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incest club2


Keywords: Mg, mMF, inc, ped, anal
Part: 2 of 6
Author: Dastardly Dodo
Title: The incest-club

(c) Copyright 1999 Dastardly Dodo ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit
without the written permission of the author.
This story may be freely distributed with this notice
The author may be contacted at
This story contains sex between family members and sex with
If this kind of story offends you or if it is not legal for
you to read. LEAVE NOW.
This is a fantasy, nothing else.
If you want to try this at home go to the nearest
police station and have yourself arrested.

Hello its me, Rita, again
In this story I'm going to tell you how my husband (Tom) and I
got involved in the incest-club. We never became members, but
we shared it's benefits (and paid most of it's bills, But
then that's what parents do, isn't it?)
Anyway enough of my rambling. Here is the story.

The incest-club part 2

One night, a few months after Ginny had her talk with Kelly
about masturbating, I accidently caught her doing it.
I was walking down the hall when I heard moans coming from
Ginny's room. Worried that something was wrong, I barged in to
find the sexiest side you will ever see. Ginny was lying naked
on the bed, furiously rubbing her clit. She didn't notice me
coming in. So I just stayed where I was and watched. Ginny was
moaning and panting and rubbing herself like there was no
tomorrow. After a few short moments her body tensed up and she
let out a groan. Then she slumped back on the bed.

At that point Ginny noticed that I was in the room. She
screeched and tried to cover herself. I rushed over to the
bed and sat down. Then I took Ginny in my arms and tried to
console her saying. "It's alright dear. I'm not mad at you.
It's natural to do that. I do it to sometimes.".
Ginny peeked at me through her hands and said. "You do it
"Sure all girls do it. Didn't you talk about it with other
"No. Only with Kelly.". was the answer.
Then she told me what she and Kelly talked about. Carefully
leaving out The part about fucking Tim.
"Hmmmmmm. So she told you about boys to. Is she already doing
it with boys?". I asked when Ginny was finished with her
Ginny blushed. "Yes but she hasn't fucked him yet.".
"Well I better get you girls on the pill then.".
"But I'm not doing anything with boys.". Ginny pouted.
"No but you will be soon enough. And I don't want you to have
to worry about getting pregnant.".
"Ok mom." Ginny replied. Then she gave me a thoughtful look
and continued. "Mom? Is it alright to have sex with anybody
you want.".
"Sure if you love that person.".
Ginny looked at her hands and said. "Even with a
family member.".
I must have looked really shocked because Ginny immediately
started cry. I just held her for a while and then said. "It's
okay dear. I'm not mad. You just caught me by surprise.".
Ginny managed to smile through her tears and say. "I'm sorry
mom. I didn't mean to upset you.".
"No. That's okay. I want you to always tell me what's on your
mind and I will never be mad at you okay?.".
"Okay.". Ginny sighed.
"Good. Now to answer your question. It is called incest and
most people think it is wrong. But I think that if you really
love someone, it doesn't matter if he or she is a
family member. So if you want to do it with a family member it
is okay with me.".
"Thanks mom.". was the answer.
"Did you talk about it with anybody else?".
Ginny blushed. "Only with Kelly. She told me that it is okay.
But that I should wait until I'm older before I do it.".
'Thank god for that.' I thought. I really felt that I was
lucky to have kids who took care of each other. "Well It's
okay with me to. But you shouldn't tell anybody else. Some
people might not understand it.".
"Okay mom.".
I kissed her and said "Well you better go to sleep now.". Then
I tucked her in and left.

The next day I got both Ginny and Kelly on the pill. Then I
forgot about the whole thing until the day that Peter and Tina
came over to our house.

That night, after Peter and Tina had left, Ginny was floating
through the house on a cloud of bliss.
"I have never seen her so happy before.". Tom (My husband)
remarked, when we went to bed.
"Hmmm she doesn't look happy, she looks well fucked.". I
Tom grinned "Only twelve years. boy I wonder who the lucky guy
I had all ready told Tom why I put Ginny and Kelly on the pill
so he wasn't shocked. I didn't tell him about the family part
though. So his next remark caught me off guard.
"Lets ask her who it was.". He said with a smile. When he saw the
worried look on my face he laughed. "I'm just curious. I'm not
going to pester her with it.".
"Tom there is something I have to tell you.".
"What?". He said with a questioning look on his face.
"I think the boy was Tim.".
"WHO!!!!!!". Tom yelled.
"Tom please calm down. I told her it was okay.".
"Tom please! You yourself just said that you have never seen
her so happy before. Isn't that better then having her cherry
popped by some jerk who doesn't care.".
Tom finally calmed down a bit. "Yes. I suppose so. But it is
"Does it really matter who you do it with if you love that
person?.". I replied.
"I suppose you're right.". Tom grumbled still not entirely
Then I heard a voice coming from the door. "What is wrong
I looked up to see all four of my children standing there.

