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incest club5


Keywords: Mg, Mf, mF, inc, ped
Part: 5 of 6
Author: Dastardly Dodo
Title: The incest-club

(c) Copyright 1998 Dastardly Dodo ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit
without the written permission of the author.
This story may be freely distributed with this notice
The author may be contacted at
This story contains sex between family members and sex with
If this kind of story offends you or if it is not legal for
you to read. LEAVE NOW.
This is a fantasy, nothing else.
If you want to try this at home go to the nearest
police station and have yourself arrested.
Hello it's me Rita again.
This story tells how Ellen fucked her uncle and how Rick
accidently picked up the wrong girl. It will also tell how, as
a result of Rick's mistake, the girls family became member of
the incest-club.

The incest-club part 5

When I told the kids that my sister and her husband knew about
the incest-club and didn't mind, Ellen immediately
shouted."Does that mean that I can fuck uncle Paul?".
Tom and Paul came out of the kitchen to see what the shouting
was about. When they found out what is was. Tom grinned and
said to Paul. "I told you so.".
"Yes. But I still think..." Paul started to say.
"Don't worry I will talk to her.". Tom interrupted him. Then
he looked at Ellen and said "I want to talk to you in the
That night Ellen went into the spare bedroom naked as the day
she was born. She crept in bed with Shelly and Paul. Then she
looked at her uncle and said. "I want you to fuck me.".
Shelly bursted out in laughter. "That's definitely less then
two days.". She sniggered.
"What?'. Ellen asked confused.
Paul sighed. "Your father said that once you knew that we know
about the incest-club, I would be fucking you within two
Ellen grinned. "Well I hope he is right.".
Paul got a worried look on his face and said. "Well I don't
want to hurt your feelings, but I'm afraid that I'm just to
big for you.".
Ellen smiled. "Yes I know daddy told me all about the size of
your dick. He also told me that I shouldn't force it and that
I should let you decide. I Just want to try and if it doesn't
fit. Well then it just doesn't. Anyway I brought some
lubrication to make it easier.". Then she grinned and added.
"But first I want to taste the stuff that comes out of your
dick before I spoil it with the lubricant.". Then she stuck
her head under the blankets. When she got her first look at
his dick she gasped in amazement. "Jesus! Your huge!". She
"Well you where warned.". Paul grinned.
Ellen didn't answer. She took the head of his dick in her mouth
and started to suck on it.
"Ohhhhh!!!!!". Paul gasped when he felt the head of his dick
disappear in the little girls mouth.
Her mouth was so small, compared to the size of his dick, that
her lips where stretched tightly around the head off his cock.
Ellen pushed her head down and tried to swallow his dick. But
he was just to big for that. Giving up on trying to deep
throat her uncle's dick, Ellen took his dick in her hands and
started to jack him off. In the mean time she kept sucking and
licking on what little of his dick that she could get into her
mouth. The combined pleasure off being jacked off, while her
little mouth was sucking and licking his dick, soon became to
much for paul. He groaned and started to shoot his sperm into
Ellen's waiting mouth. She tried to swallow all of it. But
with his dick already filling her mouth to the brim, there
just wasn't enough room for his sperm to collect. And she
couldn't swallow fast enough to keep up with the stream of
sperm that he was shooting in her mouth. It started to dribble
out of the corners of her mouth on to her chin and chest. Paul
pulled his dick put of her mouth and shot the last of his
sperm into Ellen's face. Covering here forehead, nose and eyes
with cum. Then he just sat there and looked at her.

He admired her flat chest with small nipples pointing out
proudly. He admired her tiny hairless cunt with its puffy lips
already moist from excitement. He admired her golden hair
cascading down from her head. He admired her straight legs and
hips which, in a few years, would develop those these delicious
female curves. He wanted her. He wanted to make love to that
little angel, lying there covered in his sperm. He wanted to
eat her and fuck her and make her scream for more. His own
thoughts terrified him. 'My god. I'm turning in to a pedofile.
No I can't. I would hurt her. I can't do this.'. He mumbled to

