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Surfeit Implanted Device (SID) Series Part One

I. Awakening Concerns

She was just going about her daily routine; cleaning the house,
straightening where a mess had been made, doing the laundry. It was early
in the morning as the thirty eight year old woman realized that although
she'd had it rough in the past her situation was finally starting to turn
around for the better. She was married and had two wonderful children and
a grumpy husband; what more could a woman want? She smiled as she
reflected these thoughts and folding her laundry preparing it for it's
short term storage until used by the family members later. As she smiled
the woman thought of the implant and just how glad she was that she had it.
The implants were impossible to get now, of course, wasn't that the way all
good things went? The implant had worked from the first day it had been
put inside her to help her control her pain and that had been almost seven
years ago. Almost immediately she had been able to drop the usage of the
illegal drugs that she used to help control the pain and start over. It
took almost eighteen months but at the end of that time she was clean; free
of the narcotics (and the influence that went with them) forever. The pain
had been caused by a fall when she had been outside doing some housework
and she had reached a little too far when standing on a ladder. The
illegal drugs had helped after the fall (but they had almost ruined her
marriage because she couldn't afford to pay for them with cash all of the
time). The drugs had allowed her to live a somewhat normal life. Then,
through a friend, she'd heard of this experimental program out of one of
the leading Universities in the land. The device was new, experimental,
and as yet untested. Test subjects were needed. She immediately realized
that if she could use a device such as what was being described to her she
would be able to get off the damnable drugs and the hoodlums who pushed
them. She wasn't a young woman any longer and the thought of going through
the rest of her life addicted to a narcotic was not a pleasant one. She
located the test subject area and applied for a device insertion. At first
she was refused, but after she had an opportunity to explain why she needed
the device she was moved up to the actual surgical implantation schedule.
The doctors were very understanding when she explained that the real reason
for wanting to try the device was to become free of the narcotics. In
either case the doctors that had put in the device had warned her that it
was strictly experimental; that there were only a few thousand that were
going to be tested in her area. She had been a little skeptical about
having an untested bionic device inside her but she was told that all the
external tests had worked out flawlessly. The device was powered by her
own body chemistry, something brand new, and it could not be removed once
it was inserted. If the device failed another would be inserted to take
over. Tissue growth around the insertion site and the semi-intelligent
computerized mechanisms were some of the reasons the device couldn't be
removed after having been placed "into service". As soon as she came out
of surgery and gotten over the stitches of the insertion area she realized
immediate rewards. The pain she had been experiencing was nearly totally
gone! It was almost a miracle as far as she was concerned. Later tests
revealed the device was working perfectly and doing what it had been
designed to do. The second year was even better than the first and she
confided with her physician during that second year that the device was
working so well that sometimes she experienced no pain at all when she
probably would have if she would not have had the device. She explained,
when the doctor had asked what she meant, that she could now do almost
twice any many physical exercises, walk almost twice as far, and never,
ever have the slightest cramp or slightest discomfort from her exercises.
In addition and she blushed red when she confided in her physician, the
device seemed to actually intensify her sexual pleasure. The doctor
explained that this was a "discovery" that the team working with the device
had made and one of the reasons for calling her into a meeting. Other
"discoveries" had been made about the device. She studied her doctors face
and there was a feeling of sudden disquiet because he was very serious.
Some of the other "discoveries" were evidently not so nice. The doctor
prefaced his remarks by stating to her that with any bionic device that had
not been tested other than externally there were always the unforeseen
complications. She was becoming concerned as he continued to speak in
disquieting tones about some of the ramifications that had been uncovered
during the usage of the device. Her device number was three five oh seven.
The three indicated it was the third generation and perhaps the most
advanced but it was also a number to indicate how many other devices had
been implanted so she wasn't alone in these new area's which had been
uncovered. Finally, after he had laid the groundwork he told her what the
problem area's were. It appeared that the devices could be activated
remotely by using something he called a phase inverter tuned to the
frequency of her implanted chip. She had no idea what that meant and the
doctor didn't go into detail. He did, however, explain to her on that
fateful day that by remote application the device could be used against her
system rather than for her system. He demonstrated by sending her a wave
which translated into an almost unbearable shock feeling almost as if every
muscle in her pelvic area was tied up at the same time. It felt like
someone had dropped an electric wire across her pelvis. It was one of the
most uncomfortable and painful experiences of her life. Even the pain
she'd had before the device had been inserted was less than what she
experienced by the wave that the doctor sent to her body's chip. By
changing the phase slightly the wave had the effect of electric energy
flowing inside her body so that the device either wasn't working or that
the device itself was generating waves of energy that contracted her
muscles. There was also the other wave, the non inverted phase wave. When
that wave was sent out......... she climaxed. An uncontrolled, unwanted,
totally uninhibited sexual climax that left her breathless. The last
revelation was that the microprocessor that was the "brains" of the
electronics was a little too well constructed. Several women had already
reported that tendrils of stimulation were sometimes felt just short of
their areola and that periodically their nipples became very sensitive and
aroused. A fluoroscopic scan already performed on her had revealed that
her microchip had also performed the same modifications to it's system
resulting in periodic and uncontrolled nipple stimulation, or at least not
controlled by the host, but by the microchip. It was because of these
unforeseen complications that the devices had been removed from the market.
It was felt that in the wrong hands these devices could do more harm than
good. The doctor requested that she visit once a year, but told her that
if the device failed then it failed. There would be no replacement for it
and no further follow up. He did tell her that the failure rate of the
device was now at less than two percent. She continued to see the doctor
for the next two years and at the end of that time the doctor informed her
that the entire program had been discontinued and she no longer would be
under his or any other medical supervision. That all was water under the
bridge now and she was glad that she had a device.

