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This story entitled 'Jacks family Saga' published
in (currently) 3 volumes is the intellectual
property of the author davidb234, and may not be
distributed or posted to any pay site or
organisation without the authors specific consent.
It may be posted to free sites and archives
provided all re-posts are notified to me at at the time of re-posting.
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This story contains detailed descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you
do not like this then delete the file and go away.
If you are under the age of consent where you live,
or it is against any law or statute where you
reside, to read or obtain such materiel, then
delete the file and do not read any further.
Otherwise read and enjoy this long, multi-part
davidb234 author.
JACKS family SAGA Volume 1

"And so Ladies and Gentlemen, in conclusion, I
would like to thank all those who have supported me
over the past three decades and confirm my decision
not to seek re-election at the end of my current
term of office. I've decided to leave it to younger
men with new ideas, to carry the torch I lit so
many years ago. All I ask is that whoever you
choose to succeed me, he, or she, has the same
passionate belief in the youth of our country that
I had when I started out on the long rocky road
into political office." With that I sat down almost
oblivious to the thunderous applause that was
echoing around the packed convention centre. While
all the other speakers were droning on in their own
inimitable fashion I sat back with my cigar and a
glass of wine and allowed my mind to drift back to
when it all started:-

I'm Jack Bowman, I write computer programs
something at which I'm damned good. At 35, my love
life is pretty tame even though I'm considered good
looking and quite virile. I just don't mix very
well. It had been at least 6 months since I last
had sex, a one night stand picked up in a bar that
I'd rather forget. To be honest I was having a real
shitty time both in my private life and at work.
I was currently obliging my sister-in-law (actually
my ex-wife's sister) with whom I was still
friendly, by having her daughter Kelly live with me
while she attended the local university, this is so
that the family didn't have to pay for expensive
accommodation. The agreement was that Kelly had her
own room that she kept clean and tidy (???) and
that she cooked the occasional meal while she lived
in. Apart from that she was at liberty to treat my
house as her own, even to entertaining her own
friends , within reasonable bounds. I carried on as
I always had, just as if Kelly wasn't there.
The arrangement worked fine, with only one or two
occasions that I'd had to ask her to consider what
she was doing before things got out of hand. Even
when my sister-in-law asked me for reports on how
Kelly was behaving, I managed to allay her fears
and at the same time showed Kelly that I was
treating her as an adult. I even treated as a joke
the night she was brought home by her date, who
sensibly deposited her at the door and left before
Kelly let herself in. Kelly was so drunk that she
could barely stand, let alone get up the stairs to
bed. I helped her to her bedroom, stood her in
front of her bed and said good night. The following
morning Kelly came downstairs looking and feeling
very much the worse for wear and so obviously hung
over. "Did you enjoy yourself last night" I said,
with a huge grin on my face. "I don't know" she
replied in a husky voice, "I only remember having a
couple of beers and a dance with Fred, the next
thing was I woke up, still fully dressed on my
bed" she said, "That's the last time I'm going to
drink, I don't think I like the feeling
afterwards". "I don't blame you" I replied and left
it at that. I must admit that it was a long time
before she did it again, and that next time sticks
in my mind like no other and ended up changing my
life and that of many other people.
It was a cold January Friday night, the one night
of the week I went out with a few of my buddies for
a quiet drink and nice friendly game of penny ante
poker. I'd done well and made a few bucks and also
wasn't too drunk. I arrived home to the sight of a
girl being carried out my front door by a rather
large young man. I recognised him as John and the
girl as Lisa, Kelly's best friend. They'd been
over many times to go swimming and hang out. "I
just got here and found these two totally wasted",
John said. "How's Kelly?" I said with a smile.
"She's pretty far gone too" he replied then laid
Lisa in the back seat of his car and drove off.
I walked into the house and saw my niece passed out
on my big old leather sofa, many beer bottles and a
near empty whiskey bottle on the coffee table. I've
tried to convince Kelly that booze wasn't good for
young women, but without an older woman around, it
had been tough. She was a good kid and at 18 she
seemed to have it together. She didn't drink that
often, but when she did, this was usually the
result. She looked very much like her mother since
she changed the colour of her hair and in the last
year her body had began to fill out quite nicely.
Her clothes had become more revealing and so had
her sexuality.
She was passed out all right. She was laid out on
the sofa, her eyes tight shut. Her T-shirt rucked
up to revealed her smooth stomach and just barely
covered her noticeably adult breasts. I called her
name and shook her with absolutely no response. I
lifted her off the sofa and carried her to her
bedroom, laying her on the bed carefully. As I
laid her down, her shirt caught on my belt, then
slipped free revealing much of her left breast. I
didn't think anything of it and instinctively
reached to cover her. Just as my hand reached her
shirt, Kelly shifted her sleeping body, totally
exposing her tit, pressing it briefly on to my
hand. I quickly pulled it away, my little finger
catching on her nipple. Her breast moved slightly
before returning to stillness. I pulled her shirt
down and stood over her feeling a stirring in my
trousers as I gazed over her firm young body.*
I left the bedroom and headed for the kitchen for a
beer. I was disappointed but not surprised to find
that Kelly and her friend had drunk them all. I
remembered the whiskey bottle on the table where
Kelly had passed out. Reaching for the bottle I
found it to be nearly empty, no wonder she was so
drunk. I poured myself the rest and drank it
quickly. I sat back and closed my eyes as my mind
recalled the brief glimpse I'd had of Kelly's
body. My penis began to get hard at the thought of
seeing her naked breast. I thought back to the
other erotic sights I had seen. There was the time
I walked into her room to call her for dinner and
found her dozing on her bed. She lay on her
stomach wearing this same T-shirt and a pair of
lace trimmed panties. She had the nicest ass I had
ever seen. Thoughts of pulling those panties down
raced through my head. She was my niece, but how
much can a man take. I thought of this summer when
she proudly displayed her incredible tan to me by
pulling her bikini bottoms down slightly for me to
see, "Isn't this the best tan Uncle Jack?". I had
nodded agreement still gazing at the small patch
of fur that was also visible. I watched her as she
made some ice tea, noting how nice and rounded her
breasts had become. One night I'd woken up thirsty
and headed to the kitchen. Passing her door I
heard a strange sound and, listening closer, her
moaning. I stood there a while, listening to her
slowly masturbating until I heard her soft cries
of orgasm then shot my load all over the carpet
outside her door. The next day, while she was at
class I found the cause of the strange sound in her
drawers. It was a vibrating dildo. She hadn't
washed it and I could still see how deep she
stuck it inside her. I jerked off that afternoon at
the thought of planting a video camera in her room
to catch her on tape.
Very soon I found myself in Kelly's room again,
giving myself the excuse that I should check on her
to see if she was OK. I called her name softly but
she remained out cold in the same position I'd
left her. I sat next to her on the bed and called
her name again, shaking her shoulder. Nothing. I
put my hand on her belly and stroked her gently. I
watched her face for any response. She had a
lovely sexy face with a turned up nose. She had a
little mouth with soft lips that seemed born to
suck cock. My cock was raging hard by now but I
told myself that all I wanted was another brief
glance at those gorgeous tits. My hand was moving
higher so that it slid under her shirt, grazing
the underside of her breasts. The next time around
my hand stopped as it reached the firm roundness
of her breast. My other hand, which had been
stroking my now erect penis, lifted her shirt over
those beautiful rounded hillocks, then quickly
returned to hold my throbbing cock. My free hand
cupped around her breast, feeling it's firm
fullness. My thumb played with her nipple, which
began to harden. I stared at her creamy white
breasts which were emphasised by her wonderful
tan. They were so soft in my hand, and were
begging to be sucked. I leaned over and kissed her
firm young belly working up to her tits which I
began to suckle almost immediately. I couldn't
believe I was sucking on my own niece's tits.
Suddenly I felt myself cumming and there was no
stopping it. I stood up just in time to send my
first shot of cum across Kelly's face and into her
hair. The next load exploded onto her shoulder and
neck. I aimed the third shot lower and it struck
her left breast. I continued spraying my niece's
tits with my cum until my knees would hold me no
longer. I watch as my cum pooled between her tits
and then slowly oozed its way down her belly,
filling her navel and then running off her side
onto the bedclothes. I went to the bathroom to
get a wet cloth to wipe her off. It wasn't really
incest was it? I mean, she wasn't a blood relative
or anything, was she?. I thought I'd better clean
her up and get to bed. As I returned to her room I
pictured my cum hitting her tits and felt my cock
begin to grow again. I started to relish the
thought of wiping her boobs clean of my cum. I
liked the thought of my semen being rubbed into
her skin, that had always been a point of intense
arousal for me. When I entered her room I was
surprised to find that Kelly had rolled over on
her stomach, my cum was now wiped into her bedding.
