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A Helping Hand 4 of 8 (MF,Mf,Inc,Cons,Oral,Mast)
By Davidb234
This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

A Helping Hand 4 of 8
By Davidb234

Chapter 13

After a short while I began to undo the buttons of my shirt, and
Kelly realised I was starting to undress. With a huge grin she
sat upright, and a couple of seconds later had stripped off her
T-Shirt and was laying on her back lifting her hips as she
slipped her fingers inside the waistband of her skirt. Almost
before I had removed my shirt Kelly was laying there, her legs
hanging over the edge of the bed, her thighs wide open, naked as
the day she was born. "Beat you" she said with a girlish giggle,
and began to stoke her fingertips over her firm upstanding
breasts, flicking at her hard nipples as she watched me removing
my pants and shorts. As soon as I was standing up, after picking
my clothing off the floor, Kelly slid off the bed and knelt in
front of me, taking hold of my hard throbbing erection in both
hands and touching her soft warm lips to the pre-cum oozing tip.
Before she could get too involved in blowing me I placed my hands
on each side of her head and gently pulled her away. As she sat
back on her heels Kelly looked up at me and said softly "What's
the matter Daddy, wasn't I doing it right?" I smiled down at her
and said "Oh, yes darling, you were doing it very right, I just
don't think I'd last too long if you did that right now, and that
would be a real pity, wouldn't it?" Giving me a happy grin Kelly
nodded her head "I wouldn't want that to happen Daddy, especially
not my first time, what shall I do instead?"

I bent down, slipped my hands under her arms and lifted her to
her feet. I then put my arms round her waist and pulled her
gently into full body contact with me, as she put her arms round
my chest and hugged me tight. "Hmmmm.. this is a much better idea
Daddy, I really like feeling my naked body pressed up close to
yours. I bet mom likes it too, doesn't she?" I gave Kelly a sharp
slap on her naked bottom, making her cry out in surprise, as much
as in pain. "OH, what was that for Daddy?" she cried, "Just a
little reminder not to ask me to discuss what I do with your
mother when we're in bed together." Kelly lifted her head, looked
up at me and whispered "Sorry Daddy, I didn't mean to be rude,
its just that you and mom always seem to have such a lot of fun
in bed.." "And why not Kelly darling, isn't that what we're going
to be doing?" With her tears turning to smiles Kelly nodded and
said "What shall we do first?" I stroked my hand over her
reddened bottom, grinned at her and said "Well, I think I better
kiss this better, to say I'm sorry I hurt you, how does that
sound?" Kelly smiled and, for some reason blushed bright red,
then nodded her head vigorously, "Oh, yes please Daddy, that
sounds wonderful."

As I released her Kelly spun round on her heel, stepped up to the
edge of the bed and lay face down with her legs over the edge and
her hands holding on to the other side of the mattress. Lifting
and turning her head she looked at me and said "Like this please
Daddy, it's a dream I had once, that I was spanked and then had
my bottom kissed. Will you do that for me please?" I bent over
her supine body, allowing the weight of my own to press Kelly
into the bed, I then kissed her tenderly on the lips and said
"Including the spanking?" Kelly blushed again and whispered "Yes
please Daddy, not too much though, I don't want it to hurt." I
kissed her again, dragged my body against hers as I dropped to my
knees beside the bed then proceeded to spank her, cheek by cheek,
making her jump each time my hand landed on her buttocks. Six
times I spanked her, then, when her cheeks were nice and warm I
stroked my hands from the back of her knees, up her thighs, over
her glowing buttocks and along the soft curve of her spine up to
her shoulders. Three or four times I travelled this route,
hearing her sigh with pleasure each time my hands returned to her
butt where, in the end I stopped stroking and placed my warm
moist lips firmly in the centre of her right cheek and flicked
out the tip of my tongue. I spent the next few minutes kissing
all over both her cheeks until I had covered them completely with
my lips and tongue. That's when I noticed the almost overwhelming
aroma of female sex invading my senses and had to sit back on my
heels for a moment to prevent myself being overcome by the heady
scent. That's also when I saw just how aroused Kelly was, her
pussy lips were red, swollen, and glistening with her female
lubricants, its also when I made her squeal with pleasure as I
lowered my head and touched my lips to her pussy. This she
enjoyed, what made her squeal was when I pressed my tongue
between her sopping wet lower lips and moved it up and down her
glistening slit.

