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jan's party


Jan's Party (M/f+, ff, cons, oral, anal, rom) - part 5/5 of the Jan series

By Dorsai

Note: this is part 5 of 5 parts (the last in the series) of a continuing
story about consensual sex between a teenage female and an adult male. If
the idea of sex between a young female and older male offends you, stop
here, and delete the file.

Copies of the story parts may be found at the text
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the stories you download, please consider a donation to ASSTR - your money
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Copyright retained by author, but the story is released for public
distribution, provided the comments and copyright notice are maintained.

See the comments at the end of this story for answers to questions that
I've received, and my general observations.

PREVIOUS PARTS OF THE story (*strongly* suggested reading)

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These stories are available on the ASSTR archive, in the author's
directory : where you will also find the
entire series as One Big File, Jan_all.txt

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------

When I got home from work one afternoon, I found Kelly and Jan sharing
the couch in the family room. When I went in, Jan got up to give me a kiss
before asking me if I was thirsty. Telling her that a beer sounded good, I
sat down next to Kelly while Jan headed into the kitchen. She came back
with two beers and a glass - one bottle for me, and one for her and Kelly
to share. Pouring half of it into a glass, Jan gave the bottle to Kelly,
and at their invitation, we clinked glass as Kelly toasted "To the party!"

After we'd taken a swallow, Kelly told me "You'll never guess what
happened at school today!" - and getting herself a look of anticipation
from Jan.

"Okay, I give up." just as I'd done with Jan once before. It had a
similar effect on Kelly.


"I give up." I repeated.

Here, Jan jumped in, saying, "You said he'd never guess, so he gives up.
He did the same thing to me, too. You've just got to go ahead and tell

Kelly gave me the Goober look, before saying "Robyn has been different
with me and Jan since, you know, she was here that time." - "Yeah, she
really has", Jan offered - "And today, she told me that she was really,
really sorry about all of it, and wanted to be friends again."

Here, Jan joined in, telling me "When Kelly told me about it, I was
really surprised. I mean, she'd been nice to us and everything, and she's
been real polite about not asking us, you know, stuff, but I never thought
she would just come out an apologize like that."

Kelly went on, saying "I told her that *I* accepted her apology, but
that I wasn't the only one she needed to talk to."

"And a little while later, she came up to *me* and apologized, too!" Jan
exclaimed, before Kelly went on, saying "And she asked me if I thought you
would be upset with her if she wanted to come over here and apologize to
you, too."

"What did you tell her?" I asked.

"I told her that you weren't happy with her, but that if she apologized
to you, you would accept it and probably not be upset with her any more."
Kelly replied.

"And what did she say?"

"She said that she hoped you would give her a second chance, but that
even if you didn't, she still wanted to say she was sorry, and try to make
it right. Then she asked me if she could come over here, and I told her I
thought it would be okay." she answered, a bit hesitantly during the last

"That's fine. If she wants to say she's sorry, then I'm willing to hear
it. Whether or not I give her another chance is something else." I said.

Jan spoke up again, saying, "Well, we, uh, kinda told her that she could
come by this evening. She wanted us to be here, too, so that she could
apologize to all of us, together, again."

"So when is she going to be here, then?"

"She said she'd be here about six thirty - after dinner." Kelly

I asked Jan "Did you want to stay here for dinner with us, or does your
dad expect you?"

She answered by telling me "I already called Daddy, and he said it was
okay for me to eat here, if it was okay with you."

That settled, we spent a few minutes discussing what we wanted for
supper; Kelly was turning into a surprisingly good cook, even though we
shared cooking and cleaning duties. Finally, we settled on chilidogs and
chips - none of us was particularly enthusiastic about cooking, but didn't
want to send out for anything, either.

So when Mabel announced that there was someone at the door a bit later,
we'd eaten and were ready when a check of the video camera at the door
showed that it was Robyn.

Kelly went to let her in, and when the two of them made their way into
the den, I was sitting at one end of the couch, with Jan at the other.
After showing Robyn a chair across from me, Kelly sat down next to me, and
pulled my arm around her.

Robyn looked nervous, but didn't even blink at Kelly's actions; instead,
she was focused almost entirely on me.

My face calm, I looked at her, and said, "I understand you have
something you want to say to me?"

She took a deep breath, and started.

"Yes, sir, I do. First, though, I want to thank you for letting me into
your home, and giving me the chance to talk to you."

She continued, "What I did, to you and Jan and Kelly, was wrong. I know
that, now. I owe them, and you, an apology for my actions. I involved
myself in something that, as you said, was none of my business. Jan and
Kelly were my friends for a long time, and I abused that friendship by
prying into something that did not involve me. I behaved badly, I am
deeply, and profoundly, sorry for the pain and hurt and inconvenience that
all of you have experienced because of me."

She turned to Jan, and said "Jan, we've known each other since 6th
grade. We've been told each other secrets, and shared dreams. What I did
to you was to break the trust and friendship we had. I'm sorry. If I
could go back and undo it, I would, in a second, even if it meant that *I*
was the one to get hurt. If you give me the chance, I will show you how
sorry I am; and if you can ever learn to trust me again, even a little bit,
I will respect that trust by never, *ever* betraying it again."

Next was Kelly.

"Kelly, I'm sorry I hurt you. You were happy, and my prying into your
life with my questions and demands made you unhappy. I can't undo that.
But I can promise you that it will never happen again, under *any*
circumstances. I can look at you, and see how much you like Dan, and how
happy he makes you; and I know that because of me, you almost lost him, and
that happiness. What you do in your life is YOUR business, and no one
else's. I've learned that, the hard way."

By now, she had tears in her eyes, but Robyn didn't hesitate to face me.

"Dan, as much as Jan and Kelly, I owe you an apology. You're a kind,
generous, honest, _caring_ person. When you were there for our 'fashion
show', you were a perfect gentleman; I know that all of us were teasing you
a lot, but you never, EVER did or say anything to make us think you were
going to try anything with us. Even afterwards, you were nice enough to
talk to us like we were grown up - more grown up than some of us actually
were, or are. All of us knew that you cared a lot about Jan, and then
Kelly; but for whatever reason, we just couldn't mind our own damn
business, and we badly hurt you, and them. I'm sorry for that, and for the
part that I had in it. I hope that you'll give me a second chance to show
you that I have learned something, and grown up, since then. If you don't,
then I understand, and won't feel sorry for myself - I know that what I did
was wrong, and that the way you choose to treat me is what I deserve for
what I've done. Kelly is - was - my friend, and you've made her happier
than I've ever seen her. For that, I should have respected you, and
honored the relationship you have with her. Instead, I abused her, and
through her, you. You deserve better, by a long shot. Whether you forgive
me or not, whether you give me another chance, or not, I want you to know
that I want to do anything I can to make it right."

At that, she sat back a bit, and simply looked at me, her face wet from
her tears - ready to accept whatever judgment I chose to impose.

I thought about what she'd said, and asked her "When you were talking to
Kelly, you said that you had learned that what people do in their lives is
their business, and no one else's; and that you'd learned it the hard way.
What did you mean?"

She didn't hesitate to answer "Because after Jan and Kelly had their
talk with me and the other girls, Kathy and Mary Alice started trying to
pump me and Kim for information about what we'd talked about. Kim was
willing to talk about it, a little, but I wasn't, and they just kept
*after* me about it - until I finally told them - 'scuse me - to just fuck
off and leave me alone. It was like I was the only one that actually felt
_bad_ about what had happened. Since then, Kim is staying away from them
more, too; I think she's sorry about what she did, but doesn't want to push
about trying to make up. I mean, we kinda heard, a little, about what
happened with Kathy and Mary Alice - you scared the hell out of them, and
none of us wants to do anything to actually make you _mad_, you know?"

"So if you didn't want to make me mad, what made you think you could
talk to me?" I asked.

"I didn't know if you would actually get mad, or not - I just knew that
I felt bad about what happened, and that I really needed to apologize to
all of you. I don't mean that I needed to apologize for me, but I needed
to because it was the right thing to do." she answered, with a sniffle.

I sat there for a couple of minutes, thinking about what she'd told me,
while I watched her. She glanced at Jan and Kelly a few times, but I was
the focus of her attention.

Finally, I spoke to her again.

"Robyn, you're right. What you did was wrong, and it hurt all of us -
you included. That you had the courage to make the apologies you did
counts for something. That you were willing to come here to do it counts
for even more."

She nodded as I went on "I think that you _have_ learned something, and
yes, learned it the hard way. When you said that you needed to apologize
because it was the right thing to do, you showed me that you learned
something, and grew up a little in the process."

She sniffled a little, and I continued, "Everyone makes mistakes.
Sometimes, we don't appreciate something until it's gone - like I didn't
appreciate how much I cared for, and even loved, Kelly, until she was
afraid to come over here after what you and the others had done. The thing
about these kinds of mistakes is to learn not to repeat them, or anything
like them. It sounds to me like you have."

I could see her visibly relax slightly, and said "I can't speak for Jan
or Kelly, obviously. But I think that I'm willing to forgive your
foolishness, and even give you another chance - to make things right, as
you put it."

She all but collapsed in the chair in her relief.

I had to caution her "Just because I've accepted your apology, don't
think you're off the hook. I'm not the one you hurt the most. The ones
you need to worry about are Kelly and Jan - IF you can get past them, ONLY
THEN do you start with a clean slate with _me_. If THEY don't accept your
apologies, then what *I* have to say isn't going to matter much."

With that, she turned to look first at Jan, then Kelly.

They, in turn, were looking at each other - communicating silently -
their faces impassive. Then both looked at me for a bit before turning to

Jan spoke first, saying "I accept your apology. You're right, we have
known each other for a long time, and I don't think that you really meant
to hurt us. And if you can convince Uncle Dan to give you a second chance,
then I think I can give you one, too - we've been friends too long for me
not to."

After than, Robyn turned to Kelly, who just looked at her for a few
moments before saying "Yes, you did hurt me - a lot. You knew what my life
was like, and how happy I was to have met Dan. And you pissed on it

Robyn blinked at that, and started to look nervous before Kelly went on,
telling her "But I agree with Dan - I think you *have* learned a hard
lesson. I accept your apology, because I really do think you're sorry for
what you did. But it's going to be a long time before I trust you again
the way I used to - you're going to have to _earn_ my trust. But I'm
willing to give you the chance."

At the end of that, Robyn was crying again, and it was through her tears
- and occasional sniffle - that she was able to say "Thank you, both of you
- and you, too, Dan. I'm not going to try to bullshit you with a lot of
words; I'm just going to let you decide by what I _do_."

With that, Jan and Kelly started to cry, too, and all three of them got
up to hug each other.

After a minute or so, I noticed a little whispering before I heard Kelly
mutter "Well go ahead and ask him, then - he doesn't bite! At least, not

A moment later, Robyn came over to stand in front of me, with Kelly and
Jan watching. Looking down at me a bit nervously, she asked "Dan, is it
okay if I give you a hug, to show you how sorry I am?"

I was a bit surprised by the question, but told her "I think that would
make for a nice start on our new relationship." and stood up. I was even
more surprised by the ferocity with which she held me as she cried a bit
into my shirt. I hugged back, gently, and patted her back softly. After a
bit, she pulled back from me a way, and pulled my head down to give me a
kiss on the cheek, saying "Thank you, Dan. You won't be sorry."

Looking into her eyes, I answered by saying "No, I don't think I will."

Getting a look from Kelly, I excused myself to go back into my office;
when I came out a little later, Robyn had left, and Jan and Kelly were on
the couch, talking.

When I came in, they separated a bit, indicating that they wanted me to
sit between them. When I did, both closed in on me, snuggling into my
sides as they pulled my arms around them.

Kelly was first to speak, telling me "I think she'll be okay. She's had
a tough time of it, but she had the guts to make the first move and

Jan agreed, saying, "Yeah, I think so, too. She didn't try to dodge it,
at all - she just accepted the responsibility, and was ready to take the

"Am I getting the impression that there might be an additional girl at
the party?" I asked.

Kelly spoke up quickly, saying "No, not definitely, but there's a
chance." with Jan adding, "It depends on how she does. It's still a couple
weeks away, so we've got time to decide."

"Well, just make sure before you make any final decisions, okay?" was
all I could add.

Both nodded their agreement, and we stayed on the couch like that for a
little while, before Jan finally decided that she _really_ had to get home.
Kelly and I continued to snuggle, right up until it was time for bed.

---------- ---------- ---------

In the days leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday, I got phone calls
from the parents of the other girls that were to be at the sleepover. The
parents were thrown off a bit by the unusual situation: Jan doing the
inviting, but the party being held at the home of one of Jan's friends, and
that friend's middle-aged boyfriend. I had to reassure all of the them
that the girls had my permission to have the sleepover, that I would be
there to make sure things didn't get out of hand, and otherwise had no
planned participation in the event. Thus reassured, they granted their

The conversation with Susan's dad, Steve, was the most 'interesting':

My secretary told me at work one day that I had a call, from Steve

I took it right away, and after an exchange of pleasantries, he got to
the reason for his call.

"Dan, I understand from Susan that the girls are going to be having a
little slumber party at your home after Thanksgiving."

"Yes, that's correct."

"I have to admit that the idea of Susan attending it leaves me with
mixed emotions."

"How so, Steve?"

"It's a difficult subject; I'm concerned about something, but don't wish
to cause offense."

I think I know what the problem is, and say "Let me guess: knowing what
happened between Kelly and I, you're concerned about what may happen during
their get-together."

"That would be a fair statement."

"Your 'interest' in the situation is understandable; I pretty much
expected that I would be hearing from you."

"Indeed? Yes, I suppose that you would. Please understand that after
that Phil incident, I am most certainly inclined to trust you around Susan
- but this party they are planning, and the organization of it, are
somewhat 'unique'."

"Yes, they are. To spare us both some discomfort, I'd like to tell you
that Jan and Kelly have planned it as a basic slumber party with them and
the other girls. Doubtless there will be changes once things get started,
but I want to assure you that I have absolutely *no* anticipation of, shall
we say, personal contact with any of the guests. In fact, if any of them
should display any tendencies in that direction, I will be both surprised
and exceptionally resistant toward the idea. I am quite happy in my
current situation, and have absolutely NO desire to expand it, or
consummate any of the other girls' fantasies or desires."

"That does reassure me, and I appreciate your attitude on the matter,
Dan. There is an additional factor, though, that I think you should be
aware of."

"And that is?"

"Susan has learned some of the details of how you and Kelly got
together, and of how your relationship with her, uh, 'developed'. Susan
has what I am hoping is only a 'crush' on you, but I worry that it may be
something more."

"Steve, I appreciate the warning; however, I stand by my previous
statement that I am *most* resistant to the idea of intimate contact with
_any_ of the girls that will be at the party."

"Still, I have no doubt that should she set her mind to it, Susan will
take every opportunity to demonstrate to you her, ah, _appreciation_ of
your help with Phil, and perhaps even her feelings toward you. I simply
want you to know that if that should happen, even though I do not like the
idea, I will not try to do anything about it."

Is he saying what I _think_ he's saying?

"Steve, I'm sorry, but you've confused me. Could you say that again, so
I can try to understand it?"

I could hear him sigh heavily before he replied "Yes, I suppose I need
to make it completely clear - for *both* our sakes."

After a few moments, he went on "I know that Susan is nearly a grown
woman, able to make her own decisions. To the best of my knowledge,
though, she has not yet taken that final step. I DO know that she can be
quite determined when she decides there is something she wants; far more
determined than is probably good for her."

"Really?" I asked. From the way I'd seen her act, I wouldn't have
expected it.

"Quite so." he sighed, before continuing "What I am trying to say is
that if it should happen that Susan decides that she wishes to 'cross the
line', as it were, into full womanhood, I will not try to prevent it; nor
will I take exception to it after the fact."

"Steve, forgive me, but you still sound like a lawyer. Is what you're
telling me that if Susan decides that she wants _me_ to be her first, you
won't object? If so, I hasten to assure you that _that_ is the *last*
thing I want to happen, and will do everything I can to avoid it."

"I know it is, Dan, and that you will. I have to sound like a lawyer
because that's the only way I can think of it. And yes, that's what I'm
saying. I don't care for the idea - not because of you, but because it
would mean that she was no longer my 'little girl'. But I have to accept
that she IS old enough to make the decision, and that when she does, there
isn't a damn thing I can do about it. All I can hope for is that whoever
is her first will be someone that I could respect, such as yourself."

"I'm honored by the compliment, but I still don't want any part of it."

"I know - and that's part of what makes me respect you: you don't
particularly want that kind of responsibility, but if faced with it, you
accept the necessity, and do the best you can. I hope the situation
doesn't come up. If it does, I know you'll resist it. I just want you to
know that if it *does* happen, then I won't be angry or upset with you; if
anything, I know I can trust you to do it _right_, and not hurt her like
one of her classmates might."

"Gee, thanks for not putting any pressure on me, or anything, Steve!" I
said, trying to lighten the mood.

He laughed briefly, and I continued "Well, let's hope that it doesn't
come to that; but if it does, you can be sure it will happen the way you
would want it to."

"Thank you."

About that time, my secretary let me know that I had another call; Steve
heard her, and thanked me again before ending our conversation.

---------- ---------- ---------

A few days before Thanksgiving, I got home to find Kelly and Jan in the
den again, obviously waiting for me. I held my forefinger up, to indicate
that they should give me a moment, and detoured through the kitchen to get
myself a soda.

When I got into the den, Kelly made room for me at the end, and after I
sat down and got comfortable, Jan moved down to sit on the floor by my
feet. Once settled, she put her arms on my knees, and rested her head on
them as she looked at me. By now, I know they want to talk to me about
something, so I take a sip of my Coke and wait for them.

Kelly spoke first, telling me "Dan, we have something we need to talk to
you about."

Jan followed her, saying "Yeah. It's about the party."

"What about it?" I asked.

"We'd like to invite Robyn, if it's okay with you." Kelly answered.

"Why would it have to be okay with me?"

Here, Jan spoke up. "Because we still think it might be a, uh,
'teaching' party." she said.

"If it does, you'll be there, of course, and we want to know if it's
okay with you if Robyn is there AND there's 'teaching'", Kelly added.

I looked at both of them, and Kelly said, "We know that you said you
would give Robyn a chance to start over with you, but we know that this
party is pretty special, and private, too. We thought that you might have
a problem with Robyn being here for _that_ kind of a party so soon, so we
wanted to check with you about it. Especially since you would be the
'guest of honor'", she added, with a smile.

They watched me as I thought about it - neither seemed nervous about
what my answer would be; I got the distinct impression that they would
accept whatever I had to say, and not fuss about it.

After a bit, I spoke up, telling them "You know Robyn better than I do -
you've known her longer, and see her pretty much every day. If you think
she can be trusted for this, then I'll accept your judgment. Both of you
know what the consequences are if you - and I - are wrong about her, or
some kind of trouble happens. My only request is that you take it slowly,
and make sure there aren't going to be any problems, before you get too,
uh, involved in the party."

Both nodded at that, and Kelly said, "We know, and we will. We were
going to be real careful about it, anyway."

After a pause, Jan told me "If it helps any, Kelly and I have both
noticed that she's being real good about us. I mean, she was in the hall
with some other girls that were starting to talk about us, and she told
them straight out that they shouldn't talk about people unless that person
was there, because they might say something wrong and that person wouldn't
be able to tell them the right thing. All the other girls just kind of
looked at her for a second, and started talking about something else; they
didn't walk away from her, or shut her out or anything, so I think they
were just kinda doing what she said, you know? And I don't think she knew
I was there, since I was around the corner behind her."

Kelly added to that by saying "Yeah, I've heard her with some other
girls, too. Some of them were talking about how they'd like to hang out
with Kathy and Mary Alice, and Robyn told them right out that those two
were nosy about _everything_, and couldn't be trusted to keep a secret.
The other girls didn't want to believe her, but she told them a little bit
of how Kathy and Mary Alice had done her - not about us, just that they'd
been so mean, and they believed her. I know it had to have hurt her, but
she did it anyway. And some of the other girls that I know have come up to
me and told me that Robyn is really sticking up for us whenever somebody
starts to talk bad about us."

I have to admit, these little snippets of information about Robyn's
behavior did make me feel a bit more comfortable.

"That's good to hear; I'm glad that she's doing what she said she would,
and trying to make it right. I think it does give us reason to give her
some trust - but we're not going to go overboard with it, are we?" I asked.

Both shook their heads, smiling. They were willing to give Robyn a
chance - to either prove herself, or hang herself. They were ready to
cover themselves - and me - in either case.

---------- ---------- ---------

Thanksgiving saw me, and Kelly, at Paul's house for dinner. He'd been
thoughtful enough to make the invitation in Kelly's presence, to make sure
she understood that she was welcome, too. When we all sat down to eat, he
delighted her by filling her wine glass without asking, telling her "If
you're old enough to stay with that old fart, you're old enough to drink.
God knows, you probably need it!" making Kelly and Jan both laugh. They
both laughed harder when I asked him "So, Paul, what have you broken on the
computer, lately?" (he was notorious for having trouble with it), and
getting an "Up yours, asshole!" in reply.

After the meal, Paul and I headed into the den to watch the games; the
boys were charged with clearing the table, and Jan with putting the food
away. Kelly, to my pleasant surprise, offered to help. While the boys were getting started, Jan and Kelly brought Paul and I each a cup of
coffee, then headed back into the kitchen.

During one of the innumerable commercials/replays, Paul asked me "What's
the deal about this party tomorrow night?"

"Jan and Kelly's idea. They wanted to visit with some friends, and
didn't want to bother you and the boys. Didn't want to be bothered BY you,
I think."

"You expecting any trouble?"

"Nope. Phil is long gone, and his two sidekicks seem to have settled
down quite a bit, last I heard."

"I mean trouble besides that."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You and Kelly is one thing; she's an adult, now. You and Jan, I'm okay
with - I know it's been more than just the one time with you two." - the
last part coming as something as a surprise to me.

"Oh, yeah? Sez who?", I responded (brilliant conversation, eh?)

"C'mon, Dan. I'm not blind, and I'm not _always_ stupid. I know she's
got boyfriends, and she likes them, but any time she's over at your place
for more than a day, she comes home too damn happy for her own good."

"That so?" (_such_ interrogation technique!)

"Yeah, that's so. Like I said, I'm okay with it - I know you care about
her, and if she's happy, then I'm happy. And it doesn't happen often
enough for me to worry about it; I know she's got her head on pretty
straight, and that sooner or later, she'll find the guy for her. Until
then, I know she's okay with you."


"Anyway, like I was asking, you expecting any trouble?"

"Five or six girls, one of me. What could go wrong?", I asked,

"I thought so. The way I hear it, these girls may be a little more
frisky than you want."

"Frisky how?"

"Frisky as in not too fussy about what kinds of view you get. Frisky as
in one or two of them might just decide to have a run at jumping your

"Paul, where do you *hear* this kind of crap?"

"Heh. Told you I'm not always stupid. Most of them have been over here
to visit Jan the last couple of weeks. She isn't always here when they
are, and I'm harmless enough that they feel they can talk to me, a little."

"And they talk to you about THIS kind of stuff?"

"Nah, not even close. I might be harmless, but I'm still Jan's dad.
No, it's not so much what they say, as how they say it, and how they act."

"You can get that much from that?"

"C'mon, you know I'm a hell of a salesman. How do you think I got so
good, without being able to read people, and figure out what they want? If
you ask different questions about the same thing, you can figure out how
the other person thinks. Ever play '20 Questions'? It's like that, only
more subtle."

"So you think some of these girls are gonna get 'frisky', huh?"

"Yup. Not a doubt in my mind. So watch yourself, pal."

I nodded, and content that he'd done his fair share about warning me,
Paul let the subject drop; we watched the rest of the games talking about
other things.

---------- ---------- ---------

Early the next afternoon, Jan came over, and the three of us sat around
the den while I told them about Paul's warning to me - something that
absolutely amazed Jan, when she heard about how he'd figured it out. I
also reiterated the party rules, and cautioned them about letting things
move too quickly; they understood that if any of the other girls got it
into her head to take offense or cause trouble, there would be hell to pay
for ALL of us.

About mid-afternoon, Mabel let us know that there were people at the
door - 4, she thought. (Yeah, I know, Mabel isn't a 'she', Mabel is a
collection of circuits and sensors, an 'it'. But it was easier to refer to
her as a 'her'). Checking the front door camera, we saw that all of them
had arrived; apparently all dropped of by someone's parents. Kelly, doing
her 'hostess' bit, went to let them in; once they'd shed their coats and
scarves, they all trooped into the den. I stood up to welcome them, and
was surprised when Susan moved right into my arms to give me a hug, and
brief kiss full on the lips. Not far behind her was Robyn, also giving me
a hug, though her kiss was to my cheek, along with a whispered "thanks!". I
was surprised to see that Candice had opted for a different haircut - from
her mid-back tresses of the last party, to something that stopped short of
her shoulders and curled in and under, framing her face - and those eyes! -
very nicely.

Since Candice, Sandra, and Susan had never been there before, and Robyn
only briefly, Kelly and Jan took delight in showing them around the house -
and particularly Mabel, and all the convenience features I'd built in.
Every time they saw a new feature, or went into a different room, I could
hear a collection of oh's and ah's. When they got back to the den, all the
newcomers had a vaguely overwhelmed look in their eyes - and, in turn,
looked at me as though I were some kind of benign Dr. Frankenstein. Of
course, Kelly and Jan had to show off the voice command system, and the
security system - at one point, I was obliged to go outside in just my
shirt and pants, so they could see the video monitor in action, and hear as
Mabel announced a visitor. Then Jan joined me, and they discovered that
Mabel could make educated guesses about the number of people at the door,
as well.

Once I was let back in - chilled, but okay - I had to explain to them
that Mabel only answered to me, Jan, and Kelly, but that Mabel would learn
to follow basic commands from all of them - lights, temperature, yes/no,
the intercom and phone, and so on. Following that, there was a
not-too-lengthy class, and we (Jan, Kelly, and I) managed to get them all
trained on using Mabel. Following that, each of them got to phone home -
using voice command, of course - and let their parents know that they'd
arrived okay. Jan showed off by dictating an email to Paul; a while later,
they were awed when Mabel not only announced she'd received a reply, but
read the message to her, as well. With the introduction to my house done,
Jan and Kelly got them all into the den, and explained the basic rules
about the sleepover - heavily emphasizing that my office was strictly
off-limits, and that if I couldn't be found in one of the rooms, I was in
my office, and *absolutely* NOT to be disturbed. While that was going on,
I went into the kitchen, and made them all some hot chocolate; by the time
it was ready, the lecture was nearly over. As I brought them their drinks,
Kelly added one last bit, something that surprised the hell out of me.

"We're all here for a sleepover", she said. "That means that at some
point, we're all going to be going to bed. Just exactly WHEN we go to bed
doesn't matter; what DOES matter is that we - _all_ of us - are free to get
ready for bed whenever we want. And even more, we're all free to wear
whatever we want, whenever we want, just like we were going to bed at home.
You all know Dan, so you know he's not going to stare, or try to grab you
or anything; so don't be afraid to wear as much or as little as you want,
whenever you want."

When she finished, there was a slight pause, and Robyn spoke up,
surprising both Kelly and Jan, and even more, me.

"I understand that, and I don't have any problem with it. After the way
he treated us during the last party we had, I trust him _completely_. But
Dan is still going to be here, and some of us may be topless or even naked;
and I wouldn't be surprised if accidents don't happen - like he'll turn
around with one of us behind him, and come in, uh, contact with us. Or
we'll bump into him, Or he'll be reaching for a drink or something, and not
see us, and accidentally put his hand on us. I trust him not to do it on
purpose or without permission. But I think we should all say something
about it, so that there isn't any mistake about it later. In fact, if
they'll give me a piece of paper and a pen, I'll be happy to write down
that I'm okay with it, and don't mind the risk of an accident."

When she was done, both Jan and Kelly looked at me, while I looked at
them. Kelly gave me a small shrug of her shoulders, letting me know that
she didn't know that Robyn was going to do anything like that.

Candice, Susan, and Sandra were quick to voice their agreement with what
Robyn had said, and after a brief glance at me - standing there like a
statue, holding a tray of hot chocolate - each asked Jan or Kelly for a
piece of paper and pen. While the paper and pens were retrieved, I served
the hot chocolate - and not one of them hesitated to look me in the eye.

When they'd gotten the paper and pens, there was a brief pause after
Susan asked, "Would it be better I printed it, or wrote it out?" Sandra
said "I think in our own handwriting would be better, to make it obvious
that we really wrote it." With that, all four of them began writing, with
the occasional pause for a sip of chocolate. As each finished, she brought
her note over to where I was sitting, and handed it to me before sitting
down again.

Robyn: "I am at a slumber party being held in the home of Dan Marshall.
My friends Jan and Kelly are holding this party, and Mr. Marshall is here
to ensure our safety and security. Because this is a slumber party, I will
be wearing little clothing. Any physical contact between Mr. Marshall and
me is either accidental, or with my permission. (Signed) Robyn Carson

Candice: "I am at a slumber party being held by my friends Kelly and
Jan. It is in the home of Kelly's boyfriend, Dan Marshall. Mr. Marshall
is here to make sure that we don't get into any trouble. Since it is a
slumber party, I will be wearing my nightclothes, and if Mr. Marshall
touches me, I trust that it is accidental and do not object. (Signed)
Candice Towers

Susan: "Mr. Marshall is the boyfriend of my friend Kelly, and he is
letting us use his house for a slumber party hosted by Kelly and another
one of my friends, Jan. I trust Mr. Marshall, even if I am in my
nightgown for the slumber party. If he touches me, it is by accident or by
my request. (Signed) Susan Moore

Sandra: "Kelly and Jan are having a slumber party at Kelly's boyfriends
house, Mr. Marshall. It is a slumber party, and I will be in my nightie,
but I know that Mr. Marshall will not touch me except by accident, or
because I asked him to. (Signed) Sandra Kindrick

When they were all done, I looked at them, and nodded, saying "Thank
you. I don't think we needed these, but since you've been kind enough to
write them, I'll accept them in the spirit they were intended. Robyn, I'd
like to thank you in particular for your vote of confidence, and

At being singled out that way, Robyn blushed slightly, but continued to
look right into my eyes.

I told them "I'm sure all of you have things you want to talk about, so
I'll go back into my office for a little while; I'm not going to be working
on anything important, so if you get to the point where you don't mind
having me around, you can reach me on the intercom. Supper is whenever you
get hungry, and there are plenty of snacks in the kitchen and drinks in the
fridge. Help yourselves."

With that, I got up and went back into my office, where Kelly joined me
a few seconds later.

"What was that all about?" I asked her.

"What was all what about?"

"That bit about it being a slumber party, and what they did or didn't

She blushed a bit, and said "Jan and I are so used to going nude or
wearing only panties around you that we didn't want to have to stay dressed
just because a bunch of our friends are around. So we decided on the
wear-what-you-want idea as a way to let us stay comfortable, and let the
others do what they want, too."

"And I take it that that bit with Robyn was as much of a surprise to you
as it was to me?"

"You better believe it! I wish I'd thought of it!" she answered.

"Okay. It looks like she'd trying to make good on her promise to 'do
right' by us. I'll ask her what's going on later. Go on back, and have
fun; give me a call when you're ready to have me around again."

She grinned at me, and gave me a kiss before heading back toward the
den. I closed the office door, and sat down to get some paperwork and other
administrivia done - _after_ I put the notes from the girls in a safe

---------- ---------- ---------

It was a little after six o'clock when Jan finally called me on the

"We're hungry, and we thought you might want to have a vote on what we
have for supper", she warned me.

"Whatever you want is fine with me. Or do you already have something in
mind, and just need me to pay for it?" I asked, and heard a chorus of
giggles in reply.

"We kinda made up our minds, but wanted to make sure you got some, too.
But now that you offered to pay, we accept!" from Kelly, again accompanied
by laughter.

"Okay, I'll be there in just a minute. What are we having?"

"Pizza!" was the chorus.

"Okay, go ahead and order it while I get finished up in here."

When I got to the den, I saw that all of them had taken off their shoes,
and the couple that had worn sweaters had removed them, as well.

"Uh, Dan, could we have a fire in the fireplace?" Candice asked me. A
chorus of agreement followed her request.

"Sure, I suppose we could - be kind of nice, on a night like this." I
answered. While we waited for the pizza, I got some wood going in the
fireplace; by the time it arrived, we had a nice blaze going.

I paid for the pizza, and in my best Grinch imitation, I told them "It's
going to get colder tonight, and we don't have a lot of wood in here.
Nobody eats until _each_ of you brings in *two* pieces of wood - and I
don't mean the little kindling stuff, either! Jan or Kelly know what I
mean, so if you're really hungry, you'd better get moving!"

They all cheerfully made grumbling noises, but didn't hesitate to put on
their shoes, and open the patio door, heading out to retrieve their
allotted two pieces of firewood. It wasn't but a couple of minutes before
they were all back in. With the wood handy, and their shoes off again,
they dove into the assorted pizzas they'd ordered.

Much to my surprise, between the lot of us, we managed to dispose of
nearly all of 3 large pizzas; only when I went to put the leftovers away
did I find that 2 boxes only held one slice each, and the third box had 2
slices. I looked at them in mock fear, saying "Dear God! I'm glad I don't
have to feed all of you ALL the time! I'd go broke!" - causing some mild
indignation until they realized I was teasing, then laughter.

Once the supper clutter was put away, I sat down on the end of the
couch, and asked the girls what was next on the agenda. All of them shared
a Look before Susan spoke up, saying "Uh, we were kind of hoping that we
could all kind of sit around and talk about stuff."

"I'll guess that from the looks you shared, that I'm included in the
'all' part?", I asked.

They all nodded, and I followed up by saying "You said that you wanted
to talk about 'stuff' - that's a pretty open range of subjects. Did you
have something in particular in mind?" - pretty much knowing that they
wanted to talk about some aspect of sex, but wanting to confirm it.

Candice spoke up, telling me "Uh, actually, we kinda wanted to talk to
you about, um, boys and girls and sex and stuff like that.", blushing.

A couple of the others blushed as well, before adding their assent.

I sighed, and told them "First, I'm not a boy - I'm a middle-aged
engineer. Second, what I think about sex and all of that is probably
different than what most people do. Third, I'm not all that sure your
parents would appreciate us talking about this subject. But if you really
want to know what I think about it, then I guess I can answer your
questions - but you have to understand that no matter what *I* think, it's
still up to you to make up your own minds and make your own decisions."

At that, Robyn piped up with "I think we all know that, Dan. But after
you talked to us after the, uh, fashion show, you were honest and patient
with us, and weren't afraid to tell us what you thought about different
things. I don't know about Candice and Susan and Sandra, but I figured out
that most of what you told us then made sense; and some of it has even
helped me. I've seen the change in Kelly since she met you and has spent
so much time with you, and how much you've been able to help Jan. As nice
as they were before, they're somehow _better_ now, and I want to be better
like them, too."

The other three visitors added their agreement.

"You understand that if we start talking about girls and boys and sex
and all that, there's a pretty good chance that the discussion will get,
uh, intimate? And that if one of you asks a question, I may have to ask
YOU some questions in return before I understand what it is you want to
know? And that the questions I ask may mean that you have to talk about
things that are pretty personal?"

All of them nodded.

"I have to be absolutely sure that you really _understand_ that once a
question is asked, it can't be taken back; and that the talk may get a lot
more personal and private than you're used to. Even the questions YOU ask
will reveal something about what you know and what you think."

"I know that. I have to admit that it's kind of scary, but it's even
MORE scary to me to not *know*", Robyn offered.

"If you really believe that you want to talk about it, and if you're
really sure that you're willing to take the chance of being embarrassed,
then I guess I can answer your questions the best I can."

At that, Susan stood up, and said "What Robyn said goes for me, too. I
don't *know* about this stuff - at least, not the way I want to. It _is_
scary, and there's a lot about it that I _don't_ understand. But I trust
you, Dan - not just because of what you did for me about Phil, but because
of how happy you've made Kelly, and the way you talked to us last time. If
there's a chance that I'm going to be embarrassed - and I think that's a
pretty safe bet for all of us! - then I'm damn well going to get it out of
the way, and be done with it!". With a brief glance at the others, she
stepped to the side and preceded to start undressing - right there in front
of all of us, her eyes firmly locked on mine. First her blouse, then her
skirt, went onto a neat pile she made at the end of the couch; following
that were the rest of her clothes - with only a brief pause as she removed
her bra, and none when she slid her panties down her legs before kicking
them over to join the rest of her clothes. Blushing only slightly, she
moved back over in front of me before sitting down in the spot she'd
occupied before.

When Susan had reached back to unhook her bra, Robyn had stood, too, and
moved over next to her to start taking her clothes off, as well. After
only a few moments, Candice and Sandra had joined them, so that in only a
few minutes all four of them were seated, wearing only varying degrees of
blushes and different expressions, on the floor in front of me.

While all of that was going on, Jan and Kelly and I could only look at
each other in surprise at the suddenness of it, and the direct approach
that Susan had taken.

As Sandra dropped her panties on the pile with her other clothes, Jan
and Kelly both stood up, and followed their example - as much to put them
at ease as to reassure them, I suspected. As Kelly moved back over to sit
next to me on the couch, Sandra gestured to her, and the two of them held a
brief whispered conversation. When Jan was seated next to me, on the side
opposite Kelly, Sandra spoke up.

"Um, Dan?"


"It would, uh, be okay with me if you, um, wanted to be naked, too. I
mean, I wouldn't mind, and since we're all naked, it would be a little more
fair, you know?" she told me.

The other three on the floor hesitated a moment, then added their

She had a point, so there wasn't anything for me to do but join them -
doing just as they had by moving to where I could put my things and
undressing in front of them, making no effort to turn away or cover
anything up. There was a small collective gasp from our guests when I
finally pulled by briefs down, but otherwise, they had no noticeable
reaction. As I moved back to the couch, though, I did notice that there
were four pairs of eyes focused on an area below my waist. Only when I sat
down did they make eye contact with me again - and every one of them
blushing slightly when they realized I knew where they'd been looking.

It was Robyn that had the courage to get the conversation started.

"Dan, do all men's, uh, penises, look like yours?" she asked.

"Not exactly, but there isn't much difference, either. Some are larger,
some are smaller, but the basics are pretty much the same."

Here, Kelly joined in, explaining to them about circumcisions, and how
some men had them and some didn't. At the point where she told them about
the removal of part of the foreskin, all of them looked at me, followed by
a blush, before returning their attention to what Kelly was telling them.

When Kelly finished, I took the initiative, telling them "Just so there
isn't any confusion, and to maybe help you all relax a little, let's make
sure that we're all using the same words for the same things. A man's
penis can also be called a dick, cock, rod, love muscle, or pecker. A
woman's vagina can be her cunt, hole, slot, gash, or pussy. Her clitoris
can be her clit, love button, or 'little man in a boat'. A man's testicles
can also be called his balls or nuts. Having sex can be boinking, fucking,
laying pipe, humping, or gettin' it on. Feel free to use any or all of
these words, whatever makes you feel comfortable and you're familiar with.
Penis and vagina and clitoris and testicles are the polite or medical
terms, but the others will do, too."

After that, Jan spoke up, saying, "Uncle Dan, it might help if we got
the, uh, anatomy part of things out of the way. I mean, it we all knew the
same things about the same parts, the rest of it would probably make more

Seeing the looks of mild confusion on the faces of our guests, Kelly
volunteered, "What she's talking about is what Jan and I call an anatomy
lesson. That's where you find out what you *really* look like between your
legs, and you get to find out what a guy looks like and even feels like.
When he did it with Jan, and me Dan used some drawings he had so we could
see how we were the same and how we were different, and how he was the same
and how he was different. If you're interested, we can do that, and maybe
even use each other for an even better comparison."

The four on the floor looked at each other, and after a little
hesitation, Candice spoke up, saying "Uh, that's probably a good idea.
I've, um, looked at myself, but couldn't really be sure of what I was
seeing, or what it meant."

Jan spoke up again, telling them "I'm not ashamed to let you look at me,
if it will help."

Kelly voiced her agreement and support, as well.

Satisfied that they weren't going to be doing it alone, the rest agreed.
As I went into my office to get a couple drawings off the net, Jan and
Kelly got things organized in the den. On my way back to the den, Jan
passed me, saying only "Mirror". When I got to the den, Kelly told me
"Some of them are a little nervous about you touching them, so if it's
okay, Jan and I will do it, and you can add anything we forget."

I smiled at all of them as I handed Kelly the drawings, and said "Of
course. Whatever makes you comfortable." before sitting on the couch,
careful to locate myself so that I was available, but not overtly looking
at what was going on.

When Jan rejoined us, she sat on the floor, her back resting against the
couch. Pulling her knees up, she readily exposed herself to the others,
patently unashamed or embarrassed by her position. That seemed to help the
others relax, so that when Kelly started out with a brief comparison of Jan
to the drawings, they were over their initial hesitation. When she
finished, Kelly handed the drawings to Jan, and the two of them reversed
positions, with Jan now acting as the guide and Kelly the live exhibit.
They handled the situation admirably - nonchalant enough to help the others
to relax, but attentive and familiar enough to be able to make the points
that needed to be made - and doing so without any need for me to add to
their commentary and instruction.

That done, each of the guests assumed the position against the couch,
and received personal guidance from Kelly and Jan via mirror, with the
others looking on. All told, the session was the casual learning
experience it should have been.

When it came time for the male anatomy instruction, Kelly and Jan simply
had me lay on the floor, and continued their lessons - giving each of our
guests the chance to touch and manipulate me. Of course, the inevitable
and involuntary reaction happened, and the two of them simply took the
chance to include it into the lesson without any muss or fuss. Having me
in such a passive and non-threatening position seemed to reassure the
students tremendously, so by the time the lessons ended, they were visibly
relaxed and at ease. Over the next several minutes, every one of them
gradually got to the point where the nudity was taken for granted - a
non-issue, as it were: not ignoring it, but simply indifferent to it.

When the lessons concluded, we all reclaimed the seats we'd had.

Susan was the first to field a question; "Does it hurt when you have

I couldn't resist the temptation, and said "No, not for me!" - and
getting a chorus of laughter before Jan answered, "For me, it did, a
_little_, the first time. After that, no, not a bit."

Kelly followed up, saying "It didn't hurt, but it was a little
uncomfortable at first. But it didn't take me long to get used to it,
either. I think it was just the newness of having someone inside me like
that that made it feel that way; since then, it's _wonderful_!" earning
herself a set of grins.

At that point, I felt I had something worthwhile to contribute, telling
them "I don't think it *has* to hurt as much as you've maybe heard. If
both you and the guy take your time, and only go as fast as you're
comfortable with, and they guy is patient, there's no reason it should hurt that much. Too, there's the question of how you are inside; sometimes,
your maidenhead - your 'cherry' - is thin and soft, and it isn't difficult
to break it. Other times, it's thicker and tougher; if that happens, then
you just need to take it slower and be more patient, and you can get past
it without as much pain. There's no telling in advance how it will go for
you, so the thing to do is only go as fast as you're comfortable with,

Kelly and Jan shared a look before Kelly added "Dan was my first, just
like he was for Jan. With both of us, he was as patient and gentle and
careful as either one of us could have wanted. He helped me relax, and
before he even *tried* to be inside me, he gave me orgasms and made me feel
good about what we were doing."

Jan added "For both of us, he let *us* be on top, so that WE controlled
what happened. That helped a _lot_, knowing that he wasn't going to just
push his way in without caring what happened to us. It was *me* that told
_him_ that I wanted him inside me, and he did everything I could have
wanted to make sure I was ready; I was *so* excited and wet inside when we
finally started!"

"What did he do?" from Candice.

Again, Kelly and Jan shared a look before Jan answered "He started with
me before he did with Kelly; Uncle Dan is the one that helped me learn the
sex education stuff that I told you about. Every time I had a question, I
could ask him, and he would give me an honest answer without making me feel
bad. When I was ready, he was able to help me learn what kinds of things
made me feel good, and what made HIM feel good. So when I was finally
ready to stop being a virgin, he was able to get me *so* excited. He
touched me on my breasts and between my legs, he played with my breasts and
sucked on them and licked them, and even used his mouth on me between my

"Wasn't that kinda, you know, gross?" Susan asked.

"Not a bit", Jan answered, "I had touched myself there before, and he
had touched me there, too, so it wasn't any big deal - except for how good
it felt! While he was teaching me about sex, I got to find out what I
smelled like, and even what I tasted like, there in my vagina. It felt
good when _I_ did myself, and it was absolutely WONDERFUL when *he* did

"Maybe you think that what's between your legs is something bad, or
something you're supposed to be ashamed of. But what Dan has shown Jan and
me is that it *isn't*. Being touched there feels good, and when someone
you love does it, it feels even better. If the _feeling_ is good,
physically, and you love the person, then HOW they do it doesn't matter.",
Kelly offered.

Robyn asked, "You said that you learned what made HIM feel good, too.
What did you mean?"

Jan looked her right in the eye, and said "Dan likes a lot of the stuff
that we do - being touched, not just on his penis, but about anywhere on
his body. Just like he liked to use his mouth on me, I found out that I
like to use my mouth on HIM. It's not gross or anything; in fact, knowing
that I can make him happy and excited by doing that, it makes ME excited,

"What happens when he, uh, shoots his stuff?" Sandra asked.

Kelly answered, telling her "When he's inside me, I can feel it - there
are six or seven spurts when it happens, and it makes me feel even warmer
and slippery inside. Knowing that I've been able to make him feel as good
as I do when *I* have an orgasm makes me really happy. It feels so good
when we're making love that I like to use my mouth on him before, so that
he has a climax, and make love longer before he climaxes again. When he
shoots in my mouth, it doesn't have much flavor - just a little thick, and
a little bit salty. I like it, though, and swallow all of it he gives me."

Seeing the dubious looks on their faces, Jan chipped in, as well: "It's
true. I do it, too, and I *do* like it, for the same reasons. I'm not
telling you that you HAVE to do it, or even that you SHOULD do it; just be
willing to TRY it, and see if YOU like it, that's all."

Again, I tossed in my nickel's worth (inflation, you know): "How many of
you like wine?" - not all of them did - "Maybe you didn't like it the first
time you tried it. But you tried it anyway, didn't you? THEN you decided
whether or not you liked it - but only AFTER that first experience. It's a
little bit like the same thing: you can't really be sure if you like
something or not until you actually try it - maybe even two or three or
more times. You might find out it was just that one wine, and the rest
will be good, or you'll decide that you don't like _any_ wine - but you
won't know until you TRY."

Then Susan asked, "Don't the two of you mind, uh, sharing him? What
happens if one of you wants him when the other one does?"

Jan spoke up first, saying "I've known - and loved - Uncle Dan longer
than Kelly has. But the love I feel for him is different than what Kelly
feels for him. To me, he's like a part of my family - he's always been
there when I've needed someone or something. But I know that he isn't
someone that I can spend the rest of my life with - even if I wanted to.
He knows how I feel, and loves me anyway. I've known Kelly almost as long,
and I know what her family life was like. Uncle Dan is the kind of person
that Kelly deserves, and Kelly is the kind of person that Uncle Dan
deserves. I'm *happy* to see them together; I think they're perfect for
each other. So it doesn't bother me that Kelly gets to have him more than
I do. That's because I know that he still loves ME, too, as much as he
does Kelly, but in a different way. And I love Kelly, just like I love
Uncle Dan, but in a different way. Because I love her, and love Uncle Dan,
I don't mind them being together and making love - because I know they love
me, too, in their way."

Kelly added "I do love Jan, in a different way than I love Dan. I know
that Dan isn't going to stop loving me the way he does just because Jan
shares his bed sometimes. And because Dan makes me so happy, and I love
Jan, I want her to feel the happiness she gets from Dan, just like she
wants me to feel the happiness *I* get from him. All three of us love each
other. It's in different ways, but it's still LOVE. And because we love
each other, we're willing to share that love - and our time and our
patience and our affection. Jan doesn't ask for him that much, so it's no
problem for me for them to be together sometimes. But even if she wanted
to move in here and spend ALL her time with us, it would be okay - BECAUSE
I love them, and trust them, and respect them."

Here, too, I felt I had something to contribute.

"They're both right - I do love them, equally, but each in their own
way. Please understand that love - from the heart AND mind - isn't
something that you only have a little bit of. It's something that you
_always_ have enough of for the people that you care about. Think about
the people that YOU love most: do you love them in exactly the same way, or
do you love them even a little bit differently? Do you love one more than
the other, or equally? Do you think that the love you have for them is all
the loving you can do, or do you think you could love another person IN
ADDITION TO them? That's the kind of love I feel for Kelly and Jan - but
with the additional aspect that our love isn't just emotional, but physical
and intellectual, as well."

Kelly followed me by telling them "As for what happens when both of us
want him, we share him. Yes, I mean that both of us make love with him at
the same time. Jan and I love and care for each other, and trust each
other, so we're not afraid or ashamed to be with him together. And because
he DOES love both of us, equally, he's able to make both of us happy,
emotionally AND physically."

Seeing the looks on their faces, Jan felt obliged to inform them
"Understand this: Uncle Dan has _shown_ us that love is patience and
understanding and caring. When the three of us make love together, it
doesn't MATTER who has more orgasms, or who does what with whom, as long as
all three of us are HAPPY. Kelly and I _know_ that Uncle Dan loves us,
equally, so there's no reason for us to compete for orgasms or to see which
one of us can make him happy - we both know that we DO make him happy, and
that's all that matters. If Dan and Kelly are happy, then I'm happy; if
Dan and I are happy, then Kelly is happy; and if Kelly and I are happy,
then Dan is happy. If one of us is unhappy for some reason, then the other
two join together to make that person feel good again, because we all love
each other. Understand?"

Robyn, with a puzzled look on her face, asked us "I'm not sure if I
really understand what the three of you mean by 'love'. Can you explain it
to me?"

Jan and Kelly looked at each other, then me, indicating that they wanted
me to explain first.

"What the three of us consider love to be is so simple, that it can only
be explained in a complicated way, really." Turning to Susan, I asked her
"Susan, would you say that you love me?"

She thought about it for a moment, and then said, "Yes, I guess I do, a
little bit."

"Why?" I asked.

It shook her up a bit, and she had to think about it before she could
say "Because you helped me with Phil. Because you've always been nice to
me, and don't talk to me like I'm a little kid. Because you've made my
friends Jan and Kelly happy. Because you help me feel good about myself.",
she answered.

"Would you be surprised to know that I love you, too, a little?"

Again, she thought a moment before answering "No, not really."


"Because of all the things that you do that make me feel good."

"Did you love Phil?"

"Yes, at first; but not at the end."


"At first, he seemed so strong and acted like he cared about me,"

"Do you think Phil loved YOU?"



"He never seemed to want to do anything with me; he just wanted what HE

"So you started by loving Phil because you thought you saw things in him
that you liked, and when you found out that they weren't really there,
didn't love him any more?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"And you figured out that Phil didn't love you because he didn't respect
the things in your heart and mind that made you love him?"

"Yeah, I suppose."

"So you started loving Phil because of the good things - the values -
that you saw in him. And you didn't love him as much when you found out
those good things - those values - weren't there?"


"And you stopped loving him when he didn't respect the good things - the
values - that you knew you had inside yourself?"


"You started loving me when you saw the good things - the values - that
I have inside?"


"And you know that I recognize and respect the good things - the values
- that you have inside, and respond to them with my love?"


"You started out loving Phil, then me. You stopped loving Phil, but
still love me. Correct?"

"Yeah...." - she wasn't sure where this was going.

"What is the difference between me and Phil? Think about the questions
I just asked, and what your answers were."

She did think about it for a bit before her face sort of lit up, and she
said, "I gave Phil good, and he never gave it back. You do."

When she said that, the other 3 started to get it, too. Jan and Kelly
were already beaming.

"So when you tried to trade your good values with Phil, he kept what you
had to offer, but gave nothing in return. When you offer to trade your
good values with ME, I give you mine. I trade good values with you, and
Phil didn't."

"Yeah! That's it!", she responded - and again, Robyn, Sandra, and
Candice brightened a bit with the revelation.

"The other difference is that I don't _demand_ anything from you, the
way Phil did, do I? I accept what you offer me, and offer you an equal
value from me, correct?"

"That's right."

"But you only love me a little bit, right? Just as you know I love you
a little bit?"

"That's true."

"But you haven't offered me *everything* that is inside you, either,
have you? You haven't offered me the BEST that you know is inside you."

"No, I haven't", she said.

"And you know that I haven't offered YOU the best that is inside of ME."

"Yeah, I know that."

"So, what we feel for each other is a little bit of love - let's call it
affection - because we have exchanged some of the good that each of us has.
We have _traded_ some of the good we have with each other, and the result
has been the affection we feel. Now, if we traded the very BEST that we
have inside, don't you think the degree of love would increase, too?"

Four faces got thoughtful for a few moments before the sun of
understanding, of _knowing_, illuminated them. Bingo.

I went on, saying, "What is valuable to each person, and how valuable it
is, is something that only THEY can decide. And each person must decide
for themselves whether or not they are getting enough value in return for
what they offer of themselves. Love isn't just an emotional state; it's
the instant total of a lot of the _intellectual_ values that you have, too.
These can include respect, honor, trustworthiness, integrity, intelligence,
caring, and a lot more, in varying degrees. Now, when you see how other
people react to each other, you can understand what values they are
exchanging, and know how much love there is between them by how much they
value what they offer and receive. And most important, you can _respect_
the choices they make, and honor them."

With this new understanding, the four of them looked at Jan and Kelly.
It was Kelly who spoke first, telling them "NOW you know, at least a little
bit, how Jan and I can share Dan so easily, and with so little difficulty -
not just with each other, but with you, as well. The three of us can share
so easily because of the tremendous trust we have for each other, and the
integrity and caring that each of us possesses. I trust Dan with Jan
because I know that both of them will give ME the trust that I give them,
and I care about both of them because I know that both of them care about
ME, to the same degree."

Jan added "We know that we can trust Dan with you because of HIS
integrity and honor, as well - we KNOW that his judgment is good because he
values US for OUR judgment. So if it happens that any or all of you happen
to gain the affection of one of us, you will have the other's affection,
too, for the same reasons. If that affection is physical, too, then all
the better - but it isn't a _necessity_ with us. I'm not upset or jealous
when Dan is with Kelly, and Kelly isn't jealous or upset when I'm with Dan
- and Dan isn't upset or jealous when Kelly and I are together."

It took a few seconds before that last part sank into their
consciousness. When it did, all four of them couldn't help but stare,
their gazes moving between Jan, Kelly, and me.

"You mean.... You two have.... REALLY?", from Candice.

Jan and Kelly both smiled, and Jan told them "Yes, us two, really." I
simply sat there with a "So, what's the problem?" expression.

It was Sandra that spoke next, saying "EEEEEwwwww! How COULD you?"

Kelly responded by saying "Easy. When Dan did it, it felt good. After
he's used his mouth on me, we've kissed, and I've tasted myself and it
wasn't gross or disgusting or anything."

Robyn spoke up, saying, "Yeah, but you're both GIRLS, and Dan's a GUY!"

Jan answered with a challenge, telling her "Maybe so, but I'll be that
if you were blindfolded and Dan kissed your body, then one of us kissed the
same place, you couldn't tell the difference!"

"I'll bet I could, too!"

"Want to try it, then?", Jan asked, with a grin.

Robyn paused a bit, and then said, "Okay, I will!"

Here, I spoke up, saying "And if you're wrong, and can't tell the

That made her think it over before telling us "If I'm wrong, and can't
tell the difference, then either one of you can do what you want to with
me, and I'll do the same thing to you. But if I CAN tell the difference,
then you have to admit that what you did was wrong."

Kelly and Jan looked at each other, and smiled, before Jan accepted the
challenge: "Deal."

Kelly followed her by saying "Do any of the rest of you want to take the
Pepsi Challenge, too?"

The other three looked at each other for a bit, and by mutual accord,
accepted. Looking at me, Susan asked, "How do we do this?"

"Simple. The testee gets blindfolded. The other three are witnesses
while any of Jan, Kelly, or I do the kissing."

"Why all three of you?", Robyn asked.

"Easy - if it's me and one of them, you've got a 50-50 chance of being
right, even if you guess. If it's any of the three of us, you have to
KNOW, like you claim you can."

It was a valid point, so they agreed to it. Since Robyn was the most
vocal about it, she was the first to be blindfolded, after Jan went and got
one of the large bandanas I wore when doing yard work.

Once Robyn's eyes were covered, and it was established that she couldn't
see through the bandana, we were ready for the test. Jan, Kelly, and I had
moved down to the floor so that the sound of us getting up wouldn't betray
who we were.

The first kiss was from Kelly, who elected to kiss the upper slope of
Robyn's left breast. A few seconds later, I did the same.

Without removing the blindfold, Jan asked Robyn to say which kiss had
been by which sex.

Robyn turned her head from side to side as she thought about it for
several moments. Then her head stopped moving, but she still didn't answer
the question. Another minute went by, and it was Susan who repeated it,
asking "Boy or girl, Robyn? First or second?"

After another couple of minutes, Robyn finally spoke, admitting, "I
can't tell for sure. I *think* it was Dan that kissed me first, but I
don't know who kissed me second."

With that, she removed the blindfold, and with a little uncertainty on
her face, asked what had really happened. Candice broke the news to her
that it had been Kelly first, then me.

Next up was Susan. Blindfolded, we gave her several seconds to get used
to having it on before Jan kissed her on the cheek, and a few seconds
later, Kelly.

Susan, too, turned her head for several seconds, but finally admitted
she had no idea.

Once the blindfold was removed, Robyn told her what had happened.