" Are you awake Kelly?" I said softly. I watched
her for a moment, picturing the time I found her
asleep in the same position wearing only her lace
edged panties. I wonder if she could be wearing
them now. My cock jumped to a full erection at the
thought. I had to see. I walked over to her and
shook her gently. "Kelly?". Nothing. I climbed on
the bed kneeling next to her knees. I put my hands
on either side of her shorts, turned the top edge
over and slid them down slowly, noting how easily
the material slid over itself. If she hadn't been
wearing those same lace edged underpants I swear I
would have stopped there. *
My hands kept moving, revealing more and more of
those panties as well as her perfectly rounded
ass. I slipped the shorts past her knees and then
her feet and tossed them against the wall. I
returned my attention to my beautiful niece,
spreading her legs slightly so that I could lay
between them, my elbows on each side of her legs
and face hovering over her firm buttocks. I kissed
each cheek and then fulfilled one of my fantasies
by tracing my finger along the edge of her panty
line. My cock was raging for attention and my hips
accommodated it by slowly grinding it against the
bed. With my hand I moved the panties to one side
so I could get to more of my niece's lovely ass.
What I saw then almost made me come right then. It
was without doubt a lipstick mark in the shape of
lips. Her friend Lisa had already been down here
kissing her ass and sucking on her pussy. Kelly
was bisexual! I pictured her spread out on the
sofa with her friend Lisa's head buried in between
her thighs. I kissed the same spot her friend had
been earlier, sliding her panties further to the
side. I then decided that as much as I loved these
panties, I would feel better if they were laying on
the floor. I returned to my knees and carefully
removed my nieces panties, totally revealing her
gorgeous lower body. I brought her panties to my
face, inhaling the wonderful musky odour that was
soaked into them. I noticed that they were a little
damp at the crouch area, most likely from the
juices that leaked from her even after the pussy
sucking session with Lisa. After one last sniff I
tossed them to join her shorts then returned to my
previous position between her legs. I heard
Kelly's deep breathing as I kissed her firm rounded
ass. I could do this for eternity, I thought. I
continued my tonguing for a few minutes when Kelly
made a noise and tried to roll over onto her back.
I froze in place, my heart skipping a beat. I sat
up allowing her body to roll over. She returned to
her heavy breathing and I knew she was still out.
She still had her shirt on, but it was pulled up
to her chin, totally exposing her firm young tits.
Her almost naked body glistened in the lamp light.
I saw the spots of dried cum still on her tits and

I spread her legs and lowered myself down again,
this time her pussy only inches from my face. It
seemed Kelly likes Lisa between her legs. I began
to trace Lisa's lipstick trail all around Kelly's
fragrant cunt. I could feel drops of pre-cum oozing
out my cock, I needed to cum again, and soon. With
my tongue I parted my nieces pussy lips, tasting her
musky sweetness. I had to fight the incredible urge
to climb up on her and jam my throbbing cock into
her and fuck her until I emptied my load. Damn it,
she is my niece, I shouldn't be touching her in the
first place. I continued licking her slowly,
wondering whether to fuck her or not when another
idea popped into my head. I got up off the bed
and went quickly to her dresser. I opened her
panty drawer and searched until I found what I was
looking for, her vibrating dildo! I returned to the
bed and laid down next to Kelly, my face overlooking
her groin and my prick up by her face.

I placed the end of the huge rubber penis at the
entrance of her love hole. I rubbed the tip up and
down her pink slit and around her clit. Kelly then
shifted her body again, spreading her legs wide. I
let the rubber prick slide in a little deeper,
getting about half the enormous head into her.
Kelly began to moan softly, spreading her legs
even wider. She was starting to wake up. Just a
few more minutes I thought, risking being caught
was worth this pleasure, my half drunken mind
rationalised. I began to slide the head of the
dildo in and out her now soaking wet pussy. "Eat
my pussy Lisa. Oh pleeeeaaase" she suddenly moaned
out load. I increased the speed and depth of the
dildo fucking. "Fuck me Lisa! Fuck my cunt!" she
cried out softly. Her hand reached down between
her legs and began to rub her clit while I pumped
her cunt. I was mesmerised as I watched her take
control of the dildo and continuing the pumping
action. I was about to stand up and jerk off again
onto her lovely body when I felt a warm wetness
around my cock. I looked down to see my nieces lips
gripping my cock. I watched in amazement as my cock
disappeared and reappeared from Kelly's mouth. I
couldn't bring myself to cum in her mouth without
her being aware of it, but since she was already
sucking I decided it was all right for her to
continue. With my now free hand I began to roam
over her body towards her tits. I began to fondle
them alternately, pinching her erect nipples much
harder than before. The slurping sound between her
legs increased along with the suction/slurping
sounds from her mouth. I pinched hard and she let
out a cry. *
Kelly's hips began to churn wildly. She threw her
head back on the pillow as her body began to
convulse wildly, "Oh god Ohgodohgodohgodohgod" she
cried aloud. She pulled the dildo out of her cunt
and startled me with "Fuck me, Fuck me Uncle Jack,
please fuck me!!!!!". No, I can't, I thought.
"Please fuck me Uncle Jack, your niece needs your
cock now". Her eyes were closed as she let out a
last "Pleeeeeeeeease" I couldn't take anymore. I
got between her wide spread legs, grabbed her
ankles and put them over my shoulders. I took my
prick, aimed it at her steamy hole and plunged in.
"Oh yes!!!!!!!! Fuck me Uncle Jack! Fuck me hard!"
I held her legs straight up as I began to fuck my
nieces pussy. With each slam I saw her tits bounce
back and forth. I thought about pulling out and
coming over those creamy white tits when she
breathlessly pleaded for me to cum inside her.
When she said that, I laid on her, allowing her
legs to fall over my back and fucked her for all I
was worth. I didn't care anymore, I was going to
cum in my gorgeous niece's sweet pussy. I felt my
orgasm building and pumped harder. Kelly was now
crying out in pleasure.

I felt my cum begin flooding into Kelly's body as I
heard myself crying out. Wave after wave of orgasm
racked our bodies. I'd never cum as hard before in
my life. Kelly was still moaning as I lay exhausted
on top of her. I kissed her neck and gave each
breast one final kiss. I slowly got up on to my
knees, moaning slightly as my cock slid out of her
tight pussy. She looked so beautiful laying there,
I wish she wasn't my niece. "Don't go Uncle Jack"
Kelly whispered, "Stay here with me. Please." I
lay on the bed next to her and she rolled half on
top of me, straddling my leg. "Maybe Lisa will
join us next time. Would you like that Uncle Jack?"
Before I could answer her she was asleep. I can't
believe I had just fucked my niece, I must really
be perverted or something. The thing was that I'd
love to do it again, that is, if she didn't hate me
in the morning.

The next morning I awoke with a huge erection, and
my niece's lips wrapped around it. She was slowly
pumping my cock with her hot mouth. My cock had
got all its sensitivity back, and I was enjoying
the wonderful sensation of her tongue swirling
around the head. I watched as her head moved
slowly up and down, my cock disappearing into her
face. She began to go faster as my hips started
moving by themselves. I felt my orgasm building.
"Kelly, I'm going to cum." She only pumped harder.
I closed my eyes and put my hand on the back of
her head and pulled it into my body. She relaxed
her neck and let me control the pumping action. I
pulled her head down hard on my cock as my hips
began to thrust into her face. I thought I would
explode as my prick slammed into her mouth. I
started shooting cum down my niece's throat. I
felt her sucking harder, swallowing every drop. I
let go of her head and let her suck me dry. "I
have to get going, I'm late for class" she said. I
just closed my eyes and returned to my slumber. I
heard the shower and then, half asleep, watched
my niece get dressed and leave. "I love you Uncle
Jack!" she chirped as she closed the door and left.
"Me too." I murmured. This was going to be a great

That evening when Kelly got home from her classes,
and had cooked our evening meal, I decided that I'd
better apologise for the previous nights events. I
was not actually sorry that they'd taken place,
after all it had been the best sex I'd had for
years. No, it was just that I wanted to see what
reaction I would get from Kelly. "I'm really sorry
I took advantage of you when you were drunk, last
night, Kelly" I said. "It was really too bad of me
and I'd quite understand if you wanted to move back
home and tell your mother what had happened." She
looked at me with a serious expression on her face,
"I don't think I had better tell mom what happened"
she said "She'd be so jealous that she'd want to
move in and take you off me." "I'm not at all sorry
you did what you did" she said "in fact I just wish
you'd done it months ago, AND I just hope that
you'll do it again, it was wonderful to have you
make love to me." "Well" I replied "I'd like to do
it again, but next time I'd like you to be sober
and awake so that I don't feel like a complete
heel". "I don't think that I'll ever drink like
that again, and I could kill Lisa for getting me
drunk like she did" retorted Kelly "All I did was
ask her how she was getting on with her latest
boyfriend and she started to cry and moan about how
he'd dumped her for another girl from out of town
and how she was finished with boys and was going
to look for someone a bit older who'd treat her a
lot better." Kelly paused and looked at me with a
smile on her face," I wonder if she'd think you
were too old for her" she said. "Would you fancy
making out with Lisa the same as you did with me?".
