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This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author. The author may be contacted at For your reading pleasure, more stories can be found

Copyright 2000, Robert B. Morton, II, all rights reserved.


For those individuals not of legal age to read this where they live,
shame on you! For those folks who may be offended by this writing, all I
can say is caveat lector--you have been warned. The following is a work of
fiction and the usual statements about bearing any resemblance to people or
places, living or dead, being coincidental, etc., apply here.

The Invitation, by Rob Morton (inc)


"Walt, I think it's time you and I got together to settle a couple of
old matters between us. My address is below, along with my phone number
and a picture of all of us. Me, Mitch, and the kids are looking forward to
seeing you soon. Love, Carol."

I held the letter in one hand, the picture in the other, my eyes going
from on to the other in disbelief. It had been, what, damn near twenty
years since the last time me and Carol spoke to each other?

Even as I committed my sister's address to memory, I knew she was right
in what she said - there were a few things we needed to discuss. I looked
at the picture of my sister and her family; there was Mitch, her husband,
along with two teenaged girls and one boy. I felt a pang of bitterness
stab into me, realizing I didn't even know their names. Carol's
"dismissal" of my place in her life was, up to this point, very thorough -
hence my surprise at receiving her letter.

It wasn't like she didn't have good reason to forget she had a brother.
There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't think about those things
Carol mentioned and wondered how things would have turned out had shit not
gotten out of hand.

* * *

Twenty years ago, Carol and I had gone to a party being thrown by one of
our mutual friends. As you might expect, it was a little embarrassing
showing up with your sister as a date, but Carol was pretty cool - for a

A lot of the people we knew were there and, in no time, the party was at
full swing. After a couple of hours of loud, foot-stomping' music and
quite a few alcoholic beverages, I was ready to leave and went looking for
my sister. I found her out in the backyard, just staring up at the night

"Hey, Sis, why aren't you inside cutting some rug?" I asked, taking a
place beside her.

"I needed some air," Carol replied, turning to look at me. "In fact, I
hope you're here to tell me you're leaving."

In that precise moment, I felt something pass between us, something very
strange and very wonderful. Without thinking, I leaned over and gently
kissed Carol's lips. "Yeah," I said, breaking the not-so-brotherly smooch.
"I'm ready to get the hell out of here."

Carol looked at me, her eyes burning bright with some inner fire and I
could see that something was running around in her mind as she absently ran
her tongue across her lips.



"Let's go... take me home right now."

There was an urgency in her voice I'd never seen before as we exited out
the back gate and headed for my car. "What's the rush?" I asked, hurrying
to keep up with her.

"I don't want to talk about it," she replied, opening the door and
sliding onto the seat. "Just drive, Walt."

Okay, so maybe I shouldn't have kissed her like that. As I started the
car, I was having a hard time remembering why I even did it; all I knew in
that moment is that I needed to kiss her.

We got home fifteen minutes later. Carol was out of the car before it
came to a complete stop, heading for the house and digging in her purse for
her keys. I hurried to lock the car and followed Carol inside, noting that
our parents hadn't returned from their weekly card game.

Carol stopped on the stairs and fixed me with a look I'll never forget
as long as I live. It is hard to describe that look, both then and now;
all I knew was that it was very intense.

* * *

To make a long story short, Carol gave me that look, I looked back and,
the next thing either of us knew, we were on the floor making love like
there was no tomorrow.

I remember positioning myself above her and eating her pussy, thinking
that shit just couldn't get any better that it was right then. That was
before she took my cock into her mouth, doubling my pleasure. Even as I
drove my cock into Carol's depth and listened to her cries of pleasure, I
somehow knew this moment would come back to bite us in the ass.

I shot my load like never before, the sensations so overpowering I
almost passed out between my sister's wide-spread legs as she humped her
way through what had to be a pretty spectacular orgasm.

As we recovered from our alcohol-induced passion, our eyes met and I
could see that whatever magic has possessed us had fled like the proverbial
thief in the night. Oh, what an awkward moment that was as I pulled my
shriveled meat from Carol's sticky quim! We collected our clothes and went
to our respective rooms without speaking to or looking at each other.

The silence between us ensued for the next two weeks, when I left home
after enlisting in the Navy. All through training, I either wrote to Carol
or tried to call her, hoping to explain my side of what happened. But, she
never wrote back and wouldn't take my calls, leaving me to resign myself to
the fact that because of one drunken night, I had lost my sister forever.


Until now. Looking at the picture Carol sent, I couldn't believe how
she'd grown into a very beautiful woman, more beautiful than I remembered.
I picked up the phone and dialed the number she gave me, having a slight
problem reading it - I must have gotten something in my eye. As the phone
rang on the other end, I found myself wondering just what in the hell I was
going to say to her after 20 years.

"Hello, Porter residence," came a man's voice.

"Hello, uh, this is Walt Matthews. Could I speak to my sister Carol?"

"Oh, hello there Walt! This is Carol's husband, Mitch. I take it you
got her letter?"

"Um, yeah - it came today," I said, partially relieved that Carol hadn't
answered the phone. "Her letter says..."

"Yeah, I know," Mitch cut in. "So, can you come out and spend some time
with us? It would really mean a lot to Carol and you've got nieces and a
nephew you've never met."

"I suppose so," I answered lamely. "I've got a lot of vacation time
stored up and my boss has been after me to use it."

