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hungarian woman

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This story is a sequel to "Hungarian_girl". You don't have to
read that one first to enjoy this one, but it might be more fun
that way.

The Hungarian woman; by Ace, 2002 15,000 words, voyeurism,
cheating, older man/ younger woman, older woman/ younger man interracial

If you read my first story, "The Hungarian girl", then you know
something about Jlona and me.

Jlona is the most beautiful girl in the world, at least to me.
Her face can stop traffic, she has the body of a Playboy model,
and her eyes light up my life. When I met her, I thought she was
just a destitute East Bloc girl in trouble; we traveled together,
and we got married. I didn't learn until later that she was the
only child of one of the richest men in Budapest, and that Jlona
was the most sought-after woman in Hungary.

And she didn't learn that I wasn't just a poor black boy from the
U.S. until then either. I didn't want her to know that I had
money, I didn't want to have to think that money was an influence
on our relationship.

The weird thing was, pretending to be poor ended up influencing
our relationship a lot.

Jlona may be the most desired woman in Hungary, and I may be a
young African American millionaire, but we both had deep sexual
problems; I suffered from severe premature ejaculation, and Jlona
was, and still is, an exhibitionist. We ended up doing it on
stage in front of an audience in France for the summer, and not
always only just the two of us.

For the last several years, we've been living here in Budapest,
working for Jlona's dad. I also do some computer consulting work
on the side, just to keep my hand in.

Okay, I have to admit that sexually things just aren't as wild as
they were between us in the beginning. But we've grown more used
to each other, in the way couples do.

The summer we spent fucking on stage in France cured me of my
problem; I still get hard very easily, but I learned to control
my ejaculations. I suppose this makes me a kind of fucking
machine; but there's more to sex than a stiff cock. If the woman
isn't turned on, it won't do a thing for her.

I knew Jlona had been a bit unhappy, even though she hadn't said
anything. She loved to strip off all her clothes in front of an
audience of strangers; she loved to bend over and have a man [me,
usually] give it to her, sometimes even in the ass, while they
all watched enviously. It turned her on more than anything to do
it in front of an audience, and to do it kinky [anal or two guys at once].

But we were the toast of the new rich; there was no way we could
play such decadent games in Budapest. We were semi-famous;
Jlona, the gorgeous young redhead who was running her dad's
construction company, one of the largest in the country, and the
young black American man who had won her.

We went to society parties, dressed to kill. We were usually the
youngest people in the room, and we were always the prettiest.

"Jimmy." She said to me one day, "You know I have a meeting with
IstvŠn Recsk on Tuesday."


"I'd like it if you could put a camera in my office and record
the meeting. I think he might be going to ask me for a bribe."

I suppose it goes on everywhere; kickbacks and bribery. But it's
a bit more famous out here in the former Communist countries.

I put several small cameras and two microphones in Jlona's
office. I watched the meeting take place from another part of
the building.

IstvŠn Recsk was a tall man in his 50s, with thick white hair
that was his trademark. He was a well-known local politician, a
rather powerful man.

Jlona was looking like a million dollars. Well, more like 15
million, actually. Anyway, I couldn't follow the conversation
very well; although I've been trying hard, my Hungarian isn't
very good yet, and they were speaking rapidly. I sat back and
watched them on my screen, and listened on my headphones. I
loved the way my young wife was so assertive with the older and
more powerful man; I loved the way she looked in that power suit;
its padded shoulders gave the impression of strength, while the
wide belt around her slim hips accentuated her femininity. The
pastel green offset her fiery red hair, matching lipstick and
nail varnish. The short skirt left plenty of leg showing,
taunting him to look.

They were discussing the question of building permits that the
company needed for some work downtown. These things were always

"You know it's very unusual for me to meet someone in their
office, especially in this type of situation. I could be accused
of impropriety." He said, after they had agreed on a basic
agreement that did not include [I'm happy to say] anything

"Impropriety because I am a rich contractor, or because I'm a
young married woman?" Jlona asked him coyly.

"Because you're a rich contractor. Nobody would care if I had an
affair with a pretty woman, but they would care if I had an
affair with a contractor who needs a building permit."

"I thought I had the building permit."

"Well, not officially."

"But an affair with a married young contractor who already has
her building permits wouldn't be a problem?"

"Are you flirting with me Mrs. Coleman?"

Jlona looked straight at the hidden lens and smiled for a moment.
"Perhaps." She said to her guest, sending a chill down my spine.

"And what about your husband?" He asked her, smiling slyly.

"What husband? You mean that American? He doesn't mean anything
to me. We aren't even really married."

"Really. Everyone's been wondering why you married a man like
that when you could've had your choice of any bachelor in

"I thought he was rich." Jlona said.

"Why would you care about that? You're a heiress after all."

"I wasn't getting along with my father at the time, and I wanted
to piss him off." Jlona explained, winking at the camera.

"It sure would piss him off if you did it with me." IstvŠn said.
"In fact, it would piss almost everyone off."

"You have a very strange idea of how to seduce a woman." Jlona
said, laughing again.

"Is that when I'm supposed to be doing here?" The older man asked; "If I thought I had a ghost of a chance with you Jlona, I
would do most anything."

She looked straight at the camera again for a moment, and smiled;
then she looked at the white headed man seated across from her,
and calmly unbuttoned her jacket. She removed it, and unbuttoned
her white blouse. She removed that, pulling it out of the
waistband of her skirt, and then she unhooked her bra.

The man smiled broadly as my wife's firm pale breasts were
exposed; the pink nipples calling to be touched. I was too
stunned to move.

"Magnificent." He said.

She walked around the desk and took his head between her hands,
the read of her nails in shocking contrast to his white hair.

His arms circled her ass as she stroked his head and held it
between her naked breasts.

She looked up at the camera again, and smiled wickedly; I was
frozen in my chair as I saw the man's hands disappear under my
wife's skirt.

She just grinned as her panties came down, stepping carefully out
of them so was not to catch them in her high heels.

I couldn't believe she was doing this to me; we had agreed to be
monogamous. It wasn't as though we hadn't ever had sex with
others during our relationship, but I thought we'd both agreed
that the fun didn't pay for the pain and danger.

"Why are you doing this, Jlona?" He asked, kissing her erect

"I've had enough of boys that don't know what they're doing. I
thought I would like to try an experienced man."

"An excellent idea, young lady." He said, as though talking to a
schoolgirl instead of a 24-year-old top executive.

Jlona laughed as the man removed her skirt and looked down at his
face as he kissed her nipples. He stood then, and removed his
own jacket, his shirt, his shoes, his socks, his trousers; my
wife was the one that removed his underwear, reaching inside
first to guide his stiffening cock around the waistband.

They kissed gently, standing naked in Jlona's office, as Jana
played with his old white penis.

I knew it would happen soon. I knew he was going to lie her down
on the sofa and screw her. It was inevitable, and there was
nothing I could do about it. My wife has in mind of her own; if
she wanted to do it, she would. She knew I was watching, it
wasn't like she was trying to betray me.

I had never admitted to Jlona that it turned me on to watch her
with other men. It had happened more than once during our stage
days; it hurt me as well, and I told her about that part.

My wife looked at the camera again as the politician's penis
touched her vagina. She blew me a kiss over his shoulder, her
long pale legs spread wide for the other man.

Her fingers dug into his slim ass as he slowly pushed into her.

I was completely pissed off; I was completely turned on. I
couldn't help but let my hard on free as I watched.

He fucked her for a while, as she looked over his shoulder at my
camera and stroked his back and ass. The whole thing was making
her crazy; she started to come. It was too much for IstvŠn; he
blew his load. I couldn't really blame him. As I said, I'm
married to one of the sexiest women on the planet. Not many men could control themselves, not the first time with Jlona.

He relaxed on top of her, and she looked at the camera and made a
little dialing motion with her forefinger.

My brain seemed to start working again at that point. I lifted
my telephone and called her.

"Hello?" She said

"What the fuck do you think you're doing down there, Jlona?" I
said quietly.

"Yes, exactly. I'm in a very important meeting right now, Jimmy.
What do you want?"

"You know what I want."

"We were just coming together on something down here Jimmy."
Janna said, holding her older lover's head against her shoulder
and grinning broadly at me through the video system.

"Okay, come down to the office and I'll find it for you." She
continued, before hanging up the phone.

"We'll have to wrap this up, IstvŠn." She said, giving him a
quick peck on the lips. "My husband will be here in five

I was, too. The wily politician had decided to leave quickly,
not wanting I suppose, to have to shake the black hand of the man whose wife he had just screwed.

Jlona was half dressed, but taking it off again.

"Get out of those rags, I want your dick!" she said to me.