"No I wouldn't" I replied "I'd prefer it if she
were sober, and because I love you so much I'd also
prefer it if you were there to make sure I didn't
do anything you wouldn't like yourself." "Well, If
you remember, I did suggest that to you last night,
before I went to sleep, and I was serious because
we've often talked about what it would be like to
share a bed with a man. And I can't think of a man
I would rather share with her than you" she said.
The look I gave her was so expressive that I had no
need to tell her that I was looking forward to such
an encounter. Nothing more was said on the subject
for the rest of our evening meal, and even while we
shared the chore of doing the dishes the most that
happened was that Kelly would occasionally brush up
against me with her body as she walked past me.
Once all the chores were done it only seemed natural
for us to sit together on the sofa watching tv
rather than on separate seats as usually happened
on the few evenings she didn't have a date.

We started off with me with my arm around Kelly's
shoulder, my hand resting on, but not caressing,
her breast, and her head resting on my chest.
Before long she was slipping down and ended up
with her head on my lap and her body curled up
beside me. We sat there watching whatever was on
TV, neither of us paying too much attention, as our
thoughts were on other things. I moved my left hand
so that I could place it around Kelly's left
breast, and placed my right hand on her head and
started to stroke her hair. I fully expected her to
start to get aroused with my caresses, but to my
amazement she snuggled herself deeper into my lap,
gave a little moan of pleasure and promptly went to
sleep. We stayed there in the same position for
three hours, during which time my legs went numb,
but I didn't have the heart to move in case I woke
her up. It wasn't until about 11PM that I finally
had to move her as I was desperate to go the
bathroom. Very gently I lifted her head, slid out
from under her and laid her head back down. When I
got back from the bathroom I stood for a moment,
looking down at her sleeping form and decided that
I would leave her there, rather than wake her up to
tell her it was time for bed. I went back to the
bathroom, stripped off and had a steaming hot
shower, I dried myself off and, still naked, got
into bed. I had been lying there for about and
hour, my thoughts on what had happened during the
last 24 hours, and was just dozing off, when I felt
the weight of a body on the mattress next to me.
Realising who it was I turned over and looked up at
Kelly. She looked down at me, placed a hand on my
chest and whispered "Can I get into bed with you
and sleep with you just as if I was your wife?". I
nodded and said "OK, but not as a wife, rather as a
lover, I don't want you to think that I have a hold
on you that'll stop you making love to someone else
in the future". She got into bed beside me, snuggled
up close and said "I want to go to sleep feeling your
wonderfully strong arms about me, and feel so safe
and comfortable". I pulled her close to me, bent my
head down to kiss her lovingly, pulled the sheet
close around us and we both drifted off to sleep.

This cosy domestic set-up went on for a couple of
weeks. I'd get back from work to find Kelly home
from classes, preparing a meal for us both, on
Friday evenings she would kiss me goodbye as I went
out to my poker night. Weekends we went out for a
drive during the day and to a movie in the evening
and every night Kelly would get into bed with me.
It seemed natural that our love making was a good
as ever it had been the first time. We didn't have
sex every night but when we did it was wonderful.
On the second Friday after our first sexual
encounter we were sitting on the sofa snuggled up
close, discussing what we were going to be doing
over the weekend. Kelly was laid out on her back
with her head on my lap, she looked up at me and
said "Do we have to go out this weekend, Uncle
Jack.... can't we stay in for a change" "Of course
we can sweetheart, if that's what you want to do,
have you a special reason for not going out?". She
smiled up at me and lifted her eyebrows. "You
remember me asking you if you would like to get
Lisa into your bed" she said, "Weeelll... I was
talking to her the other day and telling her about
our wonderful arrangement, and she was green with
envy." "I hope you weren't too indiscreet with your
true confessions, even if it was to your best
friend" I said "Oh, no, we tell each other
everything and have both promised never to split on
each other, it's just that she hasn't been out with
a boy for weeks, and she did tell me that she has
secretly fancied you for ages and ages".*
"OK, but what do you think about me making it with
your best friend, do you want to be there and help,
or are you going to invite her here and go out and
leave us to get on with it?". She wriggled her head
into my lap and said "Oh no, I don't intend leaving
you two together, I don't know what I'll miss, I
fully intend to be there all the time and make sure
that you do right by Lisa, and I hope by me too,
even if it means that you end up in bed all
weekend." "OK" I said "Now tell me what you have
already arranged with Lisa and stop pretending that
you've only just thought of it."
Just then there was a knock on the door, Kelly
looked up at me and smiling said "Don't you think
that that's perfect timing, that'll be Lisa with
her overnight bag, do you want to let her in or
shall I." "I'll go" I said, and went to open the
door. Sure enough there was Lisa standing there
holding a small plastic bag, about large enough to
hold a night-dress. "Come in Lisa" I said, "Kelly's
just told me that you were coming for the weekend".
I stood aside and let her brush past me, "I hope
you don't mind me coming like this, Uncle Jack. You
don't mind if I call you Uncle Jack the same as
Kelly, do you." "No, that's fine with me Lisa, so
long as it is only in this house, I'd rather not
have other people get the wrong idea about what's
going on." I replied. I showed her through to where
Kelly was sitting on the sofa. As we entered the
room Kelly rose and went up to Lisa, put her arms
around her and gave her a passionate kiss, full on
the lips. Lisa responded in like manner, the pair
of them ignoring my presence. As they pulled apart
Kelly said to Lisa, "Everything's OK, you can stay
for the whole weekend if you want". Lisa giggled
like a little girl, "What about the other thing"
she whispered, as if not wanting me to hear. "No
problem" whispered Kelly "We have a super weekend
ahead of us just like we planned, only you must
promise not to chicken out when we .. you-know-
what, OK?". Lisa nodded in agreement "I promise,
but only if you're with me." Kelly nodded her head
and they both came over to the sofa and sat down
one each side of me. Wanting to keep the mood
friendly and relaxed I said with a smile, "What a
gorgeous sandwich this is, me between two beautiful
young girls, what more could a guy want?". They
both put an arm around me, and I did the same,
trying to ensure that I was able to touch their
outer breast with my finger tips. As they felt me
touch them they both got in closer enabling me to
place my hands fully onto their breasts. They were
obviously looking at each other because, after some
unspoken signal between them they both placed their
free hand on to my groin. The effect of this was to
make my, already swelling manhood, grow even
faster. As they felt it getting bigger they both
pushed out their chests to allow me better contact
with their breasts. I could feel that neither of
them had anything on under the shirts they were
wearing and their nipples were standing out like
cropped bolts. As I caressed these two lovely, firm
rounded breasts, gently pinching the nipples
through the materiel of their shirts with my
fingertips, both girls rubbed their hands over my
hardening penis. Kelly looked at Lisa and said
"Shall I, or will you?" "Can I do it please" Lisa
whispered. Kelly nodded and undid the clasp of my
pants while Lisa grasped the tag of my zipper and
began to pull it down. As it was my habit, when
staying at home in the evening, not to wear shorts
under my pants, my, by now throbbing prick, emerged
as the zipper was drawn down to the bottom. Lisa
gave a little gasp and Kelly a murmur of delight as
my prick rose from the constriction of my clothing.
Kelly immediately grasped the thick base in her
free hand and kissed the engorged tip. She then
started to run her tongue down the full length.
After a moment or two of this Kelly looked up at
Lisa and said "How about joining me on this
wonderful iron rod?" "And how" said Lisa and
putting out her tongue started to run it around the
purple head. These two lovely girls spent fifteen
minutes kissing, licking and sucking my throbbing
prick and only stopped when I gasped that I'd soon
be coming if they didn't. "We can't have that can
we" said Lisa "Not likely, we've a better idea, and
a better use for that wonderful semen you want to
send our way" responded Kelly. With that they both
stood up in front of me and turned to face each
other. Kelly looked at me and said, "Stay there and
look but don't touch just yet, we want you really
worked up before we make you cum, OK?" "Fine by me"
I said, and sat back ready and willing to be
entertained by two sexy teenage girls. *
The girls held each others hands as they stood
there facing each other, slowly they stepped closer
until they were touching at the lips, breasts and
hips. They started to kiss, and I could see their
tongues working together. At the same time they
were rubbing their hips together. They unclasped
their hands and passed their arms around each other
hugging tight as they kissed. After a few moments
they parted and began to touch each others bodies.