"Good! It's settled, then. Give us a call when you get your travel
plans together. It'll be good to finally meet you, Walt - Carol's told us
so much about you! 'Bye!"

"Goodbye," I answered, still a little shocked. I hung the phone up for
a moment, deep in thought about... nothing. It was true I had stored up
about six weeks worth of vacation time and I just couldn't find a reason
not to take Carol and Mitch up on their offer.

I picked up the phone and made two more calls, one to my boss (who was
happy to be rid of me for a while) and one to the airport. The next day, I
found myself on a puddle-jumper heading for the town of Moreland... and a
date with destiny.

* * *

The Moreland International Airport, if that's what you wanted to call
it, looked more like a private airstrip than a big-city airport. I stepped
off the twin-prop commuter and into the blazing hot afternoon sun. After
fishing my shades out of a pocket, I went into the terminal to collect my
bags... and to see if anyone was there to meet me.

After about twenty minutes, I realized that the only way I was going to
get to my sister's place was to catch a cab, so that's what I did, giving
the cabbie the address and settling back to watch the scenery roll by. It
turned out to be somewhat of a long trip and it gave me plenty of time to
ponder how my reunion with Carol was going to jump off.

Twenty years! What the fuck do you say to someone you haven't seen in
all that time? I worked through a few speeches, found them lacking, and
decided to just go with the flow. Ten minutes later, the cab turned left
onto a dirt road; after getting bumped around a bit, I was deposited in
front of what could only be classified as a farm house.

"My sister married a farmer?" I asked aloud, taking a moment to survey
the surroundings. Other than the house, the only other structure I could
see was the dilapidated remains of what used to be a barn. So, maybe her
husband wasn't a farmer after all, not that it mattered. Still, I somehow
couldn't see my sister living this far away from civilization, considering
where and how we grew up.

"You must be Uncle Walt."

I turned at the sound of the voice to find a boy about fifteen or so
standing on the porch. He had a mop of brown hair crowning a very tanned
face. He was a little on the muscular side in build, like he spent his
free time lifting weights or something, and about five-nine or so, giving
an inch.

"You have me at a disadvantage," I replied, extending my hand.

"I'm Peter," the boy said, taking my hand in his and giving it a
surprisingly strong shake. "Come on in - we've been expecting you." Peter
grabbed my bags and led me inside.

The best way I could describe my sister's home was to say it was rustic.
The furnishings were tasteful and, on the whole, seemed to be a comfortable
place to live. I followed my newly-met nephew into the kitchen, spotting a
man standing at the sink peeling potatoes.

"Dad, he's here," Peter said. "Uncle Walt, I'll just take these to your
room, okay?" Peter left without waiting for me to acknowledge his courtesy.

"Walt, a pleasure to finally meet you," Mitch said, wiping his hands on
a towel before grabbing mine and almost pumping my arms off.

"I'd have to say the pleasure's all mine," I replied. "The only way I
found out Carol got married was our mother told me."

"Have a seat - I'm just doing a little grunt work before dinner," Mitch
said, waving me to a chair. "Can I get you something to drink? Water,
lemonade, something stronger?"

"Lemonade would be fine, thank you," I said, settling into my chair and
getting a good look at Mitch. He was about 6' 2" and looked to weigh about
210 or so. He appeared to be about my age but you couldn't tell from his
body. Mitch placed two glasses on the table and took a seat.

"Here you go," he said, saluting me with his glass. "So, where do we
begin? I mean, even though I just met you, it seems like I've known you
for a while."

"I feel kinda silly," I said after taking a sip of the cold, tangy
drink. "You obviously know more about me than I do about any of you."

"Yeah, well, that's one of the reasons why we invited you. I realized
that there was no reason for the two of you not to get together and mend a
few fences."

"Um, did she tell you why we haven't spoken in all these years?" I asked

"As a matter of fact, she did," Mitch replied. "It took me quite a bit
of time to convince her that it was a silly reason to break contact with
her brother."

Oh, shit. So, my brother-in-law knew about that night after the party.
In a way, I was kinda glad he knew and, then again... I covered my anxiety
by taking a long pull from my glass.

"Can I be frank with you, Walt?" Mitch asked, leaning forward and
looking me directly in the eye.

"I don't see why not," I said, squirming a little at his gaze.

"I know about what happened after the party, from beginning to end. I
also know the whole thing pretty much unnerved the two of you, so much that
Carol felt it necessary to break her bond with you."

"Well, most people would consider that a good reason," I said, getting a
little more comfortable with Mitch without understanding why.

"Most people would, yes. But, I gotta tell you that you don't know the
rest of the story."

For a second, I got a little angry. "What more is there to it? We got
drunk and fucked each other. Obviously, it had such a negative effect on
her she didn't want to see or speak to me again. If it means anything to
you, I often wish it hadn't happened."

"Hey, easy there, big fella," Mitch said, holding his hands up. "If
you're thinking we brought you up here to bust your chops about ancient
history, you're dead wrong. All I'm saying is you don't know why shit
happened the way it did."

"I guess not," I grumbled, wondering if it were too late to catch the
next flight out. "Which reminds me - where is Carol?"

"She had something to take care of in town," Mitch said, refilling our
glasses. "She should be along shortly. You didn't happen to see Helen or
Connie on your way in, did you?"


"Your nieces - were they out front?"

"No, I only saw Peter. Should we look for them?"