The old man had wound her up, but failed to satisfy her; Jlona
isn't a woman who's satisfied with one little orgasm. Jlona
likes it long and hard, Jlona likes to get high on sex; Jlona
likes to fly.

She rode me, then we didn't missionary style; doggy style, on the
couch, on the desk, even in her chair. She was wild, like she
hadn't been for years; it was great, it was amazing, it was
wonderful, but I wasn't very happy at what had it had taken to

My sweet young wife's interior was slimy with another man's

"Had enough?" I asked her after about a half an hour and eight

"One more, Jimmy; give me one more!" She said, squeezing me
tight with her arms, legs, and vagina.

I dutifully pumped her until she started to come again, and let
myself rip when she was in the middle.

"You're the best, Jimmy." She told me as we tried unsuccessfully
to relax comfortably on the office sofa.

"Why did you do it? Why did you let IstvŠn have you?" I asked
her, standing up and going to the small sink at the bar to wash
off my dick.

"I knew we could have the permits if I let him do it to me." She

"Oh come on." I said, gathering my clothes, "I didn't hear
anything like that. I didn't understand everything you two said
to each other, but I can't believe he would proposition you like
that. You led him on, didn't you?" I usually pretend to
understand a little less than I actually do.

"Well, maybe a little. He was dropping little hints, and I
decided it would be fun, since I knew you were watching."

"So it was you, actually." I summed up, starting to dress.

"Oh Jimmy, we haven't had sex that good for a long time. You
like watching, don't you? You love it, watching another man together with me. It makes you crazy, admit it."

"It makes me crazy, that's for sure." I answered her. "But I don
't think it was a good idea, Jlona; mixing up sex and business
that way."

"I didn't really think about it much." She claimed, "It was kind
of spontaneous. Anyway, we can be confident he'll keep his mouth
shut at least."

"Come on Jlona, I know you better than that. That was why you
wanted me to put the cameras in your office, that was why you
wanted me to be watching."

"Well, maybe the thought did cross my mind." She admitted with a
grin I couldn't refute.

"You'd better get dressed, honey. We're having dinner with your
dad tonight." I said, far from satisfied with my wife's

While it was true that we had both been turned on by what Jlona
had done with IstvŠn, it didn't mean I approved. I really love
my wife, and I didn't want our relationship imperiled for a few
quick thrills.

Jlona and I had a good sex life without the games; not as amazing
as the sex we could enjoy if we were willing to risk fooling
around with others. But there was much more than sex in our
relationship; we shared each other's company, we made each other
laugh, we enjoyed being together, we appreciated each other's
strengths while protecting each other from our weaknesses. Well,

"Jlona, what happened today was good fun, but I don't want it to
happen again." I told her firmly as we were getting into bed
that night.

"But Jimmy, I'm going to meet him again on Wednesday. I was
thinking maybe I would let him in my ass." My wife told me

"I'm serious, Jlona. I don't want you to do it, I don't want to
share you."

"I'm serious too, Jimmy." She said with more meaning. "We've
been getting into a rut. We're too young to be getting bored
with life, I want to have fun. We had fun, didn't we?"

"Yes." I conceded, "But I don't want to do anything that might
threaten our relationship."

"You sure don't have anything to worry about with IstvŠn." She
said, snuggling up against me and stroking my balls. "You don't
have anything to worry about with any man, Jimmy. They don't
compare with you; it's just the excitement of doing something
different. And knowing you're watching makes it so good."

"It isn't good, Jlona; it isn't safe, either. Tell me you won't
do it again."

"Oh alright, if you're really so upset about it."

She stroked my hard on until I slept.

"Say Jimmy," Jlona said over breakfast, "you know IstvŠn's wife?"

"The old ballerina? Sure."

We meet them both quite regularly at the society parties and
dinners we're always being invited to.

"She's not so old, Jimmy. I don't think she's over 45."

"That's pretty old."

"Well, IstvŠn is at least 10 years older. Do you think she's
attractive, Jimmy?"

"Well, she is for her age. She's got great legs."

Janna grinned broadly; "Would you like to fuck her?"

Sorry to interrupt the dialogue, but I have to mention here that
Jlona only spoke like that in English, her second language. When
she spoke her native tongue, she was always well spoken, like the
rich society girl she is.

"No, I would not like to fuck her." I replied. "Why would I
want to have sex with a woman twice my age when I'm married to
someone I love who looks like you?"

"For the change, Jimmy. For the challenge; she's a bit of stuck
up bitch, don't you think?"

"Exactly. Why would I want to fuck her then?"

"To unstick her." Jlona said with a laugh. "She thinks the sun
shines out of her backside; she thinks she's got it all. I'd
like to watch while you show her what she doesn't have. Besides,
it would even things up between you and IstvŠn."

"Not unless IstvŠn found out, and that probably wouldn't be a
good thing."

"It would even things out in your mind, Jimmy. Who cares what
IstvŠn thinks? We'd better get moving, I have a meeting at 9."

We met IstvŠn and Dorottya Recsk at a dinner party Saturday.

"Jimmy, you know IstvŠn and Dorottya." Jana said, pulling me
towards the older couple.

"Yes of course." I said, shaking his hand instead of punching his
lights out.

I looked at Dorottya with new eyes; she was a beautiful woman, in
her way. She had dark hair to her shoulders and blue eyes [eyes
are what I look for in a woman]; her skin was very pale, but her
complexion was good. The lines around her mouth and eyes
betrayed her age. She had great cheekbones; she was tall and
thin with legs that came up to her ears. I kissed her hand, and
wondered what it would be like to get between her long legs.

Later in the evening, after dinner, I spoke to her again; the two
of us got to talking in a corner quietly. Dorottya valiantly
entertaining me in English as the others all laughed together in
Hungarian. As Jlona had instructed, I asked her about ballet, and
then shut up and listened, only interrupting her to ask a
question or two, demonstrating I was really listening.

Dorottya had a captivating voice; a silky smooth timbre.

She had stopped dancing professionally when she was 28, but was
still quite involved with the art. She asked me what it was like
to grow up as an African-American in the states. I started to
talk to her, and slowly I found I actually liked her a little.
She was still a snotty bitch, though. A sort of do-gooder know it
all, I thought. But she looked, smelled, and sounded fine.

"Did you make a date with her, Jimmy?" Jlona asked when we got

"No. I think she's too straight for that kind of thing."

"Don't be silly, Jimmy. I saw the way she was looking at you,
she wants your black dick. Anyway, I was talking to her earlier,
and she asked me how it was that I married you so fast, and I
told her you're the best fuck in the universe. Don't worry baby,
Mrs. Recsk will fall on her back for you at the slightest push."

"I think I want to give you a push." I said, throwing her down
on our bed.

Jlona laughed and held out her arms to me.

"I've invited your girlfriend for lunch today." Jlona said to me
over breakfast a couple of days later.

"My girlfriend?" I asked.

"Dorottya." She replied. "I told her some crap about how we were
interested in donating something to one of her charities."

"Shit, Jlona; I know you want this to happen, but you can't force
it. She's a classy lady, I don't think she's interested."

"Are you crazy? The more class they have, the more interested
they are. For instance, I'm always interested."

"And you have more class than any of them." I finished for her.
"But honey, how much is it going to cost us to get her over here
for lunch?"

"It's all tax-deductible, stop worrying. I think I'll have
something I need to do at the last minute, and leave you alone
with her."

"Jlona, are you really sure about this? I mean, I really don't
expect her to go for it, but are you sure that you want it to

"I have a meeting with IstvŠn tomorrow; I want you to screw his
wife before I meet him. I can't explain it easily; look, he
fucked me the last time we met here. That leaves me feeling he
has something over me. I want to know that you had his wife."

"That's the part I don't understand. Actually, I don't
understand any of it, why does it make a difference?"

"It's hard to explain. It was a great fun to know you were
watching me with that old son of a bitch. The only problem in my
mind was that somehow he might be getting one over on us. I was
thinking then, while I was fucking with him, how it would be so
great if you could do it to his wife. He's the kind of man who
could never accept his wife going with another man. Especially a
black man. Will you do it for me Jimmy?"

"I'll try, Jlona. But you know I'm no good at that kind of

"What are you talking about, Jimmy? You're the best."

"When I'm with you, maybe. But that's because of the feelings
you have for me more than because I can keep it up. I don't know
much about these things, Jlona, but I do know that it's the
emotions that make it special."

"I thought you were computer geek, Jimmy, not a philosopher.
Anyway, it's true what you say, but there's also just physical
lust; Dorottya Recsk really likes you because she desires you
physically, not the other way around."

Mrs. Recsk was pretty surprised that Jlona wouldn't be with us
for lunch. We were served by the cook, and then we were left

We talked for an hour or two; I was surprised to find that I was
enjoying being with her.

