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incest club3


Keywords: fgg, Ffgg, Mg, Mmg, inc, ped, anal, fist
Part: 3 of 6
Author: Dastardly Dodo
Title: The incest-club

(c) Copyright 1999 Dastardly Dodo ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit
without the written permission of the author.
This story may be freely distributed with this notice
The author may be contacted at
This story contains sex between family members and sex with
If this kind of story offends you or if it is not legal for
you to read. LEAVE NOW.
This is a fantasy, nothing else.
If you want to try this at home go to the nearest
police station and have yourself arrested.
Hello its me, Rita, again
This story is about my ten year old daughter Ellen.
Once everything was out in the open, she turned out to be quit
a horny little slut. In fact I would say that the girl only
lives for sex. She is at it every spare moment she has. But
I'm getting ahead of myself. This is the story of her first
experiences with sex (With both males and females). So read on
and enjoy.

The incest-club part 3

After our family meeting I thought that Ellen would get fucked
before the week was over. I was wrong. It took nearly a month
before she finally had her first fuck with her father.

During that month, Ellen had several talks about sex with
Kelly and Ginny. Until, at their last meeting, Ellen said to
Kelly. "I want you to take my cherry.".
Kelly was stunned. Al she could say was "Why?".
Ellen smiled. "Because I want to enjoy my first fuck with
Kelly just stared at her. After a while she said. "I don't
know. Wait here.".
Then she came downstairs to me and said. "Mom, Ellen wants me
to bust her cherry.".
She obviously was uncomfortable with it so I sat her down and
said. "Did she say why?".
"Yeah, she said that she wanted to enjoy her first fuck with
That made me grin. "Well that seems a good reason to me.".
"But mom she only ten!". Kelly exclaimed.
"I know but she gets horny to. I know for sure that she
masturbates and has orgasms. And she already has seen what we
get up to. So you can't blame her for wanting to do the same
Kelly still wasn't sure about it so I continued. "If I would
try to stop her, she probably would try to do it secretly. At
least this way I'm sure that she doesn't get hurt.".
Kelly sighed. "I guess you are right mom. But how am I
supposed to take her cherry.".
"I think I can help you with that. Follow me.". I let Kelly to
my bedroom and gave her my vibrator. "Do know how to use
Kelly shook her head. "Well it is called a vibrator. When you
turn it here at the bottom it... Well vibrates. You can use it
as a cock when you are masturbating or you can use it to
stimulate your clit." I explained. "It has many more
interesting uses, but for now you can use it to bust Ellen's
cherry. You stimulate her by licking her pussy and using the
vibrator as a cock. But don't push it through her hymen. Wait
until she has an orgasm and then push it all the way in
through her cherry. Okay?".
"Yes I got it mom." Kelly replied. Then she gave me a kiss and
ran off with the vibrator.

When she came back into her room she smiled at Ellen and said.
"Are you sure you want me to bust your cherry?".
Ellen lay down spread eagle on the bed and said. "Do it sis.".
Kelly grinned. "Not so hasty sis. I want you to enjoy it.".
Then she looked at Ginny and said why don't you suck on her
nipples. Ginny smiled. She gave Ellen a kiss and then started
to suck on the girls nipples. Kelly put her head in Ellen's
crotch and stated to lick her cunt.
Ellen started to moan. "Ohhh!!! Godddd!!! Yessss!!!!! Suck my
When Kelly found that Ellen was wet enough, she turned on the
vibrator and started to fuck Ellen with it. The new sensation
of the vibrator going in and out of her cunt, reduced Ellen's
vocabulary to "OHHHH!!! GODDDD!!!! OHHHH!!!! YESSS!!!! OHHHH
Kelly started to speed up the fucking with the vibrator. At
the same time she started licking Ellen's clit. This renewed
assault on her senses reduced Ellen's vocabulary even further,
until she just chanted one word "FUCK!!!! FUCK!!!! FUCK!!!".
Then Kelly took the girls clit between her lips and started to
suck on it. This took Ellen right over the edge. She came with
an ear-piercing scream. At that point Kelly shoved the vibrator
all the way in until she hit Ellen's cervix.