"Not right yet," Mitch said, sitting back in his seat. "I wanted to
spend a little time talking to you alone, so I sent them outside. Now,
where were we?"

"You were saying I didn't know what happened after the fact," I reminded

"Oh, yeah. Well, I guess you probably felt that Carol hated you for
what happened that night."

"It would be a good guess," I said, now wishing for something stronger
than lemonade.

"It took a little doing to get the story out of her, believe me. After
she told me, I had to admit that you made quite an impression on her, so
much of one that she decided the best thing for her to do was to pretty
much turn her back on you."

"Why?" I asked, my curiosity getting the better or me.

"Because she wanted more of it," Mitch replied with a calm I wouldn't
have had. "She was so afraid to approach you about it, she just didn't say

"You're telling me that my sister actually liked what happened that
night and wanted to do it again? I'm supposed to believe that?"

"I'm just telling you what she told me, Walt. Don't get me wrong here;
I ain't got a problem with what happened way back then. Seems to me you
get a man and a woman together with some booze and, shit, anything can
happen. I just wanted you to know right up front that I know about it and
don't hold it against you."

I didn't know what to say. I found it strangely comforting to find out
after all these years that Carol didn't really hate me after all.

"I appreciate it, Mitch," I finally said, reaching across the table to
shake his hand.

"Not a problem, brother-in-law," Mitch replied, smiling widely. "Now,
let's see if we can catch up with my daughters!"


After telling Peter we were leaving the house (and to let his mother know) Mitch and I headed out the back door and towards a large stand of
trees. As we walked, Mitch explained that he and Carol owned all of the
land within sight, up to and including the small lake we were headed to.
As we continued to make small talk, I had to admit that I was impressed
right down to my drawers, not only with what they had managed to
accomplish, but with the man my sister chose to marry.

We turned off onto another trail and walked for another two minutes or
so before I could see light shimmering off some water. Just before we
broke into the clearing, we heard the sounds of girlish laughter.

"Shhh," Mitch whispered, peeking around a tree into the clearing.

"What? Is there something wrong?"

"No, just keep quiet for a moment and you might see something

I did as he instructed, figuring that we'd stumbled upon some cute
nature scene - a deer or something like that.

"Yeah, that's what I thought! Come on, take a look," Mitch whispered,
waving me to a spot next to him. Curious, I crept into place and looked
into the clearing.

I don't know what I had expected to see, but it certainly wasn't what I
saw! Instead of some pastoral "deer lying in the grass" scene, what I saw
two naked girls lying on a blanket and eating the shit out of each other!

"Oh, shit," I said. "Oh, shit!"

"Yeah, ain't they something?" Mitch asked, his smile growing wider.

"Yes, they are," I said, unable to take my eyes away from the delicious
scene literally spread out before me. The two dark-haired vixens were
oblivious to our presence, their attention squarely focused on the business
at hand. And, damn, were they taking care of business!

The shorter of the two was on top, licking the pussy of girl on the
bottom, alternating her voracious tongue-lashing with jabs of a pair of
fingers deep into the other girl's cunt. And, from where I was standing,
the one on the bottom was giving as good as she got.

I didn't need to look down to know my cock was harder than the tree we
were hiding behind. Glancing to my right, I saw I wasn't the only one,
either; Mitch wasn't wearing any underwear - his cock was practically
crawling down his leg.

As the two girls continued to have each other for lunch, I realized that
my eyes continued to linger on the impressive imprint in Mitch's pants.
Now, I'm not into guys or nothing like that; outside of some fooling around
with the gang when I was a hell of a lot younger, I had no interest in
another man's cock. That didn't mean I wasn't able to appreciate his
endowment, though.

"Mitch," I whispered, "do you know who they are?"

"Hell, yeah," Mitch whispered back. "They come here often enough."

"No shit!"

"None at all," Mitch said, fiddling with his zipper. A few seconds
later, he pulled out at least nine or ten inches of the fattest prick I'd
ever seen outside of a porno movie and began to stroke it urgently.

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked, unable to take my eyes off of
what my brother-in-law was doing.

"What's it look like I'm doing?" he countered. "Shit, these babes are
hotter than hell!"

I looked back into the clearing in time to see the girls roll over and
switch places before continuing their Sapphic journey. Beside me, I could
actually hear Mitch pounding away at his cock, each stroke of his hand
eliciting a little grunt of delight.

My own cock throbbed hotly against my body and, to be honest, I don't
know which scene thrilled me more - the two girls or Mitch whacking his
meat to beat the band. I was about two seconds from joining him when the
passionate sounds emanating from the blanket grew louder.

The girls were coming... and so was Mitch. Although I couldn't see it,
I could easily envision their young cunts oozing rivulets of girl-juice; in
Mitch's case, I had a front row seat as an incredibly long jet of jizz exploded from his swollen, purplish cock-head, splattering noisily on the

"God damn, they are so fucking hot," Mitch intoned, as another blast of
spunk joined the first one, followed by yet another. Mitch's hand was a
blur as he continued to milk his prick into flaccidity. He reached into a
back pocket and pulled out a handkerchief, wiping the remnants from his

"Damn," I muttered, my cock still raging hotly in my pants.

"C'mon - let's get out of here before they see us," Mitch said, turning
in the direction we came in.

I followed him numbly - but not before taking another peek into the
clearing where the two girls were cuddled next to each other, obviously
sharing the glowing warmth of their venture.

