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A Helping Hand 3 of 8 (MF,Mf,Inc,Cons,Oral,Mast)
By Davidb234
This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

A Helping Hand 3 of 8
By Davidb234

Chapter 11

After a few minutes thought I nodded my agreement, smiling at the
idea of what had been mapped out. An instant later and Jenny slid
off my lap, only to be replaced by the girls, each of whom
straddled one of my thighs and laid their heads on my shoulder.
This kept me busy until Jenny was telling them to let me up so I
could get ready. 'Getting ready' consisted of standing up while
Jenny laid a towel on the seat cushion, then kneeling in front of
me as she slowly stripped my pants and shorts off me, stroking
and fondling my rapidly stiffening cock as she did so. With a
gentle shove I was made to sit down and get comfortable while
Jenny undid the buttons of my shirt and pulled it apart so I was
all but naked. As soon as Jenny was done, she stepped aside and I
saw that Kelly and Sandi were standing side by side in front of
me, holding hands and staring down at my hard throbbing penis as
it moved gently to and fro in time with the beating of my heart.
Taking a deep breath Sandi stepped forward to where her knees
touched mine, looked down at me and said softly "It's me first
daddy, if that's all right?" Despite wanting this so much Sandi
was still looking scared as she stood there, and I was compelled
to hold out my hands to her, to help her climb on to my lap. As
she placed her knees each side of my thighs and shuffled up to
where she was able to lean forwards and kiss me, I felt the soft
smooth skin of her newly shaved pussy stroke along the head of my
cock. This was so arousing I almost came there and then, but
managed to hold myself in check as Sandi pressed her soft moist
tongue between my lips. As she was doing this she was also
undoing the buttons of her blouse so she was able to press her
naked breasts against my hirsute chest. As Sandi's arms were now
round my neck my hands were free, so I slipped them under the
back of her short skirt and gently cupped then over her firm
rounded buttocks as she began to rock her hips to and fro. This
of course meant that her suddenly sopping wet pussy lips were
rubbing up and down the length of my hard throbbing penis,
getting the head and shaft very wet indeed. After a couple of
minutes of this Sandi stopped, pushed herself away from my chest
and said breathlessly "Now please daddy, let's get it over with
please." "Ok darling, do you want some help?" Sandi giggled and
shook her head "No daddy, I think I know where it has to go, all
I need you to do is make sure it goes in all the way." That
moment when I felt the head of my cock slip between my daughters
moist swollen virgin lips was the first time in my life I was
glad I wasn't built like a horse. All the envy I ever felt in the
showers at school and at college was replaced by a silent prayer
of thanks that I was 'average'. My sigh of pleasure was echoed by
Sandi's and she murmured "Oooh, that feels so wonderful daddy,
now all you have to do is get it in much deeper so I can feel you
fill me up like Jenny said you would." With that Sandi pressed
her lips to mine and began to press down with her hips, only
stopping when we both felt the tip of my cock pressing against
her maiden barrier. "Nnnnnn.." gasped Sandi as she pressed her
lips harder against mine, and I suddenly understood what she was
telling me to do. Slipping one arm round her waist, and the other
over her shoulder I held her firm, pressed down with my arms and
gave a jerk of my hips at the same time.

Despite all her foreknowledge, and her best attempt at gagging
herself on my lips Sandi still managed to give an audible scream
as my cockhead destroyed her maidenhead, and no amount of warning
would have been able to prevent her from being hurt. A few
seconds after my penis was buried as deep as it would go inside
her I was clutching Sandi's head in my hands and kissing away her
tears as I murmured over and over again how sorry I was that I
had hurt her. Still with tears in her eyes, but no longer sobbing
Sandi sat back, gave a wriggle of her hips as she felt my cock
moving inside her, looked at me and said softly "Don't be so
silly daddy, you didn't hurt me, mother nature did that when she
made me a woman, you just showed me how much you love me by
making me into the woman nature intended, and Oh Boy! Does it
feel good to have your hard penis throbbing inside me. I can't
wait until I can feel you shoot all that wonderful hot sticky
semen inside me instead of all over my body." Just as Sandi was
beginning to get comfortable as she leaned on my shoulder she
felt a tap on her own and heard a voice saying "OK sis, don't hog
all the fun, it's my turn now." Sandi looked over her shoulder,
giggled and said "Go away I'm too comfortable to move" before
Kelly could reply I said softly "Don't be greedy young lady, or I
might just be too comfortable later on to be able to continue
with your plans." Sandi grinned as she sat up, "Beast, you
wouldn't really do that to me would you daddy?" I just sat there,
poker faced and nodded once. Heaving a huge sigh of resignation
Sandi gave me a final kiss and began to lift herself up so she
could off my lap, and my well embedded cock. The withdrawal was
almost as uncomfortable as the insertion, and Sandi groaned
softly as she felt the swollen head of my cock pass through her
tight vaginal passage once more. When Sandi was sitting beside me
Jenny came and knelt between my thighs and proceeded to wash my
blood stained cock clean, then gently pat it dry before moving
across to Sandi and doing the same for her. As Sandi lay there,
her legs open wide and a slight trickle of blood oozing from her
vaginal lips Jenny tenderly cleaned her up saying "Don't worry
Sandi darling, I promise it will be worth every second of this
when you go to bed with daddy tonight."