Then I got an idea of how I could convince Tom that incest was
alright. If I could get him to fuck Ginny, he couldn't object
anymore. I knew that Ginny would go for it. It was just a
matter of luring Tom into the trap. We always slept naked so
if anything was going to come up (or get up. If you know what
I mean) Ginny wasn't going to miss it.

"Everything is okay. You all go to bed now.". I said to the
kids. Then I stopped Ginny saying "Ginny could you stay here
for a minute.".
Ginny got a worried look on her face. "Sure what's up mom?".
"Nothing dear. Why don't you come here and lay on the bed with
us for a while.".
Ginny did as I asked. When she had settled down I said. "Your
daddy and I where talking about sex with family members. Did
you and Tim do it today.".
Ginny blushed. "Yes it was so good!". She replied.
Tom started to say something but I stopped him. Saying to
Ginny "So what did he do?".
Ginny got a faraway look in her eyes as she started to tell us
about her first fuck.
"First he took off my blouse and then he started to suck on my
nipples. That felt so good! Then he took off my shoes and
socks and started to suck my toes.".
She looked up at me and giggled. "That was so nice. Anyway
after a while he started to lick my cunny. Ohh mom I came on
his tongue. It was the best orgasm I ever had.".
Tom by now was listening with more then normal interest to
Ginny's story.
"I'm real happy for you dear. So what happened next?". I said.
"Well then he fucked me. At first it was a bit painful when
he took my cherry. But after a while it became really good.
And then I had my longest orgasm ever. I thought it would
never stop.".
She smiled at me and sighed. "I can't wait to do it again.".

Tom's dick by now was rock hard. A fact that was noted by Ginny
when she giggled. "I think that daddy has an hardon.".
Tom's face turned red as mumbled. "I'm sorry dear. I didn't
mean to do that.".
I couldn't help myself and bursted out in laughter at the
sight of my embarrassed husband.
'What's wrong mommy.". Ginny asked.
"Nothing dear. Your father is just a bit embarrassed because
he has an hardon around you.".
"Why? I have seen dicks before. Although not this big.". She
said as she took Tom's dick in her hands and started to stroke
Well she was right about Tom being big. His dick was about ten
inches long and almost two inches wide. Even I couldn't take
all of it.
Tom tried to stop Ginny saying "No you can't dear I.m....".
His voice trailed off as Ginny took the head of his dick in
her mouth. She happily started to suck her fathers dick as if
it was the most normal thing in the world. "Ohhh goddd. I
can't be doing this." Tom groaned as a final protest.
Ginny ignored him and kept on sucking. Soon enough it became
to much for Tom. "OHHHHHH!!!!! GODDDDDD!!!!!! I'M GOING TO
CUMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!". He shouted. Then his body tensed up and he
started to shoot his load into Ginny's welcoming mouth. To my
surprise Ginny managed to swallow all of his cum without
missing a drop.
When he came down from his orgasm, Tom started to apologize.
"I'm sorry dear I didn't mean to....".
"Why didn't you like it". Ginny interrupted.
"Well yes but....". "Good so did I!" Ginny exclaimed.
This finally made Tom shut up.

