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incest club6


Keywords: Mg, Fg, inc, ped
Part: 6 of 6
Author: Dastardly Dodo
Title: The incest-club

(c) Copyright 1999 Dastardly Dodo ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit
without the written permission of the author.
This story may be freely distributed with this notice
The author may be contacted at
This story contains sex between family members and sex with
If this kind of story offends you or if it is not legal for
you to read. LEAVE NOW.
This is a fantasy, nothing else.
If you want to try this at home go to the nearest
police station and have yourself arrested.

Hello it's me Rita again.
This story tells how things almost went wrong for Peter and
Tina and how it turned out that their father is a pedofile.

The incest-club part 6

Two weeks after Ginny's birthday, Kelly brought a crying Tina
to me.
"What's wrong?". I asked.
"My mother is going to send me to a boarding-school.". Tina
"Tell her what happened.". Kelly said to her.
Tina calmed down a bit and said "She found out that Peter and
I are having sex.".
"And she mad at you two.". I interrupted.
"No she isn't. In fact she made a point of telling me that she
is not mad at us.". Tina replied.
"Then why is she sending you to a boarding-school?".
Tina started to cry again. "She won't tell me.".
That puzzled me. If she was not mad at Tina and Peter then why
wouldn't their mother explain why Tina had to go to a
I managed to calm down Tina enough to let her tell the whole
story. Apparently her mother had found out she was having sex
with Peter. She had talked about it to Tina and said that it
was alright and that she wasn't mad about it. Then at the end
of the conversation she had told Tina that she was going to
send her to a boarding-school. When Tina had asked why, she
refused to answer. Tina was very confused about it.
"If my mother doesn't mind that I fuck with Peter, then why
send me to a boarding-school?". She asked.
I hugged her and replied. "I don't know. But I'm going to find
I told Kelly to get Peter to our house and then I went to the
phone to call Tina's parents. At first they didn't want to
come. But when I told them that I knew that Peter and Tina
where having sex with each other. They reluctantly agreed.