Starting at the face and working their way down
until they were caressing each other nipples. Both
girls had their eyes closed and their mouths
slightly open as they felt the pleasure of their
mutual touching. As if on a pre-arranged, unspoken
signal they stopped playing with each others
breasts and nipples and Lisa reached down and
pulled Kelly's T-shirt from the waistband of her
jeans. Slowly she lifted the shirt until I could
see the profile of Kelly's breasts. At this point
Lisa's hands reached Kelly's armpits and, spreading
her hands apart, pressed on the underside of
Kelly's arms. As Lisa pressed harder Kelly lifted
her arms and allowed Lisa to remove the shirt
completely. As she did this very slowly I was able
to get a really wonderful view of Kelly's breasts
as the raising of her arms made her push them out,
accentuating the firm, roundness, that I had come
to know and adore. As the T-shirt came over Kelly's
arms she dropped them to her side and clasped her
hands behind her back. Lisa leaned forward slightly
and began to caress Kelly's nipples with her
tongue, at the same time caressing the naked
breasts with her fingertips. This went on for what
seemed hours, but was in reality only a few
minutes, all the time Kelly stood there with her
eyes closed, her mouth open so that I could hear
the quiet gasps of pleasure as Lisa palpated her
breasts. Suddenly Lisa stopped what she was doing,
kissed Kelly on the lips and stood upright, arms by
her side and eyes tight closed. It seemed obvious
that the girls had worked out exactly what they
were going to be doing and the effect that it would
have on themselves as well as me.
Without a single glance to see how, what they were
doing, was affecting me, Kelly turned Lisa round so
that she was facing the same way. Kelly then
started to undo the buttons on Lisa's blouse and
when she had reached the bottom one she pulled the
blouse out from the waistband of Lisa's skirt, and
slipped it off of Lisa's shoulders, pulling back on
her arms as she did so. This had the wonderful
effect of pushing Lisa's chest out and accenting
the shape of her breasts. The gentle swelling of
the breasts ending in the superb spiky nipples made
a wonderful sight that was made better by Kelly
beginning to fondle them with the palms of her
hands and tweak the nipples with her fingertips.
This made Lisa push her chest out in an effort to
receive more fondling from Kelly's hands. All this
time Lisa had her eyes tight closed and was taking
in short sharp breaths through her dilated
nostrils. Kelly reached down to the waistband of
Lisa's skirt and released the clasps holding it up,
she let go and, with a gentle sigh it fell to the
floor, leaving Lisa with only a pair of very skimpy
panties covering her. As soon as her skirt fell
free of her legs, Lisa spun round, dropped to her
knees in front of Kelly, and began to undo the
fastening at the waist of Kelly's jeans. She opened
up the top of the garment, and with a single stroke
pulled the zipper down. Transferring her hands to
the side pockets of the jeans Lisa pulled them down
over Kelly's legs and by lifting each leg in turn
removed them from her feet, throwing them to one
side and out of the way of the area the two girls
were occupying. Kelly was also wearing the very
skimpiest of underwear and it was obvious that both
girls were beginning to be affected by their mutual
caressing by the dark, damp patch that was showing
at the bottom of their only item of clothing. The
two girls now stood up, facing each other and came
together so that they were touching at their lips,
their nipples and their hips, they each moved their
hands so that they were grasping each others
buttocks and, pulling themselves closer together
they started to mover their hips, grinding them on
each others movements, all the time kissing each
other and rubbing their breasts against the
This was a little too much for me to take sitting
down, so I got to my feet and, standing as close as
I could to both of them I started to run my hands
down their backs, starting at their shoulders and
working my way down to their gyrating bottoms. Here
I started to squeeze and fondle in time with their
gyrations, slowly working my middle fingers down
into the crack of their backsides. I worked my way
down both their bottom cracks until I reached the
puckered rosebud of their anus's where I began
moving my fingers round and round in tiny circles
until the tip of my finger entered each hole
simultaneously. This made both of the girls give a
loud gasp and jerk their hips forwards and their
heads back, at the same moment opening their eyes
and seeing the surprised look on the others face.
They both turned and looked at me, each with a
gentle smile on their faces as together they both
pulled their hips apart, pressing themselves back
on to the finger that was entering each bottom. The
girls passed their nearest arm round me and
together they pulled me into a close embrace,
kissing me where they could and pressing their
closest breast into my chest, all the time slowly
wriggling their buttocks to make the most of the
contact they had with my finger. I felt their free
hands searching at the top of my trousers for the
clasp I had done up as I stood up, one of them
found it and with a little murmur whoever it was
undid the clasp and allowed my trousers to drop to
the floor. I stepped out of them and kicked them
out of the way as I didn't want then to impede
anything that might soon be happening. "This isn't
fair" I said, breaking a very noisy silence. "I am
the only one that's naked". "Why don't you do
something about it then" said Lisa "I'm sure I
won't mind if you strip me." said Kelly.
Reluctantly I took my digits from the two lovely
warm and tight havens in which they had been
resting and dropped to my knees in front of those
two almost naked female forms before me. I hooked
my fingers under the string at the side of Lisa's
panties and slowly drew them down over her
wonderfully shapely hips and thighs. As I bared the
little patch of hair at the top of her lower lips I
couldn't resist placing a kiss there. I followed
the waistband of her underwear with my lips until I
reached the lowest part of her pussy where I
quickly inserted my tongue, pressing it in as far
as I could until I had completely removed her
panties from her feet and thrown them across the
room. Abandoning Lisa to whatever feelings I had
aroused in her I turned my attention to Kelly where
I gave her exactly the same treatment, with the one
exception that she knew what I was going to do and
when she took advantage and held my head to her
cunt for a moment longer so she could enjoy the
ministrations of my tongue a little more. As I
stood up Kelly stepped up close and, placing her
arms around me, kissed me long and deep. "I've told
Lisa how wonderful your cum tastes" she said "Now
she wants to taste it herself, so stand quite still
while we get some for her, OK?" . "OK" I replied
with a grin "I'm sure you won't have to wait too
long so don't blink or you'll miss it, and that
will never do". With that Kelly and Lisa dropped to
their knees and started to work their hand and oral
magic on my hot throbbing penis. As I predicted it
wasn't long before I gasped "steady girls I'm
coming any moment". I looked down to see Kelly
rubbing her grasping hand up and down the shaft of
my prick while Lisa held the purple head on her
outstretched tongue. I came, shooting great globs
of creamy cum on to Lisa's tongue and felt Kelly
pull my prick away from Lisa's mouth. I opened my
eyes to see her aim the last spurts on to her chest
and tits, and, letting go of me, she proceeded to
spread it over herself with her hands. Lisa watched
this in amazement and said in a quiet voice "Does
that feel nice Kell?" "Mmm it sure does Lis, do you
want to try some?" "Oh yes please, can I have some
of what you have there if there's enough". Kelly
proceeded to share what she had with her friend
telling her that next time they'd have to stand
nipple to nipple and let me jerk off on to them
both at the same time. What a prospect that was I
thought, I can't wait, but would have to as I was
all wanked out just now. "Let's get cleaned up
shall we" I suggested, "Then we can discuss what
you two want from me this evening" I then had the
pleasure of watching the girls wash each other down
in the shower and the greater pleasure of having
them both scrub me down, ending up with a rather
nice erection in the process. Kelly suggested that
we get into bed and have a sexy chat before they
asked me to do anything specific.*
As we lay there Lisa asked me what it was like to
have sex with my niece. I told her that it was an
incredibly erotic feeling to think that we were
doing something that many people thought was so
wrong. "But it's not actually wrong Uncle Jack"
said Kelly "After all I am only related to you by
marriage, it's not as if I were your daughter or
anything". "That's true" I replied, feeling more
than a little relieved that she took that attitude,
"It still felt wrong, but very exciting the first
time I touched you, and I did feel awful at having
fucked you when you were not fully cognisant due to
the booze you'd drunk". "All I know is, is that I
felt wonderful the next morning when I woke up, and
I remembered what had happened, and just wished
that you'd be there beside me when I opened my eyes
so that I could do it again" said Kelly, putting
her arms round me and hugging me tight. Lisa put
her arms round Kelly and me and said "I wish I
could wake up and be able to feel a man next to me
that would then make love to me as soon as I opened
my eyes". Kelly giggled and said "Why not stay the
night, sleep with us and do that in the morning,
would that be all right Uncle Jack?" "Yes, so
long as Lisa's mother doesn't mind her staying
over, why not give her a call now" So both girls
leapt out of bed and allowed me to see them walking
naked over to the phone. I also had the pleasure of
seeing them walking naked back to the bed when they
had finished their phoning. "My mom said it was OK
so long as I wouldn't be making a nuisance of my
self and not putting you out" said Lisa giggling,
"Kelly told her that she'd got your OK before we
phoned, and that you didn't mind her having certain
friends stay over whenever she wanted". At that the
girls got back into bed with me, one on each side.