Chapter 14

Wanting to go a little further than this I stood up and forcibly
turned Kelly on to her back, again with her legs hanging over the
edge of the bed, and her thighs spread wide. Somehow Kelly knew
what was going to happen and as I lowered my head between her
thighs she lifted her upper body up on to her elbows and watched
as I began to lick deep into her wide open slit, moving from her
vaginal opening up to her hard pulsating clitoral bud as it poked
out from its protective hood. Despite realising what I was doing
Kelly was still taken by surprise by the intensity of her orgasm
when it actually hit her, and she lay back, crying out in ecstasy
as her hips heaved and pumped up at my mouth that sat glued to
the centre of her pleasure. When at last she came down from the
heights of her orgasmic joy Kelly collapsed flat on her back,
allowing me to slide her round to lay full length on the bed,
then lay down beside her, rolling her over to lay in the circle
of my arms, pressed close to my naked body and with my hard
throbbing erection pressed between her cum slicked thighs. After
a few minutes I felt and heard Kelly give a loud sobbing sigh as
she recovered her composure, and was soon looking onto her eyes
as she stared up at me almost in awe. "God, Daddy, that was
really awesome, I wish I'd tried this ages ago, just think how
much fun me and Sandi have missed." I grinned at her, "Who with
Kelly darling, some jock from school?" Kelly smiled lovingly,
slapped me on the chest and said softly "No silly, with you of
course, I've been wanting to do something like this with you
since my dad ran off with your wife, I just didn't have the nerve
to ask you." "OK" I replied "Now you have the nerve and I'm here,
what do you want to do with me?" Kelly rolled over on to her
back, opened her thighs as wide as she could and said in a sultry
voice "Come and make love to me please Daddy, let me feel you
laying on top of me, with my legs wrapped round yours as you
thrust you hard throbbing penis deep inside my young body over
and over again until we explode together."

How could I resist? I rolled over to lay on top of her, letting
her feel my full weight for a moment or two. Then I felt her
pushing her hand between our bodies, so I lifted mine up a
fraction and allowed her to grasp my throbbing erection in her
soft warm hand, and guide it to her soft wet vaginal lips. Almost
expertly Kelly stroked my cockhead between her moist lips a few
times then presented it to her tiny opening saying softly "Take
me Daddy, please take me now.." and then she gave a loud cry of
pleasure as she felt my hard throbbing manhood pressing its way
through her tight young vaginal passage. Oh boy! Was she tight,
if this had been her first time it would have been really painful
for her having her hymen broken as well as being invaded like
this. As it was Kelly had got so aroused, and was so hot for me
that the feeling of my penis forcing its way inside her made her
cum before I was all the way in. Her scream of ecstasy made me
stop as I thought I was hurting her, and it wasn't until she
stopped cumming that I realised what it was that was going on. As
soon as she was able Kelly opened her eyes, looked up at me and
whispered "Don't stop please Daddy, I want that to happen again
please?" It didn't, but it wasn't through lack of trying on both
our parts, what did happen was that after a few minutes of me
gently thrusting my cock in and out of her tight grasping cuntal
passage I was gasping out that I was about to cum. Being unable
to hold back any longer I was soon crying out as my climax hit
me, and I began to pump a huge stream of hot sticky semen deep
into Kelly's virgin womb. The instant she felt the heat of my cum
as it splattered against her inner walls Kelly gave another loud
scream as she exploded once more in orgasmic ecstasy.

It was very soon obvious that Kelly and I had taken longer to get
to the screaming orgasm stage that we had realised, because
almost before she had stopped screaming the bedroom door burst
open and Jenny and Sandi came rushing in. Seeing the pair of us
still wrapped in each others arms Jenny and Sandi realised
nothing was wrong, and as Jenny pulled a sheet over our conjoined
naked bodies Sandi giggled at the look of astonishment on Kelly's
face. I rolled off Kelly and lay on my back, pulling her over to
snuggle up close with her naked breasts pressed against my side
as she buried her face into my chest. "I'm sorry Kelly darling"
said Jenny softly "I thought you'd be finished by now, and when
we heard you scream like that we got worried that you might be
getting hurt or something." Kelly giggled, then looked at her
mother "It was definitely 'or something' mom, and it only hurt at
the beginning when Daddy spanked me, after that everything was
simply wonderful, especially just before I started to scream." By
now Jenny and Sandi were sitting on the bed beside Kelly and me,
and almost like a double take Jenny jerked her head round and
shouted "Daddy spanked you, what the hell for, you didn't do
anything that deserved that." Seeing that Jenny was taking it the
wrong way Kelly sat up, took Jenny's hands in her own and said
gently "Stop being so silly mom, I asked him to do it for me, and
it made everything else sooo much better I'm going to ask him to
do it again some time. You want to try it mom, it really is very
enjoyable, so long as the right person is doing it for the right
reason." As Jenny and Kelly were talking Sandi had taken my hand
and slipped it under her skirt, pressing the back against her hot
wet and very swollen pussy, gently rocking her hips back and
forth as I assisted her pleasure by cocking the knuckle of my
middle finger so it slipped between her sopping wet lips. This
didn't go unnoticed for long, and Sandi was soon blushing as
Jenny leaned over and whispered "Why don't you get undressed and
into bed with Daddy and Kelly while I go and make us all a
Continued in part 5


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