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A Helping Hand 5 of 8 (MF,Mf,Inc,Cons,Oral,Mast)
By Davidb234
This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!
A Helping Hand 5 of 8
By Davidb234

Chapter 15

Sandi got undressed even quicker than Kelly had earlier, and was
soon snuggled up close to my side, her arm across my chest and
her hand resting on her stepsisters shoulder. Jenny got to her
feet, smiled down at me and said with a grin "Well, I can see I'm
almost superfluous here right now, I'll go and leave you three to
enjoy yourselves for a while." "Bye mom" said Kelly with a wide
grin, as she wriggled her breasts against my chest, being copied
on my other side by my own daughter as she moved her hand down my
front to grasp my half erect penis in her soft warm fingertips.
Jenny didn't quite close the bedroom door as she left, something
that made a big difference later on, and also gave her one of the
biggest surprises of her life. As soon as Jenny was out of sight
Kelly raised herself on one elbow, leaned over my chest and
whispered in Sandi's ear "Ask Daddy to spank you sis, it really
is great and doesn't hurt the way he does it." Sandi looked up at
me "Will you please Daddy, like Kelly said, so it doesn't hurt?"
"If you want me to baby" I replied, and before I could say
anything else Sandi was kneeling beside me waiting for me to sit
up so she could lay across my lap. When she was in position, her
hips over my right thigh, and her head resting on Kelly's chest
close to her firm young breasts, I made my first caress of
Sandi's naked bottom and back. This brought a sigh of pleasure
from Sandi's lips and I felt her relax as I lifted my hand a few
inches above her butt. The first impact of my hand took Sandi by
surprise and her whole body lifted up as she yelled out. Her hips
landed in place, but her face moved slightly and her mouth landed
on Kelly's breast, which is when Sandi found she couldn't remove
it because Kelly had her hand holding it tight to her lip wrapped
nipple. Five more times I spanked Sandi, and although her bottom
jerked slightly her mouth stayed firmly clamped to Kelly's titty
as she sucked hard at the nipple trapped in her mouth. Wanting to
see just how aroused Sandi was I pressed my middle finger along
her vaginal slit, found it got soaked very quickly and then did
the same thing to my thumb. That's when I gave Jenny and the
girls one more surprise. With Sandi's mouth being so busy, and
Kelly enjoying being suckled so much neither saw Jenny standing
in the doorway. I had, although I didn't let on, I just went
ahead to see just how many new experiences the girls were able to
accept. With my thumb and finger well moistened with her cuntal
juices I made Sandi's bottom wriggle with pleasure as I pressed
my finger knuckle deep inside her pussy. As soon as I had her
moving her hips in time to the motion of my finger I took Sandi
by surprise by placing my thumb against her tight puckered rose
hole then pressing it home in a single thrust. After giving a
muffled cry of "Noooo Daddy.." Sandi was soon silent as she began
to feel pleasure as I finger fucker her pussy and her ass at the
same time. As I thrust my hand to and fro between Sandi's thighs
I glanced up and saw Jenny standing there, eyes wide open and
face flushed as she saw what I was doing to my daughter. It
literally took just a few minutes for her to be screaming out in
ecstasy as her orgasm exploded inside her, and she was soon
laying across mine and Kelly's bodies, completely spent, gasping
for breath as Jenny walked into the room and placed the tray of
drinks on the nightstand beside me.

