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i pervert2


This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit or placed within
any archive without the written permission of the author. The author may
be contacted at or via ICQ #51761475. More stories can be found at

Copyright 2000, Robert B. Morton, II, all rights reserved.


For those individuals not of legal age to read this where they live,
shame on you! For those folks who may be offended by this writing, all I
can say is caveat lector--you have been warned. The following is a work of
fiction and the usual statements about bearing any resemblance to people or
places, living or dead, being coincidental, etc., apply here.

I, Pervert, by Rob Morton (inc)

Part Two, Chapter 1

Now, you folks reading this might wonder about me saying that I'm
perverted; I mean, some of you just might think fucking your sister is the
most natural thing in the world to do, just as I did. I'm here to tell you
that things got much worse for me after I was thrown out...

I drove aimlessly for days, stopping only to eat and sleep when I
remembered to. Eventually, my car gave out on me in a little town called
Thomas, leaving me stranded without a way to continue my wandering.

Thomas didn't have much of anything; in fact, as I sat on the hood of my
car, I wondered why there were even people living here. From where I was
sitting, I could easily see from one end of town to the other!

Finally, some guy in a truck was drove by and stopped to see if I needed
help, which is when I learned that the nearest garage was about a hundred
miles to the north and the closest car dealership even further up the road.
And, if that wasn't bad enough, I also found out that there were no hotels,
bus or train stations nearby.

In essence, I was stranded!

The Samaritan offered to give me a place to spend the night and a ride
to the next town in the morning, which I took him up on, assuring him that
I could pay for his kindness.

"Oh, to hell with that," Brent Farmer said, waving his hand at me.
"It's the least I could do to help out a fella in need! C'mon... Jack, is
it? Let's get out of the night air and see what we can do about putting on
the feed bag!"

Despite my situation, I found myself smiling at the rugged stranger I
now knew as Brent Farmer (Buck to his friends). He helped me load my stuff
into the back of his truck and once that was done, we took off down the
road, making a right turn and stopping in front of a rather small brick

"I was that close to your home?" I asked, turning to look behind me at
my car, which was still visible from Buck's driveway.

"Yep," he confirmed as we climbed from the truck's cab. "Come on

Buck held the door open for me and I stepped inside, automatically
taking notice of how the room was decorated; the outside, while not shabby
or anything, wouldn't give anyone a clue as to the inner splendor of Brent
Farmer's modest home.

"Marsha!" Brent bellowed. "We've got company!"

"We do?" a voice replied from another room. "Who is it?"

"Some young fella whose car broke down around the corner," Buck
answered, taking my bags from me and setting them aside. "Go on, now!
Make yourself at home! Marsha!"

"What is it, Buck?" Marsh exclaimed, coming into the living room. "You
don't have to yell, honey - I'm right here!"

"Jack Hammond, this is my wife, Marsha," Buck said by way of
introduction. "Marsha, meet Jack Hammond!"

"A pleasure, Mrs. Farmer," I said, taking her offered hand and shaking
it gently.

"Oh, you can call me Marsha," she replied, smiling brightly at me.
"Buck, is Mr. Hammond going to be staying the night?"

"Yeah, his car's a complete loss - transmission's all shot to hell,"
Buck replied. "Offered him a place to lay his head for the night and I'll
take him into Wintersville in the morning."

"Look, I don't want to put you through any trouble," I said, remembering
my manners.

"Nonsense," Marsha said. "No trouble at all! Are you hungry?"

My stomach growled in response to her question.

"Well, now, that sounds like the right answer to me! Caitin? Caitlin!"

"Yes, momma?" a musical voice replied.

"Come on out here! Want you to meet Jack and set a place at the table
for him!" Marsha said, dragging me off toward what had to be the kitchen.

"Jack, this is my daughter, Caitlin," Buck said proudly - and I could
see why when the young woman turned around.

Caitlin Farmer was the most stunningly beautiful woman I'd ever seen
outside of my sister! She appeared to be somewhere around my age as her
large, doe-like brown eyes locked onto mine, dazzling me with her smile. I
was struck stupid by her natural beauty, her body hidden coyly behind a
rather shapeless dress that gave just a subtle hint of her build.

"Pleased to meet you, Jack," Caitlin said, holding out her hand while
trying to do her best not to laugh at me upon seeing the blank look I knew
I was wearing at that moment.

"Uh, hi," I said stupidly, taking her hand and shaking it.

"Ahem!" Buck said, getting my attention, his own smile just as wide as
the ones worn by both Farmer women. "If you can let go of her hand, we can
sit down to supper, Jack!"

"Oh! I'm sorry!" I exclaimed, my face flushing at both my awkwardness
and the loud grumbling in my belly.

"That's okay," Caitlin replied, taking a seat across the table from me.

Buck said a brief prayer before heaping plates of food were served up by
the women. I had expected them to grill me about my origins and they did -
but not as much as I would have expected. All during the "interrogation,"
Caitlin stole little glances at me, glances that hadn't gone unnoticed by
either of her parents, as evidenced by their almost constant smiles
whenever I looked at them.

I didn't know what they were thinking, but I knew that I had fallen
madly in love with their daughter!

Part Two, Chapter Two

As it turned out, my spending the night turned into several nights. Oh,
Buck was as good as his word, taking me to the next town as promised. But,
we arrived at the bus station to find it completely burned to the ground!
The stationmaster told us that it would be days before they could even
start getting buses back in.

"Well," Buck said as we headed back to Thomas. "Looks like you're gonna
be around for a little while!"

"Look, I really don't want to be a burden to you and your family," I
said, secretly glad that the station had suffered so much damage - it would
give me a few more days with Caitlin! Not that I expected to get lucky or
anything, mind you...

"I really wish you'd stow that shit, Jack," Buck said. "The money you
gave us for your room and board for the night was too generous! How'd you
come by all that cash?"

"If it's okay with you, I'd rather not say," I said, looking at Buck.
"I didn't steal it, though, if that's what you're thinking."

"Kinda figured you weren't the stealing kind," Buck said, his smile
returning. "But, if you're gonna be with us a little while longer, your
money's no good, you got me?"

"Got it, but a man's got to pay his way," I said. "Nothing comes for
free - that's what my father always told me." My heart ached at mentioning
my father and with it came the empty void left by my separation from

"Your dad's a wise man," Buck said, nodding absently. "But, you can
help me out with a few chores, if you're of a mind to help me out, that

"Sure, Buck," I agreed.

We drove along in silence for quite a few miles before Buck spoke again.

"She's a real looker, ain't she?"


"Caitlin. Couldn't help but notice the way you two were staring each
other down last night!"

My face went red immediately and I smiled despite myself. She's a
beautiful woman," I admitted, not wanting to say much more than that.

"Yep! Can't figure out how such a pretty thing like her came from two
old wrecks like me and Martha, though!"

Martha? An old wreck? Fuck, my own mother should look that good!
"I'll bet her boyfriend keeps a pretty close eye on her, huh?"

"Ain't got no boyfriend," Buck said, a little steel entering his voice.
"I don't approve of these local boys - my girl deserves better than those
lazy bums!"

No boyfriend, eh? Good, good! A shame I'd only be here a couple more

"You like her, don't you, Jack?" Buck asked, giving me a sly grin.

"Well..." I started, my face growing hotter.

"Hey, don't be ashamed to speak your mind, Jack!"

"Okay, well, yeah, I like her - she reminds me of my sister," I

"Get along well with your sister?" Buck asked.

"Very well," I answered, distracted by the sudden rush of memories of

"I see," Buck said, turning onto the road that led into Thomas, which
was still another thirty miles away. "You miss her, don't you?"

"More than I could ever say," I admitted. I was so busy daydreaming
that I didn't notice the way Buck was looking at me right away; when I
looked back at him, I caught enough of a glimpse to remind myself not to
spill all the beans about myself, adopting the motto, "Ask me no questions
and I'll tell you no lies."

"When we get back to the house, we'll rest up a bit before supper," Buck
said. "But, in the morning, we get to work - deal?"

"Deal," I replied.

Part Two, Chapter 3

Marsha and Caitlin had dinner waiting for us; I was surprised to see
that the table was still set for four instead of the three it should have

"Heard about the bus station on the news," Marsha explained, putting a
bowl of mashed potatoes on the table. "Kinda figured Buck would talk you
into staying a while longer!"

"Damn woman, always reading my mind," Buck grumbled. "Jack has agreed
to help me out with things around the house until he leaves - that okay
with you two?"

I automatically looked at Marsha and Caitlin - and found them both
looking at me in a way I found slightly disturbing.

"What do you think, Caitlin?" Marsha asked her daughter. "You think he
can handle helping your father out around here?"

"I think he'll do just fine," Caitlin said. Normally, I would have been
pumped up at her endorsement; so why was I so uneasy all of a sudden?

"What kind of work will I be helping you with, Buck?" I asked, shoveling
a forkful of green beans into my mouth.

"I'll explain it all to you after dinner," Buck said, pouring a large
glass of milk and sliding it over to me.

"Thanks," I said, accepting the glass and tossing half the contents down
in one long pull. I looked around the table at my new friends and
benefactors, taking in their cheerful smiles before knocking back the rest
of my milk.