Ginny looked at his still hard dick and said. "Mom? Can I fuck
I smiled "You will have to ask your daddy dear.".
Ginny let go of Tom's dick and threw herself into his arms
saying. "Ohhh daddy will you fuck me please. Will you?".
Tom knew when he had lost a battle so he replied. "Sure dear.
Why don't you sit down my dick and put it in your pussy. That
way you can decided how it goes.".
He didn't have to say that twice. Ginny knelt above his cock
and slowly lowered herself onto it. When she had about six
inches in, it wouldn't go any further. Ginny bend over and
kissed her father. Then she started to move up and down slowly
moaning "Ooohhhh!! Yessss!!!! I'm fucking my daddy!!!".
Tom started to move his hips up and down to match his
daughters strokes. The feeling of her tight, twelve year old
pussy on his cock was heaven to him. "Ohhhhhhhh!!!
Goddddddd!!!! Yesssssss!!!!!! Do it!!! Fuck your daddy!!!" He
Ginny was moving up and down his cock as fast as she could.
GODDDDDDD!!!!!! YESSS!!!!!!!! YESSSS!!!!!!
AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!" She screamed as she exploded into
an orgasm.
With one final thrust she pushed his cock through her cervix
and embedded all ten inches of her fathers cock into her cunt.
Then Her body started convulsed and she let out another scream
as her second orgasm hit her before the first one was over.
The feeling of the tight ring of her cervix on his cock took
Tom right over the edge. He rammed his cock in as deep as it
would go and sprayed his cum directly into his daughters womb.

I was totally stunned. My daughter had managed to take all of
her fathers dick. Something that I had never managed to do.
"Are you alright?". I asked Ginny, worried that she might
have been hurt.
"Yes good.". Ginny murmured as she fell asleep exhausted from
the exercise.

Tom slowly took his dick out of Ginny's cunt. Then he looked
at me and said. "You tricked me into this.".'Yes. Are you sad
about it.". I replied.
"No. I'm glad that you made me realize how much I love our
I smiled and gave him a kiss. "I better go and talk with the
other kids". I said to him. Then I got up from the bed and
went to Kelly's room.

When I entered her room I saw that Kelly was still awake.
"What's up mom. I thought that I heard somebody scream?". She
"Everything is alright dear. You just heard Ginny having an
"Mom?". Kelly said with a puzzled look on her face.
I sat down on the bed and said. "Well your father and I got to
talk about sex with family members. We know that Ginny fucked
with Tim. So we asked her about it. Well one thing let to
another and Ginny ended up fucking her father. So that's what
you heard.".
Kelly was stunned. "You.... Ginny.... What...." She stuttered.
"Yes we know that you and Tim and Ginny have sex with each
other. I just wanted you to know that it is alright and that
you can sleep with Tim or your father ore anyone else if you
want, right here in this house without having to go to the
"Really!!!". Kelly shouted.
"Yes really. Now tomorrow we will have a family meeting and
discuss this further. Okay?".
"Yes mom.".
"Okay now why don't you go to Tim and tell him the good news."
Kelly jumped out of bed gave me a kiss and then, without
putting anything on, ran off to Tim's room.

I went to Ellen's room, wondering how I was going to explain
this to the ten year old. When I entered the room Ellen turned
on her bed lamp to see who it was. I sat down on the bed next
to her and said. "Ellen, your father and I have found out that
Tim, Kelly and Ginny are having sex with each other.".
To my surprise Ellen replied "I know.".
"You know?".
"Yeah, as far as I know, Kelly and Tim have been at it for the
last year now and if I have to go by the screams I just heard,
I would say that Ginny got royally fucked tonight.".
I was stunned. Not only because of the fact that Ellen already
knew about the other kids. But also by the the language she
was using.
"Yes by your father." I mumbled.
"Yes I thought so.". Ellen said. Then she added "Does that
mean that it is alright?".
"Yes. But how did you know about it?".
"Geez just because I'm ten doesn't mean that I'm stupid. I
play in the bunker to, you know.".
Ellen replied.
"Yes I should have thought of that." I said. Then I gave her a
kiss and added. "Tomorrow we have a family meeting to talk
about it. Okay?".
"Okay mom.".
"Good. You go to sleep now.".

The next morning the whole family gathered around the
breakfast table to discuss what had happened the night before.
I started of the discussion by telling my children that it was
alright to have sex with family members. But that they
couldn't tell anybody else because it is against the law.
Then Kelly and Tim told us how Kelly caught Tom and me fucking
and how that had started the whole thing. When Tim told us how
Kelly had demanded to be fucked, we all started to laugh.
Except for Kelly of course. She started to blush and mumble
something like "Yeah Well I was horny you know.".
"You where horny alright. You practically tried to rape me.".
Tim giggled.
That set off another round of laughter. Kelly's face turned a
deeper shade of red as she tried to kick Tim. After a while
everybody settled down and Kelly proceeded to tell us about
Peter and Tina, and how the incest-club got started.

