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A Helping Hand 6 of 8 (MF,Mf,Inc,Cons,Oral,Mast)
By Davidb234
This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!
A Helping Hand 6 of 8
By Davidb234

Chapter 18

We lay there cuddled up close to each other, Kelly with her hand
wrapped round my slowly stiffening cock and Sandi with her
fingertips making circles round my sensitive nipples. After a
short while Sandi shuffled up my chest so she could kiss me, then
she said softly "Daddy, did you ever make love to two women at
once, you know, in a threesome?" I held my breath for a moment,
then let it out in a sigh, "Yes Sandi, but that was before I met
your mother, and I don't mean Jenny either. It happened when I
was in college, I double dated with a friend. He passed out and I
was left with two horny girls to contend with. It took a while,
but in the end we really enjoyed the rest of the night." I paused
for a moment than said "Is there a reason for your question Sandi
my love?" she grinned and nodded. "The thing is daddy, Kelly and
I were wondering if you could show us how to do it, you know,
have sex with a girl and a guy. It sounds pretty nice, but we
just thought it would be difficult for everyone to have an

I chuckled as Sandi went back to laying her head on my chest.
"The thing is girls, it really depends on how well you know the
other girl, and how much you like making love to her." "DADDY!"
gasped Kelly, I chuckled again, "Oh, come off it Kelly darling,
don't tell me you and Sandi have never explored each others
bodies. I thought that was the cause of all the strange noises
that come from your room when Jenny I want a little privacy."
Before either of them could reply I said softly "Look girls,
there's nothing wrong with a bit of girl/girl lovemaking,
especially if you're trying to make up for not having a guy to do
it with. It happens all the time, and unless one of the girls is
forced into doing it, no one gets hurt, a girl can retain her
virginity and still have a good time." Sandi giggled "Well, that
lets us out Kel, we've got no virginities to protect." Kelly
moved up the bed, kissed me and said softly "You're right daddy,
we have done it, but we're not lesbians you know, we just wanted
to see what it was like." I kissed her tenderly, "And how was
it?" I asked gently. She grinned sheepishly, "Great, at least it
was once we worked out how to do what you did for us. It was also
strange tasting each others pussies at first, then we got so we
liked it. We just didn't want to do it too much in case it
spoiled us for making love to you." "And now?" I asked. Sandi
lifted her head grinned and said "And now we'd like you to show
us how two girls can love one man, and the other way round."

I thought for a minute, then spent ten describing the numerous
ways three people can be joined in sexual activities. When I was
done I said "Would you like to show me what you've tried already
please girls?" they looked at each other Kelly nodded, then
Sandi, and they threw back the covers and knelt in front of me,
their naked bodies pressed against each other. The sight of two
teenage girls pressing their breasts against each other so they
were flattened against their chests was more than enough to get
my cock bouncing, when they slipped one hand between the others
thighs and began to move it up and down almost made me blow my
wad there and then. I struggled to hold back, knowing there was
more to come, and there was. Suddenly Kelly was laying on her
back, knees raised and thighs apart. A moment later Sandi was
kneeling astride Kelly's head and had her mouth clamped tight to
Kelly's pussy. When I saw Kelly lifting her head to kiss Sandi's
glistening labia I slipped a pillow under it so she didn't end up
with an aching neck. I allowed the girls to eat each other out
for a while, then, when I thought Kelly was close to her climax I
got up, knelt behind Sandi and touched the tip of my rampant cock
to her sopping wet pussy lips.

"Oh, God.." gasped Kelly as she opened her eyes to see what was
going on. She repeated herself as she lay there and watched my
cock slip slowly into my daughters pussy, only stopping when my
balls were resting against her lower lips. Without being told
what to do Kelly began to wipe her tongue against Sandi's clit,
down the length of my cock as I drew back, then round my balls as
I pressed myself deep into Sandi once more. All this was of
course having an effect on Sandi too. It didn't take many strokes
of my cock for her to succumb to the double stimulation of my
cock and Kelly's tongue before she was screaming out in ecstasy
as her orgasm exploded inside her, making her collapse in a heap
on top of her stepsister. As this also pulled her off my still
rigid penis I sat back on my heels and watched as Kelly made the
most of having Sandi's pussy laid on her mouth. In the end though
I rolled Sandi off Kelly, opened her thighs and lifted her knees
saying to Kelly "Your turn now Kelly my love" and finding her in
position above Sandi in a flash. By the time I was kneeling
behind Kelly, Sandi had recovered her senses and saw what was
happening. This time it was she that guided my cock into Kelly,
gasping with pleasure as she watched it slide in. She was still
holding on to the shaft when I was right inside, and allowed her
hand to press against Kelly's pussy lips for a moment before
removing it.

