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A Helping Hand 8 of 8 (MF,Mf,Inc,Cons,Oral,Mast)
By Davidb234
This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!
A Helping Hand 8 of 8
By Davidb234

Chapter 24

Despite having some difficulty dropping off to sleep, I did
eventually manage it, and was too soon woken up to the smell of
fresh brewed coffee. As I opened my eyes I saw Carol sitting on
the edge beside me, and the girls standing at the foot watching
what was going on. Slightly puzzled I nevertheless sat up, took
the coffee Carol offered me and leaned back against the headboard
and sipped it slowly. When I was compos mentis after my caffeine
hit I handed the cup back to Carol, looked at the girls and said
"OK girls, what's going on in those tricky minds of yours?" Kelly
smiled, shook her head and said "Oh, not a lot daddy darling, we
were just wondering if you might help Carol out with her little
problem while Sandi and I get breakfast ready?" I grinned at her,
"What, change of plan darling, I thought you were going to tie me
down and rape me while I was helpless?" the girls grinned back at
me and Sandi replied "Oh, we will daddy, but not until we know
doing it Carol's way doesn't work." I looked at Carol who was
blushing bright red, then back to the girls, "I see, and what is
'Carol's way'?" Sandi smiled at me, "To simply ask you if you'd
make love to her like you do to me and Kelly" she giggled, looked
at Kelly then said "Personally I think our way would be much more
fun, but Carol was worried you might not like it quite as much as
we said you would. That's why we're letting her try it the easy
way." With that she and Kelly waved to Carol and me, turned round
and walked out of the bedroom, closing the door tight behind

I looked at Carol, smiled as gently as I could and said softly
"Well Carol my love, what now?" In a flash Carol was sitting on
my lap, her head buried in the crook of my neck and her arms
round my chest. "Would you show me how a daddy loves his little
girl please daddy Jack. Kelly and Sandi told me how wonderfully
gentle you are, even when it's the first time." Very gently I
pushed Carol away from me, looked her in the eye and said softly
"Carol my love, tell me truthfully, do you want this for
yourself, or because the girls told you I'd do it for you if you
asked?" She looked me in the eye and I could see the tears
beginning to form as she said softly "I want someone to do it so
my father doesn't hurt me as I'm sure he will. I want you to do
it for me because the girls told me how gentle you are, and how
much they love you making love to them. I want you to do it
because you made me have my first orgasm since I was twelve, and
that was when you were spanking me. I want you to do it because I
feel safe when I'm close to you, and I know you'd never hurt me
no matter what you were doing to me." I pulled her face close to
mine, pressed my lips to hers in a soft gentle kiss then
whispered "I guess you want me to do it for you don't you?" Carol
nodded "Yes please" she said softly.

"Come on then" I said with a smile, and I threw back the covers
beside me and watched as Carol rolled off the bed, shucked off
her robe and stood there naked for a moment before climbing in
beside me and snuggling up tight to my own naked body. As soon as
I felt Carol's naked breasts pressing against my chest I felt my
penis begin to swell. As this coincided with her lifting her
thigh over mine she got a surprise as she felt the hot hardness
of it laying under her upper leg. Quick as a flash she moved her
leg back and allowed my cock to spring upright and press against
the comforter. "It's OK darling" I said softly "It's just my
reaction to feeling your wonderful naked body against mine, any
man would react the same believe me." Carol giggled softly, then
whispered "Can I touch it please, I've never seen a mans before,
only a little boys." I smiled at her and replied "Well, only if I
can touch your breasts and pussy. In fact I want to do to you
everything you want to do to me, OK?" a quick nod from me and
Carol's head was buried under the bed clothes until I threw them
off and allowed her to see what she was doing.

Tentatively Carol reached out and placed her fingertips on the
head of my throbbing cock, then with a butterfly touch she
stroked them down and up the full length of my shaft feeling the
heat and the pulsating of my heartbeat as it echoed through my
penis. Either Carol had been getting instructions from the girls
or she had some good memories to fall back on, either way I was
amazed when she put out her tongue and wiped it from the base to
the tip of my cock. She then opened her mouth and was about to
cover my cockhead when I stopped her and said softly "You don't
have to do this you know Carol my love." She turned to me, smiled
and said "Oh, but I do daddy Jack, even if only to prove to
myself it isn't a bad thing to do when I want to do it." "I
understand darling, but please don't force anything, we have a
long time to sort things out, OK?" Carol nodded, then went back
to what she was about to do. The one thing her abusive father had
done was make sure that Carol was able to deep throat him
whenever he wanted her to. I found this out as we sat down at
breakfast a little later. Right now I just lay there, my eyes
closed and one hand cupping Carol's naked down covered pussy as
she worked her magic on my hard throbbing cock. Almost without a
pause Carol began to engulf my manhood in her open maw, her
tongue wrapping round my cockhead and shaft as they passed
through her mouth and down her throat in a single slow movement.
When I felt her nose pressing against my pubic bone I held my
breath until I felt her begin to withdraw from my cock just as
slowly as she had swallowed me.

