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incest club4


Keywords: mf, mF, inc, anal, fist
Part: 4 of 6
Author: Dastardly Dodo
Title: The incest-club

(c) Copyright 1998 Dastardly Dodo ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit
without the written permission of the author.
This story may be freely distributed with this notice
The author may be contacted at
This story contains sex between family members and sex with
If this kind of story offends you or if it is not legal for
you to read. LEAVE NOW.
This is a fantasy, nothing else.
If you want to try this at home go to the nearest
police station and have yourself arrested.

Hello its me, Rita, again
About three months after the incest-club got started, My
sister Shelly, her husband Paul and her son Rick came over for
Ginny's birthday. We hadn't seen each other for a while, so
they decided to stay for a week. We had told our kids to be
careful with what they did while they where around. But you
can't stop nature I guess. This story starts two days after
Ginny's birthday and tells how My sister and her family became
members of the incest-club.

The incest-club part 4

My sister Shelly and I had planned a trip to the lake and the
whole family was going. Except Ginny, who was going to a
friend, and Rick (Shelly's fourteen year old son), Who wasn't
feeling well. After making sure that Rick would be alright,
we all left. We dropped Ginny of at her friends house and went
on to the lake.

At about four in the afternoon, Ginny came home from her
friend. She threw her bag in the corner and went upstairs.
When she came passed Tim's bedroom, she heard Rick groan.
'Geez Rick is jacking himself off.' She thought. Curious about
Rick's body she quitely opened the door and peeked.
Rick was what girls would call a hunk. His was body well build
and muscular from his sporting activities.
Ginny liked what she saw. Her eyes wandered to his dick. It
was about seven inches long and almost three inches wide. 'God
I would like to fuck that cock.'. Ginny thought. She had heard
her mothers warning. But the sight of Rick's cock made her
forget them. She walked into the room and said. "It will feel
much better if I do that.".
"Jesus Christ. Don't you know how to knock?". Rick's shouted
as he tried to cover his cock. Then it registered what Ginny
had said. "You mean that...". He stammered.
"Yes I want to stroke your dick and much more.". Ginny replied
with a smile. She sat down next to him and took his cock in
her hands.
"Oooohhhhh! That feels goodddd!". Rick moaned when Ginny
started to stroke his cock. He couldn't believe his luck. He
had never got far with girls because he was to shy. But now
his thirteen year old niece was stroking his dick and he
didn't even have to ask.
Ginny bend over and took the head of his dick in his mouth.
This was to much for the inexperienced boy. "OHHHH!!!!!!
GODDDDDDD!!!!!" He groaned as he started to shoot his load
into Ginny's mouth.
Ginny swallowed his cum eagerly.
When Rick came down from his orgasm, he started to apologize.
"I'm sorry I didn't mean to cum in your mouth.".
Ginny smiled. "That's okay. I like it when a men shoots his
sperm into my mouth.". Then she kissed him. She thrusted her
tongue into his mouth and started to explore. At first Rick
didn't know what to do. But soon enough he got the hang of it
and their tongues started a loving war.

After a while Rick broke off the kiss. He blushed and looked
away from Ginny. Then he whispered. "Can I see you naked?".
"Of course you can." Ginny replied.
She stood up and walked to the middle of the room. When she
saw that he was still looking at the floor, she grinned and
said. "You will have to look at me if you want to see it.".
Rick blushed as he turned his head around to look at her.
Ginny smiled and started a slow erotic dance. She grabbed her
tits with her hand and started to squeeze and knead them.
After a while she let one of her hands trail down her body to
her cunt. The she started to rub her pussy through her shorts.
Rick was totally engrossed by Ginny's act. Lightly stroking
his dick as he watched her.
Ginny opened the button of her shorts, put her hand in and
started to finger herself. Her other hand disappeared under her
shirt and found its way back to her tits.
"Ohhh god. I don't believe this is happening." Rick groaned.
"Well it is." Ginny grinned. She took her shirt in her hands
and pulled it off. Exposing her tits. She brought her hands to
her nipples and started to pinch and pull on them. Then she
showed them to Rick and said. "Do you like my tits?".
"Ohhhh! Goddd! I love them." Was the reply.
Ginny smiled and blew him a kiss. Then she pulled down the
zipper of her shorts and stepped out off them. She walked up
to rick and showed her cunt to him. "Do you like my pussy to?"
She said. As she started to rub her her clit.