When she came down from her orgasm, Ellen looked disappointed
"You didn't take my cherry she said.".
"Oh yes I did.". Kelly replied with a grin.
"But it didn't hurt!".
"That's because I did it when you where having an orgasm. If
you look down you will see that I'm right.".
Ellen looked down and saw the vibrator that was still firmly
embedded in her cunt. Kelly took the vibrator out and showed
the blood on it to Ellen "See. I did take your cherry.".
Ellen hugged her saying. "Thanks sis.".
"Anytime sis.". Kelly replied. Then she laid down on the bed
and said. "Now I would like someone to help me. Because I'm
horny as hell.".
"Me to." Ginny sighed.
Kelly looked at Ginny and said. "Well why don't you kneel over
my head. Then I will lick your pussy while Ellen licks mine.".
Ginny and Ellen agreed and got in position. Kelly started to
lick Ginny's pussy and Ellen started to lick Kelly's pussy.
Both Kelly and Ginny started moan from pleasure. Ellen pushed
two fingers into Kelly's cunt and started to finger fuck her.
"Ohhh!!! Yessss!!! DO IT!!!" Kelly moaned into Ginny's cunt.
Ellen grinned and added another finger.
"OHHHHH!!!!! GODDDDDD!!!! YESSSSSS!!!". Kelly moaned.
Then she returned to eating out Ginny's cunt. For a while all
that could be heard was the moaning and grunting of Kelly and
Ginny. Then Ellen made a fist and shoved her hand into Kelly's
"OHHHHHH!!!!!! GODDDDDDDDD!!!!!". Kelly screamed as felt
Ellen's hand enter her pussy. Followed a second later by.
Ellen proceeded to do just that. Shoving her hand in and out
of Kelly's pussy as fast as she could. "Ohh yes! You just a
cheap whore who likes it when she gets her slut cunt fucked
with my hand while she is licking her slut sisters cunt.". She
said to Kelly.
Kelly's only reply was a long moan. Ellen grinned. She took
Kelly's clit in her mouth and nibbled on it. Kelly went
through the roof. She let out an ear-piercing scream. Then she
closed her mouth and accidently bit on Ginny's clit. This set
of Ginny's orgasm. She screamed just as loud as Kelly and then
fell forward onto Kelly's body. Kelly in the mean time went
into a second spasm. Letting out another scream. This went on
for a fews minutes until Kelly finally fell back on the bed,
totally exhausted.

When she regained her senses she sighed.
"Ohh god. That was awesome.".
Then she hugged Ellen and said. "Thanks sis. I love you.". She
kissed the girl and added. "Where did you learn to do that?"
Ellen grinned. "Nowhere. I read about it in one off Daddy's
books and I saw it in some videos. I didn't know if it would
go in. But I wanted to try and I figured that if I didn't
force it, it would not hurt you. But it went in easy.".
"Well thanks for trying it out on me sis. But you should be
careful with it. If you try it with someone who isn't big
enough down there, you can really hurt her.".
"Yeah I know. I suppose that means that you can't do it with
me." Ellen replied with a sigh.
Kelly smiled. "Yes you are right about that. But I promise you
that I will do it with you when you are ready for it. But only
if you let me or mom decided if you are ready or not. Okay?".
Ellen snuggled up to her and said "Okay.".
Kelly smiled and said. "So where did learn to talk dirty like
Ellen blushed. Well I heard it in daddy's porn-videos. And I
found that it really turns me on when people talk dirty.".
Kelly grinned. "Well I found it really exciting to.".