II. In The Wrong Hands

She lifted six of the towels and got up off the couch walking across the
floor towards the bathroom when the room exploded. Actually the room
didn't explode but it felt as if her body had! She dropped to her knee's
the towels flying across the floor as she felt an agonizing wave of pain
lash through her middle section then surge upwards towards her lungs. She
wanted to scream out, but it was too late for even that as darkness
suddenly overwhelmed her. She remembered looking at the clock above the
mantle on the fireplace and it had indicated it was eight forty in the
morning. She rolled over onto her back gasping, realizing horribly that
some amount of time had gone by. There was a puddle of drool on the floor
where her mouth had been. She turned her head and saw the clock now read
nine ten. A half hour she had lain on the floor unconscious. She rolled
over and was able to get up on all fours before she upchucked. She puked
all over the floor. It took a shaky forty five minutes for her to clean up
the mess she'd made on her own front room floor. The towels went back
downstairs to go back into the laundry. On her way back up the stairs the
pain started again, Oh god no!" she exclaimed as the pain overwhelmed her
and she fell down at the landing on her hands and knees. She suspected it
was the device malfunctioning inside her. She lost consciousness a second
time in an hour. When she returned to her senses this time it wasn't as
bad. She didn't feel like puking. The telephone was ringing. She lifted
the telephone receiver and said, "Hello," shocked that the pain was gone!

There was silence, but someone was there. "Hello," she said again,
then, "is anyone there?" "I'm here," said a male voice as a sudden jab of
pain hit her abdomen and went away. "What do you want?" she demanded.
"Guess," said the male voice.

She realized it was an obscene telephone call and hung the telephone up.
The pain started right away, not intense, but enough to let her know it
wasn't a 'malfunctioning' device. The telephone rang again, a second time
and as before as soon as she picked it up the pain went away again. She
got the message. "What do you want?" she asked this time less demanding.
"Just to let you know that I exist and I will be in touch."

He hung up.

She took the receiver from her ear and looked at it like it was the
first time she'd ever seen it. It wasn't the first time she'd ever seen
the receiver but it was the first time that anyone had so much control over
her that she was now a virtual slave! The doctor had warned her of this.
She almost wished she were back on the drugs. Then she remember the awful
things she had to do to get those drugs. She shuddered and thought that it
was better having even a malfunctioning device. Those times were gone and
she didn't want to go back to them. If the device failed totally, what
then? She wasn't sure. It just wasn't fair! Why were all of the good
things always perverted to be used against people instead of for them? She
didn't have the answer to that question but she was sure of something and
that was the terrible pain she'd felt. That was real and could not be
ignored. For a few weeks she lived in a constant state of worry as to when
the Voice would return. The weeks slid into months and her worry state
eased into concern and almost a rationalization that she would never see or
hear of him again.