Then Candice volunteered, and was duly blindfolded. Again, she was
given time to get used to it before the test began. This time, I went
first, kissing her softly on the throat, and a few seconds later, doing it

No head movement from her, but it was nearly a minute before she told us
"I _think_ it was the same person both times; but boy or girl I couldn't

Off with the blindfold, and Sandra told her that it had been me both
times - earning me a rather significant look from Candice.

Finally, Sandra had her eyes covered, and got the time to adjust to the
blindfold. This time, I went first again, kissing her on the point of her
shoulder. A few seconds later, Jan did the same. Sandra moved her head
from side to side for a bit, and finally ventured a guess: "Uh, girl first,
boy second?"

Her eyes were uncovered, and Kelly told her that it had been me, then

In light of the results, all four of them sat there for a couple of
minutes, thinking about what had just happened, and what it meant.

Finally, Robyn spoke up, saying, "Well, a bet is a bet, and I lost. I
learned something, but I still lost. Who wants to start where?", with a
wry grin and determined look on her face.

I quickly spoke up, telling her "Robyn, it's not a contest where anybody
loses anything. You just learned something, and that was the whole point
of it. I don't think anybody here is going to _make_ you do anything
you're not comfortable with."

She smiled at what I'd said, and replied "Yeah, I did learn. And I
appreciate the not-forcing thing; but I really want to find out if it means
as much as I thought it did."

I smiled back at her, and told her "Okay, then. Close your eyes, and
keep them closed until I tell you you can open them."

She did, and I leaned in to give her a kiss on the lips - and with only
a little prompting, one that expanded into a mutual tongue-massage.

When the kiss broke, I sat back, and said, "Now keep your eyes closed
while you think about whether or not you liked that."

She did, and a minute later, Kelly leaned forward, collecting her own
kiss. Hers lasted a little longer than mine had, but both of them broke
apart readily enough.

When Kelly had sat back, I told Robyn "That was the second kiss. Think
about whether it was better, worse, or equal to the first.", and let her
think about it for a couple minutes, until Jan indicated she wanted to join

"Now, you're going to get another one. Remember to keep your eyes
closed until I say you can open them, but make sure you really _experience_
the next kiss."

A few moments later, Robyn and Jan were in a lip lock - and a bit later,
exploring each other's tonsils. I saw Jan's hand come up, and cup Robyn's'
breast, causing her to start just a bit before letting it continue. After
a few seconds, I finally told her "Okay, Robyn, you can open your eyes."

She did, briefly - but when she saw it was Jan kissing her, quickly shut
them again, and continued the kiss, and even moved her hand up to caress
Jan's breast, in return.

As we all watched, they continued for a couple more minutes, each
touching and caressing the other's breast, and clearly enjoying their
experience. Finally, though, they separated - both of them clearly
reluctant to break apart.

Looking at each of us in turn, Robyn said, "All the kisses felt good. I
don't know who kissed first, and who kissed second; they were both great.
You're right - regardless of who does it, the physical sensation feels
good." - and went on to lean over to Kelly, and collect a kiss that
appeared to be every bit as involved as what she'd just shared with Jan.

With that, Candice didn't hesitate to move over toward me, saying, "If
you can kiss me like that when I'm not looking, I want to find out what you
can _really_ do!" before planting herself almost in my lap and her lips on
mine. Thus encouraged, I didn't hesitate to give her my best shot - and
she didn't seem to hold back, either. In only a couple of seconds, our
tongues were in each other's mouths, and seconds after that, she took my
hands and pulled them up to her breasts - giving me permission to hold them
for a bit, as I explored their weight and texture before I started
caressing them, and rubbing my thumbs over her nipples, feeling them erect
as I did.

When we finally separated, both of her nipples were visibly erect, and
she was clearly aroused. Between pants, she managed to tell me "Damn! I
don't know whether to be sorry I waited so long, or glad that I started
with you!"

I smiled and nodded my head at the compliment, telling her "Either or
both is fine. Just do what feels comfortable, and you'll do fine."

With that, she turned her head, and saw that Jan had been watching us, a
smile on her face. Without hesitation, Candice moved to her, and they
began their own explorations.

Robyn and Kelly had finally come up for air, and Susan quickly moved
over to them, collecting a hesitant kiss from each of them. Before long,
all three were sharing time with each other - two would kiss and caress
while the third showered both of them with soft, gentle touches, savoring
the new experience.

With my lap again clear, Sandra came over to me, and after a bit of
hesitation, sat in my lap, her legs on each side of mine. My penis had
gotten semi-erect during my time with Candice; enough so that there wasn't
a doubt in my mind that she could feel it as it softly pressed against her

Putting her arms around me, she put her head on my shoulder, and
whispered in my ear "Are you going to make love with me? To teach me what
it's really like to be a woman?"

I gently pushed her back, so that I could look into her face as I told
her "If you're ready for it, I _can_. But the final decision is YOURS, not
mine. It isn't something you have to do, or even should do, either here
and now, or later, with me or with someone else. It's up to YOU to decide
when you're ready, and how you want it to happen, and with who. If you
decide that you want me to help guide you, I would be honored - whether
it's only to guide you part of the way, or to complete the journey with
you. The choice is yours, and that final step isn't here yet. You can stop
anywhere you want, at any time, by just saying the word 'no' - and I, and
everyone else, will respect that decision, and not think badly of you.
That is one of the most basic of rules in this house: each person has to
make their own decisions, for their own reasons, and everyone else must
respect those choices. You have the freedom to make any choice you want;
and the responsibility of making sure that choice is right for YOU, and no
one else."

She smiled at me, and said "That's what I needed to hear. I know I can
trust you. I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I'm sure I'm
ready; the only thing I wasn't sure about was the 'who' - and you've
settled that. As far as I'm concerned, the only questions left are when
and where. My choice would be now and here."

"You might want to check with Kelly and Jan on that. I don't know if
they would object, but they might have other plans.", I told her.

"Oh, I would! They're my _friends_, and I'd never do anything like that
without checking with them first!", she replied.

Satisfied that she wasn't going to be summarily refused, she leaned in
again and hugged me before pulling my hands up to her breasts. With them
in my hand, she put her hands on my shoulders, and moved in to kiss me -
and in the process, making sure I knew that she was quite serious about
wanting us to make love as I caressed her breasts and body.

By the time we broke our kiss, the others had gotten through the initial
flurry of activity, and were sitting back, watching us. To Sandra's
surprise, Kelly and Jan were both looking at us, smiling - and clearly
without any jealousy or upset.

Looking at them, then the rest, she told them "I decided some time ago
that I wanted to find out what it was like to make _love_, and lose my
virginity. Talking to us tonight, Dan made me realize that he was just the
kind of person that I wanted. I asked him if he would make love to me, and
make me a woman. He said that he was honored, and willing; but that I
needed to check with Jan and Kelly. He also told me that he didn't know if
they would object, but that they might have other plans. So I'd like to
ask them if they mind if I, uh, 'borrow' him for a little while, and ask
what they have in mind for the rest of us tonight. As much as I want Dan
to be my first, I don't want to miss out on finding out what another woman
is like, either."

The last part of her statement first surprised the other three guests,
and then made them smile as they looked at each other. Kelly and Jan
exchanged a glance, then looked at me for a bit before Kelly spoke.

"We - Jan and I - talked to Dan about the possibility that somebody
might want to have what we called 'lessons' from him. He told us that he
was agreeable, but that he was NOT going to push for it, and that he would
be _extremely_ reluctant about making love with anyone unless he was sure
they were ready.", she said.

She went on, saying "Like I said before, Jan and I _trust_ him, just
like he trusts us. If any of you want to 'borrow' him, as Sandra said,
it's okay with us - just be careful not to use him all up, so that the rest
of us can have some fun, too!", with a smile.

Jan spoke next, saying, "Kelly's right - we don't mind if you want to
learn from him. We understand that some of you may be more shy than
others, so if you want to go into one of the bedrooms, that's fine - if the
bedroom door is closed, no one will disturb you; if it's open, you're
taking the chance that one of the rest of us may join you. Sandra spoke up
first, so she gets to have him first; when she's done, we'll talk with him
and find out if anyone else is interested, too. None of us cares what you
do or don't do with him; the only reason we want to talk is to make sure
that there aren't any problems with who gets him when."

Sandra spoke up again, asking, "You said we didn't want to 'use him up'.
Uh, how much is enough, and how much is too much?"

That seemed to be something Kelly and Jan hadn't considered. When they
didn't say anything for a bit, I offered the idea I'd had.

"Uh, not to brag or anything, but I can delay having a climax for a
while. How about if anyone interested can have me until I climax?", I

Kelly and Jan thought about that for a minute, and finally Jan said
"Yeah, that sounds pretty good - Uncle Dan can usually hold off until Kelly
or I have had at least one orgasm, and usually a couple."

Kelly had her own suggestion, though, saying "Yeah, that's about right -
but we both know it's easier on him if he's already had one, too. Uh, how
about if Jan and I give him one, first, so that he lasts longer after that?
If you want, I think we can even do it here, so you can see what's going on
with making love, and have some idea of what YOU want to do with him."

The offer seemed to surprise our guests (almost as much as it did me!),
but they readily agreed to it - as much out of a wish to see what happened
as the desire to be 'fair'.

Sandra readily climbed off my lap, and took a seat on the floor, facing
the couch. Jan and Kelly quickly moved up to sit next to me, one on each
side. After they exchanged a glance, it was Jan that leaned over to grasp
my penis, and take it into her mouth. The other four watched in rapt
attention as she began sucking on me, and caressing my testicles while
Kelly and I started kissing as I caressed her breasts and nipples.

All things considered, it didn't take long before I was fully erect.
When I was, Jan didn't seem to hesitate to slide a hand over, and begin
running a finger between Kelly's labia, with frequent extensions of her
actions to include Kelly's clitoris. In only a couple of minutes, it was
clear that Jan's actions were having the desired effect from the ample
lubrication Kelly was leaving on Jan's finger. After only a little longer,
Kelly moved around, so that she was on my lap, her back against my chest.
With her head turned we were easily able to continue kissing as I resumed
my ministrations to her breasts, and particularly, her nipples. As I was
doing that, Jan went back to using her mouth on me for a little while,
before moving on to apply her considerable oral talents on Kelly's labia
and clitoris. Back and forth she went between us, getting us both
thoroughly aroused and prepared before Kelly finally raised herself up, and
scooted forward, so that she was positioned over my saliva-glistening
erection. Jan held me steady, and as Kelly lowered herself, used her other
hand to direct Kelly as she positioned me, until Kelly was finally able to
feel the head of my penis pressing against her vaginal entrance.
Demonstrating a measure of exhibitionism I didn't know she had, Kelly
leaned back again, giving our four guests a view I knew they'd never
forget. After she lowered herself onto me a ways, she stopped, and then
raised up again, both spreading her female oils along me, but making sure
that the four on the floor could see that I really, truly was inside her -
as if there had been any doubt.

A couple more motions like that, and I was fully embedded in her - and
when I was, Jan quickly put her tongue to work where Kelly and I were
joined - but branching out to apply suction on Kelly's clitoris, or to lick
and softly suck on my testicles. She also reached one hand up to replace
mine on Kelly's breast, and used the other to play with her own breasts,
and pubis.

The others were absolutely mesmerized by the scene before them: me and
Kelly, joined as they'd never seen before, Kelly clearly enjoying the
feeling of my hardness as it filled, then emptied, her by turns; and Jan,
adding to our pleasure, and ensuring her own.

When it occurred to me to look at them, I could see that all of our
guests at least had a hand on their own breast; a couple - including Sandra
- had one in their crotches, as well.

With the feelings that Kelly and Jan were giving me, and the views I had
of the girls as they aroused themselves, I was easily moving toward my

Judging by her gasps and moans, and the way she shuddered as we joined,
Kelly wasn't far from her climax, either. As our lovemaking continued,
Kelly's arousal continued to grow along with mine - in only a couple of
minutes, my attentions and Jan's had her climaxing, her frantic bouncing on
my lap helping to bring me to the edge as she spasmed around me. When her
orgasm passed, she raised herself off of me with an audible 'pop' as my
penis came free of her feminine hold. Jan quickly took me into her mouth,
and continued the motions that Kelly had started, and applied a suction
along my length as she used her tongue to 'tickle' the underside of the
glans. In only a few seconds, my balls drew up, and I fired the first of
several shots of semen. To my surprise, Jan took the first couple of my
jets in her mouth, but as their intensity decreased, removed her mouth to
let me spurt into the air.

When all that was left was a dribble of semen running down my
rapidly-softening penis, she turned to the others, and told them "I took
the first couple of shots of his semen in my mouth; they're *much* stronger
than what you saw, and have more of his juice. There's still some of it on
him, so if you want to find out what it tastes like, you can put a little
on your finger. Uh, he's had a vasectomy, so Kelly didn't have to worry
about getting pregnant; she just got off of him so that I could have him,

With that, all four of them readily reached out to take a small sample
of my semen onto their finger - and then on into their mouths. None of
them made any indication of distaste; in fact, Robyn and Susan both gave it
a moment's thought, then smiled a bit, and nodded.

Satisfied that she knew what I tasted like, Sandra moved forward, and
began the process of cleaning me off with her mouth and tongue. Only when
she was satisfied that she'd gotten every drop left to her did she stop,
and sit back.

For their parts, Kelly and Jan easily moved from the couch to the floor,
apparently making themselves available not only for inspection, but for
conversation as well.

Sandra listened in as the others began quietly discussing what had
happened. After a few minutes, she quietly moved up next to me, and
whispered to me "I'm ready, whenever you are." Taking my hand and holding
it in her lap, she laid her head on my shoulder, content for the moment
with the casual contact.

A couple of minutes later, when I'd fully caught my breath, I turned to
look at her; she raised her head and we looked into each other's eyes - and
in hers, I saw acceptance of the situation, and confidence in the decision
she'd made.

I smiled, and told her "You have my full attention. You're in charge,
and I will follow your example."

With that reassurance, she stood, and still holding my hand, indicated
that she wanted me to stand, as well. When I did, she quietly led me
toward the hallway, and then on into the master bedroom. To their credit,
Kelly and Jan managed to keep the conversation in the den going, so there
wasn't any detectable notice taken of our departure.

Once in the bedroom, Sandra guided me over to the bed, and gently pushed
on my shoulders, directing me to sit on the edge. Once I was seated, she
moved to close the door, then stand in front of me, giving me a full,
unimpeded look at her nakedness, inviting my examination of her. What I
saw was an attractive young girl that could easily pass for anything
between 16 and 20 years of age. The tallest of them at about 5' 8" or so,
her yellow-blonde hair was worn straight, and just a bit past her
shoulders. Her rounded breasts were a bit larger than half-softballs, and
were tipped with pale pink nipples and half-dollar-sized areolas that were
only a couple of shades darker than her skin. A pale yellow patch of
short, but full, pubic hair extended only a little way past her pubic bone,
and extended down to her labia - which were clearly visible, as was her
clitoral hood. She was slender, but not thin - indeed, she presented a
very nice, softly curved form.

When my eyes returned to hers, I could see a look of mild concern on her
face. I hastened to assure her "You look delightful. Everything is there
in the right places in *very* nice proportions. If you've had any worries
about what you look like, I can assure you, you can forget about them."

She smiled, and moved to sit next to me before telling me "The, uh,
lessons were nice but I'd like to have a more, um, personal lesson, if
that's okay."

"Of course - like I said, you're in charge, and we do whatever YOU want
us to do. Just let me know what you want, and I'll do It.", I replied.

"I'd, uh, like you to just lay down, with your legs open a little bit."

I moved to the center of the bed, and did as she asked; while I got
situated, her eyes never left mine, seeking reassurance that she really was
in control. She continued to watch me as she reached out to take hold of
my penis before scooting herself across the bed a bit to get herself a
better look at it. After reminding her to be careful and gentle, I kept
quiet and didn't move as she spent the next several minutes examining me -
lifting my penis to examine it from virtually all directions; taking my
testicles in her hand, hefting them and rolling them in her hand to get a
feel (forgive the pun) for them; pulling the skin back from the head, and
examining it. When she finished, she turned to look up at me, and smiled,
saying, "Thanks for being so patient. I'm nervous about all this, but not
afraid - you know what I mean? It's like I know what I want us to do, but
I'm afraid of not knowing HOW to do it."

"It's okay, Sandra. I'm your guide - you tell me where you want us to
go, and I help you find the way there. I know you haven't been here
before, so I'm not going to push you to move too quickly; we only go as
fast as YOU want us to. Again, like a guide, I want you to have the time
to enjoy however much of the trip you want to take, so that wherever it
ends, you're happy. That's *all* that matters to me: that whenever you
call an end to this, you're happy with where you are, and how you got
there. If I start to do something you're not comfortable with, all you have
to do is tell me 'no', and that's the end of it - no muss, no fuss. If
there's something YOU want to do, do it. If there's something you want ME
to do, tell me, and I promise you it will happen. If there's something you
want to know, ask me, and I'll give you the best answer I've got. If it
isn't enough, we'll find the rest of it together. I can't emphasize this
enough: YOU ARE IN CONTROL HERE. I like you, and I'm not going to do
_anything_ to upset or hurt you, no matter what."

That seemed to relax her considerably, but I could still see a bit of
hesitancy, and asked her "I get the feeling that there's still something on
your mind. What is it?"

"The lessons out there were nice, and I really learned something from
them - I mean, I'm not worried that I'm weird down there, between my legs,
any more. But there's other stuff that I want to know about, and I'm still
kinda afraid to ask It.", she answered.

"Don't worry about it. There's always something that all of us don't
know, or are curious about, but are afraid to ask about. All I can do is
tell you that I can promise that no matter *what* questions you want to
ask, no matter what experiences you want to try, I'm not going to be upset
with you, or think badly about you. You might have noticed, I don't judge
people that way - I have my hands full being in charge of me, and I don't
have any inclination to try and tell other people what's right for them.
Remember when Phil showed up in Jan's back yard?"


"Remember what I told Susan about going with him? That I wasn't going
to force her _not_ to do something that someone else was trying to force
her TO do?"


"The same idea applies here: just as I don't let other people tell ME
what I should think is right or wrong, or how to live, I don't do that to
other people. If you told me that you wanted to smear me with cream gravy
and bark like a dog before you got sexually excited, I would accept it
without making any kind of judgment of you as a person. The only dumb
question, the only question you should be ashamed of, is the one you DON'T
ask. Okay?"

With that, I could see her calm down, and accept my willingness to help
her without judging her. She moved up so that she was lying next to me,
and looked into my eyes before telling me "I liked the way you kissed me,
and how you touched me. Would you do it again?"

I smiled at her, and answered "It would be my pleasure!" before leaning
over to kiss her softly on the lips as I put my hand on her belly.

Our kiss started out soft and gentle, but after a few moments, she
pulled my hand up to her breasts; as I softly stroked them, and her
nipples, her lips parted - and from there, things quickly escalated.

Continuing to play with her breasts, I gradually broke off our kiss so
that I could move on to shower her face and throat with feather-light
kisses, and softly 'biting' her skin with my lips. After a couple minutes
of that, she was panting slightly, and when I looked down at her, I could
see that she had started to develop the slightest blush of arousal.
Looking at me through hooded eyes, she smiled at me, and said "That's very
nice - but there's more, isn't there?"

"If you want it, yes.", I answered.

She responded by telling me "I do. Teach me."

We kissed again, less with passion than intimacy; when it ended, I
resumed the light kisses and gentle biting with my lips - but branched out
to include her ears and neck and shoulders. Only when I felt the movement
as she parted her legs did I start a gradual descent down her body,
expanding my efforts to include her throat and chest, and eventually, the
upper slopes of her breasts. As my head moved down her body, my hand kept
pace, so that by the time my lips found the nipple on her breast, my hand
was free to caress her from her shoulder to _just short_ of her mons; as I
caressed her belly, I would occasionally trace my fingers through the
fringes of her pubic hair - but never closer to her womanhood than that.

When I finally took her nipple and areola into my mouth, and nursed at
them, she gasped with pleasure, and her hips raised off the bed in an
involuntary motion. After a few moments, I released the tip of her breast so I could sample the other, as well - and found it to be equally
delightful: her fair, soft skin had a slightly sweet taste to it, and it
was a delight to lick at her firm breasts, from where they joined her body,
all the way out to their peaks. My hand found that her arousal had
tightened her breasts, so that they were even firmer than they had been
when I first touched them. As I continued my ministrations to her breasts,
I kept my hand moving, as well; each time it approached her mons, her hips
would lift slightly in invitation - but it wasn't until I detected the
first, faint tangy scent of her arousal that I allowed myself to move past
her belly. Even then, I didn't directly touch her womanhood; instead, I
simply expanded my touches to include her hips and legs, and the insides of
her thighs, always careful to circle around the center of her desire.

Her hands were on my head, guiding me to where she wanted my attentions;
I was more than happy to do as she wanted, savoring the texture and taste
of her.

I gradually moved the focus of my hand from her body to her belly; when
she finally raised her hips off the bed and held them there, I knew that
she was ready for the next step - and slowly began approaching her womanly
flower. First brushing her labia in passing, then gradually making more
and more contact with them, until finally, my hand was centered on her
mons. I traced my fingers through her short, dense bush, always returning
to the hot, wet opening she presented to me. I finally allowed one of my
fingers to trace a path between her vaginal lips and across her clitoris;
when I did, I thought that she was going to climax, so strong was her
reaction: snapping her pelvis up, she released a noise that was somewhere
between a gasp of desire, and a grunt of pleasure.

With that kind of encouragement, I did it again, with much the same
results, and again, and again. Before long, her labia were fully extended
and open, and there were enough of her juices on my finger that there was
no chance of hurting her as I used it to stroke and rub her clitoral hood -
making her clitoris even more apparent, and even bringing it out

With her obvious arousal, I began exploring her labia with my fingers
even more, and as I did, gradually sliding a finger between them, and
entering her _ever_ so slightly. Each time I did, I could feel her
pressing against me in acceptance and encouragement. Eventually, I did
slide the tip of my finger into her opening and held it there, leaving her
free to move herself onto it or not. She did - at least, as far as she
could. Above my head, I could hear her frustrated moan, and finished the
job by pressing it the rest of the way into her, and hearing her gasp of
pleasure. Using the palm of my hand to rhythmically press on her clitoris,
I began slowly pistoning my finger in and out of her, feeling it as she
relaxed her internal muscles to let it in, and clamping down to try and
hold it on the way out. Only a couple of strokes were needed before her
oils were thoroughly distributed, making my actions even easier. I
continued like that, pressing her clitoris in time with the stroking of my
finger, for a couple of minutes, until she had a small orgasm.

When it was over, I carefully withdrew from her, and heard her say
"I.... I want to taste It.", hesitantly.

I released her nipple from my mouth, so that I could watch her as I
moved my hand up to her face. She gave my hand a little sniff, and then
looking right in my eyes, put her lips around my finger, and began sucking her own oils off it. Watching her was an incredibly erotic experience, and
I looked forward to finding out how deep her sensuality ran.

When she had cleaned it off, she let my finger slid from her mouth; and
still looking me directly in the eyes, and with an impish grin, said "Hmmm.
Different, but not bad. I think I could learn to like it, easy enough!"

I grinned back, then moved up to kiss her - and got a second-hand sample
of what my next goal was.

When our kiss broke, I moved back down her body - pausing briefly to
give each of her nipples a brief suckle and kiss. Once my head was below
them, I went back to kissing her skin as I slowly moved my way toward her
legs. I paused for a while at her navel, kissing and licking at it, and
even blowing a brief 'fart' noise in it - and making her giggle - before
continuing on my journey.

As I got close to my target, I moved myself to between her firm, smooth
legs; when I looked up at her, the only expression on her face was that of
eager anticipation - her eyes held only trust and confidence.

When I was finally in position to have a full view of her most intimate
place, she willingly spread her legs even farther, and raised her knees up
to give me a bit more room. That made her thighs more convenient to me,
and I began by kissing the insides of them, starting at one knee, and
working my way up, across, and back down to the other, careful to circle
around her clitoris and labia. I then reversed the route, finishing up a
trifle higher on her thigh than I'd started. Back and forth I went, each
time shortening the distance, until I was finally kissing her on each side
of the flower of her womanhood, and it's heady scent. With a final look
into her eyes - and seeing only the desire for me to continue - I dipped my
head down, and ran my tongue through her cleft from bottom to top, dipping
ever so slightly into her opening, before finishing up by flicking my
tongue across her clitoris a few times. The attention to her clitoris
earned me a moan of appreciation and lust, and I could feel her thighs
tighten on my head briefly.

Using my thumbs to spread her slightly, I took a few moments to examine
her, and savor the view she gave me: her pubic hair thinned out rapidly
from her opening to her perineum, leaving a clear view of her extended
labia. They were thin, and of medium length; glistening smoothly from her
secretions. As the top, they gently faded under her clitoral hood, which
was fairly prominent. I could see the beginnings of her clitoris as it hid
- but it was also clear that it was more than ready to make an appearance
under the right conditions. Conditions that I was eager to arrange.

I looked up, and seeing a mild concern on her face, told her "You're
lovely here. A womanly flower in full bloom - something that _any_ man would delight to see."

She smiled in relief, and I didn't hesitate to again drop my head so
that I could enjoy her most intimate offering.

I again dipped my tongue into her, gathering up a small sample of the
nectar she produced, savoring it's fresh and tangy flavor. It was also a
trifle thicker than I'd expected - but still oily and wet. For the next
couple of minutes, I did nothing but lap at her secretions, drawing more
and more of them out as my attentions had the desired effect on her.
Finally, though, I knew that I had to take care of the pleasant task of
introducing her to the other pleasures she could feel from oral sex.

I quickly took each of her labia in my mouth, gently sucking on them for
a few seconds before softly pulling them even farther away from her
opening, and coating them with my saliva. Then I went on to put my whole
mouth over the entrance to her vagina, and applied a mild suction, as
though to tease her ample juices into my mouth - and earning myself a moan
of arousal as she pressed herself against my mouth in encouragement. From
there, I moved up to her clitoris, now more visible, taking it between my
lips and gently 'chewing' on it as I softly pressed on it with the tip of
my tongue. Again, I was rewarded with a gasping moan, and her thighs
clamped down on my head to hold me in place. Only when I let my actions
taper off did I feel her thighs relax, releasing me from her sweet bondage.

Over the next several minutes, I continued my attentions to her womanly
center - each time I refocused on a different part of her, it only seemed
to ratchet her arousal even higher, until, finally, when I was applying a
soft, regular suction on her clitoris, she had a powerful orgasm, taking my
head in her hands and holding my mouth to her pubis as her thighs clamped
down on my head, as if trying to pinch it off.

Spasm after spasm raced through her body, each accompanied by a keening
whine. As each spasm hit her, I would apply additional suction to her
clitoris, in time and proportion to her pleasure.

Eventually, her orgasm tapered off, and she released her hold on my
head, and her thighs fell apart. I easily moved up to lie next to her,
holding her as she caught her breath and regained her senses.

A few minutes later, she suddenly rolled over to face me and gave me a
fierce hug. When she finally let go, and pulled back from a little bit, I
could see tears in her eyes and joy on her face as she told me "Thank you!
You've made me feel *so* good! I've had orgasms before, but they were like
when you were using your hand on me; I've *never* had one as wonderful as
what you just did!"

With that, she took me in her arms again, and laid her head on my chest,
where I could feel her tears dripping onto my skin. I put my arms around
her, and held her as I told her "Sandra, that's what making love is
supposed to be about - making the other person feel as good as you can,
because you _care_ about them. You trusted me to be the first to start
teaching you about making love, and because you trusted me, I DO care about
you, and want to make it as nice as I possibly can for you."

"You mean there's even more?", she asked into my chest.

"If you want there to be, yes."

"As good as that?", a little awe in her voice.

"Probably. Maybe even better, sometimes.", I answered.

At that, she raised herself over me so she could look into my face, and
told me "Even if the rest of it is only as good as what happened the first
time, and the second one is the special one, I want to learn. God! How I
want to learn!"

"I want you to remember something, though. Making love is something
that everyone has to learn. Having sex, to get your own pleasure, is
instinct; making love, to give someone else pleasure, is *learned*. I
can't teach you everything - I can't even teach you the little bit I know -
in just one session. All I can hope to do is teach you to be open to the
idea of trying new experiences, so that you can find out for yourself what
parts about making love you like, and which ones you don't. You can learn
a little bit from me, and when you find another guy, you can learn some
from him, and so on. As long as you and the other person are honest with
each other, and trust each other, you never have to stop learning from each
other, and there's not much chance that you'll ever get tired or bored
about making love. In fact, just the phrase 'making _love_' is a
description of what is supposed to be happening, and instructions on how to
MAKE it happen. As long as you remember what love is, and don't settle for
anything less, you'll do fine."

She looked down at me for a moment before saying "I think you're a
better teacher than you give yourself credit for. And I think you teach
more than you think you do. You don't tell people to be like you; instead,
you set an example, and if they ask, tell them how you do it, and then let
them make the choice. You're honest, and caring, and gentle, and all the
things that anyone should want to be like, boy OR girl. I can understand
how easy it was for Jan and Kelly to fall in love with you - I'm doing it,
myself. You're a decent, loving person, and you make me want to be like
you - and you give me the courage to try."

Then, getting a mischievous look on her face, she went on, saying "But
that's for later. Right now, there's this making love thing I want to
learn - and I want to practice what you've already taught me!"

With that, and a twinkle in her eye, she kissed me. I mean *really*
kissed me, as though she were not only enjoying what we were doing, but
savoring the taste of herself that remained on my face. When the kiss
finally broke, she slowly moved herself down, kissing my chest - and even
sucking on MY nipples - then my stomach, and on to my belly (pausing long
enough to do to my navel pretty much what I'd done to hers - including
noisily blowing into it), and finally reaching my penis.

Without hesitation, she took it into her mouth, and began applying a
gentle suction as she used her tongue to lick it. When she found that I
was sensitive under the head, she quickly fixated on that area, and soon
had me nearly fully erect. When I'd reached that point, she released me
from her mouth to her hand, holding me so that she could trace her tongue
from just under the glans and on down to between my testicles, where she
easily took one, then the other, into her mouth, ever-so-softly sucking on
them, before washing my entire scrotum with her tongue. She then reversed
her course, and traced her way back to the head, applying small lip-nibbles
along the way. By the time she got to the head, I was fully erect, but she
went ahead, taking a couple of minutes to suck on my length, making sure
that I was completely ready, and thoroughly wetted with her saliva.

When she was satisfied with her handiwork (I was happy with it LONG
before she was!), she looked up at me, saying "I know you're ready - and I
am, too. What do we do next?"

"Anything that gets your part 'A' line up with my part 'B' will do the
trick, but it would probably be easiest on you if you were on top of me, so
that you're in control."

"You mean like you on your back, and me over you?"

"Yep, just like that."

"It sounds right, but I want us to be able to kiss and touch each other,
too. Wouldn't it still work if you were sitting up?", she asked.

"Sure. Uh, this might take a little while, so how about if I lean back
against the headboard?"

"That's fine! I just want to DO it!"

At that, she released me, and I sat up and scooted myself backward,
until I was resting against the headboard, with a pillow for a cushion. As
I was doing that, she'd gotten off the bed at the foot, and walked around
to the side; when I was situated, she simply stepped up onto the bed, and
then over me, so that she was standing in front of me, facing me. I took
the opportunity to hold her delightfully full and firm asscheeks in my
hands, and pulled her forward a bit, so that her mons was even with my
face. As I leaned forward a bit, she saw what I wanted to do, and readily
tilted her pelvis forward and spread her legs, giving me easy access to her

Her clitoris was fully erect, and on her extended and slightly parted
labia I could easily see little dewdrops of her nectar. I eagerly licked
them up, and went on to add my saliva to the moisture at her entrance, and
flick my tongue across her clitoris in a rapid, gentle strumming that soon
had her moaning her pleasure. But she wanted more, and after reluctantly
pulling herself away from me slightly, dropped to her knees, so that she
was straddling my lap, her opening only a few inches away from my erection.

When she was situated, I gently took her face in my hands, and told her
"Sandra, there's no hurry on this. YOU are in control here, and I am NOT
going to do ANYTHING to hurry you. This only happens if YOU want it to.
It only happens HOW you want it to. You can go as fast or as slow as YOU
want; and you can even stop it at any time, and I will not complain, or be
unhappy with you, or think badly about you. What happens here, now, is up
to YOU - under NO circumstances am I going to say *anything* to _anyone_
about what does or doesn't happen between us. If you want to go back into
the den right now and tell all of them that we made wild, passionate love,
then I will not disagree with you or say anything against you - to ANYONE."

I could see that she was nervous, but surprisingly, not afraid. When I
finished talking to her, she simply said "I know that, Dan. I know I can
trust you, and I know that you're not going to hurt me, or rush me, or
anything like that. THAT's why I know I want _you_ to be my first -
because it will be easier and nicer with you than anyone else I can think

With that, she kissed me, softly, on the lips, before reaching down
between us to take hold of my still-slick penis. When she realized that
she wasn't quite in the right position, she scooted forward a bit, so that
her knees were on each side of my hips, and lowered herself until my penis
made it's first contact with her opening. She paused then, and looking
into my eyes, began impaling herself on it, slowly. To our mutual
surprise, it seemed to slide into her fairly easily. She did gasp slightly
when the head finally popped past the opening, and stopped for a moment.

Still looking into her eyes, I said, "That's it. Stop whenever you
want, for whatever reasons you want. I'm here, and I'm not going
anyplace." - a small smile from her - "We've got all the time you want.
Take as much of it as you need. The ONLY important thing here is that
you're comfortable, and you don't get hurt. If you have _any_ trouble or
discomfort getting me inside, then stop for a minute. It might help if you
slid me out a little bit sometimes, so that your wetness spreads around a
little better, and makes things slide a little easier. But most important
is that you just do what feels comfortable, and only go as fast or slow as
you're happy with."

She nodded her understanding, and gave me another quick kiss on the
lips, saying "Thanks, Dan, I will." Then she took my hands in hers, and put
them on her hips, telling me "Help hold me steady, okay?", before putting
her hands on my shoulders.

When she felt that I was only putting enough pressure on her hips to let
her know that I had hold of her, but not a bit more, she smiled at me for a
moment before raising herself up slightly - apparently in an effort to let
her lubrication get better distributed. Then she pressed herself down
again, getting herself around perhaps another inch of me. Again, she
stopped, eyes closed, and panting slightly. I could feel that she was
trying to relax around me, and didn't say or do anything to disturb her
concentration. After a bit, I could feel it as she got a little better
control of her internal muscles, Shortly after that, she raised herself up
again, a little farther than she had the first time, and settled back down.
It seemed to make her feel better, and she did it a couple more times,
going a little farther, and settling down a little faster, each time.

I welcomed this pause - she was incredibly hot inside, and tight, and
the fluttering and milking sensations as she learned to control her
internal muscles was phenomenal. It was only by distracting myself from
how she felt during those pauses that I was able to avoid climaxing too

Finally, though, she was ready to continue - raising herself slightly,
and then letting her weight force her farther down onto me - my hands still
on her hips, guiding, but not forcing, her. This effort gained her perhaps
another inch of me inside her; she seemed more comfortable with what she
was feeling, too. The pause as she adjusted didn't take as long this time,
and when she raised up to let me slide out of her a bit, she let nearly the
entire gains she'd made escape, keeping only the head of my erection inside
her before letting herself drop again. A brief pause, and up she went
again - and this time, I could feel it as her feminine oils were spread
around, She waited only a moment at the top, and impaled herself again, a
bit faster. Another pause, and she slid herself up, and back down again,

I was still looking into her face, where she had a look of both
concentration and distraction - but not pain or discomfort.

A couple more time, she raised and lowered herself over me, each time a
bit faster, and apparently, a bit more easily. Finally, looking me in the
eyes again, she raised herself up, and with a single motion, lowered
herself all the way, taking me inside completely. When she felt herself
pressing against my lap, she immediately stopped, and held still for
several moments. Worried, I asked her "Are you okay? Are you hurt? Do
you want to stop, or get off me?"

It took her a couple moments, but she finally told me "No, I'm fine -
I'm not hurt or anything, and I _definitely_ don't want to stop, or get off
of you. God, this feels incredible! It's like there was an empty place in
me that I didn't know about, and it's finally filled, and it feels so GOOD!
I just need a little bit to get used to it, is all. You're fine, there's
nothing to worry about, okay?"

She saw how intently I was looking at her, and smiled in reassurance
that she really was okay. I still didn't move, though, giving her all the
time she needed or wanted as she again got a distracted look on her face.

As the seconds went by, it became obvious that she was adjusting to the
new sensations and feelings she was having - the look on her face gradually
faded, to be replaced by one of pleasure and arousal. I thought I felt a
slight tickling on my balls, but didn't want to disturb her by trying to
find out what it was - but when she sighed and raised herself over me
again, I could see what it must have been: there were plainly traces of
blood on my penis, and it had matted down my pubic hair a bit, as well.
When she settled herself down again, she looked at me, and saw the concern
and worry on my face.

Worried, she asked "What? Am I doing something wrong? What is it?"

Without saying a word, I used one hand to reach between us, collecting a
small sample of what concerned me. Bringing it up to where she could see
the combination of her lubrication and blood from her lost hymen.

She looked at it in surprise for a few seconds before looking at me
again, and telling me "I didn't know. I mean, it never hurt or anything -
not even a little. I felt a little tug, you know, inside, but it didn't
actually *hurt*; it was just kind of uncomfortable for a moment, then it
went away."

She could hear the care in my voice as I asked her "You're sure? You're
really not hurt or sore?"

She smiled in reassurance, saying "Really, I'm sure. It doesn't hurt -
it feels *wonderful*. Am I acting like there's anything wrong? Hell, no!
You're a dear to be so worried about something that doesn't bother me at
all, but it's nothing. I'm fine. See?"

And with that last, began bouncing herself - slowly - on my lap, Well,
she was a woman now, and didn't' appear to be having any difficulty, so I
let the matter drop - choosing instead to enjoy the sensations she was
causing on my penis with her motions, and the movement of her breasts as
they swayed slightly in time with her movements.

Finally satisfied that she was both comfortable and confident in what
she was doing, I gradually let my hand slide from her hips and on up to her
breasts - where I found her areolas puckered, and her nipples erect and
firm. She gasped slightly as I tweaked them for a bit before sticking my
tongue out to let first one nipple, then the other. flick across its tip
as she moved up and down.

Over the next few minutes, she continued like that, sliding herself up
and down the length of me, pausing every so often for us to share a kiss,
or to allow me to lick and suckle at the ends of her breasts. But
eventually, I could see that she was starting to get a little tired,

Putting my arms around her, I gently tightened my embrace, encouraging
her to slow down, and finally stop. When she did, I leaned her back -
still buried in her - and holding her securely, until she was resting on
her back on the bed. Only then did I release her, and move my legs so that
I was resting between hers, and ready to make love to her.

She looked deeply into my eyes, and the expression she wore was of eager
anticipation as I slowly withdrew from her, completely, until the end of my
penis was barely touching the entrance to her. Just as slowly, I pressed
back into her, enjoying both the sensation of her hot wetness surrounding
me, and the look of pleasure on her face as I did. With our new position,
I was able to enter her a bit further, which delighted her. When I was
fully buried, pressed my hips forward a few times, causing my pubic bone to
bump against her clitoris - exciting her even further.

Again, I pulled out and re-entered her, a trifle faster.

Then again, not pulling out as far before moving in again.

And again, slightly faster.

Over the next few minutes, I gradually sped up the speed that I pistoned
in and out of her, until, finally, I was making love to her in steady
strokes, each time bumping against her clitoris after I'd fully entered

As her arousal increased, so did the ease of making love to her: her
legs spread farther and farther apart as she slowly raised her knees,
giving me full, easy access to the core of her womanhood.

After a few more minutes, I could see that she had reached some kind of
peak of arousal - and that it wasn't enough to let her reach an orgasm.
Pausing a moment - and getting a groan of disappointment from her - I
reached down to lever her knees over my arms, tilting her pelvis up a bit
more, and spreading her as far as she could comfortably go. She seemed to
understand what I was doing, and reached down to grasp her legs, taking
some of the pressure off my arms - and, incidentally, exposing her breasts to me.

As I resumed my thrusts - accompanied by a moan of pleasure - I
delighted in the wobbling of her breasts as I moved in her. It was such a
delightful sight that I couldn't resist lowering my head and taking one of
her nipples in my mouth, and sucking on it in time with my thrusts. In
only a few moments, she was panting her pleasure, and gasping encouragement
to me. It was an awkward position, though, and when I started to feel her
hunching herself up to me, released it so that I could have the breath I
needed as I increased both the speed and force of my thrusts in her.

The change of position, and the change in activity, seemed to be just
what she needed - it wasn't but a couple more minutes before she started an
almost frantic hunching up against me, followed by the start of her orgasm.
As the first spasm hit her, she started making a high-pitched keening
sound, whose volume increased and lowered as I felt her tighten and loosen
around my erection as I held it as deeply inside her as I could.

Finally, the last few mild spasms passed, and she was able to open her
eyes to look up at me as she gasped to get her breath back.

Smiling down at her, I couldn't help but ask "I trust you enjoyed that?"


"Do you think you're ready for some more, now?"

With the realization that I was still hard, and still inside her, her
eyes grew to the size of saucers before she said "ohgodyes!"

"You want to try something else, now?"


"When you're ready, you can get up on your hands and knees, and I can
make love to you from behind - it will be a little easier for both of us."

After a couple of false starts, she managed to get control of her arms
and legs, moaning slightly as I withdrew from her so she could move.

She rolled over, and shakily got into the desired position. I couldn't
help but laugh as I asked her "Are you sure you want to do this? We can
stop now, you know."

"Don't you dare!" she was able to say. "I get to have you until you
climax, and I want as much as you can give me! This is too much fun, and
feels too good to stop now."

That settled, I easily moved up behind her, and with one hand on her
hip, used the other to guide myself back between her labia. Once I was in
position, she managed to rock herself back a little, and getting the glans
of my erection inside her. As she moved forward again, I followed her,
staying inside, as I put my other hand on her other hip. Holding her
steady, I carefully hunched myself forward, pushing my still-slick erection
back inside her - accompanied by her growl of pure animal satisfaction.

Staying inside her, I began a series of slow, steady strokes that she
welcomed by throwing her head back, and groaning in pleasure.

Leaning forward a bit, I was able to reach down to her gently swaying
breasts, holding and squeezing them, and pinching and pulling on her
nipples as I held still, letting her rock herself back and forth on my
erection. It didn't take long for her to find a rhythm that suited her: I
could feel it as she got even wetter inside, and as her breasts tightened
up even more.

We continued like that for the next several minutes; me playing with her
breasts and nipples as she rocked back against me, slowly forcing more and
more of her fluids out, where they drenched not only me, but her, as well -
looking down, I could see a small trickle of her oils as they slowly ran
down the inside of her thigh. And as the time slowly passed, so did the
speed that she moved. Finally, when I realized that she was again ready
for an orgasm, I released my hold on her breasts, and placed my hands on
her hips, holding her steady as I began to thrust into her again.

Gradually, the speed and force of my movements increased - and judging
from the gasps and moans she voiced, bringing Sandra closer to another

I started to feel the faint stirrings of my climax, and slowed down a
bit to try and hold it off - but Sandra wasn't having any of that. She
managed to gasp out to me "No! Keep going, hard like that! I don't care
if you shoot, or not - I'm so CLOSE!"

Ever the gentleman, and willing to please a lady, I resumed my previous
actions - going from rapid, shallow thrusts, to deep, penetrations where I
was almost pounding into her, and back again. After a couple more minutes,
I knew that there wasn't any way that I wasn't going to climax;
fortunately, Sandra had kept pace with me, and gasped out "Ohgod, ohgod,
ohgod" just a few moments before her fourth climax hit her like a freight
train. So strong was it that she wasn't able to make any noise; all she
could do was throw her head back, the tendons of her neck standing out like
steel cables, and gasp like a fish as spasm after spasm passed through her
- and around me. As tight as she was when her internal muscles clamped
down on me, she was still very wet and hot and slick inside; I didn't have
any trouble firmly thrusting into her for the last few strokes I needed
before I fired the first shot of my semen, deep inside her. Deep in her
own bliss, her eyes still flew open as I did, and I could see a look of
absolute amazement cross her face before the next wave of her orgasm washed
over her.

As the last few drops of my semen dribbled out of me, I could feel her
internal muscles making a last few milking sensations; it was enough to
cause me to piston in and out of her a couple of last times - and working
our combined juices into a pinkish-white froth that soaked both of us as
they were forced out - before burying myself in her again.

I was almost exhausted, but managed to hold her steady as she all but
collapsed on the bed. I guided her down to the bed, and keeping my
semi-erect penis inside her, managed to get us onto our sides, so that I
could hold and comfort her as she recovered.

We lay like that for several minutes, my softening penis finally pulling
free of her, and the small shudders that passed through her coming farther
and farther apart, and finally disappearing completely. After a bit, she
stirred a little, and I moved back slightly, so that she could roll over
onto her back. She did, and when she'd settled, I moved next to her again,
my hand holding her breast and my arm resting on her body. She smiled up
at me, tiredly, and after a few seconds, closed her eyes and fell asleep. I
drifted off, too, into a half-sleep, coming awake each time she moved, or
made a noise.

Perhaps ten minutes later, I woke up again, and needing to take a leak,
headed into the bathroom. When I was done, I got a warm, damp washcloth
and towel, bringing them back to the bed where I started to clean off
Sandra. After a several wipes with the cloth, she woke up a bit, looking
slightly confused. Then, when she saw me, she woke up the rest of the way,
and noticed what I was doing. She stretched mightily - I could hear a few
joints pop - and laid back, letting me continue what I was doing. As I
dried off the last bit of her, she smiled at me, and said "That is *so*
sweet. You knew I'd want to clean up a bit, and let me sleep while you did
it. THAT'S the kind of thing that makes you the person I wanted to give my
virginity to."

I smiled back, and said "In case you forgot, you DID give your virginity
to me. Rather enthusiastically, as I recall."

She giggled, and answered "Oh, yeah, I remember. BOY, do I remember! I
loved every minute of it, and I'll never forget it. And you weren't too
shabby in the enthusiasm department, yourself, buster. That last orgasm I
had was the most incredible thing I've ever experienced! I thought I was
going to DIE, it felt so good. And when you, uh, shot your stuff inside
me, I could FEEL it, just like Jan said. It was amazing!"

That settled, she noticed that I hadn't cleaned myself up, yet - and
quickly insisted on doing it for me. Gently directing me to lay down on my
back, she was soon wiping the remains of our combined juices, softly and
carefully. When she finished, she lay down next to me, curling next to my
side and putting her arm on my chest. We lay there like that for several
minutes, simply cuddling and enjoying each other's company. Finally,
though, I felt obliged to get back to the others, and suggested a shower -
together or alone, her choice. She told me that she wanted to clean up a
bit before we cleaned up, and I told her to go ahead, and I'd join her in a
few minutes. She went into the bathroom, and I took the opportunity to
change the sheets on the bed - not so much out of fastidiousness, but out
of consideration for anyone else that might find their way into the
bedroom. When I was done, I knocked on the door, and Sandra invited me in,
where she already had a nice, hot shower going. After a long, hot,
soap-slippery shower with plenty of friendly fun, Sandra and I finally
found our way back into the den.

There, we found Robyn and Jan cuddling on the couch, obviously having
just finished pleasing each other; and Kelly, Susan, and Candice chatting
quietly on the floor, as though Jan and Robyn didn't exist.

None of them noticed us, so I suggested to Sandra that we bring them in
some refreshments; she readily agreed, and while we were in the kitchen,
had a fit of giggles. When I asked her what was so funny, she said "Just
the look on Robyn's face. She was *so* sure that there was something wrong
about making love with another woman; and there she is, laying on the couch
with Jan's juice all over her face!"

When I thought about it, it WAS funny, and we laughed together at the
idea. After a bit, though, we'd calmed down enough to take our offerings
into the den. By the time we got there, Jan and Robyn had recovered enough
to notice our presence - and quickly jumped up to get their share of food
and drink. As they got close, I could see the grin on Jan's face, and
Robyn had the decency to blush at the situation we'd found them in, simply
saying "Okay, I was wrong. I've learned better, though!", with a giggle.

Kelly noticed the additional activity, and pointed out to the others
that Sandra and I were back - with refreshments. All three of them got up
and came over to get something to drink, and load up with food. The
conversation was sparse and casual as all of us found seats - Jan and Kelly
sat near the fireplace; Candice, Susan, and Robyn took up the couch; I
parked myself in my favorite chair; and Sandra opted to sit on the floor,
leaning back against another chair, so that we all formed a loose circle,
all able to see each other.

After everyone had finished their snacks, things got quiet for a bit,
and it was Sandra that finally broke the silence, saying "You all know that
Dan and I were gone for a little while, and why. I just want to say that
everything Jan and Kelly have told us about him is true, as far as I can
tell. He was way more kind and gentle and patient and caring than I
thought _anyone_ could be. I'm not a virgin any more, and Dan not only
made it easy for me, but fun - lots of fun!", the last with a smile and

With that, Jan and Kelly moved over to sit next to her, each of them
giving her a hug and kiss on the lips.

She went on, saying "When we went in the bedroom, I was nervous, but Dan
helped me relax, and let me know that it was okay. He even told me that if
I didn't want to do anything with him, it was okay, too - and that if I
came out here and told all of you that we made wild, passionate love when
we didn't, he wouldn't say anything to anyone about it. He didn't just
have sex with me; he made LOVE to me - and helped me learn what love
*really* is, from what he did, and what he said to me. If Jan or Kelly
ever get tired of him - and I don't see how or why they would! - then I'd
be happy to take their place, in a heartbeat."

Looking at the three on the couch, she said "I know you probably have
about a million questions. If Dan doesn't mind, I'm willing to answer

Susan, Robyn, and Candice all three turned to look at me, and I simple
told them "As far as I'm concerned, what happened - if anything - between
Sandra and me is private, and I'm not going to discuss it with anyone; not
even Jan or Kelly. What Sandra chooses to tell you is up to her. If
Sandra asks me a question with anyone else around, I will answer it - but
no more."

All of them got surprised looks on their faces, and turned back to
Sandra - who simply smiled at them before saying "See? That's what I was
talking about. He really _cares_, His honor and integrity won't let him
talk about something private with anyone but the person that was involved."

Here, Jan spoke up, telling them "I've known Uncle Dan all my life, and
he has never, EVER failed to keep a secret. Even when I was learning the
sex education stuff, he wouldn't tell Daddy what I was doing. All he did
was show me that it was best if *I* told my dad about it, and why. He has
never told me *anything* about what happens between him and Kelly. I've
kind of hinted that I was curious a couple of times, but he just ignored
it, and wouldn't say anything."

"Jan's right. When I was getting ready to move in here, there were some
worries about what my parents might do. Dan wasn't afraid to face up to it
- he was ready to stand up in court and fight for my right to be with him,
even if it meant he might go to jail. I don't think any of you - except
Sandra - really understand how strong his sense of duty, and integrity, and
courage are.", Kelly added.

Again, the three on the couch looked at me, as though I were some kind
of freak, before turning back to Sandra - who just grinned at them.

It was Robyn that spoke first, asking "Uh, did it hurt?"

"Not a bit. It felt a little uncomfortable for a second, but no, it
never _hurt_. In fact, I didn't even know that I had bled a little until
Dan showed me - and even then, I had to convince him that I was okay, and
that there wasn't anything wrong. Even after he was all the way inside me
that first time, he was ready to stop because he was worried that I was

Again, three sets of eyes gave me some kind of Look before returning to

"Did it feel good?", from Candice.

At that question, Sandra got absolutely radiant as Jan and Kelly
developed shit-eating grins.

"Boy, did it! It was like there was something missing inside, but I
wasn't sure what - and when he was finally inside me, I KNEW what it was,
and it felt so _wonderful_. The *smallest* orgasm I had with him was as
good as anything I'd ever given myself; after that, they just kept getting
better and better!"

Their heads turned so they could look at me with something like awe for
a few moments before focusing on Sandra again.

She went on, telling them "He always treated me so *special*. I mean, I
know I'm a little bit plain, not cute like Jan or Robyn, but he made me
feel like I was the most beautiful person he'd ever seen. I, uh, let him
look at me - not just my body, but you know, between my legs - and he even
told me I was pretty _there_. He was so patient with me, and so gentle and
courteous. No matter what I asked him, or what I did, he never said or did
anything to make me feel bad - just the opposite. I knew I was special
with him, not because of where we were or what we were doing, but just
because I was ME, a different person."

Susan spoke up, asking "Can you tell us anything he did that made you
feel like that?"

Sandra didn't hesitate to answer her by saying "After we made love - I
had *four* _incredible_ orgasms! - I was pretty tired, and fell asleep.
When I woke up, he had a washcloth, and was cleaning me up - you know, the
blood, and my juice, and his. He was so gentle about it that he was almost
done before I even woke up and noticed! And he wasn't doing it because he
was fussy about it or anything like that; he just figured that I might want
to do it - but I was asleep, and he didn't want to wake me up, so he did it
FOR me. Even when we decided to take a shower, he was polite about letting
me have some time to, uh, clean up before he came in to wash with me."

"Did he, you know, _shoot_ inside you?", Candice asked.

"He sure did! And it was just like Jan said - I could _feel_ it when he
did, and it was _incredible_. I was having an orgasm, and when I felt it,
it just made things that much nicer."

Robyn was next, asking "What did you do? I mean, if you don't mind?"

Again, no hesitation as Sandra answered "God, it was all so good that I
don't think I could really put it into words. The whole time, he was
kissing me and touching me and making me feel *so* good. I guess all I can
really tell you is that first, he used his hand on me, and when I had an
orgasm, it was as good as what I'd been able to do for myself. Then he
used his mouth on me, and _that_ one felt even better. I used my mouth on
him, too, to get him hard, and after he was inside me and making love to
me, I had _another_ orgasm that was even stronger - and when it was over,
he was still inside me, and still hard - he hadn't shot his stuff yet! It
felt so wonderful that I wanted to keep going; we made love some more, and
while I was having my last orgasm, I could feel him shooting inside me, and
that made it even stronger and more special. I guess I passed out a little
bit, because when I kind of woke up a bit, and he was laying next to me,
holding me - it was *so* nice feeling him there next to me, and touching
me! I fell asleep again, and when I woke up, he was washing me, like I told

Susan again. "You said that you learned from him what 'real' love is.
What happened? What did he do?"

It was a bit strange, hearing them talk about me as though I wasn't
there; but then again, they were asking questions that I obviously couldn't
answer. With nothing to say or contribute, I just kept my mouth shut - and
listened to them.

"The whole time we were together, all he was interested in was ME.
Whether I was hurt or not, whether I was happy or not, whether I was ready
or not. And when he talked to me, he did it like I was smart enough to
understand what he was saying. He explained things he thought he needed to
- and he did! - and made sure I understood that anything that happened
between us was MY choice; that he wasn't going to do anything to rush me or
hurt me. He didn't, either - a couple of times, I had to push *him*, a
little! It wasn't any one thing he did or said, it was all of it,
together. He was patient, he cared what happened, he worried about me, he
showed me that I could trust him completely, he treated me like I was
someone that mattered, he was gentle, he was considerate, and all the
things you'd think that someone that loved you would do. He showed me he
cared, then talked to me to help me feel better, and showed me again that I
*mattered* to him. If that isn't love, it's damn well close enough for
me!", Sandra answered.

They looked at her, doubtfully, and Jan spoke up, telling them "She's
not making it up - he really IS like that. All the time. With everybody
that behaves decently around him. And by 'decently', I don't mean about
sex stuff, but how they behave toward other people. Nobody else knows
this, but when Kelly and I decided to try and make Mary Alice and Kathy
sorry about getting us so upset, it was Uncle Dan that helped us do it. He
was *supposed* to act like he was mad at them, and Kelly and I were
supposed to pretend to calm him down - but he acted so good, we thought he
was really serious! He scared the _hell_ out of me, and did scare Kathy so
bad she wet herself when he yelled at them!"

Here, Robyn stared down into her lap as she told them "I was a stinker
about how I made Kelly and Jan so upset and unhappy. When Kim and I were
over here, and they talked to us, Dan was still polite to me; and that only
made it worse for me, knowing how nice he was, and that I had done
something bad to Kelly and Jan. But when I wanted to apologize to him, he
was still nice enough to let me in to talk to him. The way he talked to me
really hurt, but I also knew that he was being _absolutely_ fair - he was
talking to me the way I showed him I *deserved* to be talked to. But after
I talked to him, and told him what I'd learned from it, he was also willing
to give me another chance." Here, she lifted her head long enough to look
over at me with something akin to worship in her eyes, before dropping her
head again, and continuing "He didn't have to do that. And I wouldn't have
been surprised if he hadn't - I knew I'd been a real turd, and deserved
whatever he wanted to think about me. But he did, I guess because he knew
that I really was sorry, and that I really did learn something, and I would
have been really sad if I lost Jan and Kelly's friendship. He seemed to
understand all of that, and I know he really did care about me, and how bad
I felt, and that's why he was willing to give me another chance."