Having grown up during the Communist era, she was interested in
hearing about the inequities of the capitalist system. I didn't
have much to say to her on that score, since I'd had it quite
easy when I was young. She was surprised however, when I told
her that all my girlfriends had been white.

"But I thought there was too much racism in America for that."
She said.

"In some places. Anyway, none of those girls stayed with me long
[as soon as any of them slept with me once, it would be over, but
I didn't tell Dorottya that]. Maybe if they had, I would've had
trouble from it, I don't know."

"It's the same here, really." She said, "Everyone pretends to be
completely liberal, but they wouldn't like the idea of a black
man with a white women."

"What do you think?" I asked her, suddenly realizing that we
were on a path that could easily lead to the bedroom..

"I'm not sure." She said, suddenly looking away. I hadn't ever
seen her embarrassed before. She seemed such a self assured
woman, I didn't know she could be embarrassed. It was the moment
to make my move; I was excited as a kid. I suppose to her, I was
a kid. But somehow I was more confident than I had been before.
Before Jlona. I suppose it was because I had learned to please a
woman. I knew that if I did get this woman into bed, I would
satisfy her; it might not be like it was with Jlona, but I would
do okay.

"What do you feel then, Dorottya? I mean, if you met a black man you found attractive, someone you liked, would you let him seduce

"I'm a married woman." She said, looking into my eyes again.

"And I'm a married man, Dorottya." I said, holding her gaze and
smiling slyly.

"Are you saying. are you saying what I think you're saying?" She
asked quietly.

She really did have beautiful eyes; there were so damn blue. I
wanted to see those eyes looking at me from her fine pale face
while she came; the idea of mounting her, penetrating her slim
pale body with my black cock was very appealing. It was what
Jlona said she wanted; I decided to go for it. It was probably
stupid, and I knew that even at the time; but damn, the woman was
sexy, her age just made it more kinky; Jlona had started this
experiment, I was just going along with it, I told myself.

"I sure am." I told her, admiring the way she was holding my

She looked away again. "I'm a married woman." She repeated.

I stood up and slowly walked around the table towards her.

"You said that already." I observed.

She looked up at me but didn't pull away as I reached out and
touched her neck with my forefinger. She had a long neck, narrow
and graceful. My finger traced down it and across her shoulder;
she didn't object, she didn't stop me. That one finger, that
simple touch thrilled us both to the core; because that little
touch was the precursor to all we would do that afternoon, and we
both knew it. We knew that by not stopping my finger from
sliding up the other side of her face, she was agreeing. The
lightest pressure under her chin was sufficient to tilt her head
back. She looked up at me expectantly; I bent and kissed her.

It felt very strange to me, kissing this complete stranger of a
woman. The warmth of her mouth, the texture of her tongue seemed
somehow strange and different; the way she smelled and tasted as

Her arms circled me as we kissed. I stroked her head and
shoulders, inhaling deeply though my nose, savoring the scent of
her; a hint of perfume above her natural odors. Then I bent and
put one arm under her knees; she grinned and her arms went around
my neck as I lifted her from the chair. She was a strong woman,
but light. I carried her easily down the hall to the bedroom.

She laughed as I put her down on the bed. Her eyes never left my
body as I slowly removed my clothes. I took off everything, and
as my underwear came down, her face was priceless as she saw the
black dick that would soon be in her hands; in all kinds of

I was just about half hard, and it hung down and slightly
forward. She reached out for it, she couldn't wait to touch it.

I'd hardly ever been with anyone except Jlona. During that one
summer we were professional sex workers, I'd almost only done it
with my wife. There was one time I screwed two Thai girls for a
Japanese audience, but that was it. I'd only had a few
girlfriends before that, and almost no sex at all. I was amazed
at how excited I was at the touch of this sexy but older woman;
her pale fingers slid the length of my stiff black shaft, her
palm wrapped around the head.

I was surprised at how pleasant it was; at how thrilling it was
to be with someone different. I love my wife to distraction, and
our sex life has always been excellent. What was I doing here
with this woman? Her touch delighted me, but she was nearly as
old as my mother. Doing this might put my relationship in
jeopardy; I looked into her eyes.

Those deep blue pools, the portals to her soul; I couldn't resist
them, I couldn't deny them. I had gone too far, I couldn't and
wouldn't go back now. The experiment had begun, for better or

I took her face in my hands, and kissed her some more while she
fondled me. I thought I could hear Jlona; "Get her clothes off,
Jimmy." She was saying to me. But I wasn't in a big hurry; I
was excited, slightly scared, and enjoying myself tremendously.

I looked at the hidden video camera and smiled at it, remembering
how exciting it had been for me when Jlona had looked into the

Dorottya didn't suck my cock, which I found a bit disappointing;
so after a while, I climbed into the bed and started to take her
dress off.

It was an expensive thing from Milan, but I was used to taking
fancy dresses off my lover by that time. She said nothing, but
smiled serenely as I stripped her.

"You're so strong." She said when we were both naked. We lay
next to each other as she ran her fingers across my arms and
chest, kneading my muscles and playing with my excited dick.

We embraced, a big naked sexy horizontal embrace. Her skin was
warm and smooth, her body alien and wonderful in my arms; somehow
sharp and angular in contrast to Jlona's voluptuousness.

I went down on her after a while. Her pubic hair was thick and
black, so different to my wife's shaved groin. Jlona had started
shaving herself regularly during our stage days, and had retained
the habit. Sometimes, she complained at the time it took her,
but I always told her how I love licking her bald muff.

It wasn't so great, to be honest, licking Dorottya. It's not
part of the woman's body that I like the best. I know most guys are just interested in tits and ass, but I like the face best. I
love to watch a woman's face while we make love.

Anyway, she seemed to like it, but she didn't come until I put my
dick in her.

She gasped and arched her back; a low groan came from her as I
slid myself in.

I was surprised how tight she was; then again, she was a dancer.
My wife may be the most beautiful girl in the world, but I'm
afraid she isn't in really great physical condition.

It's the race thing that makes it so wild in situations like
this; people are just naturally afraid of strangers, and if
someone is a different color than you, then you know for sure
they're not from your own tribe. Think about it, if a woman gets
pregnant by her husband's brother, nobody will ever be able to
tell; if she gets pregnant from someone from another race, she
could be in deep shit.

At the same time, scientists say that all mammals look for
partners with a different genetic makeup than themselves, and
some studies have even shown that human beings are attracted by
the smell of a person with a different histocompatability

Attraction and fear, repulsion and attraction. I can see it in
the white women I meet; they'd love to know what it would be like
to do it with a black man. They'd love to know what my penis
feels like. I'm not saying they're all ready to fall on their
backs for me, but there's always curiosity. Flirtation is
harmless and free, and so much fun.

I kissed the old ballerina again as my organ reached as far
inside her as it was going to go. Then I started.

The physical act of sliding it in and out is okay, but boring by
itself. I just love to watch a woman come, though.

Dorottya had her first to orgasm within a minute, and the next
one soon after; I was surprised at how quickly it happened. Like
I said, I haven't got much experience in these things.

Her physique was really impressive, especially taking her age
into account. Dorottya had the strength and flexibility to
surprise me; for instance, she could run the back of her foot up
my spine while we were doing it, almost to my shoulder blades.
She got on top and held my face between her feet while sliding
back and forth on my cock. She pivoted around so she was facing
my feet, and then she bent so far forward, she could lick the
base of my shaft while the rest of it was up inside her.

Those things were great fun, and damn sexy, but it was back to
the good old missionary position to make her come again.

I liked that, and I kept at her for a long time. I think she
had six or eight, and then she seemed to be a bit worn out, so I

"You're fantastic." She whispered, holding me tight.

"You're pretty good too." I told her.

I kissed her for a while, my dick still hard as stone and deep in
her body. Then I started up again.

I earned 10 million dollars during the dot com bubble, but this
is my greatest treasure; during my time on stage with Jlona in
France, I learned to control my ejaculation. Getting and staying
stiff has never been a problem for me, at least so far.

It took about five minutes to make her come, and I thought maybe
I'd better finish, so I let loose. I was surprised at how
intense it was for me; flooding Dorottya Recsk's body with my
fluid just felt incredibly satisfying.

My older lover put her clothes back on with a strange spaced out
kind of expression on her face. We had a nice hug and kiss; I
was still naked.

"Nobody has ever done anything like that to me before, never."
She told me. "I must see you again. Can I call you?"

"Of course." I answered her.

I wrote down my mobile number for her, and she left.