I took things as slowly as I could, wanting both girls to enjoy
what was happening before I came. Kelly was able to bring off
Sandi very quickly to a second orgasm, and, before she could even
think about the fairness of it all she began to climax as she
felt Sandi's tongue against her pulsating nubbin and her hands on
her titties. As I held Kelly's shaking body with my hands on her
hips I gave a loud groan and began to pump my cum deep into her
firm young body, giving short jerks of my hips against her
buttocks as I felt each wad of hot sticky semen surge through my
prick and burst out of the end. Kelly's continued orgasm took
Sandi by surprise until I pulled my penis from between her pussy
lips. The resultant flood of cum, all over her mouth and chin
told Sandi what was happening, and she took full advantage of it
by attaching her lips to Kelly's pussy and trying to suck her
dry. I just sat there, my limp cock laying against my inner
thigh, watching the two of them trying to suck and orgasm at the
same time. In the end they had to stop, and, as Kelly rolled off
Sandi, she also switched ends then pressed her sticky lips to her
lovers in a long hot passionate kiss. After a moment or so Kelly
looked up, saw me kneeling there with my cock now sitting at half
mast, still glistening with our mixed cum. In a flash she was in
front of me, her mouth engulfing my cock and working like an
industrial Hoover as she tried to suck me dry. "Come on girls" I
said a few minutes later, "I think we all need another shower
before we get back into bed, don't you?"

Chapter 19

I woke up next morning, alone, but to the aroma of fresh brewed
coffee. A few minutes later the girls came in with my breakfast
on a tray, set it down on my lap and sat cross legged in front of
me. I was just able to eat my meal without getting too distracted
by the beaver shot I was being subjected to, and was soon pushing
my tray to one side and getting out of bed prior to getting a
shower and dressed ready for work. The week that Jenny was away
went very slowly. OK, I was getting really good sex every night,
sharing my time between Kelly and Sandi, sometimes singly and
sometimes all together. It still wasn't quite as good as if it
had been Jenny I was sleeping with. In the end though she came
home and despite being tired and jet lagged almost ended up on
the living room floor with her legs wrapped round my back.

As it was we managed to restrain ourselves until we went to bed,
and even that wasn't as early as I would have liked as she
insisted on getting a day by day account of the girls exploits.
As Jenny was sitting on my lap while the girls told her what
they'd done she was soon wriggling her butt against my slowly
stiffening cock and uttering soft exclamations as she was told
about their first time as a threesome. "It was really nice Mom"
said Kelly softly "But I don't think I'd like to do it with
someone I don't know as well as I do Sandi. Doing it with daddy
seemed to make it alright, but I won't do it with anyone else."
Sandi nodded and said "Me too Mom, it'll be OK as a substitute
for when daddies not around, but I won't be turning into a
lesbian in the foreseeable future." A short time later and we
said goodnight to the girls, and we made our way up to bed where
I made hot passionate love to Jenny just once, as she simply fell
asleep in my arms minutes after her third orgasm of our first

Next morning Jenny was all contrite at having fallen asleep on me
but I laughed it off saying "It makes a change darling, it's
usually been me falling asleep having been worn out by you and/or
the girls." We spent the weekend at home apart from a trip to the
supermarket to stock up on food, the girls getting a quick trip
round the mall while Jenny and I did the food shopping. The rest
of the time we spent lazing around the house and garden allowing
Jenny to fully recover before returning to work once more on
Monday. The weeks passed, turning into months, and the family sex
began to settle down when the girls finally realised they didn't
have to grab it while they could. It was always available, as and
when they needed it. To keep up appearances they started to date
a couple of boys from school, but soon got the reputation of
never going past second base so ended up with just a few guys
willing to go out with them. This was fine because the girls knew
they were going to be pretty safe and almost never had any
problems with over excited male hormones. Almost never! Sandi did
have a hard time fighting off one guy in the back seat of his
car, ending up kneeing him accidentally in the groin as she tried
to prevent him ripping her panties off. As that was the last time
she went out with him she had no more problems, always making
sure she only went out with safe dates.

