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incest club1


Keywords: Mf, mg, mmf, inc, ped, anal
Part: 1 of 6
Author: Dastardly Dodo
Title: The incest-club

(c) Copyright 1999 Dastardly Dodo ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit
without the written permission of the author.
This story may be freely distributed with this notice
The author may be contacted at
This story contains sex between family members and sex with
If this kind of story offends you or if it is not legal for
you to read. LEAVE NOW.
This is a fantasy, nothing else.
If you want to try this at home go to the nearest
police station and have yourself arrested.

This is the story of how my children, Kelly, Tim and Ginny,
started an incest club. I, By the way, am Rita their mother
and I am telling you this story as they told it to me.
I also have a ten year old daughter named Ellen but she does
not appear in this story.

Kelly and Tim started having sex when Kelly was thirteen and
Tim was Fifteen. One night Kelly caught me and my husband
(Tom) fucking by accident. It made her so horny that she
marched into her brothers bedroom and told him to fuck her.
After he got over the shock he was real nice about it.
Instead of just fucking her like any horny Fifteen year old
would, He made love to her like she was a real woman and not
an thirteen year old girl. He didn't fuck her that time. But
he managed to make her feel like a real woman. (I think She
fell in love with him that night.) He told her that he loved
her but that he thought that she was a bit to young to fuck.
(I was real proud of him for that when they finally told me
about it.) By that time he already got Kelly off on his
fingers and tongue several times. So she really didn't mind.
But she still was a bit disappointed.
When he saw her face he smiled and said "Just give it some
time and then, when you you are ready, I will fuck you.". Then
he send her to bed.

It was then that Kelly realized that she had done nothing for
him. So instead of going to bed she bend down and took his
dick out of his pants. It was about nine inches long and hard
as a rock.
Tim tried to stop her saying "You don't have to do that sis.".
Kelly smiled at him and said "I know. But I want to do it.".

She had heard that boys like girls to suck on their dick. So
she decided to try that. She carefully took the head of his
dick in her mouth and started to suck and lick it. Tim must
have been really horny because almost immediately he whispered.
"Ohh...God... I'm going to cum.".

Kelly didn't really know what that meant. So the first shot of
of his sperm took her by surprise. But then she found that she
really liked the taste of it. So she kept on sucking until he
stopped shooting his cum in her mouth. When Tim came down from
his orgasm he started to apologize for shooting in her mouth.
But Kelly stopped him by saying that she liked tasting his

They kept fooling around for almost two years doing everything
except fucking.

On her fifteenth birthday Tim fucked Tina for the first time.
She had asked that as a birthday present from him. Afterwards
They pledged their undying love for each other and then did it

They did it in an old army bunker that was on the land behind
our house. The only way to get to it was through our house and
it was that fact, that started the whole story and this is
what happened.

The incest-club part 1

About two months after Kelly's birthday, during a lunch break at
school, Thirteen year old Tina Martins came to her and said
that she wanted to talk to her. Kelly didn't really know Tina
very well. But from what she had heard Tina was somewhat of a
bitch, who liked getting other people into trouble. She was
about to tell Tina off when the girl started pleading.
"Please I really need to talk with you.".
She sounded a bit desperate. So Kelly decided to listen to what
she had to say. "Okay. What do you want to talk about.". She
Tina sat down next to her and replied. "I know that you are
fucking your brother.".
At first Kelly was stunned. Then she got mad. 'The little
bitch is trying to blackmail me?' She thought. Furious at the
girl she stood up and told her to get lost. As she turned to
walk away, Tina stopped her saying. "You don't understand. I
want to fuck my brother to.".
Stunned Kelly sat down again. "You want what....?". she
muttered. Tina sighed. "I want to fuck my brother.".

Her brother (Peter) was a sixteen year old hunk that every
girl in the school would give an arm or an leg for, just to
get a date with him. So Kelly could understand that part. But
why would Tina tell it to her. Did she want pointers on how to
seduce her brother? Or did she want to know how it was the
first time?

"And?". Kelly inquired.
"Well you know he wants to fuck me to. But with my little
sisters in the house we never seem to get the chance to...
Well you know.". Tina mumbled.
Then it dawned on Kelly. They needed a place where they could
fuck and the bunker was the perfect place to do it. She
grinned and said. "You want to use the bunker behind our
Tina blushed and nodded. She gave Kelly hopeful look and
said. "Can we? Please can we?".
Kelly felt her heart melt for the little girl. "Okay. But I
will have to ask Tim first.".