I went to take a shower. Shit, I was thinking, what have gotten
myself into here? I wondered how Jlona was taking it all. She'd
been all for it before, but I wondered how she would feel about
it now that it had actually happened, not to mention Dorottya's
little gymnastic tricks. Jlona had been watching on the monitor

The apartment door opened, and my wife entered as I came out of
the shower.

"Get your ass back into bed, you big black bastard." She said,
working at the fastenings of her clothes frantically.

Well, I guess she was feeling okay about it so far.

Making love is normally something Jlona and I take our time
about; some cuddling, some kissing, a nice long foreplay period.
But this time, she went straight for my cock. Jlona threw her
gorgeous face around it, and started to suck on it.

"What's happening here, Jimmy?" She said after a minute,
squeezing my limp member in her hand, "Don't you have anything
left for me?"

"I'm only human, Jlona." I told her apologetically.

She looked away, thinking intensely for a moment. Then she
looked up at me with those irresistible green eyes, parted her
gorgeous lips, and sucked my black dick for another second,
before lifting her head to say; "You're the best, Jimmy."

She sucked my dick briefly again, then said; "You turn me on."

Again she sucked my cock, which was starting to stiffen.

"I love you." She told me, and sucked it again.

My cock was almost fully erect at that point; I suppose some
people would think it's weak, and other people think it's
perverse. But Jlona knows me well, she knows what really turns
me on; the "L" word. When she points those green eyes at me, and
tells me she loves me, then she knows she can do anything with
me. My dick will be hard for her, my heart will be soft for her,
and she can walk all over me in stiletto heels.

"I love you, Jimmy. I want to be yours forever, you know I had
fun with IstvŠn, but only because I knew you were watching. I
liked it because I knew you were getting turned on, and I love
you, and I want to keep you with me forever, and I don't want you
to ever be bored with me."

By this time, I was hard as a rock again. Jlona laughed and
straddled me; she held my cock up and lowered herself over it.

My wife knows me better than I know myself. She drives me nuts,
but I love her. I can't resist her; when she talks to me like
that, when she looks at me like that. When I know that she wants
me, I can't help but want her too; she's never failed to lift my

I'd really enjoyed myself with Dorottya; but it was mere
masturbation compared with the real thing, making love with

"I love you Jimmy, I love you." She said as I pounded her, "I
love your tight round ass and your big black dick, I love your
dirty mind best. Did you have a good time with that old lady?
Tell me, Jimmy."

"It was fun." I answered.

"Just fun? That's all? Did she make you passionate, turn you
on, make you crazy?"

"Not like you do."

She wrapped her pale legs around my dark ones, and bucked upwards
with her hips, meeting my strokes. "But you liked her. You
enjoyed doing it with her, didn't you?" Jlona asked between

"Yes." I grunted. "She's still a beautiful woman, and she has a
certain something special about her."

"Did she suck your dick? Did she suck your big black dick,

"No, you know she didn't."

"Did you lick her, Jimmy? Did you make her come with your

"She didn't come, but I licked her out, yeah."

"I can smell her on your breath. I can taste her in your mouth.",
Jlona said, kissing me deeply and coming hard.

The following day, Jlona met IstvŠn in our section of her
father's huge house. The offices where they had screwed last
time were situated downstairs in the same building.

She was wearing a blue suit, a business like but feminine thing
from Paris that let the world know she was attractive, rich, and
respectable. It conformed to her voluptuous shape, and the
blouse was cut low between her generous breasts. The padded
jacket was open, to my annoyance. The skirt fell nearly to the
knees; she wore high heels, but her legs were bare.

There were eight cameras, and one of them was pointed at the
door. I could see the politicians eyes slowly moving up and down
my wife's voluptuous frame; he smiled like a wolf at the sight of
a sure kill.

He didn't say anything, he just took her in his arms and kissed
her; I could see his hands on the small of her back, I could see
one of them move down over her gorgeous round ass.

Jlona's arms hung limp while he did this; she didn't resist him,
but at least she did nothing to encourage him. He had fucked her;
a kiss when they met alone wasn't really out of order, at least
before she told him that the sex was a one time thing.

"Jlona, you're the woman to end all women." He told her.

They sat and drank some wine and chatted. I couldn't quite catch
it all, but I could tell she was telling him that she regretted
what they'd done. He was saying he didn't, he likes her, he wants

She says No, he says yes; then he kissed her again.

He just reached for her head, pulled her close, and kissed her. I
stood up to head upstairs; fuck the contract, fuck the permits,
fuck him!

But Jlona's arms were around him; I stopped to look.

She was kissing him back, her slim body tight in his arms; there
was lots of tongue. They were on fire.

She looked at me sadly over his shoulder through the camera; she
stroked his head and blew me a kiss, blowing me off.

Perhaps I should have gone up there and stopped it right then;
but I've always hesitated when unsure. I didn't know exactly what
had been said between them. Jlona had made the choice.

Jlona went down on him. She's very good at giving head; I'd
watched her do it to other men, I love to watch her do it to me.

IstvŠn groaned with pleasure; "Ah that's good! I should take you
home and have you teach my wife to do that."

"You're wife doesn't suck your cock?" Jlona asked him.

"Only if I insist." He answered.

"I love sucking cock." Jlona told him, "I love your cock. It
feels so good in my mouth, it tastes so nice."

She stopped before he came; I could see he was disappointed.

She lay back and spread her legs, waiting for him to reciprocate;
but he put his cock to her instead, pushing it inside her vagina again.

Jlona expects a good tongue lashing before getting laid.
Nonetheless, she appeared to be enjoying herself, I could see
from her expression that she was nearly ready to come; but her
lover came first, holding her tight, enjoying his selfish orgasm,
injecting my wife with his white sperm.

Jlona said nothing, just stroked his back and ass as he relaxed
on top of her. After a time, she rolled him over and went down
on him again, sucking his sticky old dick.

"That's enough now, Jlona." He said after a while, pushing her

"But IstvŠn, I thought we were just getting started." Jlona

"I have an important appointment in half an hour." He said,
getting out of the bed.

I almost broke out laughing; Jlona was looking completely pissed
off as her lover dressed himself.

"I will come Tuesday at the same time." He said as he left.

I went upstairs, thinking we'd have a fun session. It was ok, but
not as intense as the time before.

"What an arrogant bastard." Jlona said later. "I won't see him

"What happened? What did he tell you?"

"Nothing specific; but he let me know that he has a lot of
personal discretion on the permits, then he kissed me. What could
I do? I had no time to think, and it wasn't like I was a virgin
or something. Anyway, I'm no man's whore! I just tell him "No"
next time."

"That's good with me, Jlona, but what how will you explain it to
your dad when IstvŠn pulls the permits? That contract is worth a

"You're right. He'll be very angry with me. Perhaps I should wait
until construction is started."

"You mean keep seeing him?"

"What else can I do?"

There was a certain satisfaction in being right; I'd told her
this was a bad idea. The thought of her having to service IstvŠn'
s sexual needs was appalling, but it might teach Jlona an
important lesson that I'd been unable to. Still, we were no
street kids to be pushed around; IstvŠn was a powerful man, but
we weren't helpless. On the other hand, he was a lousy lover; I
didn't feel threatened by him.

"Just tell him you don't want to." I told her, "Do you want me
to be there when he comes? When he arrives, I mean."

Jlona laughed, breaking the sour mood in the room.

"If you're there when he came, that would be funny! Seriously
though, Jimmy; it could cost us a huge contract if we lose those
permits. It's not just about us, think of all the subcontractors
and their men who would lose out on the work. This is a big
deal, Jimmy. We could afford to lose it, but that doesn't mean
it would be okay.

It's not such a big thing is it? I mean, I did it with IstvŠn
for fun already. So what if I do it a couple of more times with
him? He's a terrible lover, but it doesn't cost anything to
humor him."

"I disagree." I told her, "It does cost something. I can't deny
that seeing another man between your thighs get my dick hard, but
my dick gets hard for you anyway. It causes pain, Jlona; it
causes me pain, and ultimately will cause IstvŠn pain. And I
think it will cause you pain, as well."

"Don't be so stuck up, Jimmy. It's just a little sex. Very
little, actually."

I wasn't happy about this at all; but what Jlona said was also
true, the deal would employ 1000 men for a year or more. The
winning or losing of those permits would cause a lot of money to
move around or stay still; it would affect the economy of many
people. What was the big deal if she spread her young pale legs
once or twice more?

Just then, my cell phone rang. It was Dorottya.

"How are you, Dorottya?" I said, looking up at Jlona. My wife stood next to me so she could hear what was being said.

"I'm not sure. I was fine until. until you know. Now I think
there's something missing in me."

"Missing? What you mean?"