Dinner progressed and, as I had the night before, I offered to help with
the dishes - and got kicked out of the kitchen again, so Buck and I settled
into the living room.

"So, what kind of work do you do?" I asked.

"Mostly stuff around the house," Buck answered, his eyes fixed on me.
"Struck it rich a few years back, so I really don't need to work anymore."

Well, yeah - that would explain why he refused to take my money, then.
Also explained the way the house was decorated.

"So, ah, what kind of work would I be helping you with?" I asked,
feeling a little fuzzy. "I mean, if you don't work, then..."

"Don't worry yourself about it, Jack," Brent said. "I'm not going to
keep you in the dark about what I need you to do for much longer. I just
need to ask you a few questions, if you don't mind."

"Sure, ask away," I said.

"You told me earlier that you were very close to your sister, right?"


"Were you close enough to, um, have relations with her?"

"What makes you ask a question like that, Buck?"

"Well, to be frank, it was the way you were talking about her that put
the thought in my head," he replied. "Kinda figure that if a guy's that
close to his sister, well, he must be doing the deed with her."

"Was it that obvious?"

"Probably not to someone who wouldn't know what to look for."

"I don't understand," I said.

You wanted to know about the work I need you to help me with, right?"


"Well, let's just say that like you, we like, ah, keeping things in the
family, so to speak. Trouble is two on one ain't exactly fair, is it?"
Buck then fell silent, sitting back in his chair and watching me for any

It took all of ten seconds for Brent Farmer's words to sink into my
brain. "You mean, you're screwing your wife and your daughter?" I asked,
my voice barely over a whisper.

"No need to be quiet about it, Jack; Marsha said you were pretty sharp,"
Buck said, his voice even. "Look, Jack, we don't wanna force you into
anything, but me and the women agree that you're an okay sort of guy and
one who might understand all of this."

Well, he had that part right - I did understand it. Or, at least, I
understood the motivation and what it felt like to really love someone
that, by all rights, you had no business loving in such a wicked manner.

"Why...?" I asked suddenly, looking over at Buck who was still watching
me calmly.

"Why am I fucking my daughter?" Buck finished for me with a smile.
"It's an easy question to answer. You seen some of the local guys around
here, right?"

I nodded, remembering a few of the local boys Buck had pointed out to me
the other day.

"Well, those bastards ain't worth shit," Buck said vehemently. "I got
to talking with my wife one night about it, telling her how much of a
damned shame it would be to see one of those worthless fucks climbing
between my daughter's legs - made me pretty mad, too!"

I could see his point - my own father used to rant and rave about the
guys in our town and how they weren't worthy of his daughter's affections.

"Marsha asked me what could be done about it, seeing as how they were
pretty much the only game in town," Buck continued. "I made the comment
that if I wasn't her father, I'd give it to her good - strictly speaking
from a man's point of view, mind you."

"And your wife thought it was a good idea?" I asked.

"After a fashion," Buck confirmed. "We went to bed one night and were
going at it pretty good when I realized we weren't alone in the room.
Seems like the old lady had invited Caitlin to sit in..."

"I'll bet that was a rush!"

"Damned straight! Even more so when she took off her night clothes and
climbed in with us," Buck said, his cock hardening visibly in his pants
with the memory. "Been doing both of them ever since, going on five years

"So why pick me?" I asked, my own cock rock hard in my pants.

"Caitlin likes you, Marsha likes you and, shit, I like you myself," Buck
replied with a grin.

"But you hardly know me!" I exclaimed.

"Well, seeing as how you're a young fella out on the road with
apparently nowhere to go, seems to me that we've got plenty of time to get
acquainted... that's if you're of a mind to."

Again, I had to admit that the man had a point. I was a long way from
where I used to live and, with my car mortally wounded, I couldn't get
anywhere even if I had the means to. And, Buck and his family did welcome
me with open arms, no questions asked. And now they were welcoming me to
their bed...

"What do you say, Jack? We wouldn't be offended if you didn't want any
parts of this."

"No, it's not that," I replied, my thoughts still churning over what
decision to make. "Making love to my sister got me tossed out of my home
and, while your offer is both flattering and generous, it's something I
really need to think about."

"So you'll consider it?" came Marsha voice from behind me. "Please say
that you will!"

I turned to find both mother and daughter standing behind me, looking at
me with what I could only describe as eager looks on their lovely faces.
Marsha, being more mature, hid any excitement she may have been feeling
very well, although her eyes betrayed her a little.

Caitlin, on the other hand, was giving off signals like there was no
tomorrow, her face slightly flushed and her nipples standing out against
the fabric of her dress. Yeah, that girl is definitely hiding a nice body
under that shapeless sundress - and I decided I wanted to find out for

"I'm in," I said, sealing my fate - and their, too, I suppose.

"You won't regret it, Jack," Buck said, extending his hand to me as the
two women took seats next to me.

"I hope not," I replied, looking at each of them in turn, taking in
their warm smiles.

Part Two, Chapter 4

To say that my first night with the Farmers was exciting would be the
grossest understatement a human being could ever make.

After agreeing to join them in their "family fun," I was left sitting in
the living room while they headed off to make preparations for my
initiation, as it were. Ten minutes later, I was called into the master

With a bit of apprehension, I entered their darkened sanctum. I wasn't
as much apprehensive about what I had gotten myself into more than I was
about how things were going to take place. After all, the only sexual
experiences I'd had to this point in my life were with my sister.

"I'm glad you decided to be with us, Jack," Caitlin soft, musical voice
was saying to me. "We won't hurt you!"

"I know," I said, slipping out of my clothes. Even from where I was
standing, I could feel the excitement and anticipation in the air. My
knees were a little shaky as I climbed onto the bed; Buck and his family (and now mine, I suppose) made room for me.

"Come here, Jack," Marsha said, pulling me gently against the warmth of
her body.

As Marsha's arms enveloped me, I was hoping that she wouldn't notice the
slight bit of resistance in my body, nor the trembling. She put her hands
behind my head, pulling my face to hers gently. Within me, the trembling
seemed to increase as her full lips covered mine, her tongue gently probing
my lips.

Instinctively, I parted my lips and Marsh's tongue snaked in quickly; I
could feel her moaning against my mouth as she used one hand to touch me.
My cock began to rapidly fill with blood and Marsha wasted little time
grabbing it, using her gentle touch to bring me to full erection.

As Marsha continued her inspection of my body, I became aware of the
others moving in to sample me. Soft lips - Caitlin - nibbled at my
nipples, her hands roaming over those parts of my body that weren't
covered. As the dual feelings spread their warmth through my body, I began
to think that things couldn't get much better than this.

That was until I felt Buck's rough skin making its way down my stomach,
followed quickly by his mouth covering the head of my cock! Alarmed, I
started to sit up, only to be held firmly in place by Marsha and Caitlin.

"Easy, Jack," Caitlin whispered, her breath hot in my ear. "Let Daddy
have his fun... he won't hurt you, I promise."

I didn't quite know what to say or do at that point. Sure, Jenny had
spent hours sucking my dick, so I wasn't that much of a stranger to it.
However, having a man doing it wasn't something that entered my mind! He
was good, too, swallowing my erection down to my pubic bone with ridiculous
ease over and over until I was a writing mass of flesh, trapped under more
hot flesh.

The bed moved once more as Marsha climbed over me. Buck also moved so
his wife could bury her head between her daughter's legs. I had heard that
women like to go down on each other but until now I had never seen it - and
here it was in all its glory. It was becoming difficult to divide my
attention between Buck sucking my cock and watching the two women devour
each other's cunts.

Buck managed to find a way to capture my full attention, though,
readjusting his position until his fully erect penis was dangling over me
like a fleshy Sword of Damocles, dripping crystal clear drops of pre-cum
onto my cheek. I knew that I couldn't refuse to, ah, return the favor but,
at the same time, I was really hesitant to take yet another step down the
path of perversion.

But, as his phallus inched ever closer, I simply shut my eyes and took
that step, letting the blood-engorged knob slip between my parted lips, my
tongue automatically going to Buck's cock-slit and lapping at the droplets
I knew would be there.

Buck moaned in appreciation, the vibrations pattering against my erect
shaft, which was still buried deep in his throat. That extra bit of
motivation spurred me into motion, letting more of his thick shaft slide
into my mouth until I gagged a little.

Buck must have heard my bit of distress because he backed off until the
feeling vanished, giving me a few precious seconds to get my shit together
before plunging his prick back into my hot, wet, mouth.

God... I don't know how long all of this wicked foreplay went on; my
whole world consisted of Buck's dick in my mouth and mine in his; the only
sounds that could be heard were those of slurping, licking and sucking.
Oh, there were other sounds, too, like Marsha and Caitlin's moaning
whenever one of them reached orgasm. And, speaking of which...

Buck's mouth eventually took its toll on me as my cock suddenly went
longer and thicker inside his mouth. My old friend, "The Feeling" was upon
me and I was caught between welcoming its nerve-searing embrace and wishing
it would hold off for just a few minutes longer.

Buck must have been feeling it, too, because his cock began to jerk and
twitch in my mouth before it, too, increased in length and thickness. In
between the moans and, now, curses from the women beside us, I could hear
Buck grunting and snorting, doing his level best to keep from choking me on
his meat.