I waited until we were well away from the area before speaking aloud.
"Mitch, do you always watch those two girls whenever they're down there?"

"Every chance I get," Mitch confirmed.

"Do you think they know you're watching?"

"I don't know - probably," Mitch said with a shrug. "Doesn't matter,
though. C'mon, I see your sister's car coming up the drive."

Sure enough, I could see a cloud of dust coming up the road.


My throat went suddenly dry as my long-lost sister came through the
door. Carol was as beautiful as I remembered, even though she had put on a
little weight. My hands began to sweat profusely as our eyes met for the
first time in twenty years.

"Walt," Carol said softly, putting down the bags she was carrying before
approaching me with open arms. "I'm so glad you could make it."

As we embraced, I could feel the tears I was holding back spill down my
face. "I'm glad you invited me, Carol," I said, my voice husky and

"You don't know how much your being here means to me," Carol said as she
cried, crushing me to her body with a strength I found surprising, kissing
me softly on the cheek. "Now that you're here, everything is going to be
just fine!"

"Now that's what I like to see," Mitch chimed in from his seat at the
table. "We are going to be one happy family, right Pete?"

"You said it, Dad," Peter replied.

"Mitch? Where are the girls?" Carol asked, releasing her grip on me.

"We're here, Mom," a voice replied.

I turned to see two stunning teenaged girls enter the living room from
the kitchen. Both looked to be around 16 or 17 years old, had dark hair and bodies that you'd have to see to believe.

"Walt, these are my daughters," Carol said, opening her arms and
collecting one in each. "This is Helen and the cheerful one here is
Connie. Girls, this is my brother, Walt."

As the girls greeted me, I had the feeling that I had seen them
somewhere before. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you," I said, accepting
a peck on each cheek from the girls.

"Well, now that all the introductions are over, how about something to
eat?" Mitch asked. "Hey, Walt, do you know your way around a grill?"

"I've been known to mess around from time to time," I said, still trying
to shake the odd sense of déjà vu I had experienced upon meeting my nieces.

"Good! What say we grab a couple of brews and crank out some steaks?"
Mitch said cheerfully. "Follow me!"

I followed my brother-in-law into the kitchen; after collecting an
armful of thick steaks and a two six-packs of beer, we made our way to the
grill and, within minutes, the whole area was filled with the tantalizing
aroma of grilling meat. Mitch and I sat on a nearby bench, chatting and
drinking our beers when I suddenly remembered where I had seen the two
girls before.

"Mitch," I said quietly, looking around to make sure I wasn't overheard,
"I got the funny feeling I've seen Helen and Connie before - they were the
two girls down at the lake, weren't they?"

Mitch grinned widely, cracking open another grain grenade and taking a
big swig before answering. "I was wondering what was taking you so long to
recognize them! Yep, my daughters and the two girls at the lake are one
and the same!"

I felt a tingle of excitement flash through my body as a few things
started to come together. "Mitch, they were doing each other like it was
nobody's business," I said, taking a quick belt of brew. "You mean you
knew they, um, they..."

"Been doing it with each other since they were nine and ten," Mitch
said, his grin so wide I though his face would split open any second.

"And you were watching them and jacking off while they..." The
implication hit me hard enough to sober me up for a moment.

"Shit, wouldn't you?" Mitch replied, turning the steaks over and
checking the packets of foil-wrapped corn.

"Man, that's incest!" I said lamely, getting the impression that my
brother-in-law could care less.

"So I've been told," Mitch replied easily. "Look, Walt, there are some
things you need to understand here. As you saw on your way in, we're a
long ways from anything that would resemble civilization and, well, your
sister and I have always encouraged the children to do what comes

"Get the fuck out of here!" I exclaimed. "You mean to tell me..."

Mitch laughed, looking at me as if my head was suddenly on upside down.
"Walt, close your mouth. If you're getting ready to ask me if me and Carol
think it's alright for them to fuck each other, the answer's yes. Do you
have a problem with that?"

It took me a few seconds to soak all of this in, my head spinning in
disbelief. "Ah, I guess I don't have any problems with it," I finally
said. "I mean, who am I to tell you what's okay for your family? But, I
gotta ask you something."

"Ask away," Mitch said, getting up to plate the steaks. "Like I said
earlier, we asked you here to get things squared away."

"I've heard that being isolated like you are can, um, lead to things
like this happening," I began, finding a bit of clarity. "Do you..."

"Do I join in the fun? Well, now, I think it's safe to say that the
family that loves together stays together," Mitch replied, setting the
plate of savory meat on the table.

I didn't quite know what to think or believe at this point. I just
couldn't imagine my sister having sex with her own children. Oh, I could
handle Helen and Connie doing the dirt with each other; shit, I could even
handle Peter and Mitch getting into the act. But Carol?"

"You're finding this hard to believe," Mitch said as if reading my mind.
"I'd hazard a guess and say that you find it even harder to believe that
your sister would approve of such behavior."

"That's putting it mildly," I remarked, ripping the tab off another
beer. Between the beer and this astonishing revelation, my head was going
in circles.

"In that case, you'd probably have a stroke when I tell you this family loving thing was all her idea."

"You're kidding!" I said, knowing full well that he wasn't.

"I think you know better than that," Mitch said quietly. "Trust me,
Walt - when she hit me with it, I had a hard time buying it myself."