When Shelly saw the expression on her husbands face turn from
love into fear, she smiled and whispered to him. "It's
alright. I want to make love to her to, and I'm sure that you
would never hurt her.". Then she grinned and said. "I'm not
going to let all that sperm go to waste.". Then she started to
lick Ellen's face clean. Her lips found Ellen's lips and they
engaged in a loving tongue duel.
Paul smiled. The thought that his wife always seemed to know
what he was thinking, comforted him. Then he looked at Ellen
again, his heart filled with love for the little girl. He knew
then that he could not refuse her anything. He bend over and
started to lick Ellen's chest clean, paying special attention
to her nipples. Ellen moaned as the tongues, caressing her
body and probing her mouth, send streams of fire through her
body. Paul' tongue started to explore the rest of Ellen's
body, making her shiver in delight. When he reached her pussy,
he teasingly started to probe and lick it with his tongue.
"Hmmmmmm!!!! Godddddd!!!!!! Yesssssss!!!". Ellen moaned as she
felt his tongue touching her cunt.
Paul smiled. He slowly pushed a finger into Ellen's cunt and
started to finger fuck her.
"Yes! Do it! Fuck me with your fingers!". Ellen groaned. Then
she started to thrust her hips up to meet his finger.
Paul added a second finger and started to suck on her clit.
This took Ellen over the edge. She let out and ear-piercing
scream and her body went rigid as her orgasm came crashing
down on her. Paul kept ramming his finger in and out of her
cunt until her body went limp and fell back to the bed.

After a while Ellen sat up, hugged Paul and said. "That was
great. But now I want to fuck you.".
Paul and shelly started to laugh. "Feeling horny dear?".
Shelly sniggered. Then she took the lubricant and applied it
to Paul's cock. When she was ready with that, she did the same
with Ellen's pussy. Then she looked at ellen and said. "Don't
be disappointed if it doesn't go in. You can always try again
when you are a little older.".
Ellen nodded. Then she looked at Paul and smiled. "Lets do
it". She said.

Paul put the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy and
pushed. It didn't go in so he pushed a bit harder. It still
didn't go in. He looked at Ellen and said. "It won't go in.".
"Just try one more time please?". Ellen begged. Paul nodded
and started to push again. Suddenly the head of his cock
disappeared into Ellen's cunt.
"Ohhhhhh!!!!" They both cried in surprise.
Then paul looked at Ellen and asked. "Are you alright.".
Ellen nodded. "It's a bit uncomfortable, but it doesn't hurt."
She said.
Paul started to push again. When he had six inches in he hit
her cervix. He stopped pushing and just stood there enjoying
the feeling of her tight pre-teen pussy around his cock. The
feeling was intense. Nothing had ever felt so good in his whole
live, then his cock buried in the ten year olds cunt. He
looked down to see his cock buried in Her pussy. Her cuntlips
where stretched obscenely around his cock. He almost shot his
load just from looking at it. He smiled at her and said. "How
does it feel.".
Ellen smiled. "I feel stuffed like a turkey. It's wonderful".
Then she grinned and added "Now fuck me.".
Paul nodded and started to fuck her with slow long strokes.
"Ohhh!!!! Goddddddd!!!!!!! Yessssssss!!!!! Fuck meeeeeee!!!!".
Ellen shouted as she started to hump back on his cock.
Paul started to speed up his strokes and shouted
MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!". Ellen screamed in reply.
Paul started to ram his dick in and out of the ten year olds
cunt like a jackhammer. Suddenly the head of his cock shot
through her cervix and another three inches of his dick
disappeared into Ellen's cunt. This was to much for Ellen.
WOMB!!!!!!! OHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! GODDDDDDD!!!!!!
AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!". She screamed as her orgasm hit
The feeling of the tight ring of Ellen's cervix around his
cock was heaven to Paul. He doubled his efforts and rammed his
dick in and out of her cunt at top speed. Ellen screamed as
she exploded into another orgasm. Her pussy gripped Paul's dick
like a vice, making it almost impossible for him to move. This
took Paul over the edge. "OHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! GODDDDDDD!!!!!!
I'M GOING TO cum IN YOUR WOMB!!!!!!". HE shouted. Then he
shoved his dick in as far as it would go and started to spray
his semen directly into Ellen's womb.
screamed as she orgasmed for the third time.