When she was finished. Ginny said "Hey you left out the best
part. Are you afraid that they find out how horny you really
Kelly's face turned red as she told Ginny to shut up. Tim
bursted out in laughter. "Yes sis tell them what you did
He sniggered. Kelly looked like she was trying to hide. Then
she Shrugged her shoulders and said. "Ohh Alright. I will
tell. Yesterday I got so horny from watching Ginny and Tim
fuck, that I said 'Boy I'm so horny that I could fuck both of
you boys at the same time.' I didn't think that that was
possible, but Tim and Peter knew how to do that. They made me
sit on Tim's cock and then peter shoved his cock in my arse.
Then they started to fuck me in both holes at the same time."
A smile lit up her face as she continued. "Well those cocks
going in and out of my cunt and arse, took me over the edge in
no time. It was absolutely the best orgasm I ever had."
Suddenly she noticed the time and shouted. "Shit I promised
Lisa I would meet her at the mall in half an hour. Hurry up
Ginny or we will be late.".
Then both girls ran off.

"Ginny is going out with Kelly?". I said surprised. Tim gave
me a strange look and said "Yeah well. Yesterday we found out
that Ginny is feeling lonely. She doesn't have any friends and
we do not really talk or play with her either. So Kelly
promised her that from now on she can hang out with her and
her friends.".
I was shocked to hear that Ginny was feeling lonely. "But why
didn't Ginny tell us?". I almost shouted.
"Don't know." He replied spitefully.
"I'm sorry Tim. We just didn't know.".
"I know mom. I'm just feeling sorry for her.".
I gave him a hug and said "Me to. I wonder what Kelly's
friends are going to say about it though.".
Tim smiled "I don't know. But Kelly has been on the phone all
evening yesterday. So I think that she has already dealt with

Behind me I heard the girls yell "Bye!" and then the front door
slammed shut.
"Well I guess the family meeting is over." I remarked.
"Mom?" Ellen said.
"Yes dear.".
"Can I fuck to?".
"No you are a bit to young for that.".
"Geez. I'm already ten you know!". Ellen pouted. Then she
added "Can I watch you fuck?".

Well the story of Kelly getting fucked in her arse and cunt at
the same time had gotten me horny as hell and Ellen already
knew about fucking. So I said "Yes you can dear.". Then I
looked at Tim and his father and said. "Well you heard the
girl she wants to see us fuck. So why don't you fuck me the
way Kelly got fucked yesterday?".
Both men immediately jumped up and threw off there bathrobes.
Then Tim lay down on the floor and said to me. "Well what are
you waiting for?".
I smiled and took of my bathrobe. Then I lowered myself down
on Tim's cock and waited for Tom to put his cock in my arse.
He kneeled behind me and started to shove his cock up my anus.
When he was al the way in, I smiled and said. "Now fuck me
Well fuck me they did. After just a few minutes I was past the
point of no return. "FUCK MY ARSE!!! FUCK MY CUNT!!!!! OHHH!!!
GODDD!!!!! OHHHH!!!! YESSS!!!! OHHHHH!!!! FUCK!!!!!!". I
After that everything became a blur as I screamed my way
through several orgasms before the men could not hold out any
longer and filled my cunt and arse with their sperm. It was
the best fuck I had for years.

When I finally came back to planet earth, I saw that Ellen was
rubbing her clit at top speed. Suddenly her body was taken
over by spasms and she let out a long sigh. I was surprised by
that. I didn't know that ten year olds could have orgasms. I
smiled and looked at my husband and son. I was about to say
something to them, when I noticed the way they where looking
at Ellen. 'Ohh shit!' I thought. 'That girl is going to get
fucked before the week is over.'. At first I wanted to tell
them off. But then I decided not to, since Ellen wanted it
anyway. I took Ellen in my arms and said. "I want you to talk
to Kelly and Ginny about sex with boys. Then if you still want
it you can fuck. Okay?"
(I didn't say that because I was afraid to tell her about sex.
I already did that. I said it because I wanted her to hear the
opinion of someone closer to her own age.).
"REALLY?". Ellen shouted.
I smiled and said "Yes really.".

Well that is how my husband and I got involved in the incest-
In the next part I will tell you about Ellen's first fuck.
Love and kisses,


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