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A Helping Hand 2 of 8 (MF,Mf,Inc,Cons,Oral,Mast)
By Davidb234
This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

A Helping Hand 2 of 8
By Davidb234

Chapter 5

After a few minutes of rubbing themselves against my wet palms,
the girls shuffled round and once more lay down beside me, taking
it in turns to kiss me and thank me for making them cum. "I wish
I could have got you to do that for me when mom went daddy" said
Sandi, "I've always been so horny I almost went and found a guy
from school to pop my cherry. Thank goodness Kelly talked me out
of it, or I wouldn't be having so much fun right now." By now my
mind was in a whirl, I didn't know what I was thinking about, but
I did find myself thinking I shouldn't be here doing this even if
my wife approved. My silence was obviously worrying the girls
because Sandi suddenly moved up so her lips were touching mine,
then she said softly "You will do it for me won't you daddy, be
my first lover I mean?" I looked at my daughter, and suddenly saw
that she was close to tears as she thought I was about to refuse
to complete what I had started. I glanced up and saw Jenny
smiling down at me, she then gave a tiny nod of her head as if to
tell me to say yes. I turned to Sandi and, giving her a slightly
wan smile said softly "I guess it's a little late for me to
refuse right now, isn't it darling." When Sandi had stopped
kissing me, and had rolled her naked body off my chest I was
almost immediately covered again by Kelly who also kissed me and
whispered "Me too please daddy" and gave me such a sweet loving
kiss I didn't have the heart to refuse her, even without knowing
Jenny was going to approve. That she did was soon evident as I
felt her straddle my hips and call to the girls to watch what she
was going to show them.

In a flash the girls were kneeling beside me once more this time
watching Jenny very closely as she showed and explained in minute
detail what they would have to do if they were to make the very
best of their first time with a man. Those few minutes were
possibly the most erotic I have ever experienced. The girls had
laid their heads on my lower abdomen and each had taken one of my
hands and placed it on their uppermost breast as they lay beside
me and watched what was going on. What was going on was Jenny
stroking my suddenly hard throbbing cock with her soft warm hand,
rubbing the head along the length of her wet swollen slit as she
explained to the girls that she was ensuring I was well and truly
lubed up before attempting to impale herself on me. Despite her
voice being soft and full of pleasure, what she was doing was so
close to being clinical that I almost lost my erection. Almost
but not quite because just as I thought she was going to be
talking all night Jenny stopped for a couple of seconds, placed
the tip of my cock at the entrance to her vagina and gasped
softly "This is the best bit girls" and slowly lowered her body,
engulfing my manhood with her soft sweet sopping wet womanhood.
That Jenny was telling the truth hit the girls as she closed her
eyes tight shut and gave a long slow groan of ecstasy as she sank
lower and lower until she was sitting on my thighs and the tip of
my cock was nestling tight against her cervix.

Chapter 6

It was then that I realised just how this was affecting the
girls. Where my hands had been cupping one of each of their
breasts, and tenderly stroking the nipple, I suddenly felt each
soft wrinkled bud swell and get hard as rock. Nothing loth I
grinned inwardly and took those cropped bolt hard nubbins between
finger and thumb and began to gently roll them back and forth. As
I interspersed this rolling with occasional tugs away from their
titty I very soon had both the girls moaning with pleasure,
almost in time with Jenny's own gasps. The girls were so very
aroused, having just had a first orgasm, and a small cum shower,
as well as their first taste of my semen. That, combined with
what I was doing to them, added to the sight and sound of Jenny
literally fucking herself on my hard prick, I suddenly found I
had a pair of orgasming girls in my hands. Hearing the girls
crying out in ecstasy made Jenny open her eyes, and as she
realised what was happening she also lost it, and gave a loud
scream as she too came to a crashing orgasm. Had it not been for
the fact that Jenny had already ensured my balls were empty I
would have spent the next five minutes filling her womb to
overflowing with my cum. As it was all I could do was give a few
hard jerks of my cock as instinct made my body try to pump my
seed out of an already empty reservoir. For some time I lay
there, the girls naked bodies snuggled up close to my sides and
Jenny's equally naked body laying on top of me, all three of them
gasping for air as they tried to recover their composure after
their latest sexual experience.