Sitting upright, I put an arm round both girls
shoulders and said as seriously as I could, "look
you two, it may be that we're going to get into a
situation when one or other of you may suddenly
change your minds and want to stop what we're
doing. As the word 'No' can means something
different, depending on the circumstances can we
have an understanding that I'll always stop if
either of you say the word WASHINGTON, as that'll
mean you really want me to stop" Kelly and Lisa
looked at each other, almost afraid to say anything
for a minute. "OK Uncle Jack, we understand." "I do
mean any time, not just tonight or this weekend,
it's sort of a safeword for your protection." As
they nodded their agreement I settled back to enjoy
the evening and I then told Kelly and Lisa that
they should lay flat on their stomachs, arms under
their heads and legs apart. As they were getting
into this position I started to run my hands down
their backs until I reached a wonderful pair of
buttocks which I stroked, and squeezed until I
could feel a bit of a response. I then insinuated
each long middle finger between both pairs of
cheeks until I found their anal rosebuds. Firmly
but gently I pushed my fingers into the two virgin
bottoms, pressing down as I did so. Both girls
gasped as I worked my fingers in and out getting
deeper and deeper until I was able to push two more
fingers into each girls sopping wet cunts. I
continued to finger fuck their cunts and asses
until first Kelly and then Lisa began thrusting
their hips into the mattress as they orgasmed over
and over again. I got up onto my knees, turned to
look down on they two naked backs, and rolled both
Kelly and Lisa over so that I could see their tits
and cunts. They both looked up at me and I said "OK
who is going to be first to be fucked?" Lisa sat up
and put her arms out to me "Me please Uncle Jack,
your finger felt so sexy in my bottom can you get
your prick there, I think that would be so sexy and
something none of my friends have done" "OK" I said
"But how about if Kelly helps me to butt fuck you
and you do the same when it is her turn, wouldn't
that be even sexier?" " Yes please" they said in
unison "How do we do it?" Making a pile of pillows
in the middle of the bed I told Lisa to lay over it
so that her bottom was sticking up in the air a
bit. I reached over to the drawer of my night table
and took out a tube of KY gel. Placing the opened
top to Lisa's anus I squeezed some out of the tube,
then pressed my fingertip in to spread it around.
"Now Kelly, I want you to put some on the head of
my prick and guide it to Lisa's anus, and Lisa I
want you to grasp your bottom cheeks and pull them
as far apart as you can." Lisa lay down with her
face and breasts pressed into the mattress and
reached back to open up her rear passage. "You must
relax completely Lisa, and if you feel it hurt ask
me to wait for a moment, I won't force anything,
OK?" She nodded as best she could and I started to
push my rock hard prick into her ass. As the head
passed her sphincter I paused for a moment and
looked down at her, "OK lover?" I asked "Mmmm. "
she replied and letting go of her bottom cheeks she
raised herself up on to her elbows, raised her
head, turned to look at me . "It's fine Uncle Jack,
but please take it slow, it's the first time I ever
did this".*
Tentatively Lisa started to press herself back as
if she were trying to impale herself on my
throbbing penis. I slowly pressed forward as she
came back to meet me until I could feel my pubic
hair pressing on her bottom cheeks. Kelly bent down
so that her head was level with Lisa's and leaned
over to kiss her friend. "Does that feel nice?" she
whispered. Lisa could only nod her head in
affirmation as I began to rhythmically thrust in
and out of Lisa's anus. I could hear Lisa's gasps
as she got close to orgasm but was taken completely
by surprise as she lifted her body right up so that
I could reach forward to grasp her breasts and she
screamed out as her orgasm ripped through her. At
the same time I shot a huge load of semen into her
as my pulsating penis made her cum over and over
again. Completely drained I flopped back to sit on
my heels, pulling out of Lisa's bottom as I did so.
Lisa collapsed onto the bed with a climactic
tremor, her hips thrusting themselves into the pile
of pillows over which she was laying. Kelly just
sat there watching in amazement at the effect that
anal sex had had on Lisa and me. She came over to
me, put her arms round me and kissed me "I can't
wait for you to that for me" she said. "Will it be
long before you are ready?" "I am afraid so, my
love, at least an hour or so, but I promise you
you'll have it tonight, if you want it". Kelly bent
down and pulled open Lisa's bottom cheeks, saw my
semen overflowing from her anus down on to her cunt
and began to lick Lisa clean. Feeling this Lisa
started to stir and opened her legs a little more
to allow Kelly to get deeper into her pussy with
her tongue. This brought Lisa to another orgasm,
albeit a much more gentle one than the last.
Pulling the pillows from under Lisa's recumbent
body I lay down beside her, pulled Kelly down to my
other side and hugging them both to me, drifted off
to sleep.
I awoke some time later to find that I was alone on
the bed. As I sat up I heard sounds of laughter
emanating from the bathroom. Heading in that
direction I heard the sound of the shower going
full blast. I burst through the door saying, "Hey
save some of that hot water for me". "Come and
share it with us" Kelly called back. What else
could I do but get under the jet of hot water with
them. It was not long before I had two pairs of
hands fighting to grasp my hardening penis, as I
tried to work a lather up with the soap in my
hands. "Let me do that Uncle Jack" I heard Lisa say
as I washed soap from my eyes, and I allowed her to
take the soap from my hands. I felt her rub her
hands up and down the full length of my, now fully
erect, penis, seemingly taking great care with the
very end of the head. "It's my turn" I heard Kelly
whisper. "OK, you ready for it then." Said Lisa,
and taking a firm grip of my prick she said "Come
on then Kell, back up a bit and push hard." At
which point I realised that one of these two sexy
young girls were trying with the help of her
friend, to impale herself on my hard throbbing
penis. I shook the water from my eyes, grasped
Kelly's hips and said "Here let me help a bit..
Kelly hold your ass cheeks open, and Lisa.. you aim
my prick on target while I push, are you both
ready?" "YES...YES. DO IT NOW" screamed Kelly as
the head of my prick touched her puckered anus.
Gently but firmly I pressed forward as Lisa held my
prick to Kelly's ass. As it started to pass in to
her I heard Kelly give a little gasp of pain. "Push
your hands on the wall Kelly" I said as I pressed
my prick further into her anus. Lisa released her
grip on me and moved to Kelly's head where she bent
down to kiss her friend, "Keep going Kel', push
back hard" she whispered and began to stroke
Kelly's breasts "Push.. Push.. keep going back
until you feel his hairs scratching you bottom
cheeks, then I'll play with your clit and help you
to come." I stopped my forward movement to see if
Kelly would do as Lisa was telling her, sure enough
she did and I could feel Kelly gripping me as she
forced herself to engulf my penis in her stretched
anal canal. It was not long before I felt her
buttocks pressing on my pelvic bone and as I did I
grasped her hips and held her tight to me as I made
my prick pulsate inside her. This action, combined
with Lisa's working on her clit was too much for
Kelly and she arched her back and threw her head
back as her body reacted to the huge orgasm that
was ripping through it. That was enough for me and
I thrust my hips hard on to Kelly's buttocks as I
shot great gobs of thick creamy cum into her
vitals. As soon as she realised that I had cum in
her friends ass Lisa pushed me back so hard that I
lost my grip on Kelly's hips and my prick was
forced to leave the warm nest in which it had been
I was quick to notice why Lisa had been so
forceful in getting me out of Kelly because she
dropped to her knees behind my niece, spread her
cheeks wide and started to suck at the cum that was
beginning to emanate from her friends' still open
anus. All this time Kelly was leaning with her
hands pressed against the wall, and her head
hanging limply as she gasped for breath. Still on
her knees Lisa turned to face me, grabbed the soap
and said "Let's get you cleaned up and get to bed,
you gorgeous great hunk you." And proceeded to wash
me, beginning with my now limp prick. When she had
finished I moved over to Kelly who had not moved
an inch since I had shot my load into her, put my
arms around her and helped her stand up, "Come on
lover, time to go to bed, you look as if you need a
rest." Unresisting she allowed me to help her out
of the shower and to let Lisa and me dry her off
with a towel, I then carried her into the bedroom
where I laid her down, climbed in between her and
Lisa and put an arm round each of them as I went to
sleep. It was some hours before any of us woke up,
and I was the last. I sat up and looked around me
wondering where the girls were. I slipped into a
shirt and trousers, not bothering with underwear on
the basis that it would take too long removing it
should the need arise. I made my way down to the
kitchen, badly in need of solid food, as I realised
I had not eaten for over eighteen hours, to find
Kelly and Lisa wearing only panties and aprons,
preparing breakfast. "Oh you rotter, we wanted to
surprise you with breakfast in bed" "Never mind" I
sad "I would rather have it at the table where I
can spend my time look at you two beauties." They
both had the grace to blush as they giggled like
little schoolgirls. "OK Uncle Jack, sit down to the
table, we are about to serve it up." We spent a
long time over the Bacon, Scrambled Eggs and toast
that they served, mostly because I had a job taking
my eyes off the two pairs of wonderfully firm
breasts that were across the table from me. The
girls made no attempt to attract my attention, they
just sat there talking to each other about girl
things, and I sat there and watched their nipples
harden as they felt my eyes on them.