"I suppose she chalks this up to that night we..."

"Bingo!" Mitch confirmed, pointing a finger at me, his smile returning.
"Carol said you were a pretty sharp cookie!"

"Fuck me," I whispered. Without even realizing it, my actions of so
long ago had shaped my sister and her family into... into what? Even in
my beer-buzzed state of mind, it wasn't hard for me to see that none of
them seemed to be any worse for the experience."

"That's pretty much what we had in mind, Walt," Mitch said, causing my
head to snap upward so hard I gave myself a slight case of whiplash.

"Excuse me?"

Mitch's face turned serious as he sat down on the bench next to me.
"Why do you think we invited you up here, Walt?"

"So me and Carol could settle our differences?" I said stupidly.

"That was only part of it," Mitch said. "Now, I gotta tell you that if
you can't stomach the rest of it, there won't be any hard feelings between

"The rest of what?" I asked, finally realizing the whole truth here.

"You'll find out after dinner," Mitch said cryptically.


Dinner was magnificent although I spent most of the meal with my mind in
a daze. Now that I knew their secret, it was hard for me to look at the
other faces around the table; every time my eyes met theirs, I could sense
a sort of joy circulating between them, a joy that I was expected to
participate in.

"Walt? Are you okay?" Carol asked.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm fine," I replied, looking at my sister and seeing
more of that enticing joy twinkling in her eyes.

"Look, honey, we all understand how hard this might be for you to
accept, but this is who and what we are and, well, we'd very much like for
you to be a part of it," Carol said, echoing her husband's earlier

"I don't know about you," Helen said to Connie, flashing me a somewhat
lecherous smile, "but I can't wait to get my hands on Uncle Walt!"

"Helen, behave yourself," Mitch said. "Your uncle hasn't said anything
about joining us so, until he does, he's off-limits - understand?"

"I'll convince him to change his mind," Helen said, standing up and
stripping off her top to reveal a pair of 36C tits unencumbered by a bra.
She lifted one pendulous boob, bringing the nipple to her lips and sucked it wetly between her lips - my cock twitched in response to such a brazen
act. "What do you think, Walt? Wanna wrap your lips around these?"

As the others began to clear the table, I couldn't take my eyes off of
Helen's creamy globes as she sucked on her nipples in turn. My cock was
wide awake and raising all kinds of hell as I watched the sultry teen bite
and lick her tit-flesh.

"Helen?" It was Carol's voice coming from somewhere behind me.

"Yes, Mother?"

"Do you want him?" she asked, taking me by the arm and helping me stand.

"I want him bad," Helen said, cupping her breasts and offering them to

"Take him," Carol said, handing me off to my niece. "Just remember to
save some for the rest of us."

"I'll think about it," the lusty teen said, leering at me in such a way
that made me weak-kneed. "C'mon uncle - it's time to properly introduce
you to the family!"

I offered no resistance as Helen led me from the kitchen to the bedroom
she shared with Connie. Even as I watched my niece do away with the rest
of her clothing - revealing a stunning body - I knew that I would offer no
resistance at all.

See, I had already made up my mind to accept their lifestyle and to take
full advantage of whatever it had to offer. And, as the oldest of my
sister's children approached me, I knew I was making the right decision.

"Mmmm," Helen moaned as I sucked on her nipples. "That feels so good,
Walt! Do it a little harder, will you? Oh, yeah, that's it, that's the
way I like it!"

I didn't bother to answer; instead, I focused my attention on licking,
sucking, and biting Helen's magnificent globes of flesh. My hands clawed
at her firm, plump, backside.

"Take your clothes off and join me," Helen cooed, stepping away from me
and lying down on the custom-made bed, opening her arms and legs

I didn't say anything as I discarded my clothing, noting that the bed
appeared to be able to hold quite a few people and relieved to have my cock
finally freed. I approached the bed, my cock bobbing in front of me, my
eyes fixed on the thick thatch of dark pubic hair surrounding Helen's mons.
She smiled as she followed my gaze.

"You like that, huh?" she asked slyly, opening her legs further. "You
like hairy pussies, don't you Uncle Walt? C'mon, show me how much you like
it... eat my hairy box!"

Her words sent another thrill through me as I settled in between her
legs, lifting them until they rested on my shoulders. In this position, I
could easily see her clit protruding from that forest of hair, the pinkness
of her slit standing out against the stark darkness that forest of hair

Helen's cunt had a sweet smell to it as I thrust my tongue between her
pouting cunt-lips, flicking it slowing along her already erect bud before
sucking it hungrily into my mouth. I heard her gasp as my tongue flew
across the sensitive surface and it didn't take long before her hips began
to gyrate, scouring my face with her curls. I felt her hands on my head as
I plunged my tongue into her center, lapping up all the sweet nectar it
could find.

"Ooh, shit, Walt," Helen hissed. "Slow down - we have all the time in
the world!" She tightened her grip on my head, vainly trying to put the
brakes on me.

But I was having none of it, having lost myself in her wet folds. I ate
her young gash like a starving man, slurping and sucking noisily as my
fingers toyed with her nipples, urging them into greater hardness. With my
mouth firmly attached to her juicy cunt, it was all Helen could do to keep
up with the blistering pace I was setting.

"Fuck!" Helen screeched as she climaxed, her young, tight body shivering
as the sensations raced along her excited nerve endings. "I'm cumming...!

