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A Helping Hand 7 of 8 (MF,Mf,Inc,Cons,Oral,Mast)
By Davidb234
This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!
A Helping Hand 7 of 8
By Davidb234

Chapter 21

A few minutes later and Carol was sitting on the sofa beside me.
I turned to face her and said softly "Carol my dear, Sandi has
told me something about your problem, and before I make a
decision I'd like you to tell me yourself." The fact she blushed
fire engine red told me this wasn't going to be easy. I took
Carol's hands in mine, smiled gently at her and said "Look Carol,
I know it wont be easy, and if you like I'll ask one of the girls
to come and sit with us, but I'd much rather you tell me on your
own. Please don't be embarrassed about anything you may have to
say, I guess I've heard it all before you know." Carol smiled at
this, but still seemed reluctant. "Look, why don't you come and
sit close to me, turn your back to my chest and lean on me while
you tell me. That way you wont have to see me looking at you, and
it might be a bit easier?" she smiled, and did as I suggested,
and a moment later I had her laying against my chest, my arms
round her, and her hands holding mine firmly in her lap. As she
relaxed she lay her head on my shoulder and I allowed her cheek
to touch mine as I leaned forward a little. Slowly it all came
out, and Carol told me just what Sandi had, only in slightly more
graphical terms. Basically, her life had been hell for almost
five years, with regular bouts of sexual abuse, and more often
than not physical abuse too when she resisted her fathers sexual
advances. She admitted to being frightened of men in general, and
older men, father figures, in particular.

After a short pause Carol gave a deep sigh then said "That was
all before I cried on Kelly and Sandi's shoulders. They told me
how loving you were, how you'd never hurt them, even though Kelly
wasn't actually your daughter, just a step daughter. They both
seemed to love you so much that when they said I could come and
stay, I jumped at the chance. When my ticket arrived I threw it
in the garbage in the hope I could stay away from my parents. You
will let me stay wont you?" I hugged her tight for a moment, then
placed a tender sweet kiss on her cheek before saying "I guess
that'll be OK, provided you tell me why, if you're so frightened
of men my age, you kissed me like you did when I came in this
evening?" as my cheek was laying against hers I felt her blush,
then her shrug as she said quietly "I don't know, I just felt I
wanted to, and that you were a safe person to kiss. Besides the
girls know I think you're dishy, as I'm sure Kelly has already
told you." I kissed her cheek once more and said very softly "And
what else have the girls told you, and I'd like the truth please
Carol, I promise I won't do or say anything to the girls, OK?"
Again Carol blushed and after a short pause she said "Well, they
told me the reason they know just how gentle, loving and
trustworthy you are, is because they've been making love to you
for as long as my father has been abusing me. I guess having sex
with your father isn't always as horrid as it has been for me."

Carol then broke down and began sobbing, I gently lifted her on
to my lap and began to rock her to and fro in an effort to
comfort her. After a few minutes she calmed down, lifted her head
and looked at me, tears still streaming down her cheeks. "You
won't send me away will you, please don't do that. I promise I'll
keep out of your way, and you won't even see me if you want to
have Kelly and Sandi sleeping with you like you usually do.
Please, just let me stay and I'll keep to my room all the time."
"Carol my love" I said softly as I took her head between my
hands, "How old are you right now?" looking puzzled she said
"Nineteen, almost twenty, why?" "Because my dear, in this state
you're legally an adult, and don't have to do what your parents
say if you don't want to. You can make your own decisions about
when and where you go, and what you do. There is no way that your
parents can force you to return home, especially if you remind
them that there is no statute of limitations on child abuse
charges. Everything your father ever did to you can come back and
bite him on the ass." I paused to allow what I'd told her to sink
in, then I continued "Now, knowing I'm not going to throw you
out, will you tell me what it was you and the girls worked out
between you?" Carol blushed again, this time prettily rather than
with embarrassment, then looked me in the eye and said in a firm
voice "They were going to get you to make love to me, and show me
just how good it is when a gentle caring man loves a frightened
young girl for the first time." She grinned giggled, then
continued, "The thing was, if you didn't agree they were going to
tie you up and let me do it myself when they'd got you ready. I
didn't like that idea too much, but they did say you liked it
that way sometimes. Do you?" I grinned and nodded "Sometimes" I