That night,while they where in the bunker, Kelly talked about
it with Tim. After she had finished telling him about Tina, he
nodded and said. "We should let them use the bunker. But how
are we going to get them there without anybody getting

Kelly thought about it for a while and then replied. "Well you
could invite Peter over to play with you and Ginny (Their
sister. Who was twelve at the time) could invite Tina over to
play. That way nobody would now what really is going on.".
Tim shook his head "That would mean telling Ginny about it and
we can't do that.".
Kelly grinned "I don't know about that. Ginny really likes
you. So I think that if you are nice to her she wouldn't tell

Tim was stunned. "What do you mean by that!" He shouted.
Kelly smiled "Well about four months ago, Ginny started asking
me questions about sex. She had just discovered masturbating
and she wanted to know if it was alright to do that.".
"You mean to tell me that she didn't know?". Tim interrupted.
Kelly smiled "Well normally girls talk about it amongst
them selfs. But Ginny doesn't have any girlfriends so that's why
she asked me. Anyway I told her it is natural for a girl or a
boy to masturbate. Then she wanted to know how I did it. So I
showed her and I also showed her how she could do it
Kelly looked at Tim and, seeing his hardon, grinned. "I see
your dick likes my story."
Then she continued. "Anyway then she wanted to know about sex
with boys. I didn't really know how to explain that to her so
I stole one of dad's magazine's and showed it to her. That got
us both horny and we ended up in a sixty-nine position eating
each others pussy out. After that we talked some more about
it. I told her about the first time and taking her cherry and
all that stuff.
She thought about it for a while and then said. "I want Tim to
be the one to take my cherry.".
I was stunned. All I could say was "Why?".
Ginny smiled at me and replied. "Because I know he won't hurt

At this point Kelly took Tim's dick in her hand and started to
stroke it.

Then she continued saying "Well I told her that brothers where
not supposed to fuck their sisters. That it was called incest
and that people thought it was bad. Ginny got really upset
about it and said. "So he won't fuck me?".
When I saw the tears in her eyes I felt really sorry for her.
So I said. "Well if you are old enough and if you promise to
tell no one, I will help you to get Tim to fuck you.".
That made Ginny jump up and down the bed from joy."."

The thought of fucking his twelve year old sister made Tim so
horny, that he shot his load all over Kelly's hands.
Kelly smiled at Tim and said. "So you like the idea of fucking
Ginny.". Then she proceeded to lick up the spilled cum
finishing of by cleaning his dick.

When he came down from his orgasm Tim started to protest. "But
I can't fuck her she is only twelve!".
Kelly grinned. "don't worry I told her that she has to be at
least fourteen before I am going to let her fuck anybody. Just
be nice to her.".
Tim still wasn't convinced. 'But what if she sees Peter
fucking his thirteen year old sister. Then she will want to be
fucked to!".
Kelly smiled. "Lets just see what happens. If she really wants
to be fucked we can't stop her.". Then she gave Tim a kiss and
added. "If it happens don't feel guilty about it. It is what
she wants and I know you will treat her right.".
"Okay we'll do it.". Tim sighed. Then he smiled and said. "I
wonder how it would be to fuck a twelve year old.".
Kelly gave him a playful slap and said "Don't you dare.".
Then she looked at his still hard dick and added. "Hmmm I
think I know a place where I want to put this.".
Tim grinned He pushed his sister down and started to kiss her.

After a while he broke off the kiss and admired her body.
Kelly had beautiful tits, not to small and not to large. Each
of them was crowned by an inch long nipple that by now stood
erect. Below that was her flat tummy and her luscious hips. Her
legs flowed down in those wonderful female curves and seemed
to go on forever. But what Tim liked the most was her hair. It
was brown and cascaded from her head all the way down to her
butt. Usually Kelly had it in a braid, but now it was hanging

Tim brought his head to Kelly's breasts and started to suck on
her nipples, sending shivers down her spine. "Ohh. Yes. Do
it." She moaned.
Tim slowly licked and kissed his way down her body. When he
reached her pussy he stopped and started to suck in her toes.
This made Kelly giggle. Then he kissed his way up her leg.
When he reached her pussy he took her other leg and repeated
the procedure. Kelly started to moan in delight. "OooHhhhh
suck my pussy, Please suck it!"
Tim started to lick around her cunt teasing her a bit more.
Then he licked her pussy stopping each time when he reached
her clit. It was driving Kelly crazy. He inserted two fingers
in her pussy and started to finger fuck her. "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH
Tim added a third finger and started to suck on her clit.
YEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" Kelly screamed as her orgasm came crashing
down on her. When Kelly came down from her orgasm she hugged
Tim and said "Thank you. That was the best ever!"
Tim smiled and gave her a kiss.