That was just fine and dandy with me; I forced more of my tongue into
the tight embrace of her hole, spreading my tongue as wide as I could and,
in turn, spreading her resisting inner walls. As my niece squirmed and
cursed her way through a second orgasm, I got hit with a devilish idea.
Locking my arms around her lovely thighs, I rolled to my left, forcing
Helen to turn with me until she was sitting on my face.

"Holy shit!" the busty teen cursed as my tongue sought and found her
clit once again; I lashed her nub viciously, making double-damned sure that
no spot went unattended. Somewhere along the line, she managed to get a
grip on the bed's headboard, using that extra bit of leverage to ride my
face and tongue.

"Oh, shit, oh, shit, oh, yeah, ummm, shit, yeah," Helen chanted,
whipping her now-soaking wet quim across my face. "Eat my pussy! Eat it
'till I can't take any more!"

I was so busy complying with her request that the bed's extra movement
took me by surprise - but not as much as the mouth closing around my prick

"Umph!" I grunted into Helen's box as lips and tongue began to work on
my cock, taking my lust to another level. Momentarily curious. I freed a
hand, reaching down to determine the identity of the mystery person sucking the hell out of my dick - and came up empty-handed; all I could feel was
that wonderful talented mouth sucking my juices out of me as if my prick
was some great big straw.

Helen didn't have the problem I did. As I continued munching her
carpet, I could hear her talking to the other person who had joined us.

"Yeah! Suck that motherfucker! That's right, eat his cock, suck it!"

I didn't know who she was talking to, but I also didn't give a fuck as
Helen once again flooded my face with her juices, the tangy liquid stinging
my face where her coarse hairs had rubbed me raw. South of my navel, my
hips bumped in a steady rhythm, my cock pistoning in and out of the mouth
attached to it, fanning the flames inside of me.

"Here, change places with me," Helen said, moving off my face, giving me
a moment to wipe her cum from my eyes. I sighed as the liquid warmth of
her mouth covered me, waiting for her replacement to step in and get some
of what she had experienced.


So, you can imagine my surprise when, instead of pussy, I felt the
spongy head of a cock knob poking me in the lips! I opened my eyes to find
Peter leaning over me, trying to part my lips with his dick.

"What the...?" I gasped, giving Peter the opening he was looking for.
Before I could protest, I felt his cock brush past my lips and into my
mouth. I had never in my adult life entertained the thought of having
another man's prick in my mouth.

Peter sighed and began fucking my mouth gently, taking some obvious
delight in feeling my teeth scraping gently against the silky hardness of
his manhood.

It wasn't as bad as one might have expected. My nephew's turgid flesh
had that same sort of sweetness I'd experienced while eating Helen, topped
with a slightly salty tanginess as drop after drop of pre-cum flowed onto
my tongue. I recovered from my initial surprise and started using my
tongue against his hot shaft, tickling the ultra-sensitive underside of his
still-swelling meat.

For long moments, the room was filled only with the sounds of our
impromptu trio sucking and slurping - but it didn't last long. Above me,
thrusting his cock into my mouth insistently, Peter began to grunt and moan
louder, the taste in my mouth growing saltier as more and more of his
juices flowed into my mouth. He leaned over me, pumping his dick into my
face with short, quick strokes and I could sense that he was about to dump
a load of jizz into my mouth, even as my own balls began to tighten.

"Oh, no you don't," Helen hissed, releasing my cock from the embrace of
her mouth. "I've got someplace better for you to put it!"

I almost bit into Peter's cock as Helen mounted me, her slick pussy sliding down the entire length of my aching tool, surrounding me in its
velvety tightness. Shit, I almost blew my load right then and there and
would have, too, had it not been for the swelling meat in my mouth.

Peter's seed exploded into my mouth, coating my tongue with its hot,
gooey stickiness, caring a taste like salty oatmeal. I swallowed
instinctively as my nephew pumped even more of his sperm into my willing

Helen continued to ride my cock, cursing lustily. I felt myself grow
thicker and harder within her embrace and I knew that I was just split seconds from dumping a load of my own.

"He's gonna do it," a voice - Mitch's? - said. "He's gonna cream her
good, I think."

"Looks like it to me," a voice that could only belong to my sister said.

"When do I get my turn," Connie complained, leaving me to wonder when in
the hell they had come in - but putting the thought aside as my cock spit
chunk after chunk of jizz into my niece's hole. Peter had graciously
removed his spent tool from my mouth, allowing me to give voice to the
incredible sensations coursing through me.

"Oh, SHIT! GOD DAMN IT!" I yelled as Helen screwed her cunt down hard
on me, using her muscles to milk every drop of sperm from me I had to

"Damn," Peter said softly. "He's pretty hot, Dad!"

"You think so? Let's see," Mitch replied. I felt the bed shift as
Peter got off - and Mitch took his place, taking my hand and placing it on
his, oh, my damn! - hardening tool. It was longer and thicker than my own
cock, which was returning to its normal size trapped inside Helen. I
opened my mouth invitingly, knowing what was going to happen next.

I wasn't disappointed either as my brother-in-law's tool slid into my
mouth, gagging me instantly. He backed off and let me take him at my own
pace, which wasn't saying much considering how much his staff filled my

"Your turn, Connie," I could hear Helen saying and moments later, my
younger niece was giving me mouth-to-cock resuscitation. She wasn't nearly
as talented as her sister or brother - but I didn't give a fuck.