When they came down from their orgasms, they just lay there
enjoying the afterglow of their lovemaking. After a while Paul
noticed that Ellen had fallen asleep with his dick still
buried in her cunt. And that was the way they slept that


"No! No! No! You don't grab a girls butt when you are dancing
with her.". Ginny said to Rick.
"But my father always does that with my mother." Rick pouted.
Ginny sighed. "Yes but they are married. When you meet a girl
for the first time, she wants to be treated with respect.
Later, if you are lucky, you will get the chance to feel her
Rick nodded. "I'm sorry. Lets try it again please.".
They tried and tried and tried. It was almost driving Ginny
"Ohhh that that boy must come from another planet. He doesn't
know anything about girls.". Ginny complaint to Kelly one day.

At the end off the week she decided that it was time to let
Rick loose on the public. There was a party that night at
Lisa's place and Ginny decided to let Rick try his new learned
skills there. She had convinced both Lisa and Tina that Tina
should be at the party as Ricks dance partner.

They arrived a bit late and the dancing had already started.
Ginny looked at Rick and said. "Why don't you ask Tina to
dance. It's the girl in the blue dress.".
Rick nodded and went off to find Tina. Ginny watched as he
disappeared in the crowd and then went off to find Peter.
Rick went over to the first girl wearing a blue dress that he
saw and said. "Miss? Would you like to dance with me?".
The girl gave him a surprised look. Then she smiled and said
"Yes. Why not.". Then she stood up and took him to the dance-
They danced for a while without speaking until the girl said.
"You are allowed to speak to me, you know.".
Rick blushed and said. "I'm sorry. I guess that I'm not used
to this dancing stuff.".
"You mean that you have never danced with a girl before?". The
girl said surprised.
Rick's face turned a deeper shade of red. He shook his head
and replied. "Only with my cousin.".
The girl smiled. Well lets start with introducing our selfs.
What's your name?". "I'm Rick. And you?".
"I'm Debbie".
"Debbie?". Rick said surprised.
"Yes. Is something wrong with that?".
Rick blushed again. "No. I'm sorry. It's just that I was
supposed to dance with Tina and I thought that you where her."
Then he smiled and added. "But that's alright. I really like
to dance with a beautiful women like you.".
Debbie pointed at another girl and said. "That's Tina.".
"Well then I'm lucky that I got mixed up.". Rick replied.
Debbie grinned. "I hear that you have learned your lines.".
Rick's face turned bright red. "I mean it. I really like to
dance with you.". He whispered.
Debbie smiled. "I was only joking.".

'He really doesn't have any experience. Perhaps I should give
him the night of his live.' Debbie thought to herself. She
felt her pussy twitch at the idea and decided to go ahead with
it. She looked around and said. "It's kind off full here. Why
don't we go upstairs for a while.".
Rick didn't know what to make of it. Ginny had hammered on the
fact that girls wanted to be treated with respect when you
first met them, and now this girl wanted to take him upstairs.
Debbie misinterpreted the expression on his face and said.
"Well? I'm not going to bite you.".
"Oh no its not that. I would love to go upstairs with you. I
was just surprised.".
Rick replied. "Ok lets go then.". Debbie said as she started
to walk to the stairs.
Upstairs in main-bedroom, Debbie and Rick sat down on the bed.
Debbie looked at Rick and said. "I know that people think that
I'm an ice-queen. So I understand that you where surprised.
But I'm not. It's just that I prefer younger boys like yourself
instead of men my own age.".
Rick looked at her and said. "That wasn't why I was surprised.
You see I really haven't any experience with picking up girls.
So my cousins have been teaching me all week. They said that
when you meet a girl for the first time, that girl wants to be
treated with respect. So when you asked me to come upstairs
with you I got confused.".
Debbie grinned. "Boy you must be the grand prize in the
Rick bowed his head and muttered. "I'm sorry.".
Debbie took him in her arms and said. "Don't be. You have done
nothing wrong. It's my own fault for coming on so strong.".
Then she smiled and added. "Lets take it one step at the time.
Why don't we start with kissing?".
Then she lowered her head to his and started to kiss him.