Peter arrived just before his parents. When the doorbell rang,
I send him and Tina to the Kitchen and then opened the door
for their parents. We sat down in the living room and they
introduced them selfs as Joan and Chris Martins. They gave me a
hostile look.
"Why are we here Joan said with an angry voice.
"Well I heard that you are sending Tina to a boarding-school.
I also heard that you don't mind that's she has sex with
Peter. So we wondered why Tina has to go to a boarding-
"That is none of your business.". Joan said.
I got frustrated with their hostile attitude so I replied. "No
but you might want to tell your children why you are
destroying their lives.".
Joan started to cry. "Ohhh. God. What are we doing." She
"You have no right to talk to my wife like that!". Chris
I looked at him and said. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset
you. But I still think that you should tell Tina why she has
to go to a boarding-school.".
Somehow the will to fight had left Chris. His shoulders
drooped and he looked at the floor as he whispered. "We
"Why not?". I asked. "I can't tell my children that I'm a
pedofile.". He whispered.
I was lost for words. I had expected anything but this.
When Chris saw the look on my face he sighed and said. "I
first fucked with my wife when she was nine. I was nineteen at
the time. When she was twelve, she got pregnant from Peter. We
had a big fight with her parents until they finally agreed to
let me marry her. They only agreed because Joan threatened
them to tell everybody that she was pregnant from her father
instead of me. When Tina was born she made me promise that I
would never try to do anything with our children. I love her
you know. So it was not difficult for me to promise her that.
And in all those thirteen years I have never tried anything
with any of out children. But now she seems to be worried that
as long as Tina is around I might want to fuck her. Or even
worse Jenny or Alice.". (At the time Jenny was eleven and
Alice was nine.)
He got a sad look on his face and added. "I don't know why. I
promised her I wouldn't.".
I looked at Joan and said. "Did your husband ever force you to
have sex with him?".
Joan managed a smile. "No I more or less forced him.".
"Then why don't you trust him?".
Joan shook her head. "It's not Chris that I don't trust. It's
my daughters. If they are half as horny as I was at their age.
They will be in his pants in no time.".
"so why don't you let them? This way you are just doing what
your mother did.".
Joan sighed. "I guess that I'm afraid that they might get hurt
in some way. I mean would you let your husband fuck with your
I heard someone giggle a the top of the stairs. I looked up
and said. "Ellen it is not nice to spy on people. But since
your her anyway, you might tell the Martins how you feel about
Ellen came downstairs and sat down next to me. He face was
bright red. "I'm sorry mom. What should I tell the Martins?"
She said.
"Well tell them how you feel about fucking your father.".
The Martins where stunned.
"She fucks her father!". Chris shot out.
"Yes I do.". Ellen said. Then she smiled and added. "I like
the way he gets all fussy when his with me. I think that he is
afraid of hurting me. But I know he never will.".
There was a moment of silence. Then Joan said. "I guess that I
have been stupid. Haven't I".
Chris hugged her and said. "Not more then I have been.".
I looked at Ellen and said. " Why don't you go to the kitchen
and get Peter and Tina. Ellen jumped up and said. "Okay mom.".
Then she looked at Chris and said. You can fuck me any time
you want.".
"Ellen Mason. You are not to old to be spanked.". I said to
her. Ellen giggled and ran to the kitchen.
I looked at Chris and said. "You can if you want. We have only
two rules in this house. You don't force anyone to have sex
with you and you don't hurt anyone you have sex with. Break
either of those rules and I'm going to hang you up by your
Chris smiled. "I would never hurt anyone. That's the reason
why I never tried anything with my daughters. I was afraid
that I might hurt them. Not physically but mentally.".
I nodded. "Well in that case you can fuck any of my daughters
if they want to.".
Then Peter and Tina came in. Their parents explained to them
what was going on.
"So I don't have to go to a boarding-school?". Tina asked.
"No you don't.". Joan replied. Tina threw herself in Peters
arms and started to cry.
Ellen tugged Chris sleeve and said. "Want to fuck me now?". I
was about to scold her when everybody a started to laugh. I
saw the humor of it and started to laugh to.
"Ohh you better get on with it. Otherwise she will keep
bitching until you do.". I said to Chris.
Ellen quickly undressed and lay down on the floor. Chris stood
up and undressed himself to. Then he looked at Ellen. "Ohhh
god! Your beautiful.". He whispered.
Then he kneeled down and started to caress her body.
After a while Ellen kissed him and said. "I'm ready for it
now. Please fuck me.".
Chris put the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy
and started to push in. When he had six of his nine inches in
he hit her cervix. He stopped and enjoyed the feeling of her
tight pre-teen pussy around his cock. When Tina was born he
had thought that he never would fuck a kid again and now here
he was with his cock buried in a ten year olds cunt. That
thought was to much for him. With a loud groan he started to
spray his semen into Ellen's cunt.
When he came down from his orgasm, he pulled his dick out and
said. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to do that.".
Ellen grinned. "That's alright. I like it when a man shoots
his sperm in my tummy. Besides I see that your dick is still
hard. So why don't you stick it in and fuck me properly this
Chris smiled. He put his dick back into Ellen's pussy and
started to fuck her. "Ohh god! I want it all in!" Ellen
Chris smiled at her and replied. "I can't I would have to
stick it in your womb to do that.".
"I now that. Just stick your fucking dick in my womb where it
belongs!". Ellen shouted.
Chris looked at me and I nodded. When he had my permission he
pulled his dick out until only the head was still in Ellen's
pussy. Then he thrusted his dick all the way in in one go.
"OOOHHHH!!!!!! GODDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!! I'M IN YOUR WOMB!!!!!!!!".
He shouted.
HARD!!! DO IT!!! FUCK MEEEEEEE!!!!!!". Ellen screamed.
Chris froze and gave me a worried look.
I grinned and said. "Don't worry she can't get pregnant. She
just likes to talk dirty.".
Chris nodded and started to hammer his dick in and out of
Ellen's cunt. "OHHHHHHH!!!!!!! GODDDDDDDD!!!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!!
Ellen screamed and her body when rigid as her orgasm overtook
her. Chris had already cum once so he managed to hold on
without shooting his sperm into Ellen. He just kept hammering
his dick in and out of her cunt, like there was no tomorrow.
"My arse. Fuck my arse.". Ellen croaked when she came down
from her orgasm.
Chris pulled his dick out of her cunt and with one stroke
buried it in her arse. Then he started to pound his dick in
and out of her arse with all his force.
ARSE!!!!!!!". Ellen moaned as she started to play with her
Chris was pounding her arse as fast as he could.
Ellen went through the roof and started to scream her way
through another orgasm. Her arse muscles clamping down on his
cock took Chris over the edge to. With a loud grunt he buried
all of his nine inches in Ellen's arse and started to spray
his load deep within her bowels. When they came down from
their orgasms Chris hugged Ellen and, with tears in his eyes,
said "Thank you.". Then they just lay there with his dick
still buried in her arse.

