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So after you had reduced me to a puddle of jello with the backrub, you
started on my legs, and then when I was more relaxed than I could have
thought possible, you slid a hand between my thighs and started playing
with my clit. Hardly fair, I'm sure you'll agree! So I guess it was
just fate getting back at you, when you pulled me up to my knees and
started licking and nibbling at me, that you developed a crick in your
own neck... My turn to work on you.

I straddled your ass, kneading at your back, and feeling my crotch
slippery against you as I moved. And when you felt relaxed, I ran my
nails lightly over the skin of your back, and then bent forward to nibble
at your ear. You made such delightful sounds and wiggled so sweetly, I
whispered to you, "I wish I had a strap-on so I could fuck you up the ass."

You murmured, "I'll get you one..." I fucked your earhole with my
tongue, rubbing my crotch against your ass, so wet, and slowly, inexorably,
something rose in me and cloaked me and changed me. I felt my power over
you there, writhing under me, and I grabbed your wrists with my hands
and held you down. Something was happening to me -- I felt like I had
grown a cock to fuck you with, and stranger, that antlers had sprung
from my brow. Moments of clarity came and went, and in the moments when
I could clearly feel _my_ cock sliding into you, you moaned and shrieked
as though there really were a cock in you. I fucked you, and there were
two simultaneous voices in my throat as I grunted and growled, and I know
you felt a cock in you that should not have been.

And when I came, I could feel myself throbbing long afterwards, like
a man does, and when the other presence left me, I collapsed onto you.
"What happened?" I panted.

"Well, did you come?"

"I sure did -- was it just my imagination, or did I grow a cock just
now?" I didn't mention the antlers.

"It was your imagination, I think, but don't discount its power for

"You felt that cock, didn't you? I felt like I was possessed by a

"Yes, the Hunter," you affirmed.

The Hunter, the dark one of Celtic and Anglo-Saxon myth, lord of the
beasts. The Hunter, whose brow bears antlers.


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