About six o'clock the next morning Ellen barged into our
bedroom and jumped onto the bed. "Can daddy fuck me now?". She
chirped cheerfully.
"Uhhh what." Tom groaned.
Then it registered what Ellen had said. He looked at her and
said. "I don't know dear. I'm worried that I might hurt you.".
"Ohh you don't have to worry about that. Kelly already took my
cherry yesterday. And it didn't hurt a bit.".
I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the stupid look on Tom's
face. "She way ahead of you Tom.". I giggled.
Tom, realizing that resistance was futile, Took Ellen in his
Arms And started to kiss her. At first Ellen wasn't sure about
what to do. But she soon got the hang of it and their tongues
started dueling. After a while Ellen broke off the kiss. She
turned around and started kissing and licking the head of
his cock while jacking him off with one hand. With her other
hand she started to caress his balls.
Tom moaned "Oooohhh yes lick my cock...Oooooohhhhh GOD YES
After teasing his cock head for a while Ellen opened her mouth
and started swallowing his cock. When she had about three
inches of his cock in her mouth, she stopped and started
bobbing her head up and down his cock, using her tongue to
lick all around the shaft and cock head. In the mean time she
kept jacking him off with one hand, while using her other hand
to fondle his balls. After she had done this for a while she
took her fathers dick out of her mouth and started to talk
dirty to him. "Come on dad give your slut daughter your juice.
I want to taste your sperm. I want to swallow it like a cheap
whore and put it in my tummy where it belongs.".
This was to much for Tom. He groaned and started to shoot his
cum into the ten year olds face. Ellen immediately put his dick
back in her mouth and started to swallow his cum. Tom shot
what seemed to be gallons of cum into his daughters mouth.
When his orgasm finally was over, Tom slumped back on the bed
and sighed. "Jesus Christ!".
'Jesus Christ indeed.' I thought 'Where the hell did she learn
how to suck cock like that? And where did she learn to talk
dirty like that?'. I decided to ask her. When I did, I must
have sounded angry. Because Ellen got a frightened look on
her face and said. "I'm sorry mom. I didn't mean to be bad.".
I hugged her and said. "You didn't do anything wrong. In fact,
judging by the amount of sperm that daddy shot into your
mouth, I would say that you did very well. I was just curious
about where you learned all that stuff.".
"So your not mad?" she asked.
"No. When it comes to sex you can say or do anything you want.
I may be shocked sometimes. But I will never be mad about it.
Ellen nodded. Then she told us that she had spent every spare
moment she had the last month looking through her fathers
porn-magazines and watching our collection of porn-videos. She
did it because she wanted to know all about sex before she
started doing it herself. She smiled and said. "I want to try
out everything.". Then she grinned and added. "I really like
to hear people talk dirty and talk dirty myself. Giving a
blow job is fun to.".
I smiled and said. "Did you try out things with your
Ellen blushed and told us how she had fisted Kelly. Well that
story got her fathers dick hard again. When ellen saw that she
giggled and said 'Well are you going to fuck me now?".
"Sure honey.". He said with a smile.
Then he sat down between her knees and put his cock at the
entrance of her pussy. Slowly he pushed his cock in until,
with about 5 inches in he hit her cervix. Then he started to
fuck her.
"More! I want More!". Ellen groaned.
"But that might hurt you honey.". Tom protested. Ellen grinned
and replied. "I want you to ripe my little girls cunt open
with that big cock of yours. I want you to fuck your slut
daughter in her womb and fill her up with your baby juice!".
Tom got the message. He speeded up and said. "Ohh yes! I'm
going to fuck you like the whore are. I'm going to rip your
cunt open so wide that I can put my arm in. And then I going
to fill you up with my sperm. And then I will do it again and
again and again. Until you are so full of my sperm that it is
coming out of your ears."
Ellen started to hump back on her fathers dick and shouted
ME HARD!!! DO IT!!!! FUCK MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!". The ten year olds
tight cunt had Tom ready to cum in no time. He started to
pound in out out of the little girls cunt like a jackhammer.
WHORE!!!!! I'M GOING TO CUM!!!!!!!!". He shouted.
"OHHH!!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!! DO IT!!!!! FILL YOU SLUT daughter UP
WITH YOUR SPERM!!!!!". Ellen replied.
She threw her hips up at the same moment that her father was
pushing his dick in. He shot past her cervix and another three
inches of his dick went in. This was to much for both of them.
"OOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! GODDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!". They shouted in
unison as they exploded into an orgasm. Tom threw his head
back and started to shoot his sperm directly into his
daughters womb. Ellen's whole body started to shiver. Then she
let out a big sigh and passed out. This got Tom worried.
"Ellen?". He said as he started to take his dick out.
I stopped him saying "It's okay dear she will wake up in a
minute. Just keep your dick in until she does.".
A few moments later Ellen came back to earth. She hugged her
father and with tears in her eyes said. "Thanks daddy. That
was beautiful.".
Tom got a silly grin on his face as he replied. "That's okay
dear. It was wonderful for me to.".
Tom rolled of my daughter and then they just lay there for a
while enjoying the afterglow of sex.