"Uncle Jack" .. "UNCLE JACK" Kelly raised her voice
to attract my attention. "Hunnn.. sorry.. did you
say something." I asked as I was brought out of my
reverie. "Yes Uncle Jack , I wanted to ask you
something." "OK, ask away." I responded giving her
my full attention. "I don't want you to get mad or
anything.. " she paused "OK, what have you done
that I might get mad about?" I said "Well... while
you were asleep, just now we started to tidy up you
room.. " "Yeah.. so.. " "Well when we picked up
the bedclothes that had fallen on the floor we
happen to notice something under the bed". "I
see" I replied "What was it you saw that was so
interesting" although I realised that they had
found the girlie mags I had been reading a week or
so ago. "Well we found some sexy magazines, with
pictures of naked women in all sorts of position,
but the thing we noticed was that most of them had
no hair on their pussies" said Lisa "So what " I
said "Is that a problem for you. " Kelly looked at
me and smiled "Well no Uncle Jack we were just
wondering what it felt like to stroke a girls pussy
that had no hair, have you ever done it?" . I
smiled at the girls "Well yes I have had my hand on
a shaved pussy, and it felt wonderful especially as
the woman concerned had asked me to shave her in
the first place". Both Kelly and Lisa blushed
slightly and put their heads together and whispered
to each other and I heard Lisa say to Kelly, "You
ask him, he's your Uncle". "OK but you've got to do
it too" hissed Kelly "OK" agreed Lisa, and they
both sat up and looked at me. "Would you shave us
please?" blurted out Kelly. I couldn't believe my
luck, I had a chance to shave two young girls
cunts. "I can if you want me to" I said, "but I
should explain that once you start shaving there
you will have to keep on doing it as it will be
very uncomfortable if you let your pussy hair start
to grow into a stubble. It could make you a bit
sore for days until it grows long enough not to be
stiff, do you understand?" The girls looked at each
other and giggled and they both nodded their heads
as they accepted what I had said. Without more ado
I took their hands and led them to the bathroom. I
filled the basin with very hot water, in which I
soaked a couple of face cloths, and, fitting a
fresh blade to my razor, I worked up some lather in
my shaving mug and, putting down the cover of the
toilet bowl I folded a towel and formed a soft pad.
"Who's first" I asked "Me please" said Kelly "What
do I do?" "Come over here and sit on this towel,
right on the very edge, and spread your legs as
wide as you can." *
"That looks very sexy" said Lisa as she peered
over by shoulder, "Be careful what you are doing
with those scissors, they look dangerous to me".
She said laughing. Studiously ignoring Lisa's
comments I leaned forward and pressed a kiss in
Kelly's cunt, pushing my tongue between her lips so
that I could taste her juices. "Hold quite still, I
need to trim your hairs with these scissors first".
I saw the muscles of her inner thigh tense as she
felt the cold of the scissors touch her warm skin.
Carefully I worked my way all over her groin as I
reduced her pubic hair to a short stubble but
leaving a tiny heart shaped section sitting on her
pubic mound. I reached up for one of the hot wet
face cloths, squeezed it as dry as I could and
bringing it down to between Kelly's legs I said
"This will be a bit warm but don't worry." As I
pressed the hot cloth to Kelly's pussy she gave a
little gasp of pleasure. I left the warm cloth on
while I turned to pick up the shaving brush and
razor. Whipping the cloth off of her cunt I
proceeded to lay lather on the areas I was going to
shave. The touch of the shaving brush on her sex
made Kelly groan with pleasure and placing my
fingers on her to stretch the skin caused her to
tremble. Very carefully I drew the razor over her
taut skin removing the short hairs that were left.
I worked all round her cunt lips and down to the
tiny tufts that grew close to her anus. The feel of
the razor running over her skin had an effect on
Kelly and when I had removed the last bit of
stubble and shaved a heart shape on the bit I had
left at the top of her cunt, I poured some baby oil
on my hands and rubbed it into her freshly shaved
skin, she had a tiny flutter of an orgasm. "Can I
feel it please" said Lisa as she stretched her hand
towards Kelly. "Ooooh it feels so strange" said
Kelly and I could not resist the temptation to run
my tongue over her now naked pussy. "It certainly
tastes the same" I said as I stood up. "Are you
ready Lisa" I asked. "Most definitely" she replied
"I can't wait to feel you touching me without
pushing your finger inside me, it seems almost
clinical". "Shut up, sit down and spread your legs"
I said roughly "Otherwise I'll have to tie you down
to the bed, gag you and do it there". "Promises..
promises" she said with a giggle, and positioned
herself as Kelly had been moments earlier. Somehow
I managed to shave Lisa without taking advantage
of her vulnerable position and leaving her with an
inverted triangle of fur. It was quite different
ten minutes later. While I cleaned up the bathroom,
washed my razor and replace the towels the girls
disappeared into the bedroom. When I joined them I
was pleased to see that they were taking full
advantage of the naked state of each others
pussies. I stood there and watched them working on
each other and it was not long before they orgasmed
in unison, I tried to help the situation by pushing
two fingers into both cunts at the same time, and
working them in and out just as they reached their
climaxes. "OK girls I want to see my prick entering
your naked cunts", so saying I lay on my back with
my rigid penis standing like a flagpole and held
out a hand "Who's first" in a matter of seconds I
found Kelly straddling me and Lisa with my prick in
her hand guiding it into her friends waiting pussy.
In the end I was unable to watch Kelly's' cunt take
my penis because Lisa lay her head on my stomach
and licked at my nieces rigid clit and my stiff rod
as it entered the warm wet haven. It took Kelly
only a few seconds to have the first of many
orgasms as she rode me as if I were a bucking
bronco and she were a cowgirl. The fact that Lisa
was working her tongue at the junction of our sex
organs helped a lot. Very soon Kelly collapsed on
to the bed beside me and I looked down to see Lisa
sucking and lapping at Kelly's cunt in a determined
effort to extract as much of her juices as was
possible. As I lay there watching Lisa and Kelly I
thought what a pity it was that, although the girls
could watch my prick entering the others sex organ,
neither was able to watch it invading their own,
without bending over so far it interfered with
their enjoyment. Suddenly I had an idea, I got up
and removed the mirror from the dressing table. I
placed it on the floor, leaning against the wall at
an angle. Bringing a chair over I placed it in
front of the mirror and sat on it with my legs
open. I spent a few minutes adjusting the position
of the chair and the mirror until I had both in the
perfect position. Rising carefully so as not to
move the chair I fetched a scarf from the closet
and used it to blindfold Lisa. She was a little
reluctant at first but I convinced her it would be
worth while to agree to what I was doing, and she
allowed me to lead her round the bed to where I had
placed the chair. I sat down and told Lisa to do
the same only to sit on my lap with her back to me
and her legs outside mine.*
As she lowered herself I told her to stop as soon
as the head of my penis was touching her pussy. I
whipped off the blindfold and whispered "look in
the mirror". Her eyes dropped and, as she gasped in
astonishment at the sight before her, I pressed
down on her hips. There was no resistance as I
forced her down on to my rigid prick, only a murmur
of enjoyment at what she was seeing. Looking round
her shoulder I could just see her hand slide down
her belly until it reached her cunt lips, where she
used her fingertips to part them in order that she
could see her vaginal opening and the throbbing
organ invading her. As she started to work her hips
up and down I slipped my hand down so that I could
start to play with her clit. As I did so I turned
and called to Kelly who came over to see what was
happening. She soon joined in by kissing Lisa's
nipples and caressing her breasts. The combination
of sight and touch soon caused Lisa to have an
orgasm tear through her body, so soon in fact that
I was no where near cumming myself. As Lisa slipped
off my lap on to the floor Kelly could see that I
was still very hard and after a quick suck at the
head of my penis to taste her friends juices she
placed herself in the same position Lisa had just
vacated. This new sensation soon brought Kelly
close to orgasm too and just as I was whispering in
her ear that I was close to cumming I felt a
gentle touch on my balls and at the base of my
prick. Looking round in the mirror I could see that
Lisa was licking at the juices emanating from
Kelly's cunt, attempting to catch them before they
fell to the floor. As I moved my hands up Kelly's
body to grasp her swollen and tender breasts she
cried out as her orgasm swept over her, this was
all that was needed for me to cum, shooting a huge
load of semen into Kelly's cunt, so much that it
overflowed and streamed out of her, over the base
of my prick to cover Lisa's waiting mouth, chin and
cheeks. As my grip on her tits was the only thing
holding her up at the time Kelly slipped to the
floor on top of Lisa as soon as I let them go and I
sat there with my prick still dripping cum on to
the girls as they lay under my feet, in a classic
69 position sucking the juices from each others
pussies. I got up and replaced the chair and the
mirror, making a mental note to get a larger one
that could be positioned on the wall for future use
in a similar manner.
