of herself, so I got up and
stepped up beside her chair, pulled her to her feet and took her
in my arms in an effort to comfort her.

When Jenny had had a bit of a cry she lifted her head from my
chest and took me by the hand, drawing me gently into her living
room where she sat me down on the sofa, placing herself close up
beside me. She then told me what John had put in his letter,
basically that he and June had been having an affair for a number
of years, using the fact I was away from home to make the final
break. Since Jenny had first mentioned Junes running off, I'd got
slowly more and more numb, until I was unable to do more than sit
upright and listen without hearing what Jenny was saying. In the
end I was almost catatonic, and it took a hard slap on the face
from Jenny before I was able to say or do anything. ".... we have
all the evidence we need for both of us to get a divorce" I heard
Jenny saying as I gave myself a shake internally and made myself
think once more. "Did you hear what I was saying Jack?" I looked
at Jenny, "Sorry Jen, I was miles away, was it something about a
divorce?" Jenny smiled at me and said "I was saying that we have
enough evidence for both of us to get an uncontested divorce, if
that's what you want. I'm going for it anyway, I just thought it
might be cheaper if we did it together, that's all." I nodded in
agreement, then said "What about the girls, do they know?" Jenny
nodded and smiled, "I was wondering when you were going to think
about them, actually they're upstairs. I asked them to wait there
while I told you what was happening. Shall I call them down, they
have something to tell you I think will surprise you." Again I
nodded in agreement, and sat there drinking my cup of cold coffee
while Jenny called the girls from the bottom of the stairs. A few
minutes later Sandi, mine, and Kelly, Jenny's, came into the
living room. As soon as she saw me Sandi threw herself into my
arms and hugged me tight as she sobbed into my already damp
chest. When she was all cried out I eased her away from me and
sat down again on the sofa. Before I could make room for her
beside me Sandi has sat down on my lap and was cuddling up close
to me, her head resting on my shoulder and her arms round my
chest. I noticed that Kelly was doing the same to Jenny so
decided to relax and try to comfort my daughter.

After a few minutes Jenny said softly "OK girls, who's going to
tell it?" Sandi and Kelly looked at each other for a moment, then
Sandi sat up and said "I suppose it had better be me" she then
shifted round to face me, her knees straddling my thighs, and
said "Daddy, I think I'm partly to blame for mom running away
with uncle John. You see I've known they've been getting together
for a long time. I just didn't think you and Aunt Jenny didn't
know about it. That's why I never mentioned it to you, in case I
embarrassed you." I could see that she was very upset, and that
it had been very difficult for her to own up to this knowledge.
As I smiled up at her, I saw the tears in her eyes, and gently
pulled her head down so I could kiss them away before saying
"Don't worry about it Sandi darling, I think it's better I didn't
know, I might have done or said something I might have regretted
for the rest of my life. This way everything is going to be done
nice and cleanly. No fuss, no fighting, and no recriminations." I
paused to take a deep breath, then continued "The thing is Sandi
darling, will you want to stay with me, or go and live with your
mother?" Sandi looked me in the eyes and said softly "Do I have a
choice Daddy?" I nodded, "The divorce court will be bound to ask
you, my love, especially because of your age. All you have to do
is say yes now, and I'll ask for custody in the papers we
submit." "YES" she screamed, then blushed, grinned and said
softly "Was that a decisive enough answer Daddy?" and we all
burst out laughing. A few months later Jenny and I received a big
bill, and a wad of legal papers that finally declare us both
legally free of our errant (now ex) spouses.

Chapter 2

All that happened two years ago, and the bond between Jenny and I
had been growing steadily stronger ever since. That the girls had
remained friends as they progressed through school was no
surprise, nor was the fact they were consistently getting better
and better grades. After all they always worked together every
evening on their homework assignments, sometimes in Kelly's room,
sometimes in Sandi's, but always at great length. What also
happened a number of times was that Jenny and I would get
together in the house the girls weren't doing their homework in.
Is wasn't very long before we both felt the loss of a spouse, and
ended up making love. At first it was on the sofa, just like a
pair of teenagers, waiting and listening out for the sound of our
daughter returning from the others home. Very soon though we
dropped the foreplay downstairs and went straight up to bed,
enjoying a good couple of hours passionate sex before returning
ourselves to a decent state of dress in time to go home. What
never dawned on either of us was that the time we spent together
got longer and longer as our relationship grew stronger. It
wasn't until the watershed night that we discovered what had been
going on.