Chapter 22

"The question now Carol my love" I said softly, "Is, what do we
do now. Do you really want to shut yourself away and hide for the
rest of the summer, or do you want to have a go at what you and
the girls planned to happen?" She sat there open mouthed for a
moment, unable to believe what I'd just said. Then she took a
deep breath and said "Would you still do it for me, even though
we told all those lies to get me to stay here?" I grinned, nodded
and said "Why don't you go and call the girls, I'm sure they're
just outside the door trying to listen to what's going on." They
were, and a moment later two blushing beauties were sitting on
chairs opposite where Carol was sitting on my lap cuddled up
close to me. "Right girls" I said firmly, "I've talked to Carol,
and I agree that she should stay. I also think that what you did
was with the best possible motives. Nevertheless, you did lie to
me, and that can't go unpunished, can it?" The girls looked at
me, then Sandi said softly "No daddy, I guess we all deserve to
be punished, don't you agree Kelly?" "Yes sis" responded Kelly,
"What about Carol daddy, she lied just as much as we did?" I
nodded sagely, "That's right Kelly my darling, and that's where
the problem comes. I'm prepared to do as you want, but only after
you have all been punished for the lies you told me, agreed?"
"Yes daddy" said Kelly and Sandi in unison. "What about you
Carol, will you accept the same as Kelly and Sandi?"

Suddenly Carol looked scared again, and she seemed as if she was
going to refuse when Kelly went over to where she was sitting on
the sofa, whispered in her ear and said a number of time "Say
yes, just say yes." "Well, I guess I better say yes, or I lose
everything, don't I?" I nodded once, and she then said "Well, OK,
but I still don't know what the punishment is. Will someone
please tell me." I stood up, smiled at the girls and said softly
"Why don't I go and get ready in my room girls, meanwhile you can
explain it to Carol while you get yourselves ready. You know what
to wear, don't you?" "Yes daddy" they said, and I gave them all a
soft sweet kiss on the lips then went up to my bedroom to get
things ready for their arrival. In the bedroom I stripped off my
clothes putting on a long dressing gown, then placed an upright
chair by the foot of the bed and sat down to wait for the girls
to come in. there was a soft knock on the door, I called come in,
and all three girls came in, although Carol looked a little
apprehensive as she stood between the other two.

Kelly and Sandi brought Carol and they all stood in front of me,
about a yard away from my knees. I looked at all three of them
and grinned inwardly, then said "Right then, you three young
ladies have lied to me, when telling the truth would have got you
what you wanted in the first place. I'm not going to spank you
for the lies you told me", here I saw Carol suddenly relax, and
heard her soft sigh of relief, it was however soon dispelled. "As
I said, I'm not going to spank you for the lies you told. But I
an going to spank you for telling those lies. Do you understand
the difference?" "Yes daddy" said Kelly and Sandi, Carol was
silent, then Kelly whispered something to her and she then said
in a soft voice "Yes uncle Jack."

Chapter 23

"Who's first?" I asked briskly, Sandi stepped forward and said "I
am daddy, I deserve ten, and up please." As Sandi bent over my
lap I saw Kelly whisper to Carol, "That means she gets ten
spanks, and she wants daddy to hold her up, rather than hold her
down. The difference is that daddy holds her breasts in his hand,
and Sandi doesn't try to get away while she's being spanked.
Saying you want it down means he puts his hand on you back so you
can't get away while he's spanking you. Besides it means you
don't get spanked quite so hard and you get your titties felt at
the same time." Carol giggled, suddenly feeling much more relaxed
about being spanked for the first time in her life.