I couldn't hold it anymore - I really couldn't. I had hoped to at least
warn Buck before shooting, but The Feeling hammered me and stilled my
voice, save my own loud grunts and groans. The Feeling reached back and
slapped me so hard I almost bit into Buck's rod, my sperm jetting into his

As The Feeling continued to kick my ass senseless, I felt the first
splash of semen on my tongue, followed by gobs of the stuff, splattering
against the roof of my mouth and sliding down my gullet before I had a
chance to think about it. My first-ever male lover continued to shoot his
load into my stomach, just as I shot mine into his.

Part Two, Chapter 5

I got a chance to sit up after Buck rolled from his position on top of
me and I was so disoriented it wasn't funny. Absently, I licked my lips
and tasted Buck's seed, still a little warm and spicy and, yeah, I gotta
admit it, damned good to the taste. Beside me, Buck was catching his own
breath, his own eyes just as glazed as I knew mine were.

"Damn, Jack," Buck exclaimed, finding his voice. "That was really
something! You ever, ah, ever do a guy like that before?"

"First time," I answered, looking over at Marsha and Caitlin as they
untangled themselves.

"Are you surprised at what you've seen so far?" Caitlin asked, her
lovely eyes glistening in the near-darkness of the room.

"A little," I confessed. "This is kinda new to me."

"What, you've never had a guy blow you before?" Marsha asked, her
question somehow deliciously crude.

"Can't say that I have," I confessed once more. "And I've never seen
two women, um, two, ah, women..."

"Never seen two women doing a little carpet munching?" Marsha supplied
helpfully, the grin on her face spreading just a little wider.

"Yeah, what you said," I replied, feeling a bit of heat creeping into my

"Just think, Jack - this was just the warm-up," Buck piped in, reaching
over and dragging Marsha to him, locking his mouth onto one firm breast...
and leaving me "alone" with the vivacious and lusty Caitlin, who opened her
arms and invited me into her embrace.

I fell into it, too, crushing my lips against hers, snaking my
sperm-coated tongue into her mouth. Caitlin's clawed fingers dug into my
back and shoulders as she returned my passionate kiss, her tongue joining
the battle I had begun.

It didn't take long before both women had their throats full of stiff,
hard, man-meat while us guys were buried up to our noses in wiry, wet cunt hairs. Oh, man, the sex was really flowing between us, the likes of which
I had never seen, let alone experienced.

Tongues were buried deep into tangy back holes, followed by fingers,
hairbrushes and, yes, badly overworked cocks. No one had a hole that
didn't get explored to one extent or the other.

Caitlin and Marsha even pulled out some rather wicked looking sex toys
and proceeded to use them on each other while us guys were recovering. It
was a rush to see Marsha strap on a humongous 12-inch dildo and ream her
daughter's cunt with it, cursing Caitlin lustily as she drilled her.

And, as you might expect, both Buck and I wound up on the receiving end
of (mercifully) smaller strap-ons. I'll admit that the pain was more than
I could bear at first, causing all to be concerned for my well-being.
Indeed, they even gave me a chance to walk away, something I knew I could
never do having gone this far and done so much.

Many hours later, I lay between my new family/lovers, worn out and spent
beyond belief; I could still feel Buck's sperms dribbling out of my badly
abused cornhole...

And that was just the first night of many. Over the next couple of
months, every night was like the first, the only difference being that it
was no longer confined to just the bedrooms; hell, by the time the first
full week was done, we had fucked in every room of the house and had
started on various parts of the backyard.

It wasn't just about the sex either, even though I learned more about
making love my first night with them than I did all the time spent with
Jen. The intimacy we shared just didn't stay in the bedroom. It felt so
nice to be wanted again, to be a part of something once more.

Yeah, I missed the hell out of Jen, memories of her floating to the top
of my mind whenever Caitlin and I were together. Even though I knew I was
falling in love with Caitlin, I knew that the feelings I have for my sister were very strong and not likely to get displaced any time soon, something
Caitlin and I talked about.

"You still love her, don't you," Caitlin asked, running her fingers
along my naked stomach one evening.

"Yes, I do," I replied, my skin crawling deliciously at her touch. "I
hope I haven't hurt your feelings by saying that."

"No, I think I understand," Caitlin said with a smile. "After all, she
was your first. I mean, I feel the same way about my parents. I'm in love
with you, Jack, but I'll never stop loving them."

"I love you, too, Caitlin," I said, finally letting her know something
she probably already knew - but it felt nice to say it. "Can I ask you

"Anything, my darling," Caitlin answered, taking my cock in her hand and
pumping it slowly and gently.

"How long have you been making love with your parents?" This had been a
question that nagged me since my first night with them.

"For as long as I can remember," Caitlin said, her eyes taking on a
dreamy cast. "I can remember being little, having mom and Dad licking my

"At the same time?"

"No, silly - that came later on. I guess by the time I was seven or
eight, I was sucking Daddy's cock and eating my mother's pussy."

"Didn't it bother you, you know, that they were doing this to you?" My
cock was getting harder by the second as I listened to Caitlin's story.

"No, not really; I suppose it didn't because they started with me when I
was really young. After a while, it was just as natural to me as
breathing. And, before you ask, I was nine when Daddy first put his dick
all the way inside me."

"Wow," I breathed, feeling my cock twitching crazily in Caitlin's hand.
"You mean to tell me that I'm the first man you've made love to other than
your father?"

"Yes, you are," Caitlin said, bending her head down to lap up the
pre-cum I was oozing. "You know what I wish?"

"What's that?" I asked in return, as The Feeling began to make an

"That I could meet your sister, meet Jennifer," Caitlin said as the cum boiled out of my balls and covered her fist. "Do you think she'd like me?"

I had to wait a little bit for my head to clear before I could answer;
there was just something about the way Caitlin masturbated me that always
left me dazed and feeling really good.

"Yeah, I think she would," I finally said.

"Do you think she'd like me enough to make love with me?"

"I don't know," I replied honestly, rolling onto Caitlin as she
positioned my semi-erect prick at her moist entrance, sighing as I slid
into her easily.

"Does her pussy taste good?" Caitlin asked, her eyes closing as I fucked
into her cunt, enjoying the heavy feel of my prong.

"Oh, yeah," I whispered, enjoying the same hot, heavy feeling as Caitlin
worked her vaginal muscles against me. "In fact, you remind me of her in a
lot of ways."

"That makes me happy," Caitlin said, drawing her nails across my back
and ass as I picked up the pace inside her, my cock now fully erect and
raring to please her. "Do you think she's still at home, you know, with
your parents?"

"She should be," I grunted, my lust building. "I'd have to call home,

"Fuck me, Jack," Caitlin sighed, lifting her legs higher. "Drill my
cunt like you would Jenny's!"

I fell silent at that point, feeling my passion increase twofold at my
newest love's suggestion. I drilled her like I was looking for oil, hard
and fast, just as she liked it until The Feeling arrived - and brought
friends. Stars exploded behind my eyes as I shot my load into Caitlin's
hungry snatch.



"Do you love me?"

"Yes, I do - very much."

"Would you marry me?"

Well, now! That simple question hit me harder than any orgasm I'd
experienced to date! I was about to give her my answer when she placed a
finger across my lips.

"If you don't want to, I'll understand."

"Why would I not want to, Caitlin?" I asked, my mind (and body) still

"I dunno. I mean, we really haven't known each other long and..."

"And what?"

"And then there's Jennifer."

"What does my sister have to do with what you asked me?"

"You just said you still love her and, well, maybe you love her more
than me!"

"Oh, Caitlin! Don't be silly!" I exclaimed.

"I'm sorry," Caitlin said, properly contrite.


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, I'll marry you," I said, kissing my love on her sweet, full lips.

"Thank you, oh, thank you!" Caitlin blubbered, tears immediately filling
her eyes. "Now there's only two things we have to do!"

"What might those be?"

"First we have to tell mom and Dad the good news."

"And after that?"

"You have to call home and get your sister to come here to live with


"Look, Jack, this is something I feel very strongly about. I've given
this a lot of thought and I've seen how living with just the memories of
your sister can make you sad - and I always want you to be happy. Besides,
I'd rather share you with flesh and blood , not a ghost."

Caitlin's words had a very sobering effect on me. It wasn't that I
didn't love her, nor was it a case of me not having deep feelings for my
sister. Depending on how you looked at it, Caitlin's logic made sense.
Just the same, the though of calling home - and one of my parents answering
instead of Jennifer - made my blood run cold. I turned to look a Caitlin,
hoping she could see the concern I was feeling.

"You know I didn't leave home under the best of circumstances, don't
you?" I asked.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that I eventually wound up here because my parents threw me out
of the house."


"Got caught making love to Jen," I said. "It's a wonder I didn't get

"Okay, I see what you're saying. You're afraid that if you call and
your parents answer..."

"Exactly!" I said, happy that she could understand my plight.

"So, there's only one thing to do: give me the number and I'll call. If
one of them answers, they'll just think I'm one of her friends!"

"I don't know..." I said slowly.

"Do you love me, Jack? Do you want to make me the happiest woman in the

"Yes," I replied.