Rick just stared. After a while he looked up at Ginny and
stuttered. "Can I... Ehhh...Well can I.. Ehhh..".
Ginny sat down next to him and said. "You can touch me as much
as you want.". Then she took his hand and placed it on her
Rick held his hand still and let it lay there for a while. He
could not believe that he was actually touching a woman's
breast. Then he brought his other hand up to her other breast
and started to fondle them.
"Yessss! That's it!". Ginny moaned. When the Rick started to
fondle her nipples, she let out a big sigh and said. "Ohhh!!!!
Yesss!!!! Suck them!".
"What?". Rick said surprised.
"Suck my nipples. Please suck them!".
Rick brought his mouth to one of her nipples and started to
suck on it.
"Hmmmmm!!! That's gooddddd!". Ginny moaned.
Rick switched to her other nipple and gave it a good suck. In
the mean time he let his hand wander down to her pussy. He
started to stroke up and down her cunt, making Ginny moan from
pleasure. After a while he let a finger slip into Ginny's
"Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Yessssssss!!!!!! Fuck me with your finger!".
Ginny moaned.
Curious about her pussy, Rick brought his head to her crotch
and looked. His hot breath on her cunt, drove Ginny wild.
"OHHHHHH!!!!! GODDDDDDD!!!!! LICK MY PUSSY!!!!!!". She cried.
Rick stuck out his tongue and touched Ginny's pussy with it.
When he found that it didn't taste horrible, he started to
lick up and down her cunt.
Ginny shouted when he touched her clit with his tongue.
Taking his queue from Ginny's moans, Rick started to lick and
suck on her clit. He slipped a second finger in her pussy and
started to finger fuck her as well. This was to much for Ginny.
YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!". She screamed as her
orgasm came crashing down on her.

When she came down from her orgasm she kissed Rick and said.
"Now fuck me!".
Rick kneeled down between her legs and tried to put his dick
in her pussy. He missed, sliding his dick along the length of
her cunt. Ginny grinned and took his dick in her hands. She
placed it at the entrance of her pussy and said. "Push.".
Rick started to push. "Ohhhhhh.". He moaned surprised as the
head of his dick disappeared into Ginny's cunt. Then he gave a
hard push. Ramming his dick all the way into her pussy. The
feeling was incredible. Sending jolts of pleasure from the tip
of his cock all the way up his spine. He didn't move for a
while. Trying to prevent himself from shooting his load in her
right away. Then he started to fuck with slow long strokes.
"OHHHHH!!!!!!!! GODDDDDDD!!!!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!!!! DO IT!!!!
Rick started to hammer in and out of her with all his force.
It didn't take him long to cum. He let out a low grunt and
buried his dick into her. Then he shouted "OHHHHH!!!!!!!
GODDDDDDD!!!! I'M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!". As he deposited
his load into Ginny's womb.
The feeling of his cock squirting his sperm into her womb took
Ginny over the edge to. "OHHHHHHHH!!!!! GODDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!
AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIII!!!!. She screamed as her orgasm hit her.

Paul was walking don the hall, on his way to the spare
bedroom, when he heard screams coming from Tim's room. He had
come home with the rest of the family ten minutes earlier. He
opened the door to Tim's bedroom and looked. "WHAT THE HELL
ARE YOU TWO DOING?". He shouted when he saw Ginny and Rick
joined together on the bed.
"It's called fucking.". Ginny replied.
Paul was lost for words. "But....You...." He stuttered.
"But we are family? So what.". Ginny said.
"IT"S INCEST!" Paul shouted.
Rick started to cry.
Ginny took him in her arms and hugged him. Then she said to
paul. "Now look what you have done stupid idiot.".
"You just wait until your mother hears from it!". Paul
shouted. Then he slammed the door shut and ran downstairs.

"Oh god! They are going to kill us.". Rick cried.
Ginny hugged him and replied. "No they won't. First of all I
wouldn't let them hurt you and secondly my mother doesn't mind
who I fuck with, As long as I do not force anybody into it".
"You mean that your mother won't be mad if she finds out that
we have been fucking?". Rick said surprised.
Ginny grinned. "Mad? No she wouldn't be mad. In fact I
wouldn't be surprised if she wanted to try out that dick of
yours for herself."