As Sandi lay on my lap she opened her bathrobe, the only thing
she was wearing apart from her panties. I cupped my hand over her
right breasts with my left hand and pushed the hem of her
bathrobe up her back with my right, I caressed her panty covered
buttocks for a moment, then hooked my fingers in the waistband
and slowly pulled them over her firm young bottom and down to
just above her knees. Lifting my hand to shoulder level I brought
it down with a loud 'SPLATT' making Sandi jump, and leaving a
pink mark the shape of my hand. Loud it was, but as usual it
wasn't painful for Sandi, I was too careful for that to happen.
After all I wanted to arouse her, not beat her into submission.
Seven more I gave her, then I paused for a moment, gently
caressing her upper thighs and the swell of her bottom with my
warm hand. I was now able to feel Sandi's arousal, her pussy lips
were glistening and slick with her lube juices. Once more I
lifted my hand, and brought it down again, giving Sandi her last
two spanks. Then Carol learned why the girls seemed so anxious to
receive a spanking from me.

"Watch this Carol, but keep quite still and don't say a word,
OK?" whispered Kelly. Carol nodded, still a little bemused with
what was going on. As Sandi lay there her breath coming in short
gasps, I bent to place a tender kiss on the top of each of her
glowing buttocks, then stroked them once more with my hand. I
then slid my hand down over her bottom, rubbing the side of it
between her firm rounded cheeks, and pressing it against her
sensitive anal pucker. As my thumb passed her anus I paused
slightly, then passed over it until I could press it between her
suddenly wet swollen pussy lips. When my digit was well and truly
slicked up I quickly moved it back to Sandi's anus and in a
single movement pressed it two knuckles deep inside her relaxed
ass. At the same time I pressed two fingers deep inside Sandi's
pussy, the combined action making her cry out in ecstasy as a few
strokes in and out her two passages brought her to a crashing

All was still for a short while as Sandi lay gasping on my lap,
and Kelly and Carol stood in silence watching what was going on.
As Sandi regained control of herself I helped her to stand,
gently pulled her panties up, slipping my fingers in the
waistband and leg bands to ensure they were sitting right, then
pulled her face down to mine and gave her a soft tender kiss.
"Thanks daddy, that was really wonderful, and I'm sorry I lied to
you." She then went and stood beside Carol as Kelly stepped
forward and stood in front of me. "Ten and up please daddy" she
said softly, and over the next few minutes I gave her the same as
I had given Sandi. As had Sandi, so did Kelly apologise to me for
lying, and she then stepped back beside her stepsister waiting
for Carol to do the same as they had. Seeing she was somewhat
reluctant, Sandi took Carol by the hand and gently pulled her to
stand in front of me, her knees touching mine, and her gaze
falling on the tent forming in the front of my robe. Tenderly I
took Carol's hands in mine, placed a soft loving kiss on her
palms, looked up into her eyes and said softly "Carol my love,
you do not have to do this you know. The girls do it because they
know I won't hurt them, and knowing they'll end up having a good
time in the end. If you're in the least bit concerned my dear,
all you have to do is say a simple No, and we'll stop right now,
understood?" Carol took a deep breath, gave me a wan smile and
said in a quiet voice "Can I have five and down please Uncle
Jack, seeing as it's my first time?" I smiled and nodded, and a
moment later she was laying across my thighs, one arm wrapped
round my leg, and the other holding on to my naked thigh. I
placed my left hand between her shoulder blades and used my right
to slowly draw the hem of her robe up her thighs and over her
naked back. This left her displaying her skimpy white silk
panties, and as I slowly drew them down her legs I saw the crotch
was very wet indeed. Unlike the girls I pulled Carol's panties
right off, dropping them beside me as I placed my hand on her
legs at the knees and began to draw it up the inside of her left

I don't know if this was Carol's first experience of being
touched so tenderly, I do know she allowed her legs to open
slightly as her tense thigh muscles slowly relaxed under my
touch. By the time I reached the top of her legs I was able to
see the slick glistening lips of her pussy as they poked out from
between her firm smooth thighs. I also felt the twitch of her
tummy muscles as she felt the sudden hardening of my cock as it
pressed against her from between my own thighs. Wanting to bring
this to an end as soon as I could I began to spank her, loudly
but as gently as I could, making her jump and cry out in
surprise, rather then actually hurting her in any way.