They were all getting a little misty-eyed, so Kelly offered up her own
thoughts: "That's how Dan is. You remember how he acted when we had the
fashion show, right? He's like that with everybody, when he first meets
them: he's patient and gentle, until they SHOW him that they don't deserve
it; after that, he treats them the way they act. Remember how he acted
when Phil showed up? How he tried to be patient and talk to Phil and avoid
any trouble? But when Phil got all mean, Dan didn't hesitate to put
himself between Phil and Susan - or any of us, for that matter. And when
they finally wanted to fight, Dan stood right up there, and took care of
them - but only enough to make them stop, _and_no_more_. And after those
guys left, he came over to comfort US; it was like he went from being a
grizzly bear to a teddy bear. THAT'S DAN. He's as gentle and caring and
all that as people let him be; but he's not afraid to stand up for what he
thinks is right, no matter what else happens - just like he did when I
wanted to move here with him, and we were worried that my folks might make
a fuss. Dan didn't want any problems, and did everything he could think of
to avoid them - but he was damn well ready to take them on if he had to.
He didn't do that because he just wanted me in his bed - he KNEW I'd be
happy to share it with him, any time, any place. He did it because he
CARED what happened in my life, and he knew that I was as UNhappy at home
as I was HAPPY to be with him. Even though I live with him, and we share
anything and everything we can, I know that he doesn't have any idea that I
somehow 'belong' to him - I've got my own checking and savings accounts,
and he has _never_ asked me about them, other than to make sure I didn't
have any trouble getting them started. If I want to do something alone, I
can, it's not a problem for him. If there's something he wants us to do
together, he _asks_ me, beforehand - and makes sure I know that it's an
invitation, not a request or demand. Since I've moved in with him, I've
only been unhappy and sad a few times - and *every* *single* *time* I've
felt that way, he's been there to offer his support; he listens to me, and
talks to me, and makes me feel better - and while he's holding me, I *know*
that he's doing it to make me feel better, and comfort me, and nothing

Jan took over, saying "I think Kelly and I have both asked him what must
have seemed like pretty goofy questions; I know some of mine must have
been. But he never, ever laughed at us, or made us feel stupid or little -
if he didn't understand the question, he'd ask us to explain. When he knew
what we were after, he'd answer us, just like he'd answer anything else we
asked him. He's always willing to explain things to us - and he's *always*
completely fair and honest about what he says; he always makes sure we
understand what he's saying, so that we can decide for ourselves about what
he tells us. Some of the stuff, we don't agree on - but we still respect
each other as having honestly come to our own decisions. With everything
he does and says, he lets us know that he loves us - in *exactly* the way
he told you all about, when he was talking to Susan."

Here, Sandra spoke up again, saying "Yeah, that's it, exactly. I _know_
he's smart, and when he talks to me, he lets me know that he thinks I'M
smart, too. And when he shows me that he cares about me, it makes me feel
good about myself, and makes me care about him, too. When he's patient
with me, I know it, and it makes me want to do better, so that he DOESN'T
have to be patient - not because I feel bad, but just because I want to get
better, like him." She stopped suddenly, and all of them got quiet as they
watched her, deep in concentration as she was obviously thinking about
something. Finally, she came back to us with a little bit of a start, and
said "That's it! You're right! The trading and values and all of that are
_exactly right_. I DO love Dan, BECAUSE of all the reasons you said: we DO
trade values - his caring and mine; his smarts and mine; his affection and
mine. Even when it isn't exactly even - like when he's patient with me -
it's still a *trade*, with HIM offering the most: he's patient with me, and
he's _trusting_ that I'll learn something, and be able to figure things out
myself, so that later, I'll be able to keep up with him, and he won't HAVE
to be patient while I try to catch up! He WANTS to trade with me - he
offers me the best he can do with himself, and trusts me to try to do the
best I can with MYself, to make it a FAIR trade. He _understands_ that I
don't know as much about everything as he does, so he's willing to accept
the best that I DO have to offer, so that I'll still be there when I _am_
more like him!" She turned to look at me with a mix of wonder and amazement
on her face, saying "Dear God! How much you must have inside to be able to
do that! And with so many of us! How lonely you must sometimes feel!" -
and with that, got up and flung herself at me in the chair, hugging me
ferociously and crying in big, wracking sobs into my chest.

I put my arms around her, and held her, patting her softly on the back
as I whispered words of encouragement and consolation to her; after a bit,
Jan and Kelly got up, too, and sat on the arms of the chair, leaning down
to offer their own support to her.

When I glanced over at the three on the couch, I could see surprise on
all of their faces; Susan and Candice both looked vaguely confused, but
Robyn had a thoughtful look, as though she was thinking through what Sandra
had just said.

Eventually, the three of us managed to get Sandra settled down. Before
she left my lap, though, she sat up to look at me, and calmly said "I owe
you more than I can ever repay, for all that you've taught me. I truly
understand, now, what you've given me."

With a steady look, I told her "Sandra, the debt is not to me - it's to
the rest, that _don't_ know, but want to. Whatever you've gotten from me,
offer it to them."

She nodded, soberly, and after an exchange of knowing looks with Jan and
Kelly, went back to where she'd been on the floor. Jan moved to be with
her, while Kelly took up station on my lap, her legs tucked next to her,
and leaning against my chest.

Sandra turned to Robyn, Susan, and Candice, telling them "I'm sorry
about making a fuss. It was just that, all of a sudden, everything Dan has
said and done made sense - it was like it all came together, in one perfect
moment, and I really, truly *understood* him, and what he does, and why.
Now I know that I DO love him, fully and completely, without hesitation or
reservation. If I never see him again, if he and I never make love again,
I will still be this happy, because of what I've gotten from him."

Robyn asked "What is it? What have you gotten?"

Sandra looked at her, and said "You know. All of you do - just as I
did. You've heard everything about it that matters, and you know all of it
that you need to. It just has to come together for you - at your own
speed, in your own time, like it did for me - and Kelly and Jan, too, I
bet. Trying to _push_ it doesn't help; being able to _accept_ it, does."

While the other two looked perplexed, Robyn again got a thoughtful look
on her face.

Susan spoke next, looking first at Kelly, then Jan, asking "Uh, did you
two go through something like that?"

They looked at each other, and Jan spoke first, saying "Kind of. We've
been around him longer, and have had more time with him, so it wasn't as
sudden and everything like it was for Sandra - but, yeah, we went through
_something_ like that, just not as bad."

Kelly spoke up, then, telling her "Jan had more time with him before I
did, but my time was a little more, uh, intense, so it kind of balanced
out. When it really hits you, if it does, then you can expect _something_
like that to happen. Maybe not as bad, but you'll know it when it finally
happens. And Sandra is right, once it does, you'll never be the same

That gave Susan and Candice pause; Robyn was still deep in thought, and
seemed to have barely noticed what was said.

After a bit, Candice asked "Can you tell us what the difference is? How
it happens?"

Kelly spoke first, answering her with "How it happens is that everything
you've heard from all of us comes together at some point, and you really,
truly understand it - all of it. It will probably be something simple that
you hear that gets you thinking about it the right way, and then _boom_,
you've got it. What the difference is, is that you DO understand it -
*completely*. You understand how everything fits together, and how it all

Sandra joined in, telling her "I told you, you already have everything
you need to know, or that matters. It's not something that I think any of
us really CAN explain, or describe."

Jan finished up by telling them "What they said. I'll only add that
maybe it'll happen to you a little at a time, like it did with me; or it
might happen in a few big chunks, like it did with Kelly; you might even
have a Big One, like Sandra. There's no telling, that I can see, other
than the more time you have, the easier it is. Really, it's all up to you.
Trying to force it doesn't help, like Sandra said - you just have to let it
come to you, in your own time and place."

At that, Robyn came out of her reverie, and looking at me, said "Dan,
I've given it a lot of thought, since I was here last, and I want to make
love with you. Not because of anything Jan or Kelly or Sandra have done or
said, but because I know it's right for ME, now. Would you?"

I'd half-expected it, and after looking at her, and seeing the
confidence and sincerity in her eyes, told her "If you're that sure, then,
yes, I'll make love with you."

Kelly looked down at me, and smiled, before getting up to go stand next
to the couch, ready to sit with the others, while Robyn stood up.

I got up, too, and walked over to her. Taking her hand, I lifted it to
my lips and kissed it, saying "I'm honored by your decision and choice.
For as long as you want me, I'm yours."

She smiled at me, and answered, "The honor is mine, judging from the
stories about you. I know that I can trust you. Uh, I think I would
prefer our time to be ours, alone."

"Easily done.", I told her, then holding her hand as the two of us
headed toward the bedroom. The others sat quietly, and watched us go -
Jan, Kelly, and Sandra with amused smiles, Susan and Candice with a trace
of regret.

After we entered the bedroom, I paused long enough to close the door,
then walked with her to the bed. Turning so that we faced each other, I
told her "Robyn, I've heard about how you have been standing up for Kelly
and Jan at school, and other places. I'm glad that you've discovered
what's really important to you, and found the inner strength to stand up
for it."

She smiled at me, and answered "My only regret is that I had to find
them the way I did - and my greatest pleasure is that all of you cared
enough about me to give me a second chance."

I nodded toward the bed, and asked her "Where, or how, would you like to

"I don't know. Jan and I have made each other happy, but I'm not sure
where to begin, with you. Would it be too much to ask for you to go first,
and get me started? So that I can join in when I feel comfortable with

"Of course. This is YOUR time for us to be together. If you want, I
can make love to you without ever entering your body in any way; or I can
share myself with all of you. The choices are _yours_, whenever you want
to make them. I won't rush you, or hurry you, in any way; nor will I do
*anything* to hurt you, or cause you _any_ kind of pain."

She looked into my eyes with absolute trust and confidence in me, saying
"I know that, Dan. I DO trust you, and know that you will make it right
for me. It's not the _doing_ that frightens me, but the getting started."

"Then let's take the first step, and see where it leads us."

With that, I kissed her, softly, on the lips - and from there, her eyes
and forehead and shoulders. She eagerly accepted my kisses, quivering
slightly with each one. I took her hands, and slowly guided her to the
bed; sitting first, and then moving to the center of the bed, I drew her
down in front of me, facing me. When she was seated, I slowly took her
into my arms, hugging her gently, and kissing the top of her head in

I relaxed my hold, and she moved back a bit, so that she could look into
my face. With only the slightest pause, she put her arms around me, and
drew me close as she put her lips to mine.

Our kiss started soft and chaste, but as the seconds went by, her desire
took over, and it wasn't long before her lips parted. Hesitantly at first,
then more and more insistently, her tongue touched my lips, then my teeth,
and on to explore my entire mouth. I always let her make the first move -
but when she made it, didn't delay to following her example. So it was
that it didn't take five minutes from the time I first took her in my arms
on the bed, than we were kissing passionately as she pressed herself
against me, hugging me tightly.

When we finally separated, she was panting slightly, and still holding
me, looked up at me and asked me "How can you do that? How can you make me
so excited?"

"It isn't me that's doing it, it's you. I'm just the reflection of
what's inside you; it's YOU that opens up to show what you can do, and

"If that's so, then let me open more, and see more. Show me what's

With that, I took her by the shoulders, and carefully guided her onto
her back, following her. When she was laying down, I stayed over her,
looking into her eyes. Still she wasn't afraid, and after a gentle smile
to her, lowered my head to kiss her gently on the lips. She returned the
kiss, just as gently, accepting the love and care I felt for her. When our
lips parted, I smiled at her again, and started kissing her softly, first
at the corners of her mouth, then her cheeks, on to her cheekbones, and
ultimately, all over her face - each of them slow and tender. She didn't
move, other than to increase the tempo of her breathing; from her face, I
moved on: to her throat, just under her jaw; her neck, beneath her ears;
her collarbones; her shoulders; then back again to her face, where I again
kissed her lips. The look in her eyes was still one of trust - but added
to it was a measure of desire, too.

I resumed my kisses, and gradually started moving them - ever so slowly
- down her body, until, ultimately, I reached the upper slopes of her
breasts. I saw that her areolas, pale pink and not much larger than a
quarter, were already puckered; and the nubbins of her small nipples were
clearly visible. I applied small nibbles to her skin with my lips as I
made a slow, random trip to the peak of her breast - and once reaching it,
sucking it into my mouth, nursing at it like a child.

As I did that, her hands found my head, and held me there as she moaned
her pleasure and desire. But I wanted to be fair, and managed to find my
way to the other breast, where I repeated my actions with a different path
but the same goal - and same result. By the time I finished, she was
gasping for breath between her long, low moans; her areolas were as tight
and firm as any of the rest of her, and her nipples extended a full quarter
of an inch - much farther than they had before.

With her clearly aroused, and ready for more, I started moving again,
placing soft kisses and gentle suction to her stomach and sides as I again
gradually expanded the range of my attentions, then shifting them lower on
her body. As I worked my way past her navel, I gave that miniature flower
of her humanity the attention it deserved: rimming, then dipping into it,
with my tongue, and softly sucking on it, as though to change it from an
'innie' to an 'outie'. From it, I traced my tongue down the center of her,
and back up again, before starting a series of kisses from one hip to the
other, and back again; each pass across her smooth, firm belly a bit lower
than the last, until, finally, I was at the edges of her rust-red pubic

From that point, I slowly reduced the range of my attentions, gradually
retreating from her hips back toward her mons. As I moved down her, her
legs slowly spread, making room for me, and opening herself up to my
ministrations - and as I got closer to the center of her desire, I also
caught the heady aroma of her arousal: sweet and musky at the same time.

With my mouth now so near my target, I casually altered what I was
doing, so that I eased into applying a series of soft, sucking kisses to
her skin, following the edge of her pubis, until I was between her legs.
From there, it was along the insides of her thigh - both of them spread and
drawn up - to her knee, then back up to her pubis, and the same pattern
down to the other knee, and back to her belly.

Again, I carefully narrowed the range of my attentions, and their focus,
until, at last, I was faced with her womanly blossom.

As I prepared to take my first sample of it, I delighted in the sight
she presented: the dark pink of her labia were easily seen through the
dense, but short, mass of hair covering her mons; her small clitoral hood
was barely visible. Looking more closely, I could see that she was already
quite wet inside, judging by the little pearls of lubrication I could see
between them.

When she felt my warm breath as I moved to taste her for the first time,
she raised her pelvis, offering herself up to me. As my tongue dipped
down, it passed through her hair, I found it to be incredibly soft and

She started slightly in surprise at the first touch of my tongue, but
didn't try to move away from me - indeed, she tried to lift her hips even
more to increase the contact. I drew my tongue between her labia, bottom
to top; separating them and drawing in the beads of her wetness that I'd
seen before -and found them to be as sweet and musky as she'd smelled. As
I did that, she released a moan of pure desire, ending it on a note of
disappointment as we lost contact.

It came back quickly enough, though, when I repeated what I'd just done,
the tip of my tongue sliding ever so slightly deeper into her as I did.
She gasped in frustration when I paused a moment to look at her again; I
saw that her labia had darkened even more, and that her obviously small
clitoris had finally started to make it's appearance.

Thus encouraged, I quickly resumed my efforts; even expanding them to
run my tongue gently across her clitoris, and drawing a satisfied groan
from her. I went on like that for some time, gradually deepening the
penetration of her vagina with my tongue before allowing it to flick across
her rapidly-erecting clitoris. Finally, I simply couldn't resist it any
longer, and as I slid my tongue toward her opening again, pointed it and
slid it into her, slowly, as far as I could manage. I quickly discovered
that she was nearly overflowing inside from the copious lubrication she'd
generated; and her response to my efforts was to tighten her thighs against
my head as she loosed a groan of pure pleasure.

I slid it in and out of her several times, as though fucking her with
it, as she tightened and relaxed her thighs in time with my actions. After
a bit, I went back to licking at her, then fluttering my tongue across her
clitoris - something that seemed to please her immensely. Before long, I
was almost completely focused on her clitoris - and bringing her closer and
closer to orgasm in the process.

I could tell that she was getting close, but I was still surprised when
she suddenly called out "Oh! Oh! Oh!", followed by almost freezing as her
release overtook her. I could feel the entrance to her vagina move as the
waves of her orgasm ran through her; as they did, I applied a bit more
pressure to her clitoris to help make it more intense for her.

After the last tremor had passed through her, I paused, to let her get
her senses and breath back - but when I felt her stirring, resumed my
efforts; licking at her labia, taking them between my lips and gently
sucking on them, softly twirling her clitoris with my tongue.

Her arousal quickly reached its previous level - and then started easing
higher. After a couple of minutes, I heard her trying to speak.

"L... Let.... Let me do... you too!"

I stopped what I was doing to her, and sat up so I could change
position. Looking down at her, I could see that from nipples to shoulders
to face, she was dark with the blush of her arousal - and her eyes were
hooded with the desire she was feeling.

I twisted around, so that my legs were toward her head, and slid myself
'down', bringing my hips even with her head. She started to reach out for
me, but stopped when I took her by the hips and pulled her on top of me, my
head between her legs. She quickly pulled her knees up, resting her weight
on them as they framed my head. She also got her elbows on the bed, and
raised herself up so she could access my semi-erect penis.

Even before I could raise my head to continue my efforts, she had
lowered hers - unhesitatingly taking me into her hand, then mouth, and
applying a gentle suction. When I again touched my tongue to her, she
allowed most of my length to slide from her lips, keeping only the glans in
her mouth - and then licking and sucking on it.

As I erected in her mouth, I went back to licking and sucking on her
labia, and dipping my tongue into the source of her nectar. It wasn't long
before she had me completely hard, and when she did, went on to begin
bobbing her head up and down, slowly, while continuing to apply a light
suction, wetting over half my length with her saliva as she did so.

I gradually moved the focus of my attention from the entrance to her
vagina, to her clitoris - rapidly flicking my tongue across it, taking it
between my lips to gently 'nibble' on it, putting my mouth over it and
rhythmically sucking on it. With the change, the speed that her excitement
grew increased greatly. Before long, she was gasping around my member as
it slid in and out of her mouth, and her hips began a slow hunching toward
me. Not much after that, I could tell that she was approaching another
orgasm - and promptly went back to her vaginal opening, where I could
almost drink in the ample oils she'd produced.

I gave her time to draw back from the edge of her release, and then
moved back to her clitoris. I again started moving her toward her release
as she did her own part to stimulate me, and keep me aroused.

After a few minutes, I could again tell that she was nearing orgasm -
but rather than stopping it, I opted to slow down how quickly I led her
toward it. I slowly and gradually slowed down how I teased her and
stimulated her, exchanging speed for intensity; her arousal wasn't growing
as fast, but much more deeply, instead.

Ultimately, though, she did reach her release: she suddenly let my
erection pop free of her lips, and threw her head back; releasing a low,
guttural groan as I felt what must have been every muscle in her body
tense. Just a moment later, a small wave of her sweet oils flowed across my
lips, apparently released as her vaginal opening clasped at them. As the
first wave of her climax washed through her, I continued my ministrations
to her clitoris, only softening them, keeping them in time with the
flutters of her labia. As the first spasm ended, she drew in a shuddering,
gasping breath - and froze again, noiseless this time, as the second wave
hit her. When it passed, her next breath was ragged, and she had barely
taken it when the third spasm hit her.

With her fourth spasm, she was again able to make noise - of a sort: a
high-pitched kind of humming sound. During the fifth, she groaned again;
after that, she literally collapsed on me.

I quickly eased her over onto the bed, and checked her - her eyes were
open, and she was breathing raggedly, but otherwise clearly out of it.


"Yes, sir?"

"Private intercom to Kelly." That told Mabel that the message was to be
delivered via intercom, and soon, but that Kelly was to be told that it was
for her, alone. I knew Kelly would find a quiet spot away from the others
to listen to it.

A slight pause, then "Recording."

"Kelly, I need you to bring in some drinks, if you would. Robyn seems
to have enjoyed things a bit more than I expected. End message."

"Recorded. Message stored, Locating Kelly."

"That's all."

"Thank you, sir."

A minute or so later, I heard a soft knocking at the door; I called out
for Kelly to come on in. When the door opened, Robyn's eyes moved toward
the motion, but she otherwise remained still.

When Kelly came over, and saw what condition Robyn was in, grinned and
asked "What happened? Did you kill her with kindness?"

"No, I don't think so - but she might not agree with Me.", I answered,
with a grin of my own.

Kelly set the drinks on the nightstand, and paused long enough to kiss
Robyn on the forehead and look into her eyes to tell her "You'll be okay -
really." before leaving us, and closing the door behind her.

With something to refresh her handy, I lifted Robyn up, so that I could
hold her in my arms as I leaned back against the headboard. I softly
caressed her, not in a sexual manner but more to help revive her, for the
next few minutes. Every so often, she would give a little shudder; but
they eventually passed; as they came less and less frequently, she was able
to start making small movements of her own, until, finally, she was able to
turn her head a bit, and look at me with absolute wonder in her eyes.

When she did, I reached over to the nightstand, and picked up one of the
bottles of carbonated water- one that Kelly had thoughtfully opened for us.
I raised it to Robyn's lips, and she readily took a small sip of it, and
after a pause, another. The expression on her face was as though she were
tasting it for the first time, and finding it to be the most delectable
thing she'd ever sampled.

A few more sips, and she felt able to bring her hands up, holding my
hand as I held the bottle in front of her. Weakly, she was able to let me
know when she wanted another drink, and when she was done.

A few more drinks followed, with each of them, she was able to exert a
little more energy, until she was able to take the bottle from me, and
drink from it without my help. Until she'd emptied the bottle - not
surprising to me, considering how much of her fluids she'd lost - she
didn't make any effort to speak.

As she let her hands drop from her last swallow, I asked her "You want
me to put that away?"

She nodded, and I then asked "Another?"

She thought a moment, and nodded again.

I set it aside, and retrieved another open bottle for her, which she
accepted, but didn't drink from.

A few moments later, she opened her mouth and tried to speak, but all
that came out was a small croaking noise. I hugged her, and said "It's
okay, Robyn. Take your time, and get your breath back. I'll still be here
when you're ready."

She gave me a mildly reproachful look, and took another drink of her

Another couple of swallows, and she was ready to try again.

Hoarsely, she managed to whisper "What the hell did you do to me?!"

Surprised, I looked at her and answered "I _thought_ I was helping you
have another orgasm; I didn't know it would be lethal!", with a smile.

She gave me a dirty look, and said "No, it wasn't lethal, but I kinda
wish it had been - I'd feel better!", in a slightly stronger voice. A
moment later, she spoke again, asking me "What the hell happened? I was
having this *incredible* orgasm, and then things kind of blanked out; the
next thing I remember is finding myself sitting up with you holding me. I
kinda think somebody was in here with us, I'm not sure, and don't know

"Uh, I think you sort of passed out, kind of. I asked Kelly to bring us
in some drinks because I didn't want to leave you alone long enough to get
them myself.", I answered.

She started to look upset, but then it passed as she said "Yeah, I
suppose that's okay - I guess I really was out of it. It really was nice
of you not to want to leave me - even though YOU'RE the one that got me
that way!"

"Robyn, I really am sorry about that. I honestly didn't know that you
would react that way."

"No, don't misunderstand me - I'm not upset about what happened; GOD!
That was the most incredible thing I've ever experienced! I've ridden some
*really* big roller coasters and some *really* scary rides - but _that_....
it's just that I didn't have any kind of warning or anything that it could
be like that, is all - it was just so *intense*."

"How was I supposed to know?", I asked, reasonably. "I mean, yes, I
know I was teasing you, and yes, I know that I was making it that much more
intense for you - but how was I supposed to know you would react THAT way,
that much?"

A few moments went by before she answered me, slightly mollified "Yeah,
I guess that's right - you really couldn't. Hell, *I* didn't know anything
could hit me that hard! And it *was* good. Even better than good - it was
*great*. Uh, just don't do it again too soon, okay?"

"You better believe it!", I answered, getting a small laugh from her.

She sat up, then, and put her now-empty water bottle aside before taking
another, and opening it. I accepted it when she offered it to me, and she
quickly got another for herself.

"I don't think I've _ever_ been this thirsty!", she muttered.

"Uh, if you'll have a look down, I think you'll be able to see why", I

She did, and found that she was still glistening with her own juices -
her pubic hair was slightly matted, and she was wet from her crotch to
halfway to her knees.

Looking back up at me with surprise on her face, she said "Damn! I know
I get pretty wet inside, sometimes, when I'm excited, but I've never been
like _that_."

"Well, now you know why you're so thirsty - all that has to come from
_someplace_!", I teased, making a joke.

"Yeah - a 'someplace' you know how to take care of pretty good, from the
looks of it.", she grinned in reply, going along with it.

Blushing slightly, she turned to me and said "I, uh, gotta use the, uh,

"You know where it is, I think. Don't worry, we all do it."

She blushed again, then smiled at me, before getting up and heading for
the bathroom. A couple minutes later, she was back - after apparently
taking the time to wipe herself off a bit along the way.

After she got back onto the bed, she moved on over to me, and quickly
threw her leg over me, so that she was sitting on my lap.

She started to speak, saying "I was, uh, thinking in there" - "A good
place for it.", I interjected, and getting a grin - "and I realized that
you're being really nice to me about all of this. I mean, that last time,
you were just trying to give me the best orgasm you could, and you couldn't
possibly know that I'd kinda pass out like that from just HOW good it was.
I was kinda, you know, upset a little at first about it, but then I
realized in there what really happened, and that how *I* reacted to it
wasn't YOUR fault. I'm sorry if I said anything to, uh, hurt you, or make
you feel bad."

"It's okay, Robyn - I know it must have been a scary experience, and you
were just letting off some of the emotional charge from it. I *am* sorry,
and won't do it again - at least, until you tell me to!. I'm not hurt or
upset by anything you've said or done; only for doing something that shook
you up that bad."

She looked into my eyes, and saw the honesty of, and sincerity I felt
about, what I'd just told her. Surprised, she said "You really are - not
upset, I mean, and sorry about shaking me up."

"Of course", I responded, surprised.

She looked at me intently, and said "A lot of people - hell, most
people! - wouldn't be. They'd say it, and maybe mean it, a little - but
not like you. It's like you're a hundred percent honest and sincere about
what you say."

"I am - or try to be."

"See? That's what I mean - you said that like it was stone cold *fact*,
without hesitating or trying to make it sound like anything it wasn't. How
the hell can you do you do that?"

"I don't know. I guess the thing is, I can't be anyone else - I can
only be *me*. I don't like it when other people try to bullshit me, so I
don't try to bullshit them. I figure if I want the best from other people,
I have to give them MY best. That includes honesty -not just with them,
but myself; and integrity, so that it's not just a sometimes thing; and
even courage, because it isn't always easy or convenient to be honest or
keep my integrity."

"But how can you do that when so many people are such *shitheads*?"

"You just said it yourself, but from the other direction - so many of
them are; but that means that many of them *aren't*. The ones that just
want to slide by, doing as little as they have to, or hosing over other
people to get what they want, don't interest me, except to want to make
them go away. The rest, the ones that DO want to do what's right and fair
and honest, the ones that DO want to make themselves better, but don't know
how, THOSE are the ones that I care about, and want to deal with."

"Why are you so willing to do so much to help them? I mean, us -
because I think I must be one, too, because I *don't* understand all of
what you say; but you're still so willing to spend so much time with me?"

"Selfishness. Not the bad way, the way so many people think of it, as
someone that wants to take all the time and not give back; but the original
meaning, of someone who's interest is in their own desires and wants,
without hurting anyone else. Selfishly, I don't want to live in a world
where the kind of crap that we've all gotten so used to goes on.
Selfishly, I want it to be better - for ME; but not at the expense of
anyone else. And the way I figure I can do that best is by helping other
people learn what I have, so that - selfishly - there are more of 'us' for
me to deal with and enjoy - and fewer of 'them' to have to try to work
around, or avoid. Simply put, all I want is the BEST - in me, and in other
people. Selfishly, I'm not willing to settle for anything less.
Selfishly, I'm willing to put time and energy into helping other people
develop THEIR best."

She was even more intense as she asked me "So how do YOU manage to do
all of that?"

"It's hard and easy, at the same time, to do; just like it's complex and
simple at the same time, to think about. The doing part is easy, in that
all I have to do is trust my own judgment, and learn from my experiences.
It's hard, in that I have to accept responsibility for that judgment, and
learning what's important from those experiences. The thinking part is
simple, because all I have to do is be ME, and NO ONE ELSE - completely,
and all the time. It's complex because it's my responsibility to make sure
that all the parts that make up the ME are things that I want ME to be, and
that they all work together, consistently. Just like one bad piece of wood
can make a whole house weak to some degree, if there's one bad part of ME,
then that makes ALL of me weak, to some degree."

"How do you know when you're doing it right?"

"Simple - I feel good, about myself, and the people I keep around me."

"How does that work?"

"Again, it's pretty simple. Remember when I said that how much you love
someone is the instant total of all the values you see in them?" - she
nodded, seriously - "It works the same way with your own happiness: if
you're happy with and about yourself, then that's the instant total of all
the values you see in yourself."

"But aren't the, uh, shitheads out there happy with themselves, too? At
least, sometimes?"

"Sure - but the big difference is, because my values are higher, I'm
more honest and consistent in how I use them - and because I'm more honest
and consistent, I'm better able to see what they can't: just as my values
are higher, so is my happiness. What's a hundred percent happiness for
them might only be ten percent for me. Some of them might argue that
_their_ hundred percent is the same for _them_ as *my* hundred percent is
for *me* - but most of them know, deep inside their hearts and minds, that
it doesn't work that way; they KNOW that a hundred percent of a pile of
gold isn't the same as a hundred percent of a pile of rocks. And that's
why they spend so much of their time and money and energy trying to find
new and different ways of distracting themselves from that knowledge - such
as drugs, and that kind of nonsense. The high of marijuana or cocaine or
adrenaline is a far, far second to the happiness of knowing that you have
made the best you can of your heart and mind and soul."

She stared at me for several long seconds, deep in thought, before she
suddenly exclaimed "Oh, SHIT!", and a few moments later, repeated it.

"Jesus Christ on a crutch! That's it! I understand now - I KNOW how
you and Kelly and Jan and Sandra - and me now! even me! - can be how you,
I mean we, are. It is, it's so *simple*!", she exclaimed, before focusing
on me again, and saying "Dear God, how did you ever come UP with this? I
mean, it's right there, in front of everybody; and its so _obvious_ and so
_simple_ - and none of us every saw it! What the hell were we doing? What
were we thinking about? Damn!"

Seeing the bemused expression on my face, she stopped, giving me the
chance to tell her "How I found it wasn't easy - I spent nearly twenty
years of my life, learning and studying, not only in school, but in the
real world, and thinking about it before it came to me. And the reason so
many people DO miss it is for the very reasons you just said: it *is*
obvious - so obvious that most people don't have any trouble looking right
past it, because they're looking for something more complicated."

"I can believe it - hell, I _have_ to believe it, because I did the same
damn thing.", she said; adding a few moments later "Now I understand why
Sandra acted the way she did - now I *know* how much I owe you, for
_everything_ you've done for me, for us."

"And you also know that the debt isn't to me."

She looked at me for a moment, before saying "No, I guess it isn't, is
it? But I'll repay it - but you know that, of course, don't you?", with a
wry grin.

I was content to let her sit there, thinking things through - she'd
found the core, the skeleton of what I'd learned, and needed a little time
to develop it, to flesh it out. Several minutes went by as she gazed off
into space, deep in thought, before her attention returned to where she
was, and what she was doing.

When she did, she looked at me, and blushed a bit. She opened her mouth
to speak, and I quickly put a finger across it, silencing her as I said
"It's okay. I understand."

Her mouth closed, and she smiled at me, before telling me, "Yeah, I
guess you do. If anyone does, it has to be you!"

Suddenly realizing where we were, and the position she was in, she
looked at me, saying "We still haven't made love yet, though."

"We don't have to. You know I love you, just as I know you love me."

"Yeah, I do, and know you do, too. That's why I want us to make love,
even more now than before."

She let me pull her close, and we hugged each other, intimately but not
passionately - that was to come later. For then, we were content to have,
and know, each other.

After a while, we separated, and with a grin on her face, Robyn began
kissing me, everywhere on my face but my mouth, slowly and softly, an
expression of absolute radiance on her face.

Gradually, she started moving herself down and back, so that she could
have easier access to me - taking my neck muscles between her teeth, she
made a soft growling noise and chewing motion, as though literally eating
me. Then she moved on, kissing and gently nipping the skin of my
shoulders, and then on to my chest - even pausing for a while to caress and
squeeze my chest muscles, much as I'd done with her breasts; and going even
farther, to lick and suck at *my* nipples for a while, before continuing
her journey down my body.

Resting on my tailbone as I was, it was easy for her to finally make her
way to my penis - kissing it in passing as she continued to shower me with
small licks and gentle kisses.

Finally, though, she did zero in on my then semi-erect penis. Without
using her hands, she nibbled at it with her lips, then licking it and
moving it around with her tongue. When it was erect enough that the glans
raised off me, she readily took it into her mouth, walking her lips down
it's length as she sucked it into her mouth - still without touching it
with her hands, which she was using to caress and stroke my thighs and
lower belly.

With her nose buried in my pubic hair, she had all of me - still not
fully erect, but still... - in her mouth. When I got a bit harder, she
let the head rest against her throat - not deep-throating me, but not
missing it by much, either. Caressing me with her tongue as she applied a
constant mild suction, I got closer and closer to full erection; she simply
kept my glans where it was, allowing the 'surplus' to escape through her
lips. Once she was satisfied that I was completely hard, she slowly pulled
her head away from me, in exquisite slowness, stopping only when her lips
were wrapped around the head. From there, back down she went, just as
slowly, laying her tongue against the bottom of my member so I slid along
it's surface as she took me in again.

When her mouth was filled with me again, she started sliding her tongue
back and forth while keeping it pressed against the bottom ridge of my
erection. She couldn't have been moving her tongue more than an inch or
so, but if *felt* like miles, so slow and erotic was it.

After a bit, she again let me slide from her mouth, stopping with only
the head in her possession, and back down again. Another repeat of the
tongue action, and up she went, then back down.

Several times she went through the cycle, each time moving a bit faster,
so that at the end, her head was bobbing almost constantly on my stiffness.
Only when I felt a small drop of seminal fluid escape - which she promptly
slurped up - did she slow her actions, and finally, stop them.

When she was again on my lap, we kissed passionately for several
seconds, before she broke it. Reaching down between us, she parted her
labia, and lowered herself slightly, so that the bottom of my erection was
pressed against her vaginal opening. Once satisfied that I was 'just so',
she pulled my hands to her breasts, saying "touch me - and don't worry
about being gentle", and put her hands on my shoulders.

I gave her breasts a firm squeeze, and she gasped in response, before
hunching herself forward a bit, and sliding her labia a short way along my
penis. Another squeeze, and another gasp as she slid herself back, close
to where she'd started from. I slid my hands under her breasts, hefting
them a bit, before pinching her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers;
she moaned, and started sliding herself on me in a slow, regular motion.
Enjoying the feelings she was generating, as well as the feel of her firm
breasts in my hands, I continued to fondle and squeeze them; caressing
them, and pinching and pulling on her nipples. Her eyes closed, and her
face and shoulders darkened as she continued to slide herself along the
length of me, from just under the glans and back, almost to my scrotum. As
she moved, her ample lubrication was released, and spread, making her
motion both smoother and easier. Before long, not only was the area where
we were in contact wet, but my entire penis - and both of our pubic areas,
as well.

Just when I thought she was going to climax again, she quickly slowed
her movements, panting as she asked me "I'm ready, inside. What next?".

"Raise yourself up, and move me so that I'm where you need me. After
that, just let yourself sit down on it, as slowly as you need to.", I

To my surprise, she got up - but just long enough to turn around, so
that her back was to me, before kneeling down again. Reaching down in
front of her, she grasped my penis, and levered it up, feeling it as the
head brushed her labia. With a minor adjustment of her position, she
leaned forward, putting her other hand on my leg to steady herself as she
got my penis positioned to her satisfaction, and began lowering herself
onto it.

To my surprise - and hers, I think - I easily slid into her for the
first couple of inches. Despite how hot and tight she was, she was also
incredibly wet inside - and that seemed to keep both of us lubricated
enough to make the insertion easy for her. It was only when we came to the
obstruction of her hymen that her movement stopped.

I think she must have felt a twinge of pain before she stopped, since I
saw a brief grimace cross her face immediately before she stopped.

As she sat there, panting slightly, she let go of my penis, apparently
realizing that it was well positioned, and not likely to escape her at that

I caressed her breasts for a few moments, then moved my hands down to
her hips, holding her steady as I told her "It's okay, Robyn. Take your
time, and make it easy on yourself. There's no hurry, for either of us.
When you're ready, just go slow, and let it happen; if it starts to hurt or
feel uncomfortable, stop, and give yourself some time to get used to it,

She nodded her agreement, and let herself stay there for a bit, before
making a few small experimental downward pushes. She apparently decided
that the obstruction wasn't going to give way easily, and stopped to
collect herself for a while. To distract her from any discomfort, I moved
my hands up again, so that I could softly stroke her breasts and belly.
After perhaps a minute or two, she tried something else: making short
bouncing motions on me, as though to wear her hymen out, much as repeated
flexing of a coat hanger will cause it to fail. After a couple minutes of
that, it became clear that her maidenhead was far more durable and
resilient than she'd thought, and she again stopped to consider what to try

I started speaking to her again, offering words of support and advice,
letting her know that there wasn't any rush.

Another couple of minutes went by, and she tried something else -
holding herself steady, and simply trying to force herself past the
blockage. I could see that it hurt her, and quickly told her to ease off,
that she didn't have to hurt herself, we had plenty of time.

She responded by telling me "Yeah, I know we do - but I want to DO this,
dammit!" - and suddenly letting her full weight push her down onto me,
tearing through, and past, her hymen as she gave a small cry of pain before
she was settled in my lap, my hardness deep inside her.

Holding still otherwise, I quickly took her into my arms, pulling her
back to rest against my chest as the tears ran down her face. My arms
across her belly, I held her against me, softly kissing her shoulders, and
murmuring words of consolation and understanding in her ear as she
struggled to come to grips with the pain she'd experienced; and the
sensation of having me inside her. I thought I could feel it as her warm
blood escaped our juncture, slowly trickling across my scrotum and between
my legs, and hers.

Gradually, her pain faded, and as it did, her tears dried, as well.
After several minutes she felt free to try and sit up - I could see a brief
moment of discomfort on her face as she did, but once she was upright, it
seemed to pass. I continued to hold her hips, though, not only to steady
her, but to encourage her not to move too quickly - I knew she'd already
suffered enough pain for one evening.

Eventually, though, she reached the point where she was willing to try
moving again. As I felt her start to lift herself up, I pressed on her
hips, to hold her down. Looking at me over her shoulder, she asked "What?
What is it?"

"I just want to tell you - again - to take it easy. I know it hurt you
when you sat down on me, and I just don't want to see you in any more

"But you're forgetting one thing, Dan - the choice was MINE, just as
it's my responsibility to deal with the consequences. Right?"

I muttered something about headstrong females, and she just grinned at
me before starting to raise herself up again - slightly - before settling
back down. A moment later, she did it again, a little farther. A bit
after that, again, and farther. Before long, she was able to raise herself
nearly half my length - and giving me the chance to see ample evidence of
the pain she must have felt: my penis was nearly covered in red; where I
could see them, the insides of her thighs, and mine, were awash in crimson,
as well.

But as she'd correctly pointed out - the choice had been hers; and she
seemed to have recovered from it well enough, judging from the way she was
moving over me.

As the next few minutes went by, range - and enthusiasm - of her efforts
increased, until she was easily bouncing up and down the full length of my
erection. And enjoying it, judging from the gasps and moans she made as
she moved. Still, it didn't take long before her actions began to slow;
clearly, she was getting tired - as much from the tension as her activity,
I thought.

When she slowed down a bit more, I put my arms around her, and gently
pulled her toward me; she came readily enough, panting slightly from her
exertion and apparent arousal.

"I take it you're feeling better now?", I teased.

"You betcha. Feels _good_ now!"

"Getting tired, though, aren't you?"

"Yeah, a little - but not enough to stop, if that's what you're after!"

"No, we don't have to stop. I was just going to say that I can take
over the activities, if you want, is all."

"What did you have in mind? I kinda like the way you feel in me like

"We can stay like this; you just get on your hands and knees, and I'm on
my knees behind you. Same places and positions, we just move ninety
degrees forward, if you know what I mean."

She thought a moment, and said "Yeah, I like that idea. My legs are
kinda tired."

I easily explained what I wanted us to do, and with her help, we didn't
have to part as we both moved forward into the 'doggy' position. Once we
were situated, she quickly assured me she was comfortable and ready to
resume: "Let's GO, dammit!"

Holding her hips, I slowly withdrew from her, watching as her labia
tried to hold onto me, until I was _just barely_ inside her. I paused for
a moment, and then pushed myself back in, seeing her vaginal lips disappear
with my penis, as if to guide it back to where it had been.

The next couple of minutes were spent in getting us both into a nice,
smooth rhythm - one that satisfied her without stimulating ME so much that
I climaxed before I wanted. Indeed, it was slow and smooth enough that
after a bit, I was able to lean over her, and reach down to cups her
breasts in my hands, feeling their weight shift as they tried to wobble in
time with my thrusting. Softly pinching and pulling on her nipples seemed
to increase her arousal, making for a nice, easy climb toward our
respective peaks.

When my back started to get tired from leaning over her, I released her
breasts, and held her hips again as I increased the tempo of our
lovemaking. After a few minutes, she started to speak to me again, gasping
the words out between my thrusts.

"Th... th... there's... something... else... I... want to...
try... if... if... it's okay... with... y... y... you."

"What's that?"

"I... want... y... you... t... to... make... l... love... to...
m... me... in... my... b... b... butt."

"You sure about that? It might hurt." - and even as I said it, I
realized how ridiculous it was.

"More... th... than... when... I... s... sat... on... y... you?
... I... don't... th... think... so! ... N... no... cherry...
in... my... ass!"

Good point.

"Why?", I asked, getting a little short of breath, myself.

"Want... t... to have... you... ev... every... way... I... c...
can... Had... m... mouth... pussy... now... w... want... th...
the... rest... OH GOD."

With that last, I felt her tighten around me a bit. I knew she was
getting close.

"Let's finish this up, first, okay? Then you can decide."

"G... g... good... i... idea... OH GOD!... Just... s... s...
save... OH GOD... some... f... for... me... OHGOD... b... c...
cause... I... really... OHGOD!... want... t... to. OHGOD!"

I was pretty sure that she was as turned on by the thought of anal sex
as she was by what we were doing - not that it mattered much, because about
then, I felt her tighten down on me one last time before she let her head
drop down as she released a deep, low moan of release.

I have to say it again: she was tight. And hot inside. And did I
mention tight? But all the juices and lubrication she produced when she
was excited like she was did wonders for letting me continue pistoning in
and out of her as she went through a series of near-convulsions as the
force of her orgasm hit her like a steam roller - there simply wasn't a
damn thing to be done to slow it down, or soften it. For her, she must
have felt like the frog stuck to the bottom of the airplane in that Far
Side cartoon, as wave after wave of pleasure engulfed her.

After the strongest of her contractions passed through her, her arms
collapsed, and her head and shoulders hit the bed, even as she continued to
moan out her pleasure. I quickly slowed down, then stopped, my movements,
staying buried in her but not moving. I carefully moved her legs back, one
at a time, until I could slowly lower us - still joined - to the bed, so
that she was on her stomach, and I was over her, resting my weight on my
knees and elbows. The intermittent twitches in her vagina, and the feel of
her smooth, firm asscheeks against my belly, were enough to keep me hard
inside her.

I softly kissed her shoulders and back, as far I could reach them, for
the next couple of minutes, until I saw her eyes flicker open. A few
moments later, I saw them widen in surprise when she realized where I was,
and what condition I was in.

"What are you, some kind of machine or something? Jesus, I thought you
would shoot by now!"

"Kelly and Jan both told you that I would last longer if I already had a
climax, now, didn't they? And you saw them give me one. And I know *I*
told all of you that I could usually delay it, too. So why the surprise?"

"I thought maybe you and they were just exaggerating it, a little.
Jesus, that was good! And I didn't pass out, or anything!", she added,
with a smile.

I kissed the back of her neck, even with her shoulders, and said "No,
you didn't pass out. I kinda worried that it was close, there, a couple
times, though."

"Uh, it was, sorta. I think I'm going to have to be careful who I make
love with - otherwise, they might like, *ravage* me, or something!", she
said with a giggle.

I laughed at the idea, too, before she told me "Um, as nice as it feels
to have you here, and *there*, there's still something else I want to do,

"Yeah, I remember you said something about making love to you again,
someplace else. Where was it again? Left ear?"

She giggled, and said "If I thought we could! No, silly, I want you
just like this, but up a couple inches."

I couldn't resist the temptation, and slid myself a little ways up her
back, asking "Like this?"

She giggled again, and answered "NO, you dummy! Your THING a couple
inches higher - like in my butt!"

"My *thing*?" I asked, teasing her.

"Yeah, THING. You know, your dick, your rod, your meat, your
love-muscle. Your PENIS, you turd!", she laughed. "What do we need to do?
Uh, wouldn't we need something to help keep us, um, slippery?"

"Yeah, it would help."

"So do you have any?"



"In the bathroom."

"WHERE in bathroom?", she exclaimed, getting a little exasperated.

"The drawer."

"WHICH drawer!?"

"Top left."

We continued to lay there for a few seconds before she spoke again.

"Well? Aren't you going to go get it?"

"Why should I? *I'm* not the one that wants to get poked in the butt!"

She laughed, and said "Okay, okay - my choice, my responsibility. Fine,
I got it."

A few more seconds went by before she said "Well?"


"Aren't you going to let me get up?"

"OHHHHHH! You wanted to get UP! I didn't know that."

"Yes, I want to get up, you stinker!"

A couple more seconds, and she asks me "Are you going to let me up, or

"Oh, you still wanted to get up? You didn't say anything, so I thought
you'd forgotten about it, or changed your mind."

"You turd! You KNOW I want to get up!", she laughed.

"Well, I though MAYBE you MIGHT want to get up, but I certainly didn't
know when. I thought if it got important, you'd let me know.", I
responded, in my most innocent voice.

She wasn't going for it.

"Fine. I hereby give you formal notice that: A> I do, in fact, want to
get up, and B> I am specifically asking you to move yourself so that I
_can_ get up, and C> that all of these things are of immediate interest and
need immediate attention. Now, _get off me_ you stinker!", she laughed.

Faced with the inevitable, I raised myself up a bit, giving her room to
slide out from under me. She realized I was still teasing her, and started
to wiggle her way forward to get out from under me - and in the process,
audibly pulling herself free of my penis, causing her to have a fit of
giggles at the noise. Once free of her, I easily raised up enough to roll
over onto my back, leaving her free to get up, and off the bed. When she
was standing next to the bed, she turned and looked down at me in
exasperation, demanding "Now WHY didn't you do that five minutes ago!?"

With my most innocent expression and hurt voice, I answered "Because
then, I hadn't been *abandoned* by the love of my life!", then pouting my
lip out.

I could see it as she tried to hold it in, but after only a few seconds,
she couldn't help but crack up, saying "Abandoned. Love of your life.
Sheesh, what a load!", before heading into the bathroom. I delighted in
watching her walk - the way her asscheeks clenched and relaxed, and the way
her hips swayed, were a delight to the eye.

It was a couple of minutes before she came out again, and when she did,
I saw the reason for the delay - she'd taken a little time to wipe off the
blood and other juices that had pretty well covered her between navel and
knee. In her hands, I could see not only the lubricant gel, but a
washcloth - apparently damp - and towel over her arm.

She blushed *ever* so slightly, and said "I, uh, thought I'd clean up a
little, and thought maybe you'd want to, too."

I answered by saying "That was very thoughtful, thank you.", and
reaching for the washcloth.

She held on to it, though, telling me "Um, it was my mess, and I wanted
to be the one to clean it up."

"It was OUR mess - I was there, too, remember?" - getting a grin in
reply - "I'm fine with cleaning up, but if you really want to do it, that's
okay, too."

She nodded, and after setting the lubricant on the nightstand, took hold
of my semi-erect penis with one hand as she held the damp cloth (still
warm, thankfully) in the other. When she'd gotten it clean, she easily
moved on to wipe off nearly all the other dried blood that she could find.
Satisfied with her handiwork, she left the towel on the bed as she went
back into the bathroom to drop off the damp cloth - again giving me an
unwitting show of her delights - and returning to sit on the bed, next to
my hip, facing me where I lay on my back.

Taking the gel into her hands, she sat there a few seconds before asking
me "Well, what's the best way of doing this?"

"It's probably easiest if we get the lube on both of us. We probably
want to make sure it's warm, so that nobody gets any cold surprises" - she
grinned at that, and nodded enthusiastically - "And I'm not in, uh, shape
to do anything with you at the moment, you might notice."

She looked down, and realized that I was still only semi-erect - and on
the heels of that, that I couldn't very well enter her in that condition.

She looked back up at me, and grinned "I think I can fix the third
problem. I understand the second, and agree. The first one, I understand,
but I'm not sure where to start, exactly."

"Okay, think it through, then. Put the problems in a different order,
and see if something doesn't occur to you.", I challenged.

A little bit later she said "Okay. Getting us both lubricated would
seem to be the last step. If the lubricant is cold, doing anything about
your, uh, shape wouldn't do much good. So I think the first thing to do is
warm it up. How?"

"It just needs to be someplace warm - body temperature is enough,

She got a wicked grin on her face, and promptly raised up enough to
slide the tube into her vagina. Sitting back down, she said "Body
temperature it is! boy that was cold, going in, though!", giggling.

I smiled back at her, and said "It's going to take a little bit for the
gel to warm up all the way. Is there anything about the other two problems
you can think of?"

Again, she thought about it for a little bit before her eyes lit up, and
she said "Yeah! Getting us both lubed up is a two-part problem, not just
one. Changing your shape is another, so I've got three problems again -
but I can use the solution to one problem to solve another: When I do
something about your shape, I can apply the lubricant to you at the same
time, solving two problems with one action. Getting the gel on me is the
last thing, and it's simple." She grinned at me, pleased with having
figured it out herself with only minimal prompting.

"Excellent. Now you know how to solve any problem that you might run
into in life."


"Sure. Think about it - now you've got experience in solving problems.
You applied the easiest, most sensible ways to find a solution to something
known to mankind: see if you can re-order the problem so it makes more
sense. Prioritize it - that is, figure out what each item depends on.
Break each problem down into its simplest parts. Solve each problem in the
order it needs to be done, finding common solutions where you can. Bingo!
Problem's gone!"

"You're kidding, right?"

"Nope. The only thing I didn't mention was the ability to find
solutions outside those already known. If you'd asked me about the gel, I
was going to point out that your armpit gets warm, and might make a good
heater - but you blew that away with your own solution!"

She grinned at me, and said "Well, that one seemed kind of obvious, to

"Understand - I don't have any problem with it; it just surprised me,
was all. The hardest thing I think you'll find when you start dealing with
other people's problems is that if you don't give them the kind of solution
they expect, something they're even a LITTLE bit familiar with, they'll
argue with you about it. It's not out of meanness or anything like that,
it's just plain old brain-lock, or some prejudice they have. Until you
have a reputation as someone that CAN solve problems, you'd better be ready
to razzle-dazzle folks with some really great explanations of how and why
it will work when you DO come up with something 'outside the lines' of what
they're familiar with. It's hard, and it's a pain in the ass, but it has
to be done - until you can teach them better. When I first started my
business, I had a hell of a time convincing people that the answers I had
really _were_ for the questions they had asked. It liked to have driven me
crazy, until I finally understood that they just didn't KNOW - and that I
had to teach them. Since then, it's gotten easier and easier, every time."

"Uh, on the subject of pain in the butt" - she grinned at her own joke -
"you think the lubricant is warm enough by now?"

"Did it feel cold very long?"

"No, just a little bit. Since then, I barely know it's there - except
for where it is, of course."

"Then it's probably warm enough."

Grinning again, she raised up, and dipped a couple of fingers inside to
help draw it out - and surprising me a bit by turning a little pink during
the process.

When she had the tube in her hand again, she sat back down, and opened
the lid to it, squeezing a bit into her hand, saying "Yeah, it feels fine,

She laughed when I told her "If it isn't, I'll let you know!"

With that, she reached over, and took me into her hands, softly stroking
me and spreading the lubricant along the length of my penis. Yeah, the gel
was warm enough, and it wasn't long before she started getting the desired
results as I slowly got harder and longer in her hand. Pausing once to
squirt another dollop of lube into her hand - "better too much, than not
enough, right?" - she soon had me fully erect, and thoroughly coated with
the gel.

Wiping her hands off on the towel she'd kept, she handed me the tube of
lubricant, saying "Your turn!", with a nervous grin.

I got onto my knees, and moved behind her as she moved onto her side,
and then rolled over onto her stomach before getting up on her hands and
knees, her back to me. I made sure to keep a firm grip on the tube, so
that it didn't cool too much by the time I was in position. Even so, after
I squirted a small blob of it onto my finger, I made sure to check it's
actual temperature before putting my fingers between her asscheeks. Even
then, I made a point not to apply it directly to her rectum, instead
choosing to apply it to the top of the cleft of her ass, and then pushing
it down onto the final target.

I smeared it around well, and made a couple of soft, preliminary pushes
against her nether hole; she didn't flinch or move away, so I figured there
was a pretty good chance that she was ready to go through with it.

Another dollop of gel - like she'd said, better too much than not enough
- and back to her buttocks, Smear it around again, but in a smaller area -
immediately on and around her anus; and pushing some of it inside her by
probing at her with my finger, and even getting as far as the end knuckle
into her sphincter. Back out, and another batch of lube - this one going
directly on the opening of her pink rosebud; gently and carefully working
it through her opening.

As I was doing all that, I had a clear view of her labia, and could see
them as they darkened in color, and extended with her increased arousal.

Wiping my hands on the towel, I moved closer behind her, my erection
swaying slightly before becoming wedged between her cheeks. She felt it,
and arched her back slightly, so that she presented me with a better entry
angle. Placing the glans against her pucker, and a hand on her hip, I
paused to tell her "Robyn, I don't think either one of us expects any
problems with this - but *please*, if you feel any pain, any discomfort, if
you have *any* problems, _let_me_know_. We don't have to give up, or
anything like that; it's just easier and better for both of us if we take
it as slow as you're comfortable with. Okay?"

"You better believe it!", she exclaimed.

That settled, I held myself in position as I gently, but firmly, pressed
myself against her. I could feel it as she deliberately relaxed herself,
but I was starting to think that it wasn't going to happen when the head
suddenly popped through - accompanied by a small squeak from her.

I immediately stopped, asking her "Are you okay? What do you want me to

Without hesitation, she answered "I'm fine, I was just kind of surprised
when it popped in like that. It doesn't hurt or anything, it just feels
kind of weird. Go ahead whenever you want to - preferably soon!"

Putting my other hand on her hip, I held them firmly as I again hunched
myself forward with a single, smooth motion. I watched as nearly half my
length slid inside her before I had to pause again. The feeling of the
tight ring of her anus as it slid down my hardness was fantastic -
something entirely unique from the way her mouth or vagina had felt.

Gripping her hips again, I pressed forward, and was able to ease the
rest of my erection into her bowels. Fully inside her now, I stopped,
giving her a chance to get used to it, or let me know if she was

She let out a gasp of breath, and told me "That feels *so* incredible.
It doesn't hurt, and it's not uncomfortable or anything; I just feel so
*full* inside. Move it some more, so I can really get a feel of it."

Thus encouraged, I slowly pulled out, her pucker following me slightly,
as her labia had before, but not as much. When I felt her just behind the
head, I stopped for a moment, and then slid myself back into her, gently
and carefully, listening to her moan in pleasure as I did.

A pause, then back out, and in, again. A shorter pause, and again.
Shorter pause, again.

Over the next several minutes, I gradually increased the tempo of my
thrusting - with Robyn's whole-hearted encouragement. When I slowed down a
bit, to catch my breath and get myself ready again, I heard her ask me "Is
there any way we can do this in another position? I want to see it, too,
and look at you when you shoot."

I thought about it for a moment and offered "I suppose we could do it
face to face, with me on top of you, but you'd have to pull your legs up
pretty far to see anything."

"I got good grades in gym class - I'm willing to try it."

With that, I slowly withdrew from her, easing my glans past the ring of
her muscle so as to not make any untoward noises. When she felt that I was
free of her, she rapidly let herself down on the bed, and rolled over so
that she was facing me. With a devilish smile, she spread her legs, and
then pulled them up toward her chest; when they were in reach, she used her
hands to pull her knees even farther, almost bracketing her head with them.

"Will this do it?", she sweetly inquired.

Awed by her flexibility - and the sight she presented - all I could do
was answer "Yeah, that'll do it!" before moving between her legs and
leaning over to put my hands on either side of her. Easing myself forward,
I was able to position the head of my penis against her most private
opening. Taking a breath, I pressed forward, and found that I could enter
her easily - in a single long push, I was able to again bury myself in her
nether region. I looked into her face, and saw that her eyes were closed,
but the expression on her face was one of unadulterated pleasure and

After a couple of strokes, she opened her eyes again, and after sharing
a look, the two of us moved our eyes down to watch as we joined in a rhythm
- if not manner - old as mankind.

The feeling as I thrust into her was pleasant (!!), but not enough to
draw me toward a climax. When I realized that I was starting to get tired,
I knew that I had to change my position, and get more stimulation.

Moving myself off my knees and onto my feet, I kept my body nearly
straight as I raised and lowered myself over her. The change of angle, and
focus of our union, were enough to further stimulate me, as I needed. In
only a couple of minutes, I could feel the stirring in my balls that
signaled my imminent release.

As I increased the tempo that I entered her, I noticed that Robyn, too,
seemed to be close to orgasm (her chants of "Oh, God" were a pretty good
clue). I was too far along in my own passion to be able to stop; all I
could do was hope that what I was doing would be enough for her, too.

Another minute or so of movement, and I felt my balls tighten up as they
readied to fire the first salvo of my release - making one last, solid
thrust into her, I was as deep as I could go into Robyn's back entry when
my climax hit in full.