Ginny met Tina on her way to the restroom. "How is Rick
doing?". She asked.
"I don't know I haven't seen him yet.". Tina replied.
"But I send him to you half an hour ago!". Ginny exclaimed.
Lisa walked in and said. "Who are you talking about?".
"Rick.". Ginny and Tina replied in unison.
"Ohhh. I think I saw him go upstairs with Debbie.".
"Debbie? No way.". Ginny said.
"Oh yes. I'm sure of it. Although I don't understand why she
picked him.".
"Jesus. And they where going upstairs?". Ginny said in
Lisa nodded "Yeah. I don't know what has gotten into her.
Normally she wouldn't even let a boy look twice.".
Then Lisa's mother walked in. "Have you seen Debbie? I want her
to help me in the kitchen.". She said to Lisa.
"Yes. We where just talking about her. She went upstairs with
Lisa's mother got a worried look on her face. "Isn't that your
cousin?". She asked Ginny.
Ginny nodded. "Ohhhh no. Not again.". Lisa's mother mumbled.
"What?". Lisa asked.
Lisa's mother sighed. "Your sister likes young boys.".
Then she turned to Ginny and said. "I'm sorry. I think she
trying to seduce him.".
"What's wrong with that.". Ginny said surprised.
"You don't understand. Your cousin is a minor. If his mother
found out that Debbie was trying to get him into bed with her,
she could have Debbie send go to jail.".
Ginny got a confused look on her face. "Why would my aunt do
"Debbie is an adult. She is not allowed to have sex with
a minor. It's called statutory rape and you can go to
jail for that.".
Ginny shook her head and said. "Yes. But my aunt wouldn't mind
if Debbie fucks Rick.".
"Ohh yes. She would.". Lisa's mother replied.
Ginny shrugged her shoulders and walked to the phone. She
dialed home and got her mother on the phone. "Can I speak to
aunt Shelly.". She asked.
"Ohh no!". Lisa's mother mumbled.
Shelly came to the phone and Said. "Is something wrong with
"No. Not really. But I would like you to come over and talk to
Lisa's mother.".
"Why?". 'She seems to think that you are going to be mad.
Because her daughter wants to fuck Rick.".
Shelly laughed. "Why would I be mad about that.".
"Don't know. Something about Debbie being and adult and Rick
being an minor. She calls it statutory rape.". Ginny
"Ohhh. I see. I will be right over.". Shelly replied.
"Aunt Shelly is coming here.". Ginny said to Lisa's mother.
"Ohhh NO!". Lisa's mother cried. "You two tell the other
guests that the party is over and wait for me in the
kitchen.". She said to Ginny and Lisa. Then she went of to
worn Rick, Debbie and her husband.

About ten minutes later Shelly arrived. "Hi. I'm Shelly, Rick's
mother.". She introduced herself to Lisa's mother.
"Hello. I'm Ashley.". Lisa's mother replied. She took Shelley
to the kitchen where Debbie, Lisa, Ginny, Rick and her husband
(Rob) where waiting for them. When everybody was sitting down,
She introduced her husband and daughters to Shelly. Then she
gave Shelly a worried look and said. "Please don't report
Debbie to the police.".
Shelly smiled. "Of course not. She can have sex with Rick all
she wants.".
Ashley was stunned. "But she is twenty-five and he...".
"And he is a horny teenager." Shelly interrupted Ashley.
Ashley looked confused. "I don't understand.".
"Well there is not much to understand. Its alright with me if
your daughter wants to fuck my son. Why are you so worried
about it?".
Debbie looked at her and said. "I got arrested for it once.
The only reasons that they didn't throw me in jail was that
the school, where I was working as a teacher, didn't want a
big scandal. So they convinced the mother of the boy not to
press charges, if I would leave town immediately. That why I
have been living at home for the last year. I didn't know
where else I could go.". Tears formed in her eyes.
Shelly hugged her and said "It's alright dear. You can fuck
Rick any time you like.".
"But what if somebody else finds out.". Debbie cried.
Shelly smiled. "As long as I don't complain and you don't get
pregnant. Nobody can do anything about it. They would have to
catch you in the act and it is unlikely that that will
Debbie smiled through her tears and gave Shelly a kiss.
Rick pushed Shelly away and started to kiss Debbie.