After a while Ellen looked at me and said. "Mom I want to
learn to take a cock in my throat. Like the girls in those
movies do.".
There was nothing that the little girl could do to shock me
any more (Or so I thought at the time.). So I just smiled and
took a twelve inch long rubber dildo out of my nightstand. I
gave it to her and said. "Then you will need this to train
with.". Then I got an idea. "Why don't we ask your sisters if
they want to learn it to. Then we can all learn it together."
I said to Ellen.
"You to mom?". She asked.
"Yes me to.". Ellen started to cheer and jump up and down the
bed. Just like a regular ten year old that just had gotten a
Suddenly tears filled my eyes. Unknown even to myself. I had
been feeling uneasy about what we where doing with our kids.
But seeing Ellen jump up and down the bed from joy, told me
that we where doing the right thing.
"What's wrong mom?". Ellen asked with a concerned look on her
I hugged her and said. "Nothing dear. I'm crying because I'm
happy that you are happy.".

A few weeks later, we all managed to swallow the dildo. We got
together on a Friday night and showed each other how we
swallowed it. There was a lot of giggling when we held a
contest of who could swallow the most. Ellen being the
smallest could only manage eight inches. But, as I told her,
for a ten year old that was quit an achievement. To my
surprise Ginny managed to swallow the most. She managed eleven
inches and could have swallowed more if she would have had a
longer dildo. The one we used was twelve inches long and she
was barely holding on to it with her fingers when I stopped
her from going any further.
"Okay you win. What do you want as your prize?" I said to
She got a wicked grin on her face and answered. "Well I want
us all to lay down on the bed in a circle and then we can eat
each others pussy out.".
We where all horny as hell. So she didn't have to ask that
twice. It took a while before everyone was in the right
position. But then we started to eat each others pussy out. I
was lapping away at Ginny's pussy. Ginny was eating out Kelly.
Kelly was feasting on Ellen's cunt and Ellen was working on
me. Soon the room was filled with our moans and grunts. After
a while I felt Ellen's fingers entering my cunt.
"Ohh!! Goddd!!! Yesss!!! Fuck me with your fingers!!!". I
moaned. Then I stuck two of my fingers into Ginny's cunt and
started to finger fuck her. Ginny did the same with Kelly and
Kelly did it with ginny making the circle complete.
The moans and groans became louder as we neared our orgasm.".
Suddenly I felt that Ellen added two more fingers to the two
she already had in my cunt. 'Ohhh god she isn't...' I thought
remembering the story of how she had fisted Kelly. Well she
was. Just moments later I felt her little hand entering my
cunt. It took me right over the edge. I screamed and rammed my
fingers into Ginny's pussy as my orgasm came crashing down on
me. That set Ginny off and, like domino-stones that where
knocked over, one after an other the girls started to orgasm.
After we all had came down from our orgasm I said "Well
tomorrow we can try it out on the men.".
"Hmmm yes and after that I want someone to fuck me in the
arse". Ellen replied.
When she saw the shocked look on my face she started to laugh.
"I told you that I want to try everything.". She sniggered.
'Shit. She has done again.'. I thought. 'Well I can be just as
nasty as you girl' was the next thought. I smiled at Ellen and
said. "I know something even better. You can deep throat one
of the men while the other fucks you in the arse".
Now it was my turn to grin as a shocked look appeared on
Ellen's face. Then she grinned to and said. "Geeezz! You are
even nastier then me.".
We all bursted out in laughter at that remark.