Robyn was apparently at the very edge of her own release, because when
the first blast of my semen erupted to ricochets off her intestines, her
orgasm started. When it did, I could see it as her eyes rolled back into
her head; her entire body froze - except for those parts the were
industriously engaged in trying to milk every drop of bodily fluid I had,
through my penis.

Looking down, I could easily make out her labia, and watched as they
fluttered, and the mouth of her vagina clenched and unclenched, forcing
miniature waves of her lubrication out. I knew it wasn't the so-called
female ejaculation, but it was every bit as fascinating and erotic to see -
particularly when gravity pulled them down to where I was embedded in her.
The spasming of her rectum around me drew some of them in, and I swore I
could feel the change in how the lubrication felt.

Even as I was releasing the last couple squirts of my climax, I saw as
Robyn (mostly) came down from her own release: her eyes opened (though she
had a slightly vacant stare), and her body finally relaxed as she let her
legs go, allowing them to slide along my sides before hitting the bed. Her
breathing was still in short gasps and pants, and minor shudders ran
through her. I couldn't help but think that any guy that brought her to
orgasm was damn well going to know it, and be damned pleased with himself
as a result.

With my penis now shrinking, the pressure of her anus finally forced it
out, and I was free to move over and lay down next to her. Laying on my
side, I took her in my arms, and then rolled onto my back - pulling her
onto her side, and closer to me, so that I could hold her better. As I
softly caressed her back and sides, giving her a physical reference to grab
onto in her obviously dazed state, I gradually managed to get my own
breathing and heart rate within norms.

After a bit, she gave a little start, as though just realizing where she
was. Looking up at me accusingly, she said "You did that on purpose,
didn't you?"

"I swear, it wasn't me, it was my evil twin, Cedric. What the hell are
you talking about?"

"Making me orgasm like that, is what I'm talking about.", she answered,
a little doubtfully.

"All I did was make love to you the way you asked me to. I think you
knew it was going to be something special to you from the way you kept
wanting me to do it. If you got more than you bargained for, I don't see
how that's MY fault!", I said, a little exasperated.

At the tone in my voice, she realized that she was being unfair, and
quickly apologized, saying "I'm sorry, Dan. It's just that you said you
wouldn't do that again, and then I went and had one of those pass-out
orgasms. I know that it wasn't you that did it, exactly, and that I DID
ask you to make love to me like that. It's just that it surprised me so


"Really, I AM sorry I accused you of it. But this is all still so new
to me, and I didn't know it could even BE like that. Please? forgive me?"

I suppose that she _did_ have a point, about it being new and all, and
finally told her "Okay, I accept your apology. Just give it a second
thought, next time, would you?", I asked, plaintively

"I will, I promise." she answered, meekly.

That over, she settled down, and cuddled up even closer to me, putting
her arm on my chest and playing with a few of the hairs.

After a bit, she rolled away from me, and a moment later, I heard the
sound of a bottle of water being opened - than another. When she turned
back, she had the necks of both bottles in her hand, and offered me one.
By this time, they'd gone from cold, to merely cool; it was something of a
relief when both of us used my chest as a kind of beverage coaster.

We quietly lay there like that for several minutes, only raising our
heads now and then to take a sip of our drinks. Finally - and predictably,
I suppose - Robyn finished hers first, and set the bottle on the bed, but
off to the side where it was out of the way. From there, she went on to
'help' me with mine. When it was gone, too, she set it aside, next to the

A couple of minutes later, she started squirming around a bit, and
finally raised herself up enough to look down at me, saying "I'm starting
to feel kind of, uh, squishy or something, you know, back there. And my
butt still feels like somebody could drive a car into it, if you know what
I mean. Uh, would you mind if I took a shower?"

"No, I wouldn't mind. In fact, if you want me, I'll be happy to join
you, and we can help clean each other up."

"Oh - you wash my back, and I wash yours, huh? I've *heard* about guys like you, mister!", she teased.

"I promise - at no point will my fingers leave my hands.", I replied -
and causing her to go into a small fit of giggles.

When she'd gotten over them, she told me "I _guess_ I can trust you in
the shower. I'm not sure why, after you absolutely _ravished_ my young body, and *violated* me so terribly! Oh, poor innocent little me!"

I laughed, and said "Poor, maybe. Innocent? _Now_? I don't think so!
As for any ravishing and violating, you brought in on yourself, sister -
and seemed to enjoy it pretty good while it was happening!"

She laughed, too, before saying "Yeah, I enjoyed it pretty good - and
I'm damn glad I _did_ bring it on myself. I wouldn't have missed it for
the world - well, except for that sitting down too fast part; that one I
think I'd do a little different. But it's done, so the hell with it.
Shower time?"

"You go ahead and get the water started; I'll be there in just a

With that, she got up, and headed into the bathroom, closing the door
part way after she got in. I took a minute to clean up the bed a bit, and
dump our empty bottles in the wastebasket.

When I got to the bathroom, I rapped on the door, and heard "Uh, give me
just a second, okay?", followed by the sound of the toilet flushing.

Smiling to myself, I announced "Okay, your second is up."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, There's always a comedian. Okay, come on in."

I did, and saw that she was halfway through the shower door, and had the
water running. When she'd gotten it adjusted to her preference, she went
on in, and closed the door behind her.

Over the noise of the water, I told her "Okay, my turn. No peeking!"

"Like I'd want to!" was the reply.

When I flushed the toilet, I heard her gasp, in anticipation of a
temperature change; it didn't happen, and when I opened the door and got in
with her (happily, she had it _just short_ of scalding), the first thing
out of her mouth was to ask me why.

I had to explain to her that all of the water spigots in the house were
on a common line that had a pressurized reservoir, to help maintain a
constant pressure, even if there was a sudden change, like a toilet flushing.

"You though of everything about this place, didn't you?", she asked as
she scrubbed my back (oh, ecstasy!).

"Probably not - but then, if I did forget something, I haven't noticed
it yet, either."

A bit later, when she started to wash her hair, I asked if I could do it
- she had a luxurious mane that went well past her shoulders, slightly
curly, and almost brick red in color. She readily agreed, and I spent the
next few minutes savoring how soft and thick it was, even with the shampoo
rinsed out of it.

When we were both satisfied at how well we'd cleaned each other, she
shut the water off, and we got out to dry off, using the thick, heavy
cotton (Turkish?) towels I favored. As she was drying me off, she asked
"What kind of lubricant was that? I was afraid that it was going to, uh,
be with me for a while, but it washed right off in the shower."

"Oh, it's water-soluble. I've tried the petroleum-based stuff, but like
you say, it tends to stay around longer than I like, so I went with the

When we were both dry, and after she'd borrowed Kelly's hair dryer, we
were both ready to leave the bathroom. When we did, she saw that I'd
cleaned things up a bit, and quickly offered to change the sheets - "I
wouldn't want to use them after someone else left them like that, and I'm
not going to do it to them!". I started to get them, but she didn't
hesitate to ask me where they were, and then tell me to go on into the den
- she'd be there is a jiffy. I liked her attitude, and sense of
responsibility, and did as she said.

When I entered the den alone, all of them looked behind me, for Robyn. I
told them that she'd stayed behind for a little bit, to clean up - without
specifying who or what was being cleaned up. They accepted it, and Kelly
and Susan made room for me on the couch, between them.

Once I was seated, Jan asked if I was hungry or thirsty. I admitted to
a little of both, and when she started for the kitchen, added that Robyn
might be, too. Jan simply gave me the Goober look, and said "Of course!"
before continuing on her way. Having been thoroughly put in my place, I
simply sat back and listened to the rest of them as they chatted - and
found out that Sandra had found out about girls with Kelly while Susan,
Candice, and Jan had been talking and trying to ignore them.

A couple minutes later, I heard the tinkling of glass as Jan brought in
a tray of sodas, a beer (apparently for me), and a couple of sandwiches. A
few seconds later, Robyn came in, as well. Jan told her that the other
sandwich was hers - I'd already latched on to one, and taken a big bite out
of it - and that there were plenty of drinks left, to just help herself.
Kelly opened the beer, and when I'd swallowed the bite of sandwich I'd
taken, handed it to me, and I thanked her.

All of us sat around in the den like that while Robyn and I refueled and
refreshed ourselves. The others mostly chatted among themselves, but
didn't hesitate to include us at strategic moments - such as when we DIDN'T
have food in our mouths. In general, it was as though Robyn and I had
never left: they acknowledged that we were hungry and thirsty, and made
accommodations for those facts; but otherwise seemed to take no notice of
WHY we were hungry and thirsty. I wasn't worried about it, either way - I
knew that Kelly and Jan were simply too courteous and polite to make
anything of it, and suspected that Sandra would follow their example. As
the seconds went by, I could visibly SEE Robyn relax as no one made any
fuss about her presence or absence.

It was only when Robyn and I had finished eating that any of them
bothered us - and even then, it was low-key: Kelly turned to ask Robyn
something, and then looked at her again, more closely. In a quiet voice,
and as Jan listened, Kelly asked her "You got it, didn't you?"

Robyn nodded, and that was all Kelly needed. She smiled at Robyn, as
did Jan, and asked the question she'd meant to ask. A minute or so later,
Sandra turned to Robyn, too, and paused. The two of them shared a Look,
then a smile, and Sandra went back to what she'd been doing. So subtle was
it that Susan and Candice never seemed to notice that any of it had

As I listened to them, I noticed that Susan was casually pulling herself
out of the conversation, and easing in my direction. I helped by moving
over a bit under the guise of resettling myself on the couch, so that she
wouldn't have to move as far, and could speak to me quietly without the
others overhearing her. When she realized what I'd done, she smiled at me,
and finally scooted over next to me. She looked around quickly, and saw
that none of the others were going to take notice, and relaxed a bit as she
leaned toward me.

"Dan, can I talk to you?"

"Of course. Would you like someplace a little quieter?"

"Uh, yeah, if we could."

"Sure, Come on."

I took her by the hand, and told the others "There's something I want
Susan to help me with. We'll be back in a bit." The others simply nodded,
and went back to what they were talking about.

To my eye, she was visibly relieved that I'd taken the onus for our
absence; I led her back to the second bedroom, and sat down with her on the
edge of the bed. She glanced toward the door, and I went over and closed
it, then sitting back down so that we were not quite facing each other

Taking her hand in mine, I gently asked her "What is it you want to talk
about? Is something wrong?"

She smiled briefly, and said "No, there's nothing wrong, exactly."

"Then what's on your mind, then, exactly?", mildly teasing her.

She smiled at my efforts, and said "There's something that I think I
have to talk to you about."

"What's that?"

"Uh, it's about tonight, and what you've been doing with Sandra and

"Is it something you want to say, or something you want to know?", I

She hesitated, and answered "It's something I have to say. But it's
kind of awkward, and I don't want to hurt your feelings by saying it
wrong." With that, her eyes started to tear up.

"Susan, it's okay, really. I'm a big boy, now" - a brief smile crossed
her face - "and I don't hurt so easy. And you just told me it's awkward,
so I know that it's something you might have to explain to me so I can
understand it. I can see that it's something important to you, and I care
about you, so I promise you that I'll listen to what you have to say very
carefully, and not jump to any sudden decisions or anything, okay?"

She looked at me, and saw the concern I had for her, and nodded.

"So what is it that you wanted to tell me?", I asked.

She hesitated a moment, and said "While you were, uh, gone with Sandra
and Robyn, the rest of us were in the den, talking about stuff. I mean,
just all kinds of stuff; but when Candice or I asked, Kelly and Jan were
also willing to talk to us about them, and you. And while they were
talking, I realized that, as much as I thought I loved you, I don't think
that I would be happy sharing you the way they do. And when I thought of
that, I realized that I'm just not ready to, uh, do all of that. I mean,
you're nice and kind and all of that; and I'm sure that everything they
said about you being patient and gentle is true - but I'm just not *ready*
for that, yet!" - and with that, she pretty much fell apart. Crying in
deep, racking sobs, she all but collapsed in on herself, as if she was

I took her hand, holding it, and after a few seconds, she let me draw
her onto my lap and into my arms, where i held her and softly stroked her
back, and whispered reassurance to her, until she'd gotten herself under
control again.

After a couple minutes, she indicated that she wanted to sit down again
- I readily let her go, and when she left my arms, got up to get her some
tissues - she was still crying and sniffling a bit. Handing them to her, I
sat down again, no closer than I had been before: I wanted to make sure she
knew and felt that I wasn't trying to make any moves on her.

I took her hand again, and started speaking to her, softly.

"Susan, that's okay. I understand, I really do. If you're not ready,
then you're not ready - and that's the right choice for you, because YOU
made it. I respect your choice, just like the others would, if they knew;
and I'll honor it - I _have_ to, because I care about you, and want to do
my best for you. I don't think there's anything wrong with you, or bad
about you, because of that. If anything, I _admire_ you for having the
courage to say that you're not ready. I'm not hurt by it, because I know
I'm not so handsome that all the girls fall for me," - she smiled at that -
"And I'm not upset by it because I would never, ever want you to do
anything you weren't comfortable with, and happy about. Have I _ever_
touched you in a way that you weren't sure about?"

"No, of course not!"

"And I never will, unless YOU tell me it's okay, and let me because you
WANT me to. NOBODY in this house is going to try to push you into
something you don't want - EVER. If anything, I think every last one of us
would be willing to fight to stop something like that! Shucks, I DID fight
once, for that very reason, remember?"

She nodded, and I went on.

"Susan, ALL of us care for you, and want the very best for you. There
isn't a one of us that would do ANYTHING to hurt you. I think that if you
think back and remember what Jan and Kelly had to say, you'll realize that
they were saying that the choices they made, and the things they did, were
right for THEM. And if you think about it a little bit, you'll realize
that they were NOT saying that the choices they made were the only ones, or
that those choices were right for everyone."

She was quiet for a couple minutes as she thought about it, and finally
nodded her head before saying "Yeah, that's right."

"So there's no reason for you to cry and be unhappy, unless it just
makes you feel better." She smiled again, and I continued "We're your
_friends_ here, all of us, including me, I hope - and we love you and care
for you, and want the best for you. And that includes not doing or saying
anything to make you think you HAD to do something you didn't want to do.

She nodded, and when I opened my arms, willingly moved in to let me hug
her in reassurance. And when she started to move back, I just as willingly
let her go.

As she sat there, drying her tears, I asked her "Would you like to talk
to Jan, or Kelly? Do you think they would be able to do anything to help?"

She thought for a moment, and said "Um, if Jan wanted to come in, I
think I could talk to her."

"You've got it. I know she'd want to help you. I'll be back in just a
second, okay?"

She nodded, and I headed into the den. Once I was there, I waited for a
pause in the conversation, and asked "Jan, could I have a few minutes of
your time?"

She nodded, and got up. When she got close to me, she could see the
concern in my eyes, and quietly asked what was going on. I just shook my
head, and led the way back into the bedroom where Susan was still sitting.

When we were inside, and I'd closed the door again, I told Jan - loudly
enough for Susan to hear me - "Somehow, Susan got the idea or impression
that she should, or was supposed to, make love with me."

Jan's eyes immediately went to Susan, who looked up and saw the pain and
concern Jan felt for her.

I went on, telling her "I sat down with her, and explained that that
simply wasn't the way things happen here, and that if she wasn't ready,
then ALL of us would respect her choice, and not do ANYTHING to try to
change her mind or push her into doing something she didn't want to do.
She feels better about it, now, but when I asked her, she said she thought
she could talk to you."

Jan turned back to look at me, and gave me a small nod of understanding
before looking back to Susan.

I turned to Susan, and told her "Unless you really WANT to have me
around, I'll go ahead and leave you alone. Anything you say to Jan is
between you and her - and I'm sure you know by now that she isn't going to
repeat it to anyone else, even me, without your permission."

With that, I paused a moment to give Susan the chance to tell me to
stay, if she wanted to. She didn't, and I made my way back to the den,
closing the bedroom door behind me.

When I got there, the others noted my return with their eyes, but didn't
make anything of it. As their conversation went on, I contributed to it
when I thought I had something to add, but otherwise simply kept myself
ready to go back to Susan, when she was ready.

About the time I finished my beer, I noticed Jan out of the corner of my
eye; and when I looked at her, she indicated that she wanted me to come
back with her.

When we got to the bedroom, Jan sat next to Susan, and I sat a little
farther away, facing them.

Jan spoke first, saying "We had a nice talk, and got things straightened
out. She understands us, now, and she's okay with it. I don't know how,
but there was some misunderstanding, and Susan started worrying that she
was supposed to make love with you."

Here, Susan spoke up, saying "No, there wasn't a misunderstanding. I
thought I loved him more than I did, and when I heard you two talking about
him, and how you share him and all that, it just kind of made me crazy.
And when that happened, I realized that I didn't love him as much as I
thought; and then I wasn't as sure as I thought that I was ready to make
love. But I had a hard time admitting it to myself, and tried to blame you
when it wasn't your fault. None of you did _anything_ wrong; it was just
me, making myself crazy. It's okay now, and I'm really sorry for getting
you upset like that."

Jan took Susan's hand, but before she could say anything, I spoke up.

"Susan, it's okay. You didn't really upset us - we were just worried
for you, because we care about you. Don't worry about it. Mistooks
happen." - she smiled at the joke - "Nobody's dead, and nobody's bleeding,
so it couldn't have been that big of a mistake, right?"

She smiled, and nodded.

"The bad thing was that you were upset. The good thing is that you had
a nice cry. All things considered, I'd say that it evened out pretty

Here, Jan joined in, telling her "Susan, we're your _friends_. All of
us, but especially Dan. If there's something bothering you, or something
on your mind, _talk_ to us - we're always here to listen, and help, okay?"

Susan sniffled a bit, and nodded.

I slowly reached out, and put my hand under her chin, lifting it so I
could look into her eyes. When she finally made eye contact with me, I
told her "What Jan just said is exactly right, Susan. You can come to any
one of us, at any time, and we'll be there for you, no matter what.
Promise me you will?"

She saw the honesty and sincerity in my eyes, and I could see the
reassurance and confidence as they took over her, and she smiled at me
before saying "I promise."

I smiled back at her, and asked "Feel better now?"

"Yeah - but I'm pretty tired, too."

"If you want to, go ahead and lay down here, and go to sleep if you
want. Nobody will bother you - except maybe to snuggle up with you.", Jan
told her.

"Oh, I couldn't sleep! I'm just a wreck right now!"

I grinned and said "I'll bet I could help you get to sleep!"


"I'd give you a nice massage - put you out like a light!"

"Ooooh, you are SO lucky! Do you know how much I have to beg him to
give ME a massage? And he just ups and OFFERS to GIVE you one. He makes
_me_ beg and grovel - for HOURS.", Jan exclaimed, exaggerating a bit (okay,
a lot. I LIKE giving them massages).

"I... I'm not sure it would work.", Susan said.

"Wanna bet?", I asked, teasing her.

"Bet what?"

"I'll bet that if I give you a massage, you'll fall asleep. If I win,
you give me a kiss tomorrow morning."

"And if you lose, what?", Susan asked, getting into the spirit.

"What do you want?"

"Uh.... How about breakfast in bed, whatever I want?"

"Deal. I win, I get a kiss. You win, any breakfast you want, in bed.

"That's the deal."

"You've got a bet. Better start getting your lips warmed up!", I

Susan realized just how confident I was, and it seemed to shake her for
a moment. It didn't help her any when she looked at Jan, who just grinned
and told her "You are going to lose _so_ bad!"

When I started flexing my hands, to loosen them up, Jan said "I'll get
some lotion - be right back." - and left.

I stood up, and told Susan "Go ahead an lay down on the bed, on your
stomach. Leave your legs apart a little bit, and just let your arms lay at
your sides. You can leave your eyes open, or close them, whichever you

She did, and looked at me, a bit apprehensively.

"Have you ever had a massage before?", I asked.

"Uh, no, not really. I mean, I've had people rub my shoulders, but not
a real _massage_."

"Okay, then let me tell you what's going to happen. What I'm going to
do is going to be like having someone rub your shoulders - only all over.
I'll be touching your arms and legs and body and so on - but I will _not_
be touching you intimately. If you don't mind, I'll touch your breasts,
too - but not sexually. If you would rather I didn't, I can do that too;
it's not a problem."

"No, it's okay; I trust you, really.", she told me, as Jan came back in
with the lotion, and closing the door.

"Thank you - for your trust. What I'm doing will feel good. It _might_
even feel, uh, sexy to you; but that's NOT what I'm trying to make you
feel. All I'm trying to do is help you relax by rubbing some of the stress
and tension out of your muscles, okay?"

Susan nodded, and looked at Jan, who told her "It's okay. He gives me
and Kelly massages, too, and he _never_ makes them about sex. They feel so
good that WE usually make them about sex, afterwards, but that's not why or
how HE does them. If you're nervous or anything, I can stay here and keep
you company if you want."

Susan told her "No, that's okay; I know he's not going to do anything
with me. And having anybody else around for this would only make me _more_
nervous. But thanks for offering, though - I really appreciate it."

Jan smiled again, and said "Okay, that's cool." before handing me the
lotion, and leaving us.

"Okay, then. Are you ready to start?", I asked her.

"Uh, yeah, I guess so." Her tone of voice, and body language, told me
she wasn't, really; but I figured that was what I was there to take care


"Yes, sir?"

"Lights to ten percent, please."

The lights dimmed, so that Susan and I could still see each other, but
the room wasn't _too_ bright.

"Sound effects, please. Ocean, volume zero point five."

A second later, the room was filled with the faint sounds of gentle seas
falling on a beach.

"Volume down, point one, please."

The sound faded slightly, so that it was still audible, but more in the

"That's fine. Thank you."

"Thank you, sir."

I told Susan "The lights are down so you can fall asleep if you want,
but I can still see well enough to give you the massage. The ocean noise
is something that I included when I designed the system; sometimes I have
trouble getting to sleep at night, and the sound of the ocean, or rain, or
some other kind of background noise like that - it's called 'white noise',
by the way - helps me relax."

She nodded her understanding, and then said "I really do trust you, you

"I know. And that's why I thanked you for your trust."

A moment later, she asked "I'm going to fall asleep, aren't I? Whether
I really want to or not?"

"Probably. I mean, if you *really* didn't want to, you wouldn't, but
otherwise, there's a pretty good chance."

"I think this is one bet I'm not going to mind losing.", she told me
with a smile.

Moving over to stand near her head, I opened the lotion, and put a
little on my hands so it warmed up a bit. As I was doing so, she looked up
a me and asked "Jan said you give her and Kelly massages, too. Why?"

"Because sometimes they get tense, too, like about school and such. I
love them, so I want to help them feel less tense, and I give them a
massage. Besides, I like to touch them!", I added, with a grin.

"What do you mean, touch them? Jan said you didn't make your massages
about sex."

"I don't. I said exactly what I meant: I like to touch them. The two
of them don't feel _anything_ alike, to me. As I give them a massage, it
gives me the chance to _feel_ them - how their skin is different on
different parts of their bodies, and how their different muscles feel. To
me, a massage isn't a _sex_ual event, it's a *sen*sual event. And it's as
nice for me being able to massage them and give them that kind of pleasure,
as it is for them to BE massaged."

"What's the difference between sexual, and, uh, sensual?"

"What's your favorite food?"

"Huh? Uh, cheeseburgers, I guess. Why?"

"Do you remember the best cheeseburger you ever had?"


"Did it do anything to make you feel sexually excited?"

"No, of course not."

"THAT'S the difference. What you remember about that cheeseburger is
the sensuality of it: the taste of it, how firm and juicy it was, how the
bun tasted, maybe how the bun kind of crunched where it was toasted, all of
that. You probably have clothes that you like to wear because you like the
way they feel on your skin. That's sensuality, too. Understand?"

"Yeah, I do! So sensuality is anything that brings pleasure to our

"Now you've got it. And you can understand why I like to give girls massages - it gives me a chance to touch them, and satisfy a little part of
my own sensuality. I trade something that makes THEM feel good for
something that makes ME feel good."

She nodded her understanding, and I moved over to the bed. Leaning
over, I let her see me as I reached down to put my hands on her shoulders.
She didn't flinch or start, so I started massaging the muscles on her
shoulders first. I could feel how tense she was, but then, I *do* give
good massages, and soon had the knots out. Replenishing the lotion supply
as necessary, I included her neck, and then worked my way down one of her
arms, focusing on her triceps and outer forearm muscles, to her hand.
There I massage not only her hand, but each of her fingers, as well. When
I moved back to her shoulders, I was careful to allow my fingers to run
along her arm, not soft enough to tickle, but still soft enough to not mess
up the progress I'd already made in getting her relaxed. The reason I
touched her as I moved - indeed, for as long as I was massaging her, I
always had one hand on her - was so that there wouldn't be any break in the
physical contact to interrupt the whole process.

I gave her shoulders another short massage, and then went on to the
other arm, with the same attention to detail, and then back to her
shoulders - where I could tell that she was finally letting go of the
tension she was feeling.

From her shoulders, I started working my way down - her upper, then
lower, back, paying special attention to the muscles at the small of her
back, near the spine. From her waist, I got both hands working her sides,
armpit to waist; then gradually shifting my attentions to her hips - and
then buttocks, careful not to move my hands and thumbs too far between

From her buttocks, I gradually shifted my attention to one side, easing
my way to her thigh. Moving more quickly, but still massaging her, I
worked my way down her leg to her feet. From there, I began my real
efforts, starting with her heels and Achilles tendon, and working my way
back up her leg, FAR more slowly. Her calf soon turned to putty, and with
it conquered, the back of her thigh soon followed.

Back across her butt, as I'd done with her shoulders, and back down the
other leg, so that I again started the 'real' massage at her foot. By the
time I got to her buttocks again, there wasn't a tense muscle to be found
on her.

drawing my hand up her back, I moved to her shoulders. She started to
raise up to turn over; she'd barely started to move when stopped her,
saying "Relax, Susan. I'll do it; if YOU move, it makes your muscles
tighten up - if *I* move you, you stay nice and relaxed. Okay?"

She murmured her assent, and I kneeled down, putting one hand under her
shoulder and the other on her hip. Lifting her torso, I was able to twist
her enough that pushing up on her hip got her starting to roll over.
Holding her, I was able to ease her the rest of the way, so that with no
effort on her part, I was able to get her onto her back without any sudden
movements. I arranged her arms so she was comfortable, and moved on.

With the front of her available, I moved the hand that had been on her
shoulder to her hip, then removed the other one. Standing, I allowed my
hand to slide down the top of her leg as I moved to her feet.

Starting with the bottoms of her feet, I paid special attention to the
muscle that runs along the instep, and then the ones just behind the ball
of the foot. Her toes were next, then the tops of her feet. Moving my
hands up her leg, I re-massaged her calf, mostly working the sides of it
that were difficult to do properly when she was on her back.

When they were done, it was on to her thighs - first the tops, where the
large muscles are, then the sides. The first time she felt my hand slide
up the inside of her thigh, she opened her eyes slightly (she was nearly
asleep), but closed them again when I stopped after only moving halfway up
her leg. I gradually moved the range of my motions from knee-to-midthigh
to midthigh-to-groin - again, being careful not to give any indication that
I was trying to touch her too intimately. In fact, the closest I got to
actually touching her mons was when the hand on the inside of her thigh
slightly brushed the hair well to the side of her cleft - which was readily

From the top of her thigh, I worked my way across her lower belly -
above her pubic hair - and then back to the other leg. Using the same
quick-moving massage technique as I had with the back of her legs, I worked
her from foot to thigh again, and then back to her lower belly.

Up her torso, and extending out to include her sides, I soon found
myself at her chest, where I worked on all the muscles I could reach - even
those that I could get to at the edges of her breasts, without doing
anything to touch any more of her mammaries than was necessary to reach the
underlying muscles. Past her breasts, it was on the muscles on her upper
body. From there, the rest of her arms - biceps and inner forearm muscles.
Trace a route up her arm, and on to the other. When that one was done, I
quietly asked her "Starting to feel better?", and getting a soft, sleepy
"MM-hmm" in reply. I told her "There's still a little more, and then I'm

I finished up by working through the muscles at her throat, and then
softly rubbing the ones in her face; I eased out of the massage by easing
my way from rubbing the muscles in her face, to softly stroking only her
skin. As I did, I watched her more closely, and could see that she'd
finally fallen asleep, completely.

I stood up and moved over to the chest where I kept the linens for the
bed, and pulled out a light sheet. I unfolded it well away from her, so as
to not cause any sudden drafts across her body, and then carefully laid it
across her to help keep her warm, and any drafts off.

Then I went into the bathroom and got a small towel to wipe the traces
of lotion off my hands. With that done, I eased out the door, closing it
quietly behind me. I left the lights and background noise going for the
simple reason that directing Mabel to turn them off might have disturbed
Susan; besides, the noise was helping to keep her relaxed.

When I got back to the den, Candice looked up at me, and asked "Where's

I told her "She was feeling a little sleepy" - Jan grinned at me, and
winked - "so she went to bed. She probably wouldn't mind company for
sleeping, but might not appreciate being disturbed."

All of them nodded in understanding, and Jan asked me "Would you like
another beer?"

I looked at the clock, and saw that it was well past one o'clock in the
morning - and suddenly felt every year of my age.

"I think I can pass on the beer, but a soda would be good.", I answered.

She nodded, and quickly went into the kitchen. A minute later, she
handed me a cold Coke.

As I sipped it, I listened to the rest of them as they talked. It was
mostly Candice asking questions about my relationship with Kelly and Jan,
with them answering. Robyn and Sandra would sometimes join in with
questions of their own; or amplify on something that Jan or Kelly had said
when it was something they had some knowledge of. A couple of times, one
of them would direct a question at me, mostly as a request to explain
something that they were having difficulty with. I answered the best I
could, sometimes explaining something a couple of different ways so as to
make a point, or to ensure that what I was saying was clear enough.

Finally, though, the late hour got to me. I stood up, and told them
"It's too late for an old man like me" - Kelly and Jan both snorted in
derision - "so I'm going to bed. I'm leaving the door open, so if anyone
wants to join me, they're welcome - but if the bed breaks, that's too
many." Kelly and Jan both laughed - they knew how solid was the frame under
the bed - it was essentially a waterbed frame and rested on the floor: it
*might* break if Godzilla stepped on it.

All of them wished me good night, and as I headed down the hall, I heard
Jan say "Hey! I want a goodnight kiss, first!", followed by Kelly making a
similar demand.

"Too late!", I called back to them, and heard Kelly say "Like hell!"

As I turned to go into the bedroom, I could see both of them walking
toward me; tired as I was, I went straight to the bed and laid down on it
without waiting for them. A few seconds later, both of them were in bed
with me, one on each side, sitting cross-legged and facing me.

Jan looked down at me and said "That was really nice what you did for
Susan. She was really worried; when you talked to her, it really helped
her a lot."

Kelly looked at her, and asked "What happened?", concerned.

"Susan was just a little worried about some things, and wanted to talk
to me. I answered some questions, and explained a couple things, and it
was okay."

Kelly looked at Jan, and the two of them shared a Look before Jan looked
at me again, and said "Well, she told me that whatever you two talked
about, it really did make her feel a LOT better. And that massage was the
perfect touch."

"You gave her a massage?! No wonder she 'felt sleepy'! Sheesh.", Kelly
said, grinning.

"We're going to stay up and talk a while, okay?", Jan asked.

"Of course! Just try to keep it below riot level, okay?", I answered.

Both of them gave me the Goober look - they knew *I* knew they were
better-mannered than that.

That settled, first Kelly, then Jan, kissed me before getting up and
heading back to the den. I told Mabel to turn the lights off and cancel
any alarms, and was soon asleep.

---------- ---------- ---------

Not surprisingly, I was the first to wake up the next morning - only to
discover that I couldn't move. At least, not much, and not easily.

Moving my head to look around, I found out that I was approaching the
occupancy limit of the bed, with Kelly, Jan, Robyn, and Sandra all opting
to take me at my word. Candice, I imagined, was in the other bedroom,
keeping Susan company. Whether from lack of room here, or not, I didn't
dare guess.

Kelly was plastered to my back, her arm around me and holding my (now
erect - morning or situation, I wouldn't have bet either way) penis - which
was pressing against Robyn's smooth butt as she snuggled into my
lap/stomach. Jan was facing Robyn, and had her arm thrown over both of us;
Sandra was spooning with Kelly, her hand neatly cupping Kelly's breast.

Not wanting to disturb them, since I didn't know when they'd finally
gone to bed, it took me nearly five minutes of very careful pushing and
wiggling to make enough room to be able to actually get loose of them.
Even then, I had to stand up, and carefully make my way to the edge before
I could actually get _off_. Once on the floor, I quickly headed to the
bathroom to recycle that last soda I'd had. With that done, the change in
priorities led me to the kitchen, where I quickly got some coffee started -
as far as I'm concerned, coffee is the Nectar of *Life*.

While it burbled and hissed, I sat down on one of the stools, and
thought over the events of the previous day and evening. I couldn't help
but wonder what the changes would do to Sandra and Robyn; that they'd be
good changes I didn't doubt, but exactly how it would affect them, I
couldn't decide.

When the coffee finished, I quickly poured myself a cup, and after
letting it cool a bit, took a sip - and immediately felt much better. The
next few minutes, I continued my contemplations on how my life would change
with not just two, but now FOUR, attractive, sexually alive young women in
it. I didn't think the changes would be bad, but I wasn't sure if they
would be GOOD, either - but that there would be changes was never in

While pouring myself a second cup, I was mildly surprised to see Susan
walk into the kitchen. When she saw me, she gave me a radiant smile as she
sat on a stool facing me, and said "That was the best night's sleep I've
had in a LONG time. Now I know why Jan told me I was going to lose so bad,
too - I never really had a chance, did I?", with a grin.

"Nope. I'm *sneaky*, you see.", I told her as I grinned back.

"Well, it's a sneaky I could learn to like - in about two seconds, I
think! Uh, I could tell when you were getting close to my, uh, between my
legs; but when you didn't get any closer, I just let you keep going - what
you were doing was feeling *so* good. Now I *really* understand what you
meant about 'sensual' - that massage was something sensual, if ever there
was one; but it wasn't really _sexual_ - even though I could feel myself
getting kind of, um, excited. Now I know why Jan said that THEY make it
sexual, after you give them a massage!"

I smiled at her, and said "Thank you - I enjoyed it, too."

She looked at me for a moment, her head tilted, and said "Yeah, I
believe you did. And you know what?"

"What's that?"

"I'm glad. I *like* being touched by you that way, and if you like
doing it, then that just makes the whole thing even better, doesn't it?"

"Yup. Want some coffee?"

"You better believe it - that's what woke me up."

I poured her a cup, which she promptly ruined by putting cream and sugar
in it.

Watching her, I said "Some people. Can't drink coffee without messing
it up with _stuff_. Ought to be a law. Damn sissy.". teasing her.

"Yeah, well, I *am* a girl, if you hadn't noticed."

I laughed, and said "Yeah, I've noticed. Kinda hard not to!"

She blushed slightly, but didn't say anything as she took a sip of her

After we'd both had a couple of swallows, she suddenly started a bit,
saying "Oh, my!"


"I almost forgot!"

"Almost forgot what?"

"Our bet!"

I laughed a bit, and told her "Susan, it's okay. Really. If you want
to kiss me because you want to kiss me, that's fine; but you don't have to
because of any bet."

"But I *do* want to. Not just because of the bet, but because of how
nice you've been - not just about me, but having all of us here, and all

"In that case, I'll be happy to kiss you."

With that, she got up from where she was sitting, and moved over to
stand in front of me. Taking my hands and putting them around her, she
stepped closer to hug me as she gave me a kiss. A long one. Long enough,
in fact, that we were surprised by the sound of a cupboard being opened.

Susan suddenly stepped back from me, and turned, to see that Kelly was
standing there, looking at us, a small smile on her lips. Susan blushed,
and started to say something when Kelly shushed her, saying "It's okay.
You want to kiss him, kiss him. You want to jump his bones, here in the
kitchen, go for it. Just let me get some coffee first, okay?" - and then
gently guiding Susan back in front of me.

Susan stared as Kelly poured herself a cup of coffee. When Kelly
turned, she saw Susan staring at her, and asked "What? Is there a bug in
my hair? A booger in my nose? What?"

Susan looked at me, and I just smiled and shrugged. She turned back to
Kelly and asked "Y.. You don't mind? Really?"

"No, why should I?"


"Look," Kelly interrupted, telling her "I'm fine. I love him. I trust
him. I love you. I trust you. If you want to, and he wants to, then I'm
cool with it. Listen to me: he's got enough love inside him that he could
give you more than you could handle, and STILL have more than enough for
me, and Jan, and Robyn, and Sandra, and anyone else that turned up. With
him, it's not about sex, it's about _loving_. Afraid we'll be jealous, or
mad? Don't be. I get enough love from him to keep me delirious. So does
Jan. So will Sandra, and Robyn. You want some of his love? Take all you
want - none of the rest of us will ever notice any missing. Want to haul
him off to another room and hump his brains out? Good luck - I'll take
bets that you wear out before he does. But there isn't a person in this
house that would give it a second's thought - because WE love him, too.
Enough that if it made him happy to want to make love with you - because it
would make YOU happy - then we'd be happy, too, because HE was happy."

Susan just looked at her, as Kelly took a sip of her coffee, and went on
"He has made me so happy, in so many ways, that I *couldn't* be upset about
something that made him feel good. If I did, it would be like I was
_dishonoring_ him - because HE isn't jealous about stuff like that. Jan
feels the same way - we've talked about it, and we both understand that it
gets back to wanting to make ourselves better people, so that we're more
like him. I'd bet that Sandra and Robyn do, too, for the same reason. I
figure it this way: the only reason that he would make love with someone is
because he KNEW that they wanted to do it to be happy - to feel good, like
when you kiss, only more. And we know him well enough to know that that's
the ONLY reason he would make love with someone - and that making love to
them for that reason would make HIM happy. Understand?"

Susan nodded, and then turned to look at me.

Kelly looked at me too, a smile on her face, before leaving Susan and I

Even as she was leaving, Susan looked into my eyes, and told me "Dan, I
realize that I *do* love you. So much that, If you wanted me to, I'd even
make love with you."

"Except that it's not whether *I* want us to make love, Susan, it's if
YOU want us to."

"I know. I guess that's part of the reason that I love you. And it
proves to me, by myself, that I'm right to trust you - because I know that
you wouldn't make love to me for _any_ other reason. I mean, I'm standing
here, naked, in front of you. You can see my breasts and between my legs,
and everything; just like I can see you while YOU sit there, just as naked.
I'm not embarrassed now, like I was, at first, last night - either to have
you see me, or to look at you. I know you said you think I'm pretty" - she
quickly put a finger on my lips to silence me - "and that makes me FEEL
pretty. And I know that you like to touch me, just like I like having you
touch me - and like touching you. I'm still not ready to make love, but I
understand what Kelly said, and if I *was* ready, I WOULD take you into one
of the other rooms, and see if she was right about which one of us wore out
first! But until then, I'll be happy with this." - and moved into my arms
again, giving me a much more substantial kiss that the first one.

More intimate, too.

And longer.

Lots longer.

When we finally broke apart, she was panting slightly, and her nipples
were erect. We stood there, looking into each other's eyes for a bit,
until a movement got my attention.

Looking over her shoulder, I could see Jan and Sandra standing there,
watching us. When Susan notice I wasn't looking at her, she turned around
- and saw them, too. I could see her ears pinkened a little in
embarrassment at having an audience, but otherwise, she didn't seem to have
any reaction.

Robyn, though, did.

"See, I told you they'd have to come up for air, *some* time.", she

"Yeah, but I think both of them showed surprising breathing control,
don't you?", Jan responded.

"Yes, indeed. I'd give them a 9.5 - what do you think?"

"Hmmm. 9.6, I'd say - after all, it is still early in the morning, and
Susan IS still kind of new at this."

"Good point. Well, there you have it, folks: the judges have awarded
our contestants a 9.5 and 9.6 - putting them on the track to Olympic
gold!", Robyn concluded, with a grin.

There was a short wait, the three of them looking at each other.

"Breathing control, huh?", Susan said, continuing "Unlike YOU two
mouth-breathers, WE'VE learned to breathe through our NOSES. So _there_!"

Jan and Robyn both made exaggerated surprised/serious faces, and in a
few seconds, all three of them burst out in laughter.

Moving forward, Robyn gave Susan a hug, telling her "I'd say 'good
morning', but I see you're already having one."

Jan was next, hugging Susan as well, then giving her a kiss on the lips
- and getting one in return. When she turned around, I could see that
Susan had finally completely accepted how things worked here, and was
comfortable with it.

Robyn headed for the fridge, and got out a bottle of orange juice; Jan
went straight for the coffee pot. As she went by, she saw the coffee that
Susan had made. Taking her by the arm, Jan pulled her over a bit, and told
her "Listen, there is ONE thing you're going to have to get straight about
being here."

"What's that?", Susan asked.

"If you're going to drink coffee, you're going to have to learn to drink
it black, just like the rest of us. Otherwise, you'll just hear him pitch
a fit whenever he sees you putting stuff in it. He was in the Navy, and
figures if you want cream and sugar, you shouldn't spoil it by putting
coffee in it. I think it's just one of those guy things."

"Yeah, he already gave me a hard time about it."

"See? If you're *really* going to insist on drinking it that way,
you're going to have to learn to tell him to leave you alone. Stuff like
'shut up' won't do it, either."

"What do I tell him?"

"It's best say something like 'get stuffed', or 'get lost'. Stay away
from stuff that actually involves your own body: if you tell him 'bite me',
for example, he might try. It's fun, mind you, since he only nibbles, but
you get the idea. Whatever you do, though, don't tell him 'beat it'!"

It took a couple of seconds before she got it, but when she did, Susan
turned an absolutely amazing shade of pink before bursting out into
hysterics - along with Jan and Robyn. It was bad enough that Kelly came in
to see what was going on. Robyn repeated the whole thing, between gasps,
before Kelly, too, cracked up.

I simply sat there, drinking my coffee, radiating Ignore waves; every
time one of them would look at me, they'd start laughing again. The
shredded dignity on the floor around me must have been someone else's.

I don't know if it was the noise, or the smell of the coffee, but a
little bit later, Candice and Sandra wandered into the kitchen, too,
rubbing the sleep from their eyes and wanting to know what was so funny.
So, of course, they were told, And promptly had their own laughing fits as
I poured myself another cup - the last, as it turned out.

When they'd all gotten themselves settled down again, Jan went to get
her cup of coffee - only to find there wasn't any. Giving me a dirty look,
she demanded "How come YOU got the last cup? And why didn't you make any

I sniffed, and in my best aggrieved tone, told her "I got the last cup
because I was the only one not laughing my guts loose. I didn't make any
more because it's my house, and if I don't want to make coffee, I won't.
You want coffee, YOU make it - and I'll damn well drink some of IT, too!"

She got an indignant look on her face while the others went into another
bout of laugher, before Kelly told her "See? That's what he _really_ means
when he tells us 'mess with the bull, you get the horn'. Not what you
THOUGHT it meant, is it, Jan?". That got all of them going again,
including Jan.

When she'd gotten her breath back again, Jan tried to give me a dirty
look - but simply couldn't pull it off. She leaned in to give me a kiss on
the cheek before reaching for the coffeemaker and getting another pot of
coffee started.

As it was brewing, Robyn told all of them about how she and Jan had
found us, and the ensuing commentary - with giggling at the appropriate
points - and the response, which was met with laughs. That out of the way,
Kelly announced it was her turn for a kiss, and promptly moved in to
collect it - as well as significant accumulated interest I didn't know was
due. From there, Jan, Robyn, and Sandra followed suit before moving on to
their own self-appointed tasks. Realizing that nobody was watching, or
cared, Candice finally got up the nerve to collect one too - though hers
was appreciably tamer.

By that time, the coffee had finished, and when all of them had their
beverage of choice (Susan made a small show of dumping hers for a fresh
cup, black), Kelly asked "So, what's for breakfast?"

I responded by telling her "Beats me - whatever you all fix, I guess -
but make plenty for me, too."

Candice wasn't sure that I was joking; Susan, Robyn, and Sandra seemed
_pretty sure_; Kelly and Jan knew it.

Seeing the look on Candice's face, Kelly told her "He gets like this,
sometimes. Positively Neanderthal. The only thing to do, really, is humor
him. We'll fix something to eat, and toss some of it to him. When he's
got a full belly, he's a lot more agreeable.", teasing me.

Jan added to it, telling her "Yeah. I'm not sure why we keep him
around, but I suppose he has his good points."

All of them were watching me, to see what kind of reaction I'd have.

I sat there a couple seconds before saying "I guess that's true. But
you have your good points, too - two of them, each, that I can see.",
completely deadpan.

The first ones to get it were Jan and Kelly, who were used to my humor:
both went into hysterics. Next was Robyn. Then Susan, then Sandra. Last
to get it was Candice - but when she did, she made up for the lost time by
almost collapsing on the floor, she laughed so hard.

Finally, Susan spoke up, telling me "Fine. We'll figure something out,
and feed you. Until then, the kitchen is the woman's domain, so get lost,
your Highness." - making all of them giggle.

I stood up, and topped off my coffee as all of them watched Jan make a
show of giving me the Evil Eye. I told her "Excellent - you know your
place, then.", and headed into the den, accompanied by another round of

A few minutes later, Candice came in, bringing me a toasted bagel
slathered in cream cheese. Handing it to me, she smiled and said "Kelly
said I should bring this to her Lord and Master, and see if it meets with
his approval."

I took a small bite, chewed a moment, then swallowed it before telling
her "Dame Kelly has done well, and pleased her Master. As reward for her
efforts, I wish her to know that I shall keep her. You are a comely
serving wench, so you may stay, as well. I shall decide about the others
later. Now, be gone with you.", the last with a back-of-the-hand shooing

She grinned at me, and headed back into the kitchen; a minute later, I
heard a round of giggling and laugher when she repeated what I'd said.

As I worked my way through the bagel, I turned the tv on, and started
watching the Saturday morning cartoons, starting with Bugs Bunny. A couple
of cartoons later, the whole crew of them came in, Kelly carrying a tray of
assorted toasted bagel slices with cream cheese separate; Jan bearing a
carafe of what I knew to be coffee. Sandra had a pitcher of orange juice;
Robyn, a tray of glasses. Susan followed with a double handful of napkins,
with Candice brining up the rear with coffee cups.

When all of them were in the room, they all kneeled in front of me - in
unison - before Kelly said "Breakfast is ready, Master. May we join you?"

"Sure, why not. You're all a helluva lot better looking than Bugs
Bunny, that's for sure!" - getting smiles from all of them.

Jan handed the coffee to Sandra as she dragged one of the larger tables
to a more convenient location. With it in place, all of them quickly put
their loads down, and found seats - Kelly next to me on one side, Susan on
the other. Candice sat on the floor, resting against one of my legs, Jan
matched her on the other side. Sandra and Robyn took up station next to
the table.

As we ate, I notice that they all took turns responding to my requests:
when I asked for another bagel, Sandra selected one for me and put cream
cheese on it - Robyn got up and brought it to me; when I asked for the
coffee, Candice got up to get it, pouring it for me. When I asked for some
orange juice, Jan poured and Susan handed it to me. Kelly made it her job
to clean up any stray bits of cream cheese that escaped onto my skin.

When I'd finished eating, I leaned back and put my arms on the back of
the couch, my hands resting on Kelly and Susan's shoulders, saying "You
know, I could get used to this kind of treatment!" - and having Kelly say
"Too bad you won't get the chance!", to their laughter.

After we'd all finished, and during one of the commercials, they all got
up and started carrying things into the kitchen, taking their time and
making more trips with less to carry. When I started to get up to help,
Kelly eased me back down, saying "Just stay here. I think somebody wants
to talk to you while the rest of us are in the kitchen, cleaning up."

I looked at her inquisitively, but she just ignored it, and went on with
what she'd started to do. All of them disappeared into the kitchen, except
for Candice, who came over to sit on the couch with me.

Turning herself a little, so that she was facing me, she pulled her leg
up to rest it on the cushion as she put her arm on the back of the couch.

I mirrored her, and then waited for her to say what was on her mind.

After looking at me for a few seconds, she finally spoke.

"I heard a lot lost night, about you, about Jan and Kelly, and even
Sandra and Robyn. It got me thinking about stuff. A lot of stuff - like
what kind of person I want to be, and the wonderful changes that I've seen
in Kelly, and even Jan. I watched how you talk to all of us, and how you
behave around us, and all the things that you've done with us, and for us.
When I went to bed last night, Susan woke up - even though I was being real
quiet - and wanted to talk with me for a while. She told me a little bit
about what she had been feeling and thinking before she talked to you, and
how she felt better afterwards."

I nodded for her to continue.

"When I got here yesterday, I was still kind of nervous to be around
you. It's not that I thought you would do anything to me, or say anything
to me, or anything like that. It was just that you and Jan and Kelly are
so *relaxed* around each other, and you're all so willing to open up to
people that it was kind of scary. I mean, MY family isn't like that, at
all. We love each other and all that; it's just that we don't talk and
joke around and everything like you three do. After being here this
morning, I kinda wish we did, but I know it won't be like that - we'll
still have fun with each other, just not like YOU do."

I nodded again, and she went on "When you and Jan and Kelly were joking
this morning about making breakfast, it really surprised me at first, and I
thought you were all serious. But after a bit, I realized that you *were*
just joking, and made me think. I realized you were teasing them by acting
like that - and that you wouldn't act like that unless you KNEW that they
wouldn't take you seriously. And that they only way you could know that is
if you really, truly knew THEM, and they knew YOU, and would know that you
were teasing them. I really finally understood just how much you all love
and trust each other that you could joke around that way. Then I thought
about the way that Jan and Robyn teased you and Susan - I could SEE the
change in her; she's NEVER been that happy and relaxed, that I've seen.
And I thought about the way that all of us were kidding with you and
teasing you, and how you were giving back as good as you got. I realized
that I had never seen _any_ of us doing that before at _any_ of our houses
- never mind with all of us naked; and a guy there, too! Then when I
brought you the bagel, you joked around with me, and even teased me a
little bit about being - what was it? - a 'comely serving wench', like I
wasn't any different than the others."

I smiled, and told her "You aren't, near as I can tell."

"See, that's what I mean. You've made love with all of us except Susan
and me. Before we brought out breakfast, Susan told us all about how she
felt when she kissed you that last time; she told me that she felt so close
to you that it was almost as though she _had_ made love with you, even
though it was only a kiss. So it was kind of strange for me, knowing that
all of them felt that close to you, when I brought you that bagel. But you
still joked with me like you did with them; and it made me feel really good
inside, and made me understand something about you."

"What's that?"

"That you really _don't_ care whether you've made love with us, or not -
that you really do still love us and care about us, anyway. I *know* that
you'll treat me the same way, whether I want to make love with you, or not,
and that you'll still care about me and love me."

"Of course I would, Candice.", I responded, mildly surprised.

"Well, I wanted to ask you if you could, uh, make love with me - but
without actually, um, being inside me, you know? I know that you love me
and care about me, and I feel the same way about you as the others - well,
mostly, anyway. I mean, I feel the same things about you, but probably
just not as much. From what all the others have said, I know I can trust
you not to do that part of it, but I still want to find out what the rest
of it is like - if you'll help me learn. I want to learn what it's like to
be *that* close to someone, and share myself with them, and them, me."

I looked at her intently, and asked "Are you sure, Candice?"

She looked back at me, with confidence, and in a steady voice answered
"Yes, I'm sure. I don't think I've been more sure of anything in my life!"

"In that case, then, yes, I'll do it.", I responded.

"Uh, could we do it today? I don't mean right now, 'cause I still want
to be with the rest of them before they have to go home today, but later?
Maybe this afternoon?"

"Whenever you want, Candice. There's no hurry - but you probably know
that, already."

She smiled, and said "Yeah, I do. But it's still nice to hear it from

We sat there for a few moments, looking at each other before she kind of
shook herself, and said "Well, I'd better get in there and help clean
things up." before gracing me with another smile. and standing up.

A few moments after she got into the kitchen, I thought I heard a flurry
of whispering, but couldn't be sure. Following that, there were the
occasional noises of things being put away and the dishwasher being loaded.

A few minutes later, the group of them trooped back into the den. Susan
didn't hesitate to sit down next to me, as did Candice. The others
distributed themselves around the room. I turned the tv off at Kelly's
request, and we spent the rest of the morning in quiet conversation. I say
'we', but it was mostly them, with only occasional input or observations
from me when I was directly spoken to. As the time passed, Susan and
Candice each snuggled closer, pulling an arm around themselves, and even
holding my hand on a breast. None of the others seemed to take the
slightest notice, seeming to accept it as the right of anyone next to me to
have my touch.

By lunch time, they'd pretty much talked themselves out, and were happy
to simply sit and enjoy each other's company and friendship. As two
o'clock approached, it was Susan who finally pointed out that she still
needed to get home - accompanied by a number of small groans of complaint.
None the less, she got up, saying that her dad would be coming to get her,
and had to get dressed. She went into the bedroom, and when she came out,
was dressed in the clothes she'd brought, and had her small bag loaded with
the clothing she'd worn when she got there.

That seemed to prod Sandra and Robyn, as well, who asked if Susan's dad
could drop them off, too. Susan agreed, and the two of them went off to
dress, as well. While they were gone, I asked Susan to give her father a
message - "Just tell him that what he was worried about turned out not to
be a problem."; she assured me that she'd pass it along. When Sandra and
Robyn got back, all of them started talking again, making plans for some
event or other, until Mabel announced that there was someone at the door.
The tv revealed it to be Susan's dad, and the three of them headed for the
door. We heard the brief conversation as Susan asked her dad to give Robyn
and Sandra rides, and he said he would, before we heard the door close.

That left just the four of us there, before Jan reminded Kelly that they
had a report to write for one of their classes, and suggested that they go
to the library to research it. Kelly agreed, and told Candice she was
welcome to join them, or stay with me, whichever she wanted. Candice
blushed ever so slightly, and said she'd stay, if they didn't mind. Both
assured her it was fine, and went back to get dressed.

A few minutes later, we heard them chatting as they came out and headed
for the garage. Moments later, we heard the faint sounds of a car
starting, then driving off.

Finally completely alone, Candice and I sat there on the couch,
snuggling a few minutes before she finally sat up. I looked at her, and
smiled, saying "I take it there's something on your mind that you want to

She grinned, nervously, and said "Yeah, there is. Very much."

"And what is that?", I teased.

"I want to make love with you." she answered, confidently.

I patted my lap, indicating I wanted her to sit on it. She moved to do
so, and after only the slightest hesitation, put her knees on each side of
my hips before planting her butt on my lap.

I reached out to put my arms around her hips, but she was far enough
away that I couldn't _quite_ hold my hands together. Realizing the
problem, she scooted herself forward a bit, until I could hold her, my
fingers interlaced at her back.

She put her hands on my chest, and looked into my eyes as I told her "We
can do this, or not - it's up to you. If you want us to, we can do it now,
tomorrow, next month, or next year - there's no hurry. You can stop it, at
any time, by just telling me 'no'. If you do, I'll stop doing whatever I'm
doing, right then - with no hesitation, no muss, no fuss. You told me that
you don't want me inside you, and that's fine: how far we go, how much or
how little we do together, is YOUR choice, not mine. What we do, if
anything, and how we do it is for YOU to decide. For that, I'll be needing
your help. If I start to do something you're not comfortable with, let me
know. If I start to do something that you don't like, let me know. I am
not *knowingly* going to do anything that might hurt you - but if I do,
TELL ME, so I can stop. Okay?"

She nodded solemnly, and said "I know you won't do anything to hurt me,
or try to push me to do something I don't want - that's part of what makes
me want to do this. And I really do want to do it."

I smiled in answer, and went on "By the same token, if I do something
you DO like, it will help if you can let me know that, too. I'll probably
figure it out, anyway, sooner or later; but if you let me know sooner, it's
better for both of us, right? If there's something you want me to do,
don't be afraid to tell me. I seriously doubt that you could come up with
anything I haven't at least _heard_ about before" - she grinned at that -
"and if that's what you want, then I'll do my best. You don't have to
worry about anything that happens between us, or with you - you know that
Kelly lives with me, and that we make love, so there's not going to be
anything happen with your body that I don't know about - unless, of course,
you're from Mars, or something."

The last bit got me another grin, and she said "No, I'm not from Mars.
And I know that I don't have to be ashamed or embarrassed about getting
wet, or making noise or anything like that. One thing that all of them
agreed on - well, one of several things! - is that you're always a
gentleman about stuff like that. But it wouldn't matter, anyway, because I
want to KNOW you, and learn about this stuff, and if things get messy or
noisy, then that's just too bad, cause that's part of it, too - at least,
for me."

We sat there, looking into each other's eyes as we established a bond
with each other, and got on the same 'wavelength'.

After a bit, she leaned forward, and kissed me on the lips - barely
touching me. She watched me a few moments; when I simply looked at her,
and didn't move, did it again, more firmly and longer, before sitting up

I still didn't say or do anything, content to let her move at her own
pace. She looked into my eyes again, and saw that I was looking at her
with affection and patience. Satisfied, she took her hands off my chest
and reached down to take hold of my arms. She easily moved them from
around her hips, then took hold of my hands and put them on her waist.

She kissed me again, and whispered "Hold me?".

"I'd be delighted", I answered, and she lay against my chest, her head
on my shoulder and her arms around my neck. I slowly slid my hands from
her hips onto her back, taking her in my arms and briefly hugged her, to
let her know I enjoyed having her there, but nothing more.

We sat like that for a couple of minutes when I softly kissed her
shoulder. Perhaps a minute later, she pulled a little distance away, so
she could look into my face when she said "You'd let me stay her like this
for as long as I wanted, wouldn't you?""


"And that kiss was just to let me know you cared, wasn't it?"


"You are really something, you know it?"