The one big change that occurred was that the girls began to get
better and better grades at school. Not that they were bad to
begin with, but they were now in the top half dozen students in
most of the subjects they were taking. I got a laugh from Jenny
when we were talking about this one evening when I said jokingly
"It's the family sex that's doing it Jenny my love. They don't
have to spend endless hours looking for someone to make out with
because it's always available in the home. Therefore they can
spend more of their time and effort concentrating on their school
work, and ergo; better grades." When they had all stopped
laughing Jenny said "Can't you just see it girls, me going to a
PTA meeting and saying "Get your girls to have sex with their
daddies and their grades will improve, and don't forget your sons
ladies, it works both ways!" Whatever else happened the girls
excelled during the last few years at high school and the time
soon came round for them to be going off to college. It was the
usual frenetic scramble looking for the right college for the
girls to go to, not helped by them getting offers for places at
some of the most prestigious seats of learning in the country. In
the end a disaster made up their minds for them, and they chose
to attend our local college so as to be close to me.

The day it happened started out normal. Jenny and I made love
gently and softly before we got up for breakfast. We all ate as a
family as was usual and I offered to drop the girls off at school
on my way to work as they didn't have to get in at their usual
time. It was the last few days of school for them. They'd sat all
their finals and were just waiting for their results as they sat
out the end of term furore. Jenny left a few minutes before the
rest of us as she had to go and visit a client after picking up
her boss on the way. The girls got home first, and I followed
them in a few minutes after five in the evening. What did
surprise me was that Jenny wasn't home before us, as she'd told
me she should be finished for the day by three at the latest. In
the end I called her office and had just got through when there
was a knock on the front door. Kelly answered it, calling me to
say there was a policeman wanting to see me. I dropped the phone,
my stomach knotted and I felt a deep chill creeping down my
spine. A few minutes later I was struggling to hold back my
emotions as I tried to comfort the girls after we were told that
Jenny had been killed in a car accident. It appeared her car was
hit by a truck skidding across the road as it swerved to miss a
child that ran in front of it.

Jenny and her boss were killed instantly, the truck driver was
lucky to survive, and the mother of the child simply walked away
ignoring what had happened being too interested in dusting her
child's coat free of spatters of mud from the wheels of the
truck. It took the police weeks to find her, only to find they
had no case against her, despite the heartbreak she was
responsible for. It took weeks for me and the girls to come to
terms with what happened, but eventually I managed to convince
them they had to continue with their lives as the last thing
Jenny would have wanted was for them to forego their college
education. In order to save money they both opted for the local
college, which meant they could live at home, the campus being
little more that twenty minutes bus ride from our house. As we
were now living on my, not inconsiderable, income having them
just spend the first year living in dorms wasn't going to be too
much of a strain. They were able to come home every weekend, and
even on odd evenings during the week when they wanted to borrow
my car.

By the time their first term at college started the girls had
recovered from their initial grief, and were functioning almost
as normal, certainly enough to begin a new chapter in their
lives. Things really changed at the end of their first year when
they asked if they could have a friend stay for the summer

Chapter 20

"The thing is daddy" said Sandi as she snuggled up close while
sitting on my lap, "Carol got a letter from her parents to say
they were stuck in Europe for another six months, and there was
no way she could get over to stay with them. She usually goes and
stays with an aunt when this sort of thing happens, but she's
going on a cruise and can't get an extra berth at such short
notice." Sandi kissed me tenderly "Besides daddy, you know you
like her from when she came and stayed for Christmas. It'll just
be a bit longer this time, and with better weather so we can all
go out together." This was essentially true; I did like Carol,
and not just because of her great figure either, although I have
to admit it was as good as either of the girls. "OK Sandi my
love" I replied after a bit of thought, "But you won't start
complaining if we have to cut back on our lovemaking when she's
around. And it will mean you can't sleep with me like you do
now." Sandi kissed me tenderly "Don't worry too much about that
daddy darling, Kelly and I have it all sorted. All we have to do
is wait until Carol has gone to bed, then we can sneak into bed
with you one at a time." I nodded, "All right, she can stay, just
make sure she doesn't embarrass me by offering to pay for her bed
and board. The amount she's likely to be eating isn't going to
make the rest of us starve, OK?" "Thanks daddy, Kelly and I
really appreciate it, and I promise Carol won't make waves, money