Mitch was grunting loudly as he continued to fuck my now-helpless mouth,
his thick, bulbous head colliding with the roof of my mouth repeatedly.
"You were right, his mouth is sweet!" he said to his son (wherever he was).
"I have an idea; Connie, help me turn him over on his side... no, the
other side. Carol?"

I was still recovering from my initial ordeal and couldn't do much other
than lay there while my family moved me where they wanted me. A hand
lifted my head momentarily and I was soon looking at my sister's pussy, her
dark curly pubes laced with a little gray here and there, as she fitted
herself to my mouth.

I noticed there was more movement below me as I began to eat my sister's
coochie; Carol was settling in to munch her younger daughter's box even as
she returned to sucking my quivering prick. I was thinking how nice and
inventive this new position was... until I felt something wet and slick
probing my asshole!

"No, please," I mumbled into Carol's box as an obviously lubricated
finger penetrated my back hole, worming around inside of me and creating a
delicious itch inside of me. As Carol began to hump my face in earnest, I
could hear Mitch finishing his instructions to Peter and Helen.

The mystery finger continued to probe my bottom and I could feel Helen's
back against mine and her voice saying, "Yeah, eat me, Daddy!" I could only
imagine what we looked like... and could only wonder what was going to
happen next.

Well, that question got answered quickly enough, let me tell you! The
invading finger vacated my bung hole and I soon felt the exquisite pain of
something large being forced past my sphincter; if I had to guess, Mitch
was trying to wedge his monstrous cock-meat into my virgin ass!

I groaned and grimaced in pain as the head of my brother-in-law's cock
pushed past my resisting muscles and stormed into my bowel; the sensation
was so excruciating that I almost threw up in Carol's steaming box! The
pain - and the nausea - began to subside as Mitch worked his cock into my

"Hold it, Pete," I heard Mitch say, his voice muffled by his daughter's
juice-drenched muff. "Okay, shove it in!" I heard him grunt as his son
violated his own father's back hole, completing what had to be the most
obscene connection in history.

I lost all track of time as Carol shot stream after stream of girl-juice
into my face; I had long since drained my balls into Connie's hot little
mouth. Behind me, Helen was humping her daddy's face, cursing like one of
my old Navy buddies and clearly having the time of her like.

I heard Connie when she came, a high-pitched squeal of juvenile delight,
followed closely by the now-familiar grunts coming from Peter as his prick
hosed down his father's bowels. And, speaking of Mitch...

Despite all the sexual chaos taking place around him, he kept up a
steady rhythm in my ass, which had finally decided to relax and accept its
role, allowing Mitch to ream me with the full length of his rather
impressive manhood, it's width stretching my ass so wide that I knew I'd
have a hard time taking a shit afterwards. I heard him grunt loudly, felt
his prick swelling inside of me and I braced myself as best I could...

The first jet of gooey jizz coated the walls of my rectum, followed by
two more in rapid succession. Mitch was really pounding his dick into me
and all I could do was lay there and take it. Carol was cumming again, as
was Connie and, oh shit, my head was spinning...

Then the world went away.


I don't know what time it was when I finally woke up, the sun shining
into the room, blinding me and making my head pound. Through slitted eyes,
I looked around the room, immediately noticing that I was no longer in
Helen and Connie's bed any longer.

The other thing I noticed was how much of a mess I was! Somehow, I
managed to sit up, noticing how sore my ass was, along with the hot,
burning sensation felt along my face, which felt as if someone had taken a
scouring pad to it.

Standing on very shaky legs, I looked at my reflection in the mirror,
gasping aloud at the numerous hickeys covering my neck and torso, not to
mention the dried, crusty residue of male and female juices.

"What the fuck happened?" I asked my reflection, taking stock of my
horrid condition. I groaned, noticing the large (but not painful) bruise
on my thigh. "Sweet Jesus! I feel like I've been mugged!" I managed to
stumble my way into the shower, letting the hot water do its job to loosen
my tight, sore muscles.

Twenty minutes later, I made my way to the kitchen, in search of a much
needed cup of coffee. As I poured myself a cup taken from the cupboard, I
heard a sound behind me; I turned to find my sister standing in the
doorway, smiling.

"I see you finally got up," she said, taking the coffee pot from me and
pouring herself a cup. "Actually, I'm surprised any of us are awake - we
had a pretty wild night."

"Wild? That's an understatement," I said, sipping the hot, bitter brew.
"What happened?"

"You mean after you passed out?"

"I passed out?"

"You sure did," Carol confirmed, pausing to take a sip from her cup
after adding cream and sugar. "Can't say that I blame you, though, but I
feel like I should apologize for my family being a little too enthusiastic
- how do you feel?"

"Like I was rode hard and put away wet," I groaned, noticing the slight
ache in my jaw. "My whole body hurts!"

Carol got up and went to a cabinet, pulled out a bottle of aspirin, and
handed it to me. I gratefully swallowed two of the pills, washing them
down with coffee. "Thanks," I said, shifting uncomfortably in my chair.

"You're welcome, in more ways than one, Walt. So, are you going to
finish your vacation with us or are you leaving? I mean, after what
happened last night, none of us would blame you. We only ask that you,
well, keep our little secret to yourself."

"Sis, last night was the most wildest night I ever had since you and I
fucked," I confessed. "Yeah, I'm gonna stay the whole six weeks."