When at last Carol was laying with her lips touching the tip of
my cock I gently pulled her up to face me and said "Do you feel
all right Carol darling?" As she lifted her head to face me I
could see the tears streaming down her cheeks, and I leaned down
and tried to kiss them away for her. When she'd done crying she
leaned on my chest, her nose a couple of inches away from mine
and said softly "I didn't know if I could do that myself. My
father always forced his penis into my mouth as far as it would
go" suddenly she giggled, then said "I just realised his never
went down as far as your did, I wonder if that why he did that to
me rather than anything else?" After a pensive moment Carol gave
a hard shake of her head, climbed on top of me and said firmly
"OK, I've laid my ghost, can I get laid properly now please daddy
Jack, You don't mind me calling you daddy Jack, do you?" I smiled
up at her and shook my head "No darling, I don't mind at all,
just try not to do it too much in public, or people might get the
right impression, and we don't want that do we?" She giggled and
shook her head, then said "How do we do this daddy, like this or
with you on top?" "Why don't you try it the way the girls
suggested darling, do you remember what they said?" Blushing
prettily she nodded, then reached between her thighs and grasped
my hard throbbing erection and waved it about until she felt the
tip touching her hot swollen and very wet pussy lips. Looking
down at e she grinned and said "I guess I get to do all the work
this way, don't I?" I grinned back and nodded "Yes darling, but
you also get to stop when you want too, and that might just be
important to you. Just don't try to rush things, the girls can
keep breakfast warm for us if necessary."

All the time we were exchanging banter Carol was wriggling her
butt about as she tried to find the right place for my cockhead
to fit. When she finally found it she grinned at me then said
"Got it!" The next thing I knew she was giving out aloud cry as
we felt my cock forcing it's way through her maidenhead
destroying it for all time, then lodging deep inside her virgin
body. I reached up and pulled Carol down to lay on my chest,
holding her tenderly as I stroked her back and sides. "I said
take your time darling, you didn't have to do it like that, it
needn't have been that painful for you." Carol shook her head,
then said, between sobs "No, I needed to do it like that daddy
Jack, no matter how gentle you may have been it was still going
to hurt. You see darling when I went to have a check up last
month the doctor told me that girls my age tend to have a strong
hymen compared to girls of fourteen or fifteen. She offered to
remove it surgically for me, but I refused, hoping I could escape
my father. She told me then that it would hurt me more than if
I'd lost my virginity four or five years ago. It seems that's the
average age for girls to lose their cherries these days." Still
grinning Carol sat upright and said "I guess this is where I
start bouncing up and down like the girls told me to, isn't it?"
I nodded, then said "Or you could lay down and let me do all the
work for you this time, maybe one of them could help you with
playing cowgirls later on?"

Carol nodded, and made as if to climb off me. I shook my head,
pulled her down on to my chest again and wrapped my arms round
her. In a single movement I rolled the two of us over, feeling
her legs clamping round my hips as soon as Carol felt they were
free of my body. Slowly and gently I made love to her. Long slow
strokes alternating with shorter quick ones soon brought her
close to orgasm, and long before I was close she was screaming
out as her climax hit her like a falling tree, and she felt the
ecstasy rippling outwards from the centre of her being to the
very extremities of her body. Even before the girls came bursting
into the bedroom Carol was laying in a dead faint beneath me, and
I had to roll off her so as not to smother her. As I flopped down
beside Carol Kelly and Sandi came and checked her over, feeling
her pulse just as she opened her eyes and looked up at them. "You
OK Carol" asked Kelly concernedly. She nodded silently then
looked round until she saw me beside her. Without a sound she
rolled over, pressed her body to mine and then her lips, in a
hard passionate kiss. When she finally broke the kiss she looked
at me and gasped "Oh, thank you so much daddy Jack, that was the
most wonderful thing I ever felt in my life and I can't even
remember the painful bit at the start." She lay her head on my
chest for a while then lifted it and said softly "I can't
remember feeling you cum in me daddy Jack, did I miss it?" I
grinned and shook my head "No darling, I didn't have time you
were so quick, but don't worry, it can wait 'til next time, if
you want a next time that is?" "Ohh, yes please daddy" she said,
then she went silent for a moment before saying "Daddy Jack,
would you do something really weird for me please?" "What's that
Carol darling" I replied. She sat up on her heels, looked down at
me and said "Would you cum over my breasts please. I know I said
I hated my father doing it, but this time it's me wanting you to
do it, not him forcing me. Do you see what I mean?" I nodded "Yes
darling, I understand. But how about making it even better and
having the girls come and help. You see Carol my love, this is
something they like to do too, so it isn't all that weird."