The next morning at breakfast. Joan told the other kids what
was going on. Then Peter and Tina told their parents about the
incest-club and how they fucked each other for the first time.
After they had finished their story, Peter and Tina left.
Peter had promised to take Tina to the mall and buy her a
ring, after they had found out that Tina had to go to a
boarding-school. Even though she didn't have to go anymore, he
still was going to buy her a ring.

After they had gone Alice looked at her father and said.
"Daddy can I see your cock.".
Joan sighed. 'That's is just the way I started with him.' She
thought. Then she smiled and said. "Why don't we go to the
bedroom. It will be more comfortable on the bed.". They all
agreed and went upstairs. Once in the bedroom, Chris undressed
and sat down on the bed. Then he hold up his rapidly hardening
dick and said. "Well what do you think girls?".
"Geez it's big!". Jenny exclaimed. Alice sat down next to
Chris and said "Can I touch it daddy?". Without waiting for a
response she place one of her little hands on his cock.
Chris's cock twitched when his daughter put her hand on it.
"It moves.". Alice giggled.
Chris smiled. "That's because it gets exited when you put your
hand on it.".
Alice put her other hand on his cock to and started to
Ohhhhhh... That's good honey. But if you move your hands up
and down it will feel even better." Chris moaned.
Alice immediately started to move her hands up and down his
cock. Jenny didn't want to be left out and put her hands
around his cock to. Chris fell back on the bed. He closed his
eyes and enjoyed the feeling of four little hands masturbating
him. He eyes shot open again when he heard joan say. "Why
don't you give daddy's cock a kiss.".
The girls giggled and started to kiss all over cock. Then
Alice stuck her tongue out and gave the head of his cock a
"OOOOOOOHHHH!!! GODDDDD!!!!". Chris moaned. Sensing that he
liked it the girls started to lick all over his cock.
"OHHHHH!!!! GODDDD!!!!! THAT FEELS SO GOOD!!!!". Chris moaned.
Chris felt the sperm building up in his balls. "OHHHH!!!!
GODDDD!!!!! You better stop before I cum!".
"Why daddy?". Alice asked.
"When you make daddy feel real good, he shoots some white
stuff out of his cock. It's called sperm or cum. That's what
makes babies when a man shoot it into a woman's pussy.". Joan
"Doesn't he want to shoot his cum?". Jenny asked.
"He want's to. But he didn't want to surprise you and shoot it
in your mouth while you where licking his cock.".
"What does it taste like?". Alice asked.
Joan smiled. "Well I think that it tastes real good but you
have to try it for yourself if you want to know it.".
"Okay." Alice said. Then she surprised everybody by taking the
head of her fathers dick into her mouth. That was to much for
He shouted as he started to shoot his sperm into his nine year
old daughter's mouth. Jenny quickly pushed Alice away and
managed to catch the last of her fathers cum into her mouth.
"Hmmmmm. I like it.". Jenny said.
"Yeahhhh. It tastes good.". Alice agreed. said

"Would you like your father and me to make you feel good to?"
Joan asked the girls.
The girls nodded.
"Ok but you will have to take your clothes off."
The girls blushed.
"I will take my clothes off to." Joan told them.
They all got undressed. Then Joan made the girls lie down on
the bed. She looked at Chris and said "Why don't you do Jenny
then I will do Alice."
Joan sat down next to Alice and started to suck on her
nipples. Chris did the same with Jenny.
"That feels good!" Jenny said.
Alice agreed with her. After a while they started to kiss down
the girls chest and belly to their bellybuttons. The girls
"It tickles!" Alice said.
Then Joan and Chris licked from the girls bellybuttons to
their pussy's and back again. They repeated this a few times
until Joan looked at Alice and said "Now I'm going to make you
feel real good.".
She dove into Alice's pussy and started to lick. Chris did the
same with Jenny. The girls started to moan from pleasure.
Chris stuck a finger in Jenny's pussy and started to
finger fuck her. Then he took her clit between his lips and
started to suck on it. Jenny went wild and orgasmed, screaming
A few seconds later Alice had her orgasm to. When they came
down from their orgasm
Joan smiled at them and asked "How was your first orgasm?".
"It felt so good!!!" both girls replied in unison.