"How's that?"

"I know that I'm pretty, and that guys want me - I mean, I've seen how
they look at me. But here I am, stark naked on your lap, and all you're
doing is holding me. And the most aggressive thing you've done has been to
give me one - ONE! - small kiss; and that was on my _shoulder_. I don't
know of anyone else that would actually treat me the way you do, when we're
together this way."

"Yeah, and...?"

"And I guess I'm talking to a wall, or something. You don't see
anything wrong about this?", she asked.

"Wrong? No. Different? Sure. You talk like the situation we're in
right now even *could* happen if I was like someone else - but if you'll
think about it, you'll realize that if I was anything like other people,
you *wouldn't* be sitting naked on my lap."

She blinked a few times, and said "Of course. This situation is so
different because YOU'RE so different. If you were like other guys, I
wouldn't be like this; but I AM sitting here naked, so you're NOT like
them. And thinking about you as if you were like them - which I'm still
doing - is only going to mean I make mistakes, like I am."

A few seconds went by, and she suddenly said "Oh." and a second later
"Oh!", and then "OH!"

She suddenly stared at me intently; I just sat there, and smiled at her
as she examined my face. "It *was* simple.", she said.

"What was?"

"What you said that made me understand - about you and Kelly and Jan and
Robyn and Sandra, and even Susan. You're you - and I can't treat you like
anyone else, for that reason. And I'm me, and you treat me special because
I *am* special - because _I'm_ not like anybody else. You treat me the
same as them, because you don't see any difference in us, whether we've
made love with you, or not - all that matters to you is that we all love
you, to some degree; and you love us back for it. And I realize that you
gave so much of yourself to us, without us knowing how much that was - and
that you did it because you _cared_ about us, not because you thought any
of us would have sex with you, or anything."

She paused a moment, and said "Now I understand why it hit Sandra so
hard! I realize how much you've given me before I even knew it, and I took
without even *thinking* about it, properly. What kind of person you must
be inside, to have been able to do that with all of us! And without
knowing if any of it would ever come back to you!"

She quickly wrapped her arms around my neck, and began crying into my
shoulder; all I could do was to hold her again, and stroke her back softly
as she got it out of her system.

Finally, she did, and released me to sit up again. Sniffling, and her
face wet from her tears, she still looked lovely to me. I handed her the
napkin that I'd held on to after breakfast; she dried her eyes and face,
then blew her nose. She seemed uncertain what to do with the napkin, so I
took it from her, and holding it with only a couple fingertips,
exaggeratedly moved it to the side, and tossed it to the end of the couch
with a grimace. For a moment, she started to get hurt by what I'd done -
until she realized I was teasing her; then she laughed, and hugged me
again, saying "Thanks, Dan."

When she released me, and sat up, she looked at me for a moment, and
said "I've changed my mind. About us making love."

I looked at her a moment, and said "Oh, you don't want to any more?
Okay!" - and threw my arms open, indicating I expected her to get up.

She gave me the Goober look (as if saying "You are *such* a Goober!"),
and said "No, you dummy, I didn't mean I didn't want to any more. What I
meant was that I *do* want to - _more_. As in, NOW I'm ready to really
make love with you, and have you inside me. Now put your arms back around
me, before I DO get up and leave!", finally free to tease me herself.

I made a horrified look on my face, and quickly wrapped her in my arms,
making her laugh a little. Then I pulled her close, and told her "Candice,
what I said before still goes - as much or as little as you want, when you
want. I'm flattered that you changed your mind, but it isn't necessary for

She let me hold her like that for a little bit before pushing herself up
again, my arms still around her. She told me "I know it isn't necessary
for you - but is it for ME, now. As much as I wanted to get to know you
better before, it's just that much more, now that I really _understand_. I
want you inside, not for you, but for ME - because once I feel what it's
like to have you that close to me, in my heart, then I know that I can be
that close to YOU, in the same way."

I nodded to her, in acceptance of what she'd said. She smiled in
return, and again took hold of my arms, pulling them away from her so that
she could take hold of my hands. Only this time, she didn't put them on
her waist, but on her breasts - where I found her nipples already hard, and
ready for my attentions.

As I brushed my thumbs over them, she closed her eyes, and smiled in
enjoyment of the feelings I had generated. I did it several more times,
and soon had her fairly purring in happiness and contentment. But she
eventually opened her eyes again, and looking into mine, told me "I like
the way you touch me like that. But I know there's more to making love,
and I want to learn it. All of it. From you."

"Here, or someplace else?"

"Uh, the bedroom, I think - and soon!", she answered.

I slid forward on the couch, and she quickly wrapped her legs around my
waist, so she didn't fall off my lap. Surprising her, I stood up, with her
wrapped around me. She got an amused look on her face, and said "Oh, big
strong man, huh?"

"Ugh. Grog not sissy. Grog *strong*, like bull. Smart like bull,
too!", I said, in my best caveman voice.

She laughed, and said "Well, Grog, it looks like you've got a new female
in your cave."

I looked at her, in apparent surprise, and grunted "Grog already got
woman. Cave clean. Food on rock. What Grog do with new woman?"

She grinned, and said "How about this?" - and planted a kiss on me that
damn near dropped me to my knees. Yeah, I suppose I could figure out
_something_ to do with the new woman in the cave.

When the kiss broke, she grinned at me, and asked "Does that give you
any ideas?"

To her amusement, I went into my Lurch imitation, doing a deep-throated
'Ohhhhhhhhh', and shaking my head as I headed back toward the bedroom - and
enjoying the tickling sensation her pubic fleece made around my bellybutton
as I moved.

When I got there, I was pleased to note that someone - I suspected
Sandra, since she was the last to leave it - had taken the time to make the
bed. When I was standing next to it, I unloaded Candice through the simple
method of finding out if she was ticklish. She was, and dropped like a
rock when I got to her armpits, giggling almost hysterically.

She pulled herself together quickly enough, though, and got on her
knees, facing me, looking me squarely in the eyes. Deliberately, she
dropped them to start looking me over, as though looking at me for the
first time - which, I suppose, she was.

When she was done, she leaned forward, and to my surprise, kissed me
softly on the head of my penis before tilting her head back to look me in
the eyes again. As we held each other's gaze, she slowly moved back, and
then lay down, rearranging herself so that I could see her - all of her,
since she deliberately spread her legs - the same way she'd been able to
see me.

Then it was my turn to look HER over, just as deliberately. What I saw
was platinum blonde hair, pulled behind shell-like pink ears, and framing
an oval face that held a pair of gray eyes that seemed to draw me into
them. Below them was a cute, pert nose that led me to a pair of deep pink
lips, full and moist. Farther down, I saw a smooth and slender neck set
upon a pair of thin, soft shoulders. Below them, a pair of breasts,
perhaps the size of half-tangerines, capped with half-dollar sized dark
pink areolas surrounding erect nipples the diameter of my little finger,
and perhaps half an inch long. Her breasts sloped down to a flat stomach
that flowed on to a trim, firm belly framed by smoothly curved hips. Her
navel was a slight 'innie', and served to guide my eyes to her pubis -
covered in a longish, wispy hair the same color as on her head. The vee of
it directed my gaze further, to her mons, where her labia were clearly
visible, separated and moist. I could make out the hood of her clitoris,
too - though slightly longer than most, her pubic hair was also slightly
less dense, and it's color did little to conceal her womanly charms.

Trim, muscular thighs bracketed her pubic area, and curved into equally
trim, smooth calves. He skin was an extremely faint pink, almost porcelain
white, with not a blemish of any kind to be seen.

The incredible beauty of her - and the willingness with which she shared
it with me - nearly took my breath away. Who in their right mind could
look upon such a vision, and want to do anything other than their very best
to earn the right to see it again?

Leaning over her, I slowly moved down to kiss her - softly - between the
top of her mons and the very edge of her pubic hair. And from there, her
navel; then on to between her breasts, to the base of her throat, and
finally, her lips - which welcomed me.

Laying on my side next to her, I rested on my elbow as I put my hand on
her stomach. She looked at me as I told her "You are not pretty, as you
said. You are beautiful. Trust me on this, you are. But as delightful as
you are on the outside, as much as I enjoy looking at you, it is the
*inside* of you that attracts me: your heart, your mind, your *soul*. I
can honestly tell you that if you were fat and ugly and had zits on your
zits, I'd still love you - because of who you _are_. "

She smiled at me, and said "I know that, Dan. Better than I did before.
Because I love you, the same way. Yeah, you're cute, but even if you
weren't, I'd still care about you, for the same reasons you just said. I
don't know if I have the strength to live my life the way you do yours -
but I *do* know that I'm going to _try_. And knowing you will help me have
the courage to do it. And I know how much I owe you, and I know that even
if there was a WAY to pay it back, I literally _couldn't_ - and I
understand what you told Sandra about repaying it to others, instead - and
I will."

I nodded, and smiled at her, before she took the hand that was on her
stomach, and moved it up to cup her breast, holding it there, before
reaching out to put the other hand on my upper thigh.

We lay like that for several minutes, just enjoying each other's touch,
and *being* with each other. I was _there_, at that time and in that
place, with my full attention on her; and she was doing the same with me.
For those precious few minutes, we were as one. For anyone that has ever
experienced it, it's never forgotten, and never equaled.

Eventually, the spell was broken, and I took the opportunity to lower my
head and kiss her, softly and tenderly, on the lips. She returned the
kiss, and after a few seconds, pressed my hand against her breast,
indicating that she want me to do more than simply hold it.

So I did.

As we kissed, more and more intimately and passionately, I ran my thumb
along it's sides, feeling how firm and soft she was, at the same time. I
hefted her breast as best I could, enjoying its weight and texture. I
covered it with my hand, delighting in the way her nipple pressed into my
palm, a point of heat on her otherwise warm flesh. On to the other breast,
to repeat my explorations, and finding it to be equally delightful.

For her part, she moved her hand up, making contact with my penis. She
traced its outline with her fingers; she traced her fingers through my
pubic hair, as though memorizing its feel. She cupped my scrotum, slowly
rolling my testicles in her hand, hefting them, and testing their
sensitivity. Back to my penis, holding it, then squeezing it softly as it
slowly got firmer in her hand.

Finally, our kiss broke - leaving both of us panting slightly in our
mutual desire. As my breathing slowed a bit, I was able to detect the
scent of aroused female; faint, but definitely there. I sniffed, as though
clearing my nose, to fully sample it; but when I looked at her, she
blushed, slightly - she could smell it, too, and knew what I'd done. So
much for subterfuge.

We looked at each other, and she was the first to speak.


"Yeah, I guess I'd go along with that!"

She smiled, and we were content to hold each other again - at least,
until she got an impish grin on her face, and pushed me onto my back before
quickly moving on top of me to straddle my waist, saying "As nice as that
was, you're not getting away that easy!"

I put my hands on her thighs, and began sliding my hands up and down
their length, and even moving my hands behind her to softly stroke her ass
cheeks. Looking up at her, I asked "And what makes you think I want to get
away?", archly.

She grinned, and answered "Yeah, well, I just thought I'd better make
sure you weren't going to make any sudden moves."

"No, any move I make with you will most definitely not be sudden -
they'll be more like _this_", I replied, as I slid my hands up her thighs
again, then onto her hips, and on up until I had my hands on both of her
breasts; watching as her eyes widened slightly at the sensation.

Her response was to lean forward, and put her hands on the bed, near my
shoulders, so that her breasts hung down slightly, and giving me easier
access to them - a situation I happily, and quickly, took advantage of.

With them hanging free like that, I was better able to cup them, feeling
their weight and firmness; and see how little they changed shape between
when she was sitting up, and leaning forward. Her nipples had retracted
slightly, but when I brushed my thumbs across them, quickly hardened and
erected again; her areolas puckering too, in sympathy.

With both hands available for the purpose, I again began a Braille
exploration of her body - tracing my fingertips along her sides (careful
not to tickle her!); caressing her from her shoulder blades, down along her
sides to her breasts; allowing my fingertips to memorize how the skin on
her breasts felt; and sliding my hands down to her hips, and then around to
her buttocks, caressing them, before retracing my route back.

As I did that over the next few minutes, she ever so gradually lowered
her body, both to increase the pressure as I touched her, and to make it
easier for me to expand my efforts. Finally, when she'd lowered herself
enough, I raised my head slightly, and took the end of her breast in my
mouth, and softly sucked on the nipple and areola - feeling her nipple pop
up even more in my mouth as she moaned her enjoyment of what I'd done.

Even as I continued my tactile activities on the rest of her, I applied
myself to first one, then the other, of her breasts: sucking on her nipples
and laving them with my tongue; placing my mouth over different parts of
her breasts and softly sucking on them; washing her entire breast with my
tongue; applying feather-light kisses to random spots on her breasts, and
between them; taking her nipples between my teeth and ever-so-softly
chewing on them; and using my lips to gently 'nibble' on her areolas.

She let me go on like that for several minutes before her arms finally
started to tire; when she raised up again, I could see traces of my saliva
glistening on different parts of her breasts, and nipples. She sat there,
panting slightly in arousal, for a few seconds before I put my hands on her
buttocks again, and with a slight pressure, indicated that I wanted her to
move forward. She scooted forward a bit, but when I continued the
pressure, raised herself onto her knees; when she did, I carefully moved my
arms between her legs and my waist, so that they came up behind her.
Guiding her again, I got her to move forward until she was nearly to my
chest; at that point, she seemed to realize what I wanted to do next, and
readily moved herself the rest of the way, until her knees were on each
side of my head.

Lifting my head, I first kissed her on her mons, just above her
clitoris. A moment later, I stuck my tongue out, and placed the tip of it
at the bottom of her vaginal opening. Then I curled it upward, between her
vaginal lips and across her opening, finishing by softly stroking her
clitoral hood. I looked up, and saw a faint concern on her face; my
response was to repeat what I'd just done. That seemed to reassure her,
and she quickly got into the spirit of the situation: spreading her legs
even farther, and lowering herself a bit, so that I didn't have to raise my
head so far to reach her.

I reached up and took hold of her breasts, and a moment later, she
covered my hands with hers, guiding me. I bend my legs and moved my feet,
so that my thighs formed a backrest for her - which she quickly took
advantage of; the change in her position gave me better and easier access
to the parts of her that I was most interested in at the time. It also
made it easier for me to see that she had somewhat thin labia, deep pink in
color from her arousal. They were medium-to-long, and very smooth,
glistening with her arousal and my saliva.

As I explored her pubis with my tongue, I soon found that she had a very
light, very faint tang to her juices - not at all unpleasant; quite the
opposite, in face, when I got used to it. I also discovered that thought
not prone to creating large amounts of fluids, her vagina was certainly wet
enough: her lubrication didn't flow out of her very much, but when I probed
her opening, there was still plenty of it available.

The first time I pressed my tongue a little way into her vagina, she
gasped loudly and pressed herself against me; taking that as encouragement
to continue, I gradually pressed my tongue farther and farther into her,
until I was penetrating her as much as I could with the probe available to
me at the time. Her apparent arousal deepened in proportion to how much of
my tongue I was able to slide into her; by the time I couldn't hold my
tongue stiff any longer, she was moaning almost constantly.

When I pulled my mouth away from her labia, I started to gently suck her
clitoral hood; she flung her legs open as far as they would go, and hunched
her hips forward, pressing herself even harder against my lips. I
increased the suction slightly, and began to pull on it with my lips in a
soft rhythm; in only a minute, her clitoris was fully erect. I was
pleasantly surprised to find that once erect, her clitoris was slightly
larger than I'd expected - perhaps the size of a large pea, and quite firm
as I twirled it with my tongue - something that nearly got my ears fused to
my head when her thighs slammed shut against my head as she released a
deep, loud groan of obvious arousal. I continued my efforts, though,
varying them slightly until I found the pressure and rhythm that suited her
- and in only a couple of minutes, had the pleasure of giving her what
seemed to be a fairly substantial orgasm, as her body shuddered through
several spasms, and her vaginal opening fluttered against my chin.

As it finished, she gave a couple of shivers, relaxed her thighs - I was
happy to discover that, yes, I could still hear - and opened her eyes to
look down at me, her face flushed but radiant with the afterglow of her
release. Again able to move my head, I let it lay back as she moved back
to put her pelvis on my waist again, then lean forward so she could look
straight down at me.

She smiled at me for a few moments before letting herself lay down
completely, on my chest. As she pressed her face into my neck and throat,
I could still feel it as she started to speak a couple of times, before
finally telling me "When you, uh, tasted me that first time, I was *so*
afraid that there would be something bad about me inside, and that you
wouldn't want to go on."

"Candice, I knew that you were careful about keeping yourself clean by
your smell - not just your body, but there, too; so I wasn't worried about
how you might taste. In fact, from my experience, *every* woman tastes a
little different; I like it, since it's a part of what makes each of you

I could feel the warmth radiating off her as she blushed, but didn't say

After a bit, though, she did manage to almost whisper "I was *really*
curious to find out what it was like to have someone use their, uh, mouth
on me like that; but I was kind of nervous about letting someone actually
DO it - I didn't know how they'd react, or whether or not I'd like it."

"Well, now you know how *I* react, and I don't think it's too much of a
leap to say that you seemed to like it."

"Like it?! Heck, I *loved* it! That was _great_!"

And with that, she rested herself on her elbows, so that we were face to
face; and with a grin on her face, moved in to kiss me - KNOWING that she
was also going to get a small taste of herself, as well.

Our lips met, and we were soon checking each other's tonsils. After a
bit, she finally pulled back from me again, and after smacking her lips a
bit, said "Hmmm. I think I could understand why you like to do that. You
said that every woman tastes a little different - then they taste a little
the same, too?"

"Yeah, I suppose - not a *lot* the same, but a _little_ bit."

She looked thoughtful for a moment, then grinned and blushed at me
before saying "I, uh, kinda like the way I taste; I don't think I'd mind,
uh, finding out what other women taste like, too!"

"You might, at that. Just be careful, is all - there are still a lot of
people out there that wouldn't be happy with that idea, and might want to
hurt you because of it. And, of course, there are still diseases out there
that would last a lot longer than any pleasure you might get from a single

She seemed mildly surprised by my response, and asked "You don't mind?
That I might want to, uh, taste another girl?"

"Of course not. Why would I?"

"Well, I mean, they tell us at school that it's a sin, and..."

There, I interrupted her, to say "Candice, I think you know that I'm not
a Catholic. I'm not even a Christian. Or Baptist, or Moslem, or Buddhist,
or any other kind of religious 'ist'. As far as I'm concerned, then only
real 'sin' is to deliberately hurt another person, for *any* reason. If it
makes you feel good, and it makes the other woman feel good, and you're
both doing it because you WANT to, then by all means, go on and enjoy
yourselves. Anything you do is YOUR business, not mine or anyone
else's;-and if I, or anyone else, tried to tell you differently, I'd expect
to hear you tell me - or them - to get stuffed, or go fly a kite, or
anything else to get the idea across that it wasn't any of our business and
to leave you alone. You know the Golden Rule, right?"

"Sure - 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you'."

"And how does it apply?"

"Uh, treat other people nice, so they'll treat you nice."

"And what do you think the reverse of the Golden Rule would be?"

She thought a few moments, and said "Do not do unto others as you would
have them not do unto you?"

"And that would mean?"

Again, she thought a moment before suddenly brightening up, and saying
"If you don't want other people sticking their nose in your business, don't
stick your nose in theirs!", with a laugh.

"So if you don't have any interest in finding out about them, and their

"Don't let them know anything about me, or my life!"

"And if they're rude enough to ask, or say anything?"

"Be just as rude, and tell them it's none of their business!", laughing
even harder before suddenly giving me a kiss that nearly curled my toes
before she let it end.

"You're really something, you know it?", she asked.

"Sure. But the question most people have is just WHAT is it that I
am.", I answered, and launching her into a fit of giggles.

After a bit, she was mostly sobered up again, and asked me "What should
I do if there's something someone else can do for me, and I want to do
something for them?"

"Ask them, and tell them what you have to offer in return. If they find
it agreeable, and they *can* do it, they will. If they can't or won't, try
to find out why, and see if there's anything else you can add or do to make
it happen - but only to the extent that you're _willing_ to. If either of
you has to give or do more than you want, then it's not an *equal* trade of

"Then what is it when you want to do something to make someone else
happy, without them doing anything in return? Like how you've done so much
to help all of us?"

"That was still an equal trade of values, but with myself - the value of
what I was doing was equal to the value of how good it made me feel to be
doing it."

She blinked a couple of times as she thought about that - and what it

Suddenly, she said "Then there's something that _I_ want to do, that's
kind of like that."

"What's that?"

"I want to use my mouth on you, like you used yours on me. I want to
trade the value of my doing something for you in exchange for the way it
would it would make ME happy."

I smiled, and nodded, in acceptance of her argument, and said
"Excellent. I accept and agree, subject to one condition."

"What's that?"

"That I can pick up where I left off, when I want."

She smiled, and quickly said "Agreed!".

She started by giving me a soft, gentle kiss on the lips before adding a
couple more to the corners of my mouth. A few more along my jaw line, then
my neck and throat. Chest, then shoulders - brief pause to nibble my ear,
thank-you-very-much - and back to my chest before working over my chest
muscles with her hands, and the skin - including my nipples - with her lips
before scooting herself down my body a ways. Tongue-tip tracing a line to
my navel; dip, and circle, then on to greener pastures: tracing an outline
of my pubic hair. From top dead center, across and down to the juncture of
my thigh and lower belly; along the junction to next to my penis. Then
down to just below my scrotum, across my perineum to the other side, and
then reversing the path.

That experience was enough to get the blood flowing.

Next, she kissed a direct line from my navel to my penis, applying small
sucking bites with her lips as she did. When she finally got to the head
of my penis, I was semi-erect, and ready for whatever she did next - which
was to take just the very tip of my member in her mouth before 'walking'
her lips down it's increasing length, and sucking me into her mouth as she
progressed. In only a few seconds, she had my nearly erect penis
completely in her mouth, but then didn't do anything else: she didn't suck
on it, she didn't rub it with her tongue, or do anything else to stimulate
me; it was as though she were simply taking the time to simply _experience_
the situation, and taste of me.

Several seconds went by, then she began sliding her tongue along me as
she slowly twisted her head; before long, she'd run her tongue across every
bit of me. As I started to grow again in her mouth, she lightly dragged
her fingernails across the skin of my scrotum, then cupped it in her hands
feeling the weight as she softly rolled my testicles around.

When I was almost fully erect, she allowed nearly my entire length to
slide from her lips as she pulled her head back before pausing a moment and
taking me back in again. Running her tongue along the bottom ridge of my
penis, it didn't take her long to find out how sensitive the underside of
the head was. With that discovery, she again slid me out of her mouth, and
after only a moment's delay, took me in again, using her tongue to apply a
light, fluctuating pressure to it. After perhaps a dozen of these cycles,
I was fully erect, and she was taking perhaps two thirds of my length in
her mouth: I could feel it as the tip of my penis ever-so-lightly touched
the back of her throat.

With me completely hard, and starting to make small, involuntary thrusts
into her mouth, she quickly settled into regularly bobbing her head on my
erection. Whether it was teasing me with her tongue, applying a steady
suction or something in between, she continued to add to the stimulation of
what she was doing: circling the head of my penis with her tongue when her
head was up, or gently pushing it into the start of her throat when her
head was down, or twisting her head back and forth while moving, it was as
though my entire existence centered on what she was doing to me with her

Finally, though, I had to have _something_ to distract myself from what
she was doing, and raised my head to tell her "You're doing absolutely
terrific " - she smiled around my erection - "but I want to do you, too."

She nodded her head slightly, without releasing me, and started moving
herself around, using my erection as her pivot point. As her knees got
close to my head, I used my hands - and gentle pressure - to guide her; in
just a minute or so, her was in position for me to view the center of her
womanhood; at no point during the process did she stop what she was doing,
much less actually release me from her mouth.

With her opened up to me again, I quickly raised my head, and placed my
mouth over her slightly parted labia, and sucked them into my mouth, along
with a small sample of her juices. Holding them steady with my lips, I
began using my tongue to flicker across them, and trace their outlines as I
savored the taste and texture of her. After a bit, I released them, and
again placed my mouth over the opening to her vagina - sucking on it softly
and steadily as I began a random pattern of dipping into her opening to
varying depths, and tracing her labia. It wasn't long before she was
slowly hunching against my mouth, trying to draw my tongue inside her as
far she could get it - and moaning around my penis, creating a *most*
pleasant sensation.

I gradually eased off what I was doing, and then moved on to focus on
her erect clitoris - rapidly circling it with my tongue-tip, licking across
it, and applying a fluttering pressure against it. As I did, her arousal
increased even more; I was delighted when a small trickle of her oils found
their way down her cleft and onto my tongue. Her moans continued, as did
her slow humping against my mouth; added to these were her occasional gasps
and small exclamations of pleasure.

More than anything else, it was her moans that were stimulating me. The
feeling of her warm, wet mouth enveloping me was wonderful, but the
vibrations as she moaned only made things worse and better, at the same

With the increased stimulation from her, I knew that I had to do more if
I was going to survive the experience, and finally released her clitoris
from being the focus of my attentions to begin varying my actions; applying
myself to stimulating her randomly, all over her entire pubic area.
Vaginal opening, then clitoris. Labia, then clitoris. Labia to vagina to
labia to clitoris to vagina. Varying what I did, and how long I did it -
as well as how much or how little - I did my best to bring her to her

Only when I felt the tightening of my balls did I finally again settle
in to focus on her clitoris, applying a rapid, fluttering, soft flicking
across it - a sensation that seemed to rapidly escalate her excitement. It
was a self-defeating action though: the more excited she got, the more she
moaned, and the more she stimulated me. Finally, as I felt myself go over
the edge to my climax, I stopped what I was doing to her, and simply took
her clitoris between my lips, applying a soft, steady suction to it as I
coated her tonsils with the first hot jet of my semen.

When she felt me tense, she'd bobbed her head up and down a couple of
times, quickly, before pulling back so that only the head of my penis was
in her mouth when the first blast erupted, then the second. With the
apparent decision that the taste wasn't unpleasant, she quickly took me
into her mouth farther again, and applied a powerful suction to me as she
drew her head back again, in time with my next spurt of semen, drawing it
out of me more powerfully than I would have expected. She did it again,
for the fourth, and then fifth eruptions. Only then did she allow my semen
to roll around in her mouth a bit before swallowing it before taking me
into her mouth completely again. Applying only a gentle suction, she used
her tongue to 'squeegee' my penis, and the tip of her tongue to press
against the ridge on the bottom, near the base, and sliding it toward the
head, milking me of the last few drops.

As she did, I was again able to resume the fluttering I'd been doing
before my climax hit; in less than a minute, I could feel her tense in my
arms as an orgasm overtook her - with one last tightening of her lips, she
pulled herself off my penis before emitting a loud groan of release and
pleasure. As wave after wave of pleasure rolled over her, she continued to
voice nonsensical sounds of pleasure between groans of release; gasping and
panting as she tried to breathe between releases.

Eventually, the power of it lessened for her, and as it did, she was
able to get _some_ control over herself again. Still panting and gasping,
she managed to lower herself enough to lay on me, her head to the side as
she tried to breathe while a couple of small aftershocks ran through her.
She was completely lax as I took her leg in my hand and moved it next to
the other, in preparation for easing her off me and onto the bed, where I
thought she'd be more comfortable. That done, I carefully and slowly
rolled onto my side, gently sliding her off me so that her side was
touching the bed. Turning more, I was able to transfer her weight from me,
to the bed, and then carefully guide her onto her back before turning
myself around so that I could lay next to her.

Looking at her, I could see that she was still a bit unfocused, and
after a moment's thought, decided to make a _quick_ trip to the kitchen and
bring us back something to drink. She didn't seem to notice as I eased
myself away from her, and then got up, heading quickly for the kitchen.
When I returned with a couple bottles of club soda, she still wasn't
completely alert, even though she did seem to notice when I lay next to her
again. I set the bottles to the side, and laying on my back, eased her
next to me, so that I could put my arm around her and hold her with her
head on my shoulder.

A few more minutes went by, and I began to feel her stir as she again
got full control of herself. I gave her a little more time, and when I
figured she was coherent again, took one of the bottles and dangled it
where she could see it, as an offering. I felt her head nod on my
shoulder, and released her - with a disappointed moan from her - to move a
bit and sit up, so that I could hold her head on my lap, which I did. I
opened the bottle, and after raising her head and holding it, put the
opening to her mouth. She tilted her head, and took a few swallows before
letting me take it away from her lips. She looked up at me, and mouthed
'thank you'; I smiled and told her "My pleasure. Let me know when you're
ready for more." She nodded, and I laid her head down again before taking a
couple sips, myself, as she watched me.

After a bit, I could feel her trying to raise her head again, and
quickly helped her before offering her the bottle. She took a few more
swallows, and was able to reach up to guide my hand away when she was done.
I followed her example, and when the bottle was empty, exchanged it for the
other full one. By that time, she'd gotten some of her strength back, and
managed to roll herself off my lap, and indicate that she wanted me to lay
next to her, which I did. She took the bottle from me then, and drained
off nearly half of it before raising herself onto her elbow next to me, so
that she was looking down at me, and resting the hand holding the bottle on
my chest. I tilted my head up, and she quickly offered me a drink; when I
was done, she just as quickly finished it, setting the empty by the other.

She started to speak, but all that came out was a weak croak; she
cleared her throat, and tried again, saying "Thank you. Not just for the
drink - I needed it! - but for what you just did for me, and let me do for

"It was my pleasure - on both counts!", I grinned.

She smiled back, and said "Yeah, I could tell! I'm glad I only had a
little bit of you in my mouth when you shot - it really surprised me how
hard it came out, and how much of it there was. It tasted kind of strange,
at first; a little bit salty, but okay. Uh, I guess men are like women a
little, as far as being a little bit similar and a little different?"

"So I hear - but I wouldn't have any personal knowledge of it, you
understand.", I said, with another grin.

She laughed, and said "No, I wouldn't expect you would. I think you
like girls too much to have any interest in guys."

"True enough. I'm an 'outie' and girls are 'innies' - seems to work
just fine, for me."

"Have you ever tried it? Guys, I mean?"

"Like most kids, I had a couple of minor encounters with the same sex -
it didn't do anything for me, though, so I didn't follow up on it any."

She nodded, and after a couple moments, said "It's nice talking to you
like this, but what I really want to do is hold you, and cuddle for a
little while."

"I'd be delighted. Uh, how about if you get us a couple drinks, and
while you're gone, I'll move up to rest against the headboard. Then when
you get back, you can sit on my lap, and we can hold each other and relax,
or talk if you want."

"Deal!", she said, and quickly got up to head for the kitchen after
pausing to collect the empty bottles - earning bonus points from me for
initiative and thoughtfulness.

While she was gone, I eased myself to the head of the bed, and got a
couple pillows propped up to act as cushions/supports before leaning back
against them. When she returned, I saw that she'd not only brought several
bottles, but a couple of bagels, topped with cream cheese. Setting her
burden on the nightstand, she quickly got onto the bed, and then my lap,
making herself comfortable. Seeing that she was still a little tired, I
eased her forward so that she was astraddle my lower belly, and raised my
knees again, giving her something to rest against, as I'd done before. She
smiled at me, and nodded her head in thanks, before leaning back against my

I reached out to the nightstand, and selected a bottle of soda; looking
at her, I raised an eyebrow in question. She nodded her head, and I opened
it and handed it to her. Again with a bagel, which she accepted. With my
own bottle and bagel, we both sat back to refresh ourselves a bit: relaxed
and unhurried, enjoying just having the company of each other. As we ate,
we continued our conversation between bites, questioning and answering each
other about all manner of things, such as school and the subjects she liked
and disliked; my business and job, and what I did and how; what her life
was like at home, and her family; how I'd gone from electronics training in
the Navy to getting my degree and owning my own business. We ate slowly,
and the conversation was casual, with no pressure - but neither of us held
anything back when we talked. I found out that she delighted in math, but
couldn't deal with such things as literature - the math was "neat, and
clean" for her, while literature was a trial "because the teachers make us
figure out these novels, and tell them what we think the novel means, but
the only _right_ answers are the ones they know, and didn't tell us." I
told her - a little, minus the female adventures of a young man full to
overflowing with hormones - of my travels in Asia, and how I'd gotten
interested in the people and their cultures, the how and why of the things
that they did in the different cultures; and how it had gotten me started
on an interest in philosophy that I still had. She told me how quiet and
solemn her family was, and how they seemed to have so little humor and joy
in their lives. I let her know that I'd gone into the Navy at 17 to get
out of an unhappy home, and how the Navy - in it's infinite wisdom, I said,
getting a grin from her - had taught me electronics, a subject I knew
nothing about when I went in, and then how to fix airplanes; how I'd
enjoyed the travel and experiences, but figured out that the control and
discipline necessary to a military organization didn't jibe with the
creativity I felt, and how I'd gotten out to go to a major technical
college, getting dual degrees: electronics engineering and philosophy; how
I'd worked for a number of companies doing instrumentation and control work
before I realized that most large companies didn't want innovation, they
wanted obedience and conformity, so I'd broken free of them to take charge
of my own life - and while getting started, found out that it was scary, it
was frightening, and there was an incredible amount of responsibility and
work involved; but that I wouldn't trade it for twice the pay at any of the
companies that I'd worked at before.

When we finished our snacks and drinks, she called a pause to the
conversation long enough to collect our paper napkins and bottles to put
them in the trash, telling me "I'm not a neat freak or anything, but
there's no sense having them in the way, either, is there?"

Once seated on me again, she looked at me for a moment before tilting
her head, and saying "You know, it's so much easier for me to talk to you
than my parents, or even most of the people that I know at school."

"How's that?"

"Well, for starters, you actually *listen* to me - not just the words,
but where they're coming from. And when you talk to me, or answer a
question, you don't sound like you're trying to preach or tell me what to
do or anything; you just tell me what you think, or teach me something I
don't know, and then leave me alone to take care of things myself, like *I*
have a brain, too."

I shrugged, and didn't say anything, but she wasn't going to let me off
that easy.

"No, don't be like that, okay? Remember, I *know*, now, what it's like
for you, and with you. I *know* that it isn't always easy for you to deal
with people that way. I know that doing it makes you feel good, but I also
know that you put a lot of time and energy and effort into doing it, too. I
know you're not going to brag about it, or make any kind of big deal about
it; but you don't have to do that 'aw, shucks' routine, either. Just
acknowledge you did it, is all, okay?"

She caught me by surprise, and all I could do was look at her for a few
seconds before answering "Okay. Just try to understand, too, that I'm not
used to people knowing what's going on, so it'll take me a little time to
get out of the habit, okay?"

She nodded in acceptance, and went on "Anyway, like I was going to say,
when you talk to me - or any of us, really - you do it in a way that lets
us know that you're not judging us; at least, not for anybody but you. I
mean, we always know where we stand with you - but ONLY you; it's not like
you're making decisions about us for *everybody*, like we were in some
court or something. And when we DO make a mistake with you, you're careful
to let us know what the mistake was, and how to both fix it, and not make
it again, so that we actually _learn_ something from you. We feel bad, but
not because of anything you've done or said, but from inside ourselves -
it's like being around you has given us even better consciences, and a
better idea of what's right, and wrong."

I nodded, and satisfied with that, she went on "Before I understood all
this, before I 'got it' as Kelly called it, I thought you were pretty cool.
I don't mean cool like you knew all the latest bands and dressed the way I
did or anything like that, but cool that you had this *dignity* and
self-respect - but not TOO much, you know? - and you treated us the same
way; with dignity and respect, which was pretty weird at first. And I
thought you *really* had your act together - there doesn't seem to be much
that rattles you - and I *KNOW* that they were trying to rattle you at the,
uh, fashion show, that night - but they didn't, and it _really_ blew most
of us away. Jan told us the little bit she knew about your job, and it
sounded pretty boring, really. But you dress nice, you've got this really
cool house, and all this neat stuff; and you're not a dealer or pimp or
anything like that - so I had to figure that there's more to what you do
that there seems. And that just made you seem like you were that much more
together, and that much cooler: you weren't doing what everyone else was,
to fit in, you were doing what YOU wanted. Way cool."

"Actually, I know I've got my stuff together - because *I* know it, not
because someone tells me. As for the other, I just don't much care about
it - cool or not, I do pretty much what makes ME happy, or what I want to,
and ignore anything else. Every flock of sheep has a Judas goat; I'll be
damned if I'm going to be a sheep, so that leaves the goat."

She looked confused, and I explained to her "Sheep are dumb. No,
they're flat-out _stupid_; dumber than a box of rocks. You can't get sheep into a pen - they're just too stupid to figure out the open gate. So they
keep a goat - not smart, but an Einstein compared to sheep - to lead the
way. It's called a Judas goat because it's most often used to pen the
sheep for slaughter: the sheep will follow it into the pen, but the goat goes free and they don't."

Understanding, she smiled, and went on "And that's another thing: it's
really obvious - to all of us - that you're smart. *WAY* smart. Kinda
scary-smart, even. I mean, the way you figure stuff out, and how you
remember things, is just _amazing_. I mean, I knew you were smart - but I
didn't really know *how* smart until Jan and Kelly started showing us this
place. I mean, YOU'RE the one that figured all this stuff out, like Mabel
and everything, and designed it and installed it and made it all work.
It's incredible - I didn't know one person could HAVE that many brains, but
you do; and yet you're still able to talk to us like we're real people,
about little stuff. And you've got WAY more sense than any of the other
smart people I know, like our science teacher. I mean, he really knows
about chemistry and biology and all that other stuff, but half the time, he
wanders around with his shirt buttoned wrong, or his fly half open, or
something else like that."

"Candice, do you think Susan is pretty?"


"Do you think you're prettier?"

She paused a moment, and said "Yeah, I suppose."

"Do you treat her any different, just because she's not as pretty as

"No, of course not! She's my friend!", she answered, a bit testy.

"Would you treat Kelly any different, if SHE wasn't as smart as she is?"

"No. She's still my friend, and I like her!"

I waited, smiling.

She watched me for a moment, to see if I was going to say anything -
then started thinking about what I HAD said.

Then she saw what I was getting at, and blushed a bit before saying
"Okay. Lesson learned. Like people for who they are - all of them, just
not one part of them; and treat them the same, no matter how they're

She leaned in toward me a bit, and asked "So how did you figure all this
stuff out? I mean, I know you're smart, but still....."

"Like I told you, I traveled a lot in Asia. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan,
Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, a lot of places. I
watched people, and what they did. A lot of it didn't make sense from my
perspective as an American, with my cultural background; so I started
trying to figure out why they did what they did. As an electronics tech,
I'd learned to analyze things, and look for cause and effect, and see why
somebody would do one thing instead of another - what was good and bad
about a particular choice in a particular situation. So I just kind of
naturally applied that kind of thinking to the different cultures I was in
- WHY would a person do a certain thing in a certain situation? What made
it a good or bad choice for them? How did their society or culture evolve
to that point? How did it help them, or their culture? That sort of
thing. From there, it was a short hop to philosophy - not just the western
and European stuff like Nietze and Kant and all that, but Santayana and
Plato and Confucius, and even other religions. It was the 'Who am I? Why
am I here?' deal that most people go through at some time or other; I just
got more involved, and took it more seriously, than they do. I not only
read the stuff, but looked at how it worked, too, and how it was applied.
And I started looking at the things that were common, and different,
between different cultures and religions and all that stuff; and what
things were the same and different with people in different places and
circumstances. After a *lot* of reading and watching and thinking, I
finally managed to get it all down to something I could keep together in my
mind, and started trying to live my life that way. Botched it a lot, at
first, but I learned from my mistakes, and kept trying until I had it going
pretty good; after that, it got easier and easier."

"What were some of the things you've learned?"

"Pretty simple stuff, really - things that just about everybody realizes
at some point, or other; just not enough of them, or how to apply them."

"Such as?"

"Such as... Never let what you want or expect get in the way of what's
really there. Life happens - deal with it, and move on. Until you're
happy with yourself, you're not going to be happy with anyone else. Love
isn't a claim ON someone, it's a gift TO them; if and how they return it is
up to them. Religions get in the way of people in general, as much as they
help people individually. When somebody latches onto a specific racial, or
national, or any other kind of identity-grouping, they're showing that
they're afraid to think for themselves - with their group of choice always
being right, and everyone else being wrong, they set themselves up for a
lot of hardship. Courage isn't necessarily doing what you're afraid of,
it's doing what you know is RIGHT. People that are willing to sacrifice a
principle don't usually have much of a principle to sacrifice in the first
place. That kind of thing."

"What you said about religions getting in the way - what did you mean?"

"Did they teach you in school about the Inquisition?", I asked.

She shook her head 'no'.

"Okay, then let me ask you first what you think about Jews, in general."

"Uh, they're okay, I suppose. Most of the talk I hear in school isn't
very nice."

"Okay, I want you to remember that.", I said, and went on to give her a
brief history lesson before continuing "Now, if I was Jewish, how do you
suppose I'd feel about that?"

She looked at me, horrified, saying "I guess you'd be pretty upset. But
that happened hundreds of years ago!"

"So? The Jewish religion is THOUSANDS of years old - remember your
Bible? And how it talks about Jews? They were a religion, even then. And
I might point out that all Christian religions observe Easter, something
that is supposed to have happened even longer ago than the Inquisition."

She looked at me, and I had to explain to her "Candice, I am _not_
putting down your religion - I am only pointing out how it's actions have
gotten in the way of how it deals with Jews as a people, even as it was
giving you comfort and solace as an individual. From what I could read,
most of the other major religions have had their own problems, as well."

"Then what did you mean about the race or national group thing?"

"Know any black people?"


"Any of them ever get so busy being Black that they forgot to be HUMAN?"

She just looked at me.

"Candice, do you treat black people any differently than others?"

"No. Well, except.." she started to say, then stopping.

"Except when they go off to do some 'black' thing.", I finished for her.
She nodded, realizing the circularity of it.

"I understand that they _are_ black, and that the history of black
people in this country - for good OR bad - isn't something to be dismissed.
But as long as it's an issue, it WILL be an issue: as long as *anyone*
insists on being treated differently for some reason or other, they WILL be
treated differently, _for that very reason_ . I was going into a store one
time, and held the door for a woman that was a short distance behind me.
When she got close, she proceeded to jump all over me about holding doors
for women, and how it was sexist, and she could open her own damn doors,
and all the rest of it. When she finally wound down, I simply told her 'I
was holding the door for a fellow human being, as a courtesy from one
person to another. I'd have done the same if you were male or female,
black or white, old or young. But with that attitude, next time I'll just
let it slam in your face so you can feel equal!'. She started to
apologize, but I just told her that we'd already exchanged opinions, and
that I had no further interest in speaking with her, and walked away to
leave her standing there feeling like the fool she was."

She nodded, and I went on "If I give more compliments to women, it's
because women do more to deserve them - I might see a woman with a new
hairstyle, and tell her it looks nice, while ignoring the man she's with -
who hasn't changed HIS hairstyle in twenty years. Ditto her new dress and
his five-year-old suit, or the results of her health club membership and
his eighty pounds of gut hanging over his belt. Otherwise, I try to treat
people the same - man or woman, black or white, young or old, or any other
difference you might come up with."

She nodded, telling me "I can vouch that you don't treat women any
different than you do men - except in the ways that really matter!", she
added with a grin, before moving closer to take me into her arms and kiss
me. Hard. A lot.

When she came up for air, she grinned at me and said "I like it when you
talk to me - us - but I like it even more when it's just you and me!"

"What did you have in mind?"

"Are you, uh, ready to make me a woman?"

"Not just yet, I think. Remember, I'm old, and decrepit - it takes me a
little longer to recover than some young 18 year old stud."

"Hmmph. Old? Maybe, but I don't think so. Decrepit? No, I think the
proper word is _depraved_. Maybe you're not some young stud - but I want
to find out if you're an 'old' stud!", she said with a grin, adding "Okay,
if you want a little more time, I'll be _almost_ as happy to snuggle with
you for a while."

"Snuggling is good, too!", I agreed, getting a grin from her before she
lay against me again, her head on my shoulder. I put my arms around her as
she put her hands on my shoulders; we sat there like that for several
minutes, content to simply be touching each other.

Finally, she couldn't resist it any longer, and kissed my neck -
followed by a soft bite. Feeling perkier, I retaliated by nibbling softly
at her shoulder before taking her neck muscle between my teeth and
_growling_ as I wiggled my head. A little tickled by it, she scrunched her
shoulder up and giggled, before doing the same to me - and raising the
stakes by pulling her body slightly away from mine and brushing my chest
with her nipples. Ill-equipped for *that* kind of fight, I changed
tactics: sliding my hands down her body and around to her buttocks, holding
them in my hands for a few moments before giving them several firm squeezes
and soft caresses.

She countered by pressing her chest into mine as she - HELLO! - stuck
her tongue in my ear; and felt my involuntary response under her.

I responded by tracing the curves of her ear with my tongue, then
breathing into it - and feeling her shiver in my arms as her nipples
hardened into my chest.

Still in the neighborhood, she nibbled my ear for a few moments, then my
neck, as she began a slow rocking motion on my lap, making slight contact
with my slowly erecting penis.

Moving my hands from her ass cheeks, I began to slowly caress her, from
her knees to her hips, up her sides then around to her back. Down her back
and across her firm, smooth ass, and back along the bottoms of her thighs
to her knees - then starting the circuit all over again as I softly covered
her shoulder in kisses.

Knowing that she was having the desired effect, she pulled herself away
from me a bit, and lowered her head to begin applying wet, softly sucking kisses to my chest and shoulders.

The change in her position caused me to re-route my hands, so that
rather than tracing a line down her back, I was detouring to her front -
caressing and squeezing her breasts and nipples before curving down to her
butt, and allowing my fingertips to brush across her rectum, making her
shudder slightly when I did.

The rocking of her hips was serving both to caress my penis, and spread
her rapidly developing lubrication on it - even as she raised up and moved
against me again to kiss me, I could feel her wet labia and hot entrance
beginning to reach the head of my penis as it made firm contact with her

As we kissed, she could feel the increasing pressure of my penis against
her opening, and after a bit, raised herself up, so that my erection was
free to swing up; when she felt that it was clear, she lowered herself
again. Having never broken our kiss, she arched her back so that she could
continue rubbing herself against my penis - only this time, along the
bottom surface of it.

She knew that I was fully erect; when she was satisfied that I was
well-lubricated with her oils, she pulled away from me again, panting, and
asked "Okay, now what? I know you're ready, and I *sure* as hell am!"

I was panting a little myself, and told her "Let me slide down a little
bit, so you have a little more room. Then when you're ready" - "I _am_,
dammit!" - "You raise yourself up so that I'm in the right position to go
in. Then you just kind of sit down on it; as slow as you need to or want
to, so things don't happen to fast for you. When we get to your
maidenhead, you take it as fast or slow as you want, and do whatever you
want, until we can get past it without hurting you."

"I, uh, don't think that's going to be a problem. When I was little,
before I even had my first period, I was out in the yard trying to do some
of the gymnastics I saw them doing on tv during the Olympics. I felt this
tearing inside, and when I looked, I saw that I was bleeding a little.
Scared the hell out of me, and I ran in to tell my mom. It embarrassed the
hell out of her when she took me to the emergency room, and they told her
that all I'd done was tear my hymen, that it wasn't a big deal and that I'd
be okay."

"Uh, sorry to hear that it happened that way, but it's good, I suppose,
that it DID happen - it just means that it will be that much easier for
you, whenever you're ready."

"I told you - I *am* ready. God, I'm so ready!", she exclaimed.

She scooted back a bit to give me some room, and I slid myself down, so
that I was resting more on my tailbone, but with my shoulders still resting
against the headboard. She put her hands on my chest, and worked her way
backward, watching her progress, until she figured she was in the right

"Uh, do you want me to hold it, or do you?", I asked.

She smiled at me, and said "I do - I think I'd have a better feel for
how it would go into me, that way."

"That's fine - whatever you need or want, that's how it will happen.
Just take your time, and don't do anything to hurt yourself. I'll be right
here" - she snorted - "and I'm not going to do anything to you, other than
what you tell me to, okay?"

She nodded, then reached down between us to take hold of my erection,
and lift it up. Lowering herself until she could feel it against her, she
made a couple of small adjustments in her position. Sliding the head
between her labia, she coated it with her secretions, making sure that it
was well-lubricated. Then, looking me squarely in the eye, started to
lower herself onto it.

She had hold of me near the base, and as she pressed herself down, I
couldn't help but grimace slightly as I started to bend. She saw it, and
raised herself before moving her grip up to hold me more in the middle.
Lowering herself for another try, the added support to my penis kept me
steady enough that she was able to wiggle the glans against her opening.
She would press down a bit, then pause, press again, then pause again,
until the head of my erection suddenly popped through her entrance. She
immediately stopped, letting go of my erection, and looked at me in mild
amazement before getting a slightly distracted look on her face.

I simply lay there, my hands on her thighs, and watched her as she
adjusted to the new situation.

After a few seconds, she looked at me again, and I asked her "Are you
okay? You're not hurt or anything?"

She smiled slightly, and answered "No, not hurt exactly - I mean, I was
*really* surprised when it just popped in like that; it felt so *big*. I
guess it's stretching me or something, because I'm starting to get used to
it; it feels better when I can, you know, _relax_ myself there."

"Well, take it easy. Take as much time as you want to get used to it.
We have as much time as you want, okay?"

"Yeah, I will - but it *is* feeling better the longer it's in me."

"That's good - but still no reason to hurry things. Just do what you're
comfortable with."

She nodded, and got a slightly faraway look in her eyes as she
concentrated on what she was doing, and the sensations she was

After a bit, she looked at me again, and asked "Okay, I'm pretty
comfortable with it. Uh, is there anything to make the rest any easier, or
go any faster?"

"Raising and then lowering yourself a bit, when you're comfortable,
would help make sure your, uh, lubrication gets onto all of me, and make
things a little easier for you. Other than that, the only thing I can tell
you is relax, and take it easy."

She nodded her understanding, and with both hands on my chest again,
raised then lowered herself slowly a couple of times, clearly trying to get
her juices better distributed. It seemed to work, because after pausing a
few moments, she pressed herself down again, taking perhaps another quarter
inch of me inside.

With no apparent discomfort now, she paused a moment, then slid herself
up and down for a short distance a couple of times before pausing and then
pressing down, and gaining a little more than the previous effort. She
looked up to smile at me in triumph, then focused on her own actions again.

Over the next couple of minutes, the cycle repeated itself several times
- after each gain, she'd pause a moment to get used to the feeling of
having me inside her, then raise and lower herself; with more and more of
me inside her, she was apparently more willing to increase the distance she
moved to spread her secretions around. And with us better lubricated, each
time she pressed herself onto me, she would gain slightly more progress,
until her last thrust took the last inch of my erection, leaving her
sitting on my lap, my hardness fully enveloped by her womanhood.

With that much accomplished, she was content to sit there for a bit,
letting her internal muscles stretch the last bit they needed before they
could accept this intrusion.

As she rested, I put my hands on her hips, and spoke quietly to her to
help her relax and adjust.

After a minute or so, I felt it as she slowly moved her hips under my
hands, easing them first one direction, then another, as she experimented
with the sensations she could create with me inside her. Once satisfied
with the answers, she raised herself up, perhaps half my length, before
letting herself slide down again - and slide she did, with her ample
lubrication coating the length of me.

Again seated on me, she looked down at me with a smile of triumph - and

A few moments went by, and I could feel her start to move over me
slightly as she began experimenting with trying to control her internal
muscles: raising and lowering herself slightly as she moved her hips back
and forth, changing the angle that I entered her; rotating herself around
my erection, to see how the change in my position felt; moving her hips in
small circles to experience how the pressure of my penis changed inside

After a bit, she lifted herself up again, until only my glans was inside
her; looking between us, I could see that there wasn't a trace of blood to
be found - only the glistening of her secretions on my penis and her
vaginal lips, giving proof of her arousal and readiness. She sat down
again, incredibly slowly, as though savoring the feel of my hardness
filling her again, millimeter by millimeter, until our pubic hair merged
yet again. A pause, and back up she went, the tightness of our union
drawing her labia out, only to disappear when she lowered herself with only
a momentary delay.

Over the next couple of minutes, her actions increased, both in speed
and enthusiasm; she was moving over me almost constantly, and setting
herself on me firmly and easily. I watched her face as she progressed, and
saw her eyes close in pleasure, and watched her face and neck and shoulders
flush as her arousal and desire overtook her.

After a couple of minutes, she stopped using her legs to move herself;
instead, she leaned forward a bit and started hunching herself down onto me
with her legs and torso held steady. The change in entry seemed to make
her even more excited; I could feel the difference in pressure as she
moved, and could see that she was getting more pressure against her
clitoral area at the start of each downward thrust. It also seemed to
stretch her opening a trifle, too - it went from being almost painfully
tight around my erection to 'merely' tight enough to force the skin of my
erection to stretch away from the head as I entered her, creating a
pressure along my length that felt _wonderful_.

As she settled into a slow, steady motion, I had the ability and desire
to focus on how she felt around me - tight, of course, at her opening; but
also incredibly snug and slippery all along her insides, as well. She was
very warm and wet around me; the overall sensation was that of having my
erection buried in a very warm, very oily, slightly-too-small spandex

Several minutes went by before I could feel her starting to get tired
again; I took her into my arms, and told her "Let me do that for a while.".
She nodded her agreement - she was panting too much from effort and arousal
to say much - and slowed and reduced her movements as I took over. With
her holding steady over me, I started pistoning up into her, at much the
same speed and force as she'd been using, continuing the rhythm and pattern
she'd started.

She gradually lowered herself, so that she was resting on her elbows and
knees, her breasts pressing against my chest; my arms wrapped around her, I
was able to make love to thrust into her easily.

We continued like that for perhaps five minutes or so, before I started
to feel the effort of it; she must have understood, because she managed to
tell me, between gasps, "Let's move, and find something that doesn't wear
us both out!". I voiced my agreement; she raised her body off mine - both
of us covered in a fine sheen of perspiration - and reluctantly raised
herself enough to let me slide free of her intimate grasp.

Looking at me questioningly, I guided her to lay on her back; she
readily spread her legs for me, and I moved between them as she watched my
glistening penis sway in front of me. Settling on my butt, my legs bent to
the sides, I was very nearly at the same level as her opening; I pushed my
penis down slightly, so that the head was between her labia, and pressing
against her opening. She edged herself toward me, getting me wedged into
position; from there, it was easy enough for me to slide nearly half my
length back into her, eliciting a moan from her as I did. I guided her
legs over mine, so that her feet rested on my legs - that put us into a
position where I could begin a rocking motion that moved me in and out of
her with minimal effort, and plenty of pleasure - for both of us, judging
from the small sounds she made as I moved in her.

In a fairly short time, I had a nice rhythm going - fast enough to
please her, but not so fast that I was at any risk of climaxing sooner than
I wanted. I wanted to make this experience as enjoyable for her as I
could, while pleasing myself for as long as possible. As I rocked in and
out of her, I could see a slight swaying in her breasts - firm as they
were, they had barely changed shape when she laid down; standing proudly,
her erect nipples waved in the air slightly in time with my motions in her.

At first, she was content to simply hold my legs where they extended
under her, but after a little time, she moved her hands up to begin playing
with her breasts - squeezing them, pinching and teasing the nipples, and
caressing them. Looking down, I saw that her labia were fully extended and
spread wide, moving only a little from side to side as my erection slid
past them. As widely as she'd spread her legs, it was easy to see her
clitoris, too, where it had come out from under it's hooded shelter.
Glistening slightly, it appeared to nod it's head in time with my actions;
collecting some of her juices on my thumb, I used them to lubricate her as
I softly caressed and pressed her clitoris as I continued to rock back and
forth, sliding nearly the entire length of my woman-wet sword in her

I was careful to keep my attentions to her clitoris slow and gentle -
using them to add an extra little bit of pleasure and stimulation to the
arousal she was feeling from my movements in her; the goal was to bring
her, slowly and gently, to an orgasm that she would remember for the rest
of her life, as the first she ever experienced from actually making love
with a man.

As the time of our joining increased, so did her excitement. She gasped
and panted, not from effort, but from arousal; more and more noises of
pleasure escaped her throat; the blush on her face and neck and shoulders
darkened, and expanded to cover her chest and the upper slopes of her
breasts; from passively accepting my penetrations, she progressed to
welcoming them, then encouraging them by lifting her hips slightly as I
entered her; her head tossed from side to side; and her eyes opened only
slightly, hooded in her desire and lust.

As the seconds turned to minutes, I could also _feel_ Candice's
advancing arousal: from faint flutterings of her vagina, then tightening
around my penis, her vaginal muscles increased to actually clasping at it;
her secretions increased, and were pushed out by my penetrations of her,
first wetting, then soaking, both of our pubic areas.

After perhaps ten minutes, I could watch as she got closer and closer to
her orgasm - her gasps and moans increased not only in frequency, but
volume; and I could see that her attentions to her breasts were getting not
only faster, but harder, as well. Knowing that she was anxious for
release, I slightly increased the pressure and speed of my thumb as I
caressed and rubbed her clitoris; in only a couple more minutes, I was
watching when her eyes suddenly flew open and she stared at a point about a
thousand miles over my shoulder, and she let out a long, loud moan as the
first of several spasms hit her. I felt her tighten down on me for several
long seconds as I continued to move in her with the same steady motions and
pace. When she loosened around me, I could feel the fluttering of her
internal muscles as they tried to relax from the intensity of their
clenching. She started to draw a ragged breath, but it was cut off as
another wave of her release washed over her, freezing her in place. It
seemed to last as long as the first, and as it passed, she managed to
release a shuddering moan before sucking in a gasping breath - barely ahead
of yet another powerful spasm that took her over completely.