III. Weird Encounters

It was like a gentle slow pressure that she felt all the time that she
was shopping out at the mall. At first she wasn't sure what it was that
she was experiencing and then suddenly she had the awful thought that for
some reason she was becoming sexually aroused. There wasn't a reason for
her to become horny, she wasn't thinking of anything sexual and she
certainly hadn't been doing anything sexual yet here she was getting closer
and closer to a climax. She stumbled as she went out to her car, not
because she was in pain, but because she was actually flowing down below.
She was hot, god she was fighting to keep from cumming as she crossed the
parking lot! What was wrong with her? She opened the electronic door to
her car vaguely aware of a small piece of paper caught between the wiper
blade and the windshield. She opened the car door and got inside and as
soon as her fanny hit the seat she moaned nearing a climax! The first
climax was satisfying and yet horrible because she had no idea where it had
come from! She closed the car door and sat there thinking of what had
happened and she could not for the life of her figure out what had caused
the unusual physical reaction to.... there wasn't anything! Then she
remembered the ticket on the front of her windshield. She got out of the
car and retrieved the paper. There was something hard and small caught in
a small envelope. On the envelope was a message with her name on it! The
message read, "Put this in your ear."

It looked like a small hearing aid. Well, she certainly wasn't going to
do that! She didn't even know where it came from. She got back into her
car and was about to put the key in the ignition when a horrible pain
lanced up from her belly. It was like a cramp but it was far worse. The
pain took her breath away and she doubled over leaning on the steering
wheel and unable to do anything but sit there in increasing discomfort.
She realized horribly that if the pain continued to escalate she would
loose consciousness. Then, almost without thinking, she put the device in
her left ear. Instantly the pain went away. It left her almost like it
was never there! She was breathless from the previous pain but now she
felt ok. She took the device out of her ear and the pain returned
gradually getting worse and worse. Putting the little device in her ear
stopped the pain instantly again. She tried this four or five times
incredulously and then left it in her ear. She was about to start her car
again when she went through a fantastic climax a second time. She moaned
and came and came. It was one of the most intense series of climaxes she
had ever felt and they resulted in overwhelming orgasmic relief. But then
she started to climax yet again! God, this was awful and beautiful at the
same time! She sat in her car and shivered in delight, disgusted at her
own pleasure, yet unable to stop any of the intense sexual feelings that
ran through her body. Her nipples hardened uncontrollably and she began to
perspire uncontrollably as she shuddered, shivered, and climaxed yet again!
She realized horribly she couldn't drive like this; she couldn't even
reasonably communicate with anyone like this!

It was then that she heard the voice and it was coming from what she had
thought before was the hearing aid. "Did you like that, lady? It's better
than the pain isn't it?"

She shook her head thinking she had imagined that as she reached up and
picked the little coin like disk out of her ear yet another time. No
sooner had she withdrawn the disk than the pain started up from her groin
gradually building leaving her short of breath. She fought it for as long
as she could then put the disk back in her ear feeling the pain subside.
The Voice spoke again, "Ah , you've figured it out, very good. The pain
will start and gradually build if the disk is not in place. Over time the
battery will die in the disk but I will replace it as long as you are a
good girl....oh and you're not crazy. I can hear everything you can hear.
The disk in addition to being a nullifier is also a transceiver."

She just sat there numb, then mumbled in almost a whisper, "What do you
want?" "Direct and to the point. I like that.. Well you forgot to buy
some items I want you to wear. So you're going to have to trot that trim
little ass of yours back into the mall, we've some shopping to do!" "If I
refuse you'll make me pay, is that it?" "My, such a quick learner too!
Yes, I will make you pay. But I also like my instructions followed rather
quickly. We are both in a learning stage. You will find that a slight but
ever increasing pressure is building. This is to be expected and at
periodic times at my fancy I will do to you what I am now doing; a slow,
gentle turn on. A turn on you can't avoid. However, if you displease
me....." she grunted as a sudden painful jab of pain lanced up through her,
" will find me not too forgiving." "But......" "You can ask your
questions on the way. Get out of the car NOW."

She exited the car as she was told to do hearing the Voice say, "Very
good. Now into the mall, I'll instruct you as to what you are to buy."
"You can see me?" she asked looking around apprehensively, but not seeing
anyone. "Quite clearly." "Who are you?" "For right now, my dear, I'm just
the voice in your ear.....I like that think of me as the Voice." "I should
just call you Mister Voice, then?" she asked as she re-entered the mall.
"If it pleases you, fine. Now go to the ladies store over to your right.
Yes the one that sells ladies undergarments. Purchase three garter belts
all short straps; one black, one white, one skin tone. Also some hose
would be nice. Two sets, one nude, one tanned. When you purchase them
please leave them out on the counter...unless of course you'd prefer to
model them for me and whoever comes by?" "I certainly would not!" she
replied her face getting warm. "I didn't think so," said the Voice.

She bought the items, careful to lay them on the counter like the Voice
had told her to. After paying for them the Voice said, "Very good. Now to
the drug store."