I opened my eyes to daylight, and to find the three of them
sitting at the foot of the bed discussing something very quietly.
As soon as it was noticed that I was awake they all got off the
bed and walked out of the bedroom in total silence. This startled
me somewhat, and I hauled myself up into a sitting position, my
shoulders resting against the headboard of the bed, and my legs
covered with the sheet, up to my waist. This covered my now soft
wrinkled penis that was still slightly sticky from its lengthy
insertion in Jenny's vaginal passage. I was just thinking of
making my way to the bathroom to clean up a bit, when all three
of the girls walked back into the room. Jenny was carrying a tray
with cups of tea, which she placed on the night stand. Sandi had
an arm full of soft fluffy towels while Kelly had a bowl of warm
water and soap. Very carefully Kelly placed the bowl on the floor
beside the bad, then Sandi told me to lift my butt, as she ripped
back the sheet exposing me in my undressed state. Seeing how this
act affected me, Sandi gave a soft tinkle of laughter and said
"Don't be silly daddy, especially not after what we've just been
doing." I grinned shyly at her as she slipped a towel between my
naked ass and the sheet. Sandi and Kelly then proceeded, between
them, to wash my still sticky groin, dry it off, and make my
clean cock twitch when they both placed a soft warm kiss on the
slowly swelling head.

Chapter 7

Over the next few minutes I was exposed to the very erotic sight
of three beautiful women washing each others pubic regions, and
having themselves dried off and powdered. When they were all
clean and dry Jenny then dropped another bombshell on me.
"Darling, would you do something for us please?" she asked in
that soft sexy voice I loved so much. "Of course darling, what is
it?" I replied, and almost smashed my jaw on the bed as my mouth
fell open at her answer. "Well, we all decided it might be nice
if the girls had nice soft smooth pussies when you made love to
them. I'd like mine to be the same too, what do you think?" It
only took Jenny and the girls a couple of minutes to replenish
the warm water in the bowl, get my shaving gear and a pair of
sharp scissors, and be sitting in a line along the edge of the
bed with towels under their naked butts. "OK, who's first?" I
asked as I stood in front of them, "Me please darling" said
Jenny, and I dropped a pillow on the floor between her feet to
kneel on. as I sat back on my heels I placed my hands on the
inside of her knees and pressed gently until her thighs were as
wide apart as they would go. I spent the next couple of minutes
tenderly combing her damp pussy fur as straight as I could get
it, and laying away from her suddenly wet swollen pussy lips.

As I picked up the scissors I glanced up at Jenny's face, and saw
she had her eyes tight shut and her mouth slightly open as she
breathed heavily as she felt my gentle touches. With an internal
grin I quickly lowered my face between her thighs and placed my
pursed lips on her pussy, sucking her puffy clit into my mouth
and between my teeth. Her cry of pleasure made the girls gasp,
and brought me back to my senses, I'd completely forgotten they
were watching every move I was making. Trying to ignore the soft
sounds the girls were making I turned back to what I was supposed
to be doing and using the comb and scissors trimmed Jenny's pubic
fur down to a short stubble, leaving a rounded patch tapering
down over her mons. Taking up the hot wet washcloth I laid it
over Jenny's pussy, making her gasp as she felt the sudden
increase in temperature. "Sorry darling, but I have to soften
what's left so it so it comes off without pulling." "That's ok
darling, it just surprised me, that's all." As the wet warmth was
doing its job I was whipping up a batch of shaving foam and, as
soon as it was ready I whipped off the washcloth and lathered
Jenny's crotch up, making her giggle as I spread it with the
coarse bristled brush.