Paul stormed into to the kitchen looked at me and shouted
"And?" I replied.
Paul was lost for words. "But.... But...." He stuttered.
"Why don't you sit down Paul. Then we can talk about it.". I
said. Then I went to the door and asked Shelly and Tom to join
us. When we where all seated, I looked at Paul and said. "Why
don't you tell us what happened.".
"I found Ginny and Rick fucking.". By this time paul already
had calmed down a bit, so he managed to speak without
I smiled and replied. "So what. They are both teenagers and
Ginny is on the pill. So there is nothing to worry about.".
Then I looked at Paul and continued. "They are going to do it
anyway Paul with or without our permission. That is why I put
Ginny on the pill. I told her that I didn't mind as long as
she doesn't force anyone into it.".
Paul sighed "It's not the fucking that I disapprove off. In
fact I'm glad that Rick managed to get into a girls pants. He
very shy and I was worried that he might have trouble in that
"So then what is the problem?". Tom asked.
"IT'S INCEST." Paul shouted.
"Now. Now. Calm down. So it is incest. You already said that
Rick is very shy. So what better way is there for him to learn
about sex, then with a family member whom he can trust not to
hurt him.". Tom replied.
"But people disapprove of it!". Paul exclaimed.
"But we are not people Paul. We are your family. And I think
that it is already clear that Rita and I don't mind. So the
question is what you and Shelly think think of it.". Tom
Paul looked at Shelly for help.
She looked at Tom and said. "I don't know Tom. If people would
find out there would be a lot of trouble.".
Paul was stunned. "You mean that you think that it is alright
just as long as other people don't find out?". He exclaimed.
Shelly took his hands into hers and replied. "Yes I guess
that's what I'm saying. We have worried about Rick being shy
and not having any friends and now has he has a change to
learn about girls. I think that taking that away from him just
because she is his family, is wrong.".
Paul still wasn't convinced. "I don't know.". He muttered.
I decided to tell them about the incest-club. When I was
finished, Paul looked at Tom and said. "You fucked Ellen? But
she is only ten.".
Tom smiled. "Once she finds out that you know about us, she
will be after you. I'll bet that it will take her less then
two days before you fuck her.".
"No way!". Paul exclaimed.
Tom grinned. "So it is a bet then?".
"It's a bet.". Was the reply. Followed by "Jesus! I'm betting
that I won't fuck my ten year old niece!". Then he blushed and
said. "Okay. I give up. They can fuck each other all they
Shelly kissed him and said "Thank's dear.". Then she looked at
me and said. "Do you think that we can become members of the
incest-club?". I smiled. "Well you would have to be in to
incest, before you could become a member.".
Shelly nodded. "DO you think Rick could benefit from the
experience from an older women?". She said to me.
I grinned and replied. "You would have to ask Ginny.".
Paul was lost again. "You want to fuck Rick?". He sputtered.
Shelly nodded. "Yes. I don't she why I shouldn't have some fun
when you are going to fuck your cousins.".
"I'm not going to fuck my cousins!". Paul exclaimed.
Shelly looked at Tom and said. "How long did you say?".
Tom grinned. "Two days at the most.".
"You see.". She said to Paul as if that explained everything.
"You sound like you want me to fuck my cousins.". Paul
"I just want everybody to be happy dear. And your cock has
been rockhard ever since Tom said that Ellen would want you to
fuck her.".
"Oh! I give up. You win.". Paul grumbled.
Shelly smiled and gave him a kiss, saying. "Good. Then I will
go and talk to Rick now.". Then she stood up and left.
"Well I better tell the children.". I said. Then I left to.
When Tom saw the worried look on Paul's face he smiled and
said. "Don't worry Paul. It's not like you are going to rape
them. In fact I would say that they would be very disappointed
if you would say no to them.".
"But they are just kids.". Paul replied.
"Yes. Very horny kids.". Tom replied. Then he smiled and
added. "I was just as shocked as you are, when I found out
that my children where fucking with each other. And I couldn't
imagine ever fucking my kids. I would never want to hurt them.
But then my wife and my children made it clear to me that it
would hurt them more if I would deny them what they wanted.
Then if I fucked them. And now I don't even remember what I
was worried about. They want it Paul. And no matter what you
or I or anyone else might think about it, they still want
"Yes. But Ellen?".
"Don't worry you don't have to fuck her. She won't be hurt if
you say no. Just as long a you don't say that it is wrong.".
"No it's not that I don't want to fuck her if she really wants
me to. But I'm afraid that it just isn't going to fit. I don't
want to brag, but my dick is almost eleven inches long and
three inches wide. I could seriously hurt the girl, if I would
try to force it in.".
Tom grinned. "You would be surprised at what she can handle.
Just show the problem to her and then if it doesn't work, it
doesn't work. There are a lot of things two people can do
besides fucking. And she is really good at some of those. Just
make sure that she doesn't try to force anything. Okay?".
"Okay.". was the reply.