With the end of the third cycle in her orgasm, she was able to pant a
couple times and draw another breath before a fourth, slightly less
powerful, clenching took her - but through it, she was able to release a
low groaning sound of pleasure and release. The fifth and sixth spasms
were each less than the one before; as she felt each move over her, she
voiced her pleasure in a low moan.

Throughout all this, her vagina continued to tighten around me with each
phase of her release, waves of muscle moving along my penis as they peaked,
then fluttering sensations as they passed.

As her orgasm ended, I could see that she was in no danger of passing
out or losing consciousness; but neither was she going to be in full
control of herself, either. So I gradually slowed my pistoning, until I
finally stopped with myself embedded in her; and leaned forward until I
could rest on my elbows, so that I was covering her body with mine without
putting too much of my weight on her. I put my arms along her sides, and
my hands on her shoulders, and softly kissed her face and neck and
shoulders as she fought to get her breath back, and control of her senses.
A number of small shudders passed through her, but they quickly tapered off
as she recovered from her experience. Her movements, as she got her
breathing under control and regained her senses, produced a variety of
involuntary tightenings and sensations where she was thoroughly wrapped
around me - it was stimulating and pleasant enough that I didn't have any
difficulty staying hard inside her without making any additional movement.

Finally, I felt her stirring slightly under me, and raised up enough to
be able to see her face. Her eyes fluttered slightly, and I could see the
effort as she tried to focus them on me. When she did manage it, I slowly
raised myself even farther, so that I was resting on my outstretched arms,
my hands on the bed next to her shoulders.

Perhaps ten seconds went by with her just looking at me, before she
tried to speak - and all that came out was a soft croaking noise.

"Would you like something to drink?", I asked.

Her eyes told me 'yes', and I put my weight on one arm to free the other
hand to get a soda off the nightstand. I set it nearby, and said "You
can't drink anything laying down like that. I'm going to pick you up a
little bit so you can drink, okay?"

Again, she communicated her agreement with her eyes; I leaned down a bit
and worked my hands and forearms under her shoulders. It took a bit of
effort, but I managed to raise her up to near-sitting position without any
sudden movements. Holding her steady with one arm, I reached out and
pulled in the bottle of soda, and with one hand, managed to open it.
Bringing it up to her mouth, I tilted it when she opened her lips slightly.
I carefully poured a little of it into her mouth, and watched as she let
some of it soak into her tissues before swallowing. Her eyes told me she
was ready for more, and I did it again, pouring a little more into her
mouth, stopping when she indicated it was enough. After she swallowed it,
she was able to croak out "Thank you". I smiled, and offered her another
drink, which she accepted. With the additional recovery time, she was able
to raise her hand to mine as continued to hold the bottle while she drank.

Quickly recovering her strength, she was able to take the bottle from me
and hold it herself as she told me "That was really something. *Really*
_something_." in little more than a whisper before taking a drink by
herself. She sat up a little more, and was able to put her arm around me a
bit, even though I still had hold of her to help support her. In a close
to normal voice, she asked "Is it like that *every* time?"

"Damned if I know! I suppose that it *could* be, for you, if you wanted
it to.". I answered.

"Oh, dear God!" was all she could say before shifting her weight
slightly - and feeling me move inside her when she did.

Her eyes got big, and she looked down to see that yes, what she'd felt
was true: I *was* still hard, and we *were* still joined. Lifting her head
again, she could only stare at me for several seconds before asking "What
are you? Superman? Didn't you like it, too?"

I smiled at the compliment, and told her "Oh, I enjoyed it just fine,
thank you very much. No, I'm not Superman; I've just got a little control
over myself. What we were doing felt good for me, too - I wouldn't be hard
if it didn't - but I was more interested in making it good for you than
getting myself off."

"Oh, it was good for me! Damn, it was good! The way you were sliding
in and out of me, it felt like I was getting scratched for an itch I didn't
know I had until then - it just felt so *good*, feeling you move in me like
that. And the way you were touching me, just kept making it feel better
and better, and getting me hotter and hotter, until finally, BLAM, it hit
me! At first, I thought I was going to pass out or something 'cause I
couldn't even _breathe_!"

"Yeah, I have to admit that it did look like you were enjoying It.", I

She gave me a dirty look and said "Enjoyed it, hell. It felt so good I
thought I was dying, and on my way to heaven!"

"Well, I just wanted to try and make your first time like that something
you would be happy to remember, is all."

She gave me another dirty look, and said "Oh, I'll remember it, all
right. I wouldn't have forgotten it anyway, but after _that_, I'll be
dreaming about it the rest my life!"

I grinned at her, and gently pulled her to my chest, giving her a hug -
which she quickly returned, fiercely.

As we separated, we could both feel it as I moved inside her again, a
little bit.

She grinned at me, and said "Well, if that thing is still working, it
seems a shame not to use it for something."

I grinned back, and said "Hmmm. That's an interesting thought - any

She laughed, and said "It seems to fit where it is now, so you probably
ought to just keep it there - but maybe move it around a little?"

"Say, that's a good idea! I wish *I'd* thought of it!"

"THAT is the benefit of a good private school education!", she declared
solemnly - before both of us broke up, laughing.

When she'd caught her breath again, she told me "I mean it - if you're
still able, I'm ready to go again. Only this time, don't worry about me,
okay? You've done enough for me this afternoon to keep me happy for the
rest of my life; if you want to go ahead and, uh, shoot your stuff, don't
wait for me. Seriously, you've already done enough for me, so go ahead and
do something for yourself, now. All right?"

"If it gets to that point, okay, I will." I answered, hedging.

She gave me the fisheye, but I let it go, saying "Good. Now, what do
you want me to do?"

"How about if we start like we did before, with you on your back? Only
this time, I'll be between your legs, and can get a little more, uh,

She grinned at me, impishly, and said "'Active', huh? Sounds like a
winner to me!"

That settled, she got her feet under her, and began - slowly - to raise
up, as though reluctant to lose me. As I pulled free of her, there was a
small sucking noise, which seemed to embarrass her terribly - judging from
how bright pink her face and ears got. As she moved back, though, and got
sight of my erection swaying slightly between my thighs, shiny with her
juices, she got over embarrassment quickly, electing to get on her hands
and knees long enough to take me into her mouth, and replace her vaginal
juices with her saliva - and bringing me to maximum hardness in the
process. Only when she was satisfied that she'd gotten all of her
lubrication off me did she pull her head back, and release me from between
her lips. She looked up at me with a shit-eating grin, and quickly moved
to lay on her back, her legs spread and knees pulled up.

I moved between her legs, and leaned forward to put my hands on either
side of her shoulders; she quickly reached down between us with her hands,
using one to spread her labia, and the other to take hold of me and
position me at her entrance. As we looked into each other's eyes, I firmly
pressed my hips forward, and in a single, slow motion - she was still VERY
wet from our previous encounter - slid my entire length into her, so that
when I was done, my pubic bone was pressed against hers - and indirectly,
her clitoris.

She removed her hands from between us, and put them around my waist,
pulling at me to make sure that I was as far inside her as I could go. I
eased myself out of her, until my glans was _just barely_ inside the ring
of muscle at her vaginal entrance, then pushed forward again, accompanied
by her moan of pleasure. As I got close to filling her again, she arched
her back slightly, so that when our pelvises touched, I was pressing more
on her clitoris. To help get her aroused even more, I pressed forward in a
couple of short, firm pushes, 'bumping' her clitoris; she responded by
gasping in pleasure.

I slid out of her again, not as far, and then back in - a little faster,
and a little firmer; the groan she released told me that _that_ was what
she wanted. So I did it again - faster and firmer still. Another groan,
and again. In short order, I was pistoning in and out of her in quick,
solid strokes, bumping against her clitoris each time I buried myself in

As I settled into a rhythm, I came to realize that the thing that seemed
to be pleasing her most was the force with which I was entering her. I
tested the idea by maintaining the speed I'd set, but not letting myself
enter her so far - her reaction was a series of mildly frustrated moans,
and pulling on my waist to encourage deeper penetration. The next thing I
tried was penetration, but not so forcefully: for several strokes, as I
felt myself approaching full entry in her, I slowed down slightly, so that
I still filled her completely, but not as hard. Again, she moaned in
frustration, finally telling me "Harder, dammit!"

At that point, I figured she knew what she wanted, and stopped holding
back. Thinking that if I got TOO rough, she'd be just as willing to let me
know that, too; I gave up a little speed in order to give her the
'enthusiasm' she wanted. I was soon thrusting into her solidly, our loins
making a distinct slapping noise as they met - accompanied each time by a
small grunt of pleasure from her. Even more than the slow lovemaking I'd
used before, this was arousing her, tremendously: she was getting even
wetter than she'd been before, and even pulled her knees back far enough to
let her lock her ankles behind me. My efforts were taking a toll on my
arms, though, and before long, I had to lower myself to my elbows. When I
did, she quickly wrapped her arms around me, and raised her upper body so
that her breasts and nipples brushed against my chest in time with my
thrusting - giving both of us that much more stimulation.

Almost at the same time, we both looked down between us, to where we
were joined, watching as my wet penis seemed to grow out of her clasping
vaginal lips, then be swallowed up by them in turn. The sights and sounds
and smells of our lovemaking seemed only to stimulate both of us to greater
heights of passion and effort - we kissed, tongues dueling, and biting each
others lips; I could feel it as she bit the side of my neck in her passion,
knowing that I'd done the same to her shoulder a few moments before; we
gasped out each others names; our bodies slid against each other as the
sweat of our passion mingled, and slickened us. A few more minutes, and I
knew that I was going to climax - and that it wasn't too far away.

Raising myself back onto my hands and arms, I increased the force with
which I entered her, almost pounding into her hot, wet opening as she cried
and shouted her pleasure at what I was doing to her, and raised herself up
in welcome to my efforts. Her back was arched so much that both her
shoulders and hips were completely free of the bed, and her arms were still
wrapped around my back. Finally, I could stand it no more, and after
slamming into her in a few last, slow thrusts, felt myself jetting my
seminal fluid into her. As I did, I could feel her fingernails dig into my
back as another orgasm hit her, making her almost scream with the power of
it as it overloaded her senses. It felt as though I were squirting pints
or quarts of semen into her, and the sensation of her vagina clamping down
on me, and then going through a series of spasms that felt like waves of
tightness running the length of my penis only made it that much stronger
for me. I could have sworn that every one of my spasms of ejaculation was
as strong as the first. But finally, I simply didn't have anything left to
give to her, and nearly collapsed on her in exhaustion; only by supreme
effort did I manage to stop myself at my elbows, so that I didn't crush her
beneath me, even as she was reaching the end of her own release. When I
felt her go limp beneath me, I managed to ease my rapidly deflating penis
from her feminine grasp, and rolled over to the side to collapse on my back
next to her, gasping for air, just as she was.

As my breathing slowed, I must have fallen asleep - I can only plead the
short hours of the previous night, and the effort of making love to so many
of them so many times prior to that.

When I awoke, it was to discover that Candice was laying on her side,
next to me - her head on my shoulder (and breasts pressing into my side),
one leg across mine (pubic hair brushing my hip), and her arm on my chest.
Raising my head and looking down, I could see that she'd also apparently
taken the time to wash me - and presumably, herself - clean of the evidence
of our passion. As I lay my head back down, I could feel her stir next to
me, and a moment later, her face came into view as she raised herself onto
her elbow.

I could see the concern on her face as she looked down at me and asked
"Are you okay? Or are you just tired?"

"Tired, I think.", I managed to whisper.

"I'm not surprised. While you were sleeping, I realized just how much,
uh, activity you've had since we all got here yesterday, and how little
sleep you must have gotten last night. I'm really sorry that I put you
through all that this afternoon - I should have known better."

I licked my lips, and she quickly asked "Are you thirsty?"

I nodded, and started to sit up; she quickly put a hand on my shoulder
to hold me down, saying "It's okay. I found something in the kitchen, so
you can just lay there if you want, and still get something to drink." With
that, she reached over to the nightstand, and brought around a bottle - and
when I saw it, I understood, and couldn't help but smile: she'd found the
Crazy Straw that Kelly had insisted she needed when we were in a store one
time. I refused at the time, but went back the next day to get it - and
giving it to her as a surprise gift a few days later. Ever since then,
she'd drag it out and use it to drink something she ordinarily wouldn't
drink through a straw: wine, milk, even coffee once. And when she was
through with it, would come over and sit on my lap, cuddling with me.

Candice had found it, and put it in a bottle of club soda, since it
would make a serviceable 'sickbed' straw - it would bend enough to let a
person on their back drink from it, but wouldn't hold it's shape when bent.
When the tip was offered to me, I quickly managed to down nearly half the
bottle before having to breathe again.

On the path to rehydration, I rested a few more minutes, then eased
myself into a sitting position - despite Candice's objections and
remonstrations. Once seated, I took the bottle from her, and finished off
the drink; she quickly replaced it with a full one, moving the Crazy Straw
in the process. I took a few swallows, and then smiled at her, saying "I
was just tired there, for a bit. I'm feeling better now, okay?"

She looked at me dubiously, and said "Well, okay. But you still take it
easy, you hear me?"

"Yes, Mother!", I teased - and finally getting something like a smile
from her.

She started to settle down next to me, but I put my arm out, and gently
guided her toward my lap. She looked doubtful, but went ahead and sat down
on it - facing me, a knee on each side of me - when I assured her "It's
okay - we're just sitting, remember?"

I took her hands in mine, and told her "Candice, I'm okay. Really. I
think you were right - I didn't get as much sleep as I usually do, last
night, and yes, I was more 'active' than usual last night. So if I fell
asleep when maybe I shouldn't have, and worried you, then I'm sorry. But
the mistake was MINE; what you did was make me an invitation - the decision
to over-exert myself a little was MINE, not yours. *You have nothing to
feel bad about*, okay?"

I could tell from her expression that she thought I was trying to blow
smoke up her butt, but was too polite to come out and say so.

Nothing for me to do but try again, saying "Do you think there was
anything you or anyone else could have done to force me to make love with

She shook her head, and I went on "Do you think that I would have agreed
to make love with you if I had any idea that something like that would

She shook her head 'no' again, and I finished up by saying "Do you think
that I would have done anything with you if I thought there was the
slightest chance of something like that happening? Do you think that I
would willingly do anything that would cause you to worry like that? Or
that I'm foolish enough to do it on purpose?"

Again, 'no'.

"Then trust me when I tell you that YOU have no responsibility in my
falling asleep like that. I made a mistake, and did something foolish -
and paid for it. It was your- my- OUR misfortune that you were the last to
come to me like you did. If anything else had been different, it could
have been Sandra or Robyn where you are now. Okay?"

She nodded acceptance, reluctantly, but I could still see that her eyes
were getting red, and starting to tear up.

I had one last hope.

"How long was I asleep?"

"About an hour.", she mumbled.

"Well, there you go - a nice, afternoon nap. I usually have one on the
weekends, and that was it. It just happened a little more suddenly than
most, is all."

It didn't fly. Not even a little bit. Even as I finished, I could see
the tears starting down her face. All I could do was take her in my arms,
and hold her as she cried it out of her system; caressing her back and
softly saying reassuring things to her to try and comfort her - and feeling
like a total jackass the whole time, because I KNEW it wasn't her fault,
even if she didn't.

She finally cried herself out, and was at the point where all she had
left in her was a few small hiccups - and even those were starting to fade.

I took her by the arms, and eased her back into a sitting position.
Then I took her face in my hands, and wiped her tears away with my thumbs
before lifting her face to look at me. When I finally got her to look me
in the eyes, I told her "Candice, that was *not* *your* *fault*. It was
_MINE_, and I'm sorry if I worried you or made you think something was
wrong." I kissed her softly on the lips, and went on "You didn't do
anything wrong by asking me to make love to you again. *I* didn't know I
was that tired, okay?" Another kiss, then "If I had it to do over again, I
probably would do something different - but it's too late - and for that,
I'm sorry." Kiss. "Candice, YOU have nothing to feel bad about. YOU have
nothing to be ashamed of. YOU have nothing to blame yourself about." Kiss.
"It was *my* doing that made me so tired - NOT YOURS." Kiss. "The choice
was mine, and the responsibility is mine, remember?" Kiss. "If you want to
be mad, or upset, or anything like that with anyone, be them with ME."
Kiss. "*I* did something dumb, and I scared you and made you feel bad - and
if I could go back and undo it, I would, without hesitation." Kiss. "But I
can't, and I'm sorry that I made you feel that way - but don't beat up
yourself for something *I* did because I was stupid, okay?" Kiss.

Then she started crying again - but this time, as she headed for my
arms, I could see the relief on her face as she accepted what I'd told her.

But she wasn't in my arms long before she suddenly sat up, and started
hitting me with open-handed slaps to the chest and arms and shoulders,
saying "You rat! You stinker! What the hell were you doing, scaring me
like that! I was worried half to death! What's the matter with you? Are
you STUPID, or something? You *bastard*!"

I didn't do anything to stop her, or try and soften the blows. I just
sat there, accepting what she was doing, and letting her get even *that*
part of it out of her system as best she could - even if it physically hurt (and some of the blows did).

After a few seconds, she started to slow down, and eventually stopped;
when she did, I took her in my arms, and held her again, reassuring her
that everything was okay, now, as she sniffled into my shoulder - and
eventually put her arms around me.

When she sat up again, I put my hands on her waist, and told her
"Candice, I'm sorry that I upset you, I really am. I'll make you the
promise, right now, that if we ever find ourselves together again, I will
NOT repeat that mistake - or make anything like it."

She was still a trifle miffed with me, but now willing to be placated.
"We damn well *better* find ourselves together again. I felt really great,
until I saw you'd passed out on me!", she grumped.

"It wasn't something I wanted to happen, either - more than anything
else, I wanted to be there for you, and hold you and comfort you and caress
you when we were done."

"I wanted you to, too, dammit.", she responded, slightly mollified.

"I know it's late, but would you still let me do those things? At least
now, we can both enjoy them a little better, if you do.", I offered.

"I suppose."

She had a nice 'mad' on; and there I was, spoiling it for her by being
nice, and apologetic, and caring.

She leaned up against me, and I put my arms around her before twisting
slightly so that I could lay down with her on top of me, Once on my back, I
kissed her, first on the lips, softly, then again on each of her shoulders
as I caressed her sides and back. A few seconds went by, and I could feel
her relax a bit as she lay on me; after a bit, she decided it was okay to
kiss me back - and from there, we quickly got reacquainted with each
other's anatomy. I kissed the spot on her shoulder that I'd bitten - and
finding that I'd left a nice hickey that I hoped she wouldn't have to
explain to her parents or siblings.

In return, she saw where she'd bitten my neck, leaving a nice bruise and
set of teeth marks that she knew she'd have to explain to Kelly, and
perhaps even Jan. But it also gave her the giggles, and I asked what was
so funny. She had to explain to me that it was a new situation for her to
have to explain to her best friend why and how she'd given that friend's
lover a big love-bite on his neck - and only having to worry that the
friend would be upset about the bruise, not the lovemaking that led to it.
I laughed, too, and agreed that it probably was a situation that didn't
come up much in the rest of society - like never, I guessed. That got her
giggling harder, and before long, she'd forgotten how mad she was at me,
and went back to showing the love and concern that I knew she had inside

We continued to cuddle and kiss and play and cuddle and joke and cuddle
for a while, but finally decided that we were both thirsty again. I sat up
again, and got my legs positioned for her to lean back against my thighs
while she got us each another bottle - mine sans Crazy Straw this time.

After she'd leaned back to rest against my legs, she told me "I really
did enjoy making love with you - a LOT. I mean, not only were you real
patient and gentle with me, but you tried real hard to make it easy for me,
and to make sure that I felt good about it, too. I've *never* had orgasms
like what I did with you; I mean, I've, uh, masturbated and everything, and
even had some small orgasms -but now I _know_ they were small ones, because
they were NOTHING like what I felt with you."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, and felt so good about it. It's nice to know
that my trying to make it a good time for you worked."

"Oh, it was a good time, all right! Except there at the end; and I
guess I can forgive you for *that*. What really made me relax about all of
it, though, was that YOU were so relaxed about it. I mean, when you put
your tongue in me that first time, I was really nervous that I would taste
bad to you or something, but you just acted like there wasn't anything
wrong, and did it again - and again and again and again! It felt
*wonderful*, what you were doing to me; and then when I, uh, tasted myself
on you, you just acted like that was perfectly fine, too - and even talked
with me about it a little, to let me know it was okay. It really surprised
me when you drank out of the same bottle of water I did after I used my
mouth on you, but then I realized that if you were okay with me kissing you
after you used your mouth on me, you probably weren't going to be too fussy
about just drinking from a bottle after I'd done the same thing to you.
And when you did that, it just made me realize that you really *were*
relaxed with all of this, and that you really *do* just want to make
whoever you're with happy."

I smiled at her, and she went on "There were a couple of times there
that I was kind of embarrassed about wanting you to do anything, but you
just acted like everything I wanted was perfectly normal, and didn't make
any fuss about any of it - you just did what I wanted, and made me
*deliriously* happy in the process. That last time, it felt *really* good
to have you making love to me like that, but it wasn't quite _enough_ -
until you started pressing against my, uh, clitoris. When you did that, it
REALLY got me going, and when you started doing something different, I
couldn't help but tell you what I wanted; and you did it - BOY! did you
did it! Every time you went into me, and hit my clit, it was like little
sparks were flying off it, into my, uh, insides, making me hotter and
wetter. I was _almost_ there when I felt you push into me those last
couple of times, and I thought I was going to miss out - it would have been
okay, because of how much you did for me before - but when I felt you
starting to shoot inside me, I could _feel_ it, and it just pushed me over
the edge, REAL hard. Uh, did I kinda hurt your back? With my fingernails,
I mean?"

"I felt you dig into me, but you didn't actually break the skin or
scratch me or anything."

She seemed relieved, and said "Oh, good. I couldn't help it then, and I
was kind of worried that I'd hurt you or something; that was part of what
made me so upset when you fell asleep so long. Uh, while you were asleep,
I worried about you, but after a while, I realized that you were just
asleep, and I got a washcloth and cleaned you up before I went into the
bathroom, and cleaned myself up a little, too. Both of us were kinda
sticky, and pretty smelly, and it seemed like a good idea."

"Yeah, I noticed what you did - thanks. I'll return the favor, some
day, if you'll let me."

"Oh, I'll let you - and 'some day' won't be long, if I have any choice
about it!", she responded.

After that, we were content to sit there, just enjoying each other's
company until we finished our drinks. When we had, it was Candice that
said "I'd still like to take a shower, if that's okay."

I looked at her in surprise, and said "Of course! I only have two
questions for you, though."

She got a suspicious look on her face, and carefully asked "What

"Do you want company for it, or not? And if so, when?"

She smiled in relief, and answered "Company would be welcome - in about
5 minutes; I've got some, uh, personal business to take care of, first."

"Six minutes, it is, then."

She smiled, and gave me a quick kiss on the lips before getting up and
heading into the bathroom.

To give her time to tend to her ablutions, I quickly changed the sheets
on the bed - then disposed of our empty water bottles and took the rest
back to the kitchen, putting them back in the fridge. By the time I got
back to the bedroom, it was just over the promised six minutes - but I
still knocked at the door before going in. I heard her call out that it
was okay, and opened the door to the sound of the shower - and a room full
of steam. I made my way to the toilet, and quickly drained off surplus
fluids, then flushing it - before going over to open the shower door and
being thoroughly engulfed by the sudden release of humidity. Exaggerating
only slightly, I eased my way into it, my hands extended before me as
though trying to find my way. What I found instead was an armful of wet,
soap-slick, fun girl. We spent the next twenty minutes 'helping' each
other clean off - though teasing, arousing, and generally getting in each
other's way in erotic ways would be more like it: after I'd washed off my
penis, she kept the water off it - by holding it for me. With her mouth.

As she tried to shampoo her hair, I 'helped' by rinsing off her back,
squeegee the water (where it hit her from the shower head - 'helping'
didn't have a darn thing to do with good sense) down to her butt, and past
it. In doing so, I managed to run my fingers across her anus a couple of
times (okay, several). After about the umpteenth time I did it, she
finally told me "Look, that feels really good, but if you keep doing it,
one or both of us is going to need a shower to clean up from the shower!
Besides, Jan and Kelly will be back before long, and I want to be ready for
them." So I left her butt alone. Mostly. Sort of.

When we were satisfied that we were as clean as we were going to get,
Candice shut off the shower, and I opened the door to grab us a couple of
towels. The helping continued, but wasn't as much fun - the damn towels
kept getting in the way. Ultimately, we found ourselves clean, and dry -
and then back in the den, where we shared the couch as we talked about any
number of things, large and small, as we waited for Kelly and Jan to

After perhaps three-quarters of an hour, we heard the sound of a car
pulling up, and then entering the garage. A couple minutes later, the door
opened, and my two greatest loves came in to find us still sitting on the
couch, where they'd left us.

Jan looked at us, and asked "Did you two even *move*?"

Candice got a shit-eating grin on her face, and Kelly answered her "Oh,
yeah, they moved. Just look at her. If they'd moved any more, we'd have
to pry her off the ceiling!", with a laugh. The two of them set their
books down, and moved over to join us, undressing as they went. It was
perfectly normal for them when they were in my house - both were
comfortable being nude around me, and neither much cared for wearing
clothes when skin was so much more comfortable - and friendly. As they got
closer, they noticed the bruise on Candice's shoulder. Slightly alarmed,
they looked over at me - and found the one I had on my neck; teeth marks,
and all.

They quickly found seats, and Kelly looked at Candice. Candice answered
the implied question by saying "Uh, we kinda got a little carried away
there, for a bit." Then, defensively, said "He bit me first!"

Kelly turned to look at me, trying not to smile at Candice's last
statement. I simply said "I got a little 'enthusiastic'."

Kelly turned to Jan, and said "'carried away', she says."

Jan nodded, and replied "'enthusiastic', he told us."

Both sat there for a few moments, deadpan, before bursting out in
laughter - and relieving Candice of any fears she might have had.

Both turned back to Candice, and suddenly realized that there had been
some change in her.

They examined her face closely, and it was Jan who finally asked "You
got it?"

Candice nodded, happily, and Kelly said "Yeah, she got it." - before
getting up and moving over to give Candice a hug, and kiss - only to be
surprised when Candice kissed her back, hard. When Kelly moved back from
her, the two of them looked deeply into each other's eyes for several
seconds before Kelly finally spoke again.

"She got it, all right. ALL of it. She's one of us, now."

Jan hurried over to get her own kiss - and was only slightly less
surprised than Kelly at the passion she got in return - never mind the way
Candice moved one of her hands up to cup Jan's breast. Kelly saw that, and
turned to look at me; all I could do was smile, and say, "She seems to like
guys - but doesn't seem to have anything against girls, either." Kelly
nodded her understanding, and quickly moved back in to join in the
festivities - putting her hand on Candice's breast in the process, and
getting one in return, similarly placed.

When Jan came up for air, Kelly moved in - Candice didn't seem to mind
in the slightest; nor did she seem to be experiencing any discomfort from
the virtually non-stop kissing she was going through. In fact, it was
Kelly that finally drew back, taking a deep breath and smiling. Even from
where I was sitting, I could see that her nipples had perked up
considerably. After a bit, they went back at it, with Jan starting things
off. Before long, it was a three-way kissing and fondling contest, with a
little groping tossed in for variety. I simply sat there, enjoying the
sight, when I started to detect the first, faint whiff of aroused female -
and I wouldn't have taken any bets on which one of them it was, or even if
it WAS just one of them.

As things heated up even more between them, it became apparent to them
that the end of the couch was restricting their activities; and without
even a look in my direction, all three eased their way down onto the floor
in front of the couch - and a little distance away from it, so they had
plenty of room.

It wasn't long before Kelly and Jan ganged up on Candice - both with a
hand caressing her and exploring her anatomy as first one, then the other
kissed and sucked and licked her breast while their partner in passion
kissed her. They'd done similar things to me, and I *knew* that Candice
wouldn't be able to take it for long - and she didn't. As they were
transferring from mouth to breast on her, she quickly pushed Jan onto her
back before giving back what she'd gotten - and leaving room for Kelly to
join in, or not. Kelly had been surprised by Candice's actions, but it
didn't take her long to take advantage of the new opportunity; in short
order, the two of them had Jan as worked up as Candice had been.

It was after Candice had pulled away from a length and involved kiss
with Jan that Jan managed to gasp out "Kelly's turn!".

Kelly only smiled as she moved to take Jan's place on the floor - only
to have it disappear when the two of them started in on her. For whatever
reasons, they seemed to delight in torturing her: as one of them kissed
her, the other would apply the faintest kisses to Kelly's breasts and
nipples; one would kiss her *ever* so lightly as the other sucked on her
nipples; whatever else they were doing, first one, then the other, would
draw a finger between Kelly's labia and across her clitoris - softly, so as
to tease her into even higher passion.

When Kelly's hips started to arch up a bit, Jan moved her torso a bit,
as though to bring Kelly some relief - but Candice put a hand on her
shoulder, and said "Let me - please?". Jan readily acquiesced, and Candice
moved her way down Kelly's belly, applying a series of soft kisses as she
advanced. On arriving at her goal, Candice didn't seem to hesitate to
first kiss Kelly's mons, then extend her tongue and draw it between her
labia - only then did she pause briefly, as though to savor the new taste,
before doing it again, slower. Jan watched as that went on, and I could
see her nipples erecting even more than they had been; Kelly's only
reaction was to gasp in relief at the direct attention being paid to the
center of her arousal.

As Candice continued her efforts, Jan moved back up to resume kissing
Kelly; but as Candice's attentions took effect, it became harder and
harder, and she eventually decided to take advantage of another
opportunity: that *Candice* was accessible to her. Changing her position,
Jan moved to Kelly's other side, and began caressing the insides of
Candice's thighs - and seemed delighted when Candice readily moved her
knees apart, granting better access not only to her thighs, but what lay
between, as well.

With that kind of encouragement, Jan soon had her hand on Candice's sex
- tracing a finger between her labia, softly rubbing her clitoris, and even
sliding a finger into her. Candice's only response was to moan into
Kelly's pubis, and spread her legs even farther - giving Jan the room and
angle necessary to begin her own oral exams.

Kelly was not content, though, to remain merely a recipient of Candice's
attentions; she was able to reach Jan's legs, but Jan was _just_ out of
reach for anything more. With that realization, Kelly started easing
herself over onto her side; which encouraged Candice to do the same - and
thus, Jan, as well. In a minute or so, all of them were laying on their
sides: Kelly, with Candice's head between her thighs, Candice with Jan's
head similarly placed, and Jan extending out from Candice - but with the
change in position, Kelly was able to bring her face to Jan's leg, near the
calf. When Jan felt Kelly kissing her leg, she readily shifted herself
over, making it easier for Kelly. After a couple of minutes, Kelly was
able to work her way up Jan's leg; when she got to the middle of Jan's
thighs, Jan readily lifted a leg up, and set her foot on the floor, opening
herself to Kelly. Shortly after that, the circle was fully closed: Jan
eating Candice eating Kelly eating Jan.

Though I couldn't see all the details of what they were doing, what
_was_ apparent was that it was having the desired effect: each of them was
taking what was being done to her, and adding to it before passing it
along. In a short period of time, the scent of aroused female was nearly
thick enough to cut, and the sounds emitting from the triangle of bodies on
the floor was incredible: slurping noises, moans, gasps, groans, panting,
and just about any other noise one could think of.

With all of them feeding off each other's arousal that way (pun
intended!), I knew that it wouldn't take long before one of them went over
the edge - and made a silent bet with myself who it would be.

I lost as Kelly suddenly let out a near-scream as her orgasm hit her,
even as Candice stayed busy between her thighs. Jan heard it, and knowing
that it was Kelly, redoubled her efforts to bring Candice to orgasm as well
- and even as Kelly's was finally starting to taper off, succeeded in
easing Candice over the edge. With Candice now 'distracted', Kelly's
recovery quickened, and it wasn't long before she was again tending to Jan,
and then bringing Jan to release, as well.

With all three of them temporarily satiated, they rested, each with her
head on the thigh of the recipient of her attentions - and all three with
shiny-slick mouths and chins from their activities.

Seeing that none of the three was going to be moving for a while, I got
up and went into the kitchen, getting all of us something to drink - small
bottles of club soda for thirst for them, and some hot chocolate for
snuggling and quick energy for all of us.

By the time I got back, they'd recovered enough that they'd managed to
rearrange themselves, with Kelly and Jan bracketing Candice, and all three
of them holding each other. They didn't notice my return until I cleared
my throat, and offered the drinks I'd brought. Candice blushed slightly in
response, but all three readily grabbed a bottle of soda, and started
drinking. When they'd each had a chance to deal with their thirst, I told
them that the carafe had hot chocolate, when they were ready. All quickly
finished their soda; I poured, then handed them, cups of hot chocolate as
they set their bottles on the tray I'd used. With the hot drinks to
distract them slightly, they seemed more willing to leave each other alone
- and rest up for the next go-around that I *knew* had to be coming.

Sure enough, Kelly had barely put down her empty cup before she shared a
kiss with Candice - and then proceeded to work her was down Candice's
anatomy. Jan hurriedly finished her hot chocolate, as well, and took
Candice's nearly empty cup as well, setting both on the tray. When she
begin kissing Kelly's lower abdomen and thighs, Kelly quickly spread her
legs again, making room for Jan. Knowing that it was inevitable - and not
seeming to mind a bit - Candice moved over onto her side, as well. When
she kissed Jan's mons, Jan readily parted her legs, and Candice moved
between them - I had only a few seconds to watch as she stuck her tongue
out and licked at Jan's labia before running across her clitoris.

In only a couple of minutes, they had assumed a mirror of their previous
positions: Kelly doing Candice doing Jan doing Kelly. With them in a
slightly different position, I had a better angle to watch as Candice did
her share to bring all of them to orgasm again. With Jan's labia extended,
Candice happily took them between her lips, pulling on them slightly as she
sucked on their very edges before extending her tongue - and apparently
using it to see if she could reach Jan's tonsils, judging by the way Jan
reacted. From there, it was on to Jan's clitoris, then back to her vagina and labia. Back and forth she went, doing anything and everything she
could think of to arouse and please Jan - even as Kelly was apparently
doing similar things to HER.

Though they seemed to be taking the time to enjoy what they were doing
this time, it was still clear that they were still feeding off each other,
as well - and enjoying it immensely. The sights and sounds of them as they
went after each other was incredible - more than enough to let me feel the
stirrings of my own arousal, which surprised me; after the scare with
Candice, I'd thought I was pretty much done for the evening.

Still, I didn't want to intrude, and was content to sit back and enjoy
the sight of them pleasing each other: hands touching and caressing breasts without concern for who they belonged to, nipples erecting and hardening,
chins glistening with each other's juices, and the wriggling and hunching
of pelvises as their owners became more and more excited.

It took a bit longer this time, but the result was just as inevitable -
first one, then the others, had their climaxes. The difference this time
was that it was Candice that lost it first, followed by Kelly, with Jan
apparently content to have her orgasm last. Again, they collapsed on each
other, and again, I brought them out some drinks - Cokes this time -
setting them on the tray so that they were easily accessible when the girls were ready for them.

As they lay there, I had the simple pleasure of just _looking_ at them,
as young, vibrant, alive, sexy, attractive females - the differences in
breast size and shape, the different body structures, the different faces
and bodies and legs and all the rest of them. As I looked at them, though,
I found that my eyes kept going back to Kelly - as much as I loved and
cared for all of them, and wished all of them the very best in the world,
there was no escaping the fact that it was Kelly whose presence and wit and
intelligence and personality that I most enjoyed.

Gradually, they all came back to Earth, and sat up - then taking a can
of Coke from the tray with an appreciative smile to me.

When they were all again sitting up - side by side - I just sat there
looking at them for a few seconds. Jan and Kelly didn't pay any attention
to me; I did it enough with them that they'd gotten used to it - but I
could see that it was starting to unsettle Candice a bit. She finally
looked directly at me, and asked "What?", nervously.

"Don't worry about it - he does that with us, too, all the time.", Jan
told her.

"What's he *doing*?", Candice asked, slightly exasperated.

"Just looking at us. He does that. If you ask him, he'll just tell you
that he likes looking at prettiness, and that he thinks you're pretty, too.
There's nothing wrong; he's not upset or anything, he's just having fun
looking at us. Looking at a damn smelly mess, *I* think, but there you
go.", Kelly said.

Candice asked me "Is that right? Is that what you're doing?"

I nodded, and told her "Yup, Ever actually _watch_ a sunset? How the
clouds and colors and everything change as the sun goes down?"

She shook her head, and I told her "Try it sometime. I don't mean just
look at it several times as it's happening, but put all of your attention
on it, and *watch* it. It's beautiful - every time."

Candice looked at me, doubtfully. Kelly saw it, and told her "Really.
It's true. When he told ME to do that, I thought he was getting senile.
But then I decided to try it one day. The more I actually *watched* it,
the prettier it got - and the more I actually got _into_ it; it was like me
and the sunset, we were the same thing. Weird. But definitely cool."

Jan spoke up, telling her "I did it, too - and it _is_ weird, but most
definitely cool, too. I felt the same thing that Kelly just said - like I
was *part* of the sunset. Since then, it's like I can look at things, and
if I'm patient, I can actually SEE them, a lot better than I used to.
Flowers, snowflakes, trees, all of it - once you learn how to actually look
at something, and SEE it, you never feel the same way about it again."

Candice looked at me, questioningly, and I told her "It's a Zen thing I
picked up - if you can focus your attention on something, I mean *really*
focus on it, then you start experiencing all the things there are about it.
If it moves or changes, then you really start to open up to experiencing
the outside world. If it's something that doesn't move, like a Zen garden,
then you start to open up on the _inside_, and start learning things about
yourself. Either way, your mind expands, and helps make you a better

Candice got a thoughtful look on her face, and I could tell that she was
resolving to try it - and soon.

After a bit, Candice spoke up, saying "As nice as all of this has been"
- "Damn right!" Jan offered, making all of us laugh - "I still have to get
home before long - my parents expect me for supper, tonight."

"Not a problem. We'll clean up, and Jan and I will take you home in my
car. You'll get there in plenty of time.", Kelly said.

That settled, the three of them finished their drinks before getting up
to head toward the master bathroom, and it's larger shower. Some 45
minutes later, they reappeared, dressed and Candice with her bag in her
hand. I stood up, and went over to her to give her a hug, saying "Candice,
it was a pleasure having you here - and not for what happened this

She looked into my eyes a second before answering "It was a pleasure for
me too - BECAUSE of what happened this afternoon. And yesterday, and last
night, and all the other times I've been around you." She shared Looks with
Kelly and Jan, and turned back to me to say "I *know* that I'm welcome here
- not just for fun, but for any reason I want to be here; and that makes me
feel really good inside. And I know that I'm welcome to come back and make
_love_ with you again, either alone, or with either or both of Jan and
Kelly. You - all of you! - make me feel more relaxed and welcome and at
*home* than I do in my 'real' home; and I can't tell you how good that
makes me feel." With that, she moved into my arms for a kiss, and giving me
a fierce hug - and doing the same to both Kelly, then Jan. She sniffled a
bit, but had a happy smile on her face as the three of them got their coats
and headed for Kelly's car in the garage.

When they were gone, I went around the house, picking things up and just
giving the place a light cleaning - collecting the clothes that Kelly and
Jan had forgotten, putting away the tray and setting the cups in the
dishwasher, and so on.

Perhaps half an hour later, I heard them return, and when they came in,
I could see that their eyes were a little red from having cried at some
point on the way back. When I asked them what had happened, they told me
that they'd cried because they were so happy - the entire ride over to
Candice's house, she'd done nothing but express how happy and contented and
welcome she felt, and how she was looking forward to coming back to visit
as often as she could.

When they'd told me that, Jan spoke up, asking "So how many was it,
Uncle Dan? How many times did you make all of them happy?", teasing me.

"I don't know - I didn't know I was supposed to be keeping score.
Probably around a hundred, I suppose.", I answered, teasing her right back.

Both of them laughed before Kelly said "Well, however many it *really*
was, you made all of them very, very happy - even Susan.". Turning to Jan,
she said "I think we can mark this one up as a success, don't you?"

"You bet. I think we all had more fun than we did at the other
sleepover, and I *know* that we're all better friends than we were
before.", Jan added.

Kelly only snorted at that.

About that time, my stomach growled, and Jan looked at me in surprise,
saying "That's right - we haven't eaten yet, have we?"

I couldn't resist the temptation, and said "Well, YOU two did, but *I*
didn't - and I'm ready for supper, too!"

It took a second before both of them got it, and gave me the Goober
look; then Jan said "It's a little late, now. How about something light,
like sandwiches and chips?"

Kelly and I agreed, and she went into the kitchen, reappearing a few
minutes later with ham and cheese sandwiches, potato chips, and sodas for
all of us. We sat there, quietly discussing the sleepover/party/orgy as we

Even though it still wasn't particular late, we were all still running
on short sleep rations, and after another couple of hours, elected to go to

With me being nude already, I got to cheer and whistle and clap from the
bed as I watched the two of them get undressed - and in the spirit of the
moment, both got grins on their faces, and went about taking their clothes
off as though doing a strip tease.

When they were done, the joined me, and I fell asleep with them on
either side of me, facing me, each with an arm across my chest and their
breasts pressed into my sides.

The next morning, we took our time getting out of bed and moving - all
of us were content to just lay there and snuggle for a while before hunger,
thirst, and the call of the bathroom eventually got us all out of bed.
Over the course of the day, we had ample time and opportunity to make love
with each other - Kelly and Jan first, then a bit later, me and Jan, since
she had to get home. When we were alone, Kelly and I shared a leisurely,
pleasant session of love-making that left both of us thoroughly satiated.

---------- ---------- ---------

Tuesday afternoon, I was in the office when I got a call; my secretary
told me that it was from a Roy Carson. It took me a few seconds to connect
the last name to Robyn. Sure enough, it was her dad.

"This is Dan. How may I help you Mr. Carson?"

"Yes, Mr. Marshall, this is Robyn's father. I believe she was at your
home over the weekend for a sleepover?"

"Yes, Mr. Carson, I remember her. Is there a problem?"

"Not at all - in fact, quite the opposite is true. Could I ask you what
happened at that little party they had?"

"Well, the girls seemed to spend most of their time talking, to the best
of my knowledge. I spent very little time actually with all of them.".
Technically true - most of my time was with them in a one-on-one situation.

"Uh, did you have an opportunity to talk with all of them?", he asked.

"Yes, for a bit, after we'd had supper the first evening."

"Would you mind telling me what it was that you talked about?"

"They had some questions about my outlook on life, my philosophy, if you
will. I explained it to them, and gave them a few examples. A few other
questions came up that I answered as best I could, making sure they
understood that I was giving them my own opinion, and nothing more."

"Well, whatever you talked to them about, or whatever you did, seems to
have had a major impact on Robyn."

"How so?"

"Since she got back from that little party, she's been like a different
person - you may have noticed that she was a bit, ah, boisterous at times.
But since she got back, she hasn't been quite as, uh, outgoing as she was.
She's still quite active and all that; but her mother and I have both
noticed that she's much more considerate of others. She also seems to have
a kind of calmness about her that we haven't seen before - I suppose you
could call it a tranquility, or inner peace. It's quite a change, I can
assure you.", he replied.

"You think it a change for the better, I take it?"

"Oh, yes!"

"Then, if I could ask what it was that prompted you to call me?"

"I only wanted to say that whatever you've done to bring such a change
about in Robyn, I hope that you will continue doing it."

I could barely suppress the urge to laugh, and simply said "I would be
happy to, if the opportunity presents itself."

"I think it will", he told me. "She has mentioned a couple of times
that she found you quite pleasant, and wanted to visit you again, if you
would permit it."

"I found her to be quite delightful", I told him, without specifying the
*way* that I found her delightful. "Provided she called first to make sure
I didn't have other plans, she would be welcome."

He assured me that she would, and the conversation soon ended - leaving
me sitting there with a Cheshire cat grin on my face.

---------- ---------- ---------

As Christmas approached, I had to give some serious thought to what to
get Kelly and Jan. I also bought gifts for the rest of the party crew, as
well - I figured they would be over shortly after Christmas, and that would
give me the chance to give them their presents without drawing unwanted
attention. For Sandra, I found a nice turquoise and silver bracelet that I
knew she would like; Robyn would be getting a small emerald necklace that I
knew would act as a wonderful counterpoint to her eyes. Candice's gift was
a pair of platinum and opal earrings; Susan was to receive a gold mesh
bracelet. I made sure to take Kelly with me as I bought them, to make sure
I got something that all of them would like - and when she saw them, Jan
agreed that they would be big hits.

Again with Kelly's help, and a promise of absolute secrecy, I got Jan
some *very* nice silk lingerie and under things - and a small diamond charm
for her bracelet that she could show Paul.

I did Kelly's shopping myself, with no help. I came up with a couple of
things that I *knew* would thrill her.

I'd always politely turned down Paul's invitations to spend Christmas
with him and the kids, so that they could have the day to themselves. For
a change, it worked in my favor, since it meant that I'd have Kelly to
myself on Christmas.

---------- ---------- ---------

Christmas Day, Kelly found herself waking up to the first of the gifts
that I'd gotten her - she opened her eyes to find herself being stared at
by a small, yellow, tiger-striped, blue-eyed, scrawny tabby kitten. She'd
mentioned a couple of times how she missed the family cat that her parents had, but had never said anything about getting one. But I still knew how
much she missed it, and decided to get her one of her very own.

It took her a couple of seconds before it really sank in that she was
looking at a kitten - but when it did, she made up for the delay. Pulling
it under her chin, she hugged it and started rubbing it's ears - the
resulting purr could be heard across the room. I could see her start to
cry, and had to point out to her that if she started crying, she was likely
to upset the cat by getting it wet.

After a bit, she set it down, and launched herself into my arms, crying
on my shoulder and hugging me ferociously as she thanked me.

When she'd finally calmed down, and dried her eyes, she picked it up
again, and looked it over before asking me "What do I name her?"

"Well, she's got that dark spot on her pink nose - how about Booger?", I
offered, teasing.

Kelly got an indignant look, and said "We are NOT naming this cat 'Booger'! How about 'Tiger', for the stripes?"

I just gave her the fisheye, and said "Sure - nobody's ever done *that*

She thought a moment, and offered "Tigger?"

"To cute."

"What, then?"

"Who says you have to name her now? Give her a little time, and _then_
name her - might turn out she's a feline Einstein or something, then you've
got a name for her."

She thought that over, and finally agreed, before holding my hand as we
went into the den, where we'd set up a small tree - more out of a desire
not to have to clean up after a big tree, than anything else.

Kelly sat on the couch with the kitten, and I went into the kitchen to
load a carafe with some coffee, and load a plate with some muffins. Back
in the den, I saw that Kelly had gotten up, and was rummaging around the
presents under the tree - with the kitten helping. She found a package
that I'd wrapped for the cat: "To: Spot" - she opened it, and found the
collar and tags I'd gotten - the little fuzzball was ready to go, with all
of her shots taken care of. Kelly hugged me, pulled out another package,
and handed it to me. It was from her, and when I opened it, I found that
she'd gotten me a nice Tag Huer watch, stainless steel, to replace the
ratty old Casio I'd had for so long. I quickly got it adjusted, and put it
on - that sucker was _heavy_, and felt good on my wrist. I kissed her, and
pulled out a package for her.

She opened it to find the gold bracelet I'd bought - made of fairly
thick links, it looked like a small chain around her wrist when she put it
on. I could see from her face that she was delighted with it, and she
quickly kissed me in thanks.

Next, it was the cat's turn again - one of those climbing poles, with
platforms, for her to play on.

Kelly's next gift to me was an electronic organizer - something that I'd
wanted, but simply hadn't gotten around to getting for myself. It was a
top of the line model, and I couldn't help but play with it a few seconds -
Kelly knew me, and waited patiently - before giving her a hug and kiss, and
giving her my thanks.

The next package she opened held a dress - black, that flowed off one
shoulder to a bodice that would make it painfully clear that she was
female, before flowing down to accentuate her slender hips and fanning out
into a skirt that would fall to her ankles. I'd meticulously snuck
measurements of her over the past couple of months, and knew that it would
fit her like a second skin - and that there wasn't a way in the world for
her to wear either a bra or panties with it. Even before the alterations,
it had cost me nearly a thousand dollars - and knowing how she would look
in it, it was worth every penny to me. She stood up and held it against
herself, before heading back into the bedroom where she could examine
herself in a mirror. When she came back, it was without the dress, and she
told me "That is *so* beautiful - I think I can see what you think I would
look like in it, and I LIKE it. But where am I going to wear something
like that?"

I smiled, and said "You're going to your Senior Prom, aren't you? At
least, I hope you are - I've already made plans for us that night. You
*do* want me to take you, right?"

She promptly teared up, and hugged me before digging out another package
for the cat - several small toys for her to play with; Kelly opened one of
them, and sure enough, the kitten went to town with it.

She hugged me again, and handed me what was her last gift to me - an
album of photos she'd had taken at one of those glamour photo places. As I
leafed through it - in absolute awe at how they'd been able to bring out
the best of her - I found out that she'd apparently been to more than one
place: toward the back the photos were of her in lingerie, and in a variety
of come-hither poses. I looked up at her, and could see the concern on her
face about what I might think about all of it. I looked at her, then at
the photos, and back to her again, finally saying "I've always known you
were a beautiful person, inside and out. But *these* - these only prove
it, beyond any question or doubt! Looking at some of these - not just the
ones in the back, but in the front, too - it nearly takes my breath away."

At that, I could see her relax, and quickly took her into my arms, and
thanking her, before kissing her and letting her go.

The last gift I pulled out for her was, ostensibly, from Santa Claus.
She saw that, and gave me a Goober look, while I did my best 'Who? *Me*?"
impression. When I handed it to her, the weight surprised her, and she
gave me a questioning look. I just shrugged my shoulders, and said "Beats
me. Open it, and find out what Santa thinks of you."

She gave me another dirty look, and tore into it - a girl after my own
heart: 'screw the wrapping, what IS it?' - and found that it was a
necklace. It started as a gold mail band around the throat; but as it
dropped to the shoulders and chest, it tapered to a kind of very fine
fringe - the effect was that it would look as though it were growing up,
out of her, when she wore it.

She seemed to realize what it would look like on her, and took my hand
to lead me back to the bedroom - where I found that she'd hung up the
dress, to make sure the cat didn't get to it. I put the necklace on her,
and stood back as she held the dress up against herself in front of the
full-length mirror. Only then did she get the full effect of the bracelet,
dress, and necklace - and reacted by gasping. After a moment, she turned
to look at me, and I just smiled, telling her "I think this will all work,
when you wear it to the Prom, don't you?". She could only nod in reply
before turning back to examine herself again.

After a bit, she was able to pull herself away from the mirror; as I
watched her, it seemed that she was moving in slow motion - at least, until
she got the dress hung up again, next to my tuxedo (I did enough formal
social events that I'd finally broken down and bought one). Only then did
she return to normal speed, as she launched herself at me, knocking me back
onto the bed, where she straddled my waist as she showered my face with
kisses before telling me "That is going to knock every one there off their
feet - I'm going to look like a million dollars!"

"Nope. Not good enough.", I replied.

She frowned at me, and I explained "You've got more class and style than
anyone else I can think of. To show it all off, you need to look like TEN
million dollars - at _least_!"

She grinned down at me, and said "Yeah, maybe - but when I walk in with
YOU, they'll know where the rest is!"

I smiled back at her, and she lay down on me. We cuddled like that for
several minutes - until the cat showed up, and started rubbing up against
us and purring to beat the band. We both laughed as her soft fur tickled
us, and got up to go back into the den - kitten neatly tucked into the
crook of Kelly's arm - where we had our coffee and muffins as we watched
the Christmas Day parades.

With neither of us being particularly religious or traditional, lunch
was leftovers that I reheated. The kitten *insisted* that what we were
eating was good for cats, too, but Kelly firmly kept her on the floor as we
ate. The cat finally retaliated by ambushing Kelly's feet and toes, making
her giggle at the tickling sensation. When Kelly got up and took the
dishes into the kitchen, she found the food and water dishes that I'd
gotten - and saw that I'd laid in a proper supply of quality food, as well.
When she got back into the den, she kissed me and thanked me again before
laying down on the couch, her head on my lap. I put my hand on her stomach
- she promptly moved it to her breast - and we stayed there like that for a
couple of hours, just listening to music and enjoying having each other
there. Eventually, the cat got tired, and climbed up onto the couch, too -
then deciding that Kelly's belly would make a _dandy_ napping spot, thank
you very much. In just a couple of minutes, we could both hear the little
beast purring, loud and hard. Kelly reached up and put a hand on my face,
and when I looked down at her, mouthed "Thank you!", her face as happy as
I'd seen it in a long time.

---------- ---------- ---------

The next day, Paul and crew came over at our invitation. We exchanged
presents, and while Paul and I were talking, Kelly and Jan went back to the
bedroom - not only so Kelly could show off her dress and jewelry, but to
pass along the things I'd gotten for Jan. When they came back, Jan leaned
over to give me a kiss on the cheek, and whisper in my ear "Thanks, Uncle
Dan - I'll model them for you soon!"

Jan and the kids loved the kitten, and played with it for hours before
it finally tired out, and climbed into Kelly's lap for a nap. Even Paul
seemed to find it amusing - and he was most definitely a dog man. Lunch
was roast beef sandwiches and fries; I didn't figure any of them were in
any frame of mind to enjoy anything too similar to Christmas dinner.
Afterwards, Paul and I watched a couple of games on tv while Jan and Kelly
talked in the bedroom and the boys had fun playing with the cat. As
evening approached, Paul rounded all of them up, and with goodbyes all
around, headed home.

---------- ---------- ---------

Over the next several weeks, each of the girls that had been at the
sleepover stopped by at various times and for various purposes - sometimes
to simply stay with us for a while, other times because they wanted to make
love; either with me, or Kelly, or Jan, or even each other. For whatever
reason they chose to come over, they were always welcomed, unreservedly.
And they always left more content and happy than when they'd arrived.

In March, she came home to tell me that she'd been selected as
Valedictorian for her class, and been told she could give a ten minute
speech. I congratulated her, and hugged her. Over the next few weeks, she
wrote, then honed, the speech she wanted to make. Since she didn't solicit
any suggestions or advice from me, I simply left her to it.

It was in April that I got a call from Kelly, in school, while I was in
the office. I could tell she'd been crying, and when she told me that she
needed me to come to the administrators office at the school - "right NOW!"
- I went. Right NOW.

When I got there, I was quickly directed to the offices, and then
quickly past his secretary, and on in to see the Administrator.

When I went in, I could easily see that Kelly had been crying - but not
out of sadness but pure anger and frustration. After I saw how upset she
was - and must have been - I looked at the man behind the desk; he visibly
drew back from the expression on my face.

"My name is Dan Marshall. Why am I here?"

He spoke, saying "I'm Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Marshall. I am the
administrator of the school, and it was Kelly that called you, not I. We
were having a bit of a problem with her, and asked her to call someone that
was responsible for her."

I looked at Kelly, and saw the outrage she was feeling, before I spoke
to him again, telling him "What would be the problem that you would have to
make such a request?"

"She had been selected as Valedictorian for her graduating class, and we
had asked her to submit a copy of her proposed speech. We found the speech
to be unacceptable, and asked her in here to explain what her purpose was
for wishing to make it. We found those reasons to be unacceptable, and
requested that she come up with a different one. She flatly refused, and
I'm afraid that things deteriorated to the point where either she agrees to
give a different speech, or I must select a different Valedictorian. Uh,
might I ask what your relationship is to her? I know that you aren't one
of her parents, since I've met them before."

This pompous little despot had managed to aggravate me with his
attitude, so I told him "It is my privilege to be Kelly's lover."

That threw him, a LOT, and before he could start up again, I continued
"Kelly does not NEED to contact anyone - by law, she is an adult, and
responsible for herself."

"Yes, she said something about manumission, but that could only apply to
slaves, and slavery does not exist any longer.", he proclaimed.

"I would suggest that you contact your legal counsel - this state does,
in fact, have a manumission statute that allows an otherwise minor child to
be granted the status of full adulthood. So your demand that she contact
someone 'responsible for her' was most likely a violation of her civil
rights as an ADULT. I may be wrong on that; it would be a matter for the
courts to decide, should she decide to seek legal redress of the matter."

At the mention of it going to court, he paled slightly, and said "Now, I
really don't see how the courts would have anything to do with this."

"Then I would suggest that you contact your lawyers. In fact, I demand
it - right here, and right now - so that we can at least get THAT part of
this nonsense out of the way. So long as you insist on treating her as you
are, you're only making the situation worse."

With that, I stood up and told Kelly "I would suggest that we wait
outside while this twit finds out what kind of hole he's dug himself into."
She grinned at me, and stood up; he tried to bluster that we couldn't leave
- I just turned and looked at him, saying "Unless you're prepared to use
force, which I doubt even YOU are stupid enough to try, you cannot stop us.
Make your call - we'll be outside when you're done."

We went out, and took seats in the anteroom to his office. His
secretary looked at us as though we'd declared ourselves to be Wiccans.

A few minutes later, a very pale, very shaken administrator invited us
back into his office. We took seats in front of his desk, and he opened
the conversation.

"It seems that there's been a mistake made. "

"Yes, and you made it.", I replied.

"Er, ah, yes, well, the schools lawyers have informed me that what you
said is correct - and I've found that there is a copy of the appropriate
paperwork in Kelly's file."

"So you were too stupid to even check what she was telling you. Hardly
a surprise." It was *fun* putting the spurs to this toad.