The next morning at breakfast Ellen showed the dildo to me and
said "Look mom I can swallow it."
Then she started to to do just that. We had planned this as a
little joke on the men the previous night. It worked like a
charm. Their eyes where almost falling out of their sockets
as they watched Ellen swallow the dildo. The girls and I
bursted out in laughter when we saw the stupid look on their
Tom sighed and said. "I think we have been had Tim.".
He obviously didn't know what was still coming.
Ellen looked at their rock hard dicks and said. "Boy I'm so
horny that could fuck you both at the same time."
Then she waited until the men started to get up and added.
"But I'm to small for that.".
We started to laugh again when we saw the disappointed look on
their faces.
"Shit that's twice in a row.". Tim exclaimed, starting another
round of laughter.
"I think you have teased them enough now Ellen.". I sniggered.
'Yeah I suppose so.". She agreed grinning.
Then she got a serious look on her face and said. "What I
really want is to suck on Daddy's dick while Tim fucks me in
the ass.".
"Well then you need this.". I said while I gave her some
Tim and his father just gaped at her. They where totally
"Well what are you waiting for?". Ellen said impatiently.
Tim shook his head and said. "Okay sis.". Then he and Tom got
Tom stood next the couch and said to Ellen. "If you you kneel
down on the couch you can suck my cock while Tim fucks your
Ellen nodded. She sat on the couch on all fours and started to
suck on her fathers cock.
"Yes dear. That's it. Suck your daddy's cock.". Tom groaned.
In the mean time Tim was applying the lubricant on his cock and
Ellen's ass. When he thought that she ready, he slowly started
to push his dick into his ten year old sisters ass. At first
it wouldn't go in. But when he pushed a bit harder, the head
of his cock popped through the tight ring of her anus.
"Ohhh god! Your ass is so tight!". Tim exclaimed.
Then he started to push until all nine inches of his cock
where embedded in the girls ass.
The sight of her brothers cock disappearing into Ellen's ass,
was to much for Ginny. She pulled Kelly to the floor. Sat on
her face and started to lick and finger her cunt.
Kelly Immediately went to work on Ginny's cunt. Sticking three
fingers into it while licking her clit. Exited, by everything
that was going on, I started to rub my clit.
"Ohhhhhh!!!!!!! Goddddd!!!!!". Tom groaned as he felt the head
of his dick disappear into Ellen's throat.
Then he remembered that Ellen likes it when people talk dirty
to her. So he added. "Ohhh yes! Suck my cock whore, while your
brother rapes your slut arse.".
Ellen took her head of his dick and replied. "Ohhhh yes daddy.
Treat me like a whore. Fuck my face. Please fuck my face
Tom took Ellen's head in his hands and pushed his cock into
her mouth. "I'm going to fuck your face, you cock-sucking
whore. I'm going to ram my dick down your throat until it is
in your stomach. And then I'm going to fill you up with my
He said. Then he began to fuck her face. Holding her head
lightly. So that she could pull off if she wanted.
Then Tim got in on the act to. He slapped Ellen's butt and
said. "Move your butt like the cheap whore you are. Show me
that you like to get your face fucked by your father while I
rape your arse.".
"Uuuuuuuuuuunnnngggghhhh.". Ellen moaned around her fathers
He body started to shudder as her orgasm hit her. That was to
much for me. I pinched my clit violently and fell to the floor
as my orgasm came crashing down on me.
After my orgasm had subsided I sat down on the floor next to
Ellen. I shoved two fingers in her cunt and started to finger-
fuck her while rubbing her clit with my thumb. With my other
hand I was pinching and twisting her nipples.
"Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! Uuuuuhhhhhhhh!!!" Ellen moaned.
Tom was ramming his cock down her throat as fast as he could,
while Tim did the same with her arse.
I leaned over and whispered in her ear. "You are a filthy
bitch, who likes it when her slut mother fucks her with her
fingers. You like it when you get your arse raped like a cheap
whore. Come me for and show me that you like to get your face
fucked by your daddy.".
Ellen went through the roof. She yanked her head of her
fathers cock and let out an ear-piercing scream. Her body
started to shake violently as she had a gut-wrenching orgasm.
This was to much for Tom.
"Ohhhh!!! GODDDDD!!!!". He groaned as he started to shoot his
sperm all over his ten year old daughters face.
The feeling of Ellen's arse muscles clamping down on his cock,
took Tim over the edge to. He rammed his cock all the way into
her arse and shot his load in her deep within her bowls.
When her orgasm subsided, Ellen smiled and said. "God! That
was the best ever.".
Kelly sat down next to Ellen, gave her a kiss and said. "I
hate to let good sperm go to waste.". Then she started to lick
her sisters face clean.
Ellen closed her eyes and let her body enjoy the attention is
was getting. Halfway through cleaning her sister face, Kelly
noticed that Ellen had fallen asleep. She smiled, took the
girl in her arms and brought her to bed.
As I said at the beginning Ellen turned out to be a real slut.
She continued to try out many more things. Always with an open
mind and eager to learn. Most of the things she has done she
really likes. Some she doesn't like, but she never regrets
doing anyone of them.
In the next part I will tell you how my sister, her husband
and her son became members of the incest club.
Love and kisses,


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