"The way you two seem to be enjoying what daddies doing to you,
makes me think I should try to get to the bottom of this new
experience" said Jenny as she sat beside Kelly and offered me a
cup of tea. Sandi rolled over, carefully so as not to knock my
tea out of my hand, and said "Oh, you should Mom, it's the best
thing I felt for ages. Even having daddy spank my bottom felt
good" she then lay back, closed her eyes and we saw a smile
spread over her beautiful face as she recalled what had just
happened to her. Jenny bent over and kissed Sandi tenderly on the
lips and said softly "Yes, well darling, maybe I will, but right
now you have something more important to do first, haven't you."
Giving a quick nod of her head Sandi scrambled up on to her
knees, straddled my lap, picked up my hands and placed them on
her breasts then looked me in the eye. "My turn now daddy, I want
your hard throbbing penis buried deep inside me please darling,
then feel what it's like to have you flood my insides with your
wonderful hot creamy semen." I slid down the bed until I was
laying on my back, pulling Sandi down with me part of the way,
ending up with her sitting on my chest with her smooth swollen
pussy lips inches away from my chin. Before I could do much about
it Sandi gave a soft girlish giggle and scooted her butt down my
abdomen again until she felt the thickness of my cock pressing at
her wet swollen slit. For a moment or two Sandi sat there,
rubbing her slit along the length of my cock, then, giving a deep
sigh she lifted her hips, slipped her hand between our bodies and
grasped my cockshaft, moving the pulsating head about until she
felt it touching her wet swollen labia. All this had been done
with her eyes closed, relying of her sense of touch, now though
Sandi opened her eyes, looked deep into mine and smiled
sensuously as she lowered herself on to the hard throbbing
erection she held so gently.

Chapter 16

Knowing she had no hymen to breach Sandi was able to lower
herself on to my penis in one, slow, erotic movement. All the
time keeping eye contact with me, until she finally felt the tip
of my cock pressing against the mouth of her cervix. By this
stage she'd been forced to remove her hand the moment she felt
her pussy lips pressing against it. Now she knew I was as deep
inside her as I would go, and there was still an inch or so of my
shaft that wasn't inside her. This seemed to disappoint her, and
she gave a sigh, allowed her shoulders to sag, and relaxed her
thighs, all in resignation. "Owww.." her sudden cry of surprise
and slight pain made Sandi sit upright, and lift her head, as I
also cried out when I felt the head of my cock pop through the
mouth of my daughters cervix. At the same time we felt her naked
pussy lips pressing against the coarse hair surrounding the base
of my penis, and both knew Sandi had taken every inch of my
manhood inside her. It wasn't for long though, because almost as
soon as she felt me pop in so deep Sandi had lifted herself up
and pulled me out again, as a reaction to the surprise she
experienced. A moment later and Sandi was laying on my chest,
sighing with pleasure as she whispered "Will you be on top please
daddy, I want to feel the weight of your body as you make love to
me for the first time. I want to be able to feel you fill me with
your cum, and hold it inside me for as long as I can.." Placing a
soft tender kiss on her lips I wrapped one arm round her back,
the other round her hips and rolled us both over until I was
laying with all my weight pressing her down into the springy

Quickly I lifted my weight on to my knees and elbows, placed my
lips on Sandi's and began to gently move my hips to and fro,
gently driving my cockhead in and out of her almost virgin
passage. It took Sandi no more than a moment to get my rhythm,
and she was soon thrusting up in time with my forwards motion,
almost doubling the pleasure she was experiencing for the first
time in her life. It didn't take long for Sandi to reach her
first penetration climax, and even with her step sister laying
beside us she soon cried out in ecstasy as her orgasm exploded in
her fresh young body. The fact that I began to shoot a stream of
hot sticky cum into her at that moment turned it into so strong
an orgasm she almost threw me off of her. She thrashed about
beneath me, jerking and twitching for long minutes before finally
collapsing, gasping, in a limp heap beneath me. The instant she
was still I rolled off her, and raised myself up to check she was
all right, before flopping back on the bed, completely spent and
gasping for breath myself. The next thing I knew, Jenny was
sitting beside me on the bed, bending over and kissing me
tenderly, then saying "David darling, that was the most erotic
thing I ever saw. Watching you bring you daughter to her first
proper climax, and seeing the ecstasy to which you brought her,
made me realise that we were doing the right thing. I just hope I
can experience what Sandi has just felt, as you proved how much
you loved her." I looked up at her and said softly "Jenny my
love, I've never felt anything so strong as when I made love to
my baby just now, but no matter how strong it was, it's no where
near as strong as my love for you." I paused or a moment, the
grinned, "I guess I'm going to have a bit of a problem proving
over and over again just how much I love all three of you. I just
hope you don't wear me out between you, and make me old before my
time." Just them we heard a soft sobbing from beside us, and
looked round to see Sandi laying there with tears running down
her cheeks.