"Then give me the number."

Part Two, Chapter 6

Against my better judgment, I gave Caitlin the number right after we
broke the news of our impending marriage to Buck and Marsha, who were
tickled pink. While mother and daughter went to the kitchen to prepare
dinner and make plans, Buck and I just sat on the porch, grinning like a
couple of Cheshire cats.

"Gonna tie the knot with my little girl, eh?" Buck said, the pride
filling his voice. "Can't say that she's made a bad choice!"

"Thanks," I said. "I'll do my best to take care of her, but I have some
deep thinking to do."

"About what, son?" Buck asked.

"Where we're going to live, how I'm going to support us - shit like
that," I answered, feeling warm and fuzzy at Buck calling me "son."

"Aw, bullshit," Buck exclaimed, slapping me on the back so hard I nearly
fell out of my chair. "That ain't much of anything to worry about! We've
got plenty of money, enough to build you newlyweds a home and keep all of
us afloat for a whole lotta years!"

"I couldn't impose like that..." I began, only to get a stern look from
my father-in-law to be.

"Ain't taking no for an answer, Jack, so don't even think about it," he
warned. "It'll be our wedding gift to the two of you!"

"Okay, I can accept that, but this is a little more complicated than you
think," I said, looking directly at Buck.

"How so?"

"Caitlin wants to call my sister and ask her to come out here and live
with us," I said in a rush, watching Buck for reaction. "She says it's the
only way I'll truly be happy with her."

"Well, now, ain't that a bitch!" Buck said, his smile widening and not
exactly the reaction I expected.

"You approve?" I asked, flabbergasted.

"Hell, yeah, I approve! Makes sense when you think about it, too. So
when are you going to call home?"

"I'm not," I replied, taking note of how the fabric of Buck's pants had
began to shift around his crotch. "I gave Caitlin the number - she's going
to call."

"Fine with me," Buck said, standing up and moving in front of me, his
cock huge inside his pants. He knelt down in front of me, unzipping my
pants and freeing my cock, which sprang into view and hardened quickly as
he closed his mouth around it.

"Shit," I cursed as Buck swallowed me whole. I slumped down further in
my seat, giving Buck more room to do his thing.

"I love sucking you after you've been in one of the women," Buck
murmured, stroking my dong with his huge hand before returning to suck my
glans into the back of his throat.

As was usually the case, I was mesmerized at the sight of my pole
sticking out of his face as I thrust my hips upward to meet the downward
movement of his head. I didn't know where he had learned to suck cock; but
the question kinda died in my brain because it didn't take long for me to
spill my load into his hungry, talented mouth, leaving me writhing and
moaning halfway off the chair...

Buck stood and stretched, giving me the chance to see that he had pulled
his own meat out somewhere along the line. I reached up and took the fat
piece of man-meat in my hands, noting as I always did that his prick was
fatter than it was long. I pulled Buck a little closer, closing my mouth
around his cock and taking him as deep as I could.

"Yes...," Buck hissed as I fellated him, using every trick I had learned
so far to get him to spill his seed for me. Getting him to squirt wasn't
as easy - the man seemed equally skilled in holding back until it suited
his purpose not to, which was fine by me.

I had long since admitted to myself that I enjoyed sucking his cock,
loving the way he felt in my mouth, especially when he took control and
fucked my face, which was what he was doing now, the underside of his penis
scraping across my bottom teeth and onto my tongue in a gently rhythm. I
simply sat there fondling his balls, letting him use my mouth as he wished.
I glanced up to see Buck looking down at me, his eyes full of lust,
watching his thick baby-maker swabbing my tonsils.

"Hmm, now..." he moaned, just before I felt the first hot splash of
spunk on my tongue. I had to swallow fast and often to keep up with the
tide of sperm flowing into my gullet, sucking down the tangy protein-laced

"Damn, boy, you're pretty good at this," Buck commented, letting his
hand caress my face gently.

"I had a good teacher," I commented, feeling the last of his slimy load
ooze into my belly, giving me a warm feeling.

"C'mon, let's go inside and see what those women of ours is up to," Buck
said, stuffing his cock back inside his pants; it gave me a rather empty
feeling to see him put it away - but I knew that I'd see it again a little

Part Two, Chapter 7

The following morning, Buck made a phone call; an hour later, the house
was filled with men wearing work clothing and hard hats. They sat at the
dining room table for a couple of hours before going out behind the house,
where they all stood and looked and pointed while taking a lot of notes.

"What's going on?" I asked, joining the party out back.

"Getting your new house built," Buck replied, putting his arm around my
shoulder. "Gus and the boys say they should have it up quickly,
considering the bonus I just offered them."

I still didn't like the idea of Buck spending his money on this, but I
knew better than to argue the point with him, something he made very clear
to me the night before while ramming his cock into my ass.

"Something you should know," Buck said, steering me away from the group
of men who were still pointing and taking notes.

"What's that?"

"Caitlin called your sister last night."

Hearing this put a really huge lump in my throat! "What did Caitlin

"Nothing, yet," Buck replied, sitting down at the table. "She wouldn't
tell me what went on."

"Where's Caitlin?" I asked, looking around.

"Probably with her head stuck between her mother's legs," Buck said
nonchalantly, spooning sugar into his coffee. "And, before you get it in
your head to barge in there, I wouldn't, if I were you."

"Why not?" I asked, my curiosity getting the best of me.

"I was told to keep you out of there for a while. Don't fret about it,
Jack; when she's ready to tell you what was said, she'll let you know."

"But this is important!"

"Yeah, it is... but apparently not as important as mother and daughter sharing a little time together," Buck said with a grin.

"Buck...," I began.

"You can call me Dad now, Jack."

"Um, Dad, we're getting married in a week," I said, doing my best to
contain my agitation.

"Yeah? What's your point?"

"Well, wouldn't you say that finding out if my sister is coming or not
is important?"

"Yeah, I'd say it is - but the girls don't seem to share your feelings
right now. Listen, son, don't worry about it. Look at it like this, if
you will: Jennifer will either come or she won't. If she does, so much the
better for all of us; if she doesn't, at least she'll know that you're
still alive and, who knows, maybe she'll change her mind."

"Yeah, maybe you're right," I conceded. "I'd still like to know,

"Everything in it's own time, Jack, my boy!" Buck said with a smile. He
glanced behind him, causing me to look as well; Caitlin was standing in the
back door, waving.

"Dad? Jack? Can we see you for a moment?" Caitlin called out, the
excitement clear in her voice.

"Sounds important," I commented, following Buck back into the house.

"Yeah, I wonder what's going on?" Buck said, just as puzzled as I was.
Buck held the door open for me and I stepped inside, looking into the
kitchen for Caitlin - and not finding her there.

"Caitlin?" I called out.

"In here, darling," she replied from the living room.

I turned to look at Buck, who just shrugged in return - he was just as
baffled as I was and stepped around me, his curiosity getting the better of
him. I followed, of course - only to run right smack into the back of him
because Buck had, for some reason, decided to stop dead in his tracks.

"Hey!" I said, giving Buck a shove in the butt. "Give a signal before
you put on the brakes!"

"Well, I'll be damned...!" Buck said, his voice an astonished whisper.

With my own curiosity piqued, I stepped around Buck, shooting him a
semi-dirty look... and saw the look on his face. Slowly, I turned my head
to see what he was looking at.

In some kind of weird slow motion, my eyes took in the sight of Marsha,
who was standing next to Caitlin, both women wearing huge shit-eating
grins. My head continued to turn, my eyes locking onto the person standing
next to Caitlin...


While my brain struggled to assimilate what my eyes were seeing, my body
reacted immediately. My heart went from a fairly normal pattern to rapidly
pounding in my chest; my legs didn't want to do their job and support me as
my knees buckled; my stomach churned so much I thought I was going to throw
up; my cock was crawling down my leg - and I had stopped breathing!

"Hello, Jack," Jennifer said to me, her eyes filling with tears.

"Oh, my God..." I managed to get out after remembering to breathe.

"At first, I didn't want to believe what I was hearing when Caitlin
called," Jennifer said, her tears now running freely down her cheeks. "I
almost hung up on her before she could convince me that she wasn't playing
a dirty trick on me."

"Jen..." I croaked, trying to get my legs to obey my brain's orders to
keep me upright.

"After she proved to me that she was for real and told me why she was
calling, I knew I had to come, had to see for myself that you were still
alive," Jen said, opening her arms.

"Jenny..." I said weakly, stumbling across the space between us and
falling once more into her embrace, wrapping my arms around her and holding
her as tight as I could.

I was barely aware that the others had joined us, turning the embrace
shared by me and Jenny into a group hug. Tears continued to stream down
our faces as our trembling lips met, renewing their acquaintance after such
a long and terrible separation.

"I see you're not the only one who missed me," Jenny said, trying to
lighten the mood; obviously, she had noticed my erection throbbing against
her body.

"I've... we've missed you so much," I said, my voice choked with tears
and muffled as I buried my face into the crook of her neck.

"You know what I wish we could do?" Jenny whispered in my ear. "I wish
we could go somewhere and really get reacquainted, you know, make up for
lost time?"