Chapter 8

Having already put in a new blade I picked up the razor, placed
my fingers on Jenny's pussy and said softly "Now is the time to
keep very still Jenny darling, the last thing I want to have is
you walking around with a Band Aid between your legs." I spent
the next few minutes scraping the razor across sections of skin
pulled tight by my firm but gentle fingertips. When at last I was
done I gently wiped away any remaining traces of foam, and then
gently touched my lips to her swollen and pulsating clitty,
sucking and nibbling at it until she exploded in orgasm. as Jenny
lay cross the bed, spent, and gasping for breath I stood up,
picked up the pillow I had been kneeling on and placed it a foot
or so along the bed, in front of where Kelly was sitting looking
in astonishment at the state of her mother. "You ready now Kelly
darling, or should I do Sandi next?" I said softly. Kelly's head
snapped round and she said "No way, I'm ready right now. Just
promise I get the same treatment as mom did, OK daddy?" I took
her face between my hands, kissed her lovingly on the lips and
said softly "Just like your mom Kelly darling, I promise." A
moment later and Kelly was laying on her back, her butt cheeks on
the towel that covered the edge of the bed, and her thighs as far
apart as they would go. As promised after warming her fur I used
the comb to separate her soft downy fur, exposing her swollen
moist labia, and giving her puffy clit a quick suckle before I
began using the scissors. For a moment I thought I'd gone too
far, especially when I saw the muscles of Kelly's lower abdomen
begin to ripple as if she was about to reach a climax. Because of
this I spent a little longer getting the foam and razor ready,
not touching her again until I was sure she was in control of
herself. Well, almost in control, each time I pulled a section of
skin tight I heard Kelly groan with pleasure, and felt her pussy
lips tense each time I moved the face of the razor over it. In
the end I was done with shaving, and very gently patted her groin
area clean and dry, of foam at least. There was no sense in
trying to dry her cunt, it was leaking so fast that I thought she
was wetting herself. The aroma told me otherwise, and as I had
promised I finally lowered my lips to the base of her mons,
sucked her firm throbbing clitty into my mouth and sucked her to
a loud screaming crashing climax. So loud in fact it made Jenny
sit up to see what was happening. When she saw what was going on
she smiled down at me, took Kelly's hand in her own and watched
until Kelly was laying spent and quiet beside her. "Damn, I wish
I'd been able to start like this" said Jenny softly as she
watched me wiping my lips free of her daughters virgin cum. "Not
jealous are you Jenny darling?" I asked, suddenly concerned that
she might be regretting starting all this. "Damned right I am,
but I'm also glad that she's having a really good time. Now, how
about you see to your daughter before she jumps your bones in her
frustration." I turned round and saw Sandi sitting there looking
as if she was about to start crying, and leaned over to take her
naked body in my arms. "I'm sorry Sandi darling, I haven't
forgotten you I promise, just lay back for a minute while I warm
up this cloth." I kissed her lovingly, pressed her back on to the
bed and went quickly to the bathroom where I soaked the washcloth
in hot water so I could use it properly.

Chapter 9

I returned as quickly as I could, only to find Sandi laying on
the edge of the bed rubbing her fingertips over her wet swollen
slit. As I knelt between her feet I gave her a sharp pat on the
back of her hand, "Now then young lady, none of that, I'm back
now so just sit on your hands like the others did." "Sorry daddy"
Sandi gasped breathlessly, "I'm just so desperate for you to
start touching me like you did mom and Kelly." As I gently
pressed her knees apart I placed a wet sloppy kiss on the inside
of each thigh, almost getting my head squashed as she tried to
clamp her thighs together again in an effort to retain the source
of her pleasure. Eventually I managed to get a coating of lather
on the required parts of Sandi's groin, and began to scraped away
her remaining stubble. The problem for me by now was that I was
so close to an orgasm myself I was having some difficulty
controlling myself. By the time I had patted Sandi dry I had to
lay the towel I used across my knees just in case. Taking a deep
breath, and almost shooting my own cum as I took in the wonderful
heady aroma of her emissions, I lowered my lips to her mons,
sucked her rigid upstanding nubbin between my teeth and sucked
and nibbled her to the most immense orgasm she ever felt in her
life. It seemed to take hours for Sandi to stop screaming and
thrashing about but eventually I was able to struggle to my feet
and stand upright, looking down at the three wonderful naked
vaginas exposed to my lascivious gaze.

While I was standing there I unconsciously began to play with my
hard throbbing penis. Jenny had by now recovered somewhat and saw
what was going on, stood up beside me and slipped an arm round my
waist. "What do you think about giving the girls a nice warm cum
shower darling, that should help relieve the pressure on you
body, and give them a new experience at the same time." I grinned
as I turned to look at Jenny, then said quietly "Is it fair to do
that when they don't know what's happening to them?" Jenny
chuckled "Oh, they'll know what's happening darling, I'll make
sure of that, you just make a start on yourself." With that Jenny
bent over the girls, shook them awake and told them to get up and
rest on their elbows as she had a surprise for them. As they did
as they were told I shuffled a little close, stopping when my
knees touched theirs, then Jenny stepped close to me and replaced
my hand with hers, masturbating me expertly as the girls watched
open mouthed. "You girls ready for this?" said Jenny as she felt
my cock begin to swell ominously, and before they could form a
reply they both got a huge spurt of hot sticky semen spattering
in the middle of their chests. Wad after wad shot form my
cockhead, and Jenny did her best to share it between the girls,
aiming each spurt so that they both ended up with semen from
their chins to their now naked cuntal slits. I stopped cumming,
as all men have to, and as the last spurt turned into a dribble
Jenny dropped to her knees and took my slowly softening cock into
her mouth and sucked the final few drops of semen from me,
holding tight to my thighs so I didn't simply collapse to the
floor until she was done with me.