Jenny lay across my supine body, kissed Sandi tenderly on the
cheek and said softly "What's wrong Sandi darling, did daddy hurt
you somehow?" Sandi opened her eyes, looked up at Jenny and
smiled "God, no Mom, just the opposite, he made me feel so
wonderful, I guess I was crying because I felt so good as I
remembered what he'd just done for me. Will he be able to do it
again please Mom. I don't want to come between you or anything,
but it felt so wonderful I understand why you like to make love
to him so often." Jenny kissed her again, then said "Oh, I think
the three of us can work something out so we all get as much
loving as we want, and daddy isn't worn to a husk keeping us all
happy and contented. For now though Sandi my love, I think one
man, and two young ladies need to take a shower, don't you?"
Before I could move Kelly pulled Sandi over and whispered
something, then the pair of them rolled off the bed and walked
arm in arm to the bathroom leaving me and their mother alone. As
I lay there, still breathing deeply Jenny looked at me and,
smiling, said "Well darling, I think that went rather well, don't
you. I don't think I've ever seen anyone enjoy making love quite
so much as Sandi did, especially as she seemed to forget she had
an audience. Did Kelly enjoy it anywhere near as much?" "I think
so Jenny my love, but the thing that made it just a bit special
for Sandi was that it was her father making love to her. With
Kelly it was her stepfather, and that, I think was just a little
different. I just hope there's not going to be any jealousy
between them about how powerful an orgasm they each had." There
wasn't, as Jenny and I found out later when the girls told us
they'd showered together and swapped notes on how their first
time had been. Kelly's only regret was that it wasn't her own
daddy that was her first, but I was the next best thing anyway,
and Sandi was so lucky.

Chapter 17

Thankfully, as far as I was concerned anyway, the girls calmed
down quite a lot, and apart from constantly cuddling up close to
me as I watched tv in the evenings, they didn't make too many
sexual demands on me. Apart that is from the evening Kelly came
and joined me, after helping Sandi do the dishes, sat on my lap
and snuggled up close, giving a soft groan of pain. "What's wrong
Kelly my love?" I asked softly. "Not a lot daddy, just my
periods, they get to be a bit painful sometimes. Mind you" she
giggled, "They used to be a lot worse before I started getting a
nice injection of your wonderful semen." I gave her a sweet
tender kiss on her soft warm lips and said "Turn round Kelly my
love, so you have your back to me." She did as I told her, I then
leaned back against the cushions of the sofa pulling her with me.
As she lay against my chest I fumbled round her waist for the
fastener of her skirt, undid it and then pushed the waistband
down a few inches. This also freed her shirt tail, and I pushed
that up her abdomen until it was sitting just below her firm
young breasts.

"Just relax Kelly my love" I said softly, and began to rub my
hands round and round in circles all over her silky smooth
abdominal skin. After a couple of minutes I felt a tiny tremor
ripple through her tummy muscles and whispered "Does this feel
nice Kelly darling?" "Ohhh.. daddy it feels wonderful please
don't stop darling." I just smiled and continued rubbing her
tummy, slowly expanding the width of the circles I was making.
Eventually I was actually stroking the underside of Kelly's
breasts, and passing my little finger over the swell of her down
covered mons. Each time I did this Kelly gave a long low groan of
pleasure, so I decided to see how far I could take it and still
have her enjoying what I was doing. When I began to stroke my
hands down Kelly's sides, and over the site of her ovaries, I
quite deliberately passed one of then right across her hot
swollen mons, flicking my little finger against her swollen and
very moist pussy lips. As I also cupped my other hand over one of
her firm flushed breasts, this made her cry out with a good deal
of pleasure, bringing Sandi into the room to see what Kelly was
doing. As Sandi stood there, smiling down at Kelly she said "God,
Kel, can't you leave it alone even when you're on your period?"
Kelly opened her eyes, giggled and said breathlessly, "Come off
it sis, you know daddy explained how it's natural to feel more
horny where we're on. Beside, he's just made my period pain go
away just by rubbing me and making me cum like an express train."