"There's something missing in me, and it's you." She said with
uncharacteristic timidity. "Can we meet somewhere? I'd really
like to see you again."

Jlona was nodding emphatically, that mischievous gleam in her
green eyes that I always found utterly irresistible.

"Sure, Dorottya. I'd like that too." I answered her, regretting
my reply almost immediately. How could I discipline Jlona if I
couldn't discipline myself?

We arranged to meet at my place; these things are very difficult
where everyone knew us, but we would have to go 500 miles before
we wouldn't be known.

Dorottya was a very recognizable woman, and locally famous. Her
tall aristocratic bearing couldn't be missed. And of course a
black man around here was more noticeable than most places,
especially in a late model BMW.

So we thought of an excuse for her to enter the offices
downstairs. Jlona was delighted.

"So what if that old bastard IstvŠn put his little white thing in
me? Your big black one is going to make his wife crazy!" She

I still wasn't sure how one betrayal made up for the other, but
what the hell; it was fun having sex with Dorottya. She was
almost royalty here, with her big charities and society parties.
She was "Sophisticated" with a capital "S". Jlona had style and
class, but frankly Dorottya had more. I would never trade Jlona
for Dorottya; Jlona is my life, Jlona is a girl to die for. But
Dorottya was fun; there was something wicked and wonderful about
making it with her.

"This time, you have to make her suck your dick." Jlona said.
"I want to watch your big black dick disappear into her arrogant

"Come on Jlona, Dorottya isn't like that."

"That's not what you said before you fucked her." Jlona

When I opened the door to her, Dorottya was standing outside in
the hall looking wonderful, as well as afraid.

In her high heels, she was slightly taller than me; her long
black hair fell about her shoulders. As I removed her coat, a
beautiful blue pastel dress was revealed.

"You look stunning." I told her truthfully.

She turned and stared at me with a somewhat alarming look in her
eyes; desire, admiration, and lust were there. She stepped
towards me, and melted into my arms.

Her body was thin, long, and hard compared to my voluptuous young wife. Her lips were devouring me, her hands moving over my body
as though she might never have another opportunity to hold a man in her arms again. I felt my dick inflate. So did she.

"I've never been with a man like you." She whispered.

We ate lunch and talked; I was once more surprised to find how
easy she was to talk to. I suppose that was why she was who she
was, a woman of respect. And that voice of hers; I could listen
to it all day, it was musical somehow. Her accented English
calmed me and excited me at the same time.

Finally, I took her hand and led her to the bed room.

There was a certain electricity between us as we undressed; like
I used to have with Jlona. Like we still had sometimes.

"I want you to suck my dick, Dorottya." I told her when we were

She looked a little bit shocked. She stared at my stiff black
penis with her big blue eyes, but said nothing.

"If you want it, you have to suck it first." I told her.

I wasn't really into being dominant or anything, but I knew it
would drive Jlona crazy.

The older woman kneeled at my feet, and looked up at me with a
look of resignation as she wrapped her long pale hands around my
organ, opened her mouth, and slowly engulfed the tip.

It was a wonderful sight, the toast of Hungarian womanhood going
down on my nigger dick. The fact that she was hesitant made it
even better. The fact that I was standing under one of the
cameras so that my wife could watch made it better again.

"That's the way, Dorottya. It feels great. Don't stop now, take
it a little deeper." I encouraged her. I don't have one of
those donkey dicks like porn stars have, but it's nothing to be
ashamed of, either. Of course she was a novice at this, and
couldn't compare with what I'd had in my life. But it's not the
hot wet suction that's the turn on, but who's doing it.
Dominating this older high flying socialite was a special treat
for this black kid from L.A.

"Get on the bed, Dorottya." I told her, following up on the
theme. "Spread your legs. Wider. Come on now, you're a
ballerina. Oh yes, that's what I mean."

Dorottya's long muscular legs were stretched out so far that she
had a foot over each edge of the double bed. I spread her curly
black pubic hairs away from her vagina, and slowly ran my thumb
across her privates. She shuddered, but held her position.

"I think you're very beautiful, Dorottya." I told her, "I'm
looking forward to this very much."

"So am I." She said, as I lowered my mouth to her crotch.

I licked her thighs and snatch; I tongued her until she cried,
and then I put the tip of my dick on her clit and beat her with

"What are you doing to me?" She whimpered.

I laughed, and began to push my thing slowly into her body.
Deeper, deeper, until I was buried in her. Until her thin strong
old body was impaled on my young black dick. It felt good, it
felt right; she wanted me in there, she was hot and wet and tight
against me. Her big blue eyes could see nothing but me; at that
moment, she worshiped me.

I guess that's my craving; if a woman is really crazy for me, it
makes me want her like mad. No one except Jlona had ever looked
at me like that, only Jlona had ever wanted me so intensely.

I held Dorottya's body tightly, and I decided I'd give her the
time of her life. I could do that, I knew it. Between the
desire she had for me and the control I had over my anatomy, I
knew I could turn her to pudding. I didn't think of the
consequences just then; if I had, maybe I wouldn't have done it.
But I didn't, so I screwed her nutty.

I fucked her through and through, I made her come until her hair
was frazzled and her face flushed, I turned her over and did her
doggy style, I put her on my lap and rocked her on my stiff pole
till she came yet again.

My old ballerina was strong; stronger than Jlona, stronger than
most women. Her vaginal muscles squeezed against my cock in the
most pleasant way; she crushed me to herself with a wonderful
tension in her arms and legs each time I made her come.

I watched her face; her complexion couldn't match that my young wife of course, but those cheekbones had to be seen to be
believed, the bridge of her nose was long strait, her nostrils
had a noble flair to them. Her lips were thin and quick to
smile, her teeth even and perfect. She had a narrow yet strong
jaw, and her thin arched eyebrows framed her blue eyes in an
exquisite way.

"My God, Jimmy, what are you doing to me?" She asked as I pushed
her onto her back again.

"I want to come in your mouth." I told her, pulling my wet hard
cock out of her shuddering torso, and placing it against her fine

When she opened her mouth to say something, I pushed my cock
gently but firmly into her warm wet oral cavity. Once more I
looked down into her eyes, admiring the sight of her pale
complexion against the darkness of my dick. It was gorgeous, and
I wanted to free my load there; into her most precious asset, her
face. The face that would be recognized by any cultured person
in Budapest, the face that once graced the stage.

But I wasn't sure she was ready for it; "Is it okay, Dorottya?"
I asked her.

She nodded her consent.

"You want my hot come in your mouth? You want to taste my

She nodded again. I stroked her face gently with my fingertips,
then slowly gripped her head between my hands; there was no
escape for her now, and she knew it. We looked at each other as
the tension I'd initiated in my ass caused the spasms to begin.

I felt a great rush of heat pass from my abdomen down the length
of my dick, that amazing release of tension that comes with
climax, as the first long jet of semen flooded my lovers palette
I groaned involuntarily, clamping her tighter through the
following ejaculations, each slightly less than the one before,
the quantity of fluid finely reaching zero, the spasms continuing
for some beautiful seconds afterwards.

I released her at last, and she went to the bathroom to spit my
seed into the sink and rinse her mouth before returning to
snuggle against me. Her slim pale body against my black muscular
bulk; her refined well bred beauty against my rough African

"I didn't know it could be like that." She said after a while,
breaking the post sexual silence.

I didn't say anything. I was sorry for her; sorry that she
couldn't keep me, that she could never be my one woman. sorry
that she had seemingly never had a decent lover. I kissed her,
wondering how it was possible. I felt that somehow she deserved
more than I could give her. All I could give her was this
fleeting affair, some friendship and good sex.

Jlona came in within moments of Dorottya's departure; my green
eyed wife had been watching upstairs, and she wanted

"You were amazing, Jimmy. That old bitch won't ever be the
same!" She said, climbing into bed next to me.

"I'm pretty tired out Jlona. I'm not sure."

She kissed me, and grabbed my ass. "Jimmy." she crooned, "I love
you Jimmy."

It took her a little while, but damned if she did get me going
again. The thing was, I felt kind of confused about this. It was
as though having sex with my wife was somehow a betrayal of my
lover; the fact was, I had developed feelings for Dorottya. Not
like the feelings I had for Jlona, but a genuine affection
nonetheless. I didn't want to hurt her. I didn't know what I
wanted, but it wasn't to hurt her.

I didn't see Dorottya for a couple of weeks after that. She
phoned me regularly, and if I was alone, we had really nice
chats. We even got a little raunchy.

In the meantime, IstvŠn had been with Jlona several times. I got
bored of watching them; I found it pissed me off more than it
turned me on now. He apologized for being rude to her that time,
and would always bring her flowers or chocolates. They spent a
lot of time just talking; IstvŠn was a charismatic type, he could
make her laugh. I felt threatened by that; I wasn't worried
about him just screwing her, I knew I could screw her better.
What worried me was that she enjoyed spending time with him.