Jenny looked at her fathers rock hard cock and said. "Is daddy
going to fuck us now?".
Joan smiled. "Only if you want him to dear.".
Jenny looked at Alice and both girls nodded.
"Yes. Please fuck us daddy.". Jenny begged.
Chris smiled. Okay dear. But it might hurt a bit the first
time.". He said.
Then he lay down in the middle of the bed. "Why don't kneel
above my cock and put it in your pussy. That way you can
decide what happens.".
Jenny kneeled above his cock and tried to put it in. When it
didn't work Joan to hold of her husbands dick and pushed the
head into the eleven year old's cunt.
"Ohhhhh!". Jenny said surprised when the head of her fathers
cock disappeared into her pussy. She waited a while trying to
get used to the feeling and then lowered herself slowly onto
her fathers cock. When she had about two inches in he hit her
"It doesn't go any further.". Jenny said.
"That's because you still got your cherry.". Joan replied.
"You will have to push through it. It will hurt bit. But only
the first time. After that it will never bother you again."
Jenny nodded. She lifted herself up a bit and then pushed down
hard. Chris cock shot through her hymen. Until about five
inches where in. Jenny froze and let out a small scream.
"Are you alright dear?". Chris asked worried that he might
have hurt his daughter.
Jenny nodded unable to speak. After a few minutes the pain
started to disappeared and Jenny slowly started to move on her
fathers cock. Chris took one of her nipples in his hand and
started to play with it. With his other hand he started to rub
the eleven year olds clit.
"Ohhhhhhh!!!!! That feels gooddddd!!!". Jenny moaned. She
started to take more of his cock and soon she had six inches
of it buried in her cunt.
YOU!!!!!!". She cried.
Suddenly Jenny rammed herself down on her fathers cock burying
seven inches of it in her cunt. Her body tensed up and she
opened her mouth in a silent scream as her orgasm came
crashing down on her. The feeling of her pussy squeezing his
cock , was to much for Chris. He let out a low grunt and shot
his semen into his eleven year old daughters cunt.
"Ohhhh! That was wonderful.". Jenny sighed when she came down
from her orgasm.
"Can I fuck daddy now?". Alice asked.
To his own surprise his dick was still hard. So chris smiled
at her and said. "Sure honey.".
Alice had looked carefully at how Jenny handled it and decided
on another approach. She slowly lowered herself down on her
fathers cock until the head was in. Then she slowly started to
move up and down. Taking a bit more of her fathers cock in her
pussy with each stroke. When about one inch was in, his cock
hit her cherry. Alice just kept moving, slowly pushing his
cock through her hymen. After a while she hit bottom with
about five inches of her fathers cock inside of her.
"Ohhhhhh... It feels so big.". She sighed.
Then she Started to fuck her daddy with slow long strokes.
"Ohhhhh!!!!! Godddd!!!!! Your pussy feels so goodddddd!!!!!".
Chris moaned.
"HMMMMMMMM!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!". Alice
She started to move faster as he orgasm was nearing. She
pushed down violently and started to scream as her orgasm hit
her. Her body trembled as her orgasm seared through it. Chris
wasn't far behind.
He shouted as he pumped his load into the nine year old's
"God that was good.". Alice muttered. Then she looked at her
father and said. "Can we do it again.".
Chris smiled. "Perhaps tomorrow dear.". He said.
Well Alice got that fuck the next day and many more. It turned
out for the best for all of them. Tina got to stay at home
with Peter. Chris ended up with two little girls who wanted to
fuck with him all the time and even Joan was pleased. She not
only managed to keep her family together, but she also got to
fuck with Peter.
Well this was the last story from me right now. but I might
write some more in the future.
Love and Kisses,


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