We sat there on the sofa for a few minutes, then the girls went
to find Jenny and tell them what had happened, leaving me to sit
and wonder how much the girls were enjoying sex. As Jenny and I
lay in bed that night she cuddled up to me and said "I've been
asked to attend a management seminar darling. It lasts a week,
and is out of town. Will you be OK alone with the girls while I'm
gone?" I chuckled, "Of course I will Jenny my love, after all I'm
an adult, and they're children, what can go wrong?" Jenny rolled
on top of me, smiled down at me and said softly "Jack darling, I
can see you spending all your spare time in bed with them if you
let them get away with it. I think I better have a word with them
before I accept, don't you?" She did, next morning when the girls
came and asked if they could get into bed with us and have a
cuddle. "You mean get into bed with daddy and have a cuddle don't
you" said Jenny with a grin. Kelly nodded "Yes Mom, you're nice
to cuddle up to, but daddies much better, especially when we can
get him to caress our breasts while we lay in his arms" Jenny
grinned down at me and said with mock severity "Jack darling, it
seems to me we've created a couple of sex maniacs with these two,
any idea how to cure them?" "Oh, that's simple Jenny my love" I
replied, "All we have to do is cut off their supply of sexual
gratification, and make them go 'Cold Turkey'. It's supposed to
cure drug addicts, so why not sex addicts." The girls howled in
protest, knowing we were joking, but enjoying taking their
revenge on my when they attacked me and began to tickle me in
some very interesting places.

Jenny went on her course. She insisted on driving herself to the
airport saying it didn't make sense for me to take time off to do
it for her. When I got home from work that evening I found the
girls had prepared dinner and were just waiting for me to get
home before starting to cook it. I went and changed, and just
before we sat down to our meal Jenny called to tell us she was
settled in, and had enjoyed her first day of discussions and
lectures. She asked if I was eating properly and I described the
meal we'd just consumed saying "Jenny darling, if the girls feed
me like this all the time you're away I shan't be able to move
from my chair. Believe me darling, I'm getting looked after very
well." She chuckled at this and said softly "Oh, I just bet you
are Jack my love, and I bet you get looked after even better as
every day goes by." We said our goodbyes after the girls had had
a chat to her, then I went into the den to read my paper while
they cleared up the Kelly refusing my assistance with the dishes.
After a while they came and joined me, sandwiching me between
them as usual, and snuggling up close so I had difficulty
controlling my paper as I tried to read it. In the end, I gave
up, folded the paper and placed it on the coffee table in front
of the sofa. I lifted my arms a fraction and the girls got what
they wanted in the first place, snuggled up tight to daddy
wrapped in his strong arms.

As we sat there, my hands being held tight to their outermost
breasts by their own hands, the girls relaxed so much the
actually drifted off to sleep for a few minutes. It was only when
I moved my hands of their titties that they woke up again,
quickly replacing them before wriggling in my arms as they tried
to get comfortable once more. After a while Kelly slipped her
free hand across my hips, touched Sandi's thigh and said "Time
for bed sis" and almost reluctantly removed my hand as she sat
upright. After they had both kissed me goodnight they walked out
of the room, and the next thing I heard was the shower running as
they got ready for bed. I sat there for a few minutes, trying to
read my paper before deciding it was too lonely without Jenny,
and got up, secured the ground floor as was my habit and made my
way upstairs to bed. As I got to the bathroom door I decided I
might as well have a shower first, went in and stripped off,
placing my underwear, socks etc in the hamper then getting under
a nice hot shower. Once I was dried off I wrapped a towel round
my waist, picked up my sweat pants and went to my own bedroom,
where I got an unlooked for surprise. The girls were laying in
bed, leaving a space between them large enough for me to occupy.
As I hesitated Sandi smiled at me and said "At last daddy, we
thought you'd never come to bed and thought one of us would have
to come and drag you here."

I grinned, shook my head and said "I don't think this is a good
idea girls, what would your mother say if she knew?" They both
giggled like schoolgirls, "Oh, don't be silly daddy, it was mom
that suggested it. She knew you'd be lonely sleeping on your own,
just like she'll be while she's away. She just didn't see any
reason for both of you to be lonely when it wasn't necessary.
Now, get rid of that damp towel and come and let us snuggle up
close to you."
Continued in part 6


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