"That's great!" Carol said, her face flushing red a bit. "So, what are
your plans for today?"

"Well, first I have to locate my body - you wouldn't have happened to
see it lying around anywhere, have you?"

Carol laughed at my joke. "You're funny," she said, patting my hand.
"If you don't have anything planned, Connie would like to spend some time
with you."

"For what?" I asked. "I mean, other than the obvious?"

"She just wants a one-on-one session with you; in fact, we all do,"
Carol said, licking her lips.

"Sis, what have I gotten myself into," I asked, putting my cup down.
Carol put her cup down as well, looking at me somberly.

"After that night we made love, I wanted so very much for you to make
love to me again," Carol began, holding my hands in hers. "Before you left
for the Navy, I spent every night peeking into your room, hoping to find
you awake and hoping to find the courage to ask you to fuck me again."

"Damn, Carol," I said, shaking my head. "I wanted to apologize to you
after that night, but I thought you were avoiding me because you hated me."

"Not hardly," Carol said, a smile returning to her lovely features. "I
didn't hate you - I was just afraid to tell you what I wanted, that's all."

"All well and good," I said. "I'm here now and that's all that matters,
isn't it?"

"Yes," Carol agreed, standing up and letting her robe fall to the floor.
"Fuck me, Walt - right here, right now!" Carol laid on the cool kitchen
floor, inviting me into her incestuous embrace.

I joined her quickly, shucking my own robe and moving down to once again
taste her flesh, only to have her stop me.

"No, you've got plenty of time to eat my pussy, Walt - that's not what I
need right now. What I need is to have you inside of me..."

With a groan, I fell upon my sister's flesh, feeling her hand guiding my
erection to her slit. I shoved forward and slid into her slick box easily,
impaling her with the entire length of my manhood.

"Oh, Walt," she cooed as I began to fuck my cock into her with hard,
desperate strokes; I knew with the pace I was setting, it wouldn't be long
before I blew a hot load inside of her. My sister wasn't helping much,
using her cunt muscles to milk my cock, her legs wrapped around my waist
and her hips bouncing off the floor to meet my urgent strokes.

"Fuck her, Walt," came her husband's voice. "Fuck your sister good,
brother-in-law! That's it! That's it! Ram it to her hard - she likes it
good and hard. God damn, what a delicious sight!"

"Hurry up, y'all! Uncle Walt's sticking it to mom pretty good," I heard
Connie yell, followed by the sounds of footsteps rushing into the kitchen.

"Oh, yeah, Uncle Walt! Tear her pussy up," Peter cheered. "Show her
you're the man!"

Even though I could hear them, I wasn't really paying much attention to
them, choosing to focus my concentration on pounding my sister's cunt into
a sloppy, spermy mess. I could hear the sounds of the table and chairs
being moved, which were soon followed by the sound of the rest of the
family as they joined us on the kitchen floor...

I looked into Carol's shining eyes before kissing her soft lips,
mumbling over and over how much I loved her.

"If you really love me, then there's something I need for you to do,"
Carol whispered in my ear.

"Anything," I whined, plunging my cock into her delicious wetness.

"I'm ovulating, dear Walt. Fill me with your seed, then fill my belly
with your baby. Do for me, do it NOW!"

"Oh, shit," I muttered, feeling that incredibly nasty feeling climb into
my gut; my cock swelled and I cried out as I came in my sister, filling her
steaming cunt to overflowing with spurt after spurt of my love.

"YES! Oh, God, I can feel it! It feels so damned good..." Carol was in
her own world as she came, her whole body shaking as the orgasm inside her
crushed her senses with its power.

I rolled off my sister's twitching form, turning to take in the sight of
Peter and Mitch plowing Helen and Connie for all they were worth. As I
came down off my climatic high, I knew that the rest of my visit would
prove to be very interesting indeed!


Later that night, after fucking Connie, Helen, Peter and Mitch in near
rapid succession, I lay next to Carol, satisfied with the thought of my
sperm filling her womb. I had asked her why she wanted me to get her
pregnant and learned that Mitch, what a guy! - had suffered some sort of
accident that left him unable to impregnate her. Knowing that she wanted
to have more children and, thus, more family members to love down the road,
Carol admitted that I was the most logical choice to fulfill her need -
that duty would have fallen to Peter had I chose not to accept their

Beside me, Carol slept peacefully with the sure knowledge my seed had
done its job, something only time and one of those test kits would prove.
Connie and Helen had also expressed a desire to bear my children as well as
their brother's, who was only too happy to oblige, as evidenced by the
loud, raunchy noise coming from Peter's room.

On the other side of me, Mitch slept as well and I felt strangely
pleased, feeling his cock still buried deep within my ass, his spunk seeping lazily out of me.

The next morning, after fucking Connie and before doing the same to
Helen, I called my boss back home, tendering my resignation. There was no
way he'd ever understand my explanation of sheer exhaustion - and I wasn't
about to explain it to him. I gave him Carol's (now my) address so he
could forward my severance pay and the stuff left in my desk.

While Peter sucked me with that youthful enthusiasm I'd come to enjoy, I
called the super of my apartment building, telling him that I wouldn't be
returning and arranging for him to pack my things and send them to me.

Later that night, as me and Mitch joined together to fuck Helen's ass
and cunt while the other entertained themselves, I knew I had made the
right decision in accepting my sister's invitation.



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