Kelly took his dick into her hand she started to stroke it
slowly. She broke away from their kiss and brought her mouth
to his dick she teasingly touched his dick lightly with her
tongue, causing him to moan.
"Do you like that?" She said with a mischievous smile on her
face. Then she took his cock into her mouth and began to suck
him. After a few minutes Kelly stop sucking his cock and sat
on all fours. "Fuck me from behind please." she said.
Tim sat down, on his knees, behind her. Put his cock at the
entrance of her cunt and slowly started to push in. When his
cock was about seven inches in he hit her cervix. He stopped
pushing, wanting to fuck her this way, as he always did. But
Kelly had other ideas. She looked at him over her shoulder and
said. "Tonight I want you all the way in brother." Then she
pushed back hard on his cock, driving it through her cervix
until his cock was all the way in.

Tim froze, the feeling of her cervix around his cock was
sending sensations of pleasure, too powerful to put into
words, through his body. "Ohhhh FUCK I'M IN YOUR WOMB!" He
Kelly looked over her shoulder and smiled. 'Are you just going
to sit there or are you going to fuck me."
They looked at each other and started to laugh. Tim pulled out
a bit and then started to fuck her with slow long strokes.
OoooHhhhhh Goddd YES FUCK ME. DO IT. FUCK ME HARDER. Kelly
screamed. Tim started to fuck her faster and harder.
NOW!!!! NOW!!!!! AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!" Kelly screamed
when she orgasmed.
Tim pounded into her cunt like a jackhammer. He felt his
deposited his semen directly into Kelly's womb.
Kelly kept screaming for about five minutes and then slumped
back on to the floor. When she came down from her orgasm she
grinned and said. "That's what it feels like to fuck a twelve
year old.".

The next Saturday Tina and Peter came to our house to play
with Tim and Ginny. At least that was what they told their
father and me.

Peter and Tina where dropped in the main room of the bunker.
Then Kelly, Tim and Ginny went to another room to give them
some privacy. When they got there Ginny looked at Tim and
said. "Will you to fuck me?".
Tim smiled and said. "You are a bit to young for that.".
"Tina is only six months older then me and she can fuck.".
Ginny pouted.
Tim looked at Kelly for help. Kelly sat Ginny down saying.
"Are you absolutely sure about it? You are still very young
and you can have your cherry taken only one time.".
Ginny sighed. "I have thought about it ever since you learned
me how to masturbate. I want to do it with someone I love.
Someone who will treat me right and Tim is that someone.". She
looked forlorn when she added. "I don't want to wait for a
knight in shining armor to appear. I just want someone to love
Tim felt his stomach turn upside down when he saw the look on
Ginny's face. He took her in his arms and said. "I do love you
Ginny wrapped her arms around him and started to cry.

Kelly tried to figure out what was wrong and suddenly it came
to her. Ginny was a very smart kid for her age. In fact she
was so smart that she skipped two classes at school. Although
in itself not a problem, it meant that Ginny didn't have any
friends to play with. The kids of her own age had different
interests then she had and the older kids thought that she was
to young to play with. Ginny felt lonely.

Once she figured this out, Kelly kissed her sister and said.
"I'm sorry sis. I never thought about it. From now on you can
hang out with me and my friends.".

That got her a puzzled look from Tim. So she explained it to
him. Ginny in the mean time had stopped crying and said. "Ohh
can I really?".
Kelly smiled. "Yes you can.".
Ginny let out a scream of joy. Then she hugged Kelly and
started to cry again. After a while she turned to Tim and
said. "I still want you to fuck me.".
Tim sighed. "Ohh well. I guess that if you're old enough to
hang out with Kelly and her friends, your old enough to
Kelly gave Ginny a hug and said. "Go for it girl.".

Suddenly Ginny got shy. "Ehh.. What do I do.". She whispered
Tim smiled and said. "Just relax and let me do the work.".
Then he started to undress her. He took of her blouse and
started to caress her budding breasts. He brought his head to
her nipples and started to suck on them sending shivers down
Ginny's spine.
"That feels real good." She moaned.
He took off her shoes and socks and started to suck on her
"Ohhh.... that tickles". Ginny cried as she tried to pull her
leg away.
Tim grinned. He opened Ginny's trousers and, when he saw that
she didn't wear panties, kissed her pussy. Then he took off
her trousers and started to kiss his way up her leg. When he
reached her pussy he took her other leg and repeated the
Ginny closed her eyes and let herself drift away on a cloud of
pure bliss. "Ohhhh that's good" she sighed.".
Tim kissed her bellybutton. Then stuck his tongue out and
started to lick it, making Ginny squirm from pleasure. He
licked all the way down stopping at her pussy and then up
again to her belly button. He repeated this several times
until Ginny could take it no more.
Tim looked up at her and smiled. He slowly started to lick up
and down her pussy touching her clit, with his tongue, on the
end of each stroke. He loved the strong fresh taste of her
virgin pussy. He plunged his tongue all the way into her pussy
and then started tongue fucking her for all he was worth.
Ginny started to shake and moan. She took his head in her
hands pushed it in her pussy. Tim placed his lips around her
clit and started sucking on it. This took Ginny over the edge,
She let out a long, high pitched scream. Her body started
convulsing and her pussy flooded with cum. Then her body
slumped back to the floor. Tim licked her pussy until her
orgasm subsided. Then he lay down next to her and kissed her,
letting he taste her own pussy juices.