Lisa looked at her sister and Rick groping each other and
sighed. "God! I wish somebody would fuck me.".
Rob grinned. "Just take you clothes off.". He said.
Lisa sat on the kitchen table and started to undress.
Rob's face turned bright red. "But.... But.... I was just
joking.". He stuttered.
Ashley smiled. "It's alright dear. I know that Lisa has
wanted to fuck you for years.".
"But she is my daughter!". Rob exclaimed.
Ginny looked at him and said. "I will tell you a secret. If
you promise not to tell it to anyone else.". When he nodded
she continued. "I Fuck with my father and my brother and it
hasn't hurt me in anyway. In fact I would say that I love them
more now, then before I fucked with them.".
"you fuck with your father?". Rob said in disbelieve.
Ginny nodded. "Yes and I hope that some day I will carry his
baby.". Then she grinned and added. "Well not right now. But
in a few years when I am a bit older.".
Rob gave in. He looked at Lisa and said. "Are you sure about
"Ohhh stop fussing and shove your dick in my cunt.". She said
They all bursted out in laughter. Rob took off his clothes and
put the head of his dick at the entrance of Lisa's pussy.
"Well here it goes.". He said as he shoved all seven inches of
his dick into his daughters pussy in one go.
Lisa put her hand in her mouth and let out a muffled scream.
It was then that Rob realized that his daughter had still been
a virgin. "Ohhh my god! I'm sorry Lisa. I didn't know! I
didn't mean to...".
Lisa stopped him saying. "Its alright dad. Just hold still
for a while, until I get used to the feeling of you dick in my

She looked to the other side of the kitchen where Rick was
already pounding his dick in and out of Debbie's cunt.
"Ohhhhh!!! Goddd!!! Yesss!!! Fuck me! Fill my cunt with you
little boys sperm! Make me come! Fuck meeeeeeee!!!!!". Debbie
Rick grunted and redoubled his efforts. The whole situation
had made them both horny as hell and it didn't take them long
to come. Debbie went off first. She let out a high pitched
scream and her body tensed up as her orgasm came crashing down
on her. This was to much for Rick. He buried his dick all the
way into her cunt and shouted. "OOHHHHHHHH!!!!
Then he shot his load into Debbie's cunt. Watching Debbie and
Rick working their way to an orgasm, had made Lisa forget the
pain she felt when her father busted her cherry. Feeling more
comfortable, she smiled at her father and said. "It's better
now. Please fuck me.".

Watching Rick and Debbie combined with the feeling of his
daughters tight pussy around his dick had Rob almost ready to
cum. "Just a minute dear.". He croaked as he tried to prevent
himself from shooting his sperm to soon. After a while he
regained some control and started to fuck Lisa slowly.
"Ohhhhhhh!!!!! Goddd!!!!!!! Your pussy is so tight!". He
Lisa started to hump back on his cock and moaned.
"Ohhhhhhh!!!!! Yesssssss!!!! Fuck your daughters tight pussy!
Fuck me harder. Fuck meeeeeeee!!!!!!".
Rob started to hammer his cock in and out of her cunt like a
madman. "OHHHHHH!!!!! GODDDDDDDD!!!!!!! OHHHHH!!!!!
Lisa let out a long wail and her body started to shake
violently as her orgasm came crashing down on her. Her tight
virgin pussy clamped down on her fathers dick, taking him over
the edge to. He shoved his dick all the way into her cunt and
started to spray his sperm into her. When they came down from
there orgasms Lisa hugged her father and with tears in her
eyes said. "Thanks daddy. Ever since I found out about sex.
when I was eleven, I have hoped that it would be you who would
take my cherry.".
Rob didn't know what to say. So he just hugged and kissed her.
Then lisa grinned and said "I want to do this lots more.".
Rob smiled and replied. "Well if it is alright with your
mother we can do it any time you like.".
Well Ginny asked them if they wanted to join the incest-club
and they did. It was also decided that Rick would stay with us
until the summer holiday was over. He never left until he His
parents bought the house across the street from us four months
In the next story I will tell you How How things almost went
wrong for Peter and Tina.
Love and kisses,


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