I suppose I was a bit mean, but I was so spent I
left the girls where they were and got into bed for
a bit of shut-eye while they enjoyed themselves
with each other. I awoke some time later
sandwiched between Kelly and Lisa both of them
hugging me tight as they too slept the sleep of the
pure and innocent(??). It was many hours before I
was in any state to do anything but sleep, all this
sexual activity had taken more out of me that I had
realised. I can't believe the purported stamina of
some of the porno films guys who seem to stay hard
for hours and can cum seven or eight times in quick
succession. I must tell these two lovely nymphs
laying with me that I was going to have to pace
myself or I'd soon be no good to them. As it was we
all slept through the night and woke up in the
morning fully refreshed. As we had breakfast I
suggested to Kelly and Lisa that we could all do
with some fresh air, after all we had been stuck in
the house for almost two days. They agreed but only
on the condition that they went out together and I
followed in the car and picked them up a few blocks
away. "After all Uncle Jack we don't want to ruin
your reputation by all going out together, do we?"
said Kelly. "Are you sure it's MY reputation you're
trying to protect and not yours" I replied. They
put their heads together and giggled in a way that
made them appear to still be little girls. "OK you
two temptresses, go and get changed to go out, I
will meet you in about fifteen minutes and we'll
take a trip to the park, have lunch and a walk in
the woods 'till it's time to come home." With that
I went up to my room to change into something
appropriate for a country walk. As I sat putting on
clean socks I looked up and saw through my open
bedroom door, the glorious sight of Kelly and Lisa
standing naked in front of the dressing table
mirror each caressing their own bodies. "No time
for play you two" I shouted "Get yourselves dressed
or we'll miss the best part of the day" surprised
that I was watching them they turned round and
smiled at me, looked at each other and in unison
turned their backs to me and, much to my pleasure
'mooned' at me. "Stop that or I'll come in there
and spank you and then we'll never get out." With
some reluctance they went to get some clothes and
got themselves dressed.*
As I passed their room Lisa called to me "Uncle
Jack will you spank us anyway when we get home
please?" "If that's what you want, certainly, how
do you want it, over my knee, laying on the table
or over a chair?" I said. "All three" shouted Kelly
as they came out, fully dressed and ready to go.
I picked the girls up at the pre-arranged point
which was well away from our block so that our
local busybodies had nothing to talk about. The
last thing I wanted was for people to start
speculating as to what was going on. Not only would
it mean stopping what we were doing but it could
also damage both Kelly's and Lisa's reputations,
and I wouldn't want that to happen to either of
them because I thought too much of them both. The
drive out to the park was pleasant enough with the
girls sitting demurely in the back seat with their
heads together making, what I supposed to be, girl
talk. If only I had known! After I had parked up we
made our way to the Cafe situated by the parking
lot and I asked them what they wanted to eat.
"Burger, fries and all the trimmings" said Lisa
"After all we need to build up your strength for
our spanking tonight, don't we" added Kelly. What
could I do but agree so I went to the food counter
and placed our order.
We took our time over our meal, me because I was
enjoying it, the girls because they were still
whispering things to each other. As soon as they
had finished eating Kelly and Lisa got to their
feet, walked round the table and between them
pulled me to my feet "Come on Uncle Jack, you can't
sit there all day, it's time for you to get some
exercise" they were acting like a couple of school
girls and me an elderly relative giving them a day
out as a treat. "Yes, come on, you promised that we
could go for a country walk" said Kelly. With
apparent reluctance I got up and said "OK you two
don't rush me, I'm coming even if it's not as quick
as you want." This brought a smile to their lips
and Kelly said in a quiet voice "I hope you mean
that Uncle Jack." "So do I " said Lisa and turned
to walk out of the Cafe. It was quite clear to me
that Kelly and Lisa knew where they were going as
we walked, arm in arm, along one of the marked
woodland trails. They were making quite a decent
pace and I was beginning to wonder if I could keep
it up for much longer when suddenly they veered us
all off the beaten track and through some light
brush. We pushed our way through the undergrowth
for a couple of hundred yards, and looking behind
me I could see that we were out of sight of the
main track, in a clearing with a number of fallen
trees. Sitting on one of these trees I looked
around me. "OK you two, what are you up to, We're
not supposed to leave the marked trails you know,
if we get caught we could be in trouble" "More
than you realise" Kelly giggled "We'll have to keep
our voices down and not move about too much and
then we won't be noticed" added Lisa. "Will you
tell me why we are here" I asked "You'll find out
in just a few minutes, just stand still for a bit"
said Lisa pulling me to my feet, and Kelly, who
had gone behind me covered my eyes with a scarf,
probably the same one I had used to blindfold Lisa,
and tied it tight so that it would not slip off.
"You must promise not to take it off 'till we tell
you, Uncle Jack, otherwise it'll spoil our
surprise." "OK my dear, I promise." and stood there
unable to see and with my hands behind my back.
With my sight impaired I was amazed as to how my
hearing seemed to be playing tricks. I would have
sworn that I was hearing the sound of zippers
running and of clothes rubbing against skin mixed
in with the sound of scuffing in fallen leaves and
the sound of birds.

All of a sudden I felt hands feeling at the front
of my trousers, I felt them undo the clasp at the
top of my fly and then the sensation of my zipper
being pulled down. "Hey steady on girls " murmured,
"Shh... don't make a sound, someone might hear you"
whispered one of the girls as I felt my shorts
being pulled down with my pants. "Quick step out of
your pants before you fall over" said Lisa and I
felt her hands free my clothing from my feet as I
lifted them in turn. As I stood there feeling very
vulnerable, naked from the waist down as I was, I
felt Lisa take my, by now, semi erect penis in her
mouth and once more experienced the wonderful
sensation of having her suck it. That was something
I could not have too much of, I thought, only to
have her release it from her mouth, stand up and
take my throbbing member in her hand. "Come with
me" she said softly "And remember to keep you noise
down or I'll have to gag you as well". With that
she pulled me forward by my erect prick for about
five paces. "Stop there, put your hands behind your
head and don't move them until your told " Lisa
said in a soft but firm voice. Doing as she told I
stood still until I felt something touch the
tender, pulsing head of my prick, when I flinched.
"Stand still I said" growled Lisa and I felt her
place one hand on my backside whilst still holding
my prick with the other. It then dawned on me what
was happening, and when next I felt something touch
my penis I stood quite still and allowed myself the
immense pleasure of feeling Kelly's cunt engulf me
as she rammed herself back at me until her buttocks
hit my pelvis. As soon as Kelly had me deep inside
of her Lisa released her grip on my prick and moved
round that I could feel her stiff nipples pressing
into my back and her hands sliding round to my
chest and begin pinching and tweaking my nipples in
her fingertips. "Stand quite still and let Kelly do
the work, but don't cum in her, in fact hold off
from cumming for as long as you can please because
we both want to benefit from your orgasm" whispered
Lisa. I must admit that it was not too difficult
for me to hold back, even when I heard Kelly
quietly moaning as she had an orgasm. "Don't move
Uncle Jack" whispered Lisa "It's my turn now" and
she moved round to replace Kelly who slowly took
over where Lisa had left off, by holding my moist,
erect penis and guiding it into her friends pussy.