I've never been a charmer; I'm brilliant with technical things,
but I've never been good with people.

"IstvŠn is going to Rome for the weekend." Dorottya told me on
the phone. "We could get together. Maybe I could cook for you;
would you like that?"

"I would, Dorottya; but I'll have to think of something to tell

I wasn't lying; nothing had been said about it, but I knew Jlona
didn't want me to see Dorottya any more. She was jealous of her
lover's wife; she didn't mind much that she "had to" screw him,
but she saw no reason for me to do it with Dorottya again, not
after watching how hot we were together. I didn't want to tell
her that I actually liked Dorottya; she was fun to be with, I
enjoyed the way she adored me. Isn't that what affairs are all
about? Enjoying the thrill of a new lover, and then breaking it
off as soon as it becomes ordinary.

I was thinking I could probably get away for most of Saturday;
Dorottya could serve me lunch, devour me with her big blue eyes,
suck my dick, and then I could screw her into oblivion. It was a
pleasant prospect; I told Jlona I had to meet one of my computer

"Jimmy, I need to fly down to Rome this weekend." Jlona told me
sometime later. "I have to check on the marble we ordered before
it's shipped."

"The whole weekend?" I asked, wondering why she was withholding
from me.

"Yes. I won't have any extra time for sightseeing or anything,
and you have that meeting on Saturday."

We had never lied to each other before. At least not as far as I
knew; I felt sad about it. I resolved to end this unpleasant new
facet of our relationship. After the weekend, though.

I packed a small bag, and slipped into the home of IstvŠn and
Dorottya Recsk at 3 AM Saturday morning, deep in the night when
no one would see me; Jlona and IstvŠn would be in their hotel
room in Rome by now, sleeping or making love.

My older lover greeted me wearing a smile, and little else; just
the slightest of slight silk nightgowns; a simple shiny blue
garment that descended from her pert breasts to just below her
tight little ass.

We kissed, embracing each other with the comfort of lovers who
had known each other for much longer than we had. It was odd to
hold her body in my arms this way; the warmth of the embrace so
familiar yet so different. Her long legs making her small ass
easy to hold, her small breasts in contrast to Jlona's large
chest cushions, allowing her mouth to reach mine with room to
spare; her scent already familiar to me, sweet to my nostrils.

We went to bed. She cuddled up to me, laid her head on my
shoulder, and slept.

It was a wonderful morning; sunlight beamed through the tall
windows of the Recsk bedroom.

I felt a bit disoriented at first, waking up in a strange place;
next to a strange woman.

What was I doing here? This affair was kind of backwards; my
lover was older and less attractive in my wife. As I looked at
Dorottya sleeping next to me, I found myself thinking of Jlona;
where was she now? What was she doing? Were her big green eyes
staring into IstvŠn's? Were her lips around his penis?

Dorottya opened her eyes, and looked at me serenely. She smiled
as she recognized me, recognized the situation; a young man in
her bed, a strong young black lover with a big dick that doesn't

Was that all I was?

Without speaking, my older lover got up and went to the bathroom,
leaving me alone with my thoughts and doubts.

I liked the woman, I enjoyed having sex with her. I just wasn't
sure of the price.

I rose from my rivals bed, and went to the bathroom where
Dorottya was brushing her teeth. I kissed the side of her neck,
and slipped my hands under her nightgown to stroke her flat
belly, pushing my half hard cock into the crack of her lean pale
ass. She smiled at me in the mirror; it was going to be a
wonderful day.

The first half was.

We went back to bed, and made love; we had time, delicious
amounts of time. Time is the great luxury that the rich often
miss; time to love, to hold and kiss. There was no urgency, no
haste; my strong black hands on her slim pale body caused her to
shiver with anticipation; the touch of her long fingers on my
penis flooded my brain with endorphins.

With Dorottya, what I really loved was the way she looked at me;
the adoration was an aphrodisiac that more than made up for the
age difference between us.

I've never been much for fancy positioning; I like the woman
below, so I can drive my dick deep and hard into her, I love her
legs around my ass. Still, Dorottya's contortions were a lot of
fun; that woman was built for speed; light, tight, and just

Dorottya was a beautiful woman, any man young or old, would
agree. And I must say, she was great in bed.

Her vaginal muscles squeezed my dick wonderfully; only Jlona's
ass had squeezed me tighter, but Jlona didn't actually get much
pleasure from it [unless being watched by strangers], so we
hadn't done it since our stage days.

I loved the feel of Dorottya's long lean body against mine, I
loved to make her crazy, I loved to make her come.

She was a lover, an affair; I didn't want to leave my voluptuous
young wife for her, I loved Jlona more than anything. But
Dorottya was a wonderful distraction, a tasty treat, a very
naughty diversion.

So what if Jlona and IstvŠn were screwing in Rome? She would come
back to me. She was enjoying her affair just as I was enjoying
mine; but as soon as the novelty wore off we would pick up our
marriage where we'd left off, settle into our routine, and
perhaps get around to thinking about children.

Dorottya and I finally got out of bed around noon; we ate, sat in
the living room, and talked.

I was amazed at how the afternoon sped past; Dorottya's passion
for her work was equal to her passion between the sheets. Her
spirit was as beautiful as her form. I loved the fire in her
eyes as she described some bureaucratic hurdle she had to clear
on behalf of the orphanage she sponsored; her fiery animation as
she told me about it all.

There were large framed photographs on the walls of ballerinas;
beautiful graceful women being held high in the air by strong men in tights. It took me while to notice that most of them were
pictures of Dorottya in her dancing years.

We had sex again before sleeping; never mind the details, let's
just say that doing it with Dorottya wasn't boring. I felt that
she deserved the pleasure she so obviously took in me; I was
proud to be her lover. The one to give something back to this
woman who gave so much; the whole scene made my dick so hard it

I was proud of the way I caused this very accomplished woman to
achieve orgasm. Despite my doubts, it felt good to make her
come. To hold her in my arms and penetrate her with my dick,
until she shuddered and cried with pleasure, consuming my youth
and power; as though my cock was the fountain of youth, my
ejaculate an essential oil her body desperately needed.

Dorottya had to go out to one of her meetings on Sunday
afternoon; a lunch party with the prominent society women of

"I'll be back in a few hours, my sweet." She said, kissing me at
the door. "Keep the curtains closed, won't you?"

If my black face were seen inside the Recsk residence on Sunday
afternoon, there might be some explaining to do.

I'd brought my laptop with me, but I didn't feel like doing any
work. I wandered around the strange house, looking at the
trophies of their lives.

Someone had good taste; without spending much money, the place
was well decorated, pleasant to be in.

And then I noticed something strange in the molding in the corner
of the bedroom; a small round gleaming violet concave of glass; a

I searched further; I found several more. After the shock wore
off, I started to laugh; I wasn't the only voyeur in this sordid

The wires were well hidden, and there was no way to trace them
without tearing the walls apart. But I started to pay attention
to the layout of the rooms, and I realized that there was a space
missing in the middle; a small hidden room. It didn't take me
long to find the opening. A large mirror on the living room wall
was hinged, there was a small slot hiding the catch.

The system had been professionally installed. It was technically
primitive, but the workmanship was very good, especially the
camera placement. The whole setup had to have been installed
during a renovation of the apartment. Some things had obviously
been added after the original installation; there was a processor
that switched the video recorder on when there was movement in
whichever room a given camera was in. It was possible to watch
the front door through a separate monitor. There were a lot of
videotapes; I rewound the one in the machine. There we were,
Dorottya and I; black on white, young on old, our passion on

I started putting different tapes into the machine; why was I so
upset? It wasn't like I wanted to live my life with Dorottya, it
wasn't like I thought she was a virgin.

Yet somehow, I thought she was virtuous. Well, she was virtuous,
but she was also a bit of a slut.

I knew some of the men. One of them was my father-in-law, others
were prominent people I knew here in Budapest. They were all
wealthy, powerful men; most of them were old, older than

"No one's ever loved me like that." She would say to them, her
blue eyes looking at them in that familiar way.

There were stills as well, and I found photographs of Jlona.
Most were [I suppose] innocent; Jlona in a restaurant, or
relaxing at home. But there were several nudes of my wife smiling at the camera, and one with her sitting on the lap of the
photographer, his stiff white cock buried deep inside her body.
It was taken in the Recsk bedroom, in the same bed where Dorottya
and I had just shared such intimacy; Jlona had been having secret
liaisons with IstvŠn in addition to the ones I'd been allowed to

I found a tape marked "Jlona", and I put it in the machine to
have a look.