In the mean time Shelly went to Tim's bedroom. She opened the
door and said "Ginny? I would like to talk to you.".
Ginny came outside and said to her. "You shouldn't be mad at
him. It was my fault.".
Shelley hugged her and replied. "We are not mad at him or you.
Paul and I have talked with your parents and they convinced us
that it is okay for you two to fuck. I want to talk with you
about something else.". She got a nervous look on her face as
she continued. "We want to become members of the incest-
Ginny was stunned. She had expected that her parents would
convince Paul and shelly that it was alright for the kids to
fuck. But this was something completely different.
"Why?". She exclaimed.
"Well I think that it is very nice that he has found a girl to
have sex with. But in a weeks time we will go home. Rick is
very shy so I don't think that he will find a girlfriend soon.
So I want him to know that until he has a girlfriend of his
own, he can fuck his mother anytime he wants. So that's why we
want to become a member of the incest-club. That way knows he
can fuck with anybody who is a member. Without having to worry
about it.".
"Hmmm. What you mean is that you get horny thinking about Rick
fucking you.". Ginny concluded.
Shelly blushed. "That too." She admitted.
"Well it sounds like a good plan. But perhaps I and my sisters
should also teach him the right way to pick up a girl.". Ginny
Shelly gave her a kiss and said. "That's a wonderful idea.".
Ginny grinned. "Well you better go and tell him the good
"I would like your help with that to. I'm afraid that Rick
will be to nervous with me the first time and I don't want it
to go wrong for him. So I would like you to help me make him
feel comfortable.".
Ginny smiled. "Okay. Lest's go then.".
Together they went back into the bedroom. When they entered
they saw that rick was almost crying again. Ginny sat down
next to him and said. "It's alright. They don't mind if we
fuck with each other.".
"They don't mind?". Rick said surprised.
Ginny grinned. "No. In fact I think that your mother has a
surprise for you.".
Rick looked at his mother and said "Mom?". Then he almost
choked when he saw that his mother was naked like the day she
was born. "Mom?". He croaked.
Shelly sat down next to her son and took him in her arms.
"Well I wondered if you would like to fuck your mother.". she
said to him.
Rick was stunned. He looked at Ginny and muttered. "What?".
Ginny kissed him and replied. "Your mother figured that when
you go home at the end of the week, you will have no one to
fuck with. So she decided that you can fuck her anytime you
Rick looked at his mother. Shelley nodded and said. "Yes and
since all of this has gotten me horny like hell. I want you to
do it now.". Then she grinned and added. "But first we have to
get that tool of yours up.". Then she bend over, took his
flaccid dick into her mouth and started to suck on it.
Rick couldn't believe what was happening. He had been afraid
that his parents would kill him for fucking with Ginny. But
now, instead of being mad, his mother was sucking on his dick.
Ginny brought her lips to his and stuck her tongue into his
mouth. Rick responded like wise and their tongues engaged in a
battle of love.
"Ohhhh!!!! Goddddd!!!!! You are going to make me cum!". Rick
Shelly took her head of her sons cock and said. "Do it. I want
you to shoot your sperm in my mouth. I want to taste it. I
want you to make me eat your sperm.". Then she took a deep
breath and took his dick back in her mouth. She kept going
down on it until he was all the way into her throat and her
nose was buried in his pubic hair. Then she let her throat
muscles milk his cock. This was to much for Rick.
Shelly wanted to taste his cum. So she pulled her head back
until just the head of his cock was in her mouth. Just at that
moment Rick shot his first load of sperm into her mouth.
Shelly swallowed it eagerly, enjoying the taste of her sons
sperm. Rick shot what seemed gallons of cum into his mothers
waiting mouth. He though it would never stop. When he finally
came down from his orgasm, Rick looked at his mother and said.
"Mom? Can I really fuck you?".
Shelly and Ginny started to laugh. When she saw the hurt look
on Rick's face, Shelly hugged him and said. "I'm sorry dear.
Of course you can. Any time you want. I just laughed because
you asked it, just after I gave you a blow job.".
Rick saw the humor of it and started to laugh to. "Yes that
was a pretty stupid question after such a beautiful blow job.".
He sniggered.