The watershed? Ah yes, that was the evening I discovered the
depths of deceit that the female sex will sink to in order to get
their way. It was a Friday, the girls had gone over to Jenny's to
do their homework, wanting to get it out of the way so they had
the weekend completely free. This was something they had always
done, and the reason they were doing so well at school, while
other of their friends handed in skimpy work on Monday, our girls
handed in consistently well prepared papers. Anyway, a few
minutes after Sandi left with her stack of books to join Kelly in
her bedroom Jenny came in the back door looking radiant and
excited. On my enquiring about her demeanour she just grinned and
said "Wait till I get you upstairs Jack darling, then you'll
see." Willing to accept the promise of a good time in bed with
Jenny I just grinned and offered to make her a cup of tea, our
usual way of slowing things down as we always took it to bed with
us. That happened this time too, and after taking a few minutes
to undress each other, with a decent amount of the old 'touchy -
feely' as we did, we were soon sitting up in bed drinking a
calming cup of tea. Once finished with our cups Jenny took mine
off me and placed them on her night stand then turned back to me,
rolling into my arms and pressing her wonderfully firm naked body
hard against mine. This was all it took to start me off and I was
soon between her thighs, my tongue lapping away at her hot wet
oozing pussy as I brought her to the first of her numerous
orgasms of the evening. After bringing Jenny off a couple of
times, orally and manually, I ended up on my back with Jenny
impaled on my hard throbbing cock, her favourite position as it
gave her total control of what happened. What happened was that
she had an other orgasm before I had one of my own. Simple to
say, but having been in an almost constant state of arousal for
over an hour I was unable to hold back when at last my climax
approached. The simple act of me shooting a massive stream of hot
sticky semen deep into Jenny's body brought her to her final,
albeit tiny, orgasm of the night.

As I sank back into the mattress totally spent, Jenny slowly
collapsed on to my chest, still holding on tight to my rapidly
softening penis. As we lay there breathing deeply, and holding on
to each other like this was the last time we would be this close
Jenny whispered into my ear "Jack darling, we need to have a talk
about the girls, tonight." If nothing else would, this brought
the final touch to the softening of my cock, and I rolled Jenny
off me and rested on my elbow, looking down at her saying "Why
Jenny darling, what's wrong with them, they're not sick are
they?" Jenny looked up at me, shook her head and said softly "Not
exactly Jack, although it is a physiological problem that needs
sorting." I gave a sigh of relief, "Oh, well, if that's all, they
can go to the Doctors and get it sorted, can you arrange that for
Sandi please darling?" for some reason Jenny started laughing,
burying her face in the pillow to keep the volume down as much as
possible. In the end she stopped, looked up at me and said "Oh,
we did that bit ages ago darling, it's the last bit of the
treatment they need you for." Now, I'm a pretty smart guy. I'm in
a senior executive position, managing a large factory making huge
profits for the board and shareholders. It therefore didn't take
me many minutes to realise what Jenny was saying to me, with out
actually saying anything. If my erection hadn't already gone
down, this would have done the job in a matter of nanoseconds. No
matter what my brain was telling me, my conscience was not in
step with it, and made me say "Jenny darling, I love you dearly,
and I would love it if you would marry me at the earliest
opportunity, but I would rather you didn't play this sort of joke
on me, understand?" As Jenny gazed up at me, tears in her eyes
she said so softly I almost didn't hear her, "Do you mean that
Jack darling, the marrying bit I mean?" I lowered my face, kissed
her tenderly on the lips and said "Of course I do darling, but I
also mean the bit about making that sort of joke too." "Yes
please darling, I'd love to marry you, and as soon as possible
too" she replied "And I promise never to make a joke like that
again". The next thing I knew I was covered by her naked body as
she kissed every part of me she could reach.