"Yes, well, with Kelly being responsible for herself, I don't believe
that there is any reason for you to inconvenience yourself here any longer,
Mr. Marshall."

"Oh, it's not an inconvenience. Besides, I've been around longer, as
you can see, and I already have a reason to stay, whether it was
convenient, or not."

"And what would that be?"

"To ensure that you don't bully her into doing something she doesn't
want to do, for starters. And to ensure that she has adequate counsel
available to her, for another - if you think I'd leave her alone in this
room with you, you're grossly mistaken."

"Surely, you aren't suggesting that I would have any kind of improper
contact with a student of this school!", he said, puffing himself up.

"Not at all - Frankly, I doubt you've got the balls to even think it,
much less try it. No, I simply wouldn't trust you not to use your position
and ostensible authority to either bully her into something, or deny her a
right or privilege - or perhaps even both."

Realizing that I didn't intimidate worth a damn, he gave up that tack,
and demanded "Then why do you remain?"

"As counsel to Kelly, or if she wishes, to act and speak on her behalf -
independent of any legal or civil actions she may elect to pursue regarding
your previous efforts to deny her her civil and legal rights."

"Now, now, there's no need for any legal action; that was just a

"No, it was your stupidity and arrogance.", I told him. I don't
tolerate bullshit well. "Now, what is the basis for your demand that she
change her speech?"

"I did not find it to be appropriate for our school." He turned to
Kelly, and asked "Are you sure you don't want to talk to me?"

Kelly just told him "Not a chance, pipsqueak. Talk to him about the
speech, while I decide if I want to sue your ass, or not!".

He got a *very* pained expression on his face, and turned back to me.

"So you chose to tell her that her speech was inappropriate because YOU
decided you didn't like it?"

"Yes", he said, primly.

"And what is the basis for that decision - that is, what are the
guidelines for appropriateness? Where are they written down? When and how
are they made available to the student? How long have these guidelines
been in effect?"

He sat there, looking at me blankly, for several seconds before
admitting "We, er, don't have _written_ guidelines."

"I see - you have no written guidelines. Let me guess - you never gave
Kelly any guidance or instruction on what you thought was 'appropriate'."

"Well, er, no, I didn't."

"So she had no prior idea of what was acceptable to you. With no
direction from you, how is it, then, that the students are to know what
subjects are allowed, and which aren't?"

"This situation has never come up before."

"Indeed? That would hardly be something to brag about, sir, if your
intentions in running this school were honorable. Clearly, they aren't -
otherwise, you would have been teaching these kids to think for themselves,
independently; and situations such as this would have come up sooner. None
the less, I don't see how or where you feel that you have the power or
authority to deny her the right to give the speech she prepared."

He puffed himself up again, and tried to threaten us, saying "It is well
within my power to remove her as Valedictorian!"

"And if you do, I will make it my personal crusade to not only run you
out of this school, but out of the entire field of education - AFTER I sue
you, this school, and the diocese. By the time I'm done with you, you
won't be able to get a school job as a custodian!"

He paled, and said "You wouldn't dare - you'd lose in court!"

He went absolutely white when I gave him my best Godzilla-eyeing-Bambi
smile, and said "Fine. Call the Bishop, and lets get him in on this as a
conference call. Do it now, or I walk out of here and go straight to my
lawyer's office."

His hands trembled as he picked up the phone, and he had to dial the
number twice before getting it right. He told them who he was, and that he
needed to talk to the Bishop - *now*. A few seconds later, he was telling
the Bishop that he had a problem, that someone was threatening to sue, and
wanted him to listen in. He listened for a moment, and put the phone on

"This is Bishop Ferguson. Who am I speaking to, please?"

"Yes, Bishop, my name is Dan Marshall. There seems to be a problem with
the pompous twit you have running this school, and I've decided that it's
not worthwhile to put up with his foolish arrogance any longer."

"What is the problem?"

"It seems that Mr. Jenkins has taken it upon himself to screen
Valedictorian speeches before allowing the students to give them."

"That is his job, sir."

"And I recognize that duty - but for him to do so entirely without
oversight, using only his own opinions as a standard, could hardly be
considered proper, I would think. Nor do I consider it appropriate for him
to do so without providing any guidelines - either verbal or in writing -
to the students involved."

"Is this correct, Mr. Jenkins?"

"Er, yes, sir, but..."

"That's enough. We'll discuss this later. What else is happening, Mr.
Marshall, that would cause you to threaten legal action?"

"Mr. Jenkins also took it upon himself to try and deal with this matter
with a manumitted student of your school - essentially, denying her her
legal right, as an adult before the law, to act on her own behalf. I came
here only after he insisted that she call - and I quote - a 'responsible
adult' to represent her. I believe that such actions would constitute a
violation of her civil rights - something that may well leave this school
open to civil and criminal action."

"Indeed, it may. But why would YOU threaten to sue?"

"I have told Mr. Jenkins that since he provided no instruction or
direction, I do not see how he has any authority to deny the young lady
involved the right to make her speech, as written. His response was to
threaten to remove her as Valedictorian. It was at that point that I said
that I would sue him, the school, and the diocese, if he did."

"You understand, of course, Mr. Marshall, that suing us would be a
lengthy, costly process."

"Indeed - one that I would cheerfully devote time and money to, even as
I took every opportunity to paint a picture of the Pope, and entire
Catholic church, running roughshod over the rights of a single, attractive
female student of this premier private school; who was declared
Valedictorian, and then had that honor forcibly removed after she wrote a
heartfelt speech to her fellow graduates."

"But neither the Pope, nor the Church, have any interest in the speech
of a single student in a single school."

"No doubt - but in this predominantly Baptist part of the country, such
an image would be easy enough to generate."

"Are you threatening us?"

"Not at all - only pointing out the adverse effects for YOU, if this
should go to court."

We all heard him sigh before he asked "Why is that you are so adamant
about this matter?"

"Because of the attitude taken by this petty, tyrannical, pompous,
ignorant, *stupid*, overbearing _jackass_ you have holding down a chair in
this office. If he had any two of ethics, a sense of fairness, or two
brain cells to rub together, I believe we could have settled this amicably.
Instead, he's tried to bully and berate the student, threatened her AND me,
and generally been a pain in the ass. People like that aggravate me to no
end, and I'm not going to give this twit *anything*."

"I see."

"Please understand, sir - my position is that the young lady should be
free to give the speech she originally wrote. Whether you choose to
disclaim it, ignore it, or otherwise disavow it is up to you. We can do it
easy, with Little Hitler here prefacing it by saying that it's her speech,
and not condoned by the Church or some other folderol, or it goes to court.
If it does, I might lose, or I might win - but either way, the Church comes
out looking none the better for the fight. It is your choice, sir.", I
said, and then shut up. I'd pointed out an 'out' for him, and hoped that
he'd see it as a way for all of us to avoid even bigger trouble.

After a couple of minutes, we heard him say "Very well, then, Mr.
Marshall. There is much to be said for the validity of your points and
opinions. Mr. Jenkins?"

"Yes, sir!"

"I wish you to take note of the following."

Jenkins hastily grabbed a pencil and note pad.

"First: the young lady is to give her speech, as written, as
Valedictorian. She has earned the honor, and we will not remove it from
her. You are also to forward a copy of it to my office, for review.

"Second: When you introduce her, you are only to say that her speech is
her own, written by her. No editorializing or other disclaimer. If she
has learned enough at our school to make this kind of stand, then it is our
duty to let her speak freely.

"Third: You are to develop a set of guidelines for future speeches,
properly worded, so that future students may have independent guidance.
These guidelines are to be objective, and sufficiently detailed as to
prevent future confrontations such as this. Further, no ONE person shall
have final approval of the content. I would suggest a member of the
clergy, a member of the administration, and one of the independent
teachers, for a proper balance and perspective.

"Fourth: you are to apologize to the young lady - not only for your
ignorance in knowing her status as an adult, but for any inappropriate
tactics you may have employed in attempting to deal with this farce.

"Fifth: you are to apologize to Mr. Marshall, for reasons that should
be obvious by now, even to you.

"Sixth: at your earliest convenience, I wish to visit with you in my
office." With that one, Kelly looked at me - she *knew* that 'earliest
convenience' meant "instantly if not sooner", and that it wasn't going to
be old home week for Mr. Jenkins. He knew it, too - the sweat was popping
out on his forehead.

He finished up by saying "Mr. Marshall, I apologize to you for any
inconvenience or unpleasantness resulting from this confrontation. I
promise you, no one else will have to go through it. I would also
apologize to the young lady involved - I trust she's there and can hear me
as I say that I am both sorry for putting her through this, and admiring of
her for having such a friend as Mr. Marshall. I would also congratulate
her on her achievement - I have no doubt that she has well and truly earned

Kelly spoke first, saying "Thank you, sir, for both your apology and

I followed her by telling him "I wish to thank you, as well, sir. It is
a pleasure to speak with someone of your intelligence and caliber."

I could almost *hear* him smile as he said "Indeed. I think I would
like to meet you, Mr. Marshall, under more - shall we say amicable? -

"I think I would like that, too, sir.", I answered.

"Then if there is nothing else?"

We all assured him we were done, and the connection ended.

Mr. Jenkins waited, nervously, until the phone went dead; then made his
apology to Kelly. She accepted it, quietly, while looking at him as if he
was something that had just crawled up out of a primordial ooze.

His apology to me was nearly as abject and profuse as what he'd offered
Kelly - I treated him as though he were something I'd have to clean off my

When he was done, I stood up, and asked Kelly "Do you want to leave now,
or finish up the rest of your classes?"

She glanced over at Jenkins; he looked as though wishing the ground
would open up and swallow him. Clearly, whatever her decision, his opinion
wouldn't be a factor.

"I think I'll finish up. See you at home?"


With that, we kissed - Jenkins only glanced at us - and left the office.
At the secretary's desk, Kelly said "I'll be needing a pass to get to
class, please."

The secretary seemed hesitant to comply - until she looked up at me, and
saw that I wasn't going to tolerate any nonsense or delays. A few seconds
later, Kelly had the requisite pass, and we went out into the hallway -
where she hugged me fiercely, and said "Thanks, Dan. I'm sorry to have to
ask for your help like that, but he just wouldn't *listen* to me."

"It's okay. I've met him, now, and understand _completely_. But I
don't think you'll have any more problems with him."

She smiled, and said "I don't think *anyone* is going to have any more
problems, once the Bishop gets through with him!"

I grinned at her, and when she turned to head toward her class, I gave
her a pat on the butt. A nun saw me, and looked horrified at what I'd
done. I couldn't resist it, and grinned at her before heading back out to
my car, shocking her even further.

Only two things came out of the situation. First, a few days later,
Kelly got a letter from the Bishop - not just his office, but the Bishop
himself, handwritten - telling her that he'd read her speech, and found it
"provocatively honest" and "thoughtful"; he also said that he looked
forward to actually hearing her as she gave it. The other was that some of
the teachers that had seemed to delight in singling her out in class had
eased off, considerably - apparently lest they come to the attention of the
notorious (infamous?) Mr. Marshall.

---------- ---------- ---------

In the final weeks leading up to the prom, I found out that none of the
other girls at the sleepover had accepted dates from any of the boys at
school. I discretely asked Kelly about it, and she said that all of them
had told her that after me, none of the boys at school had any interest to
them - at least, not enough to go to the prom with one. She also told me
that she'd done everything she could to convince them to accept and go
anyway, but none would. I let that rattle around in my head for a couple
days, and finally talked to Kelly again, asking if she would mind if they
went with us. She smiled at me, and said that she'd already thought of
that, but didn't want to say anything to me for fear of making ME think SHE
wanted them to go with us. We both laughed at that, and I asked her to get
them all over after school one evening - that I wanted to have a 'chat'

A couple of days later, I got home to find all of them in the living
room, chatting away. When I went in, Kelly saw me, and discretely moved
herself out of their sight - she knew I was going to lay into them a bit,
first. I looked down at them: Jan, Susan, Candice, Robyn, and Sandra all
looked up at me, expectantly.

"First off, it's nice to see all of you together again. But there's
something I think I need to say, and get things straight between all of

They smiled at the welcome, but quickly realized something was going on,
and got serious.

"I want you all to know that you're being foolish. Your Senior Prom is
a special event in your life, and not something to miss. I remember mine,
like it was yesterday; and I'd hoped that all of you would have enough
sense to realize what you were setting yourselves up for by not accepting

They looked mildly surprised at my words, and I went on "You're all also
being a pain in the butt - not just for me, but for Kelly. Every last one
of you knew that I was already going to take Kelly to the prom, and all of
you have had ample opportunity to see the dress and jewelry I got for her
to wear. How much did you think she was going to enjoy going, while she
knew that all of you had turned down dates?"

They all looked at each other, and realized that what I'd said was true
- and knew that Kelly wouldn't have fun at the prom without her friends
there, too.

"From what I understand, all of you turned down dates because you didn't
think the boys were as good as me. That implies that you think I'm a
pretty good person. But if I'm a pretty good person, WHY would you refuse
dates, and not go to the prom, when it would make Kelly unhappy - and
through Kelly, *me*? If I'm good enough that you would turn down other
dates, then why would you choose to act in a way that would hurt me like

Clearly, they hadn't thought of that, and a few started to get a little
wet around the eyes - despite the presence of the kitten (we'd finally just
named it 'Cat') rubbing up against them as it trolled for attention.

"*Every* *last* *one* of you has forgotten, or ignored, the ONE thing
that I'd hoped you would learn: that *everything* you do has an impact on
other people - and the closer those people are to you, the greater the
impact. YOU decided none of the boys at school were good enough - but how
good were YOU when WE first met? How many frogs are out there, versus how
many princes? All of you know that not everyone is like you, or us - and
got so full of yourselves that you're now without dates for what _should_
be the most memorable night of your lives. Every one of you told me that
you would repay what you learned from me by showing it to others - but how
the hell are you going to do that if you never spend any time with them, or
find out which others are willing to learn from you?"

By then, all of them had tears running down their faces with the
realization that they'd well and truly stepped in it.

I let them stew for several seconds before saying "It's a good thing for
you that WE - Kelly and I - love you as much as we do; WE have decided that
we're willing to give up OUR time together so that YOU can still go to the

It took a few seconds before they all realized that I'd just said that
they could still go to the prom - with me and Kelly. Their combined relief
and joy was clear on their faces as they jumped up (scaring the cat) and
headed for either me, or Kelly. Kelly wound up with Candice and Susan; I
got Jan, Sandra and Robyn. Both of us were tear-saturated in short order,
before they all decided to exchange sides.

They finally settled down again, and found seats on the floor. After a
bit, the cat eased around the end of the couch, as though worried about
another stampede. Finally satisfied that they were going to hold still
again, moved in among them, and got all the attention and affection it
could possibly have wanted.

As they all dried their faces, Kelly came around to stand next to me for
a moment before we settled ourselves down on the couch. They all shared
looks, and it was Jan that looked up at us and said "Kelly, Uncle Dan,
we're really sorry about this. What you said was right - we *did* think we
were better than the boys at school, and we *did* forget that what we did
would affect you and Kelly. And we're all *really* sorry that we messed up
YOUR time together."

Robyn took over, saying "Yeah, we were _really_ dumb, and were selfish -
but about the wrong things, and for the wrong reasons. I don't know how we
can ever thank you for loving us enough to take us with you."

Kelly answered her by saying "That's easy. Learn from the mistake, so
nothing like it happens again."

Chastised, all of them looked at their laps, and nodded their heads.
But it didn't take them long to cheer up at the idea of still going to
their prom, either.

Eventually, they started talking among themselves, and I pulled Kelly
over to whisper in her ear "Okay, I was the bad cop. Now you be the good
cop, and find out what they need to still go - dresses, jewelry, that sort
of thing. If any of them need help getting something to wear, I'll cover
the difference between what they can afford and what you decide would be
appropriate. I know I can get some loaner jewelry from Paul, if they need
it. I'll make arrangements for the transportation and corsages." Kelly
smiled at me, and gave me a quick kiss before I stood up and headed for my
office to give them that extra bit of freedom to talk.

After a while, Kelly came back to tell me that they'd gotten everything
worked out, and that the others were getting ready to leave. I went out,
and each of them came over to me to give me a kiss on the cheek and quiet
'Thank you!' before heading out the door.

When they were gone, Kelly came up and hugged me before saying "That was
really sweet of you to offer to help them get ready, and get them some nice
jewelry. Uh, we're all going to the mall tomorrow to pick out dresses for
them. They're all perfectly happy to let you pick out jewelry for them to

I dug my wallet out, and handed her my Amex Platinum card, saying "Here.
If any of them need financial help, use this. If they insist on giving you
the money, tell them to go ahead and put it in the poor box at church, or
give it to a charity or something. After they've got their dresses, you
and I are going to Paul's and pick them out something to dress up with."

She smiled, and took the card, before giving me a kiss. We sat down on
the couch, and were immediately joined by the cat.

---------- ---------- ---------

After they went to the mall, Kelly absolutely refused to let me see any
of the dresses they'd selected, saying "They all wanted it to be a surprise
for you. I promise you, it will be - and a nice one, I think!", with a
mischievous gleam in her eye.

When we went to Paul's place, he was more than happy to let me 'borrow'
some jewelry - not only did he know I was good for it, but Jan had told him
*why* I wanted to borrow it. I made Kelly promise that if the girls got to
keep their dresses secret from me, then WE got to keep the jewelry secret
from THEM. She grinned, and said it sounded fair to her. Kelly knew what
the dresses looked like, and was able to help make appropriate selections.

For Robyn, we found a gold necklace set with a bunch of small emeralds,
and matching earrings. Kelly and Paul both agreed that it would look
stunning on her.

Candice's choice proved to be surprisingly easy - a platinum mesh
necklace and matching bracelet.

Susan was easy, as well: a necklace made of miniature white gold ingots;
a pair of white gold earrings set with rubies that would match her lips and
accentuate the blue of her eyes.

Sandra was the most difficult - but we finally settled on a gold
necklace that tapered to a 'vee', where a yellow star sapphire was set,
with gold earrings set with yellow sapphires.

I had to get a promise from Paul that he wouldn't tell Jan about the
gold necklace set with a variety of small diamonds we'd picked out, or the
wrought gold armband that accentuated it so nicely.

With our selections made, I told Paul that I'd pick them up the
afternoon of the Prom, and keep them with me until I put them on the girls,
and return them the next morning. He assured me that it wasn't a problem,
knowing that the stuff would be safe with me.

That out of the way, I called around, and found a place that actually
had a limo large enough to hold the entire group of us - the manager of the
limo service casually informed me that even during Prom season, nobody
needed or wanted a monster that size. I booked it, and went on to find
corsages for all of them. I finally found a florist that was willing to
take orders for their top-end corsages - no one else had been interested,
because of the price. They assured me that the Hawaiian orchids they were
made of would be flown in the day of the prom, after being picked that

I checked with Kelly, and made arrangements with her for each of them to
get a small bottle of fine perfume. The ploy was that she was to take
them, individually, into a particular store belonging to one of the finer
chains. There, they would be 'awarded' a free gift for being the umpteenth
visitor to the perfume counter that day - a week long promotion, you know.
The prize was to be a bottle (smallest size, to make it plausible) of her
choice of their finest perfumes. The lady at the perfume counter thought
it was delightfully sweet of me, and romantic, and promised full
cooperation. Just for safety's sake, we ran it by her boss, too, and
readily got his approval - he liked the idea of multiple sales, and was
willing to play along to help make them.

Sure enough, Kelly was able to ease them into position, so that each one
was 'first' to arrive at the perfume counter, where the saleslady played
her part to perfection. Each of them was delighted at their good fortune,
and each made her own selection - unique from anything the others selected,

The last part was something that Kelly did, independently and on her own
- she and all the rest of them went to one of the best beauty salons in
town for the full treatment, the day of the prom. Coiffed, made up,
manicured, pedicured, and generally pampered to within an inch of their
lives, their only regret was the necessity of leaving.

When she got home, I almost didn't recognize her, so thoroughly had they
gone over her - I could only imagine what waited for me with the others.

As it got time for them to meet us at my place, Kelly started to get
nervous - and promptly calmed down when Candice, then Susan showed up; and
soon after, Sandra, then Robyn, and finally, Jan.

Candice was dressed in a raw silk sheath that I was *sure* the silkworms
had spun directly on her. It almost made my guts ache to look at her, she
was so delightful.

Sandra had opted for a strapless black evening number, snug on her
torso, but loose and flowing below her hips. If it hadn't been for the
texture of the material, I'd have though it was spray-painted on her.

Susan was in a black spaghetti-strap gown that molded to her curves, and
made it amply clear that she was female - but doing it with style and

Robyn was in a pale, pale green outfit that covered her shoulders, but
left her back exposed all the way down past her waist. Low-cut, it let her
show off an interesting amount of cleavage.

Last, and certainly not least, was Jan, dressed in a sheer white number
that nicely accented her complexion and shape. Sleeveless and strapless, I
couldn't help but wonder at the design and attention that went into making
sure it stayed in place.

They all smelled absolutely wonderful, too - soft, natural perfumes that
only served to entrance and attract; none of that chemical nonsense that
usually assaults the senses, rather than caress them.

I guided them into the den, where the nondescript briefcase Paul had
given me to hold the jewelry was. Making each of them keep their eyes
shut, I put the necklaces on them, to the 'oooh's and 'ahhh's of the others
- and when they opened their eyes and saw what they had on, every last one
of them got saucer-eyed and all but stopped breathing. They were able -
just barely - to get the earrings and bracelets on themselves; and looked
at me as though I'd just landed in a UFO.

Once all of them were fully decked out, Kelly went back to the bedroom
to dress herself - and when she came out, every last one of them gasped as
they got the full effect of what she was wearing. She'd let them all see
all of it, but individually, not with the dress and jewelry together. I
was already dressed in my tux, and was ready to leave at any time.

About that time, the florist showed up with the corsages - a couple
minutes later than promised, but still in time. Again, they could only
stare at the delicacy of the flowers, and savor their gentle fragrance.

A couple minutes later, we heard a discrete knock at the door, and I
observed that it must be our ride. Candice looked at me, and asked "What
ride? Limos have been booked for MONTHS." I smiled, and said that I'd
chartered a bus - and every one of them - including Kelly - gave me the
Goober look. I only smiled as I guided us to the front door, and opened
it. When they saw the limo, and driver in full livery, they could only
stare for several seconds before pulling themselves together. Taking Kelly
and Jan on my arms, we headed out to the car - the driver beating us by
only a couple of seconds, to open the door and help us all in, addressing
each and every one of them as "Ma'am", and calling me 'sir' with a note of
awe in his voice.

The ride to the prom was smooth as glass, giving the girls plenty of
time to find the champagne the limo company had included - not the best
available, but certainly respectable. We each had a glass before pulling
up in front of the hall where the prom was being held. Again, the driver
beat anyone else to the door, and helped the ladies out first, then me. I
paused a moment to tell him that we'd be inside for at least two hours, and
probably more - and that he could take a break and make himself
comfortable, if he wanted. He nodded his understanding and appreciation,
and I headed to the open door, where they were waiting for me.

When we entered, one of the school staff politely asked for our prom
receipts. I handed them over, and we started to go in - until another
staff member objected, saying that she didn't know if it was okay for an
older man to take six girls into the prom. At that, a couple of security
guards came over, ready to block us, if necessary. I told her who I was,
and suggested that she check with the administrator. She told one of the
security people to find him; the fellow nodded and took off. I waited
patiently, knowing that this idiot was about to find out what was what. As
we waited, the remaining guard kept looking at all the jewelry on display,
and finally asked me "Is that stuff all real?"

"Yup - about twenty thousand dollars worth of real, bub. Anybody makes
a grab at it, you'd better stay the hell out of my way."

His eyes got big, and he just looked at me for a bit before looking
around for his partner - who chose that moment to make his reappearance,
telling the woman who'd stopped us "Mr. Jenkins says quote, 'quit screwing
around, and let them in if you know what's good for you', unquote.", and
then leaned over to whisper in her ear. When he stood up again, she was
white as a ghost, and quickly said "I'm sorry, Mr. Marshall, my mistake,
sir! Please, go on in!"

The girls all smiled at the reaction to my name, and we went on through
the second door, then paused a moment behind a curtain they'd put up for
privacy, to get used to the low lights. Behind me, I could hear the second
guard tell the first "You know, all that jewelry and shit on those girls is
*real* - twenty grand worth, he said!"

The first answered by telling him "Yeah, well, when I found Jenkins, one
of the off-duty cops was nearby, and heard me talk about this guy. After
Jenkins told me to tell her who this guy was, the cop pulled me over and
told me what this guy did to three punks that showed up - put all three of
'em in the hospital, one of them stayed there a while."

"He told me if anyone made a play for the gold, to stay the hell out of
his way."

"I would, if it was me - he impressed the hell out of that cop; he said
the punks were dusted or some shit, and this guy took all three of 'em out
in less than a minute; didn't even break a sweat!"

Our eyes adjusted, we moved on past the end of the curtain - and as we
cleared it, we could hear all the conversations that had been going on
simply fade out as everyone stopped talking, to look at us. Kelly leaned
over to whisper in my ear "I think this is what they call an entrance?". I
smiled, and nodded, getting a wicked smile in return.

After several seconds, the noise level slowly increased as people
started talking again - with the choice of subject fairly obvious. As we
made our way toward the seating area, a couple of the waiters came alive,
and pushed a couple of empty tables together for us. When we got there, I
nodded to them in appreciation, and discretely slipped one of them a $50
bill and whispering "For you and your buddy. Keep up the good work,
okay?". He gave the bill a quick double-take, and nodded his agreement -
and as the two of them left us, I could see them both looking over their
shoulders at me. The rest of the evening, we had no trouble getting their
attention. Later, when we left, I slipped the other one another $50, and a
whispered "Thanks."; he nodded enthusiastically, and smiled.

We'd been sitting there only a few minutes - Kelly on my right, Jan on
my left, the others expanding out from there - when Kim showed up, standing
on the other side of the tables from me. She looked first at Jan and
Kelly, then me, before saying "I owe you an apology. I made trouble for
you, and my friends, when I shouldn't have. I did something dumb, and I'm
sorry for it."

Kelly and Jan shared a look, then looked at me, before Kelly spoke up,
telling her "Yes, you did make trouble for us - but in the end, it made me
even happier than I was before. I don't think I could ever trust you
again, or be your friend, but I can at least forgive you."

Jan spoke up then, saying "I wouldn't want you as a friend, any more,
and I'll never trust you again; but I can forgive you, too."

I could see that Kim was hurt by what they'd said, so when she looked at
me, I simply told her "I can forgive people for their mistakes. But that
doesn't mean that I'll give them a chance to hurt me, or the ones I love,
when I do. Your apology is accepted, and I forgive you for your mistake.
But don't bother them, or me, again."

Her eyes got big, and she quickly left us alone again.

Perhaps half an hour later, Mary Alice showed up with her boyfriend,
along with Kathy and her boyfriend slightly behind them. She said "Just
*look* at all of you! So _lovely_ tonight; but what are all of you doing
here with just one guy?"

I think all of us were surprised when it was Susan that told her "That's
none of your business!", quite vehemently.

Mary Alice looked surprised, and said "Well, I was just asking a simple

Sandra looked at her, and said "Nothing from you is simple - and nothing
we do is any of your concern. Why don't you just leave us alone to enjoy
the party?"

Mary Alice got an irritated look on her face, and said "Well, if nothing
you do is my concern, then nothing I do should be of yours!"

"Except that you keep sticking your face in our lives, and asking
questions that no _decent_ person would.", Robyn quietly told her.

"You say that *I'm* indecent? What gives you the right to judge me?!"

At this point, Kelly spoke up, telling her "WE don't judge you - your
own actions do that. We're only responding to the way *you* show us you
_deserve_.", calmly.

"You're saying that I deserve to be treated like a whore?", Mary Alice
asked, angrily.

"Only if you act like one.", Candice answered her.

At that point, her boyfriend decided it was time to make a stand, and
said "Hey, you can't talk to her like that!"

Jan looked at him, and said "Sure we can - we just did!"

"Well, you'd better just watch yourselves, or I'll... I'll..."

My turn.

"You'll what, boy? Kick their asses? Raise a hand - a *finger* -
toward any one of them, and I'll be on you like white on rice."

"Oh, sure, old man - like I couldn't kick your ass, too! These bitches
give me any shit, and I'll do what I want to them!"

I couldn't help it - I *growled*. Mary Alice paled a bit; the others
turned to look at me in surprise and concern as I stood up. Before I could
say anything, Kathy's boyfriend moved up and whispered something in
Junior's ear. He got an uncertain look on his face before I quietly told
him "Boy, you ask anybody that knows me, and they'll tell you that I only
speak God's honest truth. You fuck with me, you fuck with any of these
_ladies_, you fuck with anybody that I know or care about, and I promise
you, you'll spend a very long, very painful time in the hospital wishing
you hadn't."

About that time, I saw one of the off-duty cops getting close - and
recognized him from the Phil incident. I nodded in recognition, and he
smiled in return. When he came up, he saw the expression on my face, and
asked "Everything okay here, Mr. Marshall?"

"I think so, Officer. This young lad and I were debating the finer
points of survival in a hostile world."

"Yeah, we've met before, haven't we Johnny?", the cop asked the kid,
obviously recognizing him. He went on to say "Johnny boy, do you have your
insurance card in your pocket?"

"Uh, no..."

"Then I would suggest that you have it with you before you go pissing him off. I took the report when he took care of your buddy Phil and his
dipshit pals. They were stoned, or dusted, or on some damn thing or other,
and he flat took them out, in less than a minute. I don't think he even
broke a sweat. You might also remember that all three of them left in the
meat wagon, and Phil was in the hospital for a while. You mess with Mr.
Marshall, here, and he will flat *fuck* *you* *up* - and he'd do it whether
he was going to go to jail, or not. And I don't know of anybody that would
dare get in his way. Got it?"

At that point, the kid looked in my eyes, and saw something he didn't
like: that if I took a real dislike to him, I'd do just what the cop had
said I would - and that there wasn't a thing on God's green earth that
could stop it.

The cop - Patrolman Johnston, by his nametag - smiled at me and wished
all of us at the table a good evening before walking off.

The kid got an expression like he'd been teasing the lion, and just
discovered the cage wasn't locked.

Mary Alice also seemed to realize the trouble she was getting herself

I looked at her, and said "Mary Alice, this is the second time you've
managed to upset me and my friends. I won't let it happen a third time.
Got it?"

She paled again, and nodded, before grabbing her boyfriend by the arm
and leading him off - quickly followed by Kathy and her guy.

Fortunately, the band started to play a slow tune, and I took Kelly's
hand in mine and led her out onto the dance floor. When she was in my
arms, she whispered to me "You were serious about that, weren't you? About
hurting him, or anyone that messed with us?"


"And you'd do it, too, wouldn't you?"


"Even if you went to jail?"


I felt her shudder slightly in my arms before she said "Thank god that's
over! When I heard you make that noise, I wasn't sure if you were serious,
or just trying to scare them - but now I know!"

"Relax. It's over. They're gone. Let's just enjoy the party now,

She shuddered again, but as we continued to dance, I felt her finally
start to come down from the tension. By the time the song ended, she was
again able to smile and laugh as I told her a joke. The band promptly went
into another slow tune, and neither of us was surprised when Jan came out
for her turn. Jan whispered in Kelly's ear for a moment, and Kelly nodded
her head slightly before heading back to the table while Jan moved into my

"You kind of scared them, you know.", she said.

I sighed, and answered "Yeah, I suppose I did. I'll apologize when I
sit down."

She giggled, and said "You don't have to. I explained to them how you
are, sometimes, and they understood. Shucks, they're even flattered that
you would come to their defense like that!"

"Thanks, I guess.", I told her, a bit sheepish.

"It's okay. Kelly's going to talk to them, too, a little. That was
really something, the way John left. He's not real smart, and he doesn't
go looking for trouble, but he won't run away from it, either. I think you
scared him pretty bad if he left like that."

"All that matters is that he leaves you and the others alone. Beyond
that, I don't much care what happens with him. Or Mary Alice, for that

Satisfied that everything was close to normal again, Jan rested herself
against me, and we finished the dance in each other's arms. The next tune
was some new thing, and I wasn't about to make a fool of myself trying to
dance to it, so we quickly headed back to the table. As we got close, I
could see the others looking at me, watching me - and saw Kelly give Jan
and I a small nod of her head, indicating that things were fine, again. I
smiled at them, and held Jan's seat for her.

After a while some of their other friends began stopping by our table
with their dates. Each time, introductions would be made, and I'd stand to
take the girls hand in mine, and kiss it - and every time, they'd stutter
for a second, and blush slightly, their eyes wide, before introducing me to
their dates - whose hands I'd shake politely, and firmly, as I greeted
them. In between visits like that, they carefully pointed out who was what
- this one the captain of cheerleading, that one the Prom Queen, and so on.

When the next slow song played, I asked Susan to dance, and she happily
agreed. Once we were on the dance floor, I took her in my arms, and
whispered to her "Feisty little thing, aren't you? Telling Mary Alice off
like that!". I could see her shoulder darken as she blushed, before she
said "Being around you, I've gotten stronger, inside; like I'm not afraid
of stuff like I used to be. Besides, I was just so *sick* of her
_bullshit_!", she exclaimed, before blushing again at her use of profanity.

I hugged her gently, and said "It's okay, Susan. You know what the best
revenge is?"

"What's that?"

"Be *seen* to be happy, and doing well."

She thought about that for a few moments, then looked up at me,
grinning, before saying "Yeah, I suppose it would be, wouldn't it?
Especially for someone like Mary Alice."

"*Especially* for someone like Mary Alice.", I agreed.

We finished out the song, and were on our way back to the table when the
band decided that another slow tune was called for. I walked Susan back to
her seat, and was surprised a bit when Robyn got up.

Back out on the dance floor, I held her close as I told her "I'm sorry
if I upset you, Robyn."

She pulled back a bit to look at me in confusion for a second before
putting her head on my shoulder again, saying "What on earth are you
talking about?"

"That little incident with Mary Alice's boyfriend."

She snorted, and said "Hell, that dipstick _needs_ his ass kicked.
Besides, why would I be upset that you would care enough about me, and the
rest of us, to be willing to stand up to him like that? If anything, it
makes me kinda horny, having you talk him down like that!", pressing
herself against me.

I sighed, and said "Sheesh. Some women. Absolute animals when they see
two bulls butting heads.", teasing her.

She laughed, and said "No, not two bulls. One strong, wise old bull,
and one sorry excuse for a calf."

After that, the rest of the dance was quiet, and sensual - until the
band decided that some more of the current popular tunes were overdue.

We walked back to the table, and I held her chair for her, then sat down
myself. Some more of their friends stopped by, and a very few of them were
invited to join us, which they did, eagerly. They, and the rest, spent no
small amount of time in little huddles as they exchanged what could only be
gossip about who was with who, and wearing what. At one point, I caught
sight of a photographer wandering around, and promptly bribed him to get
photos of me and the rest - not only as a group, but individual shots of me
with each of them - portraits and full-length, in an assortment of poses. I
gave him my card and told him to call me - I'd want _plenty_ of copies of
the photos.

As the night went on, I continued to take the girls out on the dance
floor during the slow tunes. With Kelly and Jan's encouragement, I even
invited a couple of their friends out, which they happily accepted. The
boyfriends were less than thrilled, but tolerant - particularly since I
didn't hold their girlfriends nearly as close as I did my bunch.

Eventually, though, I started to see them getting tired, and asked one
of the people that had been tending to us to let our limo driver that we
would be out shortly. "Which one?", he asked. "You'll know when you see
it,", I assured him. In a minute or so, he was back, and nodded to me,

At that, I quietly suggested that we call it an evening - claiming that
I was tired. There was a little grumbling, but only a token amount: I'd
been right about their energy levels. Goodnights were passed all around,
and with a final kiss on the hand of their friends, I got us moving toward
the door. When we made it outside, our limo was waiting, the driver
standing next to the open door - and plenty of other couples standing
around to watch, and spread the story of how we were traveling. With all
of us inside, we headed back to my place, again enjoying a glass of
champagne along the way.

When we got home, the driver held the door, of course, and I was the
last one out. As I stood up, I passed him a $100 tip, and told him "I'll
be letting your boss know how good you did tonight. It was good work -
keep it up." He quietly thanked me, and waited until we were all inside
before getting back in the car and driving off. Clearly, a professional
that took pride in doing his job well.

With all of us finally home, and free to just let go, all of them found
seats in the den - leaving me my favorite chair. I could see that the
excitement, hour, and champagne had hit all of them, and told them that if
their parents okayed it, they were welcome to stay the night; otherwise,
I'd be happy to drive them home. The result was a brief argument about who
got to call home first - all wanted to stay.

In short order, though, they got it organized, and each made the
necessary call - and in every case, the parents told them they could stay,
provided I didn't mind having them. In a couple cases, I had to speak with
the parents myself, but that easily satisfied them - they'd apparently seen
beneficial changes in the girls, and learned that those changes had started
with me; none of them hesitated about trusting their daughters to my care.

With the necessity of going home eliminated, Susan was the first to
remove her jewelry, and hand it back to me so I could put it back in the
case Paul had provided, before standing up long enough to take off her
dress - without the slightest trace of concern or hesitation. The rest
quickly followed, and with all the jewelry accounted for, I closed the case
and set it aside to enjoy the sight of all of them for a few moments before
taking off my clothes, as well. In a short time, the cat made an
appearance from under the couch, yawning and stretching before trolling for
affection - and getting it from every one of them. Jan suggested coffee,
and we all readily agreed - she headed off to the kitchen as Kelly went
back to the bedroom to put away her things.

As the aroma of the coffee filtered into the den, Candice looked me in
the eye as she said "Dan, I want to thank you for tonight. I did something
silly, and hurtful, and almost missed the happiest night of my life -
except for one!", she grinned. "If it wasn't for yours - and Kelly's! -
love and kindness, I would have missed out on it. It makes me realize just
how much both of you DO love us, and makes me love you that much more, in

The others quickly added their agreement, and as Kelly and Jan entered
the den again, began chatting about the evening, and all that had happened
- without once mentioning Mary Alice or her boyfriend. All of them were
simply thrilled at the way the entire room had gotten quiet when we
entered, and they laughed themselves to tears at the memory of how the
woman at the door changed her attitude when she found out who I was.

They didn't delay in comparing their own outfits to those worn by other
girls, and quickly realized that they'd been not only the best dressed, but
best outfitted of anyone else in the room - and that with a few notable
exceptions, were the envy of every other girl that had been there. It was
Sandra that told me - with the rest of them listening - that my kissing the
hands of the girls that had stopped by had been a phenomenal hit: those
that hadn't stopped by would be kicking themselves for _days_ was their
collective opinion. And they also knew that more than a few of those girls had noticed how their boyfriends all but stared at the dresses they'd worn.

They also quickly reached agreement that I'd been the best looking guy
there - almost entirely due to the fact that I had worn a tuxedo that was
obviously *mine*, and fit me the way clothing should. While some of the
guys had tried more 'modern' styles, I'd stuck with the more traditional
approach, and the quality fabrics coupled with simple style and proper
tailoring just made me look _better_ - classier, and far more mature and
refined. They all figured they would be getting a LOT of questions about
me the next few days - and quietly plotted to keep the answers simple and
brief, so as to make me seem all the more mysterious and romantic. Within
hours of my visit to the school, word had spread that I had not only
squashed Jenkins, but gotten the _Bishop_ involved, as well. There were
also some rumors about him being fired, but since he was still there, those
stories quickly died out. All told, I was apparently both held in awe of
what I'd done, and shrouded in mystery because of how little was actually
*known* about me, and how few had actually seen me.

As the coffee disappeared, so did their enthusiasm for staying up even
later. When I suggested that it was time for bed, all of them got grins on
their faces before Robyn asked "Okay, who gets to sleep where?"

Before anyone else could, I answered.

"I get to sleep in MY bed. As far as I'm concerned there's enough room
for _three_ more. Kelly is my first choice, since she lives here, too.
Beyond that, I don't care, or have any preference - and if Kelly wants to
give up her spot, that's up to her."

Kelly jumped in, saying "Tonight? You think I'd give up my spot with
you after tonight? You're crazy! There are two beds, both the same size.
Me and Dan in one, with two more of you. The rest of you can share the
other bed - I expect you're good enough friends not to mind!" - and getting
laughs from them. All of them but Susan had made love with each other at
least once, and enjoyed it - and even Susan wasn't bashful about touching
and kissing.

With no muss or fuss, they had soon worked out who was sleeping where -
I found out that Kelly and I would be joined by Candice and Sandra; the
rest would snuggle with each other in the second bedroom. That settled, we
all trooped back to the bedrooms, and soon found ourselves fast asleep.

---------- ---------- ---------

The next morning, Saturday, I woke up to find myself on my side,
'spooning' with Sandra - her breast in my hand and my morning erection
trapped between her thighs, pressing against her mons. I could feel a pair
of breasts pressing against my back, and the tickle of pubic hair against
my ass - judging from the tickle of the hair and body position, I thought
it was Candice; raising my head slightly, I could see Kelly with her back
to Sandra, confirming that it was Candice behind me.

As nice as it felt to be there, I *had* to get up - to relieve a
significant hydraulic pressure, if nothing else.

I released my hold on Sandra's breast, and she made a small noise of
complaint - so I took Candice' arm where it lay across me, and moved it up
to rest on Sandra. That seemed to satisfy her, and left me with the next
problem: how to get out bed without waking anyone. I finally settled on
simply easing myself 'down' the bed, sliding myself from between them.
Over the next couple of minutes, I managed to move a few inches at a time
toward the foot of the bed, As I did, Candice naturally tried to continue
to spoon with whoever was in front of her, so that as I made my 'escape',
she gradually moved forward to rest against Sandra - even moving her arm to
cup a breast when she could.

Once past their torsos - I couldn't help but kiss the top of the cleft
of Sandra's ass when the chance came - progress was a little faster;
finally, I was able to get up and head for the bathroom.

With space available for intake, the next goal was the kitchen, and some
coffee - with a detour to the other bedroom, where I saw Susan, Jan, Robyn,
and Sandra in a tangle of arm and legs, all holding each other. There was
a temptation to eel myself in among them, but it passed, and I continued
the trek to the kitchen. With the coffee started, I grabbed a robe I kept
by the front door, and went out to get the paper; the carrier had learned
to keep it on the porch after several calls to the delivery office
complaining about it being on the sidewalk, in the gutter, and on one
memorable occasion, on the roof. In return, I paid the bill promptly, and
gave them a nice tip at Christmas.

After looking over the front page, I left the paper in the den as I went
into the kitchen to get myself some coffee. It wasn't quite done brewing
yet, but there was easily enough to put in a carafe, which I did. With a
supply of coffee and cup, it was back into the den to read the paper -
comics, editorials, then the rest of it. I'd just finished my second cup
when Susan wandered in to the den; when I saw her - rubbing her eyes and
yawning - I told her "Good morning. Grab yourself a cup from the kitchen,
and have a seat, if you want." She blinked a couple of times, then poured
me half a cup of coffee before taking the carafe with her to refill it when
she got a cup. When she got back, she topped off my coffee and poured
herself a cup, as well, saying "I went ahead and started another pot - I
expect the others will be up before too long."

I thanked her for the coffee, and saw that something seemed to be on her

I set the paper aside, and looked at her carefully as I asked her if
there was something she wanted to talk about.

She looked at her lap for a moment, then said "Well, yeah, there's
something I wanted to tell you, is all.", before looking up at me and
hesitantly asking "Uh, is it okay if I sit in your lap, first?"

I smiled at her, and said "Of course! I'm *always* happy to have a
pretty girl in my lap."

She got up, and started to sit down on my lap sideways; then changed her
mind and sat down facing me, her knees on each side of me. This was
something new - since the sleepover, she had always been wiling to sit next
to me, and have me hold her and touch her casually - but had *never* sat on
my lap before, much less so directly and openly.

I gently put my hands on her hips, and waited patiently for her to say
what was on her mind as she sat looking toward my chest.

After a couple of false starts, she finally spoke, saying "As I was
going to sleep last night, I realized how right Candice was about the
mistakes we made, and how much you and Kelly must love us to give up your
time together to make sure we got to go to the Prom last night."

"Susan, we DO love you, and it really wasn't a problem for us. I expect
- I hope! - that Kelly and I will have plenty of special times together.
We love you - all of you - and we were both glad to do it. Don't worry
about it, okay?"

She nodded, and then went on to say "Well, it still made me realize how
much you love us, and how much I love YOU - you and Kelly both, I mean.
And it made me want to show you - both of you - how happy you've made me
feel since I started coming here."

"Show us? How?"

"By, uh, making love with you. Uh, both of you, I think."

I took her face in my hands and lifted her head so that I could look
into her eyes.

"Susan, whatever else you do in life, do NOT make love with someone
because you think you owe them something, or feel that you 'have' to, for
ANY reason. If you want to make love with Kelly or me, do it because you
*want* to, out of love, and because it would make YOU happy to do it.
Anything else is only sex - the physical act between two people, done out
of debt of one to the other - which is nothing more than simple
prostitution. And that is something that I have *no* interest in,
whatsoever - nor would Kelly."

Her eyes misted over, and she didn't lose eye contact with me as she
said "I kinda figured that out, and that's what I'm saying - I DO want to
make love with you because I love you. It's just that it wasn't until last
night that I finally realized that I DID love you enough to want to do
that. The only thing is that I'm still _scared_ - that you won't like it,
or Kelly won't, or even that *I* won't. I know that everyone else has said
how patient and gentle you are, but I'm still *scared*. Not about being
hurt physically, or anything like that, but that I'll do something wrong,
or go too fast or too slow, or SOMETHING.", before dropping her eyes again.

"Susan, look at me."

She raised her eyes to look into my face, and finally, my eyes. She
must have seen the care and concern there, because she visibly calmed down
as I started to tell her "Susan, making love is just that: making LOVE.
It's the physical expression of what's in your heart - nothing more, and
nothing less. Do you think Kelly could ever do anything to hurt you?"

"No, of course not."

"Do you think I could?"

"Oh, no!"

"Then you can be sure that none of us - me, Kelly, Jan, or any of the
others - would EVER be angry or upset with you - about ANYTHING. Have you
ever made love before?"

"You know I haven't."

"Then why should I - or anyone else - think that you know anything about
it? Maybe - *maybe* - you'll make mistakes. So what? Do you think nobody
else had made mistakes the first time they made love? Believe it or not,
the first time *I* made love - well, had sex - I didn't know anything more
about it than you do; and sure as hell made mistakes. But that's what
making _love_ different: the mistakes in what happens don't matter, as long
as the LOVE is there."

She smiled at me, and I went on "As for going too fast or too slow - if
it's right for YOU, then it's neither. The first time we met, would you
have let me touch your breast?" She grinned and shook her head. I went on
"But here were are, right now, both of us naked, and you sitting on my lap.
Tell me, did we go too slow, or too fast?"

She nodded her understanding, and I said "When I gave you the massage
that night, you were scared at first, weren't you?"

She said "Yeah, a little."

"Then why did you let me do it?"

"Because I knew you wanted to help me feel better, and I trusted you."

"I know that you've kissed the other girls - didn't that make you
nervous at first?"

"It scared the HELL out of me", she admitted.

"But you did it anyway - because you knew you loved them, and they loved

She nodded.

"And you keep doing it, too - I guess you found out that you liked it?
And they keep kissing you back, so _they_ must like it."

She grinned at me, and I continued "You know that I've made love with
them, and that they've made love with each other. But NONE of us has EVER
bothered you about it, have we? Not ONE of us has treated you any
differently, have we? We've neither excluded you, nor tried to involve
you; in fact, you and I sat here on this very couch and cuddled when Kelly
and Sandra got carried away and made love to each other right there on the
floor, in front of us. And when they were done, both of them blushed - not
because they'd made love in front of us, but for getting as carried away as
they did; I never knew that two women could make so much noise making love,
did you?"

She blushed a bit, and shook her head, saying "I see where you're going.
I have *never* felt any different than any one else when I've been here. I
guess maybe I _have_ been worried about stuff that I didn't have to."

"Not at all. You were worried because you were still unsure, and
uncertain; and it was reasonable for you to worry under those
circumstances. All I've done here has been to help show you that _now_ you
can put those worries and fears aside, and do what you WANT to - whatever
that may be."

She said "What I *want* to do, now, is THIS" - and leaned forward to
give me a kiss that quickly went past the friendly, affectionate kisses
we'd shared before, and headed straight for lust in the dust.

When the kiss finally broke, both of us were panting slightly from the
intensity of it - and I could see that Susan had most definitely decided
where she wanted to go.

Smiling, she took my hands and put them on her breasts, squeezing them
as a sign that she wanted the contact to be more than social and casual as
it had been before. As I ran my thumbs over her erect nipples, she reached
down and took hold of my penis - for the first time since the anatomy
lessons the night of the sleepover. Holding it gently, she did a Braille
examination of it, and my scrotum and testicles, as I did a similar exam of
her breasts.

Her eyes were open, if hooded in desire, when Kelly came into the den
with a cup of coffee in her hand. As she looked at us in surprise, Susan
realized we weren't alone, and turned to see who it was. When she saw
Kelly, quickly got off my lap to go hug her - and then give her a kiss that
must have matched the one she gave me, judging from the changes of
expression on Kelly's face. I stood up, too, and took the cup from Kelly,
so both her hands would be free to return the kiss - and she did, with
considerable enthusiasm. When their kiss finally broke, Kelly looked at
Susan, and asked "You're ready?", concerned.

Susan only nodded, happily, before the three of us bunched up for a
group hug.

When it broke up, Susan stood there, tears running down her face. I
asked her "What's wrong?", and was quietly informed "Nothing's wrong, you
lunched - I'm just so HAPPY!". Kelly and I both laughed, and the three of
us headed for the couch again. Kelly sat to the side, and gestured for
Susan to resume her place on my lap, which she did, smiling at both of us.
She leaned forward, and I held her in my arms as she and Kelly shared a
number of small, loving kisses.

We stayed like that for the next little while, as one by one, the rest
of them got up to the smell of the coffee, only to be surprised at the
sight that greeted them when they wandered into the den. They could see
that something had changed in Susan, and sat there quietly, watching as she
drank in our love and affection the way a sponge soaks up water.

Susan finally sat up, and looked around at them, finally *seeing* the
love and happiness all of them felt for her. Jan first, then the others,
got up and came over one at a time to give her a kiss and tell her that
they loved her, smiling in obvious happiness for her. When they'd all
kissed her, she got up long enough to turn around on my lap, leaned back
against me and pulled my arms around her, holding them in place as she
looked from one to another to another, and back again.

As she was looking at Jan, I felt her suddenly start in my arms, and a
couple of seconds later, heard her say "You love me."

Jan looked at her, and calmly answered "Of course".

Susan turned to look at Candice, and said "You knew I would get to this,
didn't you?"

"Of course.", was the reply, again, before Susan focused on Robyn.

"You waited for me, didn't you?"

"Sure. We love you, don't we?"

Susan next looked at Sandra, saying "You would have waited, though, for
as long as it took."

"We love you too much to do anything else!" was the answer, before Susan
shifted her attention to Kelly.

"I'm happy - and you're happy THAT I'm happy, BECAUSE I'm happy."

"That's it."

Susan looked at each of them in turn, before saying "And if I wanted to
make love with Dan, right here and right now, none of you would mind in the
slightest - except to be glad for me that I was learning what it was like
to make _love_, and be happy that *I* was happy."

They all nodded, seeing that she was getting close.

"And if I wanted to make love with one of you, the rest would still be
happy for me, for the same reasons."

They nodded again.

"And if I DIDN'T want to make love, with anyone, you would still love
me, anyway."

More nods.

"And you can do all that because you love me. And you know how much I
love you, even if _I_ didn't know it before."

Jan spoke then, simply saying "Yes."

Susan suddenly moved my arms aside and stood up, turning to face me.
She looked deep into my eyes as she said "And you - you had enough love and
caring inside you to bring every one of them to this; and you've STILL got
enough to do it for me, too." She stared at me, intently, for several
seconds before saying "And there's still so much more inside you - there
really *isn't* a limit to it, is there?"

I shook my head slowly, and she suddenly turned around again, looking at
all of them.

With a sense of awe and wonderment in her voice, she said "As much as I
love all of you for all the good that I see in you, you love ME - _the_
_same_ _way_!" - before almost collapsing backwards into my lap again. I
took her in my arms, and she turned to sit sideways, her legs on the couch,
as she pressed herself against my chest, crying in deep, wracking sobs. I
held her, softly hugging her, and all the rest of them got up to come over
and caress her as they murmured words of comfort and encouragement.

After a while, her crying tapered off, and the others continued to
comfort her until she finally released me to sit up to look at me. When
she did, they eased back to their seats, listening as she told me "You knew
all of this, didn't you?"


"And you gave it to us - without knowing if we'd ever really
*understand* it, that we'd truly 'get it'."


"And knowing how much making _love_ - or being willing to - would help
us understand, and how much it would change us and make us better, you
*still* didn't do anything to move us along before we were ready; you were
willing to wait for as long as it took for US to make the decision."


"And knowing that if any of us misunderstood, or got upset or angry with
you, we could complain about how you tried to touch us and you would maybe
wind up in jail, STILL took the chance - because you loved us, and cared
about us."


She looked at me in wonderment for several seconds before finally saying
"I owe you so much. And I know that there's no way to even begin to pay it
back to you - the risks you took, the love and caring you showed and gave,
the *knowing* you must have had inside. I understand, now, why you told
every one of them that the debt is to the ones that don't know - and WHY we
owe them and not you. And now, even more than before, I want you - all of
you, but especially you, Dan, and you, Kelly - physically. I love you, all
of you, and want to give back to you the love and happiness you've given

When Kelly started to speak to her, Susan turned her head to listen as
Kelly said "If you know all that - and it's obvious that you do, that
you've 'gotten it' - then you know there's no hurry, on ANY of it."

"I know. If it happens today, or tomorrow, or next week, or next year,
that's fine - because now I know that it WILL happen, and that I WILL enjoy
it, and be able to give joy back. But for now, I think I'd better get home
- I'm sure my parents are starting to get concerned about me, and I love
them, too, and don't want them to worry."

Kelly told her "I've got some things you can wear, if you don't want to
wear your dress home this morning", and turning to the others, said "I've
got enough to get all of you home, if you want - just don't forget to bring
them with you to school Monday, okay?" They all smiled and agreed before
accepting her offer. They got up and headed back toward the bedroom,
leaving Susan with me to make our goodbyes.

She looked at me again, and said "You are really something; the more I
learn about you and how you think and behave, the more I want to be like
you - and now I know that I can be. Thank you." before giving me a kiss -
the kind that I treasured more than any other: one that expressed the kind
of love that only a fully aware person can manage, because it comes from
the heart and mind and spirit. After we separated, I told her "I love you,
Susan.", and she answered "I know, Dan. Just like you knew I would."
before getting up to get dressed herself.

When they got back, Candice called her parents, and they agreed to come
and get her - and give Sandra and Robyn rides home, as well. Kelly was to
take Jan home, and that left me take Susan. Pure coincidence, I'm sure.

As I drove, she sat quietly in the passenger seat, watching things as
though seeing them for the first time - and enjoying her new vision.

When I pulled up in front of her house, she turned to look at me, and
said "Thank you, Dan - for _everything_."

I answered "My pleasure", and she responded "Yes, i think it was."
before collecting her things and getting out. I sat there watching her as
she headed toward the front door; when she got there, she turned and gave
me a bit smile and small wave before going in. Satisfied she was safe, I
headed home - via Paul's store, where I dropped off the jewelry I'd
borrowed, keeping my promise.

A few hours later, Kelly and I were in the den - she was studying for a
test while I listened to music - when a call came in. I took it, and heard
"You did it to her, didn't you?"

"Did what to who?"

"Had sex with Susan."

"Good morning to you, too, Steve. No, I didn't have sex with her."

"Then what did you do to her?"


"Uh-huh. About what?"

"The fact that I love her. And before you go off on me again, I mean
that I love her as a human being, not a potential bedmate or anything."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that she's a reasonably intelligent, attractive, decent human
being. There aren't that many, so I tend to like the ones I find. She's
got a good heart and good character. I love her for those things - not
what's between her legs or on her chest."

I'd nailed him square between the running lights, and I could almost
hear him thinking it through before he spoke again, saying "You're saying
you didn't do anything to her? Just talked?"

"That's it."

"You didn't touch her?"

"I didn't say that, Steve. I said that I didn't have sex with her. Or
make love with her, or have any kind of intimate sexual contact of any
kind. Okay? Now, you want to tell me what the hell brought all this on?"

"She told me she loved me."

"You call me up at home and jump in my shit because she told you she
*loved* you?"

"It's not what she said, but how she said it that got to me."

"What, she sounded like C-3PO, or something?"

"No, you dolt. I was sitting in the den watching a game and she came in
to sit next to me for a little bit. When a commercial came on, she just
said 'Daddy?', and when I turned to look at her, she just up and says 'I
love you." - but from the way she said it, and tone of her voice and
everything, I knew that she was different, somehow - that she really, truly
meant it and was telling me what was really in her heart, like she didn't
care if I was a lawyer or an axe murderer, I was her dad and she loved me."

"So you assumed that the change was because I'd jumped her bones, and
called me up to chew my ass."

He realized how silly it sounded, and what kind of fool he'd been, and
answered "Well, uh, yeah, sort of. I mean, I couldn't think of any other
reason for it at the time. What do YOU think happened?"

"Like I said, all I did was tell her I loved her - and she understood
that I meant that I loved her FOR HER, as a person. for all the good
things that are inside her, and that I didn't think less of her because of
any flaws she thinks she has."

"That kind of sounds like the way she told me she loved ME."