Shelly kissed him and said. "So how about returning the
Rick looked unsure of what to do. Ginny smiled and said to him
"Just do what you did with me.".
Rick took his mothers breasts in his hands and then just
stared at them for a while. He still couldn't believe that it
was really happening. 'Ohh well. I might as well enjoy it
before I wake up.' He thought. Then he took his mothers
nipples in his mouth and started to suck on them. He placed
one of his hands on his mothers cunt and inserted a finger.
"Ohhhhh!!!!! Yesssssss!!!!! Fuck me with your fingers!!!"
Shelly moaned.
Rick inserted another finger and started to finger fuck his
mother. Then he brought his head to her pussy and started to
lick it.
"Hmmmmmmmmm!!! Gooooodddddd!!! Moreeeeee!!!!!!". Shelly
Rick inserted two more fingers in her cunt and started to ram
them in and out of her cunt with all his force.
Shelly started to move her hips up to meet his hand.
ME MOREEEEEE!!!!". She screamed.
Rick was ramming his fingers in out of his mothers cunt at top
speed. He took her clit in his mouth and started to suck on
it. It still was not enough for Shelly. "YOUR HAND!!! I WANT
YOUR HAND!!!!!!" She screeched.
Rick didn't now what to do, so he looked at Ginny for help.
Ginny had only seen Ellen do it to Kelly once. So she didn't
know to much about it either. She shrugged her shoulders and
said. "I don't know. Just clench your fingers together and
push in, I guess.".
Rick did as Ginny said. To his amazement, his hand shot right
into his mothers cunt. He started to ram his hand in and out
of her cunt and resumed sucking on her clit. This took Shelly
over the edge. "OOOOOHHHHHH!!!! GODDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!
screamed as her orgasm came crashing down on her.
Rick kept sucking her clit and ramming his fist in her her
"OHHHHHHH!!!!!!! GODDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!! Yeaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!".
Shelly screamed as a second orgasm hit her.
Rick relentlessly sucked and fisted his mother. Working her
trough three more orgasms before she finally collapsed on the

After a few minutes Shelly opened her eyes and sighed.
"Oohhhhh!!! Goddddd!!!! I though I would die from pleasure.".
Then she saw Rick's rock hard dick and added "I'm sorry. I
think my pussy is to sore right now. But you can fuck my arse
if you want.".
"Really!". Rick exclaimed. "Shelly grinned.
"Yes really.". She sat down on all fours and said. "Give your
mothers arse a good hard fuck.".
Rick kneeled down behind her and placed the head of his cock
at her anus. Then with one push he buried four inches of his
dick in his mothers arse. He kept pushing until all seven
inches where in. Then he started to fuck her arse with slow
long strokes. Taking his cock almost all the way out and then
all the way in again. Shelly wasn't really in to it anymore
but she wanted it to be good for her son. She started to hump
back on his cock and shouted "OHHHHHHH!!!!!!! GODDDDD!!!!!!!
Rick started to pound her arse like a jackhammer.
ARSE!!!!!". He screamed.
MY ARSE OPEN WITH YOUR COCK!!!! DO IT!!!!!". Shelly shouted.
Rick rammed his cock in and out of his mothers arse as fast as
he could. Then with one final thrust he buried his cock all
the way into her arse. He groaned and deposited his load deep
within her bowels. When he came down from his orgasm, Rick
hugged his mother and said "I love you mom.".
Shelly smiled. "I love you to.". She replied.
Well that's how my sister and her family got involved in the
In the next story. I will tell how Ellen fucked her uncle. I
will also tell you how Ginny set Rick up for a date. Rick picked
up the wrong girl and as a result her family became members of
the incest-club. But all about that later.
Love and kisses,


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