"We don't have to go anywhere to do that," I whispered back, my cock
growing harder at the mere thought of sampling my sister's quim again.

"I wouldn't want to offend the others," Jenny said quietly, grinding her
pelvis against my hardness.

"Trust me, they wouldn't be offended," I replied, causing Jenny to pull
back a little and look at me, her eyes still red from her tears.

"Why wouldn't they?" she asked.

"Well, let's say I don't have any secrets where they're concerned," I
replied, regaining a bit of composure.

"You mean...?" Jenny said, my answer startling her and making her look
around at Buck, Marsha and Caitlin.

"Yeah, we know about your relationship with Jack," Buck said.

"We have the same kind of relationship ourselves," Marsha added, her
smile wide and bright.

"Jennifer, I love your brother very much and I know he loves me... but
I also know how much he loves you, too," Caitlin said quietly. "I know I
can make him happy but I know he'd never be completely happy without you in
his life."

"I don't understand..." Jenny said, still a little stunned at the sudden
turn of events.

"I'm going to marry your brother, Jennifer and nothing's going to stop
that from happening. But, I wanted you to come here for another reason
other than to let you know that Jack was alive and well."

"And that is?"

"So you could marry him, too," Caitlin said evenly, locking her eyes on
my sister's face.


"Look, Jennifer," Buck began, his voice solemn. "Jack deserves all the
happiness life can give him. It just makes sense that he gets hitched to
the women who love him the most, doesn't it?"

"But he's my brother! I can't marry my own brother!" Jenny exclaimed,
her eyes wide with astonishment.

"Sure you can," Buck said slyly. "Shit, the only people who know you're
brother and sister in these here parts is just us here in the room."

"I need to sit down," Jenny said, clearly baffled by what she was

"So, what do you say, Jennifer?" Marsha asked, sitting next to Jenny on
the sofa. "Will you join with your brother in the bonds of holy matrimony
along with Caitlin?"

Jenny looked at Marsh for a moment before turning to look at Buck then
Caitlin, who both smiled at her. She looked at me and I could see a
mixture of joy, fear, and confusion in her eyes.

"Before you answer, there's just one thing you have to be aware of,"
Caitlin said, dropping her warm smile.

"What's that?"

"If you marry Jack, you'll also be marrying me as well," Caitlin
replied, sitting on the other side of Jenny and taking her hand. "You have
nothing to worry about, though; I promise that I'll love and cherish you
just as much as I do Jack."

"What does that mean?" Jenny said, her confusion deepening.

"Exactly what I said. We either share each other fully or not at all -
is that acceptable to you?"

"I suppose," Jenny muttered. "This is all so confusing! I came here to
see my brother and wind up in the middle of a package deal!"

"Um, the package is bigger than you think," I said.

"Say what?"

"Let's just say that whatever they have, they share with me... and

"You mean... oh, no!" Jenny exclaimed as the meaning behind my words
sank in.

"By marrying Caitlin, I'm also kinda marrying Buck and Marsha, too," I
explained, my own smile spreading across my face.

"When you way whatever, do you really mean, whatever, I mean, as in
everything?" Jenny asked.

"Everything," I confirmed. "We're all lovers, Jen and, to tell you the
truth, it's the most wonder thing I've ever been a part of. Will you share
it with me? With us?"

Jen sat quietly for a very long moment, looking at each of us in turn
several times.

"Yes," she finally said. "I love you too much to let you out of my life
again and, well, if it means being a part of what Caitlin and her family have, then that's the way it'll be!"

Part Two, Chapter 8

Dinner was a joyous occasion and I have to admit that Marsha really
outdid herself with the lavish meal we'd wolfed down. I also have to admit
to being extremely nervous the whole time as I sat and listened to Jen
bring me up to date on everything I'd missed since leaving home.

"Dad was really down in the dumps after tossing you out," Jen said,
sipping her coffee. "No matter how many times I tried to tell him that you
didn't rape me or anything like that, he just didn't want to believe it."

"Yeah, that sounds like him," I said bitterly. "Once he makes up his
mind about something, that's the way it is - and it doesn't matter if he's
wrong in the end."

"C'mon now, Jack," Buck said in that easy way he had. "Can't really
fault the man for thinking the worst, now can you?"

"Without giving the boy a fair chance to have his say?" Marsha

"Well, I said all that he was going to listen to," I said, suddenly
wishing we could change the subject.

"Hmph! You would think that he'd be a little more understanding of
things," Marsha continued, not in the least bit mollified.

"Marsha, you've got to understand that our father isn't as open-minded
as Brent is," I said. "Where making love to Caitlin is as natural as
breathing to you, well, my father just doesn't see things like that."

"Boy has a point there, woman," Buck said, smiling.

"Mom, well, she was about as understanding as she could be under the
circumstances," Jen continued, holding hands with Caitlin and looking
rather comfortable with it. "Obviously, she couldn't really say what she
thought about it without getting on Dad's wrong side."

"Poor woman," Marsh sighed. "Caught between a rock and a hard place!"

"Does mom know you're not coming back home?" I asked, also feeling a
pang of sympathy for my mother.

"I think she suspects," Jen said, looking as sad as I was feeling. "But
it's really for the better, I think; I wasn't happy there after Dad threw
Jack out and, after a while, I really got tired of him watching my every
move, monitoring my phone calls..."

"Well, it's all behind you now, Jennifer," Caitlin said. "All you have
to be concerned with now is your own happiness."

"Thanks," Jen said, a blush filling her cheeks. "So now what do we do?
You and Jack are getting married, when? In a few days?"

"Yeah, something like that," I said, doing a little blushing myself.
"This is really going to be something..."

"Well, if you youngsters can't think of anything, I can," Marsha said,
leering at her husband.

* * *

Jen's body shook violently as an orgasm ripped through her body, her
cries muffled efficiently as Buck worked his thick cock between her lips
even as Marsha used her tongue on Jen's cunt to prolong her pleasure.
Caitlin was equally busy, licking and biting my sister's nipple, her supple
hips thrusting up to meet my lips and tongue as I ate her out.

Of course, the women outnumbered Buck and me - but we were holding our
own. I let more of my tongue slither into Caitlin's box, savoring the
tangy saltiness of her flesh. Buck was moaning louder and I knew from
experience that he was about to cut loose a thick wad of jizz into Jen's
mouth. I lifted my mouth from Caitlin's pussy to ease a tiny cramp in my
neck, just in time to see my sister swallow Buck right down to his nuts;
his eyes went wide and I could tell by the way Jen's throat was working
that she was guzzling his hot load...

"Sweet Jesus," Marsha groaned, watching Jen do her thing. "Is she going
to come up for air?"

"Not until he's completely dry," I said, rolling onto my back so that
Caitlin could sit on my face; as she did so, Marsha straddled my erection,
lowering her wet cunt onto my hard shaft. It didn't take Caitlin long to
explode, clinging to her mother as wave after wave of pleasure rolled over

We continued to love each other into the wee hours of the morning. No
one was left with much energy to do anything other than breathe - and that
was a chore in itself! Still, I retained enough energy to guide Caitlin
and Jennifer to the room we'd share until the house was finished. I
settled into a spot between Caitlin and Jen, pulling the covers over our
bodies and finding myself wrapped in the warmth of their just-fucked bodies
as they clung to me lovingly. Could it really get any better than this?

Part Two, Chapter 9

Man, did I ever have to go to the bathroom! The pressure building in my
bladder was reaching critical mass, making me more and more uncomfortable
as I listened to the Bishop County Justice of the Peace asking Caitlin if
she would love, honor, and cherish me, in sickness and in health, blah,
blah, blah.

Don't misunderstand me, okay? It wasn't that I didn't want to marry
Caitlin - I was just so nervous that I had to piss like a Russian
racehorse! Beside me, Caitlin was radiant, looking even more beautiful than
she did yesterday. On Caitlin's left stood Jennifer, looking equally
lovely and radiant while, at my right, Brent's rock-solid presence made me
feel, well, pretty damned good.

But, I was also wishing this guy would go a little faster!

"Well, Jack?" the jp asked.


"Do you take this woman, you know?" the official replied, giving me a
funny look.

"Oh! Yes, I do," I said, feeling a little sheepish.

"Okay, then by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife - you may kiss the bride!"

I've kissed Caitlin, Christ, how many times? But nothing warmed my
heart and soul as kissing my wife for the very first time. Her lips were
soft and pliant under mine, her tongue hinting at the pleasures it would
bring later in the evening. But there were more important things to take
care of first... like going to the bathroom!

"Excuse me, everyone," I said hurriedly. "But, I can't hold this any
longer! Sir, which way to the men's room?"

"That way," the man answered, pointing in the general direction.

"Thanks! Be right back!" I said in a rush, hurrying out of the tiny
chapel and making a mad dash for the lavatory.

As the guys reading this will tell you, since I had to go so badly, I
had a bit of trouble with my zipper - the damned things never want to work
right when you have to go in a hurry, do they?

I sighed with relief as my over-stressed bladder was emptied; with this
particular crisis being dealt with, I had a chance to think about what lay
before me in the next hour.

I knew my nervousness was being caused by what was taking place today.
The plan was for me and Caitlin to marry in Bishop County then, after this
ceremony, would stand at my side, repeating the same vows in Lyle County,
some 50 miles away.