The Voice had her buy a blade shaver and some shaving cream as well as a
product that was a cream hair remover. "Now find the ladies room and shave
your pussy. Also while you are in the ladies room remove your bra and
panties. Replace your pantyhose with the garter belt and the nude tinted
hose." "Oh god, no!" she whispered intensely, "I can-can't do that!"

She felt a sudden jab of pain and the Voice said, "You'd better and soon
unless you want to experience my wrath right out here in front of
everyone." "No! I-I'll do as you say." "Good, you can report your progress
to me from the ladies room. Obviously you will be out of sight from me
then but I have taken the necessary steps to find out if you've followed my
instructions. If I find out you haven't........"

She was totally humiliated. She'd never, ever done anything like this
before. She knew that the Voice could make her pay dearly if she didn't do
as she was told. She wasn't sure how sensitive the transceiver was, but
she wasn't going to take the chance of not doing as she was told. She
shaved her pub, just like she was told to do and removed both her bra and
her panties and pantyhose in a stall. She wiggled into the black garter
belt and then put on the nude tint hose. She put the undergarments in her
shopping bag and straightened everything before going out into the main
part of the ladies room and applied finishing touches. She stepped out
into the main mall. "Very nice. You have attractive legs. Now if you
look to your right you will see a young man with a manila folder tucked
under his right arm." "I see him," she almost whispered. "Go up to him."

She advanced to where the young man stood. He appeared to be in his
twenties and was somewhat handsome. He was younger than she was for sure.
She walked up to him highly aware of her swaying boobs under her blouse and
thankful for the way the blouse fell away from her body. Still as her
boobs swayed and bounced against each other she felt as if the whole mall
was looking at her. She realized that after standing next to the young man for several minutes that this wasn't the case. He was looking everywhere
but where she was at.

Then he turned towards her. He looked at her and then took the folder
from between his arms and opened it. He looked from the inside of the
folder back up to her face and nodded. He put the folder back under his
arm and stepped closer to her and whispered, "The alcove behind you, step
into it."

She swallowed nervously as the Voice said, "Do as he tells you."

It was dim in the corner that was hidden from the mall. When a person
stood in the small area only their forms could be seen. She felt the cold
hard surface of the malls wall against her back as the young man advanced.
The Voice said, "Let him touch, no sound now!"

She gasped as the young man moved forward and quickly bent over to lift
her skirt, sliding his hand quickly along her left thigh, over her hose
tops to her naked fanny. Then his hand came around front and cupped her
recently shaved pubic area. He withdrew his hand and leaned into her
whispering in her ear, "She's without panties, shaved herself, wearing a
garter belt." The Voice said to her, "Tell him to continue."

She realized that the Voice had heard everything that the young man had
said! "He-he said to continue." She said to the young man.

He promptly checked out her breasts finding them braless. The light was
very dim in this small three sided hidden little area yet there was enough
light for her to see the younger man's face as he cupped her breasts. He
wasn't mean but he wasn't gentle either. Continuing to hold her boobs with
both hands he leaned into her again and said, "She's not wearing a bra and
her tits are really full." The Voice spoke in her ear, "Tell him well done
and to move on."

She looked the young man in the eyes and said, "He said 'Well done and
move on, now'."

The young man nodded, almost reluctantly letting his hands come off her
breasts and left her standing there gasping her nipples now starting to
swell. She'd just been felt up by a young man and she knew for certain
that the Voice and the young man were not the same. What kind of
organization had she fallen prey to?

"Now, my dear, I want you to go out to your car. It's time for another

She walked out to her car unsteadily realizing what this was partly all
about. The Voice was demonstrating the total control he had over her.
There was no backing out. If she did as she was told she was rewarded with
pleasure. If she didn't she was punished; all remotely and all without
ever seeing the face of the Voice. She felt like crying but realized that
would only draw attention to herself and that was the last thing she
needed; more attention. As she walked to where she parked her car she felt
her breasts sway beneath the blouse, felt her nipples still hard from the
recent touching rubbing the blouse material and getting even more aroused,
feeling the hose tops pulling on her legs making her feel sexy, alive, and
wonderful. She was short of breath by the time she got to her car. She
was perspiring heavily and she knew from the way her legs were trembling
that a climax was very close. She hurriedly threw the packages into the
back seat, sat down in her car, slammed the car door closed and leaned into
the steering wheel as she moaned. Her body was going through another
sexual climax! ....more to follow soon. Fingerpro


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