All Carol had time to do was look round at Kelly and Sandi, she
was then thrown on to her back and I was straddling her hips as
the girls rapidly stripped off and came to kneel each side of me.
I slipped my arms round the girls as the both held on to my hard
throbbing cock and between them began to jerk me off, all the
time smiling down at their friend. It didn't take long for me to
be getting close to orgasm, and as Sandi slipped her free hand
between my thighs from behind and cupped my swollen balls I
hugged Kelly to me and gasped "I'm cumming darling, I'm cumming
NOOOWWW.. and I began to shoot a massive stream of hot sticky cum
the length of Carol's naked body, splashing it on her face and
then, when directed by Kelly, between her firm conical titties
and the length of her abdomen. As I knelt there gasping for
breath I felt Kelly gently squeezing the last few drops of semen
from the end of my cock so they landed on Carol's cum oozing
pussy lips. Totally spent I sat back on my heels, my head hanging
as I breathed deeply in an effort to get some oxygen into my
lungs. Carol lay there totally mesmerised as the girls began to
rub my semen into her skin from forehead to mons, occasionally
licking their hands clean of their accumulated cum. "You OK
lover" said Kelly softly as she kissed Carol's cum streaked lips.

Carol gave a shake of her head, forced herself up on to her
elbows and looked at me. "God, I can't understand why I was so
frightened of my father. We've just done all that he has ever
done to me, and I've suddenly realised just how inadequate he
really is. His prick never filled my throat like yours did, it
just hurt more because of the way he forced it in me. When he
used to shoot his cum on me it just made a bit of a mess, you
just gave me a bath in yours. His looked weak like skimmed milk,
yours is thick and creamy and it looks like Kelly and Sandi like
the taste of it." She laughed softly for a while, "Maybe that's
why mom wouldn't believe me when I told her what he was doing. He
couldn't get it up to do it for her, so she knew he wouldn't be
able to get it up to do it for me. God, I hate the pair of them,
and I'm never going back home again, even if I end up living on
the streets after college." I bent down, kissed her tenderly on
the lips and said softly "That's fine Carol my love, but right
now I think we need to get a shower then go down for breakfast.
Care to join me in both those things?" Carol just nodded as I
climbed off her thighs and as I stood up she rolled off the bed
and threw her arms round me and said "I love you daddy Jack, can
I stay here every vacation please?" I slipped one arm round her
shoulders and one under her firm smooth buttocks before scooping
her up and carrying her to the bathroom where I placed her in the
shower with me and started the water running. "Yes Carol my love,
I don't see a problem with that, just so long as you talk it over
with Kelly and Sandi and understand the house rules."

Chapter 25

After a leisurely shower with Carol, then a sumptuous breakfast
with all three of them I retired to my den to get some rest form
my mornings exertions. I wasn't alone long though, because after
about half an hour the girls came to join me, Carol sitting on my
lap and Kelly and Sandi sandwiching me between them. After
kissing me tenderly Carol sat back, looked me in the eyes and
said "Daddy Jack, I accept the house rules completely. I promise
never to get jealous, and never to go with anyone outside the
family without telling you, and without ensuring I'm well
protected from all the usual problems." I smiled at her and said
"In that case Carol darling, welcome to the family, who's turn is
it to scrub the floors?" Once the laughter had died down Carol
slipped off my lap and she and the girls left me alone once more.

The rest of the summer went really well for all of us, Carol
enjoyed learning about making love as much as I did teaching her.
Having Kelly and Sandi join in as well made it even better, and I
found that I was soon able to sleep alone at least three nights
each week, if I wanted to. Sue with most things if it's there
always available, there was no need to gorge ones self. The girls
soon realised that, and only came to me when they were really in
need. I did the same, but getting older I didn't need it quite so
much for myself anyway. Things were nearly spoiled for us one
evening when the girls had all gone to see a movie I didn't
fancy. I was watching some game show on tv when the doorbell
sounded. I got up and opened the door to find a short middle aged
guy standing there looking really pissed off. "What can I do for
you" I asked politely "Send my fucking daughter out so I can take
her home with me" he growled. "Sorry" I said softly "I don't
think I understand. Who are you?" "I'm Carol's father and I want
her to come home with me so I can find out why she wasted the
airline ticket I sent her. A thousand bucks it fucking cost me,
and I can't get a refund until I produce it. Now, where is she
you shitbag." Keeping my hands in my pocket I smiled as sweetly
as I could as I replied "Ah, I see. Why don't you come in and sit
down, Carol isn't here just now, she's at the movies with my
daughters, and they wont be home for a little while."