Chapter 12

Popping Kelly's cherry was just as exciting for me, and just as
painful for her as it had been for Sandi. When it was done Jenny
took both the girls into the bathroom and sat there talking to
them while they got themselves cleaned up and feeling comfortable
once more. The three of them came back down, and I saw that the
girls had changed into fresh T-Shirts which looked as if they
were two sizes too small. In fact they were, they were old ones
that hadn't been discarded a year or so before when grew out of
them. Right now they looked just the right size, especially the
way they stretched so tightly over the girls chests, emphasizing
the perfect shape of their breasts, and the hardness of their
nipples. After giving the girls a warm tender kiss I got up and
headed for the bathroom myself so I could clean up as well. When
I returned, this time with sweats and a T-Shirt on, I sat in the
middle of the sofa thinking the girls would want to get each side
of me while they did their best to tease me to distraction. I
wasn't far wrong, because they soon appeared, with Jenny,
carrying cups of coffee and a plate of cookies which they placed
in front of me saying I needed to have my strength kept up so
needed lots of carbohydrates inside me.

As I'd guessed the girls were soon sitting each side of me while
I drank my coffee and ate my cookies, and they behaved themselves
right up until the empty cups were removed by Jenny and taken
into the kitchen. That's when the fun started, as soon as my
hands were empty the girls swivelled round, lay their heads on my
lap and their feet over the arms of the couch. Turning their head
they allowed their lips to touch in a tender sweet loving kiss,
then lay back with their eyes closed. Not to be left out of
things I lowered my face and kissed each if them as tenderly as
they had each other. I then sat back and looked down at the way
they were laying. The sight of their firm breasts pushing their
too tight T-Shirts out, and the way their nipples were so
prominent, made it impossible for me to keep my hands to myself.
Placing a hand flat on each of their abdomens I began to gently
move them round in circles, lifting the hem of their upper
garments with my fingertips each time my hand passed close
enough. In the end I was stroking their naked tummies and
touching the underside of their breasts as my hand got to the top
of each stroke. It wasn't long before I was actually cupping my
hands over their titties and flicking their hard throbbing
nipples with the side of my thumbs. Almost as if they had
rehearsed things they both then lifted their knees and placed
their feet flat on the sofa cushions. As their skirts were so
short there was nothing to prevent then from sliding down their
firm smooth thighs and bunching up across their hips. With their
knees being so far apart it also meant that I had a perfect view
of both recently shaved pussies, which is what they intended from
the beginning.

Despite my best efforts to ignore the girls display I wasn't able
to keep my eyes off then for long. I also wasn't able to keep my
hands to myself and soon I was cupping two soft smooth and very
moist vaginas in them. All this of course had the obvious effect
on me and I was sporting a nice hard erection which Kelly was
feeling pressing against the back of her neck. Over the next few
minutes she was telling Sandi what she was feeling, between their
loud gasps of pleasure as I sat working my hands and fingers
across and along their sopping wet vaginal slits. It took very
few minutes for both of them to be crying out in ecstasy as they
exploded in orgasm under the dextrous ministrations of my hands.
It was then that I realised that Jenny was no longer sitting
opposite me, in fact she was standing behind me as I found out
when she crossed her arms in front of me and placed a number of
soft warm kisses on my cheeks ears and neck. "God Jack, I wish
you'd been around when I was that age, sex would have been so
much more enjoyable" and she placed her lips on mine as I leaned
my head back as far as it would go. After a few minutes of having
Jenny kiss and caress me from behind the sofa she went out to the
kitchen leaving me with the girls laying across my lap, my hands
cupping one breast each, and them with their faces turned to each
other touching their soft warm lips in a series of sweet tender