Why should I be so upset? I knew they were fucking. I'd already
watched them fucking. But Jlona had pretended to me that she
didn't like it with IstvŠn. Now it turned out she did; that was
threatening to me. The man sticking his dick in her was bad
enough, without her enjoying herself.

I didn't even recognize my wife at first on the tape; Jlona loved
to get dressed up in sexy outfits, designer streetwear or slinky
bedroom things; but in this video, she started out in a rather
conservative full-length dress, her hair pinned back, and wearing
round granny glasses.

She was typing a letter on a word processor as IstvŠn dictated.
Without stopping the work, he let her hair down; unzipped the
dress [which I had never seen before], and slowly unhooked her
bra. Jlona just kept typing and IstvŠn kept dictating whatever
it was she was working on as he began to fondle her breasts,
tweaking her young nipples. He began to kiss her, and she kept
up with the typing for quite a while; he finally spun her around
and lifted her onto the desk. My wife looked quite amused by at
all as he lifted her skirt up and pulled off her panties.

A secretary fetish; I'd never thought of that. He fucked her for
a few minutes and came. She held his head and kissed him
happily, but I don't think she had come.

There was maid fantasy on there as well, Jlona dressed as a
serving girl. I didn't have time to watch it all, but I did fast
forward to her orgasm. My rival did get her off, at least

Of course I had no time to watch the many hours of tape; I stole
half of them, putting their labels on blanks that I found. And I
did something clever; I connected my laptop to the surveillance
system and a phone line. I connected it to the power supply,
installed a program, wrote a bit of code, and hid it behind the
equipment rack.

I would be able to fully access it from home; provided the phone
line here was free. I set the laptop to dial out automatically
at 4 AM. It was unfortunate the system recorded on tape; if it
had been digital, I could have set it up to be able to remaster
IstvŠn's recordings from home.

I didn't bother to close the mirror door as Dorottya came in. I
swiveled around in the chair I was seated in, and watched her
expression as she saw me seated in the hidden room.

She convinced me; she really didn't know. She was utterly
shocked to see a room in her house that she didn't know existed.
When she saw herself on the monitor being screwed by my
father-in-law, the blood drained from her already pale face. Her
knees went weak, and she sat down on the floor.

"What is this, Jimmy?" She asked, "What is happening here?"

"You didn't know about this?" I asked her.

"No." She answered, her brain obviously spinning with the

"I think your husband knows more about you than you think." I
told her. I rose to leave, taking my computer bag that was
stuffed with her husband's tapes.

"Wait, Jimmy!" She pleaded, "Don't leave now. Talk to me; what
should I do? Oh my God."

She was obviously distraught; she did need someone to talk to,
and who else could she talk to but me? Besides, I wasn't exactly
innocent in all of this. We sat at the kitchen table.

"Believe me Jimmy, I had no idea my husband knew about those men.
What a bastard, secretly recording me! You have to realize that
when the old regime collapsed, there was chaos; I needed money
for the children, and I needed it fast. People were hesitant to
donate at that time, just when it was needed most. The wealthy
of Budapest felt insecure for their future. It took a little
extra to convince them to donate to my cause; I'm not going to
pretend I didn't enjoy myself, I often did. Once I'd gotten used
to cheating on IstvŠn, I enjoyed the thrill of the chase. It was
like being young again, and it worked; once I'd had those bankers
in my bed, they could no longer refuse me the funds I needed to
feed my children.

"But since the economy has recovered here, I've no longer needed
to stoop so low; I haven't been completely virtuous, I admit.
But they were nothing compared to you, Jimmy."

The ladies keep telling me that; how great I am in bed, how they
love my dick, how they want me to do it to them again. I suppose
most guys would go home happy with that. But if I was so great,
how come my wife was in Rome with IstvŠn? Dorottya loved me to
fuck her, but didn't love me; oh, she was infatuated, and that
would be good for another few weeks most likely. I was feeling
very depressed about it all.

"What should we do now?" I asked her.

"I'm going to make us a lovely Hungarian dinner." She answered,
"And then. and then you can do for me what no banker can do!"

"I mean what do we do about the tape that in the machine right
now? I could erase it, but I suspect he'll know. You've been
talking to me on your home phone, he must know we were going to
be together this weekend. He's got the house bugged; surely he's
taken care of the phone."

We spent several hours going through the possibilities; I could
leave the tape blank and wound forward, and he might think he
made a mistake when he loaded it. In the end, we decided to
leave IstvŠn's last tape in the machine, and add a little
something to it after dinner.

Dorottya had been an actress; her performance was wonderful. She
didn't even have to take the orgasms; if anything, they were more
intense for her, knowing that IstvŠn would be watching the tapes.
She still cared for him, I realized.

"I love you, Jimmy!" She cried repeatedly, "You're the most
incredible man ever."

"Do you want to suck my cock, Dorottya?"

"Please, please let me Jimmy! I want to suck your big black
cock, I'm dying to feel it in my mouth."

And later, as we snuggled together in bed under IstvŠn's cameras;
"let's run off together somewhere, Jimmy."

"But what about your work here in Budapest?"

"We could get an apartment somewhere."

"That would be pretty bad for IstvŠn's image."

"I don't care. If he was half as good as you, I'd keep him, but
he isn't."

"What will you tell you tell people?"

"I don't know. How about IstvŠn's a dried up old bastard who can'
t get it up?"

That was good for a genuine laugh.

"Why is it that you and Jlona don't have children, Jimmy?"

"I never wanted children with Jlona." I said for the camera,
"She falls on her back and spreads her legs for anyone. She's a
total slut, probably diseased."

"I'd love to carry your children." She said, and we kissed long
and deep.

Of course, there was no way to know if our little performance
would be beneficial to us or not in the long run; but sure was
fun to know that we had left something to really fuck with IstvŠn
's head.

I could feel the change in my relationship with Jlona, and I
wasn't very happy about it.

I looked through the videos I'd stolen from IstvŠn; there was one
other of Jlona.

It was unedited, and for most of it they were talking. Jlona and
IstvŠn entered the apartment where I'd had the pleasure of
knowing his wife, and had coffee. He sat on the couch, and she
put her head in his lap; he just stroked her face and head while
they talked and talked. I mostly fast forwarded through, but they
seemed to skip from topic to topic; culture, politics, gossip.
Just normal stuff.

They took a bath together; I hadn't realized he even had a camera in there. They fooled around a little, but mostly talked. I
wished they would just fuck; I might have been able to live with
that. But in the fuzzy image, I could see my wife regarding her
lover; I could see her expression, the spread of her eyes much
more threatening to me than the inevitable spread of her legs in
his bed before the tape ended.

He licked her and fucked her, and she came twice I think; it didn
't matter.

Meanwhile, Jlona and I somehow couldn't seem to find much to talk
about. We were having sex more out of habit than out of passion.
I felt she was drifting away from me, even though it didn't seem
likely that she would leave me for a man as old as IstvŠn. For a
lover, there's no problem with a difference in age, but if you're
going to think about a permanent relationship, then it starts to

There was a chasm growing between us; Jlona is a difficult woman
to love, but I love her nonetheless. I know I've been focusing on
sex in this story, which is important; but there is more to love
than sex. Frankly, although Jlona is more beautiful, Dorottya is
better in bed; but it's always been Jlona in my heart, since the
day we met.

At last, I took the plunge, and opened the issue;

"Jlona, I think you should be using condoms with IstvŠn." I said
over breakfast, as though suggesting less salt on her eggs would
be good for her.

"Why do you say that, Jimmy? You know I hate those things, I'm
on the pill."

"It isn't safe, Jlona. If were going to be fooling around like
this, we should do it safely."

"But we're not fooling around, Jimmy. It's not like we've had a
lot of partners, everyone was checked when we worked in France,
and we've only been with IstvŠn and Dorottya in the last three

"But we don't know how many people they've been with."

"Give me a break, Jimmy; those two? They probably married as

"I hate to tell you this, Jlona, but IstvŠn has been with half
the women in his political party, and half the pretty girls in

"Bullshit. You're just jealous."

"Am I? Do I have something to be jealous of, Jlona?"

"You know I don't care about him. I wish he would just leave me

I had the videotape cued; I switched on the TV, and then started
the machine.

Jlona in the Recsk bedroom, her hair disheveled, dressed only in
a white T-shirt that ended above her shaved crotch. She turned
as the door opened, a big happy smile spreading across her face
as her older lover entered the room. She skips over to him, and
throws her arms around him; they kiss deeply, romantically, his
hands hold her bare ass tightly against himself. She pulls away
to unknot the belt of his robe, and he drops it to the floor
behind him as they jumped into the bed.