How I managed to hold back while I felt Lisa
bringing herself to orgasm on my prick I don't know
but I did, I also managed to hold back as I felt
both girls licking my wet prick clean. After a few
minutes of licking I was left standing, my prick
throbbing in the fresh air. "OK Uncle Jack start to
jerk yourself off for us please" I heard Kelly say
in a soft pleading voice. Nothing loth, I decided
to go along with their, obviously well planned
erotic episode, just hoping that we weren't caught
by other walkers. I must admit that I was beginning
to get into the feel of the action and I started to
imagine what these two beauties with me were doing
as I jerked off. I heard in the background a bit of
scrabbling in the leaves on the ground, but managed
to put it to the back of my mind as I concentrated
on the job in hand (so to speak). It must have been
quite obvious from the expression on my face that I
was getting very close to shooting my load because
Kelly suddenly whispered as loud as a whisper can
be "Take off your blindfold with your spare hand
Uncle Jack, do it NOW" and so I lifted my empty
hand to the knot at the back of my head and pulled
the scarf off. Even if I had not been in the
process of masturbating I reckon that I would have
been able to shoot a load of semen at the sight
before me. Those two wondrous girls, Kelly and Lisa
were in front of me, sitting back on their heels,
knees as wide as they could get them considering
that they were holding each other up by placing one
arm around each other and the other placed on the
ground behind them so that they were leaning back
exposing their newly shaved cunts and their
flushed, firm round breasts topped by nipples like
pencil rubbers, to my lascivious gaze. They sat
there with their lips apart, the tips of their
tongues just poking out and their eyes wide open in
anticipation. I stopped jerking at my prick for
just a couple of seconds whilst I took in the sight
before my. Then I smiled and said softly "Face to
cunts is that how you want it?" they both started
to nod their heads at the same time and it was at
that moment that the first jet of cum erupted from
my pulsating prick. It came so suddenly that I had
no chance of aiming it and it was by pure chance
that it hit Kelly full in the face. I turned ever
so slightly and managed to have the next glob land
on Lisa's chin, after which I just sprayed it
around over their bodies as best I could, having
almost lost the use on my senses as I watched my
semen landing on their bodies. *
I stood there, working on my rapidly softening
penis trying as hard as I could to keep my orgasm
going, only stopping when my knees turned to jelly
and I dropped on to them in front of the wonderful
pair before me. On hearing quiet noises in front of
me, I looked up and saw Kelly and Lisa in each
others arms rubbing their bodies against each
other. They told me later that they were trying to
share the cum that they had each received, so that
one didn't have more that the other. We stayed as
we were for some few minutes while we all regained
our strength, then we helped each other to dress.
The one thing I noticed was that when the girls put
on their T-shirts, small damp patches started to
show in the places their skin was touched. It was
also difficult to miss the fact that their nipples
were pressing against the material of their upper
garments. "We'll have to do that again soon Uncle
Jack, it was so... so.. sexy, I don't think I have
ever had an orgasm in the open air, and to be able
to pretend we were raping you as you stood there
blindfolded made it even better, don't you agree
Lis" blurted out Kelly "Mmm.. yeah, must do it
soon, only next time have your Uncle lay us over a
tree trunk and take us in our bottoms" Lisa
responded, hugging my arm tight as we walked back
to the car "Ooohh... that sounds wonderful"
responded Kelly and walked in silence by my side.
On the drive home the two girls were strangely
silent as they sat in the back of the car, I
watched them in the inside mirror and they just sat
there each with an arm round the other, heads
together and eyes closed. As it was dusk I drove
the car straight into the garage and after closing
the doors on the world I let the girls out and led
them through to the house. Without putting on any
lights I led the girls up to the bathroom and
started the bath to fill. I turned to them and said
"No shower tonight girls I am going to give you
both a bath". They both looked surprised as I
stepped over to Lisa and began to take off her T-
shirt, shoes and socks, leaving her skirt on for
the Moment. I then turned to Kelly and did the
same, also leaving her skirt on. "Right you two
it's now your turn to do as you are told, I want
you to undo your skirts, but make sure that you are
holding them up. Then I want you to turn your back
to me, put your feet eighteen inches apart, bend
over and slowly push your skirts to the floor,
Understand?" after a quick glance at each other
they looked at me , nodded and carried out my
instruction to the letter. I just could not resist
the temptation, I stepped up to those two inviting
sets of buttocks and stood there caressing all that
I was able to touch while I waited for the bath to
fill. Giving each a playful slap on the bottom I
turned off the water and told them to get in the
bath, one each end, lay down and getting their legs
comfortable, to stretch out. What a wonderful sight
it was to see their nipples just poking up above
the water and the blurred shape of the small area
of pubic hair I had left when I had shaved them. I
picked up a wash cloth, soaped it well and began to
wash Kelly's face and neck, and working my way down
over her breasts. I don't believe any male other
than a Trappist Monk could have resisted the
temptation to at least kiss Kelly as I washed her
lithe young body clean of the dust that had mixed
with my cum in that clearing in the woods, I
certainly couldn't and very briefly kissed first
her eyes, then her cheeks then her soft warm lips,
feeling as I did the tip of the tongue touching my
lips as I did so. I worked my way down her chest
until I came to her breasts where I gave her
nipples a little suck and left her to her thoughts
while I shifted my attentions to Lisa. I gave Lisa
exactly the same treatment as I had given Kelly
except that I ended up sucking her nipples a little
longer due to them being more erect from the
anticipation of what she had seen Kelly receive.
Both girls lay there in the warm water and as I
lathered up my hands I saw both sets of hips begin
to move in expectation of what may be coming. I
didn't disappoint them and as they lay there with
their eyes closed I placed my hands on both
stomachs and began to move them down to between the
two pairs of wide open legs. I slowly pressed the
middle finger of each hand between each set of
lower lips, gently insinuating them into each
vaginal entrance as I reached it. I only held my
fingers there for a few moments, and even then I
didn't move them about, I just let them lay there
feeling both sets of internal muscles squeezing in
my long digit. Slowly I extracted my fingers, now
moist with cunt juices as well as bath water and
soap, and moved them down that extra few
millimetres to reach two wonderfully receptive
I felt no resistance as I pressed both fingers
into each girls bottoms and once again marvelled at
the feeling of internal muscles gripping my
fingers. Here I decided to submit to temptation and
began gently to work my fingers in and out of both
bottoms until I could see both sets of hips begin
to move in time with the motion of my hands. I
slipped my fingers out of the gripping rectal
openings and, pressing each cunt in turn I took my
hands out of the water. "Come and get dried off
before you both get cold" I said and standing up
held up a large bath towel for each of them in
turn. I made great play of helping them to get
dried off and dressed in a nightie I could have
mistaken for a T-shirt. Kelly came up to me as Lisa
was finishing getting ready for bed. "Your turn now
Uncle Jack, we'll give you the best bath you ever
had, right Lis?" "You bet" responded Lisa through
the nightie she was putting on over her head.
Within less than a minute I was standing naked
topping up the bath with hot water almost trembling
with anticipation of what was to come.
Slowly I let my aching body slide into the steaming
hot water so recently vacated by my two young
lovers, I stretched myself out as much as I could,
but ending up with my feet perched one each side of
the faucets, the only way I could lay and have my
legs out straight. It was so relaxing that as I
closed my eyes I felt quite capable of going to
sleep where I lay. That soon changed as I became
aware of two sets of hands making contact with my
body. My face and my feet were both being washed at
the same time and as I felt the washcloth rubbing
over my neck I had the pleasure of being kissed by
a pair of soft warm lips that I recognised as
belonging to Kelly. She maintained her contact with
my lips as she worked her hand over my chest,
lingering over her ministrations on my sensitive
nipples. At the same time I was aware of Lisa's
hands working their way up my legs and of the care
she took rubbing up the inside of my thighs. Almost
as if they had planned it both pairs of hands
reached my groin at the same time, one pair
fondling my balls the other, covered with lather,
working on my stiffening penis. Someone splashed
water over my soapy prick and I soon felt a pair of
soft luscious lips clamp on to the purple,
throbbing head and begin a gentle but insistent
suction, "My turn" I heard someone whisper and
instantly felt a change of touch and a change of
action to having the head that possessed me move up
and down, pressing with the tongue so that my
sensitive head rubbed on the girls ridged palate. I
then discovered that it was Kelly that had me in
her mouth because I felt the warmth of Lisa's lips
and the taste of her tongue as she pressed it
between my teeth, searching for mine. All too soon
I felt an orgasm building inside me and the pulsing
of my penis must have indicated it to Kelly because
she pulled Lisa away from my lips and pressed her
head to join hers at the head of my now throbbing
prick. Somehow they managed to share my raging cock
between both their mouths because as I began to
ejaculate both sets of lips started to suck. It was
such an amazing feeling to have two sets of lips
sucking on my prick at the same time as I was
shooting great globs of semen in the air. How much
they managed to catch I'm not sure, all I do know
is that not much had to be washed off when they'd
done with me. I barely had enough strength of get
out of the bath and stand upright as Kelly and Lisa
dried me off with fresh towels. Putting and arm
around each young girl, I managed to place each of
my hands on a soft smooth pliant bottom as we made
our way to bed and a good nights sleep.*


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