"Ever tell her that you love her?"

"Of course!"

"The same way she just told you?"

The silence at the other end was my answer. I went on "Steve, you ever
wonder what she sees in me?"

"Well, yeah, a little. I mean, I know what she's said about you, and I
know what your character is like and how you've helped Kelly and all that.
But why she picked YOU in particular, with so much devotion, I really don't

"Because she knows I love her, and care about her. I don't just do
stuff because I care, I also TELL her what I'm doing, so that she knows I
AM doing it because I love her and care, and why. And I take the time to
tell her what it is about her that makes me care about her the way I do - I
TELL her about the good things I see in her, so that she KNOWS she's a good
person. When she knows that I love her for the good stuff in her, she also
knows that as long as that good stuff is there, she's got my love - that
I'm not going to just suddenly take it away from her for some mysterious
reason. And she knows that because I love her for what's inside her, that
as she becomes a better person - more courageous, more honest, more
integrity, and all that kind of stuff - I'll love her even more. I've
shown her that love doesn't have to be some abstract concept; that it can
be gauged and measured and traded as a VALUE. When she finally understood
all of that this morning, she had an epiphany, I guess you could call it.
What you saw was the end result of all that."

"Where was she when this 'epiphany' happened?"

"Sitting on my lap."

"What?! You weren't in your underwear or anything, were you?"

"Oh, no, certainly nothing like that. We were both naked at the time."
Kelly had been listening in, and almost fell over, trying not to laugh out


"Sure. It's okay, though - everyone else was naked, too." Kelly started
turning red; I was wondering if she'd blow while we were still talking.

"You're joking, right?"

"Why would I be joking?"

"Oh, dear God.", I heard him sigh.

"What, is there a problem?", I asked.

"You're sitting with my daughter on your lap, both of you naked, and you
ask me if there's a problem? How did it happen that you wound up in that

"Well, when we got back from the Prom last night, we were all sitting
around, and Susan decided to give back the jewelry I'd borrowed for all of
them. After she handed it back, she took her dress off so she wouldn't
ruin it, and so she'd be more comfortable. The rest of them thought it was
a good idea, and did the same thing."

"And you?"

"It's my house. My guests want to be naked, I'm going to be a good host
and be naked with them." Kelly grabbed a cushion and stuffed her face in

I heard him sigh again, before he said "And you're going to tell me
nothing happened."

"Oh, no, plenty happened. They sat around and talked about the prom,
and we had a cup of coffee. Then we all went to bed."

"Went to bed."

"Yeah. It was late. Kelly slept with me, as did a couple of the
others. Susan was with Jan and the rest."


"Sure, why not?"

"And you didn't have sex with any of them."

"Nooooo. Was I supposed to?"

He ignored the question, and asked "And this morning?"

"I got up and got the paper and some coffee. I was reading the paper
when Susan came into the den, I could tell she wanted to talk to me, so I
put the paper down, and we talked a little bit. She asked if she could sit
on my lap, and I told her I was always happy to have a pretty girl on my
lap. She sat down and I held her for a little while, until Kelly joined

"And Kelly didn't mind finding you with Susan on your lap, the two of
you naked?"

"No, why should she? They're friends." I could see Kelly laughing into
the cushion, her shoulders shaking.

"Go on."

"The two of them talked a bit, and we sat there for a little while, and
the rest of them joined us."


"Sure. Why not?"

"What happened then?"

"Susan started looking around, and realized that all of us loved her,
for pretty much the same reasons, and that she loved us the same way.
There was a little talking, and then she had her, uh, epiphany."


"Yeah, I suppose that's the closest thing to what you could call it."

"What would you say happened?"

"She just sort of realized that we loved her and she loved us and that
everything was cool between all of us."


"Yeah - we loved her for the good stuff that's in her, and know that she
loves us for the good stuff that's in us. That whole love and values thing
I told you about."

"And all this happened with all of you naked, and Susan sitting on your
lap - but no sex happened between you."

"Steve, do you love you wife?"

"Of course."

"Do you love her any more or any less, whether she'd got clothes on or

"Of course not!"

"Do you have to have sex with her to love her?"

"Certainly not."

"Then why is it so hard for you to understand that I, and Susan, and
Kelly, and all the others could love each other, naked or not, without
having sex?"

That seemed to stop him dead in his tracks - there was nothing but
silence at the other end of the line for a couple of minutes.

"You make your point well, Dan. But I'm still uncomfortable with all

"Fine. Are you uncomfortable that it happened, or that you don't think
you know how to deal with it?"

After a bit, I heard the sigh, before he answered "More that I'm not
sure how to deal with it. Nor will my wife, I'm afraid."

"Do you love Susan?"

"Of course I do."

"Then tell her that. For the same reasons, and in the same way, she
told you. It's called truth, and honesty, and trust. Pretty radical

"Yes, I've heard of them. I just haven't seen them applied in quite
this way before."

"Well, just look at Susan, and decide if they work, or not, for

"It's going to make quite a change around here, you know."

"So being honest and faithful and trusting in and with your family is a
_bad_ thing?"

"Bad? No, I don't think so. But it will certainly be difficult."

"Was law school good for you?"


"But worth the difficulty."

"Certainly so - and your point is taken."

"Steve, I promise - once you get past the problem of actually doing it,
it gets a whole lot easier. And it is *definitely* worth it. I think
Susan would be the proof of that."

"Indeed she is. Okay, Dan, it looks like you're off the hook. We'll
see later if I thank you for this, or not."

"I'm willing to take my chances. Particularly on people such as
yourself and Susan."

With that, he closed the connection, and Kelly finally fell out of the
chair she was in, gasping for breath as she laughed out loud. I grinned at
her, and she managed to gasp out "'both naked at the time' - boy you know
how to set them up and then knock them down!"

It took her probably half an hour before she finally calmed down enough
to go back to studying - and even then for the rest of the afternoon, she's
suddenly say "it's okay - everyone else was naked too", or "good host", or
"they're friends", and start laughing all over again. cat tried to sleep
on her lap, and would give Kelly a dirty look every time she started
laughing again.

Over the next few weeks, Susan continued to come over for visits,
staying with us a few hours at a time. She would happily kiss and caress
with any of us, but was also content to simply *be* with us; it was as
though she were recharging some kind of internal battery. The first time
she visited us, she gave me a strange look, and told me that her father had
said he'd talked to me - and that he and her mother were both trying, very
hard, to understand her, and what she had learned from me.

---------- ---------- ---------

By the time Graduation day arrived, the entire school had heard that the
problem between me and Jenkins had been about Kelly's speech as
Valedictorian. There was considerable speculation about what it would be,
and anticipation of what would happen when she was to give it. I was
delighted when the Bishop let me know that a special seat had been saved
for me, in the center of the first row behind the students, so that I would
have a good view of Kelly as she gave her speech. He also gave me an
invitation to meet with him afterwards - in the school administrators
office. I willingly accepted both offers.

So it was that I had a ringside seat, so to speak, when Kelly gave The
Speech, as it had come to be known.

True to his instructions, Jenkins didn't introduce her any differently
than he did any of the other speakers; when the crowd quieted down (she'd
gotten a standing ovation from the students), she spoke.

"Your Grace, members of the clergy, administrators, teachers, students,
and honored guests, I welcome you to this graduation ceremony.

"It serves to mark the passing of this class into adulthood, and as a
remembrance of the extraordinary efforts of our teachers, not just here,
but throughout our academic lives, to educate us, to teach us, and to make
us wiser.

"It is incumbent on us to remember their efforts, and respect them, as
well as to honor those who instructed us.

"But it is also our duty to learn from what they have taught us - both
in the classroom, as formal education, and in their attitudes, methods, and
intentions. Part of that duty is to exercise caution in accepting all that
they have taught us. Just as the world is not now what it was when they
were students, it must also follow that they are not the same kind of
teachers as the ones they learned from. Both the facts that they have
taught us, and the environment that they taught us in, have changed.

"I have learned much from the teachers that I have had here - some have
taught me the pleasures of good health, or of the purity of mathematics and
science. Others, however, have taught me the incomprehensibility of
'interpreted' literature; or doctrine accepted as true, but without proof
of their claims. Still others have shown me what the consequences are of
having one's dreams and aspirations denied, and discarded as useless, or
without merit. One, in particular, has shown me what it is like to be
subjected to the arbitrary whims of an embittered, soul-less tyrant that
has been put in control of eager young minds.

"To their credit, I have learned the most good from those who taught me
for the love of the teaching; who taught me not for the money, but the
expression on my face when I finally comprehended what they were showing
me; who taught me so that I might KNOW their subjects, and get from those
subjects the same joy as those who taught them. To those teachers, I say
'Thank you', with respect and admiration and gratitude. To the others, I
say 'A pox on you, and your houses!' - what you do denigrates those who are
obliged to share their profession with you. What you do is a harmful,
hateful, wicked thing; to take a young mind, and mangle it for your own
warped pleasure.

"I was taught a great many facts and figures and other bits of
information; but precious little time was spent teaching me how to THINK -
independently, on my own, to question and answer, to identify and solve
real life problems.

"One of the things that I was instructed in was love. Love of me by
God, how I should show God my love, and how I should love my fellow humans.
What I was NOT instructed in, though, was love itself - what it is, what it
isn't, how to know it, how to find it, how to identify it, and how to
measure it.

"In the subjects of how to think, and love, this school failed me,
miserably. I do not mean 'failed' as in not passing a course, but failed
as in not having the course to teach.

"Through my great fortune, there was one person who rescued me from the
abyss of ignorance this school had left in my heart, and mind. This person
not only taught me what love is, but showed me, by giving of himself
without hesitation and without restraint. This person showed me that it IS
possible to know love - what it is and isn't, how to give it and accept it,
how to measure it - and to treasure it, above all else.

"This person taught me how to think - to question, to seek out the
answers to things I did not know, to find solutions to problems on my own,
to make my own decisions.

"While this school taught me the theories of morals and ethics and all
the rest, this person SHOWED me, through his own example, what morality is;
what ethics truly are; what integrity really means.

"In short, this person has given me an emotional, psychological, mental,
and yes, even physical, philosophical basis for my life. I do not mean
philosophy as it is taught in this school - a contest between arbitrary
schools of one thought or another - but philosophy as a means of finding
answers, as it was intended. The philosophy I have learned from this
person is not that of Kant versus Hegel versus Santayana, but that of "What
is it?" and "How do I know it?" and "What does it mean?".

"As evidence that what he taught me was a success, I need only point out
the difference between this speech, and the others you shall hear today - I
stand here to offer my own thoughts and opinions, while others offer
meaningless platitudes and neutral bromides.

"My goal, my desire, my challenge to you - students, teachers, guests,
and faculty alike - is to make this the LAST time you have to hear a story such as mine.

"Through *his* love, my benefactor has given me the DESIRE to make a

"Through *his* intelligence, he has given me the TOOLS to make change

"Through *his* example, he has given me the COURAGE to make change

"Thank you, and good afternoon."

Dead silence reigned as she retook her seat on the stage.

Until the Bishop stood up, applauding her - then he was quickly joined
not only by the students, but most of the audience and faculty, as well.
Even from where I was seated, I could see her blush as she tried to keep a
straight face.

The applause went on for a good 5 minutes, embarrassing the hell out of
her, even as she looked at me in pride - and I looked at her with love.

Compared to that, the rest of the speeches DID sound pretty lame - and
the speakers knew it - most of them cut their time short, so as not to look
any more foolish than necessary. Far sooner than anyone expected, it was
time for the diplomas to actually be handed out.

There were the obligatory hoots and catcalls and cheers as different
students got their diplomas - but only Kelly received applause from the
time her name was called, to the time she sat down again.

When the ceremonies ended, I quickly found Kelly - and when she saw me,
she all but launched herself into my arms, where I held her tightly as a
number of onlookers smiled. After a brief kiss, we looked up to see the
Bishop coming toward us - a smile on his face, as well.

When he got close, he said "I trust that you are Mr. Marshall, and the
gentleman Kelly has been speaking so highly of."

I answered him by saying "I am Mr. Marshall - call me Dan, please. I
have my doubts that I'm the guy she's been referring to, however."

He saw Kelly give me the Goober look, and laughed, saying "If you'll
follow me, Dan - and you, too, Kelly - there are some things that I'd like
to discuss with you in the administrators office."

Kelly moved next to me, and I put my arm around her as the Bishop led

When we got there, he gestured that we should take the chairs in front
of the desk, while he sat behind it - leaving Jenkins to stand.

The Bishop looked at Kelly, and said "That was quite a speech, young lady. I can only hope that you learned some of what you said in our

"I did, sir - but it was Dan that taught me the rest; the important

"Indeed. What you just said, in itself, is a sad commentary on what
this school has become. I find myself here before you, indicted on two
counts of neglect. Evidence of the first count, the more serious, is that
speech you just made. Evidence of the second, only slightly less serious,
is the fight you had to go through to make it. We're here to rectify both
of those problems."

"How so, sir?", I asked.

"First, I want to apologize again, to both of you, in person. What you
had to go through was unacceptable - for ANY school, never mind the kind
we've tried to be. Second, I would like to solicit your input, Dan, on how
we can accomplish the goals that Kelly set out for us in her speech."

I looked at him, and saw that he was quite serious about wanting to make
the school more like what Kelly had called for.

"Sir" - "Call me Kevin, please - you, too, Kelly" - "Kevin, I'm sure you
already know the changes that would be necessary, and how to implement
them. And I'm equally certain that you know that the change would, by
necessity, be a drastic one."

"Yes, Dan, on all counts, as far as you went. But what you're missing,
though, is the fact that it was under my guidance that this school
deteriorated to this point. Not to put too fine a point on it, but since I
let it get this way, I'm not sure I'm the right one to fix it. I'm also
told by a number of people - Jan's and Susan's fathers, for starters - that
you have an uncommonly fine analytical mind. I am also assured that you
are almost painfully honest and truthful, regardless of the potential
consequences. I need both of those traits - desperately, I think."

I looked at Kelly, and she subtlety shrugged to me, as if willing to
give it a try. I looked at the Bishop, and said "Kevin, if you'll give me
a few moments to think it through, I'll give you an off to top of my head
analysis. If you want something more, I'd need a little more time."

"I would be happy with either, or both if you have the inclination.
Jenkins, I believe some refreshment would be called for. Coffee?" he asked
Kelly and I. Both of us nodded, and he went on "Irish, I think, since I'm
sure the sun is over the yardarm _someplace_", with a smile.

I started to go into Deep Think mode, and when he saw me go kind of
blank, started to say something - but I saw Kelly gesture that it was okay,
and he sat back to watch me, interested.

A minute or so later, I came back, and he asked me "Do you mind if I ask
what you were doing just then?"

A little embarrassed, I told him "When I have a problem, I like to
free-associate with it. I kind of go inside myself and pretty much turn my
mind loose to collect anything it runs across. When it gets full, I kind
of pop out of it, and have enough to start working with."

"An interesting technique. How did it work here?"

"Pretty well, I think."

"Please, go on, then."

"First, you've got several problems that you need to address."

At that point, Jenkins came back in, and handed each of us a cup of
coffee - and from the aroma, well-laced with a good Irish whiskey. Where
he got it, I wasn't going to ask.

With a sip of his coffee, the Bishop asked "Those are?"

"First: Institutional mindset - as in, we've always done it this way
because I don't know why, we just DO.

"Second: Loss of focus - are you trying to cycle kids through here, or
educate them and teach them to think?

"Third: With the loss of focus, you've lost purpose - are your teachers
here to teach, or collect a paycheck? How are they evaluated? By who?
Using what criteria? What crosschecks are there to prevent problems one
and two?

"Fourth: Beaurocracy - what is the final product of this school? It's
the kids. Anything else should be SECONDARY to graduating well-rounded,
thoughtful, THINKING kids, ready to face the world for the first time in
their lives. Most may well go on to college - how prepared are they,
_really_, to face life on a college campus, away from home for the first
time in their lives?

"Fifth: balance. What does it accomplish if you talk to them about
justice, and have a teacher with the power to arbitrarily punish them for
some imaginary offense? What does it teach them about ethics if a math
teacher crams them in preparation for a state test?

"Sixth, but certainly not last, quality. Get the best teachers you can,
and let them TEACH their subjects. Don't micromanage them, let them TEACH.
That's what they're educated and trained for - they know how, if you just
leave them alone to do it.

"When you've got the smart, educated, motivated teachers, you'll see the
student in this school come alive - they'll WANT to learn, they'll WANT to
think, they'll WANT to do better and better, always wanting to know what's
in the next chapter in their schoolbooks."

"And if there are problems?", he asked.

"That's why you have rules and standards - uniformly and consistently
applied. If a kid sees the captain of the football team get bounced off
the squad and out of school because he got caught smoking dope - regardless
of how the team is doing - he's going to know that he's going to get the
same treatment - no more, no less."

"What do we do about the other problems you mentioned?"

"That depends. Do you want to FIX the problems, or just make them go

"What's the difference?"

"If you FIX them, they don't come back. Just making them go away, they
tend to ooze back in after a while - maybe months, maybe years, but they DO
come back."

"Then let's fix them. How?"

"First, I expect that you're going to wind up firing about half your
staff, for one reason or another."

"Why so many, and for what reasons?"

"So many because the greatest percentage of them are just the kinds of
people that Kelly was complaining about. The rest will be because they
either don't get the message from the first round of firings, or think that
they're somehow immune."

He sighed, and asked "What then?"

"You get the word out - strongly, and in plain language - that this
school WILL turn around, and WILL start graduating the kinds of kids you're
actually _proud_ of. The first round of firings will help make that clear
- IF you actually follow up on it by making the second round, which will
last longer. The first bunch will be your obvious knuckleheads. The
second batch will be the ones that are better at it."


"Then you start looking at what you're doing, and how, and why. You get
your people to start looking at what they're doing - what's good about it,
and what's bad? How could they make it easier, faster, better, cheaper?
Then get them talking to each other, to see if they can't simplify and
smooth things out. To make up an example, WHY would student go to the gym
to get their registration cards, then go to the auditorium to sign up for
classes, then go back to the gym to get their schedules signed off? Why
not swap the registration or signoff with the scheduling, so that any two
steps in the process are close to each other?"

He nodded, and said "I see your point. I'm afraid that even *I* don't
know why we do some of the things we do."

"That's the ticket, right there: if it isn't blindingly obvious WHY
you're doing something, you need to ask why you're doing it at all. If you
can't explain what you're doing to someone else, easily, then it's too damn
complicated. I'm an engineer; the questions I always ask myself about
things are 'What does it do?', 'Is it good or bad? why?', and 'How can I
make it better and cheaper and easier?'."

He nodded again, and turned to Kelly, asking her "Kelly, could you, or
would you, tell me who some of the teachers are that you talked about - the
ones that you, ah, put a pox on?"

She looked at me; I smiled and nodded, and she told him "I could, and
would, My only concern is that I would mention someone that I simply had a
'personality' problem with, by accident. If I could make a suggestion?"

"Of course!"

"Don't just ask me, or a few students. Ask ALL of them. If you do it
as a kind of survey, you can help the students distinguish between teachers
they didn't like, and teachers that didn't _deserve_ to be liked."

"What do you mean? Give me an example."

"Well, for instance, if you ask a student which teacher was hardest on
him, he may give you one answer. But if you also ask him what class he
learned the most in, you might find out that it was the same teacher. But
if you ask him which teacher he hated having for ANY class, you might get a
completely different answer - and if enough kids give you the same answer,
you know what you're looking at."

He smiled at her, and said "That's an excellent idea. Kelly, you are
one student that I can honestly say that I AM proud to have graduated."

She blushed a bit, and said "And one more idea. Go back and look at how
many kids did bad in which classes - and how they did in similar classes
before and after."

"How would that help?"

"Well, if a lot of kids do good in Science, say, except when they had
one particular teacher, you can figure that it's the teacher, not the kids.
Isn't that the kind of thing you're looking for?"

He beamed, and said "It is, indeed. A most valuable insight, Kelly.
Would you like a job? I'm offering you one, right now, as a consultant to
this reorganization. Tell me what you want, and we can negotiate!"

She smiled at him, and blushed again, before telling him "I've already
got a job, thank you. Dan offered me one a long time ago, and I've
accepted it. I don't think I'll have time to work for you like that; but
if you really want my help, I can do that - for the kids that aren't here,

He sighed, heavily, and said "Noblesse Oblige - a concept I was afraid
had been lost. Where did you learn such a thing, Kelly?"

She pointed at me, and said "From him."

He made a face, and said "I was afraid you were going to say that."
before looking at me and saying "Dan, I'm finding that the more I learn of
you, and the more I get to know you, the more amazing you become. Would
YOU be interested in a job?"

"I have my own business, Kevin. Between it, and Kelly, and her friends,
my time is pretty well occupied."

"No doubt. Still, I hope that you would consider becoming one of our
teachers here - you seem to be just the kind of person that you described
as being necessary for our success."

"With the offer coming from you, Sir, I would give it the appropriate
consideration - but make no promises."

"Very well, then, I fear that I must return to my office with little to
show for it but the faint glimmer of restoring our school to it's proper
state. Thank you, both of you, for taking the time to sit with me, and
discuss this matter. Dan, if you think of anything else, or have anything
to add, please don't hesitate to contact me - my secretary knows who you

With that, he stood up - as did Kelly and I - and made his way around
the desk, stopping to shake hands with both of us before taking his leave.

When he'd gone, Kelly and I were both surprised when Jenkins cleared his
throat, and said "Mr. Marshall?"

We turned to him, and he said "Since your last visit to this office,
I've had a lengthy discussion with the Bishop, and had more than enough
time to consider the things that you said, and that Kelly wrote in her
speech. I've realized that I was one of the causes of the problems here at
this school - and that there is little that I could do under these
circumstances to help correct it."

I nodded, and told him to continue.

"Accordingly, and with the Bishops blessing, my contract with this
school is being cancelled, so that I can take a job at a smaller school,
and try to get back to doing the kind of work that I *should* be doing. I
know of several of the problem teachers here, and have so advised the
Bishop. I believe I know who you were referring to, Kelly, when you spoke
of the one memorable teacher that proved to be a tyrant - and I can assure
you that she was at the top of the list, with my strong recommendation that
she be fired, with extreme prejudice. If she is - and I believe she will
be - she will not be able to get a job teaching in any school in the
country; she is being forcibly retired, in effect."

He went on "Mr. Marshall, your opinion of me, that day in this office,
was entirely correct - I knew it, even then, but was unable or unwilling to
admit to it. Kelly, I want to apologize to you for putting you through
what I did - that I did it was proof enough of what you had to say in your
speech. I can only hope that the two of you can forgive me, and that I
have the chance to show you that I *can* be the kind of school
administrator I SHOULD be. One of the reasons that the Bishop allowed me
to stay in the room today was so that I could hear what you had to say -
both of you. I want to assure you that I will take what you had to say,
and apply it the best I possibly can to make any school I am at the best it
can possibly be. Thank you."

Kelly and I looked at each other, then him, before I said "Mr. Jenkins,
if you have come far enough to say what you just did, I have no doubt that
you will do fine. If you wish my forgiveness, then you have it - and my
best wishes."

Kelly simply said "And mine, as well."

He looked relieved, and hesitantly offered us his hand - Kelly pushed it
aside to give him a kiss on the cheek; I shook it, and said "This time, Mr.
Jenkins, it was a pleasure to meet you."

He looked relieved, and we wished him a good afternoon before heading
back outside.

We hadn't any more than gotten out the main door before I saw Steve
Moore, Susan's dad, coming toward us. When he got close enough, he stopped
and looked me in the eye before saying "You're a son of a bitch, you know
that, Dan?"

"Okay. Why?"

"Because you keep being *right*, dammit."

"Susan? And your wife?"

He nodded, saying "We sat down a couple nights after I talked to you.
and I had a chance to tell my wife what you'd told me. I let Susan know
that you and I had talked. She didn't say or do a damned thing, just
looked at me like if I decided to ground her for life, it wouldn't really
matter - she already had everything she needed. It definitely got my
wife's attention, since she's always been worried that Susan was too
fragile or delicate - so when Susan just sat there, calmly waiting to see
what I had to say, well, it really startled the hell out of her."

I nodded, and he continued "I did what you suggested, and *told* Susan
that I loved her, and even managed to tell it to her in a way that seemed
to connect with her. I don't think I got it exactly right, but enough to
see she understood what I was saying - it was like her whole face lit up,
and it surprised the hell out of me. Then she turned to my wife, and told
HER that she loved her, the same way she'd told me - and my wife absolutely
turned white when she did it. But after a minute, she was able to tell
Susan that she loved her, and it seemed to connect again. It was the
scariest damn thing I've ever seen."

"But it worked, didn't it?"

"Yeah, you son of a bitch, it worked. Since then, we've all been
sitting down with each other, just two of us at a time, and just _talking_
- about how we feel about each other, what we like and don't like, what we
mean to each other, and all kinds of stuff. For me, it was damned hard at
first, but after I did it a couple of times, I realized that they both
still loved me, and didn't think any less of me about some of the things
that I'd told them. A few times, Susan went over to see you and Kelly and
all the rest, and when she came back, it was like she was rejuvenated, or
something - and I finally figured out that we were somehow taking something
out of her, and she was using all of you to kind of resupply herself so she
could come back and give it to US. The only thing I can't get around is
that it seems like there's something missing from her, or that she hasn't
done yet."

"You are taking something from her, Steve, and there *is* something she
hasn't done yet."


"You're taking love from her - because she hasn't learned how to give it
herself, yet."

"What do you mean? Every time we see her, or talk to her, we get love
from her."

"That's just what I mean - you _get_ love from her; she isn't able to
give it to you herself, yet, so all she can do is let you have what you

"Well, what does she have to do to be able to do that - give love?", he
asked, obviously concerned about her.

"She hasn't yet _made_ love, so she hasn't learned to give it.", Kelly
told him.

He looked at her, and then me, before saying "Yeah, you did tell me that
you hadn't had sex with her."

"No, Steve. It's not about having sex, it's about making _love_", I
corrected him.

He looked confused for a moment, then said "Same thing, isn't it?"

"Not even close.", Kelly told him, before turning to me and saying "I
think I know why she only comes over to visit, and not to finish it."

Steve heard her, and asked "Not the same? What do you mean? And finish

Kelly looked at him again, and told him "No, they're not the same, Mr.
Moore. Having sex is what you do when you lead with your genitals. Making
love is what you do when you lead with your heart."

"What?", he asked, obviously confused.

"Have you ever given your wife an orgasm, and not climaxed yourself?",
she asked him.

Having an 18-year-old ask him something like that clearly threw him for
a moment, but he finally answered "No, I don't think so."

"Have you ever had sex with her where the ONLY thing on your mind was
making HER happy?", Kelly asked.

"No, I can't say that I have."

"Then all you have ever done, Mr. Moore, has been to have sex. You
don't seem to have EVER made _love_. There is a world of difference, and
Susan knows that. SHE wants to make love - but knows that you would only
think it was having sex, which is something completely different, and far
inferior. So she keeps coming over to visit us, to draw on our love for
her, so that she can go home and let YOU take some of that love from her.
And all because YOU don't know the difference between love and sex - it's
left her in limbo, so to speak, and until she gets it resolved, she isn't
going to be able to MAKE LOVE - to finish learning what she needs to know
to finally be a complete person, able to GIVE love in infinite amounts.",
Kelly told him.

"How can I fix it, or change it, or whatever?"

"I doubt that you could, with Susan, until you know the difference
yourself, Steve. You may have noticed that she's a LOT more perceptive
than she used to be.", I told him.

"She sure as hell is. So what do I do?"

"Learn the difference between having sex, and making love."


"The next time you're, uh, romantic with your wife, try thinking about
HER. Find out from HER what she wants - and do it. Go slower. Kiss her
more. Caress her - not just on her breasts, but all over; face, shoulders,
stomach, _everywhere_. Pay attention to how she reacts to what you do -
and if she likes something, keep doing it longer. Make HER happy, without
trying to, uh, take care of yourself.", Kelly told him.

He looked at me, and I said "You love her, don't you?"

"More than anything!", he answered.

"Then SHOW her that, with your words and your actions - let her know
that SHE is the most important thing in your world when you're together in
bed. Treat her the way you *know* she _deserves_ - gently, tenderly, with
your _heart_, not your genitals.", I told him.

He seemed to get the idea, then, and asked "How will that help Susan?"

"When you know the difference, and actually _respect_ what she needs to
do, she'll know it - and then she'll be free to finish. Then you'll have
more love from her than you can handle.", Kelly told him.

---------- ---------- ---------

A couple of days later, we were surprised to get a call from Susan,
wanting to know if she could come over for a little while. Since we didn't
have any plans, she was told she could come over whenever she wanted; it
wasn't ten minutes later that Mabel told us someone was at the door - and
it proved to be Susan.

When she came in, she was almost in tears - Kelly and I quickly got her
into the den, and got her on the couch, before sitting down next to her.
After some gentle questioning, we finally got the story: after her dad and
mom had sat down with her, and she'd told them both she loved them, they'd
all been able to start talking more, and understanding each other better -
but she felt that every time she talked with one of them, they were taking
some of her love for them away from her - and she didn't feel like she had
enough inside her for them, and felt like she had to come over to visit us
to get some of OUR love so she wouldn't feel so empty when she talked to
them. Further compounding the problem was that she didn't feel that she
was being honest with us for coming over, that she was taking our love and
not giving anything back.

Kelly and I looked at each other, and I gestured with my head toward the
bedroom. She nodded, and I stood up, then picked up Susan to carry her.
Together, Kelly and I got her into the second bedroom, where I laid her
down on the bed, and Kelly lay next to her. As Kelly slowly unfastened her
clothing, Susan watched me as I undressed. When I was nude, I moved over
to the bed, and helped hold Susan as Kelly managed to peel her clothes off
her, then got up to undress herself. When all three of us were naked,
Kelly lay down on the bed again, and moved next to Susan, on the side
opposite me. Together, we caressed and kissed her as we took turns
explaining to her that it was okay, that we understood, and that she wasn't
doing anything wrong by coming to us for love - that she was more than
welcome to all she wanted. We told her that her dad had talked to us the
day before, after the graduation ceremony, and that we had figured out that
he was 'confused' about the difference between just having sex, and
actually making _love_ - but that we thought he might learn the difference
before long.

As we went along, we could see the tension starting to drain out of her,
and between our soothing voices and gentle touches, she eventually fell
asleep. When she did, Kelly and I went into the den for a bit, to talk.

"Damn him. Putting her through this - makes me want to go over there
and kick his ass.", I grumped.

"I know, Dan - I want to kick him, too; but on the other side."

"The bad part is, he's a pretty nice guy, and a helluva lawyer - he's
just got his head up his ass about this."

"Yeah. I hope he gets his act together, before he pushes her into a
breakdown or something."

"No, that won't happen - I'll read him the riot act before it get too
close to anything like that." I said, wanting to do it right then.

"I know. I think we'd better get back in there, before she misses us,
don't you?"

"Yeah. I guess one of us had better stay with her until she's ready to
go home - but if she wants to spend the night, she's welcome to do that,

"Damn right!", Kelly agreed.

That settled, we went back into the bedroom, and lay down next to her
again - she started to wake up, and Kelly and I both shushed her and told
her it was okay. She must have recognized my voice because she turned over
and latched onto me before going back to sleep. I held her there, and
after a couple of minutes, when I was sure she wasn't going to wake up
again, told Kelly "Go ahead, I'll stay here with her for a while. Check
back once or twice, in case I need a break for something." She nodded, and
got up to leave us alone.

Maybe an hour later, I thought I heard a car, but when nothing happened,
decided I was just imagining things.

About the time I started to feel the need for a bathroom break, Kelly
came in - wearing just a long T-shirt, to my surprise - and asked if
everything was okay. I told her that I did need a few minutes, and she
quickly offered to take over for a while. Going slowly and carefully, we
managed to swap places, so that Susan wasn't disturbed. Back on my feet
again, I headed for the bathroom, then the kitchen for a bottle of water.

When I walked into the den, I was greatly surprised to find Steve and
his wife sitting there - but not as surprised, I think, as they were at my
lack of attire.

I started to get a robe, and then decided "hell with it - it's MY
house!", before sitting down in a chair, facing them.

I looked at them for several moments before Steve cleared his throat,
and said "Dan, this is my wife, Linda."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Linda.", I said.

She hesitated a moment, and said "A pleasure to meet you, too, Dan.
Steve has spoken well of you, as has Susan."

After taking a healthy swallow of my water, I said "It seems that I've
walking into the middle of something. Why don't you tell me how you happen
to be in my house?"

Steve cleared his throat, and said "Uh, a little while ago, we got a
call from Kelly, telling us that we - us and you and her - needed to talk,
about Susan. We asked her what about, and she told us that she thought
Susan was getting close to a breakdown, and that it needed to be stopped.
Both of us take such talk seriously, of course, and came right over. When
she let us in, Kelly was, ah, nude, and when she saw that we weren't
comfortable with that, put on a shirt, telling us that your house was much
more, er, informal."

"Yup. My house, I do as I please. But me sitting here with my willie
hanging out doesn't have a damn thing to do with the fact that you two -
particularly you, Steve - are pushing that poor girl toward the nuthouse."
I didn't know what Jan had said to them, and didn't much care - I wanted to
get their attention, FAST.

"What do you mean?", Linda asked, slightly offended.

"I mean that ever since she had what I told Steve was an epiphany, and
all of you started sitting down and actually *talking* to each other, and
_communicating_, you two have been sucking all the love Susan has right out
of her."

"I don't believe it!", Linda said.

I stood up, and said "No? Then follow me, and SEE what your daughter looks like when she gets here!"

They stood up, and I led them back to the bedroom where Susan was - I
opened the door, and when Linda saw what Susan looked like, she stifled as
small gasp, and put her hand over her mouth. Steve only stood there and
stared, the pain clear on his face. Kelly just glared at them.

Then I closed the door, and led them back to the living room, where they
sat down on the couch, holding each other for a while before turning to me

"What happened to her?", Linda asked, on the verge of tears.

"YOU did.", I answered.

"Now wait just a damn minute...", Steve started - but I cut him off,
saying "Wait just a damn minute yourself, asshole. I meant what I just
said - not just to Linda, but you, too. You asked me at the graduation the
other day what you could do to help her - and Kelly and I BOTH told you how
you could not only help Susan, but yourself and Linda, as well.
Apparently, you didn't listen worth a damn, because you can see for
yourself how much help you've been!"

He got a guilty look on his face, and as both of them looked at me,
continued in a calmer voice "I know that both of you love her - but she
loves you, too, and it's tearing her up. Not for anything you've done
*wrong*, exactly, but for something you haven't gotten right. Linda, has
Steve told you what I told him - about what I've taught Susan?"

She nodded, and I went on "I can only assume that neither one of you
really understands it, yet. So I'm going to sit here and explain something
to you, and hope that it finally gets through to you - and that when it
does, you'll understand what you need to do to take this horrible burden
off your *daughter*, for chrissake!"

Both of them nodded, and gave me their full attention.

"I love Susan. Not like you do, but just as much - the same way that
YOU love each other and love Susan - different, but equally."

They nodded their understanding, and I went on "One of the things that
I've helped Susan understand is that love, full, honest, total LOVE, is
basically an exchange of VALUES. That we love people for the good things
we see in them, and we love ourselves for the good things we see inside."

More nods.

"I've also shown her that we love other people because they love US;
that we love them because they see the good in us, and value it, and love
us because of it. We love them because of the good - the VALUES - that we
see in them; and they love us for the same reason: because of the good -
the values - they see in us."

They were still with me.

"Where the problem comes in is that if the other person doesn't see OUR
values, then they don't love US, or at least, not as much. And when that
happens, we don't love them, or as much. So love is a trading of good, of
values; and the degree of love is the quantity and worth of those values.
So where there are unequal values, there can only be unequal love."

Okay, so far.

"If there is unequal love, then the person giving the most is,
essentially, being robbed - they are giving higher values than what they
are getting in return; nobody would take fifty pounds of fertilizer for
fifty pounds of gold - at least, not willingly, right?"

They nodded again.

"Now, something else I've shown her - notice that I'm saying SHOWN her;
not 'taught' her, not 'made her believe', but SHOWN -- is that it's
perfectly okay to *give* someone your love, and not expect anything in
return; but ONLY if you are doing so willingly, of your own free will, and
to the degree that you are willing to do it."

They're doing fine, and tracking right along with me.

"The problem with Susan is that I've shown her all this, and she's
learned - on her own - how it works, and how to do it. Except for one
last, crucial step."

"And that is?", Linda asked.

"How to give love - in such a way that it never runs out. Essentially,
how to tap into an unlimited supply of boundless love, for whoever needs

"And how do you learn such a thing?", she asked.

"By making _love_ with another person."


"No - and that is EXACTLY the mistake Steve made, too. And it is that
making of 'having sex' and 'making love' that is keeping Susan from being
able to tap into that supply of love that I told you about."

"How so?"

"Because SHE knows they aren't the same - and YOU TWO don't. But
because you're her parents, and she loves and respects you, the conflict
between what she KNOWS, and what you THINK is preventing her from taking
the final step of making love, and learning how to access all she would
ever need or want. SHE knows that if she made _love_, it would free her -
but at the same time, she knows that if she did that, YOU TWO would only
think she'd had sex; and not VALUE - not LOVE - her because you didn't
appreciate the distinction."

"So you want to have sexual relations with our daughter.", she said.

"Are you stupid? Haven't you been paying attention to what I've been
saying? Once again, in a different way, here's the difference: dogs on the
street have sex. People, that care for each other, that value each other,
that LOVE each other, make LOVE. Okay?"

With that, I could see Steve beginning to comprehend it - but Linda was
still stuck.

"But you're still the one that wants to do this.", she declared.

"Linda, what *I* want is completely irrelevant. It's what SUSAN wants,
even needs. If I thought she could accomplish it with the first guy or
girl coming down the street, I'd roll out the red carpet and open the door
myself for her. Hell, I'd break out the champagne, and cook them breakfast
afterwards, if I thought it would help! Don't you get it yet? ALL I CARE
ABOUT IS SUSAN - that she's happy, healthy, and loved. Whether it's me,
you, or anyone else that does it doesn't matter a tinker's damn to me -
only that it gets done. Why the hell else do you think I'd spend so much
of my time, and energy, and everything else I've got to make that happen?
You've seen her in there - do you really think that if all I was after was
her body, I'd be sitting out here trying to talk to YOU?"

With that little spiel, Steve finally seemed to understand what I'd been
driving at, and said "I believe you, Dan. In fact, I think you've already
made love to her - in every way *except* physically; and she's a better
person, because of it. I *do* see the difference between having sex and
making love - and can respect that she would choose one over the other."

Linda turned to look at him as though she'd suddenly noticed that he had
bolts in his neck.

He turned to her and said "Honey, if all he wanted was sex, he could
have had her a long time ago. If he wanted her worship, he could have had
that, easily. But I know this man, and what kind of person he is - how
honest and truthful he is, and how much integrity and courage he has.
There isn't a doubt in my mind that he is speaking God's honest truth to
us, sincerely and honestly. But all he wants is what we do: the very best
for her. And through him, she's found something that is good, and loving,
and caring, and sincere. If there's something she needs to do to have all
that, and more, than I'm more than happy to let her do it - or even
encourage her. or help her."

"But...", Linda started to say something, but Steve quickly put a finger
over her lips, and told her "No, there's nothing left to say here, to me,
or to Dan. I've made my decision. Go on out to the car, and I'll be there
in a minute; when we get home, we'll talk about it, and I'll explain it all
to you."

She gave me a dirty look - hurt my feelings terribly, it did - and left.
When she was gone, Steve looked at me, and said "I finally understood what
you told me the other day, when I called you. And what you and Kelly told
me after the graduation. And I CAN respect the choice she makes - because
it's the right one for HER. How the hell did you figure all this out?"

"The pieces were there the whole time; I just got lucky and saw how they

"I think there was more than luck involved - but however it happened,
I've got you to thank for making my daughter far happier than I've ever
seen her before - and even happier after this. Could I talk to her, and
tell her it's okay, now?"

"That's your call, of course - but if you want to let her sleep, you can
dictate a message to her through my home control system."

"Your what?"

"Home control system. Voice activated. Automation, all that neat
stuff. Wanna see?"



"Yes, Sir?"

"Den lights to fifty percent, please. Music, jazz, volume one point

The lights dimmed, and music came out of the speakers - a local jazz
station, at low volume.

Steve just sat there, amazed.

"Den lights to full. Music off."

The lights went back to full brightness, and the music died.

"That's all."

"Thank you , Sir."

He looked at me and asked "What else does it do? Who's Mabel? Who did

I grinned, and said "Mabel is the system - Machine Access By English
Language; voice activation, right? It maintains air temperature, does
alarm clock stuff, can make coffee in the morning, handles all the phone,
audio and video, fire alarms, security, and about anything else I could
think of; I did it."

He just stared at me a few moments before I reminded him "You can leave
Susan a voice message, and make it as private as you want."


"Just call Mabel's name. When she answers, say 'voice message for
Susan'. When Mabel says 'recording', say your piece, and when you're done,
just say 'end of message'. If you only want Susan to hear it, just say
'private' instead of 'voice': 'private message for Susan'. Mabel knows her
voice, and whether or not anyone else is in the room with her. If it's
private, Mabel won't play it back until Susan's alone - and the door is

He looked at me, shaking his head, before saying "This is simply too
much. I don't care if anyone else hears it; as long as Susan does."

"Okay, then. I'm going to go into the kitchen so you can have some
privacy, anyway. Need me to show you out?"

"I don't think so. Why, can't Mabel do it?"

"Sure - if you didn't mind asking her!"

He gave me the finger, and I laughed as I headed for the kitchen.
Before I got there, I paused and watched as he got started.


"Yes, sir."

"Voice message to Susan"

A pause, then "Recording"

At that, I went into the kitchen, and sat there finishing off my water.
A few minutes later, I heard the front door close.

---------- ---------- ---------

Kelly and I were both next to her when Susan woke up. She looked at
both of us, and tried to smile.

Both of us kissed her, and asked her if she was feeling better. She
said she was, and I asked if she wanted to stay there, or go into the den.
She said the den sounded good, so we got up - and when she got out of the
bed, I picked her up and carried her to the couch before setting her down
again - over her mild protests that she was fine.

Kelly asked her if she wanted a cup of coffee or anything, and she
admitted that a cup sounded pretty good. Kelly went in and got it,
bringing out a cup for all of us.

As we sat there sipping it, I told Susan "We were worried about you. A

She looked at her lap, and Kelly said "No, it's okay - you didn't do
anything wrong - like Dan said, we were just worried about you; because we
love you, and care about you."

Susan started to tear up again, and I quickly told her "It's okay,
Susan. We understand. Jan called your parents, and they came over here and
we had a nice talk. Your dad left a message for you when you want to hear

"You asked my folks over here? Why?"

"Because we love you and care for you and were worried about you,
silly!", Kelly told her.

"Susan, it's okay - really. When you listen to the message your dad
left, you'll understand, okay?"

"What happened?", she asked.

"Jan invited them over, so she should be the one to start telling
this.", I said.

Jan gave me a dirty look - it hurt as bad as the last one I'd received -
and started telling Susan what had happened.

"When you fell asleep in there, I was really, really worried about you -
worried enough that I called your folks. After you talked to us, you know,
before we took you in the bedroom, you told us that they were really making
things tough for you, so I wanted to talk to them and find out what was
going on. When they got her, I kind of shook them up a little bit, and
then let Dan have them. He can tell you the rest."

"Shook them up? How?", Susan asked.

"She answered the door naked.", I told her.

Susan giggled, and got an amused expression on her face before saying
"Yeah, I suppose that would do it. What then?"

"Well, she came in there where I was holding you, and offered to take
over for me. She kinda forgot to tell me that your folks were here, so I
got a bottle of water, and went into the den - and there they were, and
there I was, naked as a jaybird."

"Did you put something on?"

"No, why should I? This is my house!"

She giggled again, and said "What did they do?"

"Your mom hinted that I should put something on, like Jan did, but I
just ignored her. We talked for a little bit, and then I kind of explained
things to them, so they could try to understand a little bit about what
we're like here. Your dad got it way before your mom, and when she tried
to fuss, he basically told her to shut up and let him handle it. That was
when he made a voice message for you, and left."

"Can I hear it?"

"Sure - just ask Mabel to play your voice messages.", I told her. "We
can leave for a bit, if you want to listen to it alone."

"No, that's okay. Mabel!"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Voice messages for Susan"

"You have one voice message."

"Play message."

After a second, Steve's voice came out of the speakers.

"Susan, honey, I'm sorry that I have to leave you a message like this.
Not because I don't like to talk to you, or because I don't love you, but
because of what it means that I have to even leave it.

"I know, now, that your mother and I have been kind of a drain on you
these last few weeks, and I'm sorry, for both of us. But I want you to
know that you've also been a lot of help to us, too.

"Your mother and I didn't know how much of a strain we'd put you under
until today, when Kelly and Dan asked us to come over - and we got a chance
to SEE it for ourselves. Honey, I'm sorry, I truly am.

"I want you to know that, thanks to Kelly and Dan, I understand - a
little bit - what they mean to you, and how very much you mean to them.
And I understand that there's something that you want to do.

"Dan talked to your mother and me, and I finally understood how we were
putting you under so much stress. And thanks to Dan, I understood WHY it
was stressful for you. And even more, I understood how it was me that was
causing it.

"Susan, I want you to know that I understand, now, that having sex, and
making love, are two very different things - and that actually making
*love* is so much better than simply having sex. I also understand that
*making love* is something that you feel you have to do - because you think
it's right for YOU. I understand that, honey, and I respect it - a lot.
When you make a choice like that, it tells me that you're grown up now -
but I also know that I still love you, and that you still love me, no
matter WHAT happens with us, or between us. So I'm asking you to forgive
me, and your mother; and telling you, because I love you, to go ahead and
do what you want to do because I respect your choice,

"Dan and Kelly have told me that you're welcome to stay there as long as
you want - and I'm telling you that it's okay with me, too. I know that
they love you as much as I and your mother do, and that you love them. So
stay, and have fun, and enjoy yourself. We'll love to see you when you get

"I love you, Susan."

By the end of it, Susan was crying, quietly, as was Kelly - and I have
to admit that I felt a few twinges, myself.

It took Susan a few seconds to realize that the message was over, and
when she did, she quietly slid into my arms, letting me hold her as Kelly
moved over to hug her, too.

After a bit, she pulled back from me, and said "I'm free now. And

Even as Susan and I kissed, Kelly was doing her part - kissing Susan's
arms and shoulders and neck while caressing her body. Sometimes, both of
us would go to work on the same breast or ass cheek; other times, we'd each
work in our own area, keeping Susan stimulated as much as possible.

When things got crowded on the couch, we easily moved to the floor - and
expanded our explorations of each other. I soon found that Susan's labia
were thin and long, and between them lay a delightfully sweet/musky smell
and taste. I enjoyed bringing her to her first orgasm while she and Kelly
kissed and caressed and fondled each other - and Susan even dared to dip a
finger into the center of Kelly's womanhood, and sample the nectar she
found there.

As Susan took the initiative to take me into her mouth, Kelly was
between her thighs, sampling the delights I'd found - and bringing Susan to
another climax, shortly followed by my own as Susan swallowed every drop
she could draw from me. As I recovered, the two of them joined, head to
pelvis, and delighted in bringing each other to a slow, powerful orgasm.
Susan insisted on reinvigorating me, and when I was ready, moved onto my
lap, positioning herself as Kelly held me steady and guided her. All of us
were pleasantly surprised when it turned out that Susan's hymen was thin
and delicate - it didn't seem to trouble her in the slightest as she slid
herself onto me; her more than ample lubrication making the process smooth
and easy for her. When she was fully impaled, Kelly moved behind her,
holding her breasts and kissing her as Susan first adjusted to, then
learned to enjoy, my presence in her.

When she tired, Kelly and I eased her onto her back, and as I started to
move in her, she guided Kelly to a position over her, so that she could
again sample the nectar of Kelly's womanly flower as Kelly and I kissed.
It did not take her long to bring Kelly to release, and then for me to do
the same for her - listening to her shouts of joy and release as she was
overwhelmed by it. When it was over, she was still anxious for more, and
moved to her hands and knees, so that I could take her from behind. Kelly
moved under her; as even as Susan put her head between Kelly's thighs,
Kelly was already applying her nimble tongue to Susan's clitoris - and my

Surprisingly, Kelly was the first of us to climax, and when it was over,
managed to drag herself out from under Susan - a fortuitous move, since it
wasn't much later that Susan found her release - and as she did, so did I,
filling her with my semen, and triggering an even stronger series of spasms
for her when she felt it. With both of us near exhaustion, we all but
collapsed - and would surely have squashed Kelly has she not already moved.

Temporarily satiated, we lay there, holding and caressing each other as
we regained our senses, and returned to normal pulses and blood pressures.
When she'd recovered, Susan grabbed both of us, and hugged us fiercely,
telling us "Oh, THANK you!", over and over again. We took her into our
arms and held her, hugging her and kissing her softly for quite a while,
before hunger and thirst got the better of us.

Over the next several hours, we all made love with each other, in pairs,
with the third acting as facilitator and encourager. Only when we were all
thoroughly exhausted, and entirely too sticky, did we stop for a quick - if
fun - shower, then sleep; only to resume again when we woke up.

It was a full 24 hours before Susan wore us out - and then called in the
reinforcements. Over the next few days, she went on to exhaust Jan, then
Robyn, followed by Sandra and Candice. We were sure she must have slept
sometime - but none of us could actually catch her at it. Only when all of
us took turns on her did we finally manage to completely satiate her, and
reduce her to a mass of erogenous flesh, whereupon she finally dropped into

On the fourth day after she made an appearance at our door, she was
ready to finally go home - happily, and finally able to freely give anyone
all the love they wanted, and more.

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------


That all happened several years ago. Since then, thinks have changed,
as I knew they must - and turned out far better than I'd dared to hope.

All of the girls went on to college, pursuing a variety of careers:

Jan is now a high school teacher - back at the very school she'd
graduated from. She comes over to visit often, and we always have a good
time, whether it's in bed, or not. She has found a nice guy, and all of us
agree that he's pretty close to 'getting it' - Jan loves him, and he her.
Robyn teasingly made a play for him once, and he was horrified - and
promptly told Jan about it. Robyn scared him so bad, she finally had to
explain to him that she'd been teasing, and apologize. He's still kind of
twitchy around her, though.

Susan went on to become a lawyer - specializing in helping battered
women. She's not particularly rich, but too happy with what she's doing to
care. She absolutely terrifies the lawyers she goes up against - nothing
seems to scare her or shake her up; and they know if they make *any*
mistakes, she's going to roll over them like Nazi Panzers versus Polish
horse cavalry. When one irate wife-beater tried to attack her outside of
court, she dropped him in nothing flat, sending him to the hospital - and
then sued him spitless when he got out.

Robyn, to everyone's surprise, became a cop - and a damn good one, by
all accounts. She heads the domestic abuse and sex crimes department.
Rumor has it that when she busted a guy that had raped a twelve year old,
she stuck the muzzle of her .357 in his eye, pulled the hammer back, and
told him "Go ahead. Blink. Burp. Fart. Do *anything* to give me an
excuse!". Scared him so bad, he soiled his pants. Her cases are airtight,
and have never been lost in court.

Candice is a journalist - reporting for a major newspaper chain, she
makes the front pages a lot with her stories on official corruption,
government inefficiencies, and such. When a spokesperson comes out to
explain it all away, she's right there to hammer them over every lie, using
their own documents to do it. Whenever she's in town, all of us get
together, and have a good time.

Sandra finished up as a psychologist. Her field of expertise is
troubled kids; she seems to be able to work miracles with them, and is
considered the BEST. People from all over the country come to her, and
leave happy - as do their kids.

True to his word, the Bishop did a _major_ overhaul of the school - now
it's again considered the top private school in the state - parochial, or
not. Any kid we graduate is virtually guaranteed a job on graduation - at
well over minimum wage. Businesses have learned what we're doing here, and
they know our kids are smart, and motivated. Some of the parents fussed at
first - but when they saw the changes in their kids, quickly quieted down,
and appreciated their good fortune. The Bishop finally managed to convince
Kelly and I to teach classes at the high school. We're each there only one
day a week, so it works out reasonably well. Kelly's class is
Philosophical Discussions - but it gives her the cover she needs to teach
the kids about love. Mine is Problem Analysis - and I teach them how to
*think*. Both classes are nominally considered electives - but they're
always full. Our football team is mediocre, at best - but everyone is
proud of our debating team, which tends to kick ass, and the hell with
names. Ditto our math and science teams.

Paul was made a partner of the store he worked at - and is making a lot
more money for a lot less work; and enjoying life a lot more, now. He met
a nice lady friend, and they see each other enough that we wonder if there
isn't something going to happen between them. Jan likes her, as do the
boys, so it's a good sign.

Steve Moore and I have become pretty good friends. After Susan went off
to college, he and his wife found out that they simply didn't get along any
more, and divorced - amicably enough. Susan had kind of suspected
something about them, and wasn't particularly distraught by it - she still
visits both of them on an equal basis.

Kelly majored in Mathematics, with a minor in Philosophy. She has
bachelors degrees in both, and is working on a degree in Business
Administration. She went to work for me, you see, and was good enough to
more than double my customer base. It's a good thing, too - she's
pregnant, When she graduated college, I asked her to marry me - and she
agreed only if she could get some of my wigglers from the doctor and have
my baby. Whether it's an innie or outie, we don't know - we want to be
surprised. She and my secretary adore each other - I think the two of them
plot against me, just for the fun of it.

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------

Many thanks to those of you who have taken the time and trouble to send
email about the Jan series; I appreciate the feedback (both positive and

In answer to some of the questions that I've received:

* Yes, I plan to do individual (stand-alone) stories involving
characters from the Jan series; most will be about Kelly and I, but there
will be some involving Jan, and perhaps others. I'll make a point to write
them in a way that having read the 'Jan' series isn't a prerequisite.

* Yes, I plan to write some stories that don't involve any of the
characters in the Jan series. They'll likely be of the same general theme
(older man, younger woman/girl), but that's not the only subject I plan to
explore. Perhaps some incest, maybe a little mind control, for starters.

* Yes, I would consider doing stories 'for hire' - payment could take
any of a number of forms, such as access to an adult site, e-cash, or some
other intangible. My biggest concern is that that my privacy and anonymity
can be assured: I *really* don't want to be bothered by Officer O'Malley of
the Thought Police, since so many subjects are now taboo and/or illegal.
All I would need would be the person(s) wanting the story provide
sufficient detail; I wouldn't need photos, but descriptions of what is
wanted (missionary position or doggy? Oral, or no? that sort of thing),
and an appropriate level of physical detail (bust size? penis size? plump
or thin? blonde, redhead, or brunette?) for the characters. I'm more of a
fan of hetero/lesbian sex, so I doubt that I could do justice to any other
field, such as scat, fetish, etc.

* No, I'm not going to say which, if any, of the stories that I've
written, or will write, are true. Some may be literally true, some may be
exaggerations inspired by my real-life experiences, some are pure fiction.
If you don't know which are which, then I'm doing my 'job' as a writer :-)

* I write my stories using a plain text editor, since it allows me to
use the text equivalents of underline, bold, etc, without trying to
'interpret' them into their literal forms. Then I run the stories through
Microsoft Word 2000 to spell- and grammar-check them, and when that's done,
save them as plain text. I'd use Word for the whole thing, but it doesn't
know to translate underline and bold back into net-text (Yo! Micro$oft!
That's a hint).

* I get my ideas for stories from all kinds of places: stuff that really
happened to me, stuff that *almost* happened to me, stuff I've seen, stuff
I've wished for, stuff around me.

* I don't do a formal 'outline' of my stories, but I do take the time to
figure out where I want to go with them, and (approximately) how to get
there. Then I just start writing. I go back often, to read what I've
written, to make sure that it 'flows' properly, and is going the way I want
it to go. If it doesn't, I'm not reluctant to rip a section out, and start
over again.

* I deliberately try to avoid using the 'common' terms for different
parts - any gonzo can write the word 'fuck'; a real _writer_ (as I try to
be) has more class and a better vocabulary. There's also the challenge of
making each 'scene' different - I recently read an a.s.s. posting where
the author ended each sex act with something like "spurt, spurt, spurt.
dribble, dribble, dribble" Damn little literature involved in something
like that.

* How often I actually get stories finished is a complex mathematical
function. The key factors are:

* How hard my regular job is working me (available time/energy),

* My motivation level (whether or not I think I've got something worth
writing), and

* How well the story is going (how much I have to rip out and replace
because it stinks). MOSTLY, I can get 5-10K written at a sitting (more if
I really get rolling), subject to it being worth reading: I'd rather finish
up with 1K of _story_ than 100K of drivel - it's easier on all of us :-)

Responses to comments:

# Yes, I know the girls in this story are more mature than most
teenagers. That's kinda the point...

# Yes, the parents involved were a lot (!!) more understanding about
their daughter's sexuality and maturity than real parents would be. Sad,
isn't it?

# I'm not trying to 'convert' anybody by expressing my philosophy of
love and affection. It works for me. If you want to try it, go ahead. If
not, that's fine, too.

# I'm not 'down' on religion - just how it's too often used and misused.
If it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, knock yourself out - just don't
try to use it as a handle to manipulate or control *me*.

# No, I'm not really _that_ 'long-winded' - but I'm working on it :-)

# My feelings aren't hurt in the slightest if someone doesn't like what
I write, for whatever reason: topic, style, theme, whatever. There are
stories out there that *I* don't care for, and don't read them, for much
the same reasons. But telling me I'm sick and immoral after reading
something I posted to seems a *wee* bit hypocritical...


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