I mean, after all, how many guys get to marry his sister... and with
his new wife's permission at that? I had thought that my nerves would be
much more settled now that our big day had arrived; surely, I was a hell of
a lot more unsettled when we went over to the Lyle County courthouse to get
the marriage license. Man, that clerk kept looking at Jen and me as if she
suspected something wasn't quite right, making my bowels watery and my
hands so sweaty!

Buck, a man of apparently many talents, produced documents that, even
under close scrutiny, would never reveal Jen's true relationship to me. He
was there with us, all cool and calm, joking with everyone in that
easy-going manner of his while I was shitting bricks.

I was just giving myself "the shake" when the men's room door opened.
After zipping up, I found Buck standing beside me, smiling.

"You okay, Jack?" he asked, taking advantage of the moment to pay his
own water bill.

"Yeah, just a little nervous," I replied, stepping to the sink to wash
my sweaty hands.

"Understandable," Buck said with a smile as he finished his business.
"Not your usual way of getting married, is it?"

"Not even," I agreed, tossing the paper towel in the trash bin. "Are
you sure they didn't expect anything over there in Lyle County?"

"If they had, you would have been arrested right there on the spot,"
Brent said, shaking water from his large hands. "You worry too much!
You've gotten past the hard part, so relax and enjoy this very special
moment in your life."

"I suppose you're right," I said, opening the door for my father-in-law
and following him through it. In the hall, Marsha was chatting with
Caitlin and Jen, who appeared to be just as nervous as I was.

"You guys ready?" Marsha asked, flashing us her dazzling smile.
"Thought you might have fallen in or something!"

"Let's do this," I said, looking from Caitlin to Jen. We piled into the
car and headed off to complete "Phase Two" of our grand plan.

The ceremony in Lyle County was just as drawn out and plain as the one
in Bishop, the only real difference being my not having to take a piss.
With the final words echoing in my ears, I leaned forward and kissed my
sister/wife deeply, forever sealing the bond between us, a bond which had
been forged so very long ago.

Needless to say, the ride home was interesting. With Brent and Marsha
in the front seat, I sat in the back between Caitlin Farmer-Hammond and
Jennifer "Baker"-Hammond, wondering at both my good fortune and the sheer
insanity of what we'd just done. Didn't get too much time to think about
it, though as Jen fished my cock out of my pants, offering my rising pole
to Caitlin.

"Do him, Caitlin," Jen said, smiling evilly. "Blow his fucking brains

Caitlin laughed and lowered her head to my cock, basking my budding
erection in the liquid warmth of her mouth. At the same time, Jen covered
my mouth with hers, slipping her tongue between my parted lips. She
scooted down on the seat a little, giving Caitlin better access to her
cunt, which went completely uncovered under her wedding dress.

Brent looked in the mirror at the torrid scene unfolding in the back
seat and smile at Marsha, who had turned around to get a better view.

"Damned impatient kids," Brent scolded mockingly. "Could have at least
waited until you got home! And don't get anything on those seats either!"

It took a couple of hours for us to get home in which time both of my
wives had sucked me off while delivering some digital pleasure to each
other. After draining my balls, they turned on each other; all I could do
was hunker down against the door as they ate each other into frenzy,
something that could only spell disaster when we finally got home.

"You are going to help me with this, aren't you?" I asked Buck, just as
Jen creamed Caitlin.

"Not on your life," Brent said with a laugh. "For the next few days,
they're your problem. Faster, baby..."

I peered over the front seat to find Marsha sucking happily away on her
husband's man-meat, drawing his seed from him.

Once at home - and I mean the one Buck and Marsha had built for us - I
carried both of them over the threshold (one at a time, of course). I
turned away for a moment to close the door; when I turned back, both of my
wives were already naked, crooking their fingers at me and both wearing
wicked grins.

"Lock the door, turn out the lights, and bring your ass to us, husband,"
Caitlin said, taking Jen by the hand and heading toward the bedroom.

"Oh, shit," I muttered, knowing that I'd be lucky if I could walk after
they got finished with me...

Part Two, Chapter 10

"Boy, you look like you've been rode hard and put away wet," Buck said,
sitting next to me on the edge of the bed.

"I was," I groaned, every muscle in my body reminding me of the abuse
they'd been subjected to at the hands of Caitlin and Jennifer.

"Hadn't seen hide or hair of you for three days, so I figured I'd better
come over and see how you were doing. Looks like things went very well!"

"That depends on how you care to look at it," I said, lifting an arm and
mildly surprised it was still attached to my shoulder. "For a moment, I
though they were going to fuck me to death!"

"Looks like they almost succeeded," Buck said with a laugh.

"Speaking of those she-devils, where are they?"

"At the house, telling your mother-in-law what they've been up to for
the last three days."

"You'd better watch your ass when you get back," I cautioned. "You're
likely to be their next target."

"Oh, the three of them had their way with me already," Buck said.
"That's why I'm over here - I was smart enough to get away while the
getting was good!"

"Coward," I grumbled, feeling the need to piss.

"Wimp," Buck countered, smiling at me. I went to swing my legs over the
edge of the bed - and found that I couldn't!

"What the hell?" I asked, straining against my ravaged muscles to sit up
and look at my feet, which were both securely fastened to a post at the
foot of the bed. "Oh, yeah, that's right... um, could you cut me loose?"

Buck laughed at my predicament. "Got yourself all trussed up, eh?"

"You could say that," I replied. "Cut me loose?"

"In a moment," Buck said, getting to his feet. "First there's something
I gotta do..."

Moments later, Buck hardness was filling my ass, which was already so
sore from the punishment my wives inflicted on it with their strap-on toys
that I knew I had hemorrhoids. After all I had been through with them, I
was powerless to do anything other than lie there and enjoy the corn-holing
Buck was giving me, his massive cock penetrating the depth of my rectum
easily and quite often.

"Didn't think I'd let them have all the fun with you, did you?" Buck
grunted, fucking his cock into me.

The only answer I could give was to moan in either pleasure or pain - I
couldn't really tell the difference any more as my seed poured from my cock
and onto my quivering belly.

I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him close to me, inhaling his
masculine scent as he plowed my ass, his prick swelling within the confines
of my bowels until I could feel the heat of his spunk flowing into me,
sending shivers of delight through me.

Buck pulled his shrunken member from my ass with a wet, sucking sound;
reaching down, he grabbed his discarded pants and withdrew a knife, using
it to cut my bonds. He even helped me to the bathroom and I gratefully sat
on the toilet, emptying both my bladder and my ass while Buck got the
shower going.

Man, I felt terrible! The hot water flowed over my aching muscles,
loosening them rather painfully until the discomfort was manageable. I
slowly soaped up, taking care not to inflict more damage on a body that had
"suffered" quite a bit during the course of pleasing my wives.

Still, it wasn't that bad an experience for me, other than the aches and
pains and passion marks that covered me from my neck to my knees - the
inside of my thighs looked like someone had beaten me with a stick or
something. I'd know of the level of passion Jen was capable of, as well as
Caitin. Just the same, nothing I had experienced with them to this point
had properly prepared me for the sexual explosion I got caught up in! They
were like wild animals, feeding off each other like sharks when I was
incapacitated and, when I was in shape to go again, they attacked me
hungrily, drawing my juices from me in ways I never imagined.

"Must have been one hell of an experience for you," Buck said from the
other side of the shower curtain.

"Yeah, it was," I confirmed over the sound of running water. "If
nothing else, I can never say that they don't love sex!"

"Wasn't just about the sex, son," Buck said with a smile I couldn't see
- but could hear just the same.

"What do you mean?"

"You were probably in no real shape to notice, but you might remember
something about the way they were doing things," my father-in-law said

"Like what? If you have something to say, just say it, okay? I don't
feel like playing word games right now."

"No need to get testy, son," Buck replied, his words indicating that his
smile was getting bigger. "It's just that they were telling me and Marsha
that they were making sure that every time you shot a load, one of them was
on your dick, that's all."

"Hand me that towel, will you?" I asked as I stepped from the shower,
feeling much better.

"Here you go," Buck said, passing the blue terry cloth over to me.
"Wow, they really did a number on you, didn't they?"

"I'll live," I replied, drying myself carefully. "So, what are you
trying to tell me, Dad?"

"Nothing, other than I think those girls are trying to get pregnant just
as fast as they can," Buck opined.

"Shit, we haven't even had time to talk about having babies!" I

"Seems to me they were talking, alright - just wasn't using words."

"You're funny," I said, grumpily. "C'mon, I need coffee."

Buck followed me from the bathroom back into the bedroom and watched me
dress, his cock bulging once more inside his pants. Nothing would have
made me happier than to pleasure him - but I had to know more about what he
had just told me.

I eventually made my way into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee;
Buck sat at the table, watching my every move as he massaged his crotch.
Minutes later, we both had steaming cups of Joe in front of us and I
returned to the topic of our conversation.

"So you think they want to have children quick, fast, and in a hurry?" I
said, sipping the hot liquid and feeling its warmth course through me.

"No doubt about it," Buck said. "I heard them talking to Marsha about
it just before I came to get you."