Almost reluctantly he followed me into the living room, where I
offered him a drink. He asked for a whisky, and I gave him a
large one, taking a beer myself as I sat down opposite him. "I
doubt you'll get that ticket back" I said softly, "You see it got
lost in with some trash and ended up in the garbage the day after
it arrived. I also think you'll find that Carol doesn't want to
go home with you, just so you can continue to sexually abuse her.
You see, as she's now of legal age, you have no control over what
she does, or where she goes." He gave a nasty laugh, "Don't you
believe it buddy, if she knows what's good for her she'll come
with me, or I'll beat the living shit out of her. You see if I
don't." I drained my beer bottle, then said softly "Will that be
before or after you force her to give you a blow job and fuck her
against her will, in other words rape her?" Despite paling
slightly he growled "What I do with my daughter's got fuck all to
do with you, you interfering bastard" I laughed, "Not quite true
my friend, but it will certainly have something to do with the
police officers that I'm going to call" I said as I stood up.
Before I could take a step towards the phone he launched himself
at me, missing me as I stepped to one side, but falling down when
I hit him on the Temple with the bottom of my empty beer bottle.

Half an hour later the girls came home, dashing into the house
when they saw the police car sitting in front of the house.
Carol gasped when she was her father still laying on the floor,
this time conscious, but handcuffed. An hour of explanations
passed by before the cops took Carol's father away, along with
the video tape from the camera I'd connected to my security
system some weeks before. There had been some argument from the
police when Carol said she wasn't going to press charges against
her father provided he never contacted her again. "I don't want
it all to be made public, I'd be too embarrassed" she explained.
"OK said the woman police officer, I understand" she then spent a
few minutes explaining to Carol's father just what happens to
child abusers in prison, assuring him he wouldn't last a week if
he went inside. "What we will do is send copies of his photo to
the college so their security people know who to look out for in
the future. Under the circumstances that's about all we can do
without Carol pressing charges. Mind you, I think he's convinced
he better keep away from her" the woman cop said with a smile.

She was right, that was the last we heard of him. It was also the
beginning of a new life for Carol, and that evening when she came
and slipped into bed with me she spent part of it crying with
relief, and the rest making love to me like she'd never done
since we first started. In the end Kelly and Sandi came and
joined us, Sandi saying "We might as well, there's no way we're
going to get any sleep with all the noise Carol's making, anyone
would think she was celebrating something special happening."
Carol lifted herself off my chest where she'd just collapsed a
few moments ago, grinned at Sandi and said with a sigh "Oh, I am
Sandi darling, I'm celebrating my freedom from torture." None of
us got much sleep that night, and when the girls realised I was
completely useless to them they allowed me to lay and watch them
continue by themselves.

As the girls were now going to be living at home and commuting
the short distance to class each day I decided that I should get
them a car, mainly to save wear and tear on my own, but also to
give them a little more freedom. All three of them worked really
hard for the next couple of years, although the did start dating
on and off if only to stop people talking about our living
arrangements. It was the proudest day of my life when I attended
their graduations, but also the saddest as I realised I was about
to lose them as they went into the wide world and join the
working masses. We spent the summer after they graduated together
as they tried to make decisions as to what job offers they were
going to take, and I did all I could to encourage them to go for
the best, even if it meant they were moving a long way from
home. "There's lots of planes around girls" I said, "And I can
always drive out to see you sometimes, so we're never going to be
separated for very long, are we?"

In the end Kelly and Sandi found work about an hour drive away,
but Carol made certain she stayed at home, turning down a number
of better offers so she could stay with me. As time passed Kelly
and Sandi found husbands, and presented me with grandchildren,
coming to stay with me every other thanksgiving and Christmas,
alternating then with their in-laws. Carol still lives with me,
and is accepted as my 'partner' if not my wife, her excuse for
not marrying being that she doubts her ability to find anyone to
come up to the standard of loving she is used to from me. I guess
I feel a bit of an ego boost when she say that as I'm always
trying to get her to date and find someone her own age. I still
look back as I lay in bed, in the dark, and think of Jenny and
all she meant to me. Then I think of the girls and thank the lord
for the wonderful life we had together. I sometime even thank
John for running off with my wife so many years ago, and often
wonder how their live panned out. No as good as mine I'm willing
to bet.

The End.


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