Ginny started to cry again.
Tim hugged her and said. "What's wrong sis.".
Ginny managed to smile through her tears. "Nothing is wrong. I
just never thought that my first time with a boy would be so
A huge grin split open Tim's face. "Well thank you for the
compliment sis. But I haven't fucked you yet.".
This made Ginny giggle. "Well what are you waiting for?",. She
Tim sat up on his knees between Ginny's legs and placed his
cock at the entry of her pussy. "Are you ready for this sis?"
He asked.
"Yes Tim, do it. Take my cherry."
He pushed is cock in until he hit her hymen. He started to
fuck her for a while without pushing past her cherry. Ginny
moaned with pleasure. When Ginny's hips started to match his
strokes, he knew it was time to take her cherry. He pulled his
cock out leaving only the tip in her pussy. Then, with one
stroke, he thrusted his cock past her hymen until, with about
six inches in, he hit her cervix. Ginny froze and let out a
small scream. Tim just lay there and held his cock still, to
give her time to adjust to the feeling of his cock in her
pussy. After a few minutes he started to fuck her slowly.
Ginny's hips started to move and she moaned "Oooohhh yes fuck
me! OoooooHhhhhhh".
Tim picked up speed when he felt she was ready to come.
MEEEEEEE!!!!!". Ginny screamed as she exploded into an orgasm.
Her body tensed up and with one final high pitched scream she
came. Her pussy muscles squeezed down on Tim's cock making it
almost impossible for him to move his cock.
This took him over the edge and he started to spray his semen
deep inside her pussy. When they came down from their
orgasm,Ginny Kissed Tim and said "Thank's brother. I love

Then they heard someone giggling in the doorway. When they
looked up Peter and Tina Where standing there. Tina walked
over to Ginny and said. "Geez girl you screamed loud enough to
wake up the whole neighbourhood. Is he really that good?".
"Ohh yes he is.......".
Peter and Tim looked at each other and then bursted out in
laughter as the girls started to compare their experiences.

Kelly looked at the boys and said. "God I,m horny enough to
fuck both of you at the same time.".
Tim looked at Peter, who nodded, and said. "Okay sis. We game
if you are.".
Kelly looked surprised at her brother and said "Don't be
silly. I can't fuck two boys at the same time.".
Tim grinned. "Yes you can. One can fuck your pussy and the
other one can fuck your ass.".
Kelly felt shivers going down her spine. "Ohh Goddd! Do it
before I explode.". She muttered.

Tim lay down on the floor and said "Well sis why don't you
come over here and sit on your brothers cock. Then Peter can
fuck you in your ass.".
Kelly smiled. She kneeled down above Tim's cock. Then she put
the head at the entrance of her pussy and let herself sink
down on his cock until he was all the way in. She bend over,
pressing her tits against Tim's chest, and said to Peter "Ok ,
stick your dick in my ass.".
Peter Kneeled down behind Kelly and with one thrust shoved his
dick all the way into her ass. Tim and peter started to fuck
Kelly. Slowly at first trying to find the right rhythm, but
soon they where fucking her holes with a steady pace.
ASS!!!!! DO IT HARD!!!" Kelly screamed.
The boys doubled their efforts and started ramming their dicks
in and out of her cunt and ass like jackhammers. This took
Kelly Right over the edge. "OOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
She screamed as she exploded into an orgasm.
This was to much for Peter and Tim. With one final thrust they
rammed their dicks all the way into Kelly's cunt and ass, and
pumped their load into her holes.

When they came down from their orgasms, Ginny looked at Kelly
and said. "Kelly. Tina wants to fuck with Tim sometime and I
want to fuck with Peter sometime. So we figured we could start
a club.".
"What kind of club?" Kelly inquired.
Ginny blushed. "Well you know. For people who want to fuck
with their family.".
"Hmmmm. An incest-club. Yes that is a good idea. What do you
think boys." Kelly said.
Tim and peter nodded.
"Okay. Then it is official now. We are the incest-club and we
will gather here every weekend.".
Then they all cheered.

Well that is how the incest-club got started.
In the next part I will tell you how I and my husband got
Love and kisses,


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