"What do you think about all of this?"

"Sounds like a good thing to me," Buck replied. "Shit, even Marsha's
talking about having another bun in the oven!"

"Isn't she, ah, a little old to have children?" I asked in surprise.

"It'd be a little tricky, yeah, but she's still quite fertile. In fact,
she's probably already stopped taking her birth control pills," Buck said.

"This is getting pretty fucking wild - and in a hurry!" I said, shaking
my head at this revelation.

"Sure is," Brent agreed, sliding his chair back from the table, enough
for me to see that he had his cock out, stroking it.

I was mesmerized, watching his large, rough hands moving along the shaft
of his prick, drawing a tiny river of pre-cum from his distended knob. I
wanted so very much to wrap my lips around him and taste what he had to
offer. I started to get up, my own cock straining against the fabric of my
pants, only to be waved back down.

"Stay put, boy - you're in no shape to deal with this yet," Buck said
softly, never taking his eyes from me and never missing a stroke.

"But, I want to!" I protested, all the while knowing that Buck was right
about my current condition.

"Just sitting here thinking about what it feels like to be in your ass,
feeling it squeezing my dick..." Buck continued, as if I hadn't said a
word. "Like the way it looks, too, stretching your chute all wide..."

My cock was twitching in response, as was my ass; I was getting caught
up in Buck's daydreaming, and it was like I could feel him inside me,
shoving what seemed to be yards of hard, delicious maleness into my bowels.

"So good, so tight..." Buck moaned, a large jet of spunk firing from his
slit and landing on the table, followed by a veritable river of sperm
flowing over his fist, his cock jerking and twitching.

I moaned in sympathy, wishing that copious load were flowing into me
somewhere. I had taken my own erection out, rubbing it slowly until I
exploded right along with Brent...

"Damn, I needed that," Buck breathed, cleaning up the mess he had just
made. "You know, I'm really glad that we met."

"So am I," I agreed, wiping up my own spilled milk. "Do you mind if I
ask you something?"

"Not at all."

"How did you get interested in sex with men?"

"My daddy," Buck said, getting a faraway look in his eyes. "He used to
suck and fuck me every chance he got, more so after my mother died."

"But you still like women?"

"Oh, hell, yeah," Buck grinned. "Just because me and my daddy were
doing it didn't mean I wasn't getting my share of pussy!"

"Didn't any of it bother you?"

"Of course it did, but I also realized after a while that I really
enjoyed it. We both knew what he was doing was wrong; he stopped for a
while and I found that I missed it so much, I practically raped him to get
it started again."

I was trying hard to imagine Brent's father, a big, raw-boned man from
the pictures I'd seen of him, naked and thrusting his dick into his young son's openings, spilling incestuous seed into them as it pleased him.

"Marsha's daddy used to fuck her, too, until her mother caught him at
it," Buck said.

"Damn! What happened?"

"She shot him right between the eyes," Buck said. "She walked in on
them, turned around and left - then came back with old Henry's .44 and -
POW - right between the eyes! Never said a word, either."

"What happened to her?" I asked, stunned at hearing this.

"Got a life sentence," Buck answered evenly. "Marsha wouldn't testify
on her behalf, so they couldn't prove that Henry was molesting his

"Ain't that a bitch," I muttered, shaking my head. "Well, it does kinda
explain why she suggested to make love to Caitlin."

"Yeah, after she explained it all to me," Buck agreed.

"So, now what? I mean, where do we go from here?"

"With the girls? Hell, I have no idea," Buck confessed. "I guess we
just go with the flow, huh?"

"I guess. What's on the agenda today?"

"Going over to Monroe to pick up a few things for your place - wanna
ride with me?"

"Sure, let me get my jacket."

A few minutes later, we were in the truck and heading for Monroe. We
rode most of the way in silence, each of us lost in our own thoughts. I'm
not sure what my father-in-law was thinking, but my thoughts were centered
around babies...

Part Two, Chapter 11

Now, at this point, you all may still be wondering about why I see
myself as a big-time pervert. Despite all that has happened to me up until
now, some of you might see this as not enough in the way of qualifications
to be a pervert.

But, when I compare my life before and after these events, I know I'm
perverted. I had to admit that I loved fucking my sister both then and
now, just as I enjoying making love with Brent and Marsha and my other
wife, Caitlin.

But my perversion runs deeper, as you're about to see...

As it turned out, it took more than three days of Caitlin and Jen
draining my balls to get them both pregnant. They eventually did,
conceiving a month or so apart.

The news of the impending births really went a long way to boost
everyone's spirits, too; the sex was flowing like crazy and the bond
between the five of us grew even stronger.

Buck and I dove into adding two more rooms to my house while the women
busied themselves with picking out wallpaper, buying baby clothing - you
know, girl stuff like that.

In between, we loved each other with renewed energy, especially the
girls. There were many times when Buck and I were left to our devices in
bed, relegated to the sidelines to watch them go at each other with lips,
fingers, and tongues. Sure, Buck and I spent those times filling each
other's mouths and bottoms with hot, spicy spunk, but I also have to admit
just sitting there and watching them gorge themselves on each other's
bodies made me just a tiny bit jealous.

My days weren't just filled with sex, although it seemed that way. I
couldn't justify living off my in-laws no matter how much money they had;
my male ego dictated that I find a job doing something. Buck really read
me the riot act but, in the end, conceded the point. So, three days a
week, I worked over at the Walgreen's in Bishop County stacking boxes on
the receiving dock; the money wasn't as important as my being able to make
myself useful in ways other than pumping sperm into my family.

I'd go to work, shove some freight around, then come home to my family,
have dinner, and spend the evening with them; the only difference between
my family and the family down the street is that we spend most of our time

I was lying in bed one night wide-awake and thinking about the unseen
futures resting in separate wombs. Earlier, we had been just sitting and
talking about baby names and the like when Jen asked me a very perplexing

"So, how long are you going to wait before having sex with the
children?" Jen asked, patting her swollen belly with one hand while patting


"I don't think Jen stuttered, Jack," Caitlin said with a smile. "It is
a fair question."

"Do either of you expect me to do this?" I asked, my head whirling for a

"We both talked it over and decided that it would be a good thing to
do," Jen replied. "After all, it hasn't turned out bad for either of us,
has it?"

"No, it hasn't," I answered. "But, that's not to say that it wouldn't
be a good thing for the children!"

We wound up having a rather spirited discussion about it, which seemed
to be somewhat moot in that the children hadn't arrived and adding to the
fact that once they were born, it would be years before anything like that
could happen. I made that particular point to my wives...

"That's true," Caitlin replied, rubbing the inside of Jen's thigh. "But
if we make the decision now and start early, then we can avoid problems
down the road. After all, it's what my parents did to me and, well, I
haven't heard you complain about it."

Well, she had a point there... So, I'm lying here thinking about all of
this, trying to get a feel for my feelings and, you know something? It all
made sense in a way...

Part Two, Chapter 12

Caitlin gave birth to our daughter, Joy, a couple of days after my
birthday. It was such a special moment being there with her, watching our
child being squeezed out of Caitlin's womb and drawing her first breath,
her face reddened with the trauma of being born. Joy cried lustily, her
little arms and legs flailing in the air as the nurses went about their
job, wrapping her in a warm blanket and fitting a tiny pink cap over her
head before whisking her away to the nursery.

"I'm so proud of you," I said to Caitlin, tears running freely down my

"It's a girl," Caitlin replied, completely spent from her ordeal.

"Yes, and she's beautiful," I said, wiping my face.

"One down, one to go," Caitlin said, closing her eyes. "It begins

As they transferred my wife to a nearby bed, I understood what she
meant, a weird sense of anticipation and dread washing over me.

We brought Caitlin and Joy home a couple of days later and everyone
fussed over them, as you might expect. Caitlin was even more radiant and
glowing after having given birth as she was before the fact, her happiness
written on her lovely features.

Brent and Marsha stayed for a while, both taking turns holding their
granddaughter before taking their leave of us; I suspect Brent felt a need
to lay some pipe, if the print in his pants was any indication. I saw them
out and returned to the bedroom.

"Jack, she is so beautiful," Jen exclaimed, wrapping her arms around me
as best she could and hugging me. "I know our baby will be just as
beautiful as well!"

I nodded, looking at the bed to see Caitlin expose a breast, offering it
to our daughter, whose tiny lips wasted no time fastening onto her nipple.
"Yes, I'm truly blessed in this, aren't I?"

"I'd say so," Caitlin replied, a dreamy look in her eyes as Joy suckled
hungrily. "Jen, would you get me a diaper and the wipes?"

"Sure, just a moment," Jen replied, crossing over to the table where the
brand new diaper bag rested.

I watched with some amusement as Caitlin laid Joy against her shoulder,
patting her gently until Joy belched loudly. With that done, Caitlin put
her down and began undoing Joy's tiny pajamas and removing the obviously
soiled diaper. She busied herself cleaning Joy up, who giggled and gurgled

"There! That's better, isn't it sweetie?" Caitlin cooed to Joy, who
smiled in return. "Okay, honey, it's your turn now."

"My turn for what?" I asked.