"Oh, WOW" gasped a voice from the open door of my bedroom. Jenny
rolled off me, and we both sat up to find the girls standing side
by side watching what was going on. "How long have you two been
standing there" I asked sternly. Sandi blushed "Not long Daddy,
just long enough to hear you propose to Aunt Jenny." "And hear
her say yes" added Kelly with a grin." "Damn, now I don't have a
cat in hells chance of getting out of it, not with two witnesses"
I said as Sandi launched herself at me, forcing me on to my back,
as she kissed me over and over again. After a while the girls had
calmed down and were sitting each side of Jenny and I, "Sandi
darling, you're not bothered about me asking Jenny to marry me. I
know she'll not replace your mother..." Sandi placed a hand over
my lips then whispered "Don't be silly Daddy, of course I don't.
Jenny had been better than a mother since the bitch ran off, and
I think you'll find Kelly thinks the same, don't you Kel'?" Kelly
peeped round her mothers still naked body and said "You bet
Sandi, it'll be nice to have a Daddy again, especially for when
we have problems mom can't help us with." Before Sandi could say
anything Jenny butted in saying "Yes well girls, I think we
should get the wedding out of the way before you start finding
problems to be sorted out, don't you?" The girls agreed, and a
few minutes later Jenny and Kelly were going back home while
Sandi sat on my lap cuddling up close as she chatted away about
how nice it would be to have a mother again.

The wedding was quick and simple, just a few close friends in
attendance, and no honeymoon as we both had to work the next day,
albeit was Friday. Jenny and I got home from work a few minutes
apart, to find the girls had already prepared dinner for us, and
although I wondered at it being steak rather than the salad we
normally had, I said nothing, not wanting to spoil things for
them. With dinner out of the way the girls cleared the table and
did the dishes immediately, again causing me to wonder what was
going on. This was something they used to fight against when we
lived in separate houses, why do it so willingly now?

Chapter 3
While the girls did the dishes Jenny and I sat on the sofa,
snuggled up to each other as usual, her head resting on my chest,
and my arms round her front gently cupping her breasts as she lay
with her eyes closed. When we heard the girls coming into the
living room Jenny sat up, leaving a space between us, which was
soon filled by Kelly as she and Sandi sat down either side of me.
When they had done wriggling their butts about getting
comfortable, the girls lay their heads on my chest, took hold of
my closest arm and wrapped it round their neck. I just allowed my
arms to hang limp, not wanting to take the chance of touching
their breasts. It made no difference, and I got an indication
this was planned in advance as they both crossed their hands over
my wrists and pressed them to their bodies. This had the effect
of pressing my arms against their chests and my wrists between
their braless breasts. I knew they had no bras on because my
wrists slipped so far between their breasts, right on to their
chests, as a matter of fact. I gave a nervous glance at Jenny as
she sat beside us, to find she was laying with her head against
the back of the sofa, with her eyes closed. Closing my own eyes I
relaxed and lay back, almost missing the sneaked glance Jenny
gave, and the smile that appeared on her lips. After a couple of
minutes Sandi looked up at me. Lifted one hand to my neck and
pulled my head down, pressing her soft warm lips to mine in a
passionate kiss the like of which I'd never had from her before.
"I love you Daddy" she said softly, and released me, only to have
her hand replaced by Kelly's, who did the same, only slightly
more passionately than Sandi. "I love you too Daddy" she
whispered, and seconds later both of them were standing in front
of me saying they were going to bed.

As I lay back and almost collapsed with relief that things hadn't
gone any further, Jenny shuffled across to sit close to me,
slipped her arms round my chest and kissed me just as
passionately as the girls had just done. "Well Jack darling, I
think it's a good job I was here to protect you, if I'd left you
three on your own I don't think you'd have survived very long, do
you?" I shook my head in silence, my eyes still closed and
Jenny's head still resting on my chest. We stayed like that for
about half an hour, then Jenny suggested we went to bed,
something I agreed to as I would be safer there than anywhere
else. I wasn't! I had been laying with Jenny resting her head on
my chest for a few minutes, and had almost relaxed completely
when Jenny said softly "Jack darling, you know that joke you
didn't like, the night you asked me to marry you?" I nodded
silently, "Well" she continued, "It wasn't a joke, I was serious.
I just couldn't complete what I was going to say because of what
you asked me. Well, I'll start again, the girls have a problem
they need your help with. I've been talking it over with them for
some months now, and we've all come to the same conclusion. It
has to be you." That is the moment I felt bodies sit on the bed
beside me, and opened my eyes. How on earth these two girls had
managed to come into our bedroom and get so close without me
hearing I don't know. Normally they're crashing about the house
as quietly as a stampeding herd of buffalo. As it was Sandi was
straddling my thighs and Kelly was kneeling beside her. When they
saw my eyes open they both leaned forward and took hold of one
hand, bringing it up to rest on their abdomens, just below their
sheer nightie covered breasts. "Please Daddy" said Kelly softly
"We have no one else to ask, and we don't want any of the guys
from school" "But why not" I asked, "They're much closer to you
in age, you don't want an old man like me, besides it's wrong for
you to ask me to do this for you, I could go to prison you know."
Their hesitation to say anything made me think I'd won the
argument, not on your life! Kelly smiled at me and said "But
someone would have to tell on you Daddy, and it wouldn't be us,
Mom wouldn't do it, so who does that leave?" before I could say
anything else Sandi leaned forward, resting her almost naked body
on mine. "Daddy, Kelly and I have been asking around some of our
friends to find out how their first time with a boy was. Some of
them said it was great, but we know they were lying, we could see
it in their eyes. Some others said it was uncomfortable, messy
and painful, and they wished they'd waited a bit longer." "All in
all Daddy" continued Kelly "We reckon, and mom agrees, we would
have much more fun, and a lot less pain, if you popped our
cherries." I looked at Jenny, who just lay there smiling. I
looked up at Sandi and Kelly, gave a deep sigh of resignation and
said "OK..." getting no further as I was covered in almost naked,
nubile female flesh that threatened to smother me before I
managed to break free.