Our reverie was soon broken when Jenny poked her head into the
room and called out "OK girls, I need to see you in the kitchen
now please!" and, after a few groans of unwillingness the two of
them rolled off my lap and made their way out of the room,
walking hip to hip and hand in hand. The thought struck me then
that, whatever I might think of my own actions, it didn't seem to
be doing the girls any harm. What went on in the kitchen I was
told some days later; when the girls closed the kitchen door
behind them they saw Jenny standing by the sink sipping on a cup
of coffee. As they sat down at the table Jenny put her cup down,
looked intensely at them and said in a quiet voice "Are you two
feeling alright about what daddy is doing to you?" the
enthusiastic nods made her smile, and she continued, "You know
that all you have to do is say the word, and I'll make sure daddy
stops, don't you." Kelly turned to Sandi, saw she was suddenly
looking worried, then she stood up, stepped over to where her
mother was standing, slipped her arms round Jenny's waist and
looked her in the eyes. "Mom, are YOU still all right with what
daddy is doing for us. If you think it might hurt your
relationship with him I'm prepared to stop, and not go any
further. I won't like it, in fact I'll really hate it, but the
last think I want is to come between you and daddy." Sandi got to
her feet, stepped over to stand beside Kelly and said "That goes
double for me too. You've been more of a mother to me than my own
was, and I want you to stay that way. I also want daddy to teach
me, and Kelly, what it feel like to be made love to. Just like
you and daddy experience every night, well almost." Here the
girls burst into a fit of giggles, and Kelly ended up explaining
to Jenny that they always knew when Jenny and Jack were making
love because Jenny was so loud in her pleasure.

Jenny slipped her arms round the girls, laid her head on Sandi's
and said softly "I just don't want you girls to think you're
being pushed into doing this. It has to be your choice, even if I
approve of what you're doing." For some few minutes the three of
them stood there in a huddle, then Jenny stood up and said "OK,
what we have to decide now is who gets to daddy first, any
ideas?" the girls looked at each other then said, in unison
"Kelly can go first"-"Sandi can go first" and broke into a fit of
giggles again, accompanied by Jenny. In the end it was decided by
the toss of a coin, and I was awakened from the doze I'd slipped
into by the feeling of a pair of soft warm moist lips being
pressed against mine. As I opened my eyes I saw Jenny and Sandi
standing there, wearing hats and coats. "What's happening Jenny
darling?" I asked, "Sandi and I are going to do some shopping,
we'll be back in time to start cooking dinner." Before I could
say anything the two of them gave a tiny wave and walked out
leaving me with Kelly sitting on my lap, as if it was nothing
unusual. "What was all that about Kelly darling?" I asked, and,
after she had removed her lips from mine Kelly smiled lovingly at
me and said softly "Well, mom thought it would be better if we
had a bit of time together, and no distractions. Now, where shall
we go while you fuck my brains out for the first time?" With some
difficulty I stood up, it was difficult because I had Kelly with
her arms wrapped round my neck and her thighs clamped hard to my
hips. As soon as I was on my feet she wrapped her legs round my
waist and I was able to support her weight with my hands cupped
under her firm rounded butt. Before I could take a step Kelly
leaned back, looked me in the eyes and said "Daddy, please take
me to bed and make love to me." I smiled, and whispered "Your bed
or mine sweetheart?" "Oh, mine please daddy, it's something I've
been dreaming of for simply ages."

Somehow I managed to carry Kelly up the stairs without damaging
myself, or dropping her. I was also lucky in that her bedroom
door wasn't closed, and all I had to do was lean against it for
it to open, very gently I lowered Kelly onto the edge of her bed
and she released her grip and sat down resting on her hands that
were placed a few inches behind her back. I stood there for a few
seconds just looking at her as she sat there. Her braless breasts
were pressed against the inside of her shirt, and I could see the
outline of her nipples as she arched her back.
Continued in part 4


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