"I've done my job and now it's time to do yours," Caitlin replied,
turning Joy's tiny body toward me and opening her tiny legs.

"Caitlin..." I said, her intentions now very clear.

"Do it, Jack," Jen said from my side. "Do your job as father!"

I had hoped to have a few more years to think about this, never thinking
about having to keep my end of the bargain at this early stage in the game.
Instead of the years I thought I had, there were only scant seconds to
decide one way or the other!

I looked from Caitlin to Jen and back to Joy, who also seemed to be
waiting for me to make up my mind. I sat on the edge of the bed, looking
at my daughter and, feeling the love for her in my heart, lowered my mouth
to her tiny cunt, slipping my tongue into her unopened flower and licking
her tiny clitoris. Joy giggled at the contact, which I found comforting. I
lingered there for just a moment longer, tasting Joy's freshly cleaned
cunny before raising my head to look at Caitlin and Jen.

"Now you, Jen," Caitlin said, looking at my sister, who didn't hesitate
for a moment to swoop down onto her niece's mound, delivering a few licks
of her own.

When she was finished, Jen took Joy and held her up to Caitlin. Caitlin
looked at our daughter for only a moment before covering Joy's tiny pussy with her mouth, eliciting a burst of laughter from Joy.

"We will do this every chance we get," Caitlin said. "Joy has to know
the depths of our love for her, just as Jen's baby will shortly."

The room fell very quiet as I pondered Caitlin's words. I knew that I
could back out of all of this but something deep inside me didn't want to,
not now, not ever.

Jen redressed Joy, carrying the little girl off to her room to nap,
making sure the baby monitors were turned on. I continued to look at
Caitlin with a great deal of uncertainty.

"We are doing the right thing," she said as if reading my mind. "Your
daughter will come to love you more for this."

"I hope so," I replied, giving in to my role in this.

"It'll be okay. So, now, while I'm resting, you need to go fuck your
sister - you've been neglecting her the last few days!"

I simply nodded and left the room, my cock hardening even more than
already was. I found Jen in the living room, stretched out naked on the
sofa, waiting for me to love her.

Being pregnant put a damper on Jen's ability to move around a lot - but
it didn't kill her desires in the least bit. She moaned loudly as my mouth
covered one nipple, splashes of hot breast milk flowing into my mouth as I
sucked hungrily.

I made my way down over the great swell in her belly, fastening my mouth
onto a different kind of nipple, sucking and licking my sister's distended
clitty with a gusto I didn't know was in me - and one Jen enjoyed and
appreciated as she bucked and writhed against my mouth, gushes of
girl-juice splashing against my face, staining the sofa's fabric.

Charged-up and uncharacteristically impatient, I carefully flipped my
wife/sister onto her belly, urging her to her knees as I freed my swollen
maleness, positioning it at her wet, puffy opening.

With a growl, I entered Jen's cunt, feeling the blood-engorged walls of
her vagina spreading to accept me before clamping down upon my shaft like a
vise. Despite my inflamed passion, I fucked her slowly and carefully, not
wanting to hurt her or our unborn child, while enjoying the feel of her
pregnant cunt around me.

"Ooh, yes, it feels so good," Jen moaned, shoving her bottom against me
as hard as she dared. "You make my pussy so happy when you're inside me!"

Which was okay with me, more so as the ripples running along my
cunt-juice smeared dick told me it wouldn't be long until I unloaded inside

"Give it to me, Jack!" Jen cried out, humping her ass back into me as my
balls delivered their white, sticky payload, splattering her inner walls
with chunks of semen.

"Ahh!" I moaned, feeling my seed flowing from me to her, a heady,
delightful feeling that left me feeling a little shakey.

"Let me taste it," Jen said, disengaging herself from my dick and
whirling around to plunge it into her mouth, her tongue lapping up our
combined juices; I shivered like someone had stuck a cattle prod up my ass
each time her tongue washed against the now-sensitive head of my dick.

"Damn, did I need that or what?" Jen said, sitting up and wiping her
mouth with the back of her hand. "And, when you're ready, I want more!"

I was only very happy to give her more, after resting for a few moments,
of course. We licked and sucked each other lustily and I managed to
deliver two more load of sperm before nodding off, spent and exhausted.

Part Two, Chapter 13

Now it was Jen's turn to have her feet in the stirrups and, unlike
Caitlin was at her delivery, Jen was very vocal about her discomfort, once
threatening to castrate me if I even looked like I was going to have sex
with her.

Not that I took any of it seriously; I knew that some women just ranted
and raved while delivering to get their mind off what had to be the most
incredible pain not known to man. Some of her comments really stung,
though, while others had me grinning like an idiot behind my surgical mask.
After much moaning, groaning and cursing, Jack Jr. came into the world
raising all kinds of hell, crying like a banshee and giving us all the
impression that he wasn't happy with getting evicted from his mother's

And, after a few days, I brought them home, going through the same
ritual with my son that I had with my daughter only 30 days before,
although my son saw fit to piss in my face afterwards, something both women
found hilarious. Things went pretty smoothly for us and I found my initial
reluctance at licking Joy or sucking Jack to be a distant, faded memory.

I'm not going to bore you any more than I already, so I'll go through
the next several years as quickly as possible.

Buck managed to knock Marsha up and everything was going well with them,
right up until she delivered. Something went very wrong and, sadly,
neither of them survived the ordeal.

The baby had just started to crown when Marsha suddenly went into
cardiac arrest, which also put the baby in distress as well. From what
Brent told us afterwards, the medical team put forth a valiant effort, but
eventually failed to save them.

Needless to say, Buck was totally and completely devastated at the
double loss. Nothing we did or said could console him; he remained
despondent and distant for a few years before just giving up his will to

It was a hard thing to deal with, too, watching him just waste away as
he did. We buried him next to Marsha and their other daughter, Lydia and
moved on with our lives, such as they were.

The children grew like weeds, sprouting up right before our eyes. By
the time they were both four years old, they were very used to Mommy,
Mommy, and Daddy licking, sucking and touching them. They weren't too shy
about touching us, either.

One of the more happier days in my life was the day Joy took the head of
my cock into her mouth, followed quickly by her brother, who wasn't to be
outdone by a mere girl. It was often funny to watch them "fight" over
which one of them would get to taste one of us first.

Of course, they were also encouraged to experiment with each other and,
by the time they were eight years old, Jack Jr. was poking his sister on a
regular basis, just waiting for the day he could do the same to his mother and aunt.

By the time they were twelve, having sex with their parents was as
natural to them as breathing. It did my heart proud to watch my son pump
his first real load of sperm into his mother's cunt, just as I'm sure they
were all happy to watch me fill Joy's cunt to overflowing with my own seed.

I'm not going to say that fucking my children didn't bother me - it did
at times. I guess I expected them to turn out bad because of it but, they
didn't. I can still hear their voices ringing in my ears the day I
suggested we not make love with each other - I didn't know Joy knew some of
the words she used!

Right after Jack's sixteenth birthday, Joy came to us and announced
happily that she was pregnant with her brother's baby. That announcement
had the juices flowing for everyone that night and I reveled in the heady,
lusty feelings provided by having my son's cock in my ass and mine in his,
just as I took delight in being deep inside my wives and my daughter. And,
it all seemed right and natural, too; to live any other way just wasn't
something to be considered.

Caitlin gave birth to a set of twins, both girls while Jen gave me yet
another son. And, yes, after arriving home, they, too, were initiated into
our very special family, each of us partaking of their sex, welcoming them
into the fold.

Using that little trick Brent had used years ago to get me and Jen
married, Joy and Jack married just before Joy gave birth to a daughter of
her own. We wound up using the money Brent and Marsha had left us to
expand our homestead so that we could all live together comfortably.

In my old age now, I'm pleased to hear the patter of little feet in the
house, just as it pleases me to make love with each and every one of them.
Oh, I'm sure they're holding back a little, thinking I'm now too old to
really hang with them as I did in the early days - and they might be right,
for all I know. Not too old to shoot a hot load into my other daughters,
though, or to give the littlest one a taste of my cock when she wants it or
lick her daddy's sperm from between her legs.

Yeah, I'm a pervert although I'm not one of those guys you hear about
hanging around schoolyards or in dark alleys, though. Yeah, my wives
convinced me that making love with my children and grandchildren was the
right and proper thing to do and, in that regard, I suppose that's pretty
perverted in your eyes. Not that it matters anymore. I've lived my life
the best way I know how and, if I had to do it all over again, I'd do it
without hesitation or regret.

My father passed away about five years ago, never once laying eyes on
his grandchildren or great-grandchild. My mother got a chance to see them,
though, having left Dad at our request to come live with us.

You should have seen the look on her face when all the kids surrounded
her and began feeling her up! Oh, it was precious! By the time she could
squawk out a protest, they had her undressed and was giving it to her
pretty good...

Which was all well and good, in our eyes. By the time Jen and Caitlin
got to her, mom was very compliant and willing to accept this strange new
show of affection. And, when I slipped my cock into her, I knew I had come
full circle, feeling all the love and joy I've ever known for her as I shot
load after load of sperm into her...

Am I a pervert? Damned right I am - and proud of it! And, who know?
Maybe, just maybe, you're a pervert, too!



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