I stopped the tape.

I looked at Jlona. She was staring at the blank screen, working
on a response.

"You're having an affair, Jlona." I told her, "You've enjoyed
yourself. Do you want to keep enjoying yourself with IstvŠn,
even though it's beginning to imperil our relationship? I didn't
make it up, Jlona. I have tapes of your boyfriend with many
different women as well as you in that same bed."

"How did you get the tapes?" Jlona asked me in a distance voice.

"I stole them." I answered her. "They belong to IstvŠn. I'm
sure he's missing them by now."

"So. It's true what they say about you people; you're all

"Please, Jlona; just because I'm a thief doesn't mean all black
people are thieves."

"We Hungarians are not racist, Jimmy. Just nationalists; I meant
all you Americans are thieves."

"The only thing I ever stole here is you." I said.

I told her everything, everything. I told her about my
infatuation with Dorottya, how I'd enjoyed my time with her. How
shocked I'd been to find out that she was so promiscuous, and yet
how I couldn't blame her when she told me of the cause. About
IstvŠn's little room where he secretly taped the sexual antics of
both his wife and himself.

"Then. IstvŠn knows about you and Dorottya." Jlona said.

"Oh yes. And I know IstvŠn is a needle dick."

Jlona started to giggle, she tried to hold back, but she

"That's not true, Jimmy." She said

"He's a needle dick and he can't last more than 10 minutes." I
insisted. "I have documentary evidence."

Jlona really laughed; it was good to make her laugh again.

"Then what are you worried about, you ape?" She asked.

"What am I worried about? I'm worried about the fact that you
like to spend time with him more than you like to spend time with
me. That you lied to me about Rome, that you like him so much
even though he's terrible in bed. Most guys worry about some guy
who's a better lover than them, I worry about a guy who has
better taste and more charm than me."

"Are you going to make me choose, Jimmy?"

"Yes. I don't want to lose you, Jlona; but I don't want to share

"But what about the excitement, Jimmy? You also enjoyed it, that
thrill of a new lover. You are also having fun."

"I did. I really like Dorottya, just like you like IstvŠn. But
it's no good, Jlona; if we want to be a couple, if we want to be
a married couple, we have to do something else for thrills."

"Like what?"

"How about skiing?"

"But I do like him, Jimmy; I admit it. He does something for me;
I don't love him like I love you, but I do like him. He likes to
go shopping with me, and. I don't know."

"That's all fine, Jlona, but you had sex with him. He's more than
a friend."

"IstvŠn needs it, that's all. He's just so insecure about
himself; you know I don't care about the sex with him."

"Well I do. If you want me, you have to stop seeing him."

"But Jimmy, if you love me like you say, why won't you let me
have you both? Before I was with you, I never had only one
boyfriend. I'll use condoms with IstvŠn."

"We got married, Jlona; that's why I'm here in Budapest,
thousands of miles from my family and friends. I can't love you
without loving myself; and that means I won't endure the pain and
insecurity of that kind of bullshit. There's more to this than a
little sperm, Jlona; I'll leave you before I'll share you, It's
monogamy or goodbye."

"How about if I see him just as a friend?" she implored.

"If he wanted to do it with you, if he really wanted it. can you
be sure you would be able to keep refusing him? And if you did,
do you think it would be fair to him or me?"

I wasn't bluffing; Jlona was my life, and she still is. But I'd
rip her from my heart and leave her if our relationship was going
to head down that road. Jlona is young, good looking, and rich;
but so am I.

"What's the big deal, Jimmy? You did it with Dorottya, and I did
it with IstvŠn, and we're still together. It's just a little sex,
it's fun."

"The big deal is that if you make love with someone, emotional
bonds will form; you're falling for IstvŠn, and drifting from me.
It may be fun, but it's not a game. Dorottya is almost twice my
age, but I find myself thinking of her during the day, sometimes
comparing her to you; how does that make you feel?"

"Jealous." Jlona admitted.

"And is it the same for you? Do you compare IstvŠn to me?"

"Sometimes." She conceded. "But I love you much more, Jimmy! You
never have to worry about IstvŠn."

"So you admit you do love him. He talks to you for hours, he goes
shopping with you, he lies with you in the bathtub and mutters
sweet nothings."

"Yes." She whispered, looking away. I could see she was fighting
back the tears; like tearing a scab from a wound, I continued;

"We could loose our relationship over this, Jlona. If not this
time, next time. We could flit from partner to partner, enjoying
the thrills. You would have the men of Budapest at your feet, I
could go home; Or we could be boring but happy together. You know
what I want; you have to tell me what you want."

"I want you, Jimmy." She choked, turning to me.

I took her in my arms; I felt the stress of the last few months
lifting from me as her soft yielding young body melted against
me, forming itself to fit. Her gentle loving hands clasped me
again, like they used to. I hadn't even realized the barrier that
had slowly formed between us until it was so blissfully lifted,
vaporizing in the heat being generated between us. I looked down
into her eyes; those amazing green eyes of hers that had first
captured me, those eyes that had been the greatest joy I've ever
known. They were mine again, I was sure of it. They were for me,
and me alone. They should never look at another man like they
look at me, never again.

Jlona is still mine. But I had to make some concessions; I'll
try to be more attentive, try to learn some "culture", and twice
a month, we'll fly to Holland or France and I'll fuck her on

"In my ess, Jimmy!" Jlona said, stretching out, laying her head
on my lap, and grinning up at me [she means her ass].

This way we stay monogamous, at least physically, while my
naughty little wife gets her regular fix of extra sexual thrills.


Jlona and I enjoyed the shows from IstvŠn's bedroom for a month
or two before the feed was cut off. We were treated not only to
IstvŠn's seductions of several young ladies, but of his domestic
squabbles with Dorottya and surprisingly frequent marital sex.
The voyeuristic spying totally cured Jlona of any leftover
interest she had in the man.

IstvŠn approached me at an inauguration recently. I felt my
hackles rise as he approached; fight or flight?

"Thanks for the laptop, Jimmy." He said with a wry grin.

"My pleasure. I wanted a new one anyway." I told him, relaxing
a little and offering my hand.

He hesitated for a moment, then accepted my peace offering, and
shook my hand.

"No hard feelings?" He asked.

"No. None from me if there's none from you." I answered him.
"How is Dorottya? I haven't seen her."

"She's in Romania, at the new orphanage. She will be back."

The orphanage in Romania that Jlona and I paid for; It's

"How is Jlona? I thought she would be here." He continued.

"She's well." I answered, skipping over the reason she hadn't
attended the function; because of IstvŠn's likely presence.

"Treat her well, Jimmy." He told me; "She's very special."

"I know." I said

Jlona steps out on stage wearing an elegant cocktail dress, her
hair flawless thanks to a hairdresser that charges half what we
earn for the show; she's sipping a glass of wine as she strolls
up and down, eyeballing the audience.

"Have you seen my husband?" She asks me as I step on stage.

"No ma'am." I reply. "Is there something I can help you with?"

She rolls her eyes at the audience and grins. There is laughter
and light applause.

"I'm not sure." She says, eyeing me up and down in an obvious
way. "It's kind of a big problem, it would need a big solution."

She rolls her eyes at the audience again, and licks her lips.
The audience hoots in appreciation.

"Well ma'am, you just tell me what I can do for you." I tell her
with a smile.

She considers the situation for a moment; "Rub my back." She
says, turning to face the audience.

I start on her shoulders, where they can see my black fingers
violating her pure white flesh; she leans back against me, and I
fill my hands with her generous breasts.

I kiss her neck, nibble her ear, and finally remove the dress.

We both enjoy it more lying down, but the audience can see much
better when we do it standing. Jlona's six inch heels lift her
ass to the right height. She bends forward and holds on to the
dance pole as my big black cock slides into her wetness.

Jlona always comes on stage; she looks from one dirty old man to
the next, she smiles at the rare couple, and comes while I give
it to her. She sucks my dick as they watch enviously, and for
the grand finale, we do anal if we're in the mood and the
audience has been good. Otherwise, Jlona will open her mouth and
hold my dick so they can all see my nigger come squirting between
her perfect lips; when I'm through, she looks at them, closes her
mouth, and smiles while she swallows.

"Blacks taste better." She likes to tell them, or "MMM,
chocolate milk!".

She insists we keep to the deal until she's too far along to fly.
I'm not so sure, what will our child say if he [or she] finds out
that his mother did it before an audience while he was in the
womb? She's seriously showing now, and the crowd seems to love
it. "What will my husband say if the baby is black?" She's been
asking the audience, stroking her lovely swell.

He'll just say how much he loves her; perhaps he should say
"What a relief!".

Ace, 2002

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