School ended and the girls brought Carol home with them. I got a
surprise when Carol followed the girls in kissing me when I got
in from work that evening. It wasn't the kiss, more the depth of
passion Carol put into it, and I had to back off quickly using
the excuse I had to change in order to get away and do something
about the erection that had suddenly appeared when she was in my
arms. As I stepped out of my bedroom I found Kelly about to come
in. She gently pushed me back, closed the door behind me and gave
me a kiss every bit as passionate as Carol had a few minutes
earlier. "OK Kelly my love" I said softly, "What's going on here,
I'm not used to strange young ladies kissing me quite that
warmly?" Kelly giggled "Oh, just her way of saying hello, and
thanks for having me. Besides she does think you're pretty dishy,
and a hunk to boot." I looked into Kelly's eyes for a few
moments, then said "Kelly, NO, it's not on darling. It's not fair
to me, and it's not fair to you and Sandi. I would also say it's
not fair to Carol either, so whatever you and Sandi have cooked
up for the vacation, my answer is a firm NO, understand?" Kelly
gave me a smile, one I hadn't seen for a long time, and then it
was on Jenny's lips. "Oh, don't be a spoil sport daddy, we
haven't asked you to do anything yet." I looked at her intently,
smiled lovingly and said in a soft loving voice "I know you
haven't Kelly my love, but I know that look, I got it so many
times from your wonderful mother, and I always ended up doing
something I didn't want to. You have to remember darling that
you're so like Jenny in how you look, and what you do and say. I
just don't want to do anything that might damage what we have
between the three of us, that's all."

Kelly hugged me tightly for a few minutes, then she looked up at
me and said "Do I really remind you so much of Mom?" I smiled,
unable to prevent my eyes filling with tears for a moment. "Yes
darling, every minute of every day, even when we're in bed making
love, I'm reminded of her, that's what's kept me going over the
past year. If I hadn't had you and Sandi to love me like you do,
I don't think I'd have survived 'til now." It took us both a few
minutes to regain our composure, and by the time we appeared
downstairs Sandi had dinner about to be served. That first dinner
with Carol amongst us was very restrained. Normally the girls
would have been all over me before during and after, and as soon
as the dishes were done they would have been stripping me off in
the den or on the living room floor. As it was all that happened
was that I had Kelly and Sandi snuggling up close on the sofa in
the den, while Carol sat in an arm chair opposite watching what
was going on. "Please don't ignore your guest girls, and I think
this might embarrass her if it goes too far" I said softly in
Sandi's ear. Sandi giggled, "Why daddy, would you like her to
join in, and come and sit on your lap. She will you know darling,
all you have to do is say."

I shook my head, then whispered "I already told Kelly NO, Sandi
my love, why should anything you say change my mind?" Sandi
looked at me, smiled and climbed on to my lap. As she slipped her
arms round my neck she placed her lips to my ear and whispered
"That's because you don't know everything we know daddy, I guess
Kelly didn't get to tell you why Carol's here, did she?" I shook
my head, "I thought it was because her parents couldn't have her
in Europe with them, or was that just part of your cunning plan
too?" Sandi nodded, then said "Kelly darling, could you and Carol
give me and daddy a few minutes please?" Kelly nodded stood up
and took Carol by the hand, pulling her gently to her feet then
out of the den. Sandi shifted round so she was straddling my lap,
unconsciously rubbing her crotch against my now semi hard cock.
Suddenly realising what she was doing Sandi giggled, leaned
forward to give me a soft tender kiss then sat back.

"I'm sorry we lied to you daddy, but we weren't sure if you'd
allow Carol to stay if you knew the truth, and we didn't want to
take the chance of you saying no" she placed a fingertip on my
lips as I went to say something. I shut up and allowed her to
continue. "The real reason Carol's here is so she doesn't have to
go to stay with her parents. You see daddy darling, her father
has been abusing her for the last four years, and she's really
scared he intends to actually rape her this time. So far he
hasn't actually had intercourse with her, she's still a virgin,
but he's been forcing her to suck him off almost every night, and
also to jerk him off so he cums all over her face and titties.
And before you ask, Carol's mother doesn't believe Carol when she
tries to tell her what her father is doing. Kelly and I found
Carol sobbing her heart out one night when we got in late. She'd
locked herself in a cubicle in the girls bathroom trying to hide
from everyone. It took ages for us to get her to tell us what was
wrong, and that was when we asked you if she could stay. You
won't send her to her parents will you daddy, please say you
won't." I smiled at Sandi, then said "No darling, I won't send
her away, but I would like her to tell me herself, could you ask
her to come and see me please darling, and please, leave us
alone, I promise I wont do anything to scare her, OK?" Sandi
smiled, kissed me and said "I know you won't darling, and I think
she knows she can trust you just like we do." With that Sandi
slipped off my lap and went to find her friend.
Continued in part 7


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