Chapter 4

As I regained my breath I watched as the girls stripped off their
only garments, their nighties, and scramble to get into bed
beside me. In doing this I got a brief glance of two pussies,
each covered by a patch of golden fur that matched their hair
colouring. Next came the thing that increased the speed of my
rising erection, those same pussy lips being pressed on to my
thighs as the girls snuggled up as close to me as they could. As
I lay there, naked breasts pressing into my sides and chest, and
hot wet swollen pussy lips pressed against my thighs I felt Jenny
move, and thought she was going to leave us to it. Not a bit of
it. All she did was to throw the sheet off our bodies, kneel
between my slightly parted legs and move the girls hands to my
now hard throbbing erection. "Right girls, this is what you need
to learn..." and for the next ten minutes explained to the girls
how to get the most out of a hard throbbing penis. During the
time Jenny was showing the girls their way around an erect male
member they had got up to kneel each side of me facing my groin.
Wanting to see just how far they wanted to go right now I slipped
my hands between their legs and under their naked butts. This was
such a shock to them they both gave a tiny squeal of surprise and
lifted themselves away from my hands. Looking down Jenny grinned
and told them not to be so silly, as they would have to get used
to being touched before too long. This made them both giggle as
they lowered their bodies down on to my waiting hands. As soon as
they were sat down again I cupped my hands over their hot swollen
pussies, pressing each middle finger into the length of their
virgin slits. This made them both wriggle their butts against my
hands and give out groans of pleasure as they felt the touch of a
male hand for the first time.

All this time Jenny was showing them how to masturbate me, and,
as I found their clitoral buds with my fingertips, they took it
in turns to grasp my hard throbbing cock with theirs. As I lay
there, my hands cupping two virgin pussies and the virgins in
question taking it in turns to jack me off, it wasn't long before
I was groaning out that I was about to cum. That's when Jenny
took us all by surprise by gently pulling the girls heads
together above my cock saying "Watch this girls, I think you'll
enjoy what's about to happen." She then cupped my swollen balls
in her soft warm hand and very gently clasped her fingers to her
palm as I began to shoot a truly massive stream of hot sticky
semen into the air. My senses were so overcome that I didn't hear
the girls cry out as their faces were instantly covered with
semen, some of it even finding it's way into their mouths as they
opened their lips in surprise. It was also the moment they both
came themselves, seemingly their first ever orgasm induced by a
hand other than their own. Unusually for me my cock didn't
collapse at it normally did after such a huge orgasm, it just sat
there throbbing like nothing had happened. The reason for this
was that my hands were soaked with the girls own orgasmic juices
which was getting rubbed into their pussy lips as they rocked
their hips back and forth. I opened my eyes, instantly catching
Jenny's, and seeing her grin as she said softly "Well, well,
well, who would have thought the girls would have enjoyed
themselves so much the first time their daddy touched them."
Kelly was the first to recover, and she cupped her own hand over
mine and pressed it firmly against her pussy as she looked at her
mother and said "Will it get any better than that mom?" Jenny
smiled gently and said "Oh, yes darling, it gets loads better,
just remember to take your time and not rush things too much.
That way you'll enjoy everything, even the bits that might be

Continues in part 2


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