Chapter 10

From then on the rest of the day was an anti-climax, well almost.
Actually things went from wonderful to heavenly. By the time the
girls had finished rubbing my semen into their soft smooth skin
Jenny had finished sucking me dry, and I was close to collapse.
Jenny then put a bit of stiffness into me by standing up in front
of the girls and saying "Right then girls, I think its time we
all got cleaned up, what do you say to having a shower with daddy
before you get dressed for breakfast?" Sandi and Kelly stopped
licking their cum soaked hands, sat upright and smiled their
approval of Jenny's idea. A couple of minutes later I was
standing in the shower, Jenny was adjusting the temperature and
the girls were standing in line behind her waiting to get in with
me and wash me down. They were hoping to do this one at a time,
but Jenny said it would take too long right now, so I found
myself sandwiched between the two of them as they took it in
turns to wash my back and my front. They'd managed to do this at
least twice before Jenny cottoned on to it and threatened to drag
them out if they didn't allow her a turn. That's when things got
really nice, having Jenny pressed close to me, water running
between our bodies and my, now rigid manhood pressed between her
thighs and rubbing against her now naked pussy. We stayed there
longer than we meant to, and it was only Sandi poking her head
into the bathroom and calling "Come on you two, Kelly and I are
starving and need breakfast." I was about to tell her to do it
herself when Jenny kissed me and said "OK Sandi darling, we'll be
there in a few minutes, just get the coffee started would you

After a breakfast of cereals and toast washed down with copious
quantities of hot coffee I offered to do the dishes. As this just
consisted of putting them in the dishwasher it didn't mean very
much, but the girls said 'thank you' very prettily, and topped it
with a couple of very sexy kisses. While I did as I offered Jenny
took the two girls away upstairs, returning a few minutes later
with all three of them having changed their clothes. Jenny now
had on a thin almost sheer, cotton dress that showed me she
wasn't wearing a bra. This was emphasised when she came up to me
and pressed herself against me as she kissed me. My initial
reaction was to place my hands on her buttocks, and that's when I
discovered she wasn't wearing panties either. As Jenny pressed
her almost naked body against me I looked over her shoulder and
made her day by getting an almost instant erection. Not from what
I was feeling, but from what I was seeing. Kelly and Sandi were
sitting on the sofa watching tv with their legs crossed Indian
fashion. As they were wearing the shortest skirts I'd ever seen I
was able to see right up to their panty covered pussies. At least
I would have been able to had they been wearing any. As it was
they weren't, and I had a perfect view of their newly shaved
vaginal lips as they glistened with the moisture that was
covering them. I guess both of then were pretty horny, and
looking forward to what was to be coming their way. "Jack
darling" said Jenny as she gave me a dig in the ribs. "Hunn?" I
grunted in reply. "Come on darling, concentrate on me for a
moment please." Responded Jenny as she gave me another kiss. "Oh,
sorry Jenny darling, I got distracted for a second, what were you
saying?" Jenny looked me in the eye and giggled "I wonder what
could have distracted you so much you would ignore me. Anyway
darling, I guess you can see what's going on here, or do you want
a diagram drawing?" I smiled down at her and shook my head gently
"I suppose you're going to be teasing me all day then expect me
to make love to the girls tonight, or is it to be this afternoon.
It can't be any earlier because I till haven't recovered from
this morning."

Once more Jenny giggled, this time as she sat straddling my lap,
and with her arms round my neck. "Oh, I think it's going to have
to be both actually darling, at least that's what the girls want.
I guess it's called having your cake and eating it." By now Jenny
was rubbing her naked pussy against the bulge in my pants,
completely ignoring the fact that she was putting a big wet patch
all over it. Seeing I was slightly confused Jenny said softly
"Let me explain darling, I've been talking things over with the
girls, making sure they know what to expect, and how they're
likely to feel as and when the deed is done. Having given it some
thought they want things to happen in two stages. The first is
when you actually pop their cherries. They know it will be
uncomfortable, and that it might take a lot of effort to get any
real enjoyment out of your lovemaking immediately afterwards, so
they want to wait for a while before you actually make love to
them. That will be the second stage, getting into bed with you
and having you make then cum over and over again. Any questions?"
I sat back against the sofa cushions, looked at Jenny, then
across at the girls, "Just like that, all clinical, neat and
tidy, then an all night orgy. Is that what you're saying?" "Oooh,
yes please daddy" said Kelly with a giggle that was echoed by
Sandi as they sat on the edge of their seats listening to what
Jenny was saying to me. "The thing is Jack darling, it will be
much easier for then to have some fun if they don't have the
memory of the pain in the back of their minds. Besides, it will
mean none of you have to worry about making a mess, at least one
that can't be cleaned up easily."

Continued in part 3


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