As she requested I gave her only five, but when I was done I made
sure I stroked the flat of my hand over her wet swollen
glistening pussy lips. The moment my hand touched her labia I
felt her tummy muscles tense, and her grip on my legs tighten.
Slowly I pressed my middle finger between her swollen outer lips,
then moved my hand down so I could press my thumb into her tight
slick love tunnel. I guess it was the first time she'd allowed
this to happen, because she clamped her thighs together, trapping
my hand between them for a moment or two. When she finally
relaxed I gave my thumb a tiny waggle inside her, then withdrew
it and quickly pressed it against her tight puckered anus. As I
pressed against her rose hole I leaned over and whispered "You OK
with this Carol my love?" She took a deep breath and nodded
briefly, then gave a cry of surprise as she felt my digit pass
through her sphincter and into her anal canal. As soon as I felt
her tight anal ring clamp tight round my thumb I pressed my
middle finger along her slit and began to move my hand to and
fro, making sure I touched her clitty each time I pressed my
thumb inside her ass.

Suddenly, without any warning Carol's back arched, her body
stiffened and she screamed out loud as she exploded in orgasm,
her ass cheeks squeezing my thumb and her thighs clamping tight
on to my hand, trapping my finger between her pussy lips. Seeing
the way their friend was thrashing about on my lap the girls
quickly dropped to their knees in front of us and helped me to
hold her steady, and stop her falling to the floor. After some
minutes Carol went limp, collapsing to lay like a damp towel over
my lap. Very gently I eased my hand away from her ass and pussy,
then allowed the girls to lay her on the floor between us,
placing a pillow under her head, and a blanket over her limp
body. After seeing that Carol was OK Kelly sat back on her heels,
looked up at me and said softly "Well, I guess we now know she's
not averse to a little sexual experimentation, I wonder if she's
going to do this every time she cums?" I smiled at her, then said
"I don't know Kelly my love, but I think I better get her up on
the bed, it'll be more comfortable for her when she wakes up."
With that I knelt beside Carol, scooped her up into my arms and
stood up. I stepped over to the bed and gently laid her down
where Sandi has opened the covers in readiness. As I left the
girls to cover Carol up and watch over her, I went to the
bathroom and cleaned up, bringing back a glass of water in case
it was needed.

By the time I returned to the bedroom the girls were laying each
side of Carol, who was laying with her eyes open albeit that they
didn't seem to be focusing too well. As I sat on the edge of the
bed beside Kelly I leaned over and said softly "How do you feel
Carol, I wasn't too hard on you was I?" she smiled at me, closed
her eyes for a moment, then looked into mine saying "No, Uncle
Jack, that was the best punishment I ever had. When my father
punished me he beat me with his belt or a stick. Then he'd make
me do things I hated him for, beating me again if I refused." As
Carol began to cry once more I motioned to Kelly to let me lay in
her place, then I took Carol in my arms and hugged her close to
me until she'd cried herself out. When at last Carol was quiet I
lifted her head with my fingertip under her chin, smiled down at
her and said "All better now?" she smiled wanly at me and nodded,
then she said in a soft whisper "Will you kiss me please Uncle
Jack, like you do Kelly and Sandi?" Very slowly I lowered my lips
to hers, then pressed them into a soft loving sensuous kiss as I
stroked my hand over her tear stained cheek, and over her soft
shining hair. As we kissed I felt Carol's tongue making a
tentative foray between my lips, and tenderly pressed the tip of
mine out to make a fleeting contact, before retracting it and
trapping hers between my lips and sucking hard on it, making her
gasp with surprise. A few moments later Carol was laying in my
arms, her head on my chest and her arm across my abdomen. As we
lay there I felt her head move, then heard her say softly "You
were right Sandi darling, not all father figures are to be

I lay there with Carol in my arms and the girls sitting on the
edge of the bed, for about half an hour, then said "All right
girls, it's getting late and I need my beauty sleep, I think we
all need a good nights sleep. We can continue this in the
morning, if it's felt necessary, OK?" To my surprise they all
nodded and said a simple 'Yes', then kissed me tenderly before
making